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Interrogated: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I remained quiet as the goon drove, moving closer to the city. If I had to guess, I’d say the asshole was heading to the interstate. If so, a series of traffic lights would be just up ahead. If I could manage to get out of the SUV, I could run to one of the dozens of businesses, most of them still open. Then I could call the police.

Still holding my breath, my throat started to close as another wave of terror skittered into my system. The first light was green. Damn it. Please. Please let me have some luck here. If they made it onto the interstate, there’d be little I could do short of getting myself killed given the speed limit was seventy miles per hour.

As the light turned yellow, I prayed to God the asshole would stop. When he braked, I darted a quick glance toward the kingpin. Maybe I’d caught a break. He had his phone in his hand.

The vehicle barely stopping, I said a quiet prayer and grabbed the scraper, raking it across Liam’s face then hitting the unlock switch, able to get the door open. Without hesitation, I bolted out of the vehicle, my high heel catching on the threshold. I tumbled to the pavement, skidding across the surface. The agony was instantaneous, shooting through me and stealing my breath. But I scrambled to my feet, determined to get across the three lanes to the shopping mall.

There was no sound as a hand grabbed a portion of my dress, ripping me backward like a rag doll. Within seconds, I was tossed back into the SUV, the goon cursing then slamming the door.

The momentum he’d used forced me across Liam’s lap and he wasted no time pressing his hand against the small of my back, holding me down.

“Tsk. Tsk. I didn’t expect you’d have that kind of chutzpa, but I can see that underestimating you isn’t in my best interest.” He wrapped his hand around my neck, wrenching my head as he lifted me by several inches. “Now, I’ll be forced to punish you.” The blade of the ice scraper had taken a chunk from his face, blood oozing from the wound. He yanked something from his pocket, patting the injury then glancing at the rag, hissing. “Many a man has tried to scar my face, Cimeran. You managed to do it using a goddamn car tool. Clever.”

The lights from outside were enough to illuminate his entire face, allowing me to see his aristocratic features and strong jaw, his high forehead and chiseled cheekbones adding to his overall handsome appearance. How could anyone so evil be this good looking?

“Do you want me to stop somewhere, boss?” the goon asked.

“I think that’s going to be a very good idea, Finn. Find somewhere private where I can have a proper discussion with our beautiful but mischievous captive.” When Liam started to laugh, the deep-throated sound was enough to send layer after layer of shivers down my spine.

“You need some rope, boss?”

Liam continued laughing. “Now I know what I’m dealing with. We’ll be just fine together. Won’t we, Cimeran?” Using his other hand, he rubbed up and down my back, caressing me as if I was his lover.

Still shivering, I shifted back and forth. He was rock hard. A lump formed in my throat, bile rising as my disgust increased. I tried to push up from the seat, but it was no use. The man was far too strong. There was no way I would be given the opportunity to get away from them again. I bit my lower lip to keep from making a single sound, my mind now becoming a huge blur. I was so damn screwed. No one would know I was missing for hours, maybe a full day. I wasn’t scheduled for any phone calls or to meet Darcy. My God. What the hell was going to happen to me?

Tears formed in my eyes, and I blinked several times, trying to will them away. I needed to be strong, to show the bastard he wasn’t going to break me.

Liam continued stroking me, moving close to my bottom. When he tapped me on the ass, I automatically hissed.

“Don’t you fucking touch me!”

A single snap of his hand against my backside wasn’t painful, just another way of the man telling me I had no say in the situation.

“I’m going to touch you whenever and however I desire. As of a few minutes ago, you entered my world. Do not think you’re going to be allowed privileges. Those are earned and as of right now, you have negative points given your attempt to escape. I am a brutal man, Cimeran. I don’t allow infractions without severe punishment. That’s how I keep my empire not only intact but one of the strongest regimes in the nation. The sooner you comply with my rules, the better it’s going to be for you. Do you understand what I’m saying to you?”

His words weren’t the only chilling factor about the moment. It was the way he said them, as if it was matter of fact, just another day in his world. I continued to find breathing almost impossible, my lungs aching. “Yes.”

“Good. Now, I suggest you relax until we arrive at our first destination. Then you’ll better understand both the kind of man I am and what I’m capable of.”

He rested one hand against my bottom, the other closer to my neck.

As the engine continued to rumble under me, I was finally able to grasp what I could be facing. I’d challenged the devil and he’d caught me, prepared to drag me to the pits of hell.

Writing the book had been a mistake.

Now I was going to face the consequences for tempting evil.

Liam tapped on my butt as the ride continued, the goon named Finn making several turns. When the engine slowed, I bristled, prickles of fear mixed with an odd feeling of heat rushing through me.

