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Kept by the Mountain Beast by Celeste Jones – Serialization (Part Two)

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Chapter Four


It didn’t take long for me to find out.

Back in the cage. Naked.

My captor moved around the single room of the cabin and I watched the muscles of his naked body flex as he dressed himself. I should have looked away, but I couldn’t. His body was perfection, firm in all the right places. His wet hair brushed back from his face and dripped tantalizing rivulets of water down his spine and over the round cheeks of his ass. When he opened his thighs I caught a glimpse of his balls and wondered what it would feel like to touch them.

Once he was dressed, he exited. As I watched him go, I couldn’t help wondering what his plans were for me when he returned.

I tried the door of the cage again. He had returned the lock to the cage door. It was as tightly locked down as ever. My shoulder still ached from my earlier efforts at escape.

I sat and waited.

Not only did my shoulder ache, but my ass smarted considerably from the whooping the mountain man gave me. I reached back and rubbed the still tender flesh. What kind of brute was he to spank me like that?

I glanced down at my mound, checking to see if he’d plucked out any tufts of the hair there. Now freshly washed, the curls were soft and I skimmed my fingers over them.

My thoughts were filled with the image of his massive cock, hard and ready. I glanced toward the bed and wondered what it might be like to share a bed with a mountain beast. The idea made me a bit lightheaded, a combination of curiosity and nerves.

I slipped my fingers lower, between my thighs and into the slick folds of my sex, already coated with my essence. I worked two fingers along the opening and into my core, exploring the width and depth of my pussy, touching every surface I could reach.

His cock would never fit.

Envisioning the thickness of his cock and imagining it filling me, as I stroked. I pictured him looming above me, his dark eyes staring into mine, looking into my soul. Moisture slipped from the walls of my vagina, coating my digits and making the movement smoother. My pulse quickened. Shifting my weight around in the cage, I added a third finger.

Maybe his cock would fit.

What? Was I actually considering this? Considering was hardly the correct word. It was not as though I had a choice. The beast took what he wanted.

Oh, god, my pussy gushed with wetness at the thought and tightened around my fingers.

Why else would he have kept me? Cleaned me?

I thought about what he’d said. That I hadn’t kept my word. I felt kind of bad about that. He wasn’t wrong, though I hated to admit he might be right.

I continued moving my fingers in and out. A tingling sensation emanated from where my fingers stroked my passage and the walls around my fingers quivered. With one hand I opened the lips of my pussy, gliding along the outer rim while my other remained in my hot core. My breath came in gasps and I whimpered with need.

My clit pulsed and I pressed my fingers to it, the nerve endings spreading heat throughout my body.

It became hard to get sufficient air in my lungs and I forgot I was inside a cage, captive of a mountain beast. All my thoughts were focused on the pleasure wafting through my body. My brain turned into a fuzzy haze as sensations coursed through my body.

The movements of my hands became frenzied, working my clit and my core as I pleasured myself shamefully inside that cage. I threw my head back against the hard metal and closed my eyes, my hips rocking to push my fingers deeper.

Heated longing coiled inside me. Waves of pleasure crashed over me, tightened like a spring. The tightness continued and I could feel that I was almost there, on the very edge of an explosive orgasm. With a groan I pinched my clit until the coil finally snapped then exploded, sending me spiraling through delirium. For a few moments it was as though I was suspended in time before I floated down and blinked my eyes, trying to adjust to reality.

Before I could fully comprehend where I was after the blissful few minutes I spent touching myself, the door to my cage was yanked open and I was dragged out by my ankle and jerked to stand before the mountain beast. The man who had gently washed my hair now towered over me, eyes narrowed. His nostrils flared and he picked up my hands and brought them to his face. After he took a big whiff and my face flamed in embarrassment, he hustled me over to the wash basin and scrubbed my hands with soap and water. When he finished, he bent me over the side of the bed and swatted my ass several times.

“You gave yourself to me, body and soul. Not two hours ago you made that promise. And what have you done since then? The exact opposite. You’ve run off. Tried to get out of your cage and hurt yourself in the process and now, touching what belongs to me. What you gave to me.”

The smacks and my cries echoed around the cabin. The heady lethargy of my orgasm vanished as he swatted my ass, reigniting the flames from the spankings I had already received that day.

