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Keeping Their Baby (Sequel to Being Their Baby) by Korey Mae Johnson – Sneak Peek!

Sophie was absolutely fuming in the backseat of Charlie’s SUV, all but trying to make everyone in the car’s head explode with the power of her mind. She had never been so angry with her ‘family’, or rather her three lovers, and their blasé attitude was making her feel even worse.

She kicked the seat in front of her suddenly, lashing out.

“I can promise you, Sophia, that if you keep this up, you’re going to get that pretty little bottom of yours spanked on the side of the road,” her girlfriend, Liz, threatened her in response. Her eyes sternly locked with Sophie’s with the help of the passenger-side mirror.

It wasn’t as if Sophie hadn’t been complaining all morning. Surely everyone knew how she felt about going to an ageplay spanking “party”, whatever the hell that was, but Sophie still fumed, “Why not? You’re already set on embarrassing me to death!”

“Hmmm,” Josh said in his regular amused tone. “I think she might be onto us…”

“Josh, don’t crack jokes,” Sophie groaned, rolling her eyes and easily keeping even the smallest trace of a smirk off her lips. She knew it was Josh’s habit to break her out of bad moods with a joke, but it simply wasn’t going to work today. “I don’t understand why you guys can’t all go without me.”

“Sophia,” Liz replied tersely, “it’s good for you to socialize with other littles.”

Sophie took exception to the idea that Liz was setting her up on a ‘play date’ with other people who let their lovers and partners treat them like children. Surely, looking into the mirror when she was wearing a diaper and a onesy was already more ageplay ‘company’ than she could tolerate.

Not that anyone would see her in her onesy, but it would be bad enough. Sophie had been dressed up in a little blue Lolita dress with lacy stockings and black Mary Janes. Her hair had been pulled into pigtails.

She fortunately wasn’t wearing a diaper, but the lacy pink panties got her to an intense level of humiliation on their own. How her partners could bear the idea of parading Sophie in front of others like this was simply mind-boggling.

“I think there’s something wrong with all your brains!” she snapped, but knew there was something probably wrong with her brains, too. After all, when they treated her like a child, including spoiling, coddling, and punishing, it made her as aroused as a cat in heat.

“Look, I don’t care if you enjoy yourself or not, Sophia,” Liz told her curtly. “But if you’re not the good little girl I know you are, then you’re going to regret it.”

Sophie’s cheeks flushed. If she got a nickel for every time she was issued a spanking threat, surely she’d have enough money for a trip to the moon by now! She hadn’t even been living in their house for a full year, yet—nine months, tops—and she was positive that in that short amount of time she’d been spanked more often than most any five people got spanked in their entire childhoods put together. It didn’t seem to matter that Sophie was an adult; she’d be nineteen in only a short couple of months.

She brooded for a while longer; when Josh tried to squeeze her hand she snatched it away from him. Josh, who was normally her ally, didn’t seem to be on her side about all this. In fact, he’d given her a less-than-desirable lecture about how sometimes people have to do things they don’t want to do and then pretend they like it for the happiness of others. Apparently, she had chosen the short straw that weekend, and was the one making the sacrifice.

“I can’t remember the last weekend where we could just hang around in sweatpants and watch TV,” she muttered, shoving her elbow against the window and leaning on it. “Does television still exist, by the way? Or is that obsolete like the beta player?”

“Try behaving,” Charlie replied very sharply, breaking his hour-long silence as he drove, “and then you’ll get to see what a reward feels like.”

That hurt a little. Sophie wasn’t bad; she thought herself merely as tough, maybe even a little bit crass. As far as other girls her age were concerned, she couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. Nobody else had a thirty-three-year-old ex-football player who would upend them over his knee for any mistake or poor decision.

She hadn’t liked Charlie at first. She hadn’t liked his overbearing ‘daddy’ play, the way he hovered over her, the firm tone in his low voice. She didn’t like it right now, either. Still, strangely she had come to almost appreciate him on most days. Daddy Charlie was firm and strict, but he was patient and went out of his way to see that her needs were met, whether physical or emotional. For someone who went through the first eighteen years of her life without anyone giving a damn about anything about her, it was hard not to treasure that sort of regard.

Although she wanted to say something snappish along the lines of, ‘If you don’t stop being a prick, maybe then you’ll get to see what my foot up your ass feels like!’, she repressed that urge. She really didn’t want Charlie to pull over and spank her on the side of the road, and she knew he would if he thought what she said was too crass or disrespectful.

Instead, she said, “I don’t understand why you’re being so mean to me,” which sounded pouty, because it was. She hoped that she could make the hulking man feel bad about bullying her.

