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King of Depravity: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

There was so much danger surrounding him, a spark of electricity that only partially had to do with the way our bodies responded to each other. He had a way of making me wet by just looking at me.

Commanding my senses.

Requiring my obedience.

Hungering for what only I could give him.

Brogan, the Irish bad guy with an intense need.

The man who’d taken full advantage of my raging desire.

The one who’d left me aching the night before, just like he was doing now.

He fisted my hair, yanking me back into a deep arc, his growl a clear indication of his intentions. I stared up at the ceiling, my bottom aching and my mind reeling from wonderment about why I was so attracted to him. It made no sense, but I’d had a vivid and very sexual dream about him, waking up in the middle of the night to find him in the chair fast asleep.

Maybe he didn’t know that I’d left the bed, crouching in front of him, allowing my fingers to explore every inch of his body. Perhaps he hadn’t realized I’d toyed with his cock, making him hard as a rock, daring to slide my finger through his delicious string of pre-cum, bringing my finger to my mouth.

It had been the perfect aphrodisiac, putting me fast asleep.

Then I’d dreamt of him fucking me all over again in every room in the cabin.

Now, as he pinched my nipples, twisting them until I was forced to cry out in pain, all I could think about was having his cock in my mouth. It was crazy, brazen, and not the thing good girls thought of.

But I was no good girl.

I was bad to the bone.

He kept his firm hold as he lowered his head, sucking on my already aching nipple as he shifted me back and forth on his lap. The bastard was trying to remind me that he could use my body any way he pleased, disciplining me however and whenever he wanted.

I’d never wanted the dominating type of man before, but I was fully aroused, so much so my pussy clenched and released from the rush of anguish. The man knew exactly every button to press, creating a hot and wet need that couldn’t be denied.

Every sound he made was husky, every action that of a controlling man. I was breathless, the combination of pain and pleasure exhilarating. My adrenaline was boosted, my core heated to the point my pussy was slickening his legs. Even my scent was stronger as it wafted between us.

When he finally jerked me back to a sitting position, he grasped my jaw between his fingers and wrenched it upward. There is an entirely different look in his eyes, a darkness that I hadn’t noticed even the first few minutes after I’d met him. Was he trying to prove the point that he wasn’t good for me? Maybe he wanted me terrified of him, threatened by his dominance and his presence but I wasn’t.

“Be careful toying with me, my beautiful Mallory. I do bite.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing you try.”

He gripped my hips, lifting my body and holding me above his cock. When he pulled me down in one swift action, I threw my head back, my breath lost by the powerful action, the pleasure that I couldn’t seem to get enough of. As his cock expanded, filling me completely, I took gasping breaths.

Brogan slipped his hand behind my neck, jerking me upright. “Look at me. Watch when I fuck you.”

I did as I was told, but not because he’d told me to. Still, I never blinked as he brought me up and down, the force he used rougher than before. I gripped his shoulders, bucking hard against him. He was a crazed beast, his hunger exploding. There was such kinetic electricity between us, such fire that I knew at some point we could burn out. There was no way to keep the flame going, the passion stirred the way it was at this moment.

There was something different about him, a raging need that wouldn’t ever be sated. My instinct told me he was lying about who he was, but did it really matter? After two or three days, I’d never see him again. This was nothing more than a tryst with a stranger.

One hot man.

Within seconds, my body proved him right, betraying me as it had done the night before, an orgasm jetting into my system. He allowed me to ride him hard, my heart racing as the climax rolled through me. “Oh, God. Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes!”

He wore a wry grin, acting as if this was a game to him and he’d just won round one, proving that I was insatiable for him. As my core continued to pulse, he lifted his hips from the chair, driving into me hard and fast. I was breathless, incapable of doing anything but clinging to him, accepting the brutal yet amazing sensations.

I curled my arm around his neck, lowering my head as I gasped for air. The intense vibrations shooting through my pussy were like a wildfire, burning out of control. I writhed against him, creating another wave of friction. He used that moment to rise to his feet, carrying me with him.

There was an even more mischievous look in his eyes as he walked me to the bed, using his strong arm muscles to pitch me to the surface. I immediately tried to crawl away like I had the night before, but he simply wrapped his arm around my waist, picking me up and tossing me onto all fours. There was no hesitation. He sank onto the bed, keeping me pinned in position, once again driving his cock deep inside.

