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Instinct: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Loki Renard – Extended Preview


She sneers at me, her pretty lip curled with disdain and disrespect. A night of sleep has recharged her energy, and her arrogance. I will have to prove my ownership again. She forgets so quickly. Whether she was attacked or not, shot from the sky, or fell according to fate, it doesn’t change what exists between us. She is mine. I have claimed her, and I will keep claiming her until she understands what it really means.

I cross over to her, reach out and take her by a thick handful of her silver hair. Using that grip, I bring her down to her knees. She stands with such arrogance. I need her on the ground. I need to break her. If someone wants her dead, I need her by my side to keep her safe. She could have been killed a hundred times over since she slipped out of my bed. She is fortunate that the huntresses slumber late when the food stores are full.

“Let me go!”

I will not let her go. I will never let her go. She doesn’t know what it means to be claimed. She doesn’t understand. She is used to having the power of the stars at her fingertips. She once rode on comets across the sky. But I control her now.

I turn her head up to me. I make her look at me. I say nothing. She craves words, and I will not give her them. A small whimper escapes her lips and she squirms, but I do not release my grip. I do not give her any kind of respite from the pressure I am putting on her. She has not earned it.

I am doing very little to her besides holding her where she belongs. She hates it. I can see anger coursing through her. I can see her fear. She has suffered because of me, because of us. Because someone saw the girl from the stars and had to bring her to earth. It was not me. But I will protect her now, with my life. And that will mean making sure she knows never, ever to speak to me that way again.

I crouch over her. I push her back and I twist her over onto her stomach. I take her to the ground with an inexorable grip and I hold her down.

She makes angry little grunts, but she stops arguing as I push my knee between her thighs and spread her legs. I put her on display, pulling her hands behind her back, and then I hold her there again. I feel the tension in her body and I wait for her to relax. It takes several long minutes, but eventually the energy starts to fade and she softens.

“It doesn’t matter what you do to me,” she says, channeling that rebellion into those words she is so fond of. “Fuck me. I don’t care. I’m going to escape this planet. Whoever brought me down is going to pay. I am going to get back to my ship. I am going to replay the data. I am going to report this place as a hazard and I am going to throw myself on the Patron’s mercy.”

I don’t know what she’s babbling about, and it doesn’t matter. It is all bluster. She is trying to make herself feel powerful even as I show her how weak she is.

“You’re not going anywhere. You’re going to give me your cunt and beg me for my cock.”

“Fuck off.”

I slap her ass, hard. I can still see the welts from the last time I punished her. She learns slowly, this one. Her body cannot take the punishment she is earning, and at the rate she is earning it, I will have to be inventive. I will have to find other ways to discipline my captive from the stars.

The tight little hole of her bottom is winking at me, encouraging me. I reach between her legs, run my thumb along the seam of her puffy lower lips, collect the feminine dew of the desire she would shout her denial of, and I smear it against the tight little hole between her cheeks.

Her hips jolt against the ground, then lift up again to press against my thumb. Oh, she likes it. The dirtier it is, the more she is shamed, the more she drips with wet desire.

“What are you doing? You sick fucking animal!”

Oh, she’s angry. The wetter she gets, the angrier she gets. I massage her little hole, pushing my thumb against it, making her feel the potential intrusion. This is going inside her. And more. I am going to fuck this hole too. It will show her that every single part of her belongs to me.

My thumb sinks inside her. She is tight. It is not comfortable. I hear the little hiss she makes between gritted teeth. This is just a warning. I could make it hurt so much worse. Maybe I should. Her words sting my pride. She wants to make me as angry as she is. But I know how to hold my temper. I know better than to make the assumptions she does. Her shuttle came down. This battlement was fired, she says. She has no evidence of that. The soot could be old. All she knows is that her ship went down and she wants to blame somebody for it. She wants her predicament to be someone else’s fault.

I sink my thumb in further. I let it slide in and out. I twist it slowly and I slip it back and forth. I play with her. I make her feel every bit of my power, and every bit of her weakness. She is too small, too soft to be angering beasts like me.

“Speak to me that way again and I will punish you until you forget what forgiveness is.”

“Get your finger out of my ass,” she grunts.

“So I can put my cock in?”

“You’re disgusting.”

“You’re fighting me.” I lean down, my lips close to her ear, my finger sliding deep into her bottom. “And you’re going to lose.”

She starts to fight, but with a series of motions that do nothing but impale her ass ever deeper on my finger. I don’t have to do anything besides stay in position above her and she torments herself, making her own tight ass stretch. I would almost think she liked it if she wasn’t growling and cursing so much.


He is hateful. I tell him that I have been sabotaged, shot out of the sky, and he tells me it doesn’t matter. He tells me that I am his anyway, and when I tell him I don’t want any part of this world, be tells me I can’t leave. I thought the Patron was controlling. I didn’t know what that word meant until Zion caught me.

He is punishing me, and I don’t know why. He is punishing me for wanting to be free, for trying to return to where I came from. He is punishing me because I know the truth.

A second finger slides into my ass. I feel that wrong hole being stretched wider and wider, being broken in just like my pussy was. He might not like what I call him, but I am right. He is a filthy animal. He thinks sex is the answer to everything. His cock has become the one constant in this world.

He doesn’t care if I’m here because I chose to be, or if that choice was ripped away from me. He doesn’t care if I want this. He doesn’t care if I even like it.

My arousal is incidental. Maybe even accidental.

The fact that my pussy is leaking wet juices isn’t because I want this. It’s because my body responds to him and then my mind follows. I observed a planet once where a plant, once ingested, would make a particular species of cat copulate itself to death.

