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In Need of Taming by Jessica-Rose Heath – Extended Preview

“Anna, you are to go to our room, remove all your clothing, and stand facing a corner.”

“Hugh, really? A corner? I am not a child.”

“No, you are a wife who has shown disrespect for her husband’s authority. At the moment you only face a hand spanking. Disobey and you will visit the stables.”

Anna’s face flushed hot but she remembered the harness strap so did as she was told. In their bedroom she removed all her clothing, placing it neatly in the dressing room. Then she went and found an empty corner to stand in. She felt hugely embarrassed and became more so the longer she stood there. Her bottom and breasts began to feel cold, which baffled her. Why should they feel cold?

Her wait seemed endless and the longer she waited the more nervous she felt. She knew her sister was disciplined and so was Mrs. Morgan. In all likelihood so were most women in the town. Did they have to wait in a corner? Is this why her mother ran off? Perhaps her father spanked her and she hated it so much she ran away. Her increasingly frantic thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Hugh. She heard him go to her dressing table and the stool being pulled out.

“Come over to me, wife.”

Anna felt keenly the embarrassment of walking naked to her husband to be spanked. She had only just started to get used to being naked in front of him for other purposes but this…

“Come to my right side. Good. I do realize this is hard for you. However, it is a lesson you must learn and this spanking will teach you. Now come over my lap, please.”

Hugh guided her over his knees; an uncomfortable and embarrassing position that squashed her tummy into his strong legs and left her feeling exposed and vulnerable. To her shame Anna whimpered as Hugh laid his hand on her bottom. This was no erotic journey she was about to make but punishment. It was something she had never experienced before.

“I shall not be overly severe but I am giving you a good spanking. Are you ready?”

“No,” she squealed. “Where do I put my hands?” It was an odd question she knew but she had been hunting for a natural place to put her hands. Naked, with her head hanging down and waiting for her bare bottom to be spanked, all rational thought fled. What on earth would her influential friends say if they could see her like this? Then the thought hit her that a lot of men might well pay to see her, or indeed any naked woman, be spanked.

“Of course, I should have told you. You may hold on to the legs of your stool or hold my leg or just grip your hands together. Whatever you choose, do not reach back to stop your punishment. Understood?”

“Yes,” she squeaked and gripped her hands together, vowing to ask Alice how she coped. Then Hugh’s hand smacked down hard on her bottom. Anna was shocked at how harsh the sting was. It was intense and felt as if Hugh’s hand was both the size of a shovel and made of wood. Her hands flew apart and she brought one around to protect her bottom.

“No, wife. You must learn to take your punishment properly.” With that Hugh began spanking the top of her thighs very hard and fast. Anna yelped, cried, writhed, and moved her hand away from her bottom very fast but it made no difference. Her husband continued to punish her thighs until they burned and stung terribly.

“Now, wife, will you do that again?”

“No, I promise. It was just reaction. I’m sorry.”

Being spanked like this by her husband required a level of submission that Anna found extremely hard. She had been a wife only a short time and was finding it difficult. Naked across her husband’s knees, her bottom up high for him to spank as if she was a child. It was beyond humiliating but then again it was insensitive of her to have sold to his father without checking first. She of all people knew the value of thorough preparation before running one of her tricks. Remorse washed over her. It was obviously a huge problem for Hugh.


“I’m not letting you off, wife.”

“No, before you spank me, I’m sorry. It’s just dawned on me how wrong I was not to talk to you about the sale.”

“Thank you, Anna, that means a lot to me. I shall still discipline you but thank you.”

Then his hard hand smacked down again. It seemed to land on the same spot as the first one. Anna yelped loudly as her bottom burned with the forceful smack and then another smack landed. It stung so much she yelped shrilly and almost wriggled off Hugh’s lap.

“Anna! Do I need to march you out to the stables to use the strap?”

“No! Please don’t. It’s just I’ve never experienced this before.”

Hugh sighed. “Very well. Now be a good girl and take your spanking properly.”

Anna had no chance to be irritated by the ‘good girl’ because then the spanking began in earnest. Her husband began spanking very fast and very hard, his hand landing randomly everywhere and anywhere on her bottom, burning and stinging with each smack. So hard were the smacks that to Anna’s dazed mind it felt as if he was using a hairbrush. Every smack seemed to have a burning sting of such huge intensity that it made Anna howl and cry out constantly. She had her hands locked in an iron grip, determined not to give Hugh a reason to march her out to the stables.

