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Katarina’s Strict Daddy by D. W. Collins – Extended Preview

Katarina's Strict Daddy by D.W. CollinsMark got to his feet and Katarina quickly stepped beside him. “We’ll be back in a minute,” he said as Walter moved next to Sarah. Will and Lucy’s boat was large; in fact, it was really a mini yacht. The elegant craft was glistening white and over forty-five feet in length. Will maneuvered the big boat next to the pier with skill as Lucy tossed Mark a thick rope. As soon as the boat was secured, Will set the engines to idle and he and Lucy climbed down a short ladder to the dock.

He was dressed in crisp white shorts and a blue polo shirt with canvas deck shoes. In sharp contrast, Lucy wore a tan business suit with short heels. Katarina thought it was fancy attire for babysitting.

“It’s good to see you,” Mark said. “I appreciate you loaning me your wife.”

“She loves keeping young girls in line. You can pay for her services with a couple of nice fish.”

“You are welcome to your pick of the day’s catch.”

“That’s good enough for me.”

Lucy stepped next to Katarina and ran a finger through her hair. “Are you ready to be a good girl?” Kat nodded.

“She’d better be,” Mark said. “I don’t want you to tolerate any foolishness from either of them today. Did you bring your special hairbrush?”

“Of course. I never babysit without it,” Lucy said as she pulled the large, leather-backed implement from her purse.

Katarina felt a surge of mingled excitement and dread as her eyes instantly focused on the big brush. It looked menacing and she had no desire to feel its sting.

Will kissed Lucy warmly and climbed back onto his boat. “I’ll be back before sunset.”

“Have a good day in Saint Ignace,” Lucy said. “Do you still have the grocery list?”

“Of course I do. I notice that you omitted the fresh ginger root. Well, you can be sure that I won’t forget it.”

Lucy’s face turned pale. “You really can forget about that.”

”Nice try, but you know better.” he replied as Mark cast off the lines holding the boat in place. The older man quickly motored away.

Katarina did not understand the reference to ginger root, but she could see the concern on Lucy’s face. Will clearly had some use for it in mind that Lucy was concerned about.

“Come along,” Mark said. “Sarah is inside; I’m sure you remember watching her before.”

“How could I forget naughty little Sarah?”

The three made their way into the cottage and they found Sarah still standing with her hands on her head and her bare bottom on display. Lucy and Walter exchanged friendly nods before he spoke. “Good morning, Lucy. As you can see, little Miss Sarah has started her day off on the wrong foot. She has about five more minutes of corner time due.” He stepped next to Lucy and Mark. “I intend to keep her panties so her butt will be handy if you need to warm it some more.”

Lucy stepped beside Sarah. “I’ll do just as you say, Walter. I thought that Sarah and I came to an understanding the last time I sat for her. She knows what to expect if she acts up today. Don’t you, Sarah?”

“Yes, Miss Lucy,” Sarah said as Lucy tapped the hairbrush against her vulnerable bottom. “I’ll be good.”

“That will be a pleasant change, but I’m not counting on it.”

“We’ll be back before Will gets here,” Mark said. “You have my permission to make little Kat behave just like Sarah. Don’t put up with any misbehavior from either of them.”

Kat cast a plaintive look as the two men grabbed their fishing rods and walked out of the cottage. She had no desire to play with women, but now she found herself alone with a pair of them. I hope Mark gets back soon. He’s the one I came to enjoy.

Lucy took a seat in the largest chair in the room. “Come sit on my lap, Kat.”

Katarina hesitated for an instant, but she finally moved. There was no need to offend Lucy, no matter what she wanted her to do. Kat had just taken her seat on Lucy’s lap when the older woman opened her purse and pulled the hairbrush out. Kat stiffened before she risked speaking. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Heavens, no. My, you have a guilty conscience. What have you been up to?”

“Nothing, really. I’m just nervous.”

“Well, you have nothing to worry about. I’m just going to brush that pretty hair of yours. Now sit still for Aunt Lucy.”

For the next five minutes, Lucy used the dreaded hairbrush in its conventional manner. Kat had not enjoyed this kind of mothering for years and she nearly melted as the gentle brushing went on.

