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Kept After Hours by Alexis Alvarez – Extended Preview

“My p-punishment?” Her eyes widened. Fuck, was she going to come just from nothing, not even a finger on her body? She took a deep breath to hold back.

“That’s right,” he answered. “You’re going to get a good, hard spanking from me, Kiera. You need to learn a lesson about dressing appropriately for the cold. If I heat up your ass, maybe you’ll remember to keep your entire body warm next time you get ready to head out in sub-zero weather.”

He sounded serious, even though she had safewords, and she shivered at the threat.

“You’re going to crawl for me,” he said, brushing his hand over her cheeks, “and then I’m going to spank you.”

“I’m not going to crawl.” The words came out immediately.

“Oh, no?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Well, I don’t really want to. I’d rather just do something else,” she said lamely. It wasn’t on her limits list. She just wanted more of his tongue on her clit.

“I saw your face when Michael made Lisa crawl for him. You were fucking turned on, Kiera.”

“I was not.”

“Are you lying to me? Lying is punished immediately.” He pinched a nipple.



“Yes, fine, it turned me on,” she admitted. “It was hot, but I don’t ever want to do that in front of anyone else.”

“Turn and face the table, and lean down on it,” he ordered, then continued, “You’re doing it for me. Only me.” He raised his hand and brought it down with a resounding crack.

“Ow.” She flinched away.

“Ten more for lying to me. If I ask you to tell me if something turns you on, you say yes or no immediately. It’s the only way I can learn your body and mind. Count.”

He brought his hand down again, harder this time, and she tried to move away. “Ouch! Logan.”

“That one didn’t count. Try again.”

When she felt the burst of fire from a new spank, she hurried to address him correctly. “I’m sorry! One.”

He slapped her again, at the base of her ass, almost at the thighs.

She hissed out her breath. “Two.”

“Don’t flinch. Hold still.” He slapped again.

“Three!” Her voice quivered.

By the time he got to ten, her ass burned and she was trying to twist away from the spanks.

“Do I need to do another ten with the paddle, or are you going to be honest with me?”

“No paddle. I’ll be honest! I promise.”

“So the crawling did turn you on.” He sounded smug.

“Yes. Ow. You made my butt sore.” She scowled at him.

“Good.” But he ran his hands over her heated skin, soothing the pain. “If crawling turned you on, what makes you say you won’t do it?”

“I don’t know.” When his hand stilled, she hurried to add, “I mean, I just… my mind balked at it. What if my knees hurt too much?”

He laughed. “You’re going to crawl across the floor at my command, not across the entire Appalachian Trail. I think your knees will survive. Unless you have to do knee-modeling pictures tomorrow or have an injury I don’t know about?”

“Ah, no. I’ve not had the pleasure of knee-modeling. And I’m not injured.”

“And it’s not a hard limit that makes you safeword?”


“Then I suggest you get down and give it a good fair try, or else I’m going to give you another ten with the paddle.” He picked it up from the nearby bench and slapped it into his hand. “Understand?”

“Yes… I understand.”

“You know I don’t mind paddling you,” he offered. “If more pain is what you need to get your mind to obedience, then I’m ready.” He slapped it into his hand again.

“No!” Slightly panicked, she got up from the bench and reached one hand behind to rub her cheeks. “I’ll crawl.”

“Manners,” he ordered her. “Ask me nicely what to do.”

“Logan, what would you like me to do for you, Sir,” she said, her eyes narrowing despite herself.

He smiled. “Thank you for asking, Kiera. Down on your knees.” He snapped and pointed to the floor. “Crawl beside my leg across the room to the shelves.”

He took off at a brisk pace, and Kiera hesitated momentarily, then scurried to keep up. She didn’t even pay attention to the discomfort on her knees in her rush to stay with him.

When they reached the shelves, he unlocked the closed cabinet and took out a package. “Head down, please. Back to the table.”

She directed her eyes to the floor and followed him back, starting to breathe more heavily.

He placed the item on the tabletop. “Back to the shelves. Come.” He snapped his fingers.

