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Kept by the Mountain Beast by Celeste Jones – Serialization (Part Three)

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Chapter Six


Enclosed inside Lynx’s cabin I had lost track of time, but he had not.

“It has been two days since those men left the mountain. Enough time for them to go home, recover, and then decide they must avenge themselves.”

“Really? They’re not too smart. I’d think they’d have learned their lesson and just stay away.”

“It’s the dumb ones that are the most dangerous. I need to go out and make sure they have not come back. They have a vendetta against both of us now, they still want you for the bounty. And since I have bested them and taken you, they will no doubt wish to get revenge on me too.”

I hadn’t considered the danger Lynx had put himself in by taking me and protecting me. Stealing me from them. Guilt bubbled to the surface. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I seem to bring trouble everywhere I go.”

He turned and gazed down at me, his eyes a devastatingly clear gray. “I knew the risks when I took you from them. What I had not expected were the rewards.” He leaned down and kissed me and then began working at first my clothes and then his. Within moments we were naked. “Remember,” he said, “you need my seed on you to protect you.”

“Are you sure that’s the real reason you’re doing this?” I asked, my hands eager against his steely flesh.

“It might not be the primary thought on my mind right now, but it is important. I am going to be gone for a few hours. I do not want anything to happen to you.” He pushed me back on the bed and lifted my legs to rest on his shoulders while he stood on his knees. Foreplay wasn’t a big priority to Lynx. He was a man who got down to business fast and hard and this morning that was fine by me. I was ready. Just the sight of him, hair wild around his shoulders, eyes darkening as he gazed at my open sex, sent spasms through my pussy and I inched along the bed to get closer to him and his hot cock.

“You stay right where I put you, little Lexi,” he said, his eyes dark with warning, except the warning only made me more eager. I bit my lip to keep from begging him, though I did reach my hands out to rest on his forearms. The muscles there were like tight coils beneath my fingers. They say that power is an aphrodisiac. They usually mean the type of power that money or social importance brings, but knowing a man could toss you in the air and carry you around like a bag of laundry then punch the crap out of a couple of bad guys in order to protect you—now that was sexy. And though I didn’t want Lynx to meet up with those assholes who had captured me or to encounter any problems, the idea of him pounding them got me hot and touching his muscles brought it all to the forefront.

Pushing his cock into my core, he moaned deep in his chest, then grabbed my hips and pulled me closer, my head bouncing on the mattress as he fucked me hard. I gasped and cried out, clutching at his forearms and reveling in being used thoroughly by him.

The bed shook with the force of his thrusts. I clung to his forearms and shamelessly moaned with pleasure. He dominated me completely and I loved it. In only a few days I had gone from a nervous virgin to a wanton, insatiable woman. Perhaps only a man with Lynx’s strength and stamina would have ever been able to satisfy me. A mountain beast was the perfect mate for me.

He rutted into me, my body tossed around on top of the mattress adding another layer of awareness to my already overloaded senses.

“Yes!” I shouted. The walls of my vagina squeezed his cock and then released. Over and over until I reached the apex. As I came, the power of my climax reverberated throughout my body.

“Yes!” Lynx repeated my shout of ecstasy. With a couple more hard thrusts, he came as well with a hot spurt and before he finished, he pulled out and sent a shot of seed across my belly and breasts. He looked down at his handiwork and smiled. “Remember, you’re mine.”

Like I could ever forget.

A few minutes later he prepared to leave and turned to me with a serious look on his face. “The door doesn’t lock from the outside, but know this—if I ever come back and you aren’t here, I will hunt you down, drag you home, and take a switch to your bottom until my arm is worn out. Then I’ll fuck you raw and lock you back in the cage, little girl, and I’ll keep you there until I’m certain you won’t ever dare make such a mistake again.” He leaned down to make sure he had my attention.

I gaped up at him. After the way he had made love to me and the closeness we had been building over the last two days, his words were like a dash of cold water. Or maybe a splash of reality.

“I-I won’t leave without your permission,” I whispered, my heart aching a bit at his harsh tone. “I’m sorry I ran off the other day.”

“I told you that I will protect and care for you and I will keep my word. Whatever it takes to keep you safe, remember that.”

He left and closed the door and I turned the latch from the inside.

