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Kept for Christmas by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

A Very Naughty Christmas 3D PNG“Raina, I’ve looked into your files and you have an impeccable record. Always meeting every deadline, working hard to turn in an impressive thesis and hardly taking any sick days throughout the entirety of your graduate school career. I want to know why you ignored the deadline I set for you.”

“Please, I can’t. I just, I… fell asleep the other night and didn’t finish. I was working on it all night, but laid down for a quick nap and before I knew it, it was morning,” she lied. She couldn’t tell him she spent all night here at the university, unable to concentrate and watching dirty videos online instead. He couldn’t know that she had watched spanking films on her laptop while she was at work. He’d think she was crazy.

“I don’t take kindly to liars, young lady. Now along with the spanking you’ve already earned with my hand, you’re going to get my belt as well.”

She gasped as he lifted her dress. Gently, he pressed the fabric into her trembling hands before his fingers threaded around the trim of her panties. Chilly air caressed her secret folds as he dragged her underwear down her thighs to her knees, revealing her pussy to his view. She pressed her legs together, hoping he wouldn’t see how wet she already was. His eyes flicked downward to take in her freshly shaven pussy lips and she shuddered with instant need.

He guided her over his knees and she whimpered with nervousness and rampant desire. Her bottom clenched and tingled, knowing that she was about to get spanked for the first time in her life. Jumping as his fingers trailed across her sensitive skin, she stilled as he paused before beginning to speak again.

“Now, why are you about to get spanked, little girl?”

She wasn’t able to speak for a moment, taken aback by how perfectly dominant he was. When she was ready, she heard her voice, timid as it was, begin to break through the silence.

“Because I ignored a deadline and didn’t finish my work, sir,” she whined, wriggling a little before he steadied her over his lap.

“That’s right. Now I’m going to punish you for being so naughty.”

“Oh, God, please, sir,” she cried, feeling his palm leave the safety of her skin. Time seemed to slow until the sound of a loud crack met her ears. It took another second for her to realize that he had actually spanked her. Another pop sounded throughout the room on the opposite cheek and she cried out as the sting finally hit her.

She was actually getting spanked and it hurt!

His palm smacked against her naked backside, and it felt both stingy and thuddy at the same time. Every time he spanked her, the pain spread across her bottom, before settling at the apex of her thighs. He caught the bottom curve of her cheeks again and again, until she was writhing over his lap with both pleasure and pain.

His other hand snaked up her back, before balling into a fist in the hair at the nape of her neck. With a steady pull, he arched her backwards so that she was pressed down against the corded thighs beneath her.

Quaking with pleasure, she moaned as he spanked her upper thighs. Her hips rolled lewdly toward him, her body taking on a life of its own. He didn’t stop spanking her and even pulled her head back further at her reaction. She tried to press her knees together, but failed as he smacked right in between her cheeks, overtop of her needy, achingly empty pussy.

Over and over he spanked her there, until she felt like she could take no more. He released her hair and grabbed her hips so that he could rearrange her over his lap. Her legs fell to either side of his thigh, pressing her impossibly wet pussy onto his leg. She squealed before she felt his hand press down directly over her folds, in a mark of ownership she couldn’t ignore. He wouldn’t punish her there, would he?

“Naughty girls get their pussy spanked,” he said, his voice rough and stern at the same time. She whimpered when his palm left her wet skin, clapping back down solidly back over her vulnerable lips. She cried out at the tantalizing sensation, pain exploding for a split second over her sensitive flesh before quickly morphing into something more, a pleasure that rocked her straight to the core.

She couldn’t hold back. All at once, her release took over her like a massive wave cresting over a rock. Passion rocked her world, white hot, as she trembled over his knees. Her bottom, swollen, sore, and likely very red, was at the center of her thoughts.

She felt as though she’d been struck by lightning, her pleasure electric as it raced up and down her limbs. At long last, her desire sputtered to a dull throb. Lying still over his lap, she dared not move, afraid of how he was going to react to what just happened. Her face heated with shame. She’d never be able to be around him ever again.

He was going to think her some kind of whore, getting off on something like this. She could literally smell her own arousal and knew without a doubt he was going to have a really obvious wet spot on his pants from how turned on she was.

Tears prickled at the edges of her eyes. She’d ruined everything. She’d been so stupid.


“Please, just let me leave. I won’t come back, I promise,” she cried, unable to hold back her tears. Feeling more vulnerable than she had ever felt in her life, she sobbed with shame. She tried to push herself off his lap, but strong hands prevented her from escaping.