Then Hugh switched to spanking first the left cheek of her bottom and then the right. As he spanked he reminded her that now, as a wife, she owed a duty of respect and obedience to her husband. Hugh’s words struck her with as much force as his hand and disturbed her conscience. She had disappointed and upset him and now she deeply regretted doing so. With each smack making her yelp and cry out, Anna had no thought of replying; she just gave herself over to her punishment. Her bottom was burning furiously, far worse than the night before, and with no soothing massage. But the spanking continued: smack, smack, smack. Each smack of his hand burned and her yelps became squeals that grew louder and shriller with every smack.

With the punishment of her thighs there was now no square inch of either her bottom or thighs that was not burning and stinging furiously. Remaining in position, staying still enough to be punished and keeping her hands locked together was a massive struggle. She could feel her legs stretching, curling, and even kicking but could do nothing about it. Hugh didn’t seem to mind that as long as her bottom remained in position for him to spank.

Gradually the spanking slowed down. The smacks were just as hard but less frequent. Strangely, now the fury of the spanking was going down, Anna’s tears began. They started as a trickle but soon were flowing down her cheeks in an unstoppable torrent and she could barely see.

“Now then, Anna, have you learned a good lesson?”

“Yes, Hugh. I have already apologized but I promise to ask in the future.”

Anna was assisted to get back on her own two feet in the most tender way before Hugh walked away and came back with a large soft handkerchief. He gently cleaned her face. “Anna, I know this is hard for you but I am proud of you. You took your spanking without anger or pleading and you apologized. Well done.”

Anna flushed with embarrassment when Hugh raised the question of the document for Judge Vicars. It was due, in fact probably overdue allowing for the mail system. Hugh also looked uncomfortable but he said, “We must do this. I have made an appointment with Rueben Lord for today. We must go together but we can take Rose. She can have a candy cane and sit and wait. It won’t take long.”

In fact, Rueben Lord didn’t want to read the embarrassing declaration of consummation of marriage. He put a plain sheet over the actual words and simply witnessed their signatures before placing it in an envelope and sealing it with wax. Both were relieved when, finally, he promised he would ensure it reached Judge Vicars.

As the days turned into weeks Anna found that being a wife wasn’t all bad. She began to enjoy and even look forward to their marital intimacy. Hugh made her squeal with pleasure and she enjoyed the warmth and closeness of his body. The only problem was he seemed unable to show that warmth afterward or at other times. He would hesitate as if about to embrace her but then hold back. But he clearly enjoyed their family times together. He was never more relaxed than at meals with Anna and Rose, or when all three were sitting in church together, or on family walks. Anna began to wish for more signs that he cared for her. Edwin showered her sister with love and affection. True, at times he was a stern disciplinarian but then Anna could see that Alice could be very provoking.

Being mother to Rose was wonderful. Anna loved the little girl who quickly stopped calling her ‘Auntie Anna’ and simply called her ‘Mama.’ She purchased the pony, first checking that Hugh approved, and began to teach Rose to ride. The books and other materials arrived and Anna began to teach Rose numbers, letters, and how to write her name. The child was a very quick study indeed.

As for Alice it was as if they had never been apart. Anna had not enjoyed such closeness since her mother died. Alice began by making Rose’s clothes but watching her sister work brought back her lessons and soon Anna was also joining in.

Rose had been rather confined by Miss Lytham but with Anna now in charge, Rose had begun to make friends with other little girls. It was while Rose was busy playing with a new friend that Alice revealed something to Anna.

“Anna, I’ve missed my monthly. It should have been about two weeks ago and there is no sign of it.”

“Are you with child?”

“I don’t know. How does one know?”

“I have no idea. I wasn’t even sure what would happen on my wedding night. That was quite a shock. Your Ruth is an older woman. Would she know?”

“Yes, she’s been married and had children.”

Anna went and asked politely for Ruth to come in. Anna explained the circumstance and Ruth calmly established that, yes, Alice was feeling sick especially in the mornings and yes, she was feeling quite tired.

“Then, Mrs. Croston, I think it is safe to say you are with child. You do realize. I hope, that since you are a twin you may well have twins.”

The sisters looked at her in shock. “Twins! Are you sure?”

“No, but twins often run in families. You might both end up having twins.”

The news that Alice was to have a baby was greeted with delight by everyone. Anna waited until Rose was asleep to talk to Hugh about the matter. “Hugh, you do realize I might be with child at any time now?”

“Yes, of course. I would welcome that, Anna.”

“Alice and I are twins. We might have twins ourselves.”