When the SUV was pulled to a stop, Liam chuckled darkly.

“This private enough, boss?” Finn asked.

“I think this will do. Help me retrieve our guest. Then you can enjoy some quiet time while I deal with Cimeran’s needed punishment.”

“You got it, Captain.”


What the hell was the man captain of?

Finn wasted no time jerking me out of the vehicle, shoving me against the passenger door of the SUV. The man remained menacing, his gaze sliding up and down my body as he held me in place. I wanted nothing more than to shove my knee into his crotch again, but my gut told me not to push my limits.

My breathing remained shallow, the fear slicing through me crippling. I bit my lower lip with enough force I tasted blood. I’d been taken to the middle of nowhere, ominous trees surrounding the small clearing, the headlights the only illumination. The asshole had found a park. Dark and secluded, no one would be able to hear my screams even if I dared to issue one. I was all alone at the mercy of the man who’d abducted me.

Liam took his sweet time easing onto the gravel surface, which only added to my horrific anxiety. When he finally rounded the back of the SUV, he stood several inches away, his heated gaze locking onto my eyes.

“I do adore strong women and always have, and you’re no exception. However, there comes a time when you must realize that your future and your fate is out of your hands. That time is now. Either you accept that you’ve become my possession, or the next few hours, days, and weeks are going to be excruciating. It’s entirely your choice.”

My choice? He was asking me to give up my free will.

“I don’t know what you want from me,” I half whispered, unable to keep from trembling.

“Let’s see,” he said as he inched closer, rubbing his jaw. The strange glow from the headlights managed to highlight almost every inch of him. He was an insanely good-looking man, the kind you’d notice after walking into any room. Given his height, he looked sexier in a finely tailored suit than most men did without a shirt, showing off their muscular physique.

While his blue eyes were dulled in the ugly light, every expression he offered had a look of absolute domination. Perhaps the sexiest thing about him was the fact he was older, his luxurious salt and pepper hair giving away his age, his beard almost completely gray. Everything about him screamed of power and wealth, but all you had to do was look into his eyes to know he was ruthless.

And that he had no soul.

Finn continued to hold me in place as Liam sauntered closer. I half expected him to drag a cigar from his pocket, taking his time to cut the end then using the sharp implement on one of my fingers. Instead, he closed the distance, smiling as he took another deep breath. When he blew it out, I could swear his eyes sparkled in the light of the crescent moon. As he’d done before, he blew across my face, a smirk crossing his face.

“You have the scent of a beautiful flower.” His words seemed strange for the situation, and I damn well wasn’t going to acknowledge his jaded compliment. I could tell the fact I didn’t respond annoyed him. “Undress.”

The single word was harsh, said with a hint of anger. “What?”

“You heard me, Cimeran. I was very clear that any infraction to my rules would require discipline. You ignored my advice. Undress.”

I opened my mouth yet nothing but an agonizing deep breath escaped. Instead of complying, I snapped my elbow against Finn’s stomach, managing to get free, bolting toward the trees.

Liam’s deep roar was nothing more than a warning and this time, the chiseled man caught me himself, twisting me around to face him then using both hands to rip the front of my dress all the way down. There was a carnivorous look on his face, using my shock at his horrid actions in order to drag the material over my shoulders, pitching it away. Then the fucker wagged his finger in front of my face, finally placing it against my forehead. Everything the man did was far too sensual, the way he brushed the tip down the bridge of my nose to my lips, circling them ever so slowly.

“You have one chance to remove your bra and panties by yourself. Otherwise, I’ll do it for you. Unfortunately, the plane ride will be a bit… difficult for you. At least I would assume.”

“Plane ride. Where the hell do you think you are taking me?”

The smile crossing his face was just as dangerous as the man himself. It was also another warning, or perhaps a promise of things to come.

“You have five seconds, Cimeran. You should know, I’m not a patient man.”

I closed my eyes, my left leg twitching. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Four seconds. I’m going to spank you, just like all bad girls deserve. Two seconds. Why don’t you take a walk, Finn? This is something I want to handle personally.”

Thank God Finn didn’t say a word, but as he pulled away, he threw another leer in my direction. Fuck him.

There was no doubt Liam was purposely allowing the count to go longer, adding to the sickening anxiety. He wanted me terrified of him.

It was working, my heart hammering against my chest.

When he held up his index finger a second time, I closed my eyes, the adrenaline rush subsiding, replaced with ugly anticipation. Yet I found myself obeying him, my fingers shaking as I turned around, trying to unfasten my bra. There were dozens of thoughts racing in my mind, six or seven what-ifs clouding my brain.