Almost instantly, he wound his arms around her waist and lifted her, placing her hot bottom on his thighs. She hissed at the pressure on her punished backside from his hard muscles and her breath hitched as she felt her panties fall from her ankles to the floor.

He grabbed her chin and forced her to meet his eyes.

“Raina, did you just have an orgasm from getting spanked?”

Nodding and turning away, she sobbed even harder, unable to respond to his questions.

Instead of scolding her like she’d expected, his lips crashed into hers. His tongue plundered in between her lips as he claimed her, thoroughly and completely. Moaning, she leaned into him, threading her arms around his neck. His hands raced up her back and twisted into her hair, as he took what he wanted.

His lips tipped up in a happy smile and he pulled back a little, inches from her lips.

“I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have found you.”

Confused, she looked back at him.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Not many women can handle what just happened between us, Raina. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Exactly what I’m looking for. You’re a natural submissive. I love that you just came from a spanking alone.”


“Oh, yes. I want so much more of you. Tell me yes, right now and I’ll give you the most pleasurable night of your life.”

“You don’t think I’m weird? You don’t want me to leave because I acted like such a slut?”

“No, I don’t want you to leave, naughty one. I want to fuck you senseless, until you’re begging and screaming for mercy.”

Her pussy clenched at his words and her tears began to dry. He wasn’t going to run for the hills. He wasn’t scared off by her dark and kinky desires. Her bottom, still hot and sore, reminded her of the fact that she had just gotten spanked and had loved every second of it. She didn’t want it to stop, she wanted more, craved to know what else this man wanted to do to her. With a shy grin, she nodded, deciding that she was all in.

“Yes, sir. Please. Do with me what you want.”

“So beautiful,” he whispered and she shivered with happiness. Her tears dried and forgotten, she giggled with excitement.

His smile grew incredibly large, before his lips crashed back down onto hers.

Desperately, she held onto him as he undid the buttons down the front of her dress, revealing her bra. Gasping with desire, she watched as he popped open the front clasp, releasing her hard nipples into the chilly air. He palmed her breasts as his thumb brushed over each bud and she arched her back in response.

A brilliant shock of electricity bolted down her spine, straight to her core and she groaned with pleasure. She rocked her pussy against his thigh, her fingers tightening in his hair. His lips left hers, trailing down her neck and causing goosebumps to rise all over her body. He took a nipple into his mouth and she moaned. She was so turned on.

She loved the fact that he was in total control and that she was submitting to him. She imagined how she had looked, placed over his knees as his hard hand spanked her bottom. The image was so hot, causing the passion within her to flood through her with wild abandon. He pressed her back onto the sofa, his body holding her down in the best way possible. She moved to take off his shirt, but he grasped her wrists and held them over her head. Grinning darkly, he stared down at her.

“Naughty girl. I decide when you can have more of me.”

“Please,” she begged.

His kisses brushed in between her breasts, across the curves of her ribs and down the expanse of her stomach. Her hips rolled toward him in anticipation of his lips traveling further south, to the place in between her legs that called for his attention.

He paused, glancing up at her with a smirk. “Patience, my insatiable one. You will have your pleasure in due time.”

Instead of responding, she just groaned and watched his mouth descend between her legs. His tongue flicked forward, curving against her needy bud and she cried out as intense pangs of desire shot through her. Locked onto her pussy, he mercilessly worked her clit with his tongue as he gripped her hips.

Keening with her need, she ground her pussy into him. She just needed a little longer before the coil inside her wound up too tight and broke within her. Her release wasn’t far away.

“I need to come, sir, please,” she cried with desperation, feeling as though it was necessary to ask him for approval.

“You will not orgasm without my permission; if you do, you’ll get the belt when we’re finished.”

Her back arched at his words and she couldn’t help it as her release crashed over her. Shuddering with her desire, her world burned white hot and her heart thumped heavy in her chest. Her muscles tightened and her pussy clenched, still hopelessly empty as her arousal soaked down her thighs. Her hips rolled wildly and when her body calmed, Eliot placed a kiss directly on top of her clit.

“Naughty girl, coming without permission. Get up and bend over the desk.”

His body weight left hers and she shivered with residual ecstasy. Watching him unbuckle his belt, she groaned as he pulled the leather from the loops of his slacks. He folded it over and she shivered as her sordid fantasy became a living reality. He snapped the leather together and she jumped, imagining it thrashing her soon to be sorry bottom cheeks.

“Now, Raina. If you don’t move it, I’ll make sure to whip that little ass of yours so hard that you’ll have to stand for a week straight.”

