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Jaden’s Chance by Ashlynn Ally – Extended Preview

Jaden's ChanceWhen I arrive at the house, the doorknob actually turns in my hand for once, so I don’t have to climb the trellis again. I crack it open slowly and take a peek inside, almost as if I expect Justin to be sitting there in the center of the room waiting for me. But, no, the living room is empty. Maybe this thing isn’t as big of a deal as I thought. I decide to go to the kitchen to find something to eat, and I’m just digging around in the freezer for a Popsicle when Justin walks in from his dining room/office.

“Well, well,” he says, clearly a bit annoyed. “And how was school today, Jaden?”

I don’t take my eyes out of the freezer. I think I spot the end of something red and wrapped in cellophane in the back. “Not sure why you’re asking that, since you already know I didn’t go.”

“Alright, young lady, I’m not sure what you’re trying to pull here, but we’re going to get to the bottom of it—one way or another. I want you upstairs in your room, now.”

His booming voice reverberates all throughout my chest, but I just pretend like it doesn’t faze me as I pull the long cylinder-shaped pop out from the back of the freezer. “And what if I don’t want to be upstairs in my room?” I ask sassily, popping open the wrapper of the Popsicle and pulling out the stick of frozen juice with my teeth.

Justin is quick to stride over to me. With one quick motion, he takes the Popsicle by the stick and removes it from my mouth. At the same time he’s pushing me toward the door by the small of my back with his other hand. “In case you didn’t notice, I wasn’t asking you, I was telling. Now you march yourself up those stairs and into your room before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you, you got that?”

With my back to him, I roll my eyes so high my vision goes blurry, though I make sure my face is placid when I turn back to him. “What about my Popsicle? I’ve been outside all day. I’m dehydrated.”

“And whose fault is that?” Justin barks. “You can have water, no more Popsicles. After I get through with you upstairs, you’ll be eating a proper meal.”

His words sends tingles up and down my spine, and then into the pit of my belly where they sit like a stone. After I get through with you. I almost contemplate walking out the front door, or at least going upstairs to get my stuff first and then going down the trellis again. Only curiosity gets the better of me. What does Justin have cooked up for me this time? Is he planning on spanking me? No, he can’t—that must have just been a joke. Yet I thought the same thing about the soap, and I got that. Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out.

After slamming myself into Jessica’s old bedroom, I toss my bag to the floor and throw myself face up across the bed, staring at the ceiling. God, how long is he going to make me wait? The anticipation is killing me! Okay, so it’s only been about twenty seconds, but what is he doing down there anyway? I’m beginning to get the sense he’s only making me wait like this to torture me some more, when the door swings open and all of a sudden I kind of wish he had taken longer.

The first thing he does is nudge my bag on the floor with his foot, and then he looks at me with raised eyebrows. “Did a little shopping, I see?” he remarks, causing me to bolt up from the bed. Shit! My cigarettes, sunglasses, and empty bag of candy have all spilled out of the bag and onto the floor. I jump from the bed to grab it up as quickly as I can, but Justin is right there, and he gets it before me.

“Give me that!” I shout. “That’s all my shit!”

“Hmm, let’s see,” Justin says casually, rifling through my bag. “Cigarettes, a lighter, new pair of sunglasses with the price tag still on. Oh, look at that, thirty-six dollars. That’s an awful lot of money for someone who doesn’t have any.”

I work hard not to let my menacing stare falter. “I came into a small inheritance. Actually, that’s why I had to miss school today. I was wanted at the courthouse.”

“Cut the crap, Jaden. I’m very disappointed in you. There’s no reason you should have missed class today, and now I find out you’ve been smoking and what looks like shoplifting on top of that. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Nothing,” I hiss, dropping my eyes and feeling like a complete piece of shit all of a sudden. I just wish this whole thing were over already.

“Well, I bet you’re going to have a lot to say in a couple of minutes, when your bare butt is across my lap and I’m spanking you with a hairbrush.”

Time seems to slow down as I watch him walk out the door again, and this time return with the promised hairbrush in hand. It’s thick and wooden with a heavy handle and makes me swallow, hard.