“Then we’ll employ a girl to help you.”

“Hugh, I don’t want Rose being jealous or feeling she’s not important anymore. I want her involved right from the start. I want her to help me with maternity clothes and know that she is going to be an important big sister. I want her to help choose the name or names.”

“Anna, I trust you. You may do as you wish in that respect. You’re a wonderful mother to Rose but if we are to have a child together I want to know exactly what you were doing before our marriage. I know some of it but I now want a full disclosure. I want nothing to cause us problems in the future.”

Anna fetched her old log book and began to explain to Hugh the full extent of her activities, holding only one thing back. He sat open-mouthed. “Good Lord above, I wouldn’t have thought a woman capable of all that.”

“That attitude, husband, is exactly why Mama and I were able to do it.”

Telling Hugh all about her activities seemed to Anna to bring that part of her life to an end. So, she was really delighted when the telegram arrived from her godfather. All her assets had been realized and an account had been opened at the bank in Ellerbrook Town. Even then, as a married woman, it had to have Hugh’s name on the account and he had to authorize her transactions. Another telegram was from Mrs. Riley. She had crated all the possessions that Anna would wish to keep and had arranged transportation to Ellerbrook Town. She, herself, was leaving immediately and would arrive the next day.

Anna was happy to see Mrs. Riley, who was more family to her than servant. Rose, used to the unpleasant Miss Lytham, was very wary. Mrs. Riley though soon changed her mind.

“You must be Rose. Now in my bag I’m sure I have something of yours.”


“Yes, it’s a little paper bag with something in it and I’m sure it’s yours. Will you help me look?”

Rose, looking puzzled, helped the new housekeeper delve into an enormous bag and finally found a small paper bag. “Is this it?”

“That’s the one. It’s not mine. What’s in it?”

Rose looked and found pieces of fudge, toffee, coconut ice, and other candies to delight a child. “Oooh!” she breathed, “but Mrs. Riley, it’s not mine.”

“How odd. I made sure it was yours. Well, you’d best have that bag if your mama and papa don’t mind.”

Hugh and Anna smiled and Rose and Mrs. Riley became firm friends. Anna felt a great weight lift from her shoulders with the departure of Miss Lytham. The former housekeeper had exactly the same menu each week and the standard of cooking, although satisfactory, was not as good as it might be. Anna and Mrs. Riley planned new dishes and some variation in the otherwise dull fare. Anna also felt that the house, although spotlessly clean, had a stark and sterile appearance. With the departure of the old housekeeper she began to introduce some flowers and plants and to generally make the house seem more friendly and pleasant. Hugh was appreciative of all her changes.

Anna took Mrs. Riley to meet Joe Morgan at his emporium and as they were about to leave, the housekeeper looked across the road and said, “I know that woman over there. She’s changed her appearance; lost weight, new hairstyle, and different style of clothes but I’d know her anywhere.”

“You must be mistaken. That’s Miss Fletcher, Marion Fletcher.”

“Huh! Wouldn’t matter what she called herself, and that’s not her name, I’d know her anywhere. I’ll tell you when we get back.”

Later she told Anna that Miss Fletcher was actually Mrs. Sinclair, more usually known as Madame Sinclair. She had run the most high-class brothel in the state capital. “Didn’t actually own it, I believe. The real owner was shadowy. She was an informant for your mama. She’d come very early in the morning and bring her little bits of information about the important men who used the brothel. Sometimes your mother would ask her to find out certain things. Your mama paid her well because she was a very good and reliable source. Nasty woman but useful.”

That night as she undressed for Hugh she told him. “I intend to call on Miss Fletcher tomorrow.”

“No! No, I absolutely forbid it. She’s a…” He took in Anna’s smile and started again. “What are you up to?”

“Draining her poison for once and for all.”

“No! Poison or not, you stay away from her. I warn you, Anna, I shall not be disobeyed in this matter.”

“But I have…”

“But nothing. Visit that woman and you’ll be visiting the stables and making acquaintance with my strap.”

Anna felt resentful all the way through their lovemaking that night. She had been catapulted from independent woman to wife in very little time. The loss of her independence in matters like this was something she felt keenly. No, she decided, she would not be obedient this time. She had it in her power to deal with Miss Fletcher and she would.

The very next morning she left Rose in Mrs. Riley’s care and made her way to Miss Fletcher’s house. The maid announced her and Marion Fletcher rose with an astonished smile. “Mrs. Estham. What a very pleasant surprise. Will you have tea?”

“Why, thank you. I will.”