He was still fully dressed and she, completely naked. This dichotomy made her feel especially submissive as she pushed herself up off the couch. Her bare feet pressed into the soft carpet beneath her as she went to him, despite the leather implement hanging by his side. She licked her lips with both expectation and nervousness.

The sheer domestic nature of the belt had her knees quivering and her pussy wet. Some of her favorite online videos included a strong man and a naughty woman, her bottom bared and whipped with his belt. It seemed so dominant and so hot. Her own backside twitched in anticipation, the chilly air caressing her overly sensitized skin.

He took her hand and guided her to bend over the desk. He stood to the side of her and placed a hand on her lower back, which held her firmly in place.

“You may howl and cry, but you’re getting twenty with the belt for disobeying me and coming without my consent.”

She wagged her tail slightly with her eagerness and was rewarded with the first fiery lash of the leather. Crying out at its intensity, she didn’t have much chance to breathe as the belt bit into her nether cheeks, one after another until the pain took her into a bit of a haze. Sure, it hurt a whole lot, but there was something beautiful and entirely pleasurable about submitting to him in this way.

She could feel her body relenting, her toes finding purchase on the floor. She pointed her feet, lifting her bottom higher for his belt and allowing him to catch the underside of her cheeks. Her backside on fire, she moaned with her desire as tears leaked from the corners of her eyes. She was being well and truly punished, yet she was loving every second.

He whipped the tops of her thighs and paused.

“Arch that pretty back of yours, my naughty Raina. I’m going to punish those sit spots good and hard so you remember me every time you sit down tomorrow.”

“Oh, God, sir, please spank me harder,” she begged as she followed his command. Not long after, she was rewarded with four hard beltings, two to each side of her ass that left her reeling from the fiery lash.

Quickly, he grabbed her hips and rolled her over, pressing her freshly punished bottom into the hard wood. She whined as her backside burned with a fresh sting, but quickly forgot as his lips claimed hers once again. He pushed her thighs open wide and stood in front of her.

“Do you want my cock now, naughty girl?”

“Yes, fuck me, sir. I need you to fuck me,” she groaned, yearning for his hard member to sink deep between her thighs.

“Such a dirty tongue. Remind me later you need to be punished for that. But for now, I want you to free my cock so that I can make you mine.”

She didn’t hesitate. She wanted him, craved more of him. Reaching forward, she unbuttoned his dark gray slacks and dragged the zipper down its steel teeth. Pushing his pants down his hips, she revealed soft cotton boxers. With a whine, she grabbed the waistband of his underwear, so that she could free his cock. She wanted it desperately. Her pussy felt so empty, and she needed him to fill it.

When his hard shaft was fully out in the open, she gasped at its sheer size. He was so big, so much larger than anyone she’d ever been with before. Its bulbous head pulsed, the veins down the side of his cock throbbing just for her.

“But sir, it’ll never fit,” she mused nervously, yet her arousal and excitement calmed her. She reached forward, running a finger down the velvety skin and crying out with eagerness when a single drop of pre-come emerged from the slit on the end.

Her finger gathered that drop, quickly bringing his essence to her tongue. His flavor burst in her mouth, a spicy maleness combined with his unique taste that melded into something that was decidedly Dr. Eliot Knight. She loved it.

He grinned at her clear excitement and captured her wrists once again, pressing them down onto his desk. He positioned his cock at her entrance and she whimpered, hoping that he would fuck her soon.

At last, his hips surged forward as he speared right through her center. She keened with delight as she rocked to meet his thrusts, his thick length stretching her like never before. He pumped into her, harder and faster with each passing second until she felt like her entire world was about to shatter into a million pieces.

“I need to come, sir, please let me!”

“I will tell you when, just a little longer. Don’t you dare come until I say, little girl!”

Her hands flexed, her wrists still in his grip as she struggled to stem the tide of her release. She couldn’t give in to her body’s desires, not yet. She had to please him.

Deep breath in and out. She focused until her skin felt like it wasn’t going to burst into flame. But then, his thrusts became deeper and stronger, very nearly causing her to lose it all. His breath tickled against her ear as his voice sounded gruffly against her.

“Come. Now.”

His words caused her world to combust with liquid heat and she came harder than ever. Everything within her body tightened with her release, including her pussy as her own hips pumped forward in tune with his. His breath hitched and she felt his hot seed spurt within her. A second, more powerful orgasm rushed over her at this realization and her back arched cleanly off the desk beneath her.