While I doubted there was a single other person in the dark and ominous park, the mere thought of someone watching us was almost as disturbing as what he was planning. When I was finally able to remove my bra, placing it gingerly on top of the SUV’s roof, I couldn’t seem to bring myself to lowering my panties. I’d never felt so naked in my life already. How was I going to face him without falling down, crumpling exactly as he wanted me to do?


I had to find and install fighting rage to keep me alert and alive. Maybe then I’d be able to keep my sanity. As I turned around, folding my arms across my chest, Liam rubbed his chin, finally shaking his head.

“Panties too. I want you completely naked.”

Swallowing, I slipped my fingers under the sides, gripping the lace with enough force I stuck two fingers through the thin material. The bastard took a step back, unfastening his belt, his eyes narrowing as he studied me, the same wry smile on his face.

I pushed my thong past my hips, fighting to keep from whining like a bad little girl.

I’ll be good.

I promise I won’t break any rules.

As if I could keep those promises. I planned on doing everything I could to escape. There would be a way. Someday. Somehow.

After tossing my panties over my bra, I glared at him defiantly. No man would ever break me down enough to beg for forgiveness or anything else for that matter. He took his damn sweet time tugging the thick leather through his belt loops. When he freed the strap, he ran his fingers down three quarters of it, snapping it once against the ground.

The bastard knew it would make me jump. He couldn’t care less about who I was as a person or how frightened he was making me. He wanted revenge or information or both. What did he think I knew? His son’s killer? I’d ventured too close to the real story, but it was a work of fiction. How in the hell had he found out about the damn thing anyway?

“Turn around, Cimeran. Spread your legs and place your hands on the SUV. And do not move from your position. If you do, not only will I be forced to start over, but you and I will take a walk into the woods where you’ll help me select a thick, long twig. Then I’ll whip every portion of your body. Do I make myself clear?”

I was prepared to cuss him out, but kept my mouth shut, obeying him once again. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I must have fallen into some kind of horrible nightmare. As I closed my eyes, willing the experience away, I heard him walking closer. What I hadn’t expected was his gentle touch, the rough pads of his fingers sliding down the length of my spine.

Then he patted me on one side of my bottom then the other.

“I’ll be lenient with you tonight, but that won’t happen again. Twenty-five, but as I said, do not move.”

I clenched my jaw, holding my breath as he backed away. Then a single tear slipped past my lashes, trickling down my heated cheek. At least I’d found my rage, my thoughts turning vicious. I wasn’t a violent woman by any means, but I’d researched enough ways to effectively kill a man for my books. He had no idea what I was capable of.

He grunted when he delivered the first strike, the belt slicing across both ass cheeks. The force pushed me forward, but I refused to budge, fisting my hands and digging my nails into my palms. When he brought the strap down three times in rapid succession, every synapse in my body burst into flames. The fifth, sixth, and seventh took my breath away.

And still, I maintained my position.

Yet when he brought the belt down three more times, the pain quickly turned into raw and biting anguish, jetting through me like a firecracker. I dropped my head, kicking out a single leg then instantly realizing what I’d done. I stomped my foot on the ground, almost laughing since I was still wearing my heels. Nothing but heels. Isn’t that what all men thought was sexy?

He dared to approach me again, wrapping his hand around my hair and yanking my head at an awkward angle. “You’re doing to be difficult to train, my sweet, but you will learn. One way or the other.” He lowered his head, brushing his lips across my cheek.

Within seconds, the intimate action, which should have disgusted me even more, created a heated wave of arousal, my nipples hardening, the scent of my aching pussy wafting between us. Goddamn him. He took another deep whiff, chuckling under his breath.

“It would seem the discipline agrees with you. Your scent is quite delightful. I can only imagine what you taste like. I’ll find out soon enough and I’m going to enjoy every. Single. Minute.”

I gritted my teeth, my head throbbing, gasping when he licked the shell of my ear then nipped my earlobe. As he rubbed the leather down my back, I couldn’t hold back several slight whimpers.

“Do I excite you? Have you buried yourself in all those erotic novels you’ve written, longing to experience the real thing? Are you hungry to submit to a powerful man, relishing his every command?”

“Never,” I managed. “You repulse me.”

“Why don’t I find out if that’s really true?” He rolled the belt between my legs, releasing his hold on my hair, sliding it down my stomach. Before I could figure out what he was going to do, he’d already started to rub it against my slickened pussy, moving back and forth, creating friction that started to swell.