Her anger rose. This time his pace was faster yet, and she had to scramble to keep up. When they reached the shelves a second time and he unlocked them again for a package, she snapped.

“Logan! Why are you making me go back and forth? This is dumb.”

“Dumb?” His voice was silky but dangerous. “As your dom tonight, I’m asking you to behave. Do I need to ask with the crop instead of my voice?”

“No, but…”

“That’s a yes, I do. Stand.” He took her arm and assisted her to her feet.

“No, I don’t need the crop! It’s just that crawling is not exciting and it’s not fun.”

“It’s fun for me,” he said, his eyebrows raised.

“But this is supposed to be fun for both of us.” She crossed her arms.

He glanced around, then led her back to the table. “Bend over this table, like before, and stretch your arms out as far as they go. Legs wide while I get my crop. We’re going to have a little discussion about fun when I return. You move out of position, it’s double the strikes. Understand?”

“Yes.” Her voice was reluctant.

He slapped her ass, hard. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He came back a few seconds later with the crop but spanked her once with his hand, a sharp slap. Her bottom tingled, and the sensation mingled with the pain from his earlier spanking.

“When you crawl, are you aware of your legs?” His voice was firm.

“Yes, Sir.”

“How does crawling feel?”

“It’s embarrassing, and it’s… I feel like a pet.”

“What else?” He rested his hand on her ass cheeks, rubbing gently with his fingertips.

“Well, it’s uncomfortable. Have you crawled?” But more than half her attention was on his hand, not on their conversation. What was he going to do next? She tried to see what he was doing with the crop.

He didn’t answer that. “Makes your knees a little sore?”

“Yes! Not the good kind of pain, either.” It looked he was just holding the crop in his other hand.

“Is it pain or just discomfort?”

“Well, it’s not painful, per se. But I don’t… I don’t see how this is sexy.”

“I happen to love the sight of a sexy woman crawling for me,” he answered evenly. “And to answer your question, it’s not sexy for you, not right now. This part is your punishment. Next time you think about wearing a short skirt in negative twenty below weather without protecting your skin, think about how that’s a bad choice. And how I’m going to make you crawl around for an hour, if I need to, to remind you to stay aware of your legs and knees and take care of them.”

She huffed. “It’s not your right to punish me for that.”

“You gave me that right, tonight. Either you safeword right now, or you do what I say.”

She was silent.

“A punishment like that isn’t meant to be torture. It will sting, but it will be quick, and then it will be over. If you’d obeyed me, we’d already be doing something else.” He bent over and let his lips brush her neck, lowering his voice. “Something you’d really love.”

“Fine. I get it.” The softness of his lips, coupled with the darkness of his threats, summoned delicious images in her mind.

“Then are you ready?” He nipped her skin with his teeth. “It’s going to hurt.”

She nodded, adrenaline surging.

“Twenty-five with the crop. Don’t bother to count.”

Before she could agree, the leather landed with a lick of fire and she wailed and jumped away. “Logan!”

“Back against the table, Kiera. If I need to bind your hands, I’m adding a butt plug to the punishment.”

She tried, but as the crop fell again and again, she couldn’t resist, and reached back to block further spanks. “It hurts,” she hissed, trying to push him away.

“Binding and butt plug it is.” He stepped away and returned with a pair of cuffs. “Give me your wrists,” he demanded, and sniffling, she held out her arms, allowing him to fasten the leather cuffs, then link them together. When he adjusted her back over the padded table, his hands were firm but sure.

“Legs wide again, please,” he ordered, tapping her inner foot with his shoe, and she opened her thighs, widening her legs as far as she could.

“Good.” She heard him rustle with the packages he’d brought over, then the click of a bottle. Cool lube drizzled down her exposed anus. She flinched.

He put a hand on her shoulder. “Easy. This won’t hurt.” His finger pushed at her entrance. “Relax your muscles, Kiera. Yeah, like that.”

As he pushed his digit into her body, she moaned in embarrassment and also pleasure at the sensation. He called it punishment, but fuck, it turned her on.

