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Ice King: A Dark Dragon Shifter Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

I was only vaguely aware that he’d thrown the switch to the ground as his arm wrapped around my waist. Forcefully, he turned me back around so that my back was against the wall. All of a sudden, his body was pressing against mine, pinning me before him with his immense form. My welted backside pushed against the wall, making me flinch at the fierce spike of pain. I breathed in as the wave subsided and a much stronger wall of arousal followed.

“Your ass looks so incredibly beautiful covered in my welts,” he growled.

His rock-hard cock pressed against my lower belly. I could feel it throbbing with his desire, and I sucked in a breath as I lifted my eyes to his.

He was hard for me.

I could see a flickering blue flame in his eyes, an exact match with the fire he breathed as a dragon, and it held me captive for a long time. Tentatively, his hand cupped my face, and I shivered with passionate need. His thumb traced up and down my cheek as he sighed heavily.

This was it.

“Reach between your thighs, angel, and tell me what you find.”

His directive left my insides burning just as hot as my scalded backside. I bit the inside of my cheek as my hand moved to obey. There was no thought involved, simply doing.

My fingers crawled down my belly as he pulled back just enough for me to do as he asked. Their slow march set my body on edge, and I sucked in a nervous gasp as I bridged over my mound. I paused for the briefest of seconds before slipping my fingers into my wet folds.

I’d never been this wet in my life. My pussy was practically weeping with my arousal.

“I don’t even have to touch you to know how wet you are. I can smell it all around me,” he whispered. The huskiness of his words made every fiber of my body quiver with desire. I’d taken the spanking, and now both of us were teetering on the edge.

It was time for me to push us both over the brink.

I turned my head, angling it so that there were only scarce inches between us. I glanced down at his lips, the gravity between the two of us inescapable.

I didn’t ask. I just kissed him.

My lips sought out his like I had been dying of thirst and he was the first drop of water on my parched tongue in days.

I may have begun that kiss, but he was the one that finished it. His lips sought mine out so roughly that I feared I might bruise, but I didn’t care. His tongue forced itself in between my lips and danced with mine, claiming me once and for all.

When he finally pulled away, my heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was thumping inside my skull and trying to break free.

“I’m not going to be gentle,” he breathed.

He was giving me one last chance to end this. The tension between us had reached a breaking point. It was now or never.

“I don’t want you to be gentle with me,” I answered.

His mouth turned up in a dark grin. My chest rose and fell with nervous anticipation.


My blood raged with unbridled, fiery heat. I grabbed his shirt and ripped it open, not caring that several buttons popped off and disappeared into the garden beneath us. Swiftly, he tore his shirt over his head. He loomed over me as he unbuckled his belt, smiling knowingly as a shiver passed through me at the sight of the heavy strap. With a soft chuckle, he tossed it to the ground, leaving the memories unsaid. He unbuttoned his dark cotton pants and pushed them down past his hips, freeing his cock to my view for the very first time.

I sucked in a breath of fear.

I’d only felt his cock against my body before, safely confined within his slacks. I hadn’t seen it, not like this.

It was an absolute monstrosity.

My thighs pressed together, and I let out a nervous cry. I didn’t know how it was going to fit inside me. It was nearly as thick as a beer can, and twice as long. My pussy clenched, and I bit my lip, only just beginning to understand what I was in for. Even if he pressed inside me slowly, there would be no gentle fucking with that thing.

Every single thrust was going to hurt.

I didn’t understand why a tiny part of me got a thrill out of that realization. I should be terrified, but it was as if my body was ignoring that entirely.

He kicked off his boots and his pants, standing before me, fully naked and proudly erect. He took a step closer before lifting me off the ground and pinning me against the wall. Between his massive form and his enormous cock, I’d never felt so small in my life.

He lowered me just enough so that his cock brushed against my pussy, and I moaned as it slid through my soaked folds with embarrassing ease. Everything about it felt perfectly right, and I shivered, unable to quell my unbridled anticipation.

“I have thought about sinking into this gorgeous pussy many times, angel.”

The heat that enveloped my face was so intense that I wondered if it had caught fire. I opened and closed my mouth, trying to think of a way to explain what I wanted to say, and I suddenly realized I needed to tell him that I was innocent.

“No one has ever…”

He shook his head, and the words died on my tongue. “You don’t need to tell me. I already know, sweet girl.”

“It’s going to hurt,” I whimpered.

“Not that part, angel. I will make it as easy for you as I can. Only after that will I take you as hard as you need to be taken,” he vowed.