I sat on the bed digesting what had happened in the last few minutes. Maybe I was just a vessel for his seed. Well, regardless of that, I was not going to leave now if only because it would prove his point about me. He’d said he’d be gone for several hours. I needed something to do, so I found my clothes and put them on then dug around until I found a dustpan and broom and set to work.


I hurried through my usual routine. I had been patrolling my part of the mountain for years and knew every tree, shrub, and wildflower. While my body went through the motions of checking for intruders, my mind remained with Lexi back at the cabin.

I had meant what I’d said about spanking her hard and putting her back in the cage, but the hurt look in her eyes nagged at my conscience. Maybe I had been too harsh.

But in my defense, she needed to know my expectations. And if it kept her in the cabin and safe, then so much the better.

Though I hadn’t found anything unusual today, that didn’t mean danger wasn’t looming on the horizon, from enemies both known and unknown.

I hated to think badly about my own kind, but there were others of my tribe who were nearly crazed with the need for a female and no doubt Lexi’s scent was on the air for anyone who wandered close enough. Fortunately, my scent was on her too, stronger and a warning to those who might dare trifle with what was mine.

I reminded myself to slow down. Carelessness could lead to trouble. Taking a deep breath, I retraced my route and double checked that nothing was amiss before heading home.

Home to Lexi. Along the way, I collected a few switches and some mountain roots. No doubt they would come in handy over the coming days.

Tonight, I would enjoy her. Savor her eager body and savage her the way my body ached to do. Though tiny, my Lexi was no shrinking violet when it came to physical pleasures. It seemed her body was specially formed to accept all of me. I had been somewhat fearful that I might injure her but when we came together the first time I was so overcome by desire my concerns were forgotten. It was not until I had impaled her up on my cock and she moved in rhythm with me that I realized we were a perfect fit for one another.

I paused for a moment at the edge of the clearing where I lived and studied the cabin and surrounding area for signs of trouble. All was well.

I knocked on the door and what I found inside pleased me greatly. Lexi rushed to greet me and behind her the entire cabin sparkled, just like her eyes.

I set the branches and roots on the table, careful not to mess up all of her hard work. Her eyes darted to the items, but her excitement over her day must have distracted her from asking questions about them. Or maybe she didn’t want to know.

“I cleaned. See?” She was eager like a child and though I ached to take her in my arms, I spent a few moments admiring what she’d done.

“Thank you,” I said. “You really made everything shine.”

She puffed up with pride at my praise. “You’re welcome,” she said. “I’m glad you like it.”

I fisted my hand in her hair and kissed her hard. “That’s how much I like it.”

She giggled. “Well, wait until you see the bathroom.”

My eyes rested on the shelf near the fireplace and I tensed up. “Did you move the things on the shelves?”

Despite my efforts to sound casual, my voice must have carried some tension in it because I felt her stiffen in my arms.

“Y-yes,” she said hesitantly. “Was I not supposed to do that?”

I really was being an ass. She didn’t know.

“It’s just that, well, that wooden box there is private so I don’t want you to touch it.”

Her brow furrowed and she looked up at me. “Not even to clean around it?”

“Actually, no.”


Tension had been rising in me and when she questioned me, it bubbled over. “I make the rules here and I do not need to give you an explanation. From now on, do not touch that box.”

“Um. Okay. Sure.” Her happiness evaporated and I felt like a jerk.

“But the rest of the house looks fantastic. Maybe you could show me the bathroom too?” I said, waggling my brows at her and hoping to cajole her into a smile.

“If you want to.”

I took her hand and we walked to the bathroom. When she opened the door, I truly was shocked. Everything had been cleaned and polished. “Wow. It looks terrific.” My praise was sincere and some of her enthusiasm returned.

She smiled shyly. “I wanted to make things nice for you. For… us.”

I pulled her into my arms. “I have lived alone for a long time, so there are still some things I need to get used to. No one has ever done anything like this for me before.”

She relaxed against me. “I’m glad it made you happy.”

“It did. But you know what will make me even happier than a clean house and shiny bathroom?”

Lexi’s brow furrowed. “What?”

“Making you scream with pleasure,” I said.

“That sounds dirty,” she replied with a giggle.

I scooped her up, carried her into the living room, and set her down next to the bed.

I slowly removed her shirt and though she was usually eager to undress me as well, she must have sensed my need to move at my own pace and strip her of her clothing. Her lush breasts were revealed as her shirt fell away, the nipples taut. I slipped my hands beneath the heavy globes and delighted in the feel of them against my palms. I used my thumbs to stroke across the hard peaks, and when she gasped and gazed into my eyes I saw a heated longing there that matched my own.

