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Judged: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Cari Silverwood – Extended Preview

Library Girl. Hmmm.

I lifted my boot.

I should be concerned about the report from the snitch in Montague.

Our snitch or their traitor?

It had to be one or the other.

Instead I was staring at this human female and wanting to do more than cane her ass and have her suck my thumb.

To fuck or not to fuck? That is the question.

Only letting the others do her was stirring jealousy in me, even as I told them she was theirs.

That way lay peril.

The spotlights Ponder had erected for this little old stage were blinding if you stared at them. I only knew who was out there because I’d seen the tally. The stage was clean and lacking clutter of any sort. The twenty or so old seats before the stage were missing, only faded marks remained on the boards to show where they’d once been. The patrons Ponder had invited stood or sat on the floor. Their tankards and goblets clinked but I could easily ignore the noise unless they shouted.

A few had thrown coins on the stage.

Shouting gave way to lewd comments as Zane and Shade stripped.

“Come on her face!”

“Spit-roast her!”

The naked female, ass up, awaited as I circled her. Looking wasn’t a danger to me.

The torm and the reactions it caused, those were dangers.

This show would pay for the provisions and traveling costs to our next destination.

She reminded me of Sephone so much that it hurt.

If I allowed her to get to me, where would this end? Maybe I should let the others have her and leave them to it, split up the crew.

This was not just the torm.

She fascinated me. She didn’t understand the connection between her behavior and her sexual needs and compulsions. I was certain Library Girl was a submissive at heart.

Me? I was a monster at my core. A dominant monster who loved hurting girls who liked it.

Sephone had liked it. But that was in the past, my turbulent tragic past.

That was then. This was now. And I wanted no fucking submissive.

You want the money though, yes?

No. Maybe? What if I tried again? There were three of us. I’d thought myself a loner for life, where females were concerned.

I circled where she kneeled and panted, with her leaning forward, face down, with that collar about her neck. The large pink dildo Zane had screwed into her had stayed in place.

When he and Shade had worshipped her and her body, the touching, the whispers, most of her answers incomprehensible noises and mock-struggles, it had made me so hard.

I loved this scene, her naked, vulnerable body contrasted against the darker backdrop.

If I had time and rope, I would string her up—her arms bound behind her in strappado, with ropes connecting her to the walls and to the dangling chains. I’d make a kinky spider web.

I inhaled through my nose, smelled her female scent. It was strong due to her sopping wet cunt. Today I’d only touched her enough to keep her spin off into space.

That puckered little almost virgin asshole though. If we trained her to take cock there, all three of us could have her at the same time.

“Shall we try her ass out, with a toy?” I mused to myself.

Why was I asking?

Shade searched in the bag of goodies and raised a small black butt plug. He jiggled it in his palm. “Ready.”

I put out my hand. “Mine. You two can have the rest of her. Take her mouth.” I admired her lush curves and soft, alluring lines, eying that tight little hole that seemed to almost ask for me to force something much too large inside it.

Shade dragged her head higher. I crouched and picked at the ropes, unbound her hands while he found her mouth. “Be good for us, Juliette. Open your mouth.”

Was I trying to make myself fail? Using her name?

Her freed hands flailed about and found the floor. Still blindfolded but obedient, she planted her palms, her lips forming into a wide O, making desperate sounds as Shade pushed in his rather large cock.

None of us could fuck a human’s mouth deep. Yet this scene made my dick throb at the prospect. I watched her splutter at even his comparatively shallow thrusts. Shade was able to stuff in the broad head and the first part of the shaft inside the clutch of her lips, but no more than that.

I wiped a hand across my face, imagining what Shade was feeling, then I knelt and parted her ass cheeks. Fortunately, lube was never needed on females that bonded with a mauleon.

I ran the plug around her cunt, dodging the pink dildo, gathering the thick juices she so nicely provided, then wormed the butt plug’s tip into her hole.

She squeaked, despite her mouthful of Shade. I grinned.

