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Innocence Examined by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Innocence Examined by Emily TiltonCaroline had never imagined she could feel as embarrassed as she did now, knowing that Sir Gerald and Dr. Fairleigh were watching Dr. Brown examine her cunny. Nor had she ever imagined that such embarrassment could awaken that different, wonderful—yet terrible in its wonder—yearning right there, where the doctor’s fingers had begun to move in a way that felt like the most wicked possible thing in the whole world.

“Doctor, what are you doing?” she whispered.

“I am preparing you to understand the answers to your questions, Miss Hollins, and the reasons for your new thoughts and feelings. I can already feel how warm you become here, in your pudenda, when you are manualised as I am doing now.” He turned to Sir Gerald and Dr. Fairleigh. “As I thought,” he said to them, “she is highly lubricious. Her little vagina is already warming at my lightest touch, and one can smell the odor of female arousal in the air, can one not? That indicates that her feminine moisture readily eases her there, for the pleasure of the natural man who will answer the call of his blood, and will, someday soon, exercise his right of the phallus upon her.”

He turned back to Caroline, who was emitting little gasping whimpers. “You must not be ashamed of your excitement, Miss Hollins. Do you play with yourself, in this place between your legs where I am examining you—that is, for you must now begin to learn such things’ proper names, your vagina, and the sensitive place at the top, which is called your clitoris?”

Dr. Brown accompanied these words with a firm rubbing of the area, which made Caroline cry out with pleasure. “N-no,” she stammered. “Th-though sometimes I have tried to squeeze my thighs to-to-together… ah, what is happening, doctor?”

“You are going to have what is called a sexual climax now, Miss Hollins. Observe, gentlemen, just how readily she spends under my fingers, and try to deny that such exquisite feeling should be wasted on one of the unnatural men who would doubtless court her for her fortune.”

Dr. Brown’s fingers increased their rhythm along the lips of her cunny and upon her clitoris. Caroline cried out with the pleasure, and she found herself looking at the kind face of Dr. Fairleigh. Suddenly she wished it were he whose hand moved between her legs, and that she could see his cock and suck it. She pictured it, kneeling in front of Dr. Fairleigh as Miss Anne and Miss Charlotte had knelt in the parlor when Mr. Vance had put his cock in their mouths. Then, as she saw in her mind the way Dr. Fairleigh would hold her head and make her take his cock so very deep inside her lips, the strange, delicious feeling in her cunny grew and grew, as it never had before. Then, suddenly, she felt her whole body shudder uncontrollably, and the pleasure seemed to explode inside her belly. She gasped as, with a final spasm of ecstasy, the feeling seemed to fade from her limbs, and a lovely sort of lassitude took hold of them in its place.

“There, Miss Hollins,” said Dr. Brown. “Your first sexual climax. You shall have many, many more. Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, doctor,” Caroline whispered.

“Do you think it anything to be ashamed of?”

“Well, Miss Standish told me that I must keep my breasts, my cunny, and my bottom covered, especially from men’s eyes.”

“And I am telling you that that is the work of unnatural men. A young woman like you, Miss Hollins, should by rights be uncovered whenever the natural man to whom she belongs wishes to exercise his privilege to gaze upon her prettiness. True, when unnatural men, and unnatural women, are about, as they often are in the cities of our so-called civilization, the old-fashioned manners taught you by Miss Standish must remain in force. But here in Sir Gerald’s house, thankfully, you live in a situation where, if your guardian takes my advice, you will soon learn that although your habits of shame will perhaps still afflict you, when a man desires to uncover the charms of your breast, your pudenda, and your bottom, he will uncover them. And if you resist, you will receive sterner punishment than the birching whose remains I still see here.” He patted Caroline’s bottom paternally, where the last bruises from the birching two days before had now faded to dark purple.

Dr. Fairleigh cleared his throat yet again. The poor man must have a cold, Caroline thought, rather absently, as she lay almost fainting in the aftermath of the thing Dr. Brown had called a sexual climax. Where had he come from, and why had he smiled so very kindly at her, if he was a doctor like Dr. Brown?

He said, “Dr. Brown, I believe I understand what you mean by the natural man, and I cannot deny that I find the concept intriguing, and even appealing, but is the converse really so? Are men who do not see the need to… for example, to do what you say with regard to what you call Miss Hollins’ lubriciousness… can they truly be termed unnatural?”