Within seconds, I was so hot and wet, I was forced to bite my lower lip, several moans threatening to escape. He continued to rub, his actions becoming more vigorous. I was thrown by my body’s reaction, the way I was swaying, the pleasure building to a point I was horrified I would have an orgasm. That was crazy. That was sick.

I dropped my head, taking several gasping breaths, even opening my legs wider. What the hell was wrong with me?

“Yes,” he murmured. “I was right. You were close to climaxing. Weren’t you?”

If he thought I was going to answer him, he was out of his mind.

“Unfortunately, you haven’t earned the right to have an orgasm yet. You aren’t allowed until I give you strict permission.”

No. No.

Another dark, horrible laugh floated around me as he patted my bottom again, adding to the ugly humiliation rushing through me, my cheeks burning with the indignation that my body had betrayed me. Then he had the audacity to pull the belt under his nose, closing his eyes as he took a deep breath.

The man was a sick fuck, twisted in every way.

“Very wet, Cimeran.”

He cracked the belt down several more times, harder than before. I was pitched against the vehicle, stomping my foot again. The anguish was almost intolerable but even so, goosebumps popped along my arms as a jolt of electricity and delectable sensations swept through me. The combination was even more disturbing than what he was doing to me.

I’d lost count of how many strikes he’d issued, but as the spanking continued, I slumped against the SUV, clawing the surface of the roof. Panting, I finally couldn’t keep sounds from erupting deep within me, the guttural breaths turning into a series of strangled whimpers.

“You did very well. You are trainable, although it will take significant time.” He swung the belt over my head, holding it in front of me. “Stick out your tongue.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I think it’s easy enough for you to follow. Do it. Now!”

Trembling, I did as he said, butterflies churning in my stomach, feasting on my insides.

He was enjoying the hell out of himself. When he rubbed the belt across my tongue, his breathing became just as ragged as mine. The man was turned on as hell.

I blinked dozens of times in order to prevent tears. I couldn’t break down in front of the man. That would only allow him to win.

“I’m certain you taste like the sweetest nectar, peaches and nectarines. Feasting on you will be my treat after a long day.” He pulled the belt around my throat and while I couldn’t see what he was doing, it became obvious he’d shifted the leather end through the buckle.

Then he pulled it tight, wrapping his hand around the bottom portion of the strap.

“I think this will help you behave. We have a long way to go. I do need to keep you from even thinking about making another attempt at escape.” He tugged again, testing his clever collar then backed away.

What the hell was he waiting for?

A zipper. I heard the man unzipping his pants. What? I twisted my head, frantically trying to figure out if I was correct.

His eyes were directed on me, his nostrils flared. I didn’t need any additional light to detect the lust covering his face. And I also couldn’t fight my sick urges as he pushed away his trousers, freeing his cock, allowing my gaze to fall past his hips. He was huge, his shaft thick and long.

The man was going to fuck me.

My pussy clenched and released several times, and I jerked my head away, almost hyperventilating. For a fleeting moment, I’d allowed myself to become excited about the thought of him fucking me.

Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick.

That was the word I forced through my mind, but I wasn’t certain I was using the mantra in regard to him or to myself.

“You may ask what I’m going to do and I’m happy to tell you,” he said in a husky tone. “I’m going to fuck you because you deserve additional punishment and because you excite me, Cimeran. Few women ever have. Your writing is invigorating, your attention to detail, especially when allowing your hero to slide his blade across the man’s carotid artery sublime.”

I was frozen from hearing the words, uncertain of how to react or if he required some answer to this terrible soliloquy.

“You are also a very beguiling woman.” He moved closer, brushing his fingers down my cheek to my arm, raking his nails back and forth before rolling them to the crack of my ass. “You wear my marks beautifully. I assure you that there will be more, and do you want to know why?”

“I don’t care.” Now my voice was shaky.

He tugged on the belt. “You should ask why, Cimeran. I don’t like liars and you’re lying to me. You’re going to tell me everything you know about my son’s murder. Until you do, you’re going to remain my prisoner.”

Before I could disagree, he pushed the tip of his cock against my pussy lips then gripped my hip, his hold firm. Then he thrust every inch of his shaft inside.

Even though his grip on the belt tightened even more, I let off a strangled scream. The pressure was intense, my muscles aching as they stretched, clamping around the invasion. I was thrust into a strange bubble, the electricity soaring between us as it usually would with a lover.

But he wasn’t my lover, nor would he ever be.

He was simply a monster incapable of caring about anyone.

As he pulled almost all the way out, he released the tension on the belt, allowing me to catch my breath. Every sound he made was savage, like some freaking beast. He pounded into me again, the action forceful.