“You wouldn’t,” I say quietly. My voice almost sticks to my throat with a mix of fear and a strange sense of thrill.

He takes a seat on edge of the bed, setting the hairbrush down on the nightstand. “What did I tell you would happen if I caught you behaving in a way that I thought was unacceptable? Huh? What did I tell you?”

I just stand there boldly, too humiliated to repeat his words back to him—that he would give me a spanking. Finally, I manage to sidestep the question with, “I didn’t think you would actually do it. I thought you were kidding.”

“Well, maybe after this spanking you’ll realize your life isn’t a joke to me, and when I tell you to behave yourself, you had better do it. What do you think? Do you think it will work?”

“Probably not,” I declare boisterously. I’m still struggling to play it cool while holding onto my last ounce of hope that he isn’t actually going to go through with this.

“Nice try, but you’re not getting out of this. Come on, over my knee. You can keep your pants on to begin with, but by the end of it, they’re going down.”

When it becomes clear I’m not going to move, Justin reaches for me, but I shrink back, practically cowering in spite of myself. Even though I’m trying to tell myself the whole thing probably won’t be as bad as I think, in the end I guess I’d really rather not find out. One day of skipped classes and a few cigarettes really doesn’t seem worth getting my ass beat, and I’m cursing myself for getting myself into this predicament. Especially since Justin has already confiscated the rest of my pack.

“Please, I’m sorry.” I go for the apologetic thing again as I hop out of the way of his hand trying to grab my arm. Even though it didn’t work to get me out of the soap, this might be a different story. “I didn’t know you were really going to do this, otherwise I never would have skipped class to go get cigarettes.”

“Oh, Little-Miss-Nothing-To-Say-For-Herself,” Justin says, slightly mockingly. “Now you’re speaking up. And here I thought you were just being stubborn.”

I can’t tell if he’s softening or not, but it’s worth a shot that he might be to keep up my act. “Please don’t do this. It was stupid to skip school. I’m sorry, Justin! And I’m really going to try quitting this time. I just slipped up. But I’m going to do better, I swear. Just don’t… y’know…” I let my eyes sink down to the floor as my words drift off, once again embarrassed to even say it out loud.

“Spank you?” Justin finishes for me. He’s gotten up from the bed now to stalk me into a corner of the room. I risk a look up at his face. It’s still stern, but his eyes are benevolent, which I take to mean he might be on the verge of relenting.

“Yeah,” I say, feeling foolish. I flash my eyes away from him, searching out anything else in the room I can to avoid his smoldering gaze.

He does that thing again where he lifts my chin with his fingers, forcing me to look at him. My eyes burn with the indignity of it all as his own bury deep down into me. “Sorry, Jaden, but you messed up, and you’re getting a spanking. If I let you out of this one today, it will only teach you that I don’t keep my word and that you don’t have to take me seriously. Now get over here… let’s get this over with…”

Before I know it, he’s pulling me over to the bed. Then with a few quick motions, he has my pants down and me flipped over his knee across the mattress.

“Hey!’ I protest immediately, though when I go to push my top half up off the bed with my hands, he wastes no time in shoving me back down again. “I thought you said I could keep my pants on.” My voice comes out a bit muffled, but I don’t care.

“That was before you tried to con you way out of this,” he says, his hand still holding me in place with my wrist pinned to my back. “You must think I was born yesterday.”

“No, Justin, that’s not true.” I’m getting flustered now, my words coming too fast, in a frenzy. “I really am sorry.”

“Well, you’re about to be a whole lot sorrier. Now, I asked you before, and I’m going to ask you again. What did I say would happen if I found out you’d been smoking?”

As I contemplate answering this, something occurs to me, and I can’t keep myself from blurting out, “You don’t know I was smoking. You just found part of a pack in my bag.”

All at once, I hear a loud smack. It actually takes me a second to register that the sound is Justin’s hand slamming down against the tender skin of my left butt cheek, the bottom part where my panties aren’t covering. Then the pain sets in, and I let out a howl that would put coyotes to shame.

“You son of a bitch,” I scream out, arching my back in an attempt to escape, but of course Justin holds me in place. “That fucking hurt like hell, you fucking asshole.”