“You have such beautiful hair,” Lucy said. “You should brush it at least a hundred strokes each day. That will make it shine.” Kat leaned against Lucy and reveled in the intimate closeness. This was part of being little that she had not expected. Lucy wrapped her arms around Kat and held her close. “That’s a good girl. Just relax. You don’t need to be afraid; I will take care of you.” A tiny tear meandered down the younger woman’s cheek. After a quiet moment that ended a bit too quickly for Kat, Lucy spoke. “Alright, Sarah, your corner time is up. You may put your skirt back in place and get out of the corner. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Thank you, Aunt Lucy. I’ll be a good girl.”

“I hope so. Now, you two girls get the toy box and play together while I fix lunch. Is anybody hungry?”

“I am,” each of the littles replied.

Kat rediscovered the simple joy of tending to a baby doll. Everything went perfectly until Sarah found a box of pickup sticks. They were the old-fashioned kind, shaped like garden tools. Sarah dumped the sticks in an unruly pile and carefully withdrew one. The game went on peacefully for some time. Finally, Sarah withdrew a stick that looked like a hoe and the pile shifted.

“You lose,” Kat said gleefully.

“I did not.”

“You did too. The stack moved. That means that you lose.”

“No, it didn’t. You’re a cheater.”

Sarah had just begun to draw her body up in a rage when Lucy’s voice boomed in from the kitchen. “Stop fussing, girls. Lunch is ready.”

Kat hurried to the kitchen and hopped into the chair that Sarah was headed for. The two imps exchanged rude faces before Lucy put steaming bowls of vegetable soup in front of them. “Thank you for the soup, Aunt Lucy. It is very good,” Sarah said in a voice that was entirely too sweet for Kat’s taste. How could she be such a damn fake?

The three ate their food quietly, but when Lucy got up to get cookies, Kat took advantage of her absence to stick her tongue out at Sarah. The other girl replied by flipping a spoonful of soup at Kat that missed its mark and landed on the table harmlessly. Kat was ready to launch a return shot of her own when Lucy got back. “They are spice cookies; I bought these at the bakery on Emerald Island,” Lucy said.

“I like chocolate chip,” Sarah said petulantly.

The girls enjoyed the cookies until only one remained on the plate. Kat snatched it before her own cookie was gone. “Stop!” Sarah shouted. “You’re not done with yours, Miss Grabby Hands.”

“I thought you didn’t like these,” Kat barked back as she took a big bite out of the new cookie to stake her claim to it.

“You greedy little bitch! I hate you!” Sarah screamed.

“Girls!” Lucy cried. “Both of you need to behave yourselves, right now! I won’t warn either of you again. Sarah, tell Kat that you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” Sarah chirped in a tone so unconvincing that Kat could hardly stand it. Why did Lucy let the little slut get away with mocking her that way?

”Both of you be quiet while I clear the table,” Lucy said.

As soon as Lucy’s back was turned, Sarah leaned forward and whispered to Kat, “I’m sorry all right. I’m sorry that you’re such a nasty little bitch.” Lucy walked back into the room before Kat could form her reply.

“Are the two of you ready for a nap?” Lucy asked.

“No,” Sarah whined. “We’re not sleepy. Please, please play a game with us.”

“What about you, Kat, do you need to sleep?”

“No, Aunt Lucy, I’d like to play a game too.”

Lucy walked to the shelf where the board games were stored. “Let’s see. We have Chutes and Ladders, Sorry!, Parcheesi, and Monopoly. Which one would you like to play?”

“I’m a big girl. I want to play Monopoly,” Sarah said in a tone that Kat took as some kind of insult. She was just as big a girl as Sarah.

Lucy got the game down and the three women sat on the floor around the board. Sarah waited until Kat reached for the shoe token. “Wait! I get to use the shoe because I’m a lady.”

Kat wanted to tell her exactly what she was but ‘lady’ was not the term she had in mind. Lucy proposed a solution. “Each of you roll the dice. The high person can have her pick.”