“Go slower there, Shade!” Zane knelt at the other side of her and began to kiss and bite her, making the poor girl squeal and whimper even more. I pushed the plug a little deeper, watching her get even more aroused. Finally, I gave in. I undid my fly, let my erection out, and stroked myself.

The nodules on my dick bumped across my skin as I glided my palm along my shaft, pumping slowly. The girl was writhing crazily, but she stayed on hands and knees.

I smacked her ass. “No coming, yet. I will cane you if you do.”

And why was I threatening her over this? Her desperate ass wiggle seemed to underline that she liked the threat.

“Unh—!” She stiffened as Shade shoved hard and forced still more of his cock into her mouth.

The plug sank to its full depth within her then, and I took a moment to admire the plump bounty of this A-grade girl butt. Then I leaned in and bit it.

“Okay. Fuck this. I’m taking her.” Though her well-stretched pussy gripped it tight, I was able to wriggle the thick dildo out of her. Then I threw it aside, the heavy phallus bouncing across the stage with a dull thud.

Though Zane protested, I shifted until I was behind her and aimed for her cunt entrance. With claws embedded in her at hip and ass, I probed. Such a slippery welcome. Her flesh gave way as I found the right place. My cock explored, slid, and sank in. I groaned at the wet welcome and the spasming squeeze of her walls. After another small thrust, I stopped partway in, to let her get used to my presence.

By then Shade was vigorously fucking her mouth. Clearly.

The grunts and gasps and the rocking of her onto me made it difficult to keep myself in check.

She hummed around him and the mauleon grunted and came with his large hands clasped around her head.

I think my eyes popped watching that. “Fuck. Going deeper. Be good for me.” I slapped her butt.

I thrust in and slid, tunneling, went far enough that I was grimacing at the amazing pressure. Slippery and tight and fuck if this wasn’t good. The sight of her pussy taking me, of my cock vanishing inside her, and that little black plug wobbling in her ass…

I pushed a little farther, stopped again, vowing not to come early. Zane could wait. Besides, Shade had staggered back, and Zane was already taking his place.

The crowd… the crowd was whistling and cheering us on, and stamping their feet.

I already knew I’d not get fully in, but this was enough. More than enough. Fiercely, I began to power thrust in and out, slamming as hard as she could take it. When Zane gave her some breath and space, she ducked her head and mewled as I pushed and impaled her, grinding against her. When I pulled far enough out to see it, my cock glistened with her juices.

Just to watch her arch and gasp, I raked my hand down her spine.

“Letting her take me slow.” Zane nodded, as if he’d said something precious and wise, then he pulled her head up by the hair and fed his monstrous-ugly cock into her mouth again. “‘Sides, I want in there where you got yourself buried, Rom, before I blow my load.”

I grunted and concentrated on taking my pretty girl’s pussy.

“Spit-roasted female,” Shade muttered, fascinated by watching us both fuck her. “Ponder better have taken a photo of this.”

Countless strokes later, I reached the end of my restraint, fucked into her one last time, and exploded. That ball-squeezing ecstasy at the pumping of cum into her and her answering cry, it grabbed me hard, and my eyes rolled up. A final grind of myself, the last twitches of cum inside her, then I too staggered as I withdrew. I was done, spent.

I’d used whores for years and never felt such a mind-blowing experience.

I would have to walk away from her eventually, to pry loose the hooks of the torm from my flesh, but this… this had been worth it.

“Yours.” I slapped her ass one more time, then lay down beside her, pulled her into me for a kiss as Zane walked around and knelt behind her. At the first penetration of his cock, she jarred forward and huffed her hot breath into my mouth.

Juliette turned her head and curled her tongue about one of my fangs, sucked on my lip and made smaller appreciative noises as he plowed her slowly.

“Oh, that’s beautiful.” I stroked her dark hair and along the lower edge of the blindfold, then over her petite nose. “Trained for sure… you’re already taking us deep.”

Her little sexy sounds kept coming with every thrust, and I kissed them out of her, swallowing them with my own mouth.

I kissed her and let her use my chest and biceps to anchor her hands. Shade’s cum was still flavoring her lips, but I didn’t care. It only made this moment better, knowing all of us had taken her tonight.

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