“Because you’ve been whining non-stop since we told you about the party, and you’ve succeeded in giving me a headache,” he enlightened with exasperation. “You’re going. Get over it. We’re not turning the car around. Now sit in your seat correctly, please.”

She glanced defiantly towards the front of the car until she brought one of her feet from underneath her butt, which is how she’d been sitting in the seat. She didn’t see how it mattered how she sat, but the air in the car seemed tense, somehow, and she realized she was walking on eggshells.

“I promise it’s not that bad,” Josh said from next to her. “You’ll have a great time. I thought they sounded a little weird at first, too, but now I look forward to them. Not just because of the play, either. It’s nice to hang out with similar-minded people that share your weirdness.”

“I’ve really never had the itch to hang out with people that like spanking.”

“That’s because you weren’t interested in it until a year ago,” Josh replied. “You’re fresh blood. You’re just nervous! Don’t worry, though. Uncle Josh will protect you.” He reached over, squeezed her knee, and then tried to wink at her.

She didn’t believe that for a second. She had a feeling that she wouldn’t see him beyond the first five minutes after their arrival. Josh was gorgeous—that was more fact than opinion—and he was a horn-dog with a sex drive that could put most rabbits to shame. Not to mention that he was a switch—he liked to be spanked as much as he liked to spank, and his interests were far broader than Charlie’s.

She sighed. Scratch that—she wouldn’t see him after the first three minutes.

The topography was becoming quite foreign around the car; they were driving through Nowheresville. She’d lived in Boston her entire life until she’d moved only forty-five minutes outside the city limits to live with Liz and the Hobbes brothers, and she hadn’t known there was this much uninhabited land anywhere on the East Coast. There weren’t even ‘burbs around—just trees.

Unexpectedly, the car made a left-hand turn into the forest, where they quickly came upon a manned guard booth. Sophie pressed her knees nervously together, hoping that the man wouldn’t look in the back seat and see that she’d been dressed like a little doll. Charlie dropped his name and offered his ID before the gate in front of them was opened and they were allowed entry.

She expected that maybe they’d come across the house in short order. They didn’t. They drove another seven minutes; apparently the people throwing the party were pretty well-to-do. “How do you guys know so many rich kinky people?” Sophie asked with more disdain than curiosity. She didn’t even like how rich her family was. She had become a bit of a reverse-snob, since her real family had survived mainly on welfare, housing projects, and food stamps.

Liz exhaled before replying as they pulled up to a gigantic farmhouse in the middle of a valley, “We don’t seek them out, Sophie. It’s just that more affluent people with money can afford to go to more events like this. The more events someone goes to, the more friends they’ll find and the closer they can become with one another.”

“Well, enjoy,” Sophie said. She didn’t want to play ‘the other half’ today to a bunch of rich snobs that owned enough land to establish their own country. “I’m not getting out of the car.”

Liz slowly turned her head and raised an eyebrow to Sophie at this challenge as Charlie parked and turned off the car. Without a word, Liz got out of the car and opened Sophie’s door, which was just behind hers. Sophie held onto her seatbelt tightly with both hands. “How bad do you want this spanking to be?” Liz demanded, looking like she was in no mood to wrestle Sophie out of the car.

“I’m willing to sit here and play on my phone for the next four hours,” Sophie replied, goose bumps on her arms rising as she saw Charlie exit the car and stride around to her side like a man with purpose. Why couldn’t they understand that they could go and have fun without her?

“You’re not going to want to sit anywhere by the time I’m through with you, young lady!” Liz reached over to unlatch Sophie’s buckle and Sophie slapped Liz’s hand away so she could fold her body over the buckle. Once again, she had made a misstep and had crossed the line.

Josh was a bastion of patience as usual, so even though he was still next to her and able to pry her fingers off of the buckle if he truly wanted to, he merely covered her hands with his and said, “Sophie, let go.”

“No!” she snapped, decided.

Liz was pulled back finally by Charlie, who leaned over her and effortlessly wrestled her hands away from the buckle and then grabbed her upper arm firmly and yanked her out of the car.

She grabbed the door on the way out. “Sophie, don’t make a scene!” Charlie demanded.

You’re the one making a scene!” she gritted.

“Oh, enough!” Liz, with a huff of frustration, stepped forward and picked Sophie up and toted her on her hip with only one arm circling around Sophie’s waist. Sophie was ripped off the car door with ease, since Sophie couldn’t help herself from trying to cover her panties by reaching back and trying to pull her skirt further down with both hands. This position was extremely revealing! “Charlie, grab my purse,” Liz ordered calmly, as if Sophie wasn’t kicking her feet and throwing her arms around at her side. “Her hairbrush is inside of it.” Liz turned and walked toward the house.