He pumped the finger in and out a few times, added more lube, and pushed deeper. She clenched her pussy and he laughed. “You like that?” He rotated his finger, pumped again, and pushed at the walls of her body, teasing her with his touch. It felt good, strange and invasive in turn, but with her legs spread open and her arms bound, she could do nothing but accept his ministrations.

She was getting wetter by the minute, and the sting on her ass was all but forgotten. But when he removed his finger and something else pushed at the entrance to her anus, she tensed. “Logan?”

“It’s a plug,” he explained. “A relatively large one, too, so you’re going to need to relax and help me out to get it in.”


“You’re going to have to accept the plug and try to suck it into your body with your muscles as I work it into you, Kiera. It’s going to hurt a little bit, so we need to work together to get it all the way seated in your asshole without causing too much discomfort.”

“But Logan!” Her face flamed. “I don’t want…”

“Then you should have crawled when I told you to do it.” His voice was firm, leaving no room for argument. “Now you’ll get plugged, cropped, and then you’ll crawl for me without complaining, or we’ll repeat the whole exercise before you get to come. Understand?”

Miserable, turned on, and a complete mix of emotions, she could only agree. “Yes, Sir.”

More lube, then the thing pushed at her anus again. “Relax your cheeks entirely and your anal muscles as I start to push. When you’re ready, ask me to do this.”

She clenched her buttocks, then relaxed them. “Logan, please… start pushing the butt plug in.” It was incredibly hard to get the words out. It may have been just the two of them, but damn, saying that to him—such a dirty, submissive thing—made her entire body seize up with embarrassment.

“Into where?”

“Into… my asshole,” she whispered.

As soon as she said the words, the tip pressed against her anal ring, and then intruded inside her body. At first it was fine, but a few seconds later, she realized that ‘relatively large’ meant ‘really fucking large’ when it came to plugs.

“Ow!” She clenched up and he stopped.

“You have to relax, Kiera,” he said patiently.

“It hurts,” she begged.

“I know.” He was calm. “It’s going to burn. Once it’s in, it won’t feel so bad. Stay with me.”

“I don’t want to. I hate this.”

“Kiera?” His voice was clipped, but he ran one hand over her buttocks and thighs, making circles with his fingers. “I’m waiting.” He dipped one finger into her pussy and pumped it. “I know what you want, but you’re going to earn it.” He chuckled. “And I don’t think you actually hate this at all.”

“Fine.” She bit her lip and relaxed her muscles again. “I’m ready.”

“For?” He trailed one finger over her clit.

She almost whimpered at the touch. “For you to keep pushing the plug… into my ass.” She stifled a sob of embarrassment.

“Nice and deep, right?” He pushed firmly, and she squealed as the plug stretched her further.

“Ah,” she moaned.

“Kiera, I asked you a question.” His voice was sharp.

“Yes! Nice and deep,” she repeated, twisting her hips.

“Good. Stay open for me, just like that.” More pressure, and now the ring of muscles around her anus was burning, on fire so badly that she couldn’t stand it.

“Logan, it’s splitting me open,” she wailed, shifting from foot to foot. “Take it back out, please.”

“If I take it out, it just means we have to start over,” he reminded her. “It’s not splitting you at all. You’re stretching beautifully, Kiera, and it’s not going to injure you in the slightest. Fuck, your ass looks so hot with the plug sticking out halfway.”

“But, owwww.”

“I know, and think about this next time you decide to disobey me,” he suggested. “Think about this moment, you standing here complaining because this large plug hurts, but taking it anyway because you know you deserve the punishment.”

He gave the plug a tap, and she cried out.

“Now for the rest of it,” he said. A steady pressure began, and the burn morphed into the fires of hell. She was sure she was going to need to call out her safeword, but suddenly the plug moved into her body and settled, and the pain settled down.

“Uh,” she grunted at the sensation. Her anus still smarted and burned, but it was fading fast. Now, instead of that hideous burn, it was a muted discomfort, due to the size of the plug stretching her, but at least at the base of the plug, right by her anus, the slightly narrower section made it bearable.

“Better?” he teased, and spanked her right on top of the plug. The sensation of the spank, along with the push of the plug a little deeper, made her yelp out with surprise—it was strangely good.