“There’s a lot more to come, so you better get used to it,” Justin says in a calm, even voice. “And if you swear at me one more time while you’re over my knee, we’ll move this little session right into the bathroom. You’ll get a sudsy bar of soap in your mouth, bent over the sink, and then spanked again with the bath brush, which is twice as thick and twice as heavy as the hairbrush. Do you understand me, young lady?”

With my butt still stinging and his words still ringing in my ears, I’m finally starting to grasp the seriousness of this situation. Why the fuck did I ditch school again? Did I really need a cigarette that fucking bad? I guess swearing in my head is okay.

“Yes,” I finally manage to whimper out in a small voice.

“Good,” he says. “I’m glad you’re starting to catch on. I also want you to refer to me as sir anytime I’m punishing you. I want to make sure you’re taking this seriously, do you understand me?”

Refer to him as sir? That’s taking it a bit too far. After all, my ass doesn’t hurt that badly. “Sir?” I repeat, snickering a little bit. “Are you kidding me? I’m not calling you…”

Before I can finish my sentence, another blow lands across my backside, and then another and another. As far as I can tell, the hairbrush is still sitting on the nightstand and he’s only using his hand, though by how painful it is, it might as well be a big hunk of steel.

“Sir!” I scream out, as the blows start coming harder and faster. “I’m sorry, sir. Sir! There, I said it. I’m calling you sir!”

“Okay, then,” he says calmly. Even though he stopped spanking me, the backs of my eyes are smarting with tears, and I have to try with everything I have to stop whimpering in pain. “So we understand one another then?”

“Yes,” I stammer out, feeling completely overwhelmed and helpless.

“Yes, what?” he says, an edge of irritation to his voice. At first, I’m not sure what he means, but after a couple of seconds, I get it.

“Yes, sir,” I correct myself.

“That’s better,” he says approvingly. “Now, let’s try this once more, and I’ll rephrase myself this time. What did I say would happen if I decided you were acting irresponsible, inappropriate, or in other words, like a spoiled little brat?”

I feel a bubble of stubbornness rise up in my chest at being called those last words, but decide it’s not worth the struggle to try to one-up him anymore on this whole thing. “You said you would spank me,” I mumble out diminutively.

“That’s right,” he says back to me, landing another slap against my buttocks. I wince, but at least I don’t yell out this time. Maybe I’m getting used to it or something. “And a spanking is exactly what you’re going to get every time you misbehave. Do you understand me?”

He keeps landing blows in between words as he lectures me, and I’m whimpering again. It’s really painful, and my eyes are wet with tears now. I don’t want to answer him because he’ll hear that I’m crying, but I’m afraid of what will happen if I don’t. “Yes,” I moan pathetically.

“Yes, sir!” he corrects, landing a barrage of hard smacks one on top of the other until I’m writhing in pain and crying full force.

“Yes, sir,” I sob out desperately, just wanting this whole thing to end. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Please stop. I’ll behave.” I feel like an absolute tool for begging him, but there’s no way I can take any more of this onslaught of pain against my bottom.

“Oh, are you ready to behave now?” Justin asks, and I’m in such distress I can’t even tell if he’s being sarcastic or what.

“Yes!” I wail out like a mutilated siren. Hope rises in my chest that I’m going to escape his knee soon and my butt won’t feel like it’s on fire anymore. “Please, please, let the spanking be over.”

At this, Justin lets out a little laugh. “It’s funny you think the spanking should be over, but you haven’t even learned to call me sir yet. So how do you expect me to think the rest of the lesson is sinking in?”

Oh, God, the stupid sir thing. Not only do I keep forgetting, but it makes me feel belittled to call him sir. As if he’s getting the better of me somehow, even though in most people’s eyes, he probably is.

“It’s sinking in, I’m just not used to calling people sir.” I try to explain myself as best as I can with sobs racking my throat and my face buried into the bedcovers.