“Mommy, no!” Sophie cried shrilly. Certainly Liz, who demanded that Sophie call her ‘Momma’ or ‘Mommy’ despite that Liz was only fourteen years her senior, wasn’t actually going to spank her in public… was she? Sure, that sort of threat was issued from time to time, but normally it was one of the few empty threats her family carried in their arsenals.

She looked up as Liz toted her up the stairs toward the house and saw that a crowd had formed. Sophie flailed harder, still to no avail, but Liz just found a bench to sit on nearby, right there on the wraparound porch.

“You can’t spank me in front of strangers!” Sophie gasped as Liz put her feet on the ground and quickly began yanking Sophie over her taut thighs. Sophie could swear that she heard chuckling from the audience. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. “You shouldn’t spank me at all!” she snapped, frustrated now that nobody seemed even close to helping her in her current plight. “You’re always making me do stuff I don’t want to do! It’s not fair!” She was able to intensify her struggle and hopped back up to her feet.

Liz merely grabbed hold of her upper arm and held her steady, eventually maneuvering her so that Sophie’s legs were pinned between hers. Then Liz boldly reached her hands up Sophie’s skirt and grasped the hem of her panties. Sophie reached down, startled, and squeezed Liz’s hands, crying, “No!” When Liz looked up at her with angry eyes, Sophie bravely hissed, “Don’t!

Liz softened slightly, which calmed Sophie enough that she nearly felt dizzy from the strain of struggling. Liz sat up straighter and she squeezed Sophie’s hands back. “Sophia Lynn, when was the last time I forced you to go anywhere only for my own benefit?” she asked firmly.

Sophie looked down at her feet, still upset, but there was something about Liz in full-blown ‘Mommy Mode’ that made Sophie feel like the baby Liz obviously thought she was being.

“I’ve never done that, have I?” Liz continued. “I’m always looking out for my babygirl first and foremost, aren’t I? Most things I make you do, you end up liking so much that I have to pull you away from them just to get you home.”

“But…” Sophie moaned, wincing. She was eyeing the ceiling to avoid eye-contact while she struggled to grasp a straw to argue on.

“Sophia, look at me.” Sophie held her breath and, since she knew there was nothing for it, looked at Liz. Butterflies in her stomach swarmed when she saw the embarrassed and exasperated expression on Liz’s face. “Have I ever allowed you to throw a tantrum?”

“I didn’t throw a tantrum,” Sophie defended, her tone slightly pleading, because Liz was right—Sophie couldn’t get away with tantrums. She pouted, “I just wanted to stay in the car.”

“Sweetheart, if you go back into that car, it will be because Daddy or I sent you there. You’ll be sitting bare-bottomed in the backseat with no games, no phone, and then Daddy will see to you when we get home. Do you want that?”

Sophie’s eyes rounded with fear and she shook her head with fervor. Bad as Mommy’s spankings were, Daddy’s were worse. The last thing Sophie wanted was to make Charlie feel like he had to actually curb her behavior, because when he felt like that it usually resulted in ‘punishment weekends’, which in the past had been pretty horrible.

“Good.” Liz straightened her back again and seemed much less hostile. “Now, we’re going to get this spanking done, and then you’re going to go and be my good girl for the rest of the day.” With that, she pulled Sophie’s panties down to her knees with one quick, firm yank. Sophie, mortified, tried her best to pull the front of her dress over her bald vagina.

Sophie’s eyes began to cloud with tears and her lip began to tremble even as Liz pulled her back over her lap. “I don’t want a spanking,” she choked out miserably. She curled her arms around Liz’s calf, trying to brace herself for the sharp feeling of Liz’s hand.

“Here you go, hon,” Charlie said somewhere above her head as he handed something over to Liz.

“Thank you,” Liz said sweetly to him. A couple of giggles sounded from around them, and then Sophie felt something cold rest against her bottom.

It was the goddamned hairbrush. Sophie hated that hairbrush above most evil things in the modern world! “Mommy, don’t!” Sophie begged desperately, already reaching back to try to cover her bottom from the eyes of everyone watching.

Liz pinned Sophie’s hand to the small of her back and brought up the hairbrush, landing it with a loud ‘crack’ right in the middle of Sophie’s bottom. The pain such a benign, non-medieval instrument like the hairbrush could inflict always shocked Sophie. She screeched and kicked her feet as much as she could, despite her panties still being bunched around her knees. “No!”