“I-I’m sorry,” I said against the mattress. My face was pressed to the quilt on top of the bed and when I inhaled I was filled with his scent and the yearning in my core flared to life again.

“Sorry? Is that the best you’ve got? You say words, but they mean nothing to you.” He stopped swatting.

I was still bent over the bed, my face turned away to the side, held there by his hand on my shoulder, his hot fingers gripping me. His foot pushed mine wider apart. I moaned with embarrassment, knowing my pussy was on full display for him. Long powerful fingers covered my soaking pussy as he cupped me from behind.

“Look how wet you are, Lexi.” He held his fingers in front of my face, coated with my moisture. I tried to turn away but he forced me to look at his hand. “Do you see this? My fingers are the only ones to ever touch your pussy, to have your essence on them. Do you understand that?”

I stared at his wet fingers and to my utter humiliation, I felt more of my juices trickle down the inside of my thigh. He sniffed the air again. Oh, god. He knew.

Not only that, but he knew my name.

“H-how do you know my name?”

“I heard those men call you Lexi. I listen. I pay attention when people speak. You could learn something from me about that.”

His hand scraped along my thigh, gathering up the fresh wave of my arousal.

“Answer me, Lexi. Tell me you understand.”

“I-I un-understand.”

“What do you understand?”

What the hell was wrong with me? Why did my pussy continue to spasm and drip with moisture?

“Only y-you can touch my p-pussy.”

To prove his point, he drove one hard finger into my core. I gasped and rose up on my toes. The muscles of my pussy spasmed around his digit and I longed to push back with my hips to give him even more access. Oh, god, his touch down there was so much better than mine, and I really, really liked touching myself. My toes curled against the hard wood of the floor.

“And what is the promise you made to me?” He leaned low and growled the question in my ear.

My fingers clutched at the blanket covering the bed as waves of longing moved through me. “I pr-promised to g-give you all of me, b-body and soul.” As I spoke, he pistoned his finger in and out of my core. I moaned and hid my heated face against the bed.

“Including this pussy?”

“Y-yes,” I wailed into the mattress. My thighs quivered and I gasped for air.

He dug deep into my embarrassingly wet core and brought out more of my essence. He stopped holding me down on the bed and used that hand to spread the cheeks of my ass apart. I shuddered with shame. “Nooo,” I mumbled into the thick quilt on the bed. “Please don’t l-look at me th-there.”

“Apparently you have trouble understanding that you belong to me,” he tapped one wet finger on the pucker of my ass, “your entire body,” his finger swirled around my bottom hole, spreading the natural lubricant across the entire surface of my opening, “every single part belongs to me. And I make no excuses for wanting you and using you as I see fit. I gave my word and I have kept my word.” His finger pushed into me back there and I froze in shame.

His palm cracked over my ass. “Relax, Lexi, this will go better for you if you do. Mind you, I plan to stick my finger all the way in, whether you are relaxed or not, so you might as well loosen up these muscles and let me in. You might like it.”

Inhaling deeply, I continued to clutch at the blankets, my face heated with shame, but I concentrated on the muscles back there and forced myself to relax.

“Mm. Good girl,” he said and for some insane reason, his praise made me happy and I repeated the deep breath and relaxation process again, willing my body to cooperate.

I felt the first joint of his finger work its way into my ass. A wave of longing spread through me and I bit my lips together to keep from crying out with my shameful pleasure.

“Do not hold anything back from me, little Lexi.” His voice had grown thick with desire.

“I-I’m not,” I lied.

Without preamble, he shoved the rest of his finger into my ass. “Do not lie to me. It will not go well for you.”

Damn him. How did he know?

“Let it out,” he said. “I want to hear your moans of pleasure. Do not try to hide your enjoyment from me. Body and soul. You belong to me.”

I complied with a low moan.

“Good girl,” he said.

While he finger fucked my ass, he used his other hand to dive into my pussy. I bucked against the mattress, my hips jolting involuntarily at the intrusions in both my most intimate openings.

He tsked. “You like this, don’t you, Lexi? You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you?”

“No,” I ground out, though my breath had stalled in my chest.

“Your sopping wet pussy says otherwise.” He shoved two fingers into the aforementioned location and twisted them, filling me. It felt as though the finger in my ass could reach the two in my pussy.

