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Kelsey’s Keeper by Trent Evans – Extended Preview

“Yeah, George, I think it’s going to take me another week or so before I can get the final plans to you. From what I can tell thus far, the budget should pencil out—as long as the revenue projections verify. That’s a big piece of the puzzle, if this plan is gonna fly, financially.”

George Wickham was a good friend—and neighbor—just mile or two down the road from his cabin in Washington State. A village manager for what was really an unincorporated area called Foster Canyon Ranches, in the north-central part of the state, George had hired Max to draw up a new budget, complete with an improvement plan for the several projects the community needed done over the next five years. It was a much more involved project than Max had anticipated, but he was glad to do it—and at a ridiculously reduced fee—because he loved the special place so much.

Foster Canyon was his refuge, his little slice of solitude and sparse, stirring beauty when his normal life began to grate upon him. He’d bought the cabin there years ago, not long after he and Marie had split, and to this day it was still the best decision he’d ever made. In the fallout of the bitter divorce, the property had represented a refuge, a fresh start. Whatever it was, if nothing else, it didn’t remind him of the life, the marriage that had gone up in the flames of mistrust, regret, and the realization that no matter how hard he worked, no matter what he gave her, Max was never—ever—going to be good enough for his ex-wife. Marie had been a woman far more consumed with matters of the pocketbook than she was with matters of the heart.

It was the afternoon, and he was already starting to feel tired, but working hard at his downtown office all day long had helped him not think about what had happened the night before. It wasn’t so much that what happened was wrong, it was that he couldn’t stop thinking about it. How the hell was he going to get anything done, if all he could think about were Kelsey’s tits, her incredible lips, and how devotedly she’d sucked his cock?

The alarm buzzer for the downstairs door went off, and he cursed under his breath. “Hey, George, hang on. Got somebody here. Can I give you a call right back?”

He clicked over to the security camera feed for the front door, not sure what to expect—but he sure wasn’t expecting Kelsey. She was wearing dark sunglasses, her long hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had on black slacks, and a matching, snug, short-sleeve T shirt with some sort of writing across the breast that he couldn’t make out in the grainy security camera resolution.

What the fuck is she doing here?

He clicked Unlock Door on the screen, and she wasted no time swinging it wide as she strode inside his building and out of view of the camera lens. Her shoes tromped along the hallway downstairs, growing louder. Whatever her reason for being there, she seemed to be on a mission.

He said goodbye to George and hung up the phone just as the door to his office opened. She marched straight in, closing it behind her, slightly harder than she should have.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Now, I could ask you what the hell you’re doing in my office. I suppose my first question should actually be—what makes you think it’s appropriate to slam the door to my office?”

That seemed to take her aback a little bit, her lashes fluttering slightly. But she crossed her arms under her breasts. The writing across her chest, in a white cursive font, read:


“What’s this get-up you’re wearing?” He pointed at her outfit, wagging his finger up and down. “Did you come here straight from waiting tables or something?”

Her cheeks flushed pink at that. “How come you’re not answering my calls? Or my texts? I’ve been calling you all day long.”

“I had no idea.” It was a lie, of course; his phone had been buzzing all day long, but he wasn’t about to give her what she wanted. He suspected she wasn’t used to this, a man who didn’t drop whatever he was doing to answer her, to be there at her beck and call. Literally.

“And why should I have answered your calls and texts? I’ve been working, Kelsey. That’s the thing I do that makes me money during the day. It’s called a job.” He tilted his head, narrowing his eyes at her. “Is that why you came storming into my office today? Because I didn’t drop whatever I was doing, and pick up the phone?”

“Well, that’s not what I mean…” Her voice, so firm when she first arrived, had faltered just the slightest bit. “I just… you said we were going to talk today.”

“I did say that.” He turned in his chair, and rose to his feet. She took a small step back as he did it. He didn’t really understand why it turned him on, but it most certainly did.

Are you getting off on the fact that you’re intimidating her?