Knowing her desire flamed as hot as mine tempted me to move quickly, but I did not. I had rushed through my duties during the day but I would not be rushed in the enjoyment of my woman.

Taking a deep breath, I paused for a moment to enjoy the sight of her. Her body was so much smaller than mine, but we fit together perfectly. I traced a finger along the creamy skin of her shoulder, marveling at the smoothness. A shiver ran through her at my touch and the desire in her eyes deepened. Not only did our bodies mesh as though designed for one another, but her passion ran as hot as mine.

I lowered my mouth and pulled first one nipple and then the other between my lips, suckling each in turn. Lexi grasped my wrist to steady herself as her breathing became more labored. She pressed kisses along my neck while I continued to tug at her nipples.

With my free hand I opened the closure on her pants, my fingers brushing the sensitive flesh below her navel. She shifted her hips from side to side as I slid the rest of her clothes down her legs. Once that was completed and she was bare, I cupped her pussy in my palm. She was so wet and hot, and my fingers stroked through the slick folds.

Lexi’s hands on my wrists dug deeper, her nails scraping into the flesh of my arms. But rather than pain, it heightened my own senses, intensifying my enjoyment of her eager body.

My fingers explored her pussy. I pressed one digit deep into her core and she shrieked with longing. Her hands, which had been grasping at my wrist, reached for my shirt and worked the openings there. Reluctantly, I let go of her for as long as it took to strip off my clothing. Returning my hand to her pussy, I lifted her up with one arm and continued manipulating her hot core with the fingers of my other hand.

My cock throbbed and ached, eager to be buried inside her, but first there were other matters to address. I laid her on the side of the bed and pushed her knees back to her chest, exposing her completely to my view. I paused for a moment to enjoy the sight of her weeping pussy. She raised her head from the bed and looked at me down the length of her body.

“All I could think about today was you, Lexi. And eating your delicious pussy,” I said and she grinned in reply.

“Yes, please.” She grabbed hold of her knees and pulled them back, opening herself even wider for my enjoyment. The musky scent of her arousal filled me and my cock hardened even more. “I-I thought about you today, too,” she said softly.

Her statement caught me a bit off guard. It warmed my heart to know I’d been on her mind in the same way she’d been on mine. I paused and gazed down at her face, her big brown eyes looking back at me.

“My god, Lexi, you are so beautiful.” I lowered my mouth to hers and she wrapped her arms around my neck, her mouth soft and eager. The kiss deepened, her small tongue brushed over mine. I gathered her to me, holding her petite body close to mine. I kissed her all over, as though I simply couldn’t get enough of her. Because I couldn’t.

I positioned her on the bed, her back against the headboard, knees spread wide and I began licking at the sweet nectar of her womanhood. I wanted to taste every bit of her. I ran my tongue from the bottom to the top until it encountered the hot nub of her clit. I pulled the hood back so that I could feast upon the tiny little pleasure button. I sucked it between my lips and flicked it with my tongue until Lexi bounced her ass up and down on the bed. She gasped for air and dug her hands deep into my hair, holding me in place as she shoved her hips toward me.

“Lynx!” she called out. “Oh, oh.”

I kneaded the cheeks of her ass and continued sucking on the swollen folds of her sex. I could feel the walls of her pussy spasm. Her thighs tightened around my head like a vise as she bucked her hips, grabbed my hair, and squirted me with her juices as she climaxed against my face.

For a few moments we were suspended in time until she released her grip, her thighs lowering and her hands releasing my hair.

“Oh,” she said, eyes wide, “did I hurt you? Oh, my god. I don’t know what came over me.”

“I think it would be more accurate to say you came over me,” I said, running my tongue around my lips to gather up the last of her moisture.

Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. “I’m sorry.”

“Lexi, do not ever apologize for enjoying the things we do together.”

“O-okay,” she said shyly. “That was fantastic.”

“Thank you,” I said, straddling her with my knees on either side of her chest. “I believe it is time for you to return the favor.” I grabbed her arms and held them above her head then positioned my cock at her lips. “I’m going to fuck your mouth now, Lexi.”

She licked her lips and gazed up at me, a languid smile on her face as she nodded eagerly. “Yes, please.”