Caroline felt that although she seemed closer to the answers she sought, many things still lay hidden. The gentlemen seemed to be discussing some theory of Dr. Brown’s that concerned her many questions about the relations of men and woman, and concerned also the thing that Dr. Brown had just done to her with his hand, which had at one and the same time made Caroline feel like she understood more, and that she understood less. Above all, she burned still to know more about men’s cocks, and about what men did to women with them.

“That is a reasonable question, Fairleigh,” Dr. Brown replied, turning to him, and at last removing his hand from Caroline’s cunny to wipe it upon his handkerchief. “But I think it admits of only one reasonable answer: if I am correct that to follow the dominant force nature places in the sinews of men such as you and Sir Gerald, and Mr. Vance and me, the force that I maintain creates the right of the phallus, holds out the only truly natural course, than any attempt to oppose the exercise of that right must by definition be unnatural.”

Caroline looked from Dr. Brown to Dr. Fairleigh. Dr. Fairleigh wore an expression of such tender concern, mingled with such—was it hunger?—that she wished she were alone with him. Caroline knew somehow that Dr. Fairleigh would show her what she must see, and do to her what she must suffer. That thought, in all its abstraction, made her terribly conscious that her knees were still spread and widely raised, and that if Dr. Fairleigh wished to inspect her cunny and her bottom, he need only turn his eyes to where they lay exposed for him. She blushed deeply.

“So you maintain,” Dr. Fairleigh said, scratching his chin quite adorably, “not that it is those men’s failure to exercise their masculine right…”

Dr. Brown nodded. “Yes. It is rather their attempts to prevent us, their betters, from exercising the right of the phallus on such young women as excite our lust, that make them unnatural.”

Caroline thought about Dr. Fairleigh exercising the right of the… phallus?—what was a phallus?… upon her cunny. She blurted out, “Is a phallus a cock?”

All three men turned to her, and under their sudden scrutiny she felt she must close her knees, but Dr. Fairleigh, to her surprise, said, “Keep your knees spread, Miss Hollins, if you please. I do not believe Dr. Brown has completed his examination.”

“No, not at all,” said Dr. Brown. “Please do as Dr. Fairleigh says, Miss Hollins. Your pudenda and bottom must remain exposed and available to us as the examination continues. There are still several things we must discuss with regard to your wanderings and your new urges and feelings.”

Caroline felt her eyes widen. Available? Why did he put it thus? She heard herself emit a little whimper.

“You ask about the phallus,” Dr. Brown continued. “Specifically whether when we speak of the masculine member—that is, in common parlance, the ‘cock’ or the ‘prick’—when we speak of the phallus. For your purposes this morning, the answer is Yes, though I use the word ‘phallus’ to speak of the abstract idea, which I argue dwells within the natural imaginations of all men and women. Tell me, Miss Hollins, have you seen a masculine member, a cock?”

“Yes,” Caroline whispered.

“What?” asked Sir Gerald.

Caroline felt terribly ashamed. “I know you told me not to look, sir, when Mr. Vance took his out of Miss Anne’s mouth last night, but I simply couldn’t help it.”

“You naughty thing!” Sir Gerald said. “I shall thrash you for that, by and by, I promise you.”

“Come now,” said Dr. Fairleigh. “Dr. Brown has proven to you, has he not, that Miss Hollins’ impulses are natural. Surely you take his meaning, in his essay, when he says that girls who belong to natural men must often be punished in the course of the exercise of the right of the phallus, but that this punishment should not tend to make them feel that their bodies’ needs are wrong.”

Caroline felt such a rush of gratitude towards him that the embarrassment she had felt when he commanded her to keep her legs open for the gentlemen’s inspection seemed to transform into a kind of awe at how such a young man could command her so thoroughly. Surely he could keep her from being birched?

“Dr. Brown?” asked Sir Gerald.

The physician nodded. “Well adduced, Dr. Fairleigh. I am very glad to see how well you have mastered the fine points of my essay so quickly. But I think you are forgetting that at the end of that section I make it plain that a natural man should punish his girls above all whenever he sees fit, and that his own desire to spank or whip them should be his guide. If he deliver chastisement according to his pleasure, the girl’s natural submission, and the pleasure she must learn to take in it, cannot help growing. Consult your own feelings, Dr. Fairleigh, and tell me truly. Would you object to watching Miss Hollins here severely birched for naughtily stealing the glimpse of Mr. Vance’s cock that she stole?”

