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Indebted: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Gabriel grabbed my wrists, yanking me onto my toes as he dug his nails into my skin. “I suggest you learn your place, Alessandra. I do not take kindly to being attacked. I can see you’ve yet to learn a single lesson.” With one brutal yank, he bent me over, jerking the ugly gown above my waist, the sound of the material ripping floating between us.

“No. No!” His hold was powerful, keeping me in position as he brought his hand down from side to side.

“I am your master and you will be punished until you learn,” he stated, every word oozing with lust.

Until I’m broken.

The stinging sensations quickly morphed into actual pain rolling into my legs. I would never stop fighting him. My mind was exploding from the information, the coldness of his delivery as he tried to disparage my father. Gabriel was wrong. He was a liar. He was…

The spanking continued, his fingers digging into me as I threw jab after jab against his massive body until I was left exhausted and entangled in the wretched web of deceit. Who could I trust any longer? Where would I find the truths?

“Respect, sweet girl. You will soon learn.” His words continued to shift into my mind, pulling me further into the nightmare.

Over my dead body.

The heat on my bottom became oppressive, riding along the small of my back, tickling every muscle. But I refused to stop fighting, to give in.

He smacked me long and hard, the crack of his palm hitting my naked skin dulling the echoes of my heart.

Only when the pain became blinding did I lower my arms. “Please stop. Please. I’ll be good. I won’t fight you.”

He swatted me harder, peppering my bottom until the pain washed down my legs.

“Please, sir. Stop. Please. Sir.”

Exhaling, he caressed my heated skin. “Better. You can learn.”

Fuck you. Fuck you. “Yes. Sir,” I said between gritted teeth.

When he lifted me into a standing position, brushing hair from my face, he let out a strangled sigh. “Stop fighting me. This is not only what you need, I can tell it’s what you want.”

Was he crazy? Was he out of his mind? I couldn’t breathe or think clearly. His words were warped, sickening.

“Fuck you. That’s not true. It will never be true.” The eruption from my mouth was by instinct. He was trying to break me down with every touch, every action. I shoved him hard, but he was too strong, dragging me even closer. There was such fury in his eyes, the kind held by a predator the moment the hunt was successful.

He issued a low growl, the rumble in his chest husky, igniting another wave of flames. “That’s exactly what’s going to happen. You are mine. Mine to take and taste as often as I please.” He crushed his mouth over mine, tangling his fingers in my hair as he ground his hips against me, every action brutal and in defiance of my aggression.

I didn’t want him.

I couldn’t.


He was rock hard, his body tense, his demand all powerful. There was no way I was getting out of his hold. As he shifted his hand down my back, cupping my buttocks, I shoved my palms against his chest, even as I drank in his heady scent. As he lifted me off my feet, I shifted my hips, savoring the feel of his throbbing cock pushing against my tummy. I was lightheaded, my body shaking, my heart skipping several beats. I could no longer focus, my mind reeling from the information.

The lies.

The innuendos.

The accusations.

What was I supposed to believe any longer?

You want him. You hunger. You need.

No. No. I was exhausted, nothing more.

Master. Master. Master.

Gabriel bunched the gown up with his hand, the heated touch of his fingers driving me wild. He thrust his tongue past my lips, dominating me in every way. There was no way the man was going to take no for an answer. The revelation of how much I craved him was gut-wrenching, but almost impossible to avoid as I gathered a whiff of our combined scents.

I continued to pound my fists as the passion exploded, the chemistry off the charts, my pussy clenching then releasing. This was crazy. This was horrible. This was…

As he sucked on my tongue, he rolled his fingers up and down the crack of my ass. The sensations continued to explode, every cell in my body alive and electrified. He slipped a single finger to my darkened hole, forcing me to tense as he slipped it inside. A moan slipped past the heated passion. I wiggled back and forth, my hunger off the charts.

When he finally broke the kiss, he cupped my face, staring down at me in an entirely different manner than before.

He was going to devour me.

Ravage every inch of my body.

“I will teach you about passion and pain, agony and ecstasy. There will moments of sheer joy even through the act of punishment.”

His words were whispered yet said in such a way that they would never be forgotten.

He dragged his thumb back and forth across my lips, his chest rising and falling. The way he held me was more than possessive. I didn’t just belong to him. I was about to be consumed by him.

I wanted so badly to hold back, to be able to resist the feel of him, but I’d become a stranger to myself, an entirely different woman. Maybe I’d never known who I was, a little girl lost just waiting to be found. I tore at his shirt, a single moan slipping past my lips at the sound of buttons popping. As I placed my fingertips against his skin, the intense heat was magnified, white-hot as the sensations seared every nerve.

He wasted no time, ripping away the last shred of my humility, tossing the dress into the darkest corner of the room. The light of the moon created a dancing shimmer across his cheek, highlighting his magnificent bones, the ruggedness of his jaw. He stared down at me, his eyes forever penetrating as he rolled his fingertips over my shoulder.