“Tell me how that feels, Lexi. Tell me the truth.”

There was no point in trying to pretend any more. I had given myself to him, but he demanded more than just my body, he demanded my soul.

“It f-feels like… no-nothing I have ever experienced before,” I cried out. “Oh, god, it feels so good. I’m full. I feel like I am going to explode.”

“That is a climax, Lexi. But you are not allowed to have one until I say so.”

“Wh-at?” I wailed. “I can’t c-control it.”

“Yes, you can. Concentrate and hold back. Do not come until I tell you to.”

“Please, I n-need to c-come now.” The walls of my anus clenched around his finger. I had no control over my body’s responses to his domination.

“No, not until I allow it. You hold back, Lexi.”

“I can’t,” I cried out. My body was going to combust. My thighs quivered and I clung to the bed for support.

“Yes, you can.” He began to count down. “Ten, nine…”

I bit my lip and clawed at the bedclothes. Waves of pressure built through my body.

“Eight, seven, six…”

My pussy clamped around his finger and I rocked my hips with his motions. My vision began to blur and my whole body quaked.

“Five, four…”

Oh, god. He was going so slow. His finger in my ass pulled out and then plunged back in. I screamed into the bed and kicked my legs.

“Three, two…” He added a second finger and shoved hard.

“Now, Lexi. Come now.”

I did not need to be told twice. Finally I let loose, an orgasm spiraled through me, and I came in a screaming, quivering haze of ecstasy.

It was several moments before my breathing slowed and my heart stopped thundering in my chest. I hadn’t moved since my quaking orgasm and I wasn’t sure that I could if I wanted to.

I could hear the beast moving around the cabin, though in my haze, it sounded like he was far away.

My ass ached. My pussy ached.

A cool cloth touched my ass and I jolted. “Wh-what are you doing?” I managed to mumble.

“I promised to take care of you.” He opened my cheeks and began to clean me.

I pushed up on my noodle-like arms. “I-I can take care of that myself.” I tried to reach back for the cloth, but he slapped my hand away.

“I told you, I take care of what’s mine. You are mine.” He continued cleaning my bottom and then worked the cloth between my thighs and tidied things up there as well. As he worked, he brushed his other hand down the length of my spine in shockingly gentle strokes.

Was this the same man who had just plunged his massive fingers deep into my ass and pussy?

When he finished, he tucked me between the blankets. I gazed up at him in the last moments before I fell asleep.

“What is your name?” I asked.



A weight lay across my chest.

My eyes fluttered open and adjusted to the darkness. Slowly, awareness came to me and I remembered where I was and the events that had gotten me there. A flush stole over me at the way I had been used by the beast.

I wanted to be mad at him, and the pain that still flamed over the cheeks of my ass reinforced that emotion.

But his words echoed in my head. He had kept his word. After my parents died, I never thought I’d be able to count on anyone again. It was still too early to tell about Lynx, but so far, he had done exactly as he’d promised. Just in a more literal way than I’d expected.

Well, let’s be honest. I don’t know what I’d expected. Scary men had me in a cage and were planning to turn me in for a bounty. And then I’d be sent off to be a mate to a stranger. At that point, I would have said anything to be rescued. And I did.

I had made a deal with a mountain beast.

Like I had sold my soul to the devil.

Except the devil had his arm tossed over me like a protective shield while he spooned me in his bed; his hot breath wafted across my neck and sent prickles of awareness throughout my body.

The body I had given him. Body and soul. To use as he saw fit.

If the lingering ache in my ass and pussy were any indication, use was the operative word.

In his sleep, the beast—Lynx—pulled me back against his firm chest, his face nuzzling my hair. Did he just growl?

Oh, hell. The things that noise did to me. I squirmed and clenched my thighs together, my pussy getting slick. Womanly awareness grew within me. The events of the evening before had been shocking, but it would be a lie to say I didn’t enjoy it. My face heated as I remembered the way I had climaxed around his finger in my ass.

His fingers had fucked my pussy as well. A vision of his hard cock came to mind. I had worried that it wouldn’t fit, but now… well, now I had to admit I was curious to find out.

His hand began to roam and I stifled a mewl, assuming he was still asleep and not certain I wanted to awaken the beast.