Caroline looked at Dr. Fairleigh, and saw in an instant that he could not deny the truth of Dr. Brown’s suggestion. That should make me hate him, should it not? she asked herself. But it seemed to have the opposite effect: to think that Dr. Fairleigh would like to see her punished by Sir Gerald made her feel even more strongly that she should like to be alone with him, to speak of these matters, and of every other matter—larks in spring, Wordsworth, and Shakespeare.

“No,” Dr. Fairleigh finally said. “I find that you have grasped my nature just as thoroughly as you claim.” He turned to Caroline. “I am very sorry, Miss Hollins. Dr. Brown, with his remarkable essay, and his remarkable knowledge of the character of such men as I, makes me admit that although it pains me to think of your poor bottom undergoing such stern chastisement as I imagine Sir Gerald will employ upon it, nevertheless I would very much like to see it.”

“But why?” Caroline asked. Dr. Fairleigh looked to Dr. Brown, who nodded.

“Dr. Brown,” Dr. Fairleigh continued, “convinces me that it is because I wish to possess you, and to exercise the right of the phallus upon you.”

“How dare you, sir?” cried Sir Gerald. Caroline looked at him with alarm.

“Come now, Sir Gerald,” said Dr. Brown. “Your study of my essay is clearly not as thorough as Dr. Fairleigh’s, which to be sure befits the difference between a physician and a baronet in such matters. But I would recommend to your attention the section towards the end about the conflict of rights. Dr. Fairleigh does right to express his wish to possess Miss Hollins. Do you see him making any move to exercise his masculine rights upon her person?”

“No,” Sir Gerald admitted.

Caroline felt faint; the idea that Dr. Fairleigh and Sir Gerald might be having some sort of conflict—a contest?—over the possession of her body, of her private places… she began to breathe a little harshly as she realized that the moisture in her cunny had again commenced to flow.

“Then,” Dr. Brown said, “you must understand that Dr. Fairleigh has merely made the sort of declaration that befits a natural man situated as he finds himself situated.”

James looked at Sir Gerald, whose face, which had gone bright red at James’ words to Caroline, began to take on a less apoplectic hue. “Sir Gerald,” he said. “Dr. Brown is correct as to my motivation. Since reading his essay I have come very quickly to be of his opinion that it is the part of natural men such as we are to express such things openly.”

He looked at Caroline, lying so lewdly exposed, her cunt and pretty bottom making him wish that he might simply spring upon her and teach her, very quickly, what a cock did when it exercised the right of the phallus. He swallowed and moved his eyes from the loveliness of her parted thighs up to her eyes, where he found Caroline looking back at him with a sort of pleading expression, which he found utterly adorable. She seemed to be asking him if he found her cunt pleasing to his eyes, and he wished to cover her face with kisses and tell her that he found it very pleasing, and that henceforward it would belong to him.

“Indeed, Sir Gerald, I find Dr. Fairleigh’s declaration frank and manly,” said Dr. Brown, so effortlessly patching up the beginnings of a quarrel that James wondered whether the man were pursuing some larger, strategic purpose in this encounter. Certainly James could not deny that Dr. Brown had brought him over to his way of thinking about natural man and the right of the phallus the moment he had demonstrated just how lubricious Caroline Hollins became when treated in accordance with Dr. Brown’s theory. What was Brown’s intention, then, for Caroline? Or for James himself?

Dr. Brown turned to Caroline. “Pray excuse us for just a moment, Miss Hollins, but, just as Dr. Fairleigh has said, do not cover yourself. I wish you, while I discuss matters with your guardian and Dr. Fairleigh, to consider the way it makes you feel to wait thus, with your pudenda and bottom opened for continuing examination.”

At that, Dr. Brown led James and Sir Gerald back out onto the landing. He lost no time, but said in a low voice, “Sir Gerald, I put it to you: Miss Hollins should be admitted to your household arrangements as what I shall call an innocent observer.”

Sir Gerald’s brow furrowed in apparent confusion. “You advise then that Vance and I employ the girl as he suggests, to share between us?”

James felt a jealous anger boiling up inside him, but he suppressed it and kept his face as placid as he could.

“Not precisely,” said Dr. Brown, narrowing his eyes slightly. “I know Mr. Vance is hoping that I will recommend that you deflower Miss Hollins immediately, exercise the right of the phallus upon her to your virility’s content, and then turn her over to him as well, so that you both can enjoy her as you please. Certainly, from an enlightened point of view, to take some step towards her submissive awakening represents the only sound course of action. Miss Hollins must be allowed her share of female pleasure. She is a healthy young woman who has, through the up-to-date quality of your household policy, been allowed to develop sexual interests. To deprive her of some fulfillment of those interests would be, I firmly believe, the truly immoral, unnatural act. Ethically, that her young person be enjoyed by men to the utmost is not only acceptable, but also incumbent upon you.”