Kat rolled a seven, but Sarah rolled a four. Unfortunately, one die was tipped on the edge of the board. “I get to roll again. That one didn’t land right.” The reroll was a nine so Sarah got the coveted shoe token.

“I didn’t want the icky old shoe anyway,” Kat said with a pout. Sarah clamped her jaw, but managed to keep quiet somehow.

Lucy was surprisingly silent as the girls’ relentless bickering went on. Kat was able to get the green color group while Sarah got the orange one and Lucy got the light blue and all four railroads. The game had gone on for well over an hour when Lucy landed on green with four houses and was eliminated. Kat felt very confident. She now had two colors, green and light blue, and the railroads. Sarah could not last much longer.

Unexpectedly, Sarah was lucky enough to land on both Park Place and Boardwalk, which gave her the dark blue group. Kat was unlucky and hit Sarah’s orange group twice, which gave Sarah enough money to buy hotels on the dark blue. Now, landing on either green or dark blue would be fatal. The girls survived four nerve-wracking circuits of the board before disaster struck for Kat. She landed on Boardwalk and was eliminated. The smug look on Sarah’s face was too much to bear. Kat lunged at her nemesis and Lucy had to break up a screaming, hair-pulling brawl.

“That’s it. I’ve had it with both of you!” Lucy screamed. “Now, I’m going to light two little backsides on fire.” Kat could not help grinning when the older woman got hold of Sarah and stripped off her plaid skirt. The dreaded hairbrush fell again and again as Sarah begged for mercy. When Lucy was finally finished, she made Sarah kneel against a wall, nude from the waist down. Kat could not help laughing.

“Don’t think you’re going to get off scot-free,” Lucy growled as she pulled Kat across her lap. “You’re going to get your rump roasted too.”

“Wait, I didn’t do anything,” Kat howled. Lucy showed no mercy. First she skinned Kat’s skirt and panties off. The girl squirmed uselessly for a long moment.

“You’re not fooling me one little bit,” Lucy said. “You deserve a butt warming and I’m going to give it to you.” The first smack from the brush sounded very loud, but Kat felt nothing for several seconds. The fire ignited and the burning began to spread when the second blow fell. She had not been spanked by a female since her mother and this was a startling reintroduction to the experience. Lucy understood the female anatomy, so every blow landed with maximum effect. Ten, fifteen, finally twenty hard spanks tortured Kat’s flesh. Her fair skin was turned bright scarlet.

“Stop! Please stop, Aunt Lucy, I can’t stand anymore.”

“I’ll not stop until I’m finished, but both of you are going to get to deal with your uncles when they get home.” That threat sent both Kat and Sarah into a fit of frantic bawling.

Walter and Mark returned to the lighthouse with their limit of coho salmon. The big fish would be the main entrée at several sumptuous meals. When the men walked into the cottage, an even more delectable sight greeted them. A pair of bare, hot pink female bottoms were displayed for their consideration.

“It looks like our girls gave you some trouble,” Mark said.

“They did that indeed,” Lucy said. “I gave them a good warm-up, but I knew you’d want to do more.”

“Walter and I have that responsibility,” Mark said as he took a position directly behind Katarina. He was so close that she could not help trembling in anticipation.

“We saw Will coming this way,” Mark went on. “His boat is just a few minutes from here, so he can pick out the fish that you’ve earned and the two of you can get home before gets too dark.”

Lucy quickly recapped the tale of the girls’ misdemeanors while she and Mark walked to the dock. Will docked the boat skillfully and Mark tied it up. The older man carefully selected the four best fish, but that still left Walter and Mark a bountiful catch.

“Did you find some good ginger root at the store?” Mark asked. “I’d like to mooch a couple of fingers if you can spare them. Walt and I need to teach our girls an important lesson.”

“I have more than enough to take care of Lucy,” Will said with a big grin. “All three of these beauties can share an experience today.” He handed Mark two big, juicy pieces of the aromatic root and helped Lucy on board their boat. The three friends waved goodbye and Mark watched as their boat motored away.

He needed just a couple of minutes to make his way back to the lighthouse. Cleaning the fish would wait until the girls had been properly chastened and he could hardly wait. His pants were already feeling quite snug in anticipation. This was going to be an eventful evening.