She shook with the intensity of her lust as Eliot held her steady, grounded beneath him. When her orgasm eventually calmed, she blinked and gazed up at him, bliss probably written clearly all over her face. He pressed his lips down to meet her in a kiss so sweet it melted her to the very core. She couldn’t help but sigh with happiness at the events that had just occurred in her boss’s office.

He withdrew from her tight entrance and she whined in disappointment. Feeling utterly empty, she pushed herself up to a seated position once he released her wrists.

“Well, Dr. Knight, I do feel like I’ve been adequately punished now. Don’t you think?” she teased with a lighthearted tone. When she giggled, he narrowed his eyes and grinned. She felt ridiculously comfortable, almost as if she’d been released from a cage.

“That doesn’t even to begin to cover how much naughty girls like you need to be disciplined.”

“I don’t know what you mean! I’m innocent,” she said, still unable to hide her smile. He was teasing her and she kind of liked it.

“Bad girls watch spanking videos at work. Especially naughty girls touch themselves when they are watching such dirty things, isn’t that right?”

She felt a flush come over her at his words. He’d seen her last night! He’d seen her touch her pussy and orgasm right there in the office next to him. Moaning in shame, she met his eyes before seeing the amused expression on his face.

Smiling a bit guiltily, she shrugged. “I can’t really say I regret anything, since because of that, today happened.”

“Me neither, young lady. But I may have to spank you much more often to curb that behavior problem of yours.”

“You probably should. Even now, there’s a whole list of bad things I’m thinking about doing,” she mused. He lifted her and gripped her bottom cheeks in his hands, squeezing her freshly punished flesh as she cried at the sudden pain.

“I have ways of punishing you that will leave you reeling with desire, Raina.”

“I dare you to show me,” she said, her chin held up high.

“I certainly will,” he said, pushing himself up off the desk and putting himself back together. He buttoned and zipped his slacks while looking up at her with a dark smirk. “Get up, bend over the desk, and spread those naughty cheeks for me. I’ve got something that will ensure you don’t forget who’s the boss.”

Her body quivered at his promise. She was quick to obey him, only trembling when she reached back to touch the scalded flesh of her freshly spanked bottom. She clearly was moving too slowly, because she was rewarded with two hard spanks on both of her sit spots. Yelping at the sharp sting, she quickly gripped her cheeks and pulled them apart, revealing her tight rosette to him.

She blushed, realizing no one had had ever had a view of that particular part of her anatomy before. She had to admit that all the times she’d read about such things in her books, she’d been terribly turned on, but could never get the courage to ask any of the men she’d been with to explore her there. That list of men wasn’t particularly long, since she’d only had two boyfriends in her life and those relationships had been short-lived. She’d been too independent, too headstrong, and they were weak. Not like Dr. Knight. He was a real alpha male and he believed in spankings.

Quivering, she waited, unable to see what he was doing. She could hear him fumbling around in a drawer next to her and she jumped when a cool wet liquid drizzled onto her bottom hole.

“What are you doing, sir?” she asked, her voice trembling with her nerves.

His thumb pressed down on her tight little star, spreading the liquid around the rim of muscle in preparation for something more. His digit pressed into her and she squealed at the strangely painful and foreign feeling. He stretched her, yet she submitted to him and the sensation quickly turned pleasurable. Before long, he pushed into her with ease and he introduced a second finger. At long last, he paused and withdrew his hand.

“Now you’re ready.”

“For what, sir?” she asked, trying to look back at him and feeling a bit confused.

“Eyes forward. You’re going to wear a butt plug for me.”

She whined when she felt a firm cool object press at her backdoor. With little mercy, he pressed it into her slowly but surely and she had no choice but to yield to him. She cried out at the widest point of the plug stretched her like never before.

“Open your bottom for me, naughty one, because someday soon I will fuck you here with my cock. I know that you’ll love it so much that you’ll beg me for it, time and time again.”

Her pussy clenched at his command and she felt liquid heat pool between her folds. She knew her thighs were wet with her honey and had no doubt that he could see exactly how turned on she was. She gave in and the plug finally pushed all the way into her bottom.

The base of the plug spread her cheeks just a little and when Eliot helped her to stand, she could feel the weight of the toy deep within her.

He turned her toward him, pressing his lips lightly to hers.

“Now, you’ll be sure to know that your ass is mine, Raina.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, sir,” she said as she curled her arms around his neck, giddy with happiness.

“Come, let’s get you home safely. I don’t want you walking these streets at night without me, especially if you’re going to stay here late.”

“Of course; will you hand me my dress and my underthings?”

“Oh, no, you don’t get to wear panties. Keep those cheeks tight. I’d be sorely disappointed if that plug drops out of your little bottom.”

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