I pushed my cock deep into her mouth, touching the back of her throat. She relaxed the muscles of her jaw and in the back of her neck in order to accommodate my length and width. I paused for a moment and looked down at my girl, my cock happily cocooned in the heat and moisture of her mouth. Her tongue soft and wet along the base of my shaft.

Slowly I withdrew, pulling my cock out until just the tip of it rested on her lips. “Kiss,” I said. She puckered up and kissed the very tip. “Now suck,” I ordered and she opened her mouth, moving forward to take the head and the first two inches in her mouth. Swirling her tongue all around, paying particular attention to the ridge at the base of the head, she sucked. Her lips compressed around the head of my cock, my fists clenched against my thighs as I watched her suck me.

“Damn, Lexi, that feels incredible.”

She smiled around the mouthful of cock and continued on with vigor. I worked in and out of the wet heat of her mouth. I braced my hands on the wall above the bed, my heart thundered in my chest, and I rocked my hips back and forth. Lexi moaned with pleasure, reached up and cupped my balls in her hand, working them gently in her palm.

A growl erupted from my chest and my balls tightened.

“I’m not going to last much longer. You are too much. Too good.” I slapped my palms against the wall and came in hot spurts that she swallowed eagerly.

After a moment or two to catch my breath, I withdrew my cock from her lush mouth and slid down next to her in the bed. She smiled contentedly as I gathered her in my arms and rested her head on my chest.

“That was a good start to the evening, don’t you think?” I said.


“Um, Lynx. What are those things you brought home with you today?” I had to ask, though I had a pretty good idea, at least as far as the switches were concerned. The roots, I didn’t want to think about.

He raised himself up against the headboard and smiled down at me, his gray eyes sparked with mischief. “Those are some things to help me keep you in line.”

I really did not want to know any more, but I had started the discussion and couldn’t seem to stop myself. “Have I been bad?”

He gave my hair a playful tug before getting out of bed and strolling naked to the table to retrieve a switch and a root and bringing them to show me.

“No, but I like to be prepared. Besides, it is time to begin training your bottom hole.”

“What?” I sat straight up in bed. “Wh-what kind of training does my b-bottom hole need?”

“Did you not give yourself to me, body and soul? Haven’t we firmly established that all parts of your body are mine to use as I see fit?”

As he spoke, I remembered the way he’d shoved his finger into my bottom hole the first night I’d been at his cabin, working back and forth in that tight opening until I climaxed in a most embarrassing way, his finger pushed into my ass.

He strolled over to the kitchen and returned with a small knife that he used to peel and carve the root. As it took shape, the muscles of my sphincter clenched while heat spread through me, thinking of the implications of such an object.

“Here,” he said, “let me demonstrate.” He tapped my hip and I reluctantly rolled over so I was ass up on the bed. “Good girl,” he said, stroking the wooden switch across the cheeks of my butt. My flesh tingled in anticipation.

He started slow, toying with me, alternating between light slaps with the switch and then stroking it over my skin in random patterns. “Relax,” he said, swatting at the underside of my ass.

I took a deep breath and willed the muscles back there to loosen up.

As soon as I did, he smacked the switch down hard. I yelped as the thin branches impacted my bottom several times in a row. Each one stung a bit more than the last. By the time he’d covered the entire surface, my cheeks were warm and tingly, the flesh sensitized to each smack. I could hear the switch whip through the air a split second before it connected with my flesh and all of it made me feel womanly and sexy and special. Special to Lynx.

With each crack against my ass, my libido ratcheted up a notch until I was close to delirium, clawing at the mattress and moaning with pleasure.

Lynx ran the tip of the switch between my thighs and I opened them, eager for his touch. The walls of my vagina clenched and released in anticipation of feeling his cock pushing all the way in.

His finger dipped into my sex. I knew what he would find there. Ridiculous and humiliating amounts of moisture. I buried my face in the pillow.

“I had a feeling you’d like this,” he said, gathering up more of my juices and applying them to the pucker of my ass. He repeated that process and when he’d accumulated enough lubrication, he pushed his finger into my opening. “Mm. You are so tight. I can’t wait to fuck you back here.”

I gasped and clutched the mattress. How would his cock ever fit?

He must have read my mind. “But not until you’ve been trained to take me. We’ll start with this root. It’s the smallest, but don’t worry, they get bigger from here.”