He didn’t really want to answer that question, because to be honest about that didn’t make him look like such a good guy after all. But at that moment, he was beyond caring about such things. What he was concerned about was the fact that Kelsey seemed to misunderstand the situation, misreading the dynamic between them—if there was one.

And it was time to straighten her out.

He strolled around his desk, gripping the edge as he leaned his ass against the front of it. He drummed his fingers along the wood, staring her down. “Well, since you’re here, let’s talk. First thing—you seem to be making a bad habit of showing up at my office without warning me. That ends today. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” she murmured, having the good grace to realize she’d been rude. “I’m… I’m sorry, I know that’s… not okay.”

“Second—you’re going to have to understand that you’re not dealing with some stupid little boy, some kid you can wrap around your finger and manipulate. When I said we would talk today, I meant it. But it was going to be when I was ready to talk to you. I do things on my time, not yours. Do you understand me?”

She almost gasped at that, but nodded anyway. “I… I guess so.”

“Here’s what’s going to happen.” He glanced back over his shoulder, pointedly, then locked eyes with her once again. “You are going to bend over this desk, and take down those pants. Do you understand me?”

She made a tiny sound in her throat, her fingers visibly trembling despite her defiant stance, her arms crossed over her chest. He wondered for a moment if she would actually disobey him, and in turn he pondered if he even wanted her to obey him. He had to think about that one later.

“I’m waiting, Kelsey. You’re going to be spanked today for your unacceptable behavior. It’s what happens in any relationship with me.” He winced right after he said it, realizing the implication was one he hadn’t intended. But it was too late to take it back.

Shockingly, she actually approached the desk, her big eyes watching him the entire time as if to ensure that as long as she kept close tabs on him, he wouldn’t pounce upon her like some predator.

She was only half right.

“I… do we really have to do this? I mean, it was just a mistake. I won’t do it again.”

“Yes, we do have to do this. This is a learning opportunity for you, Kelsey, and I’m not about to pass it up. Next time you feel like barging into someone’s office, you’ll remember how your ass is going to feel in the next few minutes.” He jerked a thumb toward his desk, leveling a glare her. “Now, get your ass over that desk.”

Her entire body seemed to tremble as she folded herself over it, her bottom sticking out much too enticingly. The urge to squeeze it, to caress it, to enjoy it, was overwhelming. But that wasn’t at all what he had to do at that moment. This was about boundaries and discipline, and if he were very lucky, showing Kelsey that she was barking up the wrong tree here. Perhaps this little lesson in behavioral management would get the silly girl to finally see some sense. That her infatuation with him was nothing more than a temporary, if intense, diversion.

He pushed himself away from the desk, moving around to stand directly behind her. From this vantage point, even in her slacks, he got to see once again just how well fleshed her bottom really was. For someone as slender and fit as Kelsey Burke was, she had a surprisingly juicy, round ass. One that practically made for what he was about to give it.

What you want to give her ass is a lot more than a spanking, and you know it. This is not a good idea, Max.

It seemed of late that she had him doing all sorts of things that weren’t exactly the best idea.

“Take your pants down, Kelsey.”

He waited for her for a heartbeat, then another, his eyes fixed upon the broadness of her hips, the lushness of her thighs hinted at even in the dark slacks.

Her hands reached back, then hooked into the waistband of the slacks. She wiggled her hips adorably as she worked her pants down, revealing white lace boy shorts.

“Panties too, girl.” His cock was already throbbing, pressing hard against the zipper of his own pants, and yet it almost irritated him. This wasn’t about getting his rocks off. This was about trying to dissuade this silly girl from doing something even dumber than she’d already done.

He just wondered if he had the strength to go through with it.

She whimpered ever so slightly, then drew the lace down as well, fully revealing her ass to him. It was just as beautiful as he thought it would be, broad and pale—but firm, too. It was perfect, really. Like just about every other part of Kelsey’s gorgeous, young figure.