His thighs curved up beneath my ass as he spooned me, the unmistakable thickness of his cock resting along the cheeks of my ass.

I held my breath and waited.

His roaming hand cupped one breast; the size of his palm engulfed the entire globe. I felt his lips on my shoulder. They were surprisingly gentle, though they left a heated trail along my flesh. The tumble of his coarse hair brushed the sensitive skin and I gasped at his touch.

I had definitely awoken the beast.

And he had awoken something in me. I pressed my ass to his cock, he nipped at my shoulder with his teeth and clutched my breast. I was engulfed by his body and completely at his mercy.

He shoved his knee between my thighs. His hand followed, fingers probing. I adjusted my hips to give him more access.

“Mm. My naughty little captive is very wet this morning. Have you been touching yourself, Lexi?”

“N-no, it is against the ru-rules,” I said, though the idea had crossed my mind.

He rolled me onto my back and raised himself above me, his massive hands on either side of my head, peering down. His body filled my visage as I took in his sleep-tousled hair. His gaze heated as he scanned the length of my naked body, making me flush. Clasping my hands, he held them beneath his nose, his eyes locked on mine as he sniffed. Twice.

Oh, god. Primal longing curled through me and I bit my lip to keep from moaning.

“Good girl,” he said, releasing my hands and pushing back the covers. “Your body belongs to me. And I plan to make thorough use of it this morning.”

He lowered his face and ran his nose all along my torso until he reached my pussy. My soaking wet pussy. I had no control over my body’s reactions to him and no way to hide my embarrassing arousal.

He glanced up at me from between my thighs then took another long whiff, a slow sexy smile spreading over his lips, his eyes darkening with desire. “I like the way you smell, Lexi.”

I swallowed hard. I ached for him to do more than sniff at me, though that was incredibly hot. Silently I willed him to touch my pussy, opening my thighs slightly in invitation.

“All in good time,” he said, his finger tracing along my collarbone and down between my breasts. My breath caught and the tips of my breasts hardened in hopeful anticipation of his touch. He made lazy circles around both breasts, teasing but not touching.

“Please…” I gasped.

He chuckled and continued the slow torture by lowering his face until it was mere inches from my aching nipples. “Body and soul, Lexi. I’m in charge,” he whispered, his hot breath wafting across my breasts.

Finally he put his mouth on one nipple, his tongue stroking across it in hot licks. I arched my back and buried my hands in his hair. Moans of ecstasy tumbled from my lips. I gazed down at his handsome face as he licked and tugged on first one nipple and then the other. I dug my hands deeper into his hair, reveling in the thickness of it between my fingers as I clung to him.

A low growl emanated from deep in his chest as he slid his hand down my stomach and touched the outer lips of my pussy. I stretched my thighs wide and he pushed two fingers into me, working them around the quivering walls of my vagina. My muscles clenched around him and I squirmed beneath him, gasping for air as I felt the wondrous approach of my climax. I pressed Lynx’s face to my chest and cried out as waves of euphoria washed over me.

“Good girl,” he whispered against my breast while I gasped for air, blood pounding in my ears.

“That was incredible,” I managed to say.

“It was,” he agreed, his own breathing not so steady. He raised himself above me again and I noticed a sheen of perspiration on his chest. “But I am far from finished with you, little Lexi.”

Positioning himself between my thighs, Lynx tossed my legs over his shoulders, grabbed my hips and drove his face into the wet folds of my sex.

“Oh, oh,” I gasped when his mouth touched my pussy. Oh, my god. My nerve endings came alive, sending jolts of bliss throughout my body. I’d thought his mouth on my breast was astonishing, but this was pure decadent pleasure.

His skilled mouth had me raising my hips, but he held me in place and lapped eagerly, his tongue diving deep until I clutched at his hair again. His beard scraped the tender flesh of my inner thigh. He slid his hands beneath me, clutching my ass in his palms as he spread me wide for his exploration.

“Ooh,” I groaned, writhing my head from side to side. My legs quivered against Lynx’s shoulders and I dug my ankles into his back. It was happening again. I hadn’t even recovered from the first orgasm when the rush of another built in me.