I squealed into the pillow. The idea of him filling my ass with his cock, though it made me a bit nervous, also sent molten rivers of longing through my body. I was already on fire from the spanking; it was almost too much to comprehend. I gasped for air and tried to rub my clit against the mattress, eager for relief.

Thwap. Thwap. Thwap. The switch smacked across my ass. “You know better than to try to pleasure yourself. That’s my clit and you are not to touch it.”

“I-I wasn’t t-touching it,” I whispered, my voice a throaty rasp.

“Semantics, Lexi. I am in charge of your pleasure, not you.”

“B-but… I need… Oh, god.”

“Poor girl,” he tsked. “Is this what you need?” His thumb pressed against my clit, working it back and forth.

“Yes, oh, yes,” I gasped, my throat dry from panting. I pushed into his touch, demanding more and more pressure on my clit. Sensations swirled all around and through me. My thighs quivered and I prayed he wouldn’t stop before I came. I needed to come. I was so close, my body tightened and I dug my fingers into the bed.

Lynx pinched my clit with one hand and slapped my hot ass with the other, sending me into a shattering, screaming orgasm.

I lay against the mattress gasping for air, enjoying the post-orgasm bliss as the waves of pleasure gradually receded.

Lynx brushed my hair back from my face and kissed my temple. “I’m glad you enjoyed that, Lexi. Now it’s time to plug your ass.”

I was so relaxed and euphoric, I just smiled up at him. “Of course.”

He chuckled then returned to his task. The tip of the root touched my pucker and swirled through the moisture there before he pushed it into me. I stiffened as it worked past the ring of muscles at the opening. Lynx paused, waiting for me to get accustomed to the presence of the root in my ass. I took a couple of deep breaths and then he seated it all the way, stretching my opening.

It seemed so dirty and wrong to have something in my ass like that, but god help me, it felt wonderful. Pleasure radiated throughout my bottom.

“Oh, god,” I groaned. Though completely blissed out from coming so hard, a second wave of longing began to build. I knew I had to give myself to him body and soul, but the truth was, he owned me, body and soul. Mastered me in every way.

He gave the root a couple of twists, making sure it was deep in my ass. I twitched with need, kicking my feet against that mattress.

He continued with the root, alternating between in and out and round and round motions until I was panting with need. Honestly, I didn’t think I had the energy to continue. But I did not control my body any longer, Lynx did.

“Mm. I think you are going to thoroughly enjoy having my cock in your ass, Lexi. What do you think?”

I whimpered, too delirious to form words. Pressure built in all parts of my body, surrounding me in a haze.

Shoving my thighs wide, he probed my pussy with his fingers. “I think I have my answer,” he said, swirling his digits into my wet core. “It’s all over your thighs too.” He lowered his mouth and began to lick a path from one thigh to the other, pausing to shove his tongue into my pussy along the way. “You can’t hide anything from me, Lexi. Remember that.”

He stopped licking my thighs and focused his attention on the root in my ass. “Now, Lexi, I want you to tell me how much you like this and how much you are looking forward to having me fuck you in the ass.”

Heat rushed over my body, a combination of utter humiliation and desperate urges.

“Yes,” was all I could say.

“Focus, Lexi. Say the words.” He turned the root in a circle.

Concentrating with all my might, I said, “I l-like the r-root in my b-bottom and I can’t w-wait for you to f-fuck me in the ass.”

“Good girl. I can’t wait either.”

He gave the root one final push.

My body jolted as a second, even more potent orgasm charged through me. “Oh, oh, oh!” was all I could say. My focus lasered in on the wave of pleasure that started in my clit and surged to every nerve ending. Incoherent sounds tumbled from my mouth as my entire body contracted then released.

Somewhere in the haze, Lynx joined me on the bed and held me in his arms as I came back to myself.

“My sweet Lexi,” he said, wrapping the blanket around us and I drifted off to sleep, secure in his embrace.

Chapter Seven


I stretched beneath the blankets watching Lynx get dressed. His body was sheer perfection, hard and muscled, not an ounce of fat anywhere. I particularly enjoyed the way the muscles of his ass flexed as he moved about the room, gathering up his clothes and then putting them on. He came and sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to lay over his lap.

“What did I do?” I asked with a pout.

He patted his thighs again and gave me a look that I had quickly learned meant he would not tolerate any sass from me. I wriggled onto his lap, assumed the position, and lay there waiting for whatever he planned to do. In just a short time I had learned to appreciate his dominance and decisiveness. It had been difficult to relinquish control and I knew it would never be easy for me, but I thought I was doing pretty well.