You sound like a fucking dirty old man.

Perhaps that’s what he was? But it wasn’t going to stop him from doing the right thing here, from showing her she was stupid to push this any further. “Now, you listen to me, Kelsey. You’re going to get a spanking, and then you’re going to go home. Got me?”

“Yes… yes, sir.” Both the words and the trembling of her voice had his cock surging again, his urge to touch it, to stroke it while he looked at her ass helplessly before him, almost too much to bear.

He stood at her side, smoothing a hand over her lower back, then down her right buttock, so soft, smooth, and cool to his touch. Then he moved it back up the right side, giving her ass a little squeeze, making her let out a tiny yelp.


Her pretty hips wriggled just the slightest bit. “Yes, sir.”

He brought his palm down firmly across the center of her left buttock, the slap satisfyingly loud, jarring in the quiet room. Her bottom cheeks clenched for just a split second, then relaxed. But she made no other sound.

That pleased him, seeing that even then, despite her mortification, she was still at least attempting to obey him.

Then he began slapping her ass with a steady, firm rhythm, not giving it to her too hard, but definitely not going easy on her, either. “Have you ever been spanked before, Kelsey?”

Her swallow was audible. “No. Never. You could stop now, right?”

“What would be the point in that, Kelsey? I’m not even close to done with this ass.” He couldn’t help himself, smoothing a palm over his genitals, giving them a firm squeeze as he continued to slap her ass. He concentrated on the firm, slightly chubby overhang of her buttocks, at the tender join where they met the creamy thighs. Cupping his palm, he began smacking her there even harder, loving the way it made her buttocks bounce and wobble with each blow of his palm. Pink was already beginning to suffuse her pale, beautiful flesh. But it didn’t stop him. Quite the opposite, in fact. It actually spurred him on to spank her even harder.

Ah! Uncle Max!”

“That’s another thing, Kelsey!” He slapped her ass with a quick flurry of four or five smacks, her entire bottom jiggling and wobbling at the harsh blows. “How many times have I told you to quit calling me that? And yet you still do it. I’m beginning to wonder if you’re doing it on purpose, just to make me mad.”

“No! No—I’m… I just, it’s habit. Ah!” Her hips waved again, and he gripped her waist tightly, holding her still.

“Stay in place, girl. One of the things you need to learn is to be obedient during your punishment. Keep your bottom very still, so that I can properly spank it.”

“Properly spank me! No! I mean, I’ll do what you say but—”

He slapped her upper thigh then, and she bit off a tight shriek, the ghostly print of his palm going white and then instantly darkening to pink upon her soft, vulnerable flesh. “You’re damn right you’re going to do what I say. I’ll teach you.”

She had the good sense to keep her mouth shut at that, though she whimpered with almost every blow now. He pressed upon her smooth lower back, loving the way sweat was beginning to bead upon her skin. It was at that moment that he caught the scent—the scent of her arousal.

Is being spanked actually… turning her on?

“Almost done, girl. But these last few are going to hurt. I have a question for you.” He ceased her spanking, but squeezed her left buttock harshly, possessively, a warning that he could resume her punishment at any moment. He didn’t want to think about how much he loved holding her that way, as if she were his possession, his toy. He wanted to do so much more with her gorgeous ass, already thinking of it as his—his to hurt, pleasure, and enjoy.

Watch that shit, Max.

But he couldn’t help himself, his arousal so strong now that he was sure a wet spot was going to begin growing upon the front of his slacks if he didn’t stop soon. Still, even that didn’t stop him from indulging himself still further.

He hooked his fingers under the hem of her black T shirt, rucking it up her back, exposing the pale, smooth flesh there. As he eased a hand over it, she shivered, then pressed herself up into his touch, a clear signal that what he was doing to her was reaching her on a very elemental level. Just as he’d hoped.

