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Keeping Their Baby by Korey Mae Johnson – Extended Preview

Charlie sat down on her bed and pulled her towards him until she stood between his legs.

“This isn’t the end of the world,” Charlie promised, pushing a loose curl back behind her ear. “Remember, a lot of women enjoy this. Some women enjoy this more than regular sex,” he reminded.

She looked at him like he was nuts. She didn’t even like fingers up there, and even though perhaps getting penetrated by something small had made her come faster in the past, she still preferred not being penetrated there at all. She was still plenty happy with vaginal sex. “Then why are you using it as a punishment?” She pressed her hands down on his thighs, just trying to hold onto something.

He grunted, as if she had him there. “The first time is… uncomfortable. The first everything is uncomfortable, though. Remember the first time you had sex with Josh?”

She couldn’t forget. It was only a couple of months ago. It had hurt, yet they’d had it a couple of times, and now of course it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.

“I’m really scared,” she said anyway, biting her lip.

“Well,” he huffed with a sudden wave of exasperation, “you were a very bad girl, Sophie, so if you don’t like Daddy taking your bottom, don’t be bad.” As the butterflies in her stomach swarmed from the threatening tone, he grabbed the hem of her shirt. “Arms up.”

Sophie whined in her throat when he pulled the shirt off of her, leaving her in the cold air of the room. “Now listen to me,” he told her slowly and calmly. “I am going to spank you with my hand, babygirl, and then I’m going to lay you on your tummy and then Daddy is going to put his cock in your pussy.”

She whirled with emotions with that—on one hand, she really did not want a spanking. Her bottom was still slightly bruised and very itchy from her very hard spanking just four days ago. But on the other hand, at least she had gotten her way! Apparently, she broke him down and now he wasn’t going to fuck her bottom after all. She nodded with serious understanding.

“And you don’t want to come when I do that, Sophia Lynn, because trust me when I say that you want to still be in the mood when my cock is entering your bottom hole.”

Fuuuck! “Why do I get a spanking and bottom sex?” she demanded, feeling quite betrayed. She was so frustrated that she wanted to stomp her foot and hit something. Instead, she grabbed his jeans with her hands and clenched the cloth tightly into her fists.

“Because you’re being punished, and when we’re done here, and you can act like my big girl again, I want you to feel like you were punished.”

“I already do!” she assured. “Why overdo it?”

He gritted his teeth and then she was upended over his knee, gravity forcing her to let go of the tight grip on his jeans. He started spanking right away, laying about fifteen smacks onto her bottom before he paused long enough to retort, “I don’t think you quite understand how humiliating it is to go to the principal’s office and be told off because your little girl was getting expelled for cheating. I don’t think you understand how proud of you I was—and am—for all the hard work you put into catching up with the rest of the class, with all the improvement you did. You don’t seem to understand how much time we all put into helping you study so that now you’re ready for college. And then you cheat? So you could save a few hours? Why, Sophie?”

Well, when he said it like that, she felt pretty bad. The spanks started again, harder this time, and Sophie began to kick, and especially to apologize. “Daddy, I won’t do that again. I promise! Never ever!” she exclaimed, but she knew that no matter what she said, the punishment would go on as he’d planned it. She knew that he wouldn’t believe her until he felt she had been well disciplined.

The only unfair thing, and this was occurring to her enough to make her quite upset, was that nobody else she knew was perfect. Everybody else lied, or exaggerated, or was lazy sometimes. Everybody else tried to do what they could so they could have a little enjoyment. Nobody else was getting spanked.

Those other kids might have been around her age, she remembered, but they weren’t in the same situation. They lived with parents, not kinksters. Her life only weakly mirrored the other senior students, like a bad impersonation.

“It’s not fair!” she was crying now as she cringed and kicked her legs, trying to keep her Daddy’s large hand from spanking places that were already very tender, and failing. “It’s not fair!” she screeched with anger.

“No, it’s not,” he gritted, and she could tell, with annoyance, that he was thinking of himself as the victim here. She was well aware that she, like it or not, was his project, in a way. And he, in turn, was her mentor. Every day she strove for the happiness of only three people—Charlie being at the top of that list, because his compliments were the hardest to achieve.

The spanking stopped, leaving her feeling emotional and distraught, but Charlie just picked up her miserable, crying body and dropped her down on her stomach on a grouping of pillows that thrust her bottom high in the air.

She was still settling down as she heard him take off his belt, which was normally a sound that made her body freeze and come to attention. This time, however, he didn’t double it up in his hands to use on her. He merely removed it and put it on her changing table, then pulled off the rest of his clothing with the sound of fabric shucking over his tan, coarse skin.

And her traitorous pussy was already soaked for him. She was angry, feeling sorry for herself, but at the same time she longed for him to be inside her. That feeling of closeness had been withheld from her for days so that now all she wanted was to mold together with someone else and forget about the shame, and the punishment, and just be close to him.