Lynx stroked his rough palm over my backside and I shivered with anticipation. “I am going to be gone for several hours,” he said and my heart clutched a bit. I would miss him. That was a new emotion for me. After my parents were killed, I never expected to feel affection for another person.

Lynx had worked his way into my heart.

My thoughts were quickly refocused when Lynx smacked the cheeks of my ass in rapid succession. “D-did I do something wrong?” I asked.

“Not yet,” he said with a laugh. I loved the sound of his laughter. In my short experience, it was not something he did often but when he did, it was heartfelt.

“Not yet? Are you psychic?” It wouldn’t have surprised me if he’d said yes, the mountain people, or at least Lynx, had a never-ending list of characteristics that made them unlike we mere mortals.

He massaged my ass and then casually swatted a few more times before opening my thighs and investigating the folds of my sex. “This is a reminder to be careful and behave yourself while I am gone. You may recall that I am well aware that you ended up locked in a cage when you were left to your own devices. I want you to stay inside today. I have a feeling there might be danger coming soon and I want to make sure you are safe. This spanking is to remind you that you are mine and you are to follow my rules. If nothing else, you ought to nap and rest up, for I am sure I will have a mighty hunger for you upon my return.”

His words only heightened the ache in my sex and I wriggled my ass toward his fingers, encouraging him to touch me. Please, touch my pussy, please touch my pussy.

He gave the lips of my sex a firm swat. “Settle down,” he said, though his fingers lingered over my folds for a tantalizing instant, making me crave more.

“I have to stay inside the whole day? But it’s so nice out.”

With one long arm he reached for the bedside table and easily retrieved the switch he’d used on me the night before, which he then applied to my warm bottom. “What an impertinent little miss you are. I am tempted to peel another one of those roots and shove it up your bottom hole so you have a constant reminder that I am your master. That I am in charge of you. Is that what I am going to need to do?” As he spoke, Lynx pulled apart the cheeks of my ass and blew hot breath over the hole in question.

“Oh, please, no.”

He tapped at my pucker. “It is so tempting. We have that whole pile of roots. But how will I ever be able to leave you knowing you have a plug shoved up your bottom?” He sighed, but poked at my back hole with his finger, tapping all around and then pressing against the pucker. “Just remember, little girl, I will be thinking about you all day, waiting for the time when I will return and plug up your bottom hole.”

He moved me off his lap and tucked me into bed. “Duty calls.” He leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead. “Behave yourself and I will see you soon. Remember the rules.”

“Yes, Lynx,” I said, watching him move toward the door. “Wait,” I called out to him. He hurried to my side and I raised my arms to him. “I will miss you, be careful.”

He smiled tenderly, his eyes warm with affection. “I will. I promise.” He leaned down and kissed me properly, his tongue brushing against mine and sending a shiver of pleasure through me.

“Don’t you want to stay?” I asked, once the kiss ended, pushing back the blankets in invitation.

His palm impacted the side of my breast. “Settle down, Lexi. You are a naughty distraction. I must go. The sooner I will return.” He kissed me again and caressed my cheek before turning resolutely and heading for the door.

When it closed behind him, I immediately felt his absence.

Be good, I told myself. Go back to sleep and rest up. I sorely wanted to go outside for a walk in the fresh air, thought that was clearly against Lynx’s rules. But how would he know? The fresh air would help me sleep and he did tell me to rest up.

No. You don’t want him to get mad at you. I glanced over at the pile of switches, which seemed to be growing. And then there were those roots. My bottom clenched and heat tingled through me, remembering the way I’d reacted to the root in my ass the night before.

Somehow I managed to pass the hours while he was gone and when I heard his footsteps on the porch I ran to the door and let him in, my heart thumping with emotion knowing he was safe.

Before the door even closed behind him, he had me in his arms, his mouth hot on mine as he kicked the door shut and tugged at the hem of my shirt.

In seconds we were naked, clothes piled in front of the door. He scooped me up and carried me to the bed, pausing on the way to pick up a root from the pile on the table.

“Wait,” I said, “when did you carve them all?”

“Never you mind about that, the important thing is that now we are ready to give you some serious ass training. You did so well with the first plug, I’m sure you’ll be ready for my cock very soon. But first, we need to make sure your ass is prepared.”