Another spank and then another had Sophie squealing. With horror, she realized that the crowd on the porch was only getting larger and louder as people commented on what was occurring. Probably her screams were alerting all the spankos in the house that a real not-to-be-missed spectacle was occurring just outside. The humiliation was enough to make her mind spin, but the biting pain of the oval hairbrush was sending Sophie into despair. “Mommy!” she cried. “Please!”

“That’s right, sweetie. I’m the mommy, aren’t I? So you telling me ‘no’ doesn’t make sense, does it, young lady?” There wasn’t even the slightest trace of sympathy anywhere to be found in Liz’s tone.

“I said I was sorry!” Sophie gritted between wails.

“I’m sorry, too, because I certainly don’t want to put my baby in pain!” she assured as she hammered down the hairbrush with one ‘pop!’ after another. “I don’t like giving my little girl discipline spankings. I don’t like my little girl complaining and moaning all the way up here, either! When was the last time you gave us that much attitude? It’s been a long time now, hasn’t it?” Her words were punctuated by another round of horrible, stinging swats that seemed to jar even her muscles. It probably didn’t help that Sophie was clenching her bottom cheeks, but Sophie couldn’t force herself not to.

“Yes!” Sophie admitted, reapplying her efforts to squirm off of Liz’s lap.

“And why did you stop giving us so much attitude until today?”

“Mommy, please!” Sophie’s voice cracked. She tried her best to pretend they were back at home, in her bedroom, with no witnesses to this punishment or lecture.

Her pretending wasn’t working very well.

“Because Daddy and I don’t stand for it, do we? I should have tanned your snarky, stubborn little fanny before we were out of Boston’s city limits!”

Sophie began to sob, unable to hold it back. Her nose was beginning to run, her eyes were blinded by tears, and her breathing was now unsteady hiccups. Utter misery achieved!

“Why did you think we’d put up with it today?” Liz continued.

“I don’ know!” Sophie squealed between sobs. She didn’t know what she needed to say or do or feel to get out of this position, but she decided that her pride, and what she wanted her day to be like, wasn’t worth this. “I don’t, Mommy, I’m sorry! Please stop! Please! I’m so sorry!”

Liz finally stopped and put the hairbrush down on the bench next to them. Sophie couldn’t catch her breath between sobs, she couldn’t get herself to stop sobbing, and the pain in her bottom felt like it was throbbing deeply into her flanks. She was grateful to be let off of Liz’s lap so she could breathe a little easier, even though she was less than happy at the audience, who watched Liz pull her panties back up to her waist, which surely looked ridiculous.

Immediately, Liz pulled her onto her lap, hugging her arms tightly around Sophie’s body and rocking her as she cried. Sophie felt a kiss on top of her head. There was chatting around them now: casual, non-concerned, friendly chatter.

Suddenly, Charlie was kneeling down in front of her and pressing a handkerchief to her face. As usual, Sophie put her hands up to receive it, but Charlie gently batted down her hands and said, “Alright, Cupcake. Blow.”

Sophie blushed, hesitated, but then took a deep, trembling breath and did as she was told if just so that her breathing could begin to calm. Charlie cleaned up her face like she was a child too young to do it herself. “Take deep breaths, babygirl,” he instructed over her dry sobbing and hiccupping. Through her fresh tears, he appeared concerned.

She shook her head. She didn’t want to breathe. She wanted to crawl into a pit somewhere and die.

“Elizabeth, your babygirl is just the cutest thing!” said a woman’s voice in a country drawl. She spoke of Sophie like she was some prized cabbage that Liz had grown in the backyard. “She responds so well. I can never get mine to cry.”

Josh was suddenly picking Sophie off of Liz’s lap, even though the snuggling wasn’t quite over. It was as if he knew how tender Sophie felt from inside out. “I need some Bunny lovin’,” he said, as if he was excusing himself for stealing a toy that Liz was playing with. Without any further ado, he toted her easily over one of his shoulders and walked off with her.

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    Will this ever be released?

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    Over two years ago a tweet went out saying this book was about to be published. i get that life happens, what i don’t get is the absolute refusal to put up any information on what is happening with this book. 🙁 The first one has been an all time favourite of mine, but this is seriously making me not want to take a stab at the second book. It’s disrespectful to readers to get them all hyped up and then not mention anything for over two years. The author is about to lose a long time follower for not caring about her fans enough to even just write a quick note to say, sorry, this book is no longer coming out.

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    I agree with the comment above. As an avid fan I am disappointed in how we’ve been treated. The writer won’t respond to tweets or messages and we have been trailed on for years waiting for this book.

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