Even now, his gentle sweetness prevailed, reminding me that he was same man who’d carried me down from the mountain, who nursed me back to health time and time again, who rescued me from the steward not once, but twice.

Nykor was the one.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and threaded my fingers together, gasping as his thick length slid back and forth over my clit, driving my body wild with need. I tried to keep still, but my hips rolled without conscious thought. He growled with approval, and I did it again, this time on purpose.

“Tell me when you’re ready,” he breathed.

He didn’t slow down the teasing. His hands explored my body, squeezing my breasts and slowly taunting my erect nipples. He took the left bud into his fingers, pinching lightly before twisting it hard enough to send a spike of desire straight to my core. I whimpered as the blaze inside me billowed up into an open bonfire. Without thought, I ground myself against the shaft of his cock, swiftly approaching the release that I knew to be within my grasp.

With a knowing chuckle, he angled his pelvis back a few inches, and I cried out, the contact between my pussy and his cock suddenly removed. Left on the edge of orgasm, I trembled, trying to take back control of my body.

It was a losing battle.

His lips pressed against the side of my neck as the head of his cock teased at my entrance. I whimpered, but this was what I’d wanted all along.

“I’m ready,” I breathed.

His hand cupped the back of my head, providing a barrier between me and the wall. He kissed me gently as he jerked his hips upward, breaking through the barrier of my virginity with a single hard thrust.

I screamed.

He swallowed every single bit of my sounds. My back arched, and I was grateful for the placement of his hand so I didn’t slam my head into the wall. My whole body stiffened as waves of pain burned through me, unsure that my pussy hadn’t split in two. His girth stretched me so wide that my channel burned with fire. His cock felt like a molten spike, sizzling my insides from the inside out.

The pain was intense for what felt like forever, but thankfully it finally began to ebb away. He stayed still inside me, surrounding me with his strong form as I struggled to take him. Eventually, I was able to return his kiss, tentatively at first and then more persistently as my desire reared its head once again.

My pussy remained just a little sore, but he was inside me, and I wanted more.

“Please,” I begged.

I couldn’t keep myself still. If I wasn’t pinned against the wall, I would be riding him myself. When he remained motionless, I tightened my arms around his shoulders and tried to rock my hips, but he pinned me even more securely in place with just his body alone.

I whimpered quietly.

“Before I give you the fucking that you need, sweet girl, I want to tell you something.”

My inner walls pulsed around him. I bit my lip, my core squeezing so hard with need that the pain made me moan.

“After this moment, you will no longer have any control. I will fuck you as long and as hard as I please. You’re going to scream. You’re going to beg, but I will not stop until I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful body, and that’s going to take a long time.”

My heart palpitated in my chest, and a soft cry of needy alarm escaped me. There was no going back now. I needed this, and so did he.

“I understand,” I whispered.

“You think you do, angel, but I assure you that you don’t. It will only be after your fucking is over that you will truly understand,” he answered.

I opened my mouth, but no words came out. Even if I had been able to speak, what he did next would have simply stolen them away.

He jerked his hips back, pulling his cock nearly free of me before he thrust back in. My dripping arousal made his entry easy, but that didn’t mean it didn’t still hurt to take him.

By the third thrust, pain and pleasure clashed within me, forever at war, and I did not yet know which one was going to win out.

He fucked me, forcing his cock in and out as he slowly prepared me, stretching me open more and more with every thrust. My fingers dug into his shoulders, trying to hold on as a myriad of sensations took ahold of my body. His palm dug possessively into my scalp as he slowly pistoned into me, claiming my body as his, one gradual inch at a time. With every thrust, I was sure he was pushing deeper. My body opened fully for him until, at long last, the head of his cock pushed against my cervix.

“It’s time, angel.”

My mouth dried, and I opened my lips to protest, wanting to tell him that he’d already begun, that he didn’t need to warn me, but even if I had been able to say the words, I would have been wrong.

He had needed to warn me.

With a fierce growl, he slammed into me so hard I jolted against the wall. If he hadn’t been holding me in place, I would have easily been hurt. I realized at that pivotal moment that he had been holding back before.

My fucking truly started after that. His cock surged in and out of my pussy like he owned it, because maybe he did. I couldn’t say anything at all, so caught up by the sudden violence of my claiming. My body came alive. The tips of my toes tingled, and the ends of my fingers ignited with pleasure. Every inch of my body was alight with passion, surging up and down my limbs with terrifying intensity.