When Charlie got up on the bed, the mattress shifted with his substantial weight and she could feel the hair on his leg move against her smooth skin while he spread her legs and slid between them.

He dropped something next to them on the bed and she craned her head over to see. It was a small bottle of lube. Of course it was lube.

She pressed her face into the mattress with dread.

“Okay, babygirl,” he told her in husky, excited tones. “You still need Daddy’s cock?” He moved the head of his cock up and down her slit and pressed against her clit with the head of it.

She took in a gasp of breath and curled her toes with need. She tried to tell herself that maybe if Daddy was this hard, then he might not make it to her ass. He might come early…

She pressed back against him and he made a gratified moan as he continued to pet her moistness with his cock. “You’re so wet for Daddy. I know you don’t like Daddy’s spankings. Shh. I know. Daddy likes spanking your pretty bottom, but he doesn’t like giving you bad-girl spankings, honey. Daddy wants to be inside of you every day, giving his baby what she needs. And what she needs is Daddy’s big…” He suddenly pushed into her, filling her small opening and meeting resistance. He pulled back out and pushed back in again. “Hard…” He had to readjust once more before he bottomed out inside of her, pulling out of her a slight squeak as his cockhead pressed against her womb. “Cock.”

Charlie’s dirty talk was wild. And she hadn’t expected it today—she thought that she had been too bad and that he was too annoyed with her. Getting expelled had easily been the worst thing she’d done since they’d started having sex.

It was hard not to come right away. Being fucked by Daddy was never an act of lovemaking, like it often was with Josh. Daddy fucked like a dominant beast mating with a female who was in heat. To her, sometimes it felt like she was being mounted by a hurricane.

She closed her eyes, savoring it. After the week she’d had, nothing felt better than this. She could lose herself here, let herself just be dominated and brought to the height of pleasure. She squeaked and moaned louder as he thrust, feeling herself going to the edge…

Then she felt him pull away from her as he grabbed the lube on the bed. Her body clenched down from tension. She felt him squeeze the lube over her anus and then he pushed it inside with his thumb. “Daddy, please don’t!” she whined.

He didn’t answer her, just dropped the lube and, petting his hand down her breasts and tummy, continued to fuck her pussy like he had been before. She felt calmer, hoping that he had decided as well that it was better not to stop this. Surely he had to be enjoying where he was, too?

She felt her orgasm roll towards her and began to fuck him back, hard, ready to ride the wave to pleasure.

Suddenly, he popped out of her, leaving her whining and void of his cock. Her pussy felt cold, twitching and aching immediately. She felt the ooze of warm lube against her puckered, closed entrance. The feeling of emptiness changed in the next second, when he grabbed her hips hard with his large hands and he began to press himself into her bottom.

He began pulling her back against him even as he pushed himself forward, holding her firm while she regained her wits enough to want to crawl away from him, her knees gaining no grip on the sheets as his arms held her body under him. “Ffffuuck!” she grimaced and groaned, clenching down and trying to keep him from entering her there. “Stop! Daddy! Stop!”

“Shh. Take it all. Let Daddy inside,” he gritted. It didn’t sound like he was in for an easy time, either, but he continued just the same. “Push back on me.”

“I don’t want it! I don’t! I don’t want it!” she cried shrilly, her heart beating out of her chest.

“Don’t panic, baby. I’m inside of you. I’m almost all the way inside. You’re doing so good,” he shushed her, despite the fact that she didn’t feel like she was doing good at all.

“Take it out, Daddy, please!” The stretching and burning pain didn’t stop. She felt like she was actually going to split in two.

“There we go, sweetie. There we go.” His tone was calming over her head and he kissed her forehead from where he was craned over her. “Good girl,” he cooed to her. ”I’m all the way inside. Shhh.”

She was whimpering under him and she felt his hand come down, petting over her stomach and then finding her clit. “Good girl,” he told her, circling her clit softly with his fingers.

And then something completely unexpected happened so suddenly she was unprepared for it.

She came. She came so hard and so long that she couldn’t even hear Daddy talking in her ear. “Fuck!” she screamed, grabbing the sheets. Daddy was at her clit with one hand and had pulled her up against him, her body now on his lap with her legs splayed rather than on her bed with his weight on her. His strong arm held her like she was a fighting wildcat. Her body was clenching desperately on his cock and couldn’t seem to stop like it normally did. If normal orgasms were waves… then this was a tsunami.

After the haze cleared, it still felt like there was cotton in her ears, but also her discomfort had not ebbed, her asshole was still stuffed with Daddy’s cock, and there would be no more orgasms. Her mind was no longer clouded by sensations or long withdrawal from orgasm. And Daddy had not come inside of her yet. In fact, he had barely started his ride.