The angle was different, immediately pushing me into a volley of electric sensations, panting in order to try to continue breathing.

“Such a bad girl,” he whispered in his husky tone. “Do you really think you can get away from me?”


He chuckled in the dark, demonic way I’d heard before, gripping my hip with one hand as he fucked me, the force he used jerking me forward. His brutal actions were jarring, but the sensations were incredible, heightening the level of excitement.

Then he wrapped both arms around me, the crush of his weight taking my breath. “Now, I fuck you in the ass.”

I wiggled against him, clawing the bed as he rolled his fingers down my spine to the crack of my buttocks. There was nothing I could say to stop him, but my mind was frozen, trying not to be fearful of what he was about to do. Only once had I experienced the sinful act, hating every moment of it. He was much larger, his cock so thick that I wasn’t certain I could survive the savage fucking.

But as he placed the tip against my dark hole, I sucked in my breath, trembling all over.

“Relax, babe. I’m a brutal asshole, but my intention isn’t to hurt you, just to make you feel damn good. And to remind you that every part of you now belongs to me.”

Even the sound of his voice was entirely different, so possessive it took my breath away. He trailed rough, hungry kisses down my back as he pushed his cockhead just inside. I was swooning even more than I had before, still breathless as stars floated in front of my eyes.

The moment he hit the tight ring of muscle, I tensed, fisting the sheet.

I expected him to thrust the remainder inside, taking what he wanted as he’d done before. The fact he was tender, pushing an inch inside at a time shocked me, allowing my muscles to expand slowly.

Accepting the thick invasion.

Hungering for more.

There was pain, but it was short lived, replaced with the sweet release of raw, uninhibited pleasure.

I dropped my head, no longer able to see clearly, feeling more like his possession than I had before. My arms were tired, aching as much as my bottom from the spanking. But I was still full of excitement, a need that I couldn’t understand and would never be able to explain. He shifted his hips, grinding against me, forcing his cock in even deeper. He grabbed a handful of my hair, jerking my head back, using the long strands as a leash as he pulled out, driving into me again.

With his other hand on my hip, he dug his fingers into my skin. I wasn’t going anywhere.

There was something incredible about the way he was driving into me, taking his time to plunge every inch inside, the friction of his skin against mine breathtaking.

“So tight,” he growled. “So perfect.”

If he only knew how imperfect I really was, or the nightmare my life had turned into. I closed my eyes, allowing the pleasure to take me away, pretending that this was going to last forever. He was hard as a rock, thrusting hard and fast. I had no idea how long he continued to fuck me, his stamina unlike any other man’s.

I was exhausted, my entire mind fuzzy, panting as he continued pushing me. Only when his breathing changed, becoming more rapid did I realize he was finally ready to release. A smile crossed my face as his scattered breathing became intense growls and the moment I felt his tension increase, I squeezed my muscles.

He rubbed his hips back and forth, grinding against me as he filled me with his seed. As he pushed me down to the bed, covering my body with his, he remained pulsing inside, still hard and throbbing. I could swear after a few seconds, he was already swelling again.

When he threw his leg over mine, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere until he was ready. After a few seconds, he nipped my shoulder, continuously rubbing the rough pads of his fingers in circles on my arm. As his breath laced the nape of my neck, I sensed a new tension within him, an ugliness of whatever he’d endured before coming here.

Very slowly he pulled out, resting his cock against my leg. Seconds later, he allowed me to turn around to face him and for at least two full minutes, we stared into each other’s eyes without saying anything. Maybe there were no words to describe the intensity of our connection or the blatant need we had for each other.

How could two strangers be so completely connected without knowing anything about the other? Maybe that was the point, the reason for the incredible excitement.

He touched my face, spreading his fingers wide open, lowering his gaze as he brushed them down my cheek to my neck. “You are truly one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen.”

“Where do you live?” I wasn’t certain why I bothered asking. I certainly wasn’t going to tell him the truth.

“Atlanta. And you’re going to tell me you’re from New York.”


He lifted a single eyebrow, a look of amusement crossing his face. “Now, are we going to lie to each other or simply enjoy the forbidden time we have?”