There was something more enigmatic about him, the quiet sensitivity so unexpected. I knew it wouldn’t last long. He was a conflicted man, his soul tortured by some unknown reality. Confusion remained furrowing deep inside. I didn’t know him, and I didn’t want to.

Then I’d be forced to consider caring.

Although the draw to him was more explosive, my nipples aching for the simple sweep of his finger. I crawled my hand along his chest, moving ever so slowly to his shoulder. The part of him I was most attracted to was his scarred face, telling of whatever horrors he’d been through.

But discovery would never happen, his hand snapping once again around my wrist, the force used cutting off my blood supply.

“No,” he stated with clear authority as he swept me into his arms, taking two long strides until he was able to drop me onto the bed. “You wait.”

The order was given. His rules. His decisions.

I was forced to watch in the shadows as he peeled away his trousers, sliding them over hips. I craved seeing his naked body, the man who wore expensive clothes like a suit of armor. When he hovered over me, shivers ran down the core of my spine. He was gorgeous, even in the bare hint of a silhouette, his long arms and muscular legs a thing of beauty.

As he crawled onto the bed, one leg remaining on the floor, the heat of his aura swallowed me up, my skin melting as if ice cream on a hot summer’s day. I couldn’t explain my reaction, nor did I want to try. I closed my eyes, pretending this was a memory I’d want to keep safe, tucked away in the corner of my mind.

But I knew better.

The moment dawn approached, the cold reality would sneak back in, a reminder of my new status.

As his.

Gabriel shifted between my legs, lowering himself down onto his arms. A dark and ominous growl shifted up from his throat, penetrating the air, creating a wave of goosebumps. I became lost in whatever insane need I had for this brute of a man. He ran a single finger down the side of my face, further fueling the red-hot embers. I was surprised as he took his time, zigzagging the tip in a wide arc around one nipple then the other.

He was a man used to taking everything he wanted. A man I could barely understand, unless this was simply another part of his game, a shrewd way of breaking down my defenses.

His breathing remained irregular, the guttural sounds nothing short of animalistic. Very slowly he lifted my arms, pulling both over my head. I expected him to pull shackles from under the bed, tethering me as punishment. The hard squeeze of his hand was his direction to remain in position.

I did as I was told, mesmerized by the way he brushed his fingers down the length of my body, rolling his knuckles over the most sensitive parts. He split my legs open wide, pushing them against my chest as he lowered his head, raking his well-manicured nails along the inside of my thigh.

When I felt his fingers flicking across my nipples, I held my breath until I was lightheaded, refusing a moan. Tension continued to tighten my chest yet as he pinched my hardened buds between his thumbs and forefingers, I could no longer hold back the string of whimpers. The pain was incredible, sweeping through me like white lightning. Within seconds, I was floating on air, tossing my head back and forth.

A dark chuckle erupted from his mouth as he twisted and pulled, abusing my nipples in the most delicious way.

“Oh… I…” Unable to swallow, I dared to open my eyes, desperate to see the look on his face, but the moon had shifted once again, no longer allowing me to catch a glimpse of anything. The eerie moment as he blew a swath of hot air from my jaw to my chest, continuing to blow as he neared my pussy was insanely scintillating.

The dichotomy of his actions continued to throw me, the anguish building in my nipples stealing what was left of my breath. I intertwined my fingers, trying to remain obedient, gasping when he released his arduous hold. He dragged his palms down ever so slowly, finally gathering my legs into his arms.

His guttural sounds shifted, becoming more primal and the moment he buried his face into my pussy, I jerked up, unable to hold back a scream.

“Oh. God!” Stars floated in front of my eyes as he shifted his head back and forth, lapping my cream in a furious manner.

I bucked, struggling hard to keep control, thrown by the wave of electricity shooting from one leg to the other, exploding into every cell and muscle.

He aimlessly swirled a single finger around my clit, circle after circle until I was panting, my heart racing. The moment he pinched the tender tissue, I almost lost it, jerking up, my arms failing me.

The hard smacks to my pussy lips were my instant punishment. I shot my arms back into position, my toes curling. He shifted away with a series of growls. “With every action there is a reaction.”

“Yes. I…”

Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir.

I knew exactly what he wanted.

The next two cracks caught me off guard, forcing a wail from somewhere deep within. “Yes, sir.”

There was no hesitation, his lips and tongue soothing what had ached only seconds before. I was hot and wet all over, wave after wave of prickling sensations shifting from one side to the other.

He feasted for several minutes, alternating his tongue and fingers, drilling into me with practiced orchestration. All I could do was pant, trying desperately to hold back my climax. Then I realized I’d remembered his words, his demand. I wouldn’t be allowed to have this kind of pleasure again.

It had been a gift, a privilege, one that had been stripped away from me like the others. I was incensed at the realization as he continued licking with wild abandon, bringing me to the very precipice of pleasure then yanking back.