“Well, I guess you need a little more practice,” he says. I can feel him reaching over me, grabbing something from the nightstand. “You’re going to get a paddling with the hairbrush now, and I want you to count each smack. After each one, I want you to say the words, yes, sir, no, sir, I’m sorry, sir. Maybe that will teach you to remember that’s how I’ll expect you to refer to me during punishments from now, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I finally manage to get it right, gritting my teeth the whole time. As an afterthought, I force out the words, “How many am I going to get?” I’m not crying so hard now, but something tells me that’s about to change pretty soon.

“Well, that depends. How many do you think you deserve?”

I falter. This seems like a trick question. He might say a small number is unfair, but I don’t want to screw myself and say too many either. Plus, I don’t know how much the hairbrush is going to hurt compared to his hand, though I’m guessing it’s probably worse. After a little consideration, I finally come up with the number, “Five.”

“Five?” he repeats, with a little scoff. “Okay, let’s say fifteen then. Fifteen swats with the hairbrush, and after each one, I want you to count it, and I want you to say the words, ‘Yes, sir, no, sir, I’m sorry, sir.’ Okay? You got that? Let’s do a practice one. I’m not even going to start spanking you. Just say the words.”

I don’t want to, but I know I have to suck it up and do it in order to get this over with. Doesn’t mean I can’t take my sweet time though. After all, I’m still kind of reeling that he would give me fifteen swats when I requested five. That’s ten more than what I wanted! Why ask for my suggestion if he wasn’t going to take it anyway? Just for that, I’m going to make him wait as long as I please until…

“Jaden Sierra Macklemore!” he interrupts my thoughts by barking out my full name. I didn’t even know he knew my full name. He punctuates it by bringing the hairbrush down full force onto the very center of my backside, getting some of the tender skin that creeps up into my crack. The pain is so much it takes my breath away for a second, and then when I get it back, I’m making noises I didn’t even know I could make.

“What was that for?” I scream out with a loud, shuddering sob. “You said it was just practice! You said you weren’t going to hit me yet!”

“You know very well what it was for! It was an extra one for hesitating instead of saying what I asked you to say. I don’t know if you’ve got this yet, but you’re not running this show, Jaden, I am. And I want you to say, ‘yes, sir, no, sir, sorry, sir,’ right now.”

Man, this guy really isn’t playing around. So, even though I’m in excruciating pain, and don’t want to give him the satisfaction of him hearing me recite his words on command like a trained parrot, I certainly don’t want any extra, extra ones. Begrudgingly, I get out as quickly as possible his precious, “Yes, sir, no, sir, I’m sorry, sir.”

“That’s better,” comes his voice from above me. It seems like I’ve been over his knee so long, I’m almost starting to forget what it’s like to talk to a person face to face. “Now, onto the fifteen swats, and after this, I’ll doubt you’ll be forgetting to call me sir during a punishment ever again, though with your track record, who knows? But maybe this will help you remember.”

He lands the first of the fifteen blows. Just like the first time the hairbrush cracked down against my panty-clad bottom, I lose my composure for a few moments, nearly forgetting all of what I’m supposed to do and say.

“One!” I choke out, when reality finally comes back to me. The pain spreads out across my backside like a wildfire, making me squirm like a trapped animal over his knee. “Yes, sir, no, sir, I’m sorry, sir.”

“Good,” Justin breathes out, nearly comforting. “Fourteen more. Remember, I want you to count every one.”

We go onto two, and then three, and then four. By five, I’m crying so hard I can barely count or stutter out anything coherent. Justin just keeps on spanking me, waiting patiently after each blow for me to say the words before delivering the next one.

“Please, that’s enough!” I burst out when I think I’m supposed to say six. Or is it seven? “It hurts so bad!”

“Spankings are supposed to hurt, Jaden,” Justin informs me, as composed as ever. “Do you think you would learn any kind of lesson if it didn’t hurt?”

“I’ve learned my lesson already, I swear!”

“Then what are you supposed to be saying right now?”

“Please, I’ve had enough…” I continue begging through my sobs.


“Justin, please, it really, really, really hurts!”

“Jaden, listen to me,” Justin cuts off my sobbing and begging with a sharp tone. “If you don’t want to keep saying what you’re supposed to be saying, that’s fine, but you’re still going to get the rest of this spanking, and then afterwards you will sit on your sore bottom on a stool at the kitchen table and write one hundred times over and over again what you’re supposed to be saying now, which is ‘yes, sir, no, sir, I’m sorry, sir.’ So you have a choice, say it now with the spanking, or you don’t have to say anything during the spanking but you will write the lines later.”