Walter had his arms crossed as he stood guard over the two kneeling girls. “Sarah says that her punishment is unfair,” he said in a voice laden with doubt.

“Do you believe a word she’s saying?” Mark drawled.

“Of course not, but I gave her plenty of rope so she could hang herself.” The two men chuckled together for a moment before Mark went on.

“You know that we’re going to have to teach them a lesson,” he said as he displayed the ginger. “Will left us these; what do you think?”

“Of course, we can’t let either of them get away with treating Lucy so badly,” Walt said. “I think those will teach these beauties a lesson they won’t soon forget.”

Katarina peeked over her shoulder, but she had no idea what to make of the ginger fingers or how they might be put to use. Switches, paddles, belts, riding crops, and hairbrushes were all familiar, but these twisted roots were unknown to her. Still, they sent a shiver through her frame. Mark took a seat and began using his pocket knife to carefully clean the ginger root. He whittled slowly for five minutes until the two pieces of ginger were completely smooth and a clear juice dripped off of them.

“Great, those are nice and fresh,” Walter said. “I hate using a dried-out finger.”

“Yeah, it’s the sap that gives a ginger finger its fire,” Mark said. “You are welcome to one of these for Sarah if you like.”

“Thanks, I think I can make her dance a jig with this one.” He reached out for one of the sticks and inspected it carefully.

Sarah drew a loud breath. “Please, Uncle Walt, don’t use that thing on me. I wasn’t that bad.”

“It’s too late to beg for mercy now, little lady. Pucker up and kiss this stick. It’ll make your wicked ass pucker for sure.”

Sarah leaned forward and kissed the proffered stick. “Please, Uncle Walt, it’s burning my eyes. Don’t do it to me.”

“Stop your whining and strip off that top. A bad girl needs to be naked when she gets her ass frigged.” Sarah whimpered again as she complied.

Katarina felt her pulse begin to quicken. Sarah’s complaining was getting tiresome. She deserved to be punished, but the girl clearly had some idea of what to expect and she was dreading it. That intense anxiety was affecting Katarina as well. The spicy smell of ginger was taking on an ominous aspect as it filled the air. What was going to happen here?

Walter took hold of Sarah’s upper arm and he got her onto her feet. “You know the drill. Bend over the back of that chair and hold onto the seat.” His big fingers spread his little’s bottom cheeks and he carefully inserted a few inches of the ginger root into her anus. The girl started wailing immediately.

“Stand up and walk around for us. Work that wicked hind end of yours, missy.”

“Stop, take it out. I can’t stand this a second more. Please have mercy.” Sarah’s frantic words poured out of her in a torrent. The girl’s dismay was so great that Katarina actually began to feel sorry for her. Sarah suffered for what seemed like an hour, but was really less than five minutes. Walter finally removed the instrument of torture and held his little until she calmed down.

“Alright, Kat, now it’s your turn.”

Katarina gasped when Mark’s words hit her. The time for watching was over, now she was going to get a dose of Sarah’s medicine for herself. Her legs felt rubbery as Mark had her stand. She had resolved to preserve a bit of dignity by remaining silent, but a flood of futile pleading poured out of her before Mark even had her bend over the chair. He had her kiss the ginger like Walter had made Sarah, but it had little effect.

Maybe this was not going to be so bad after all. The first inkling of what a proper frigging was going to be like came after Mark had her bent in place. He used two fingers to spread her sex lips and smoothly laid the smooth root against her open slit. The sensation was immediate and so intense. That stick might as well have been a hot poker! Her poor slit almost steamed from the herbal heat. Her eyes filled with tears and most of her breath was gone. Mark moved the stick to her anus a second later.

“I hope this teaches you a lesson, little miss. You need to respect Lucy and all your elders.” Mark’s words went on, but Katarina was not able to listen any more. The fire in her bottom hole was just too intense.

The next couple of minutes were a complete blur. Mark made her march and strut until she was sure that her bottom would be permanently seared. Katarina was not able to stop sobbing until she felt him holding her and fingering a soothing gel into her anus. His hands gently soothed her back and stroked her hair for a long time.

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