I closed my eyes, dark spots dancing behind my lids. The walls of my core tightened. Lynx nipped along my thigh and I shouted incoherently, waves of euphoria hitting me from all directions.

He changed positions and raised himself up on his knees, my legs still draped over his shoulders, his beard glistening with my essence. He caught my gaze and licked his lips, his dark eyes devouring mine and pinning me in place.

“Do not look away from me, Lexi. I’m going to claim you and when I tell you to come, I want you to look into my eyes while you do. You will hide nothing from me.”

I was panting so fast, I couldn’t get a full breath but I nodded and grunted something meant to acknowledge that I understood.

Continuing to pin me with his gaze, he positioned his cock at the opening of my sex without taking his eyes off me. As instructed, I kept my focus on him. His eyes were like storm clouds shifting and changing from gray to black with an occasional flash of lightning. He shoved into me in one thrust and I squealed and gasped, my head rolling against the pillow.

“Back to me,” he ordered and I forced my attention as he instructed. His breathing was no steadier than mine and he groaned once he was fully encased in my core. “So good,” he gasped and I couldn’t help but smile up at him.

With something between a groan and a growl, he pulled his cock out and then slammed back into me with such impact, I slid up the bed several inches.

He paused, glancing down at my breasts, his eyes darkening even more. My nipples puckered under his gaze and he grabbed them both in his large hands, kneading the flesh and brushing his thumbs over the tips. I clung to the sheets and lust rushed through my veins, my hips pushed toward him. Though his cock already filled me completely, the need for more urged me forward.

He lowered his face to my breasts once more and took one tip between his teeth, nipping at the tender flesh. I groaned in ecstatic agony. His hot tongue worked around my whole nipple and then he did the same to the other. My entire body heated. Quivers of longing radiated through me.

Raising his head, he gripped my breasts like handles then adjusted his hips.

“You’d better hold on, Lexi,” he said.

I clutched the sheets beneath me just before he got serious about fucking me hard, fast, hot, and long.

Somehow I managed to keep my eyes on his and as I watched, his eyes darkened to completely black just before he said, “Now. Come now, Lexi.”

I did as he ordered, shouting and bucking in a primal release and just as I finished he let loose a shattering roar and filled me with his hot seed.

Complete. I felt utterly and totally complete, his mountain beast seed seeping down my thighs. Lynx lay next to me, my head resting against his chest, his heart pounding beneath my ear. He sighed contentedly and I did too.

Chapter Five

Several hours and more fucking later, we lay in bed, the sheets and blankets lost somewhere on the floor; the bottom sheet had sprung loose from two corners. Everything about Lynx was huge, including the volume of seed rushing forth each time he came. My legs were slick with it and a bit sticky too.

As we lay next to each other, gasping for air, he rolled onto his side and propped himself up on one elbow. Despite all the liberties he had taken with my body, and the shameful way I had responded, I felt shy and glanced away. He cupped my chin and forced me to look at him. His hair was wild, a thick halo around his head, his eyes had softened to light gray. He lowered his mouth to mine and captured my lips in a gentle kiss. As my lips melted into his, I realized that for all we had done in the past few hours, our mouths had not met. Until now.

He let go of my chin and used that hand to pull me against his chest. The kiss deepened and despite believing myself to be completely sated, heat bloomed inside me again, though this time, I felt a bit of tenderness swell in my heart for Lynx, the mountain man who had protected me and also brought me to the heights of ecstasy and beyond. I rested my hand on his shoulder then slid it beneath the thick mane of his hair to clasp his head.

When the kiss ended, Lynx turned me over and cradled me in his arms.

I sighed and closed my eyes.

His hand drifted over my body, skimmed across my bottom and then came to rest on my leg. He shifted his hold on me, exploring the area between my thighs. “My seed on you,” he said with a satisfied growl in my ear, “marks you. Protects you. It lets others know you are mine.”

“There are others?” I asked. “Others li-like you?” I had certainly heard all the legends and lore, but Lynx was so different from the tales, I wasn’t sure what was fact and what was fiction.

“Yes,” he said. “There are many of us on the mountain. I have three brothers, as well as numerous cousins and other more distant relatives.”