My core squeezed tighter and tighter. I cried out, trying to hold back the release I knew was coming, but it was as if I’d built a wall out of sand to stop an incoming tidal wave.

There was no stopping it.

As it loomed closer, I moaned and whimpered, fearing and wanting it at the exact same time. My thighs started to tremble. When the wave of heat started rising from my toes, I knew my release was imminent. I cried out, struggling in the impending moments before it hit.

When my whole body began to quake, I knew the wait was over.

I screamed from the first second of my orgasm. Bright white light blinded me, spiraling heat taking over every fiber of my soul. Nykor rode me hard, fucking me through every moment of that sweet, devastating oblivion, forcing my pleasure straight up into the stars.

I scratched at his naked back with my nails, not out of an urge to hurt him, but simply as a means of survival. I needed to hold on, and I needed it to be him I held onto.

My orgasm burned on and on, sizzling through every nerve, every pore, and every cell. By the time it finally crested and began to fall, I was breathless with exhaustion. When he kept fucking me just as hard as before, I remembered his warning with visceral understanding. He wasn’t going to slow down or stop because I’d already come once.

This was going to last far beyond that.

“Nykor! Please!” I moaned.

“My sweet girl, this is only going to end when you break on my cock.”

I didn’t know how, but somehow he fucked me harder after that. His cock slammed into me, forcing every thick inch inside my spasming channel despite my cries of pain and moans of passion. His fierce claiming did nothing but stoke my desire, and I knew I was going to come for a second time very soon, no matter if I wanted to or not.

He rode me hard, taking what was his as I succumbed to the enveloping heat surging through my body. My second orgasm came more swiftly than I thought possible, sweeping me up in its vicious clutches and only letting me free when my throat went hoarse with my screaming.

“It’s time I introduced you to my tail, angel,” he whispered.

Lost in a hazy gaze of heated arousal, I opened my eyes and stared into his in confusion.

“Your tail?”

“You are human, my sweet Ella. I am not.”

I swallowed anxiously as he pumped his rigid length in and out of me, watching as he cocked his head and smirked with dark, devious intent. My pussy clenched down on his cock, and he smiled. He didn’t have to say anything at all. I already knew he had felt it.

With bated breath, I watched as his dark blue tail emerged from behind him. It slithered back and forth, the ridged end thick and smooth. As it lengthened, I fidgeted with nervousness, trying not to wonder about what he had in mind.

I whimpered as it curled around my ankle, the velvety tip sliding up the front of my shin, up over my knee and then across the expanse of my thigh.

I didn’t understand it, but my core exploded with heat at its soft touch. It curled around my breast, squeezing as my nipple extended further, darkening in color as it tightened and gradually cut off circulation. The length of his tail surrounded my breast while the tip focused on my nipple. It circled my erect bud, slowly twisting around it and pinching it. I cried out, the pain radiating across my breast, and then it unfurled all at once.

I pitched froward as fierce agony blossomed across one half of my chest, yet my core pumped hard with unreleased desire. By the time the pain ebbed away, he was already doing the same to the other side. Even though I knew what to expect now, the anticipation somehow made it hurt worse. But by the time it was over, I was a shivering, passionate mess. A bead of sweat dripped down between my breasts, and I bit my lip, watching as a small cap of ice formed on the tip of his tail. I whimpered as it drew close to me.

It slid along my flesh, jarring in its coldness, but as it journeyed down across my flesh, droplets of water melted and dripped down. Each one was distinct, a fiery trail of sensation that took over every fiber of my being. My body cooled and warmed, caught on a roller coaster of feelings that refused to let me go.

The icy tip teased my tortured breasts, soothing the ache away. I shivered and trembled as he explored every inch of my chest until at long last, he wrapped his tail around my throat. My breath caught deep inside my lungs as he squeezed.

The position of his tail did not cut off my ability to breathe. Instead, it tightened strategically, allowing me to pull in air in shallow breaths. Darkness edged around the corners of my vision and my head lulled back as my fucking began again.

His cock surged up into my depths as he took everything I had to give. I cried and I moaned, and I suffered as I soared. Soon, the same thing that had happened at the end of a switch occurred right on top of his cock.

I surrendered.

The third orgasm came swiftly, wrapping me up in its intoxicating embrace and refusing to let me go as I sailed over the brink. My core twisted so tight that it turned painful, and that only seemed to make me come that much harder. My back arched and I closed my eyes, forever lost in the falling sensation that came with three terribly hard climaxes in a row.