Unable to tolerate the moment, I closed my eyes, pretending I was anywhere else. Yet as he continued fucking me, my body was disloyal all over again, prickling sensations covering every inch. Excitement built as quickly as my desire roared to the surface. It had been so long since I’d been with anyone that even though this was a terrible, disgusting, nauseating event, I was thrown into a moment of utter bliss.

I panted several times, still shaking as he thrust harder and faster. My heart racing, my pulse moved to my throat, my mind a whirling blur. Nothing made any sense. He really thought I knew who the real killer was? Oh, God. Oh… God.

“You’re just as wet as I thought you’d be. Delicious,” he murmured, laughing softly before blowing another round of hot air across my naked shoulders.

I gritted my teeth, refusing to acknowledge him in any way. My pussy continued to clench around his thick cock, pulling him in even deeper. I found myself swaying, my nipples aching enough I was forced to pant. The electricity continued to sizzle every nerve ending and tendon. As his actions became more forceful, I was shoved onto my toes, hissing from the sound of his body ramming against mine.

As sickening filthy images rushed into my mind, I could no longer hold back, pleasure pushing me to the very edge of my dark longing. Within seconds, I was driven closer to an orgasm, my breathing skipping several beats. There was no way I could stop the madness, my body taking over.

An orgasm powered through me, my body convulsing as he continued thrusting like a crazed man. He tightened the belt, holding me in place and growling under his breath.

I’d disobeyed him, succumbing to my body’s needs. One climax roared into another, the tidal wave of vibrations explosive. I slapped my hand against the SUV, suddenly trying to fight him, my instincts returning.

He stopped moving altogether, lowering his head until he was able to whisper in my ear. I heard the creaking of leather as he wrapped the belt around his hand, tugging several times. “That was very naughty of you and against the rules. Now, wasn’t it?”

There was nothing I could say, not a single thing. I was ashamed of letting go, surrendering to the wretchedness of what was happening.

He smacked my ass cheek once, but it was jarring, pushing another whimper from my throat. “I’m not certain what’s going to get through to you. But in my world, only good girls are allowed an orgasm or any kind of pleasure and you certainly haven’t displayed anything that resembles obedience. Therefore,” he huffed, pulling all the way out, “I’m going to fuck you in the ass. That’s what naughty girls get for their shameless behavior.”

When he guided his cockhead into the crack of my ass, I smacked the vehicle several times, undulating my hips even though he tightened his hold around my neck again. “I will kill you.”

His laugh was obnoxious, but my ragged scream roared above his cackle when he pushed his cock into my dark hole. I’d been fucked in my ass once in my life, one time too many. I bucked hard against his hold, furious that his touch excited me. Then I was rewarded with several hard cracks of his palm against my already bruised bottom. My ass muscles ached, trying to accommodate his huge girth.

I was out of breath, stars floating in front of my eyes as slices of pain shifted into my system.

He replaced his sound of amusement with that of a predator, shoving the remainder of his cock inside.

My body froze, completely paralyzed, but not from anguish or even the shock of what he’d done. From the extreme pleasure that replaced the hint of agony. I was thrown into the kind of bliss that I’d never experienced before, my body floating on some bizarre cloud nine.

He pulled out, thrusting into me again and almost instantly I arched my back, jutting my hips, meeting every hard plunge. I couldn’t stop my actions, even though I remained sick inside, mortified at the guttural sounds erupting from my mouth.

“Imagine all the dirty things I’m going to do to you, Cimeran. I’ll fulfill all those dark fantasies you have one by one. And on the day I break you, leaving you dripping in my cum, begging for me to fuck you, if you’ve become my good little girl, then I’ll grant you more wishes.”

He thought he was going to play out the book in order to determine the identity of the murderer. As my mind raced through the vile and delicious things that my heroine had been forced to endure, I hadn’t put two and two together.

The first scene, the one I’d read to the group in the bookstore was similar. Far too similar. Oh, my God.

The bastard refused to stop, pumping like a wild beast, driving me against the vehicle. My heart racing, I closed my eyes once again, both willing this to be over and wanting more.

Much more.

And I knew there would be.

The fucker thought he would use my words against me in order to break me. He had no idea the kind of resolve I had. I would fight off his advances. I would protect my soul.

Then I would… kill him.

As his body started to shake, I could tell he was close to coming. Exhaustion and exasperation rolled through much like the pleasure had minutes before. When he threw his head back toward the moon, erupting deep inside, another wave of fear trickled through me.

The man would never let me go.

Just like in the book.

I was his toy.

His possession.

Life as I’d known it had just ended.

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