For some reason, I think his ultimatum might be somehow a better deal than my current situation. But after listening carefully to his proposal, I realize either way he’ll still be giving me all of the spanking. Only with the latter option I’d have a sore hand along with a sore butt.

“Okay,” I finally murmur in a defeated way. Though I don’t specify which option I want to take, even Justin must realize I’m not that stupid.

“Alright, then, so you’re ready to keep counting. Go ahead then. We were on six.”

I bristle. “I thought we were on seven.”

“If we were, you get an extra one for being difficult just now.”

I let out a moan of anguish at the injustice, even though I’m not really sure if we’re on six or seven anyway, and then carry on counting, gritting out, “Yes, sir, no, sir, sorry, sir.” We make it to eight and nine. While I’m torn between wanting to say everything as fast as possible to get the spanking over with, I also need a break between blows. My ass needs a chance to recover from each horrible, stinging strike of that nasty, evil hairbrush.

“Ten!” I cry through snot and tears. “Yes, sir, no, sir, I’m sorry, sir!” I put extra emphasis on the sorry part, in hopes he’ll take pity on me and go a bit easier. Instead, I feel the tops of his fingers sliding into the waistband of my panties, and my whole body goes rigid. “What are you doing?” I demand, even more outraged than I was before, if that were actually possible.

“You’re getting the last five on the bare,” he informs me nonchalantly. “To really drive the message home. Not that these little cotton undies were offering much protection before, but I think having your sore, red butt bared for the rest of your spanking won’t be something you’ll be forgetting anytime soon.”

“No, please…!” I start in, but it’s hopeless. The panties are already down around my thighs, and the hairbrush is crashing down on my poor, most likely mutilated butt. I know I’m supposed to say eleven, but I really don’t want to, the injustice of this all is just too much. Having him bare my ass to beat it is completely humiliating, yet I’m so close to it all being over.

“Eleven.” My voice is more stony than it had been before. “Yes, sir, no, sir, I’m sorry, sir.” You can do this, Jaden, I give myself a little pep talk. Almost there. So what if my butt along with everything that came with it sticking up in Justin’s face is probably the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me in my whole life, at least it will be over soon.

We get to twelve, and then thirteen. Before he brings fourteen down upon my stinging, aching butt cheeks, Justin asks, “Now, we’re not going to have a repeat performance of any of your earlier behavior, are we, Miss Jaden?”

I don’t even know what specific behavior he’s talking about. I also don’t really care at this point and just promise him no. Then I get fourteen. It might be the hardest one yet, and it comes down closer to my thighs, which I’m beginning to realize is the absolute worst place to have a hairbrush smacked against. Fifteen comes on the other side, that same sting shooting all the way up my body and down my legs at the same time, but I manage to say what I’m supposed to say. Then I breathe a tentative sigh of relief, not daring to fully believe it’s really over. After all, I’m still over Justin’s knee, sobbing uncontrollably at this point and a complete mess.

“Are you done now?” I finally shudder out, slightly afraid to hear the answer. “Can I get up now?”

“The spanking’s all over,” Justin says, his tone completely different now, soothing and soft. “But I want you to tell me why I had to spank you, and how you’re going to improve your behavior in the future to avoid a repeat of your little trip over my lap.”

I should have known it wasn’t going to be that easy to just get up and walk away. He’s going to make me give myself a lecture, all while still having my throbbing bare butt sticking up into his face.

“For smoking,” I whimper out, trying to get away with saying as little as possible.

“Oh, oh, oh, this was for a lot more than smoking, young lady. This was for your attitude, for skipping school, for making me come to the school at three o’clock to pick you up and you weren’t even there. When you make an arrangement to meet someone somewhere, Jaden, you show up, and if you can’t show up, do you know what you do?”

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me,” I say, a bit spitefully now, simply for the fact that I’m getting this stupid lecture on top of the spanking.