Over tea Anna began. “You know, Miss Fletcher, I don’t think you know who my dear mama was.”

“No, I don’t believe I had that pleasure.”

“Oh, yes, you knew her well; you just haven’t made the connection that I am her daughter.”

Miss Fletcher looked puzzled.

“My mother was known to you as Mrs. Louisa Andrews. You, of course, visited her as Madame Sinclair.”

Watching Marion Fletcher lose all color from her face was shocking. The woman turned from looking well to very ill in the blink of an eye. “Mama never introduced me, although I do remember her referring to Madame Sinclair, but my housekeeper remembers you very well.” Anna could see the woman was tough. She rallied herself but made no attempt at denial.

“So,” she spat, “what is it you want? Money?”

“No, I have plenty and so does my husband. You are the town bitch and gossip. That has to stop. Especially you have to leave my sister alone. If I hear you are stirring any pots or spreading malicious rumors, the town will become acquainted with your former occupation.

“I also have some advice for you. You’re too thin. Allow yourself to put on a bit of weight and wear some more cheerful clothes. My housekeeper says you were very attractive. You can be again. The women at my father’s church need help with the church picnic. Surprise everyone by volunteering. If you ran a brothel you must be capable. Use that to make a fresh start.”

Marion Fletcher stared at her for a long while. “You’re right. I did not make the connection at all. I should have done. Very well, I’ll do as you say. However, there is one thing I would like to know. Why did your mother run off with just you?”

“I wish I knew. It is a mystery to me. However, all is working out well. I am reunited with my father and my sister. Your secret is safe with me as long as you cease your current behavior. Goodbye, Miss Fletcher.”

For the first time since coming to Ellerbrook Town, Anna felt confident and indeed triumphant. She had her Mrs. Riley back and she’d drawn Marion Fletcher’s poison. The woman was far too intelligent to fight her with the fear of disclosure hanging over her. She’d probably never be lovely but she would be tolerable. Her role as mother to Rose was wonderful. She really did love the little girl and teaching her was a true joy. The child ate up the attention and learned so quickly. Then too she was enjoying the intimate side of marriage.

Being a wife and providing for her husband’s physical needs in the marital bed had seemed a huge problem but no longer. She rather liked the effect she had on her husband. The way his member grew large and stiff as he stared at her undressing. She wasn’t frightened of his erection now. She loved it when he entered her and sensed she had power over him. A different power from the trickery she had used on men before, but it was power all the same.

Not even her disobedience in visiting Miss Fletcher could dim her feelings of cheerfulness and confidence. She came back to the house to find Hugh had come in. He looked anxious and made her come into his office. “One of our workers is very ill. I went to check on him. It’s not looking good, poor man.”

Anna liked this anxiety for an employee and for the first time went up and gave him a kiss. “That’s good of you. Is it likely to be taken amiss if I visit? Likely enough there is a shortage of money now but even if they are too proud for that there may be other ways I can help.”

“You’re a good woman, Anna. No, they’ll like a visit even if they refuse help but perhaps take some food. That’s the kind of thing women in this town do. Now wife, take down your drawers and bend over my desk.”

Anna was startled. “Why? Are you going to punish me?”

“No, I have need of you, wife.”

“But the door… suppose…”

“I’ll lock it.”

A wave of desire came over Anna. This seemed so shocking, so wicked, so disreputable and yet she wanted it. Wanted so strongly to submit like this, to bend over and offer her body to his urgency. Her hands shook as they reached up under her skirts to undo the ties that held up her drawers. They shook more as she stepped out of them and placed them on the desk in front of her. Obediently she bent right over the desk and held on to the other side. Her voice was husky as she whispered, “I’m ready, husband.”

She heard him fumble with his suspenders, then his buttons, then came the sound of his pants going down. She felt him lift her skirts and petticoats and throw them up onto her back. As he did all this, her desire grew constantly. Then he was at her entrance and pushing into her. There was no resistance from her body… none at all and she knew she was slick with desire. He seized her hips and thrust into her hard. She gasped with the force of it. His power and size seemed amazing.

Hugh had her hard and fast. He slammed into her again and again as she gasped and writhed over the desk, loving every second of it. She could feel herself heading for some sort of exquisite pleasure that began boiling up inside her so quickly it was breathtaking. Abruptly the pleasure hit her and she cried out, feeling herself trying to capture him inside her and hold him. Hugh grunted loudly and then, leaning right over her, began pumping his seed into her. It seemed to go on for a long time before he finally relaxed.

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