“Now that it’s in,” he said, “we’ll finish that cropping, and then you’ll demonstrate how well and obediently you can crawl for me. Don’t clench down while I crop you. Keep your ass soft and loose.”

“Yes, Sir,” she mumbled, feeling an exquisite mixture of humiliation and arousal.

This time the crop hit harder, but it wasn’t as painful as before, and she found herself lifting her hips toward him, pushing backward, as if asking for each lick, each pop of pain, each blotch of red he was surely painting onto her cheeks.

When he finished, she was breathing hard, whimpering with the need to come. “Logan…” she begged. For a second he pressed into her body, and she felt him, iron hard, against her thigh. But then he stepped back.

“I’m going to release your hands,” he told her, “and give you some water. Then you’re going to crawl back and forth across the room three times while I sit and watch from the comfort of this chair.” He pointed at the leather throne. “If the plug pops out, you’ll start over.”


“So if you feel like it’s getting loose, or starting to come out, you need to ask me to come over and help paddle it back in with some nice hard punishing swats.”

He sauntered to the wall and came back with a wicked-looking paddle, a different one from the one he’d threatened her with earlier. Long and thin, barely wider than a school ruler, it was made of thick leather and had a studded handle. “Look at this for a minute while I get your water,” he offered, setting it beside her on the table.

A minute later he was back with a sweating plastic bottle. He unlocked her cuffs and rubbed her wrists, then unscrewed the cap. “Here.”

She drank at least half before handing the bottle back, then brushed her mouth. Her body was sweaty and she wiped stray hairs out of her face. Her ass cheeks tingled from the spanking and her anus was full. She liked plugs, but this one was just on the verge of being too large. If only he’d chosen a slightly smaller size!

“Can’t we just have sex?” she begged, reaching out to touch him. He was so hard! He allowed her touch and groaned, and his eyelashes lowered. She was sure, for one second, that he’d say yes, fuck yes, and toss her right onto the table and take her.

But he shook his head. “If I let you out of your punishment, what lesson have you learned?”

“No, I learned it, I promise,” she begged. “I’ll crawl next time, just please take out this plug and fuck me.”

“Now I think you’re just saying that,” he said, tweaking one nipple. “But after this discipline, you’ll truly mean it. You’ll feel the difference, I promise.” He gave her a dark look.

“Logan?” She wound her fingers together.

He picked up the paddle. “I know you’re sore, but you can take more. And you’re going to get it if that plug loosens. Down. Remember, back and forth three times.”

She sucked in a breath, then awkwardly got to her knees. The plug was so large that it wouldn’t automatically shoot out like those tiny silicone ones. But he’d lubed it up generously, and despite the girth of the thing, she could feel that it would be challenge to make it stay in while crawling.

“Can you at least let me wear my panties… to help it stay in?” Her face was hot.

“No. Get started.”

He sat down and slapped the paddle against his thigh. She started to crawl. The room wasn’t that wide—three times back and forth was totally manageable! Right?

But before she got to the far wall, the plug started to work its way out of her body. She stopped, breathing hard, and clenched on it, trying to use her anal muscles to coax it back in. “Ow,” she flinched, as her machinations made it slip further out, setting the wider part near her anal sphincter before halting. “Ouch!” Letting the plug sit in this way was definitely not going to feel good! She started to crawl more slowly, leaving her thighs a little wider—for some reason, crawling with her legs together seemed to convince the plug to exit.

This was awkward and ungainly and she had to pick her way slowly. When she got to the far wall, his voice rang out. “Get onto your knees and inch forward until your nipples brush the wall. Reach up as high as you can, touch the wall with both hands, and ask permission to return.”

She obeyed, doing as he commanded, feeling tingles of arousal as her nipples brushed the wall. “May I please have permission to return?” She wanted to reach back and fix the plug. Would he notice?

“Yes. Come to me and kneel in front of me, ass up, so I can see the plug.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Laboriously she crawled back to him, trying not to wince at the sensation of the plug. By the time she got back, it was definitely on the verge of popping out.

“Logan…” she started.

“Do you have something to ask me?” he said, his voice firm.

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