“Excuse me, young lady? What did you just say? Are you getting smart with me again?” His voice goes from soothing to stern so quick I’m almost not sure if it’s the same person whose legs I’m spread across. “I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but you’re still turned over my knee, and I could very well give you another hairbrush paddling if that’s what you want. Or maybe you want me to take off my belt?”

“No, sir,” I squeak quickly, horrified at myself for almost earning another onslaught of thrashing against my poor bum. As if it hadn’t already been through enough today. “I don’t want that. I’m sorry, sir.”

“You call, that’s what you do. When you can’t show up somewhere you said you were going to be, you call the person you were going to meet. And as for school, I better not hear about you missing so much as a second of classes ever again. I get up early to drive you there not for you to blow it off, do you hear me? If I get one more call from the school secretary saying you didn’t show up after I just dropped you off, you will get a strapping with my belt that will make this little spanking you got right now seem like a cakewalk, you got that? And you won’t be nice and cozy over my knee either. Instead, I will bend you over the desk in my office, pull your panties down to your ankles, take off my belt, and then whip your little butt with it until you’re so red and sore, you won’t be sitting for a week. Now, do you understand that, or do you think I’m just kidding around this time like you did the last time?”

I roll my tongue in my mouth, a bit indignant at the fact he seems to be making fun of me, but there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. So I just mumble out, “I understand, sir,” as obediently as ever, just wanting off his freaking lap.

“And do you understand why I had to spank you today?”

“Yes, sir,” I draw out, almost bored at this point.

“Okay, then, I want to hear it.”

God, he’s really starting to irritate me. “Hear what?”

“Why I had to spank you.”

Freaking hell. Now it seems like we’re just going in circles. “Um, because I was smoking. I skipped school. Um… I didn’t meet you there at three o’clock. I stole those sunglasses…”

There’s a pause, and then he says quietly, “I forgot about those sunglasses. I will be confiscating those, young lady, you know that, right?”

“Yeah, I kind of figured,” I mumble. I hadn’t, but I figured he would take the cigarettes, so him taking the sunglasses too comes as no surprise. At least he didn’t find the ChapStick.

“Okay, listen, I know you want to get off my lap, so I’m just going to tell you the real reason I gave you a spanking today. And it’s because I care about you.”

The silence seems to take over the room, making me uneasy. “You have a funny way of showing it,” I say, trying to break the tension with my version of a joke.

“Why? Because you didn’t like being spanked? That is the whole point, Jaden. The more you don’t like it, the more I hope trying to avoid it will steer you to the right path. Because that’s what I want for you, you know that? I want you to succeed, and you can if you just apply yourself. I know you can.”

“Okay,” I say, my feelings struggling to get the better of me, to melt the little ice wall I built up around my heart. “So can I get up yet?”

Justin sighs, seemingly unsure what to make of my stoic composure when the subject turned too mushy. “You can get up, but your punishment’s not over. I want you in time out for the next thirty minutes, which means nose to the wall in the corner, hands on your hand, and butt left bare.”

I barely stifle a groan. “Are you serious?”

“You keep asking me that, yet none of what I’ve said has been a joke so far, has it? Yes, I’m serious, Jaden, I want you in that corner and I’m going to go downstairs to make dinner. And if you’re not exactly how I left you when I come back, you’ll get another ten with the hairbrush, so don’t risk it. After dinner, you’ll have your shower and go straight to bed. No TV, no laptop, am I making myself clear to you, Miss Jaden?”

I bite my lower lip, suck in some air through my top teeth. How badly I want to tell him where to go, yet instead all I say is, “Clear as crystal, sir.”

“You see that? You catch on pretty quick.” He then takes me by the arm and pulls me to my feet. He proceeds to drag me to the corner as best he can with my ugly Capri pants all bunched at my feet, my panties still around my thighs. “Lace your hands behind your head,” he says, putting them that way himself. “We’ll try this school thing again tomorrow. See how much of this lesson actually sticks.”

He leaves me there like that, forehead resting against the wall, arms making a diamond shape behind my head. My sore butt is on fire but I’m unable to even rub it, because there’s no way I’m letting Justin catch even a hair on my body out of place when he walks in, and chancing another encounter with that hairbrush.

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