James could not keep silent at that. “So you are saying that Sir Gerald and Mr. Vance should take her maidenhead and use her according their masculine rights! I am not sure…”

Dr. Brown held up his hand in a gesture that told James to await the full revelation of his wisdom in the matter of Caroline.

“That may,” he said slowly, “be the final resolution of the matter. But when I say that Miss Hollins should assume the role of an innocent observer, I mean that her full submission to the natural man to whom she is to belong should be delayed, and she should be allowed to observe—to watch—as much of your and Mr. Vance’s pleasures as she pleases, when you permit it.”

James looked at Sir Gerald, feeling his own cock stiffen at the thought of lovely Caroline observing whatever lewdness must pass from day to day in this peculiar household. In his imagination, he stood there behind Caroline, caressing her gently as he murmured in her ear explanations of all the wicked things she saw. “Now he is putting his cock in her bottom,” he imagined whispering. “See, he has made her hold her bottom-cheeks open for him, so he can get her ready, with the wetness of her own cunny. Hear her cry out now, as he enters her; presently he will begin to ride her, rather as a man rides a pony. There, watch him go, Miss Hollins—he is having a very pleasurable fuck in her tight little bottom. Now he will fill her backside with his seed. Then, I wager, he will flog her.”

“But why?” said the sweet, timid Caroline of his fantasy, gasping the words thanks to the way he caressed her sweet, innocent cunt as she watched the lascivious scene, unable to avert her wicked eyes from the shameful things Sir Gerald did with his mistress.

Here in the reality of the present, Sir Gerald’s brow was furrowed and his lips puckered in a way that James could tell meant that he found Dr. Brown’s suggestion both strange and extremely exciting. “And,” he said in a voice thick with some strong emotion, “have you a… recommendation as to who it should be who… bends her to his natural rights?”

Now James turned his attention sharply to Dr. Brown. The older physician nodded sagely. “I do,” he said, “have a recommendation—but it is not one that will answer the main question immediately.”

“I do not take your meaning, Dr. Brown,” said James.

“Nor I,” said Sir Gerald.

“I am of the opinion,” Dr. Brown said, clearly relishing the opportunity to demonstrate his perspicacity, “that a girl situated as Miss Hollins is situated, possessed of the erotic tendencies she had already demonstrated to us today, has it in her nature to become a fucking piece so pleasurable that the natural man to whom she submits will have in her the capacity to inspire dozens—hundreds, even—perhaps thousands of other men to embrace their rights. I propose to develop Miss Hollins through this process of observation and, if you will, junior service to the natural men of this household, until at last the time should come for her to be fully bestowed on one of them, to whom she will make the true submission of her body.”

“And to whom will she do that?” asked Sir Gerald, voicing James’ own dark thought.

“Patience, I pray, Sir Gerald,” said Dr. Brown. “I shall come to that. While Miss Hollins does junior service as an innocent observer, she will be allowed to become acquainted with the ways of men in a lesser way. Through observing the amorous ways of the men and women of this house, she will gradually learn to regard them as normal, and even admirable—as well as tremendously exciting and highly desirable, of course. And of course you will have to punish her whenever she is detected trying, as she naturally will, to assuage the erotic fire this observation will create in her loins.”

James cleared his throat at that, but when Dr. Brown glanced at him, he had nothing further to say.

“She will not be allowed to participate in any way, but she will see how a girl’s hands and fingers, as well as her pretty mouth, may heighten the pleasure of gentlemen, as well as of the girls they employ as fucking-pieces. She will also observe those consorting tribadically for the pleasure of the natural men who watch. In addition, she will have the power and the responsibility to keep watch upon Miss Loomis and Miss Dalrymple, and to bear tales of any misconduct on their parts back to you and Mr. Vance. I think it entirely likely, I should add, that Miss Hollins will be unable to refrain from attempting to participate in the scenes she observes: such infractions must naturally be punished, until the girl’s amorous nature and her maidenly shame shall be wrought together into a need for fucking and whipping such as I imagine has never been seen before. This all will be accomplished gradually, over the course of a month or two.”

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