The only thing to hold onto was him.

I adored every last moment of it. His cock speared into me, over and over again as my head spiraled in the stars. I came so hard that I thought my body had splintered into a billion different shards of glass. His body pressed against mine, the only thing holding me together as I shattered before him.

Blinding ecstasy made my vision flare white, and I closed my eyes, writhing on top of him as I came. I suffered through that orgasm, screaming and moaning as every nerve in my body fired at the exact same moment. I wailed, struggling as my passion soared into the stratosphere and threatened to never come back down.

When it finally started to ebb, I gulped in a massive lungful of air as the squeezing of his tail lessened. I held onto him as it pulled away from my throat and slid down the side of my torso. I stiffened when it caressed the curve of my backside, whimpering as it followed one of the welts left behind from the switch. I hoped it would stop there, but its onward trek continued until it brushed against the cleft of my ass.

“Nykor, you can’t mean to,” I began. I whined as the tip brushed against the interior of my bottom cheek, just glancing against my asshole. I clenched hard, trying to keep him out even though I knew there was little chance.

“Do I have your full attention, Ella?”

My blood turned icy cold, but my core turned molten as the tip rimmed around my bottom hole.

“Yes, sir,” I replied, biting the inside of my cheek to keep my nervous cries quiet.

“When you decided not to go to my chambers, you defied me, didn’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” I whimpered.

“I welted your backside with a switch, but what I didn’t tell you was that your punishment was going to end with my tail deep inside your tight, virgin bottom.”

“Please, not there,” I tried.

His tail swirled through the copious wetness dripping from my pussy, easily coating its surface as I trembled in wait. When the slickened tip returned to rest on top of my asshole, I shivered with fearful arousal.

“This naughty little hole is going to be very sore after I punish it this way, but I’m looking forward to feeling how hard it makes your wet little pussy clench around my cock.”

There was nothing I could do to stop what happened next.

He forced his tail roughly into my asshole. Immediately, a fierce, burning pain radiated around my tight hole, sinking in deeper and deeper until it surged up and down my spine. I tried to climb up off of him, but he held me in place, impaling me on his cock and his tail at the exact same time. I couldn’t make sense of what was pain and what was pleasure, because before I knew it, I could feel myself thrust into the throes of orgasm once again.

I didn’t want to like this, but my body forced me to enjoy every last breathtakingly devasting moment.

I threw my head back and screamed my oblivion into the heavens as he slammed both his cock and his tail into both of my tight holes over and over again.

Agony became pleasure. Desire twisted into pain. My being was slammed by every sensation under the sun. There was no thinking, only feeling.

I had thought I had submitted to him before this, but this was well beyond surrender.

This was a breaking.

I came, again and again in a feat I thought not possible. My legs quaked as the rest of me went into convulsions, and at long last, I broke for him.

And I broke hard.

My eyes watered. I tried to blink back tears, but there was no stopping them. One tear escaped me, soaring down my cheek like a drop of rain. Another one followed, and a wracking sob escaped me as my orgasm tore through me. Before, I had been teetering on the edge of a blade, balancing in between pleasure and pain. Now I was fully embroiled with both.

“Please,” I begged.

He slammed into me with merciless intent, taking my pleasure and forcing every blistering second from my body that he could.

“You’re going to come one more time for me, angel. I want to make sure you understand what will happen if you defy me. If I have to remind you of this a second time, sweet girl, it won’t be my tail punishing this naughty little asshole of yours. It will be my cock.”

He ground his pelvis against my clit, forcing my over sensitized body once more over the brink straight into climax.

I screamed and sobbed through every last second, surrounded by everything that was him. He jerked up into me, his breathing starting to show signs of his own imminent release. I could do nothing but take it as he fucked me for his own pleasure, forcing every inch of his cock and tail up inside of me over and over again despite my cries.

There was a gentle rumble that emerged from him at first, gradually building to a fierce growl, and ultimately resulting in a tremendous roar as his cock throbbed heavily inside of me.

The first searing spurt of his seed blazed up inside my channel, spattering against my cervix and scorching me from the inside out. His tail drove deep into my bottom, forcing my asshole wider and making it ache even more. I cried out as my eyes rolled back in my head, losing myself along with him as the very edges of my sanity began to fray. His seed surged up inside my channel again and again, marking me as his in a very different way than he had with either his belt or his switch.

We came viciously hard together in one another’s arms, and when it was finally over, I collapsed against him.

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