He began to bounce her on his cock, holding her hips with his hands. He was grunting more than talking, especially as she started to whimper even more than she had before. It was bad before, but now that she’d come, it seemed so much harsher and harder that her eyes were watering. She felt every inch of his cock inside her. “Please! Please, please!” she whined, meaning, without the exact phrasing, that she wanted him to go ahead and come in her, pretty pretty please, and end this.

“You came nice and hard on my cock,” he grunted in her ear over his thrusts. “Didn’t you, baby? Do you like Daddy’s cock in your ass?”

“No, Daddy,” she mewled unhappily. “Please.”

“I think you just need a little more practice.” She didn’t know if he was talking dirty into her ear for himself or for her, but she was hoping it was for him. He was picking up speed now and he leaned her forward on his lap, pulling her arms behind her, and began to jackhammer into her. Sophie’s crying and whining seemed to do nothing to slow him down or persuade him. He was a man possessed. “Oh, baby, your bottom feels so good around Daddy’s cock!” he panted, and then, after another flurrying of thrusts, he hugged his arms around her and came with an almost pained gasp from deep in his throat.

From the constant pulsing, she could tell that he was also coming especially hard. Charlie felt like he was shaking under her, spasming. She could actually feel his seed inside of her, and she felt a throb of discomfort with every spurt of his seemingly endless stream. But then his cock finally began to shrink and she wasn’t feeling quite so full of his flesh.

He finally laid them both onto their sides in a spoon before pulling his semihard cock blessedly out of her.

She breathed a breath of relief, unable to focus still on the throbbing of her anus. She panted, whimpered, and whined.

Charlie pulled himself up, grunting with the effort for it seemed like he was exhausted, and then pulled her bottom up and seemed to stare at her asshole with a hum of gratification. “You’re fine, baby. I know you’re sore, but it’s just a little pink and well-used. No bleeding or anything, okay?” That seemed like small comfort, although she was worried about that on some level. He then picked her up and sat down with her on his lap. “Shh,” he cooed to her, petting his hand soothingly up and down her thigh as he pressed her head against his chest. “It’s over.”

“I don’t want any more practice,” she sniffled.

“Did you push against me?” he asked, ignoring her statement.

Her body rigid, she snorted. “What does that even mean when you say that? I pushed my butt against you when you told me to.”

He looked up at the ceiling and blinked at it. “Okay, so that’s a confusion perhaps I should have cleared up. But I thought you understood.”

“I tried to relax but I couldn’t relax,” she mourned miserably.

“Are you relaxed now?” Well, she was, but as soon as he asked that, she craned her head to stare up at him with horror. “No, Daddy, I—”

With a sigh he said, “This conversation isn’t going to end with, ‘Bend over, let’s try that again.’”

“Good,” she sighed, relaxing immediately.

He chuckled in his chest and she grinned, loving the sound. “Now, are you relaxed?”

“God, what is that question?” she moaned. “I can’t relax when you tell me to relax!”

“Well, you can relax without pooping accidentally, right?” he laughed, probably because he anticipated that she would give him the exact look of disgust and dismay she was giving him now.

She looked up at him with disgust. “Gross! No! I mean… Yes, I can relax without… Gross!” she sneered.

“Well, that’s because the anus clenches more when you’re relaxed,” Charlie educated, patting her thigh. “That’s its job. It loosens when you push, like when you’re pooping.” She gave him an incredulous, chiding, ‘We don’t talk about pooping in this house especially in regards to sex’ look, but she was suddenly feeling foolish at the same time. It was suddenly making sense. “So,” he continued, “that was surely far more uncomfortable than it should have been. That’s why people get used to it—they know what’s coming. They know what to do to maximize comfort…”

“Yeah, but it hurts so much more after I…” she pursed her lips uncomfortably, “…you know, come. And I can’t help it!” she added with frustration. “It just happens!”

“Yeah, it did feel sudden,” Charlie agreed. “But you were overstimulated after a week of not being allowed to come so you were like a loaded gun. Your mommy and I figured that being very aroused would help—I mean, the only time Liz lets me inside her bottom is when we’ve gone through a forced dry spell because of being out of town or something, because at that point, she is so aroused and so primed for it that she wants to be filled like that.” He ran his fingers through Sophie’s hair. “I even touched your clit thinking that you weren’t aroused enough to want it, and that getting moreso would help you. And then… Well, it was like pushing a button.”

“My bottom is still throbbing,” she pouted.

He patted her bottom. “And I am not going to apologize,” he assured her, his tone light. “But now that you’re a big girl, do you want to take a nice bath with Daddy before I put your pajamas on?”

A bath did sound good. Sounded great, actually. “Do I get bubbles this time?” she asked, quirking an eyebrow with accusation in her tone, as if baths without bubbles were borderline abusive.

He laughed and then squeezed her close to him. “You can have bubbles,” he promised, kissing her on her head again. “Oh, baby. I love you so much.”

She sighed long-sufferingly, but smiled, feeling like she was finally getting let out of the doghouse. “I love you, too, Daddy.”

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