“Oh,” I said, never considering that the beasts of legend had actual families. I turned to look at Lynx, considering all the horrible things the rest of us had said about the mythical beasts. “How, I mean where… um… what created… you?” God, I hoped he didn’t explode at me after such a rude question. Or a reasonable question asked in such a crude manner. “I’m sorry. I just meant, you know—”

“You are very cute when you are embarrassed, Lexi. I will have to find more ways to make you blush.”

“Lynx,” I said, “please don’t tease me. But I do want to know. If you would like to tell me.”

He paused for a moment, thinking, before he spoke. “For many generations, my ancestors lived on the mountain. They were just like other humans, in fact, we are human, despite what many like to say about us.”

His tone carried pain and I hurt for him.

“My people loved the mountain, even though the mountain could be temperamental with rumblings and occasional quakes. They still found peace and life in the tall trees and the sanctuary of nature, far away from cities, city people and city noises. They avoided the lowlanders even then.”

Considering what my life experiences had been, I couldn’t argue with their decisions.

“As my ancestors have shared the story down through the generations, the mountain seemed angry for many weeks with loud earthshaking rumbles and occasional tufts of smoke spewing out. They were worried but also believed the mountain was their source of life and would never leave. Then one day, the mountain erupted in a great explosion of heat and smoke, lava cascaded down one side, killing many. Those who lived on this side of the mountain, however, were spared. Not only spared, but they experienced what some might call supernatural effects. Before the mountain blew its top, my ancestors had been similar to the most humans in size and other characteristics. But when the great explosion happened, the magnetic field around the mountain changed. There are stories in our great archive where those who experienced it described what happened and how it felt. At first, they didn’t notice any residual effects, but over time, they realized they had better hearing. In fact, all their senses were heightened. Some believed they could see auras or energy around people and plants. Others had the ability to sense events that had not yet happened.”

My mind spun with questions, but I managed to wait quietly while he continued. “The women who were pregnant at the time of the explosion gave birth to babies that were unusually large and also had the same characteristics many of the others had noticed in themselves. Some of the pregnancies were difficult so the mothers went to hospitals in the city. When the babies were born, the people at the hospital were stunned and called in government officials. They wanted to keep the babies and examine them, like human guinea pigs. Once it became clear that the babies, and therefore the rest of us, would be treated like some sort of freaks, my ancestors retreated further up the mountain. Understandably, we have had as little contact with lowlanders as possible since then.”

I studied Lynx’s face, a mix of hurt and anger and pride combined in his expression.

“When those babies grew up, lowlanders saw them on the mountain and called them beasts.”

“And that’s where the name came from,” I said, suddenly feeling bad for the people who had been outcast. I could certainly sympathize with that.

“Yes.” I felt him tense. “They call us beasts,” he said, the words clearly bitter on his tongue.

I rested my head against his chest. “I am sorry. People can be horrible, can’t they?”

“Yes, they certainly can.”

“Well,” I said, trying to lighten the mood, “will any of your relatives be stopping by?”

He chuckled. “I doubt it. We are spread far around the mountain; it makes it easier for us to avoid detection. But perhaps we will have a family reunion sometime soon.”


She felt so good in my arms and the scent and feel of my seed all over her filled me with a possessiveness I had never expected. Yes, I had wanted her, craved her body and, I had told myself, it was for the good of the tribe. There was a shortage of females and Lexi was definitely female. I had checked that out thoroughly.

I scooped her up and carried her from the bed. “I have a surprise for you,” I said, my heart speeding up in anticipation.

I opened the door to the bathroom and turned on the light, watching Lexi’s face for her reactions.

“What the hell?” Her head swiveled around. “Look at that tub!” She pointed to the soaking tub I had built to accommodate my size. “And a shower?”

I set her down and she stepped into the multi-jet stall.

She turned and stared at me, hands on hips. “But you scrubbed me off in the stream yesterday. Why didn’t you just bring me in here?”

Her consternation made me smile. “Well, isn’t that what you’d expect a beast to do?”

“B-but… how? There’s no electricity up here.”

“Hello? Solar power? It’s the latest thing. Have you heard of it?”

She laughed. “I’m sorry. I guess I fell into the same assumptions as everyone else.” She eyed the tub. “Um… would it be okay?”

“Of course.” I opened the taps and poured in some bath salts. The fragrance quickly filled the room. I gathered up towels, then lowered Lexi into the water.