He is that plant. I am sexually addled by him, at his whim and his mercy. And now my ass is stinging and instead of pulling away, my hips are rising up toward him, they are encouraging him.



“Tell me you’re sorry and this stops.” He pushes his fingers in deeper and makes me writhe and moan. I hear his voice closer to my ear. “Maybe you’re not sorry. Or maybe this is what you want.”

His fingers twist and my pussy responds with another clenching flood of desire. Is this what I want? I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore, except that I am both angry and aroused and neither one of those feelings are going to go away until he makes them go away.


She needs to be mated. I can smell it again, that sweet scent that makes her almost seem virginal. Every time I touch her, her body responds. Every time I drive inside her, she opens herself for more.

My cock is as hard as it has ever been and I have to be inside her. Leaving my fingers in her ass, I hoist her hips, line my cock up with her sopping slit and drive in. Immediately, I am engulfed by her cunt. Her molten heat wraps around my dick and draws me in.

I held back the first times I was with her. I was careful not to hurt her. I could tell her pussy was not used. I knew it needed care. I have not taken her as deep as I can, but this time I will hold nothing back.

I thrust deep inside her, opening her all the way up from the lips of her pussy to the harder resistance where her womb hides. She squeals with shock and desire, and I hold myself there, making her feel all that I am inside her.

Stopping, I realize something is wrong. There is something pressing against the head of my cock. It’s not soft and pliant like the rest of her body. It’s hard and foreign.

Pulling out of her pussy, I slide the fingers of the hand not occupied in her tight little ass into her cunt. She is grunting and moaning against the ground, taking this for granted, just another vile animal act that makes her cunt drool.

The tips of my fingers find what my cock did—a pair of little stringy fibers inside her, they feel like machine parts, totally separate from the clenching wet walls of her greedy sex. I pull on them gently and I hear her squeal, but she is not tense with pain, so I pull a little more firmly. I feel the strings start to move and then…

“No! You can’t! No!”

Something comes free inside her. I pull it out and find that it is a piece of star material, white and shaped with a cross on top.

“What is this?” I toss it down on the ground in front of her and use my pussy-slicked fingers to wrap her hair around my hand, pull her up for questioning. She turns her head to look back at me over her shoulder, her silver gaze wide with sex and horror.

“That was my implant. It stopped me from getting pregnant.”


“Because I’m not allowed!”


“Because it’s against the rules!”


“Oh, my god, stop asking why!”

My head is full of whys. None of this makes sense to me. Why would anyone deliberately neuter a beautiful girl like this? Why would they take away her most beautiful, most essential function?”

“You’re such an idiot!”

Those words seal her fate. Her attitude is rebellious again, and that I will not tolerate. There will be time for questions later. For now, she is getting fucked. I toss the thing aside and I plunge my cock back inside her. Her cunt grips me and this time there is nothing between us.


He is taking me completely bare. His cock is plunging inside me, spreading my walls, reaching the depths of my cervix, which is no longer blocked by the device that kept me pure.

This time, when he comes, I will be filled with his seed. I will be at risk of impregnation. My body will be vulnerable to his seed and I could commit the greatest sin in the eyes of the Patron and those he serves.

“Please,” I moan. “Don’t come in me.”

His breath rasps in my ear, his cock surging inside me over and over. He has no intention of pulling free. I know he will flood me with his cum. I know he will fuck me near senseless, leave me weak and writhing in his arms.

He pulls free—for a moment. And then I feel his cock push back inside my pussy, spreading my inner lips once more. He pulls all the way out again, and then lets his cock push deeply forward. He is making me feel what it is to be claimed over and over. His fingers are still deep in my ass, two digits keeping my anus spread. I barely notice that lewd intrusion now that he has made my vulnerability even more complete.

My pussy is eager for him, wants him deep. Every time he slides out, I feel my inner walls clenching, wanting him again. I need this. I need him. He is punishing me. He is making me feel pain and shame and still I cannot stop craving him.

My ass burns, my inner walls clench and quiver. I tremble in his arms, lost to his lust.

He ruts me long and hard, his hips slapping against my ass as his cock plunges inside my tight pussy. My hands are grasping at the dirt, clawing up grass and earth, my knees staining as I am rocked back and forth on his dick.

“You will show respect. You will do as you are told. You are not in the stars anymore, star girl. You are here. With me. In the dirt.”

He pushes my face down toward the ground, my cheek smearing across the soft earth and I come, screaming a broken orgasm into the core of this planet. I expect at any moment to feel his cum inside my pussy, to know that he has claimed me in that final, immutable way.

At the last minute, Zion pulls his fingers and his cock free and the cum does not fill me up, but splashes over my seared cheeks. He growls his orgasm, rubbing his cum into my bottom, leaving me sticky with his seed yet again. Of all the things I need, a bath is fast becoming the most urgent.

“I thought you were going to come inside me…”

I make the comment as he pulls me up from the ground and wipes a smear of mud from my cheek with the palm of his hand.

“You haven’t earned my seed, girl.” His blue eyes glint down at me.

“So now I have to earn it?”

“You were just begging me to spare you. I did, and now you want it.”

“No, of course I don’t want it!”

He laughs and I curse him, but it makes no difference. He pulls me up over his shoulder and carries me down the mountain, two of my holes still pulsing with the energy of his lust, and one proclaiming my deep and abiding loathing of him and all things on this damned planet.

I hate the things he does to me, but most of all, I hate the things he makes me crave.

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