My God, the asshole wanted me to beg, to plead to be allowed to come. I tossed my head, biting back a string of nasty words, but I was exasperated, unable to think clearly. There was no turning back, my body having a mind of its own.

“I… Please, can I…” Before I had a chance to finish, my body became a treacherous beast, the orgasm bursting within me. “Oh. Oh!”

While he held me, his fingers digging into my legs, I heard the disgust even in his breathing sounds. I’d failed a test. I’d failed him—the man insisting he was my master.

I’d failed myself.

Panting, the single climax refused to be stopped, shifting into a powerful second, even as I attempted to shut it down.

Gabriel didn’t move. Not a muscle. Not a finger. He merely stared at me in the darkness.

Shame washed over me as soon as I was able to breathe, the unsettling feeling of what I would be forced to face almost as shocking as half believing I deserved it. I’d fallen into some rabbit hole of my own making, allowing him to snag a level of control. I closed my eyes, prepared for the harshness of his belt crisscrossing over every inch of my naked skin.

I would hold my tongue.

I would maintain my sanity.

I would not surrender.

When he flipped me over onto my stomach, yanking me onto my knees, I whimpered and struggled to see him. This wasn’t right. I wasn’t supposed to feel anything amazing.

Even as the words filtered into my mind, the other side of me chastised the ridiculous thought. I’d fallen that far under his spell? No. No.

I clamped my hands around the sheets as I felt the weight on the bed change, the heat of his body rubbing against my bruised ass.

“Every misdeed will mean a consequence,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come. Sir.” I struggled to say the words, to allow them to slip past my lips.

The darkness was oppressive, keeping me on edge as his hands roamed my body, his fingers rolling up and down the length of my pussy.

“So wet,” he muttered.

Damn, I was beginning to hate his sexy voice, the smooth velveteen that slipped and twisted into every pore.

I dropped my head as he fondled me, fingers slipping in and out of my pussy, shifting to my asshole. There was no hesitation as he thrust them inside my darkened hole, his intense growls matching my moans. The force of his actions pushed me forward, but I thrust back, refusing to be broken.

He tapped my bottom several times as he plunged his fingers, my muscles expanding to accept.

When he thrust his cock deep inside my pussy, his hands gripping my hips, I was unable to hold back a scream. He roared his appreciation, the primal lion taking his mate. I’d never experienced anything so incredible, bolts of lightning popping into every blood cell. He held his stance, his fingers digging in, the warmth of his body exhilarating.

As he rode me, he fisted my hair, jerking my head. The hard pounding was amazing, excitement surging through me. I met every hard thrust with one of my own, anger still churning within me, but I was no longer able to control my needs.

The hunger was too great.

“You haven’t earned the privilege to be fucked like a good girl.” He chuckled as he ground his hips, his cock filling me, stretching me.

The bastard was only going to give me a taste. “Please.”

“You fucked up, Alessandra. However, I will share with you what happens to naughty girls who don’t follow the rules.”

As he stretched my bottom wide open, I clawed the bedding, trying to crawl away. This couldn’t be happening. This wasn’t supposed to occur. He couldn’t. He just… couldn’t.

But he did.

I felt the tip of his cock as he pushed it against my asshole, guiding his shaft inside an inch at a time. The pain was unlike anything I’d experienced before, bolts of light flashing in front of my eyes, my throat closing. When he hit the tight ring of muscle, I tensed, gasping for air.

“Relax. Soon you’ll learn that anguish has its place.”

Gabriel thrust the remainder all the way inside, his grip sliding to my hips, keeping me in his grasp. His guttural sounds were almost evil, his scattered breaths mixing with moans of delight.

I’d never felt so humiliated, so uncertain of why the filthy sin could be enticing in any way.

But it was.

I was taken to another place, the pain drifting away, leaving only tingling sensations as my muscles accepted his throbbing thickness.

“Oh, God. Oh, God…” I heard my voice, but everything seemed far away, as if I was standing outside my body watching the sinful act. “More. Please.”

He pulled almost all the way out, slamming into me again, the creak of the bed just another reminder that he was the one in charge. As he began to drive into me in even strokes, I could no longer feel my legs. I fell into a lull of sweet music pumping inside my head, my entire body shuddering as it attempted to accept his barbaric actions.

Within seconds, there was nothing but sheer pleasure rolling through me, rattling every sensation as well as my mind. He was so large, filling me completely, his hard plunges awakening every nerve. I was alive and on fire, praying this would never stop.

There were so many thoughts racing in my mind, the tentacles of my desire overwhelming. I couldn’t think or focus. I could barely breathe. I was stripped of normalcy or maybe this was the beginning of everything that would be normal.

As his guttural sounds became more scattered, his hand snapping against my ass cheek, I could tell he was close to coming. His cock swelled, stretching me even more and there was nothing I could do but squeeze my muscles.

His primal roar bounced against the walls, the warm gush of his cock erupting inside both scintillating as well as terrifying.

He’d managed to do what no one else had before. I’d surrendered, if only in my body’s betrayal.

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