“So pretty,” he murmured, hoping it was quiet enough that she didn’t hear him. He pushed her shirt up even higher, much higher than it needed to be, all the way to her breasts. And though he knew it was very, very wrong, he marveled anew at the flawlessness of her skin, the smooth muscles of her pale back. He caressed it for a moment, luxuriating in the feel of her warm flesh under his hand, the electricity between them overwhelming.

“Oh, Max…” She breathed the words, as if out of breath. Or aroused.

“You be quiet, you hear me?” He put a tiny bit of an edge into his voice, wanting her to understand that just because he was enjoying the display and the feel of her body, she was in absolutely no control over what was happening to her. He needed her to understand that, to know that, to accept it. Because it was the only way he would ever have it.

“Yes, sir… sorry, sir.”

He thrilled once more at the sound of those words, loving that much more than he should have, his cock throbbing again. “Tonight, when you sit down, you’re going to be a little uncomfortable. What are you going to think when you realize your ass is still sore from having it spanked?”

Kelsey gasped, though he wasn’t sure if it was from pain, or from mortification at his bold question. “I… how am I supposed to know that? I mean, it’s not as if I have any frame of reference, you know?”

“Smartass.” He pressed down upon her lower back again pinning her in place, loving the control over her body in this way. He squeezed her ass harshly again then the other cheek, rubbing his thumb over her flesh, knowing it was the exact wrong signal to be sending her.

She sighed softly as he did it, but he couldn’t help himself—she was just too gorgeous.

Then he steeled himself for what had to be done next.

For one moment he took in the sight of her laid out before him. His cock was aching hard as he looked upon her bare ass, so pretty, and on display. He couldn’t believe how much he wanted to do much, much more than spank her bare bottom.

As if she could feel the weight of his gaze, she made a move to slide off the desk, but he held her down, harshly pressing her back to the flat plane of the desktop. She gasped in surprise, and, he suspected, something else entirely.

“I don’t know what it is you expected to accomplish today by storming down to my office like this. But I assure you, Kelsey girl, that this sort of misbehavior is never going to result in anything pleasant for you. I expect you to be a good girl. All the time. You’re very lucky you aren’t mine, because if you were, with the behavior you’re exhibiting today? I suspect you’d be in this position a lot with me.” He slapped her left ass cheek hard, then the right, then left again. “So, when you’re sitting down to dinner tonight, and your bottom aches, maybe you’ll consider yourself lucky.” He squeezed one of her now quite warm buttocks, lifting it and then letting it drop, loving the way it bounced for a moment before stilling, the lushness of her pretty bottom cheeks absolutely mouthwatering. “Then again maybe tonight, in bed, you’ll remember this moment. And you’ll be thinking something quite different than regret.”

Her breath caught in her throat at that, and in an instant, he knew he shouldn’t have said it. But it just came to him, the image of her lying in her bed, in deep shadows, her hand between her lush, smooth thighs, feverishly rubbing her clit, as she replayed in her mind having her ass spanked red, being controlled like a disobedient girl, bent over his desk to receive her much-needed discipline.

He suspected that was exactly what she’d be doing tonight, even though she’d never admit it.

“I-I can’t believe you just said that! Who do you think you—?”

“Who do I think I am?” He peppered her luscious ass with several more hard slaps, the sounds cracking crisply in the air, her flesh rippling and jiggling with each harsh impact. “I think I’m the man who’s teaching you, finally, how to be a good girl. It’s years too late, of course—but better late than never, right?”

He thought she made a sound that was a cross between a snarl and a gasp of shock, but he couldn’t hear it, because he gave her the final flurry of harsh, stinging slaps, ensuring the entirety of her round, beautiful bottom was a uniform hot pink color, here and there displaying darker mauve marks where his fingers had welted her flesh.

It was a good first spanking—not perfect, but serviceable. If he’d done his job right, it would be the very last she ever received from him. He liked to think though that whichever man she eventually settled down with—a very lucky man, indeed—would have the courage, the wisdom, the strength to see what this special girl needed. To give her the structure, the discipline, and the accountability that young, headstrong women like her thrived under.