“Mmm. This feels wonderful.” She closed her eyes and soaked in the warmth. I knelt next to the tub, picked up a cloth and a bar of soap and washed my little captive, paying particular attention to the area where my seed coated her thighs.

“You said that your seed m-marked me and protected me. W-will other… um… people like you try to… um, you know… m-mark me too?”

The thought of any other man touching her sent a pulsing rage through me. “There are dangers everywhere on the mountain, just as there are away from the mountain. That is why you must obey my rules.”

“O-okay,” she said. “I think I understand. But what about the others on the mountain? Do I need to fear them as well?”

“Women are scarce here. The mutations that happened to our DNA when the mountain erupted have resulted in fewer female births. So, yes, there are unscrupulous people on the mountain too. However, my seed on you will protect you. No man of the mountain would dare touch you.”

She turned to me, eyes wide. “But you are washing your seed off me.”

I cupped her face, tilting it so she could see my eyes. “Do you think I will not mark you every day?”

“Oh.” She blushed and looked away.

I leaned her forward over one of my arms and scrubbed her back, reaching down to cup the swell of her ass, giving it a squeeze. “I will not hesitate to discipline you in order to keep you safe.”

“Yes,” she said, her voice a bit husky.

I scooped water onto her thick hair and massaged in shampoo.

“Mmm.” She closed her eyes. “That feels wonderful.”

“Tell me, little girl. What brought you to the mountain in the first place?”

Her eyes shot open and she tried to pull away from me. I gripped her hair between my fingers.

“I told you how I came to be here. It’s only fair that you do the same.”

Her eyes held mine for a moment. “Okay,” she said, “but only if you keep washing my hair.”

“Fine,” I said and gave her hair a playful tug, but continued running my fingers through the thick shampoo-y tresses.

“For as long as I can remember, life felt funny whenever I left my house. When I was at home with my parents, life was wonderful. They loved each other and they loved me. We played games and read books together. We were a family.”

She glanced away as though picturing those happy times and I waited for her to continue. “But whenever I left the house, even if my mother and father were with me, something felt off. Even as a very young child, I noticed it. As I grew older, I asked questions and I started to understand, though my parents still shielded me from the worst of it, I think.”

I poured water over her hair to rinse out the shampoo. “I have heard rumors of the things that happened down there, but I assumed much of it was myth, just like the stories they tell about me and my people.”

She sighed. “Little girls were trained to be submissive wives. We took special classes and had clubs like the future homemakers where we learned how to cook and set the table for a dinner party. We got badges for doing a good job.”

I finished rinsing her hair and massaged in some conditioner. “Keep going,” I said.

“My parents never said anything, but I could tell they hated the future homemakers club. I think they were afraid to say anything against it. They were always very careful about what they said, especially in the house. Eventually I learned that when girls turn thirteen, they are taken away from their families and sent to the training center.”

“Oh,” I said, rinsing her hair and trying not to sound shocked because I didn’t want her to stop telling her story.

“At the training center, girls learn how to be pleasing wives and then they are married off to strangers. And might never see their parents again.” Her voice drifted off and I could feel her sadness.

“So, before I turned thirteen, my parents told me we were going on a hike, but really we were running away. My father had built a cabin up here on the mountain and it was the first time I knew about the other rebel families who were doing the same. After he got us settled, my dad returned to our house in the city and set it on fire, hoping people would think we’d all died in the fire, too. Or maybe just to keep the government from taking over our house.” She smiled a tiny bit. “My father really hated the government, even though he worked for them. Or maybe because he worked for them. Anyway, he would have enjoyed knowing they wouldn’t get our house.”

I wrapped her head in a towel and then lifted her from the tub and dried her off carefully.

“I used to see you at your cabin with your parents,” I confessed. “You all looked happy together.”

She turned and stared up at me. “Really?”

“Yes,” I said. “When I heard the raid happening a few weeks ago, I rushed to check on you, but I was too late. Afterward I watched you bury your parents. I am sorry I didn’t help, but I try not to interact with others any more than necessary. Then I followed you back to your cave to make sure you were safe.”

She tilted her head to the side and gazed up at me. “Thank you,” she whispered.

I tucked the towel around her and pulled her to me.

No one would harm my Lexi.

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