I kept quiet, enjoying the feel of his strong arms around me, while nervous butterflies fluttered in my tummy. That root looked big. Nearly as big as Lynx’s cock. My heart pounded. Soon, very soon, he would take me in the ass.

He laid me on the bed and then towered above me, his dark gaze sweeping the length of my body. The heat in his eyes made me squirm in anticipation, though I couldn’t help thinking about the root he’d laid on the bedside table. Without realizing it, my eyes must have followed my thoughts and I glanced in that direction.

“Are you eager to have your ass plugged, little Lexi?” Lynx asked. “I notice you can’t stop looking at it.”

“Ar-are you sure it will f-fit?” I scrunched up the muscles of my bottom just thinking about what he intended to do.

“Oh, I’ll make it fit.” He reached over and retrieved the object in question and held it out for me to see. “In just a minute, this root will be inside your ass.” As he spoke, he rubbed his palm against my pussy, gathering a handful of the natural lubricant I seemed to produce in copious amounts whenever he was around.

“I think,” he said while applying the moisture to my bottom hole, “that instead of allowing you to wonder and worry about whether it will fit, we shall find out right now. Hold your knees for me, little girl.”

A whimper escaped my lips but I did as he ordered, clasping my knees and pulling them to my chest. Cool air wafted over both my openings and a trickle of moisture slipped from my pussy. Lynx paused to take in the sight, a slow smile spread over his face.

“Good girl,” he said, and my heart warmed at his praise.

His fingers skimmed over my inner thighs, his gaze hungry on my most intimate parts. He ran the tip of the root around the lips of my pussy, collecting more lubrication, before touching it to my pucker. My breath caught in my throat.

He pushed the carved root into my ass, giving it a twist. “Oh, that is a pretty sight.” He smiled down at his handiwork.

“Now,” he said, tugging on my ankles until I released the hold on my knees. He ran his hands up and down the length of my legs and I stared up at him, enjoying the view of his handsome face. “Get on all fours, Lexi.”

“What?” I asked, confused.

He lifted me and turned me over, positioning me the way he wanted, on my hands and knees, my backside near the edge of the bed.

I glanced over my shoulder to see him standing next to the bed, his hands adjusting my hips at the precise angle he desired. “Perfect,” he said.

His palm landed on one cheek of my ass and I yelped in surprise. More slaps rained down, alternating cheeks and heating my flesh. The sting combined with the plug in my ass, creating a heady sensation. My arms quivered, but I held my position.

Lynx took hold of my hips and slid the entire length of his cock into me in a single thrust.

“Oh, god,” I moaned. His huge cock pushed all the way into me. I would have sworn his cock and the root touched, though I knew it was impossible. He filled me everywhere.

“Mine, body and soul, remember?” he growled as he fucked me. The sound of his cock slamming into my soaking wet pussy echoed in my ears.

“Yes,” I said. “Oh, yes.”

My fingers clutched at the mattress. Heat exploded through my whole body and my inner walls shook and quivered as I tried to wrap my mind around the intense bliss he was giving me. My breath sped up and the noises I was making became little whimpers as my orgasm approached faster than I could comprehend. My body stiffened in anticipation and I panted, terrified of the amount of pleasure I was about to feel and embarrassed that Lynx would see my total lack of restraint, my uncontrolled wantonness.

“Don’t ever forget,” he said, his voice hoarse.

“Yours,” I said with my last gasp before euphoria enveloped me, sending me to the heights of ecstasy as I climaxed, my entire body shuddering with the release.

Lynx shuddered as well, his grip on my hips shaky as he came, bellowing my name, our shouts echoing around the little cabin on the mountain.


We continued the same pattern for several days. Lynx patrolled every day looking for signs that Simon or his men had returned to the mountain and every afternoon he came home to report that he had not seen anything unusual. I wanted to believe they had given up, but I agreed with Lynx, they were too stupid to stay away.

At night, he continued to use the carved roots to plug my ass. I found myself staring at the pile of roots while he was gone, wondering which one he’d insert in my bottom. Eagerness outweighed anxiety as I realized, shamefully, how much his mastering of my ass appealed to me. I wondered what it would be like when he claimed me there with his big beast of a cock.