Whether she thought she wanted it or not.

You know she won’t get that, Max. Guys her age are completely clueless. The only man who can give that to her… is you.

He hated both the truth of that statement and the promise of it. If he only made a single choice, he could make that come true for her. For both of them. But it was the exact wrong thing to do. He was trying to teach her how to make the right decisions, show her the path in life that would lead her to happiness.

Thinking with his cock—and taking her for himself—was the last thing Kelsey Burke needed. She needed him to be the voice of reason, the wise man, to show her what was best.

Even if what was best hurt him just a tiny bit.

Or a helluva lot.

He gave her one last slap across her thigh, and this time she did shriek, her thighs rubbing together, her ass waving side to side. She was panting now, and he could hear just the tiniest hint of a sniffle in her voice. “I’m… I’m sorry, Max. I’m really sorry.”

Though he wanted to comfort her, draw her into his arms, hug her tight and kiss her hair, and tell her all was forgiven, he knew that this last part might be the most important of all. “Get your pants up, girl.” He said it brusquely, almost cruelly. She needed to know that he still meant business. That this wasn’t about her pleasure—or his.

He stepped back, watching her draw her pants back up, settling them back in place. She sprang up from her humiliating perch, rubbing her ass over her slacks. Her pretty face was blushing bright, white teeth nibbling at her lip, eyes downcast. Her hair had partially come out of her ponytail while he’d been spanking her, and he waved her over. “Come here, girl. Your hair is a mess.”

Her gaze snapped to his then, her mouth falling open, eyes blinking rapidly. But then she did exactly as he ordered, moving close, her hands wringing together in front of her legs. She looked down at the floor as he quickly drew her hair neatly through the band she’d used to tie it off, securing it firmly once more. “There, much better. Pretty Kelsey, once more.”

The words surprised him, with their tenderness, their intimacy, their affection. But they were genuine, nonetheless.

You need to stop this.

She peered up at him, her pink lips curving in an uncertain smile. “T-thank you, Max. I just… thank you…”

All he wanted to do at that moment was kiss her on her forehead and give her a big hug. But that was the exact wrong thing to be doing at that moment, for she still needed to understand that this avenue of exploration, whatever it was that happened last night, couldn’t, shouldn’t ever happen again.

So, he clamped his hand around her upper arm, gripping it tightly. She grunted, seemingly frozen in place.

“Let’s go, girl.” Surprisingly, she allowed him to lead her out of the office, down the stairs, and back out to the front door. Yanking her outside, he left her standing on the sidewalk. He pointed at her, giving her his best gimlet gaze. “No more, Kelsey.”

“What… what are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?”

She put her hands on her hips, taking a deep breath. He didn’t like how much pleasure he took at watching the rise and fall of her generous breasts.

“I… I know we have something. Just… I want you.” Her nostrils flared, her face blushing slightly once more. “Okay, fine, I said it. I want you to… fuck me. Look, just once. Once? I…” She ran her hands through her hair, groaning in frustration.

“Jesus Christ, Kelsey.” He looked up and down the street for any onlookers. Fortunately, nobody was even close, aside from a car roaring by now and then. “You need to get out of here. If you do the right thing, the smart thing, you won’t come back tomorrow. You’ll stay away.”

“And if I do?” Her eyes sparkled. “What happens… then?”

He crossed his arms, shaking his head for a moment. He drew a breath, staring at her. He knew he shouldn’t say it, shouldn’t even open the door even a tiny little bit. But he simply couldn’t help it. The images whirling in his mind at the moment were simply too compelling to ignore. “Then we get to have a conversation about doing as you’re told. By me.”

The color drained from her face, but her eyes flashed with the understanding of what he’d just said. “Oh…”

He wasn’t about to give her any more time to think about it though. “Now, go home.

Then before she could say a single word, he closed the door right in her face, and threw the deadbolt.

What the fuck have you just done?

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