Each day when he left, it became harder and harder to watch him go, wondering if he would return safely. Though he assured me he would and I knew he was smarter, faster, and stronger than any enemy out there, still, I could not avoid the dark thoughts that occupied my mind during those long hours.

The worry and anxiety were compounded by boredom. I’d cleaned and scrubbed and scrubbed and cleaned until everything in the cabin shone. I had even gone out to sweep the porch and weed the garden, though I’ll admit that being outside without Lynx caused me a great deal of anxiety. He was my protector and without him, the woods seemed full of dangers.

Lynx had not made any more comments about the wooden box, but in the long hours when he was gone, it seemed I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My eyes were drawn to it and I had to force myself to turn my back on it and busy myself with other tasks.

Even when it was out of sight, though, my mind conjured all manner of questions about the contents. It had a hinged lid and a small lock. The wood was unfinished and rather rough. I ran my fingers over it once when he was gone and my will power gave out.

What could it be? It had to be something valuable to cause such a strong warning from Lynx. It looked like it could hold a telescope or a rolled-up treasure map. There were rumors of buried treasure on the mountain. Maybe that map led right to it.

Gold and jewels!

Maybe I’d read too many pirate stories as a child.

Or was it simply a test? Maybe it was empty and he wanted to see if I would obey him. I remembered seeing it when I first arrived in the cabin, what seemed like a lifetime ago, and wondering about its contents. My curiosity persisted.

One morning I simply couldn’t stand it any longer. I had tried as hard as I could, but finally I tiptoed over to the shelf and lifted it down. With trembling fingers I turned it around in my hands, careful not to tip it upside down in case whatever was inside might break. I gently shook it from side to side and heard nothing slide around.

I examined the lock.

No, you can’t. It’s wrong and besides, he’ll roast your ass. You need to build trust, not tear it down.

Well, that was true.

I put the box back on the shelf and reached for a book instead. I flipped it open and tried to read a few pages, but it just didn’t catch my interest so I returned it to the shelf.

And picked up the box again. Just for a minute, I told myself as I examined it one more time.

I must not have put the book away carefully enough because suddenly it fell to the floor with a thud that startled me. The wooden box, the secret wooden box that I was specifically told not to touch, flew from my hands and landed on the floor, right on the metal lock and by some fluke of fate, it hit at just the right angle to snap the lock in two. I picked up the pieces and saw they were rather rusty. Apparently it had been a long time since the lock was opened.

I gasped and stared, my heart thundered. I was in so much trouble.

The flesh of my butt prickled.

Oh, no. This was not going to end well. The lid was still closed and I forced myself not to succumb to the desire to peek. After so many hours of obsessing about what secrets might be found inside the forbidden box, now that I had the chance to look, I couldn’t. The mere thought of it made me nauseous. Too bad that hadn’t happened a few minutes sooner.

I picked up the broken lock from the floor and examined it. The curved locking piece had come off the base piece.

My mind raced and I glanced toward the big wooden door to the cabin, imagining what would happen if Lynx suddenly returned and caught me. I took some deep breaths to calm down enough to think straight as I stared at the broken lock.

I tried to fit the two pieces back together but they wouldn’t hold. The break was clean, though. If only I had some glue, though I wasn’t sure what glue would work on this type of metal.

I rushed to the kitchen and found the knife Lynx used to carve the roots, then I went to the small pile of the vegetation that waited on the table, found the smallest one and began to whittle. Within a few minutes I had a small shim to use to support the broken lock pieces.

I carefully returned the box to its exact location on the shelf and situated the lock just so before stepping back to examine my work.

Not bad. As long as Lynx didn’t actually want to open the box, he might never notice anything was wrong.

Or so I hoped.

All that was left for me to do was wait for his return.

On the days when Lynx went out patrolling the mountain, he usually left early in the morning and returned by afternoon. We had gotten into the habit of going on walks around the mountain. It was my chance to get outside for some fresh air and exercise and also for Lynx to tell me about the mountain.

When he talked about the mountain and the traditions of his tribe, his face beamed with pride. He loved the mountain and I felt honored when he shared its history with me.

Today when he returned I’d have to make sure to get him outside as soon as possible and distract him. When he came home, he always did a quick visual scan of the cabin to see if anything was different. He was correct that the senses of all his people were heightened because his vision was uncanny.

He missed nothing.

How long would it take before he realized I’d damaged his box?

I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes, working to calm myself before he returned. If he found me anxious and worried, he would know something was wrong.

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