I laughed, rubbing the back of my finger down his face, shifting it back and forth across his stubbled jaw. “The mystery does make this that much more delicious.”

“However, I will tell you that there will be no place you can hide where I can’t find you. That’s something for you to keep in mind.”

“Should I be concerned?”

“Absolutely. You see, there are many people who call me a monster.”

“I thought you were helping monsters.”

“There’s no assistance that can be provided that will ever change true evil. There are only shades of gray where they can pretend to be someone they aren’t, holding back the dark cravings for blood and death. However, they can only contain it but for long. They are incapable of feeling any humanity and never had a conscience in the first place.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

He took a few seconds, narrowing his eyes until the light was all but gone from them. “Because I’m one of the most evil, dangerous creatures you’ll ever meet.” As he lifted his gaze, for a few seconds, they became the windows leading inside his mind and what I noticed finally terrified me. As the mysterious current that had presented itself the moment I opened the door to a complete stranger manifested itself all over again, I held my breath.

Then I smiled coyly.

“You’re still not going to be able to scare me.”

But he was, although it had nothing to do with his admittance.

He smiled, although it waned after a few seconds. “I’ll give you one piece of advice, my sweet Mallory. When you leave here, never look back. Never allow my name to cross your lips again. Forget I even existed or what we shared.”


“Because you need to and this is the only warning you’re going to get.”

“What does that mean?’ I pulled away, darting my eyes back and forth. “Tell me.”

He took a deep breath, holding it for a few seconds. When he exhaled, showering me with his heated desires, I shivered to my core.

“It means that if we cross paths again, I’ll make good on what I said. You will become mine. And there will be nothing you can do to prevent that from happening.”

Two days had passed since he’d come into my life. Him, the rough and tumble man who was larger than life. Him, the dominating force who’d made staying in bed preferable to enjoying the snow or the scenery outside. And him… someone I’d grown entirely too fond of. He wasn’t a conversationalist and refused to tell me almost anything about his life. I’d learned most of what I knew from watching him interact with Blazer as well as the basic tasks he performed from splitting more wood to keep the fire stoked to creating fabulous meals.

The entire time we’d spent together had been more like a dream than a passing tryst, but I was under no grand illusion that there would be anything else.

As sun peeked in through the windows, I rolled over, grabbing his pillow and pressing it against my face. His scent lingered in every room, masculine and full of testosterone, so intense that my skin was painted in his fragrance, including his cum. A slight giggle erupted and I closed my eyes, envisioning the way he’d looked when he’d taken me on the kitchen table right after dinner the night before.

Then on the couch.

The rug in front of the fire.

Finally, when he’d awakened me from my slumber. The man was insatiable, his tension fading after the first day. Even the darkness in his eyes had faded, allowing him to enjoy the time we’d spent together.

Blazer yawned as he lifted his head, his tail thumping on the comforter. He’d become my constant companion no matter where I went. Thankfully, he was continuing to heal well, the scabs never once oozing. I scratched behind his ear, slowly waking up. Every muscle in my body ached, my bottom sore from yet another harsh spanking the night before.

I wasn’t entirely certain why I’d been disciplined but in truth, I didn’t care. With him, I was allowed to be something I’d never been before.


Free to enjoy the darkness that erupted from every inch of his being, the near sadistic needs that continued to surface and the passion that left me aching for more. What I wasn’t certain of how to handle was his extreme possessiveness. If I left a room, he found me within seconds. When I’d walked outside, tossing snowballs at Blazer, he’d barreled outside, holding his weapon in both hands. I’d been given no explanation of why, other than he didn’t want me getting hurt.

Maybe he’d thought there were bears and coyotes primed and waiting for a midday snack, but I sensed it was something more, something… very dangerous. The single time I’d pressed him, he’d gotten angry, even aggressive with me, telling me in no uncertain terms that I shouldn’t ask questions that I didn’t really want to know the answers to.

But I did.

The nagging inside my head screamed that he was hiding something that could destroy both of us and I was determined to find out what that was. He could be angry with me, but I was a tenacious woman. If he hadn’t figured that out by now, then he was sorely discounting my personality.

After a few minutes of relaxation, I threw back the covers, eager to get a hot shower. Today he’d mentioned he’d test the roads to see if they were passable. I was certain that meant the time we’d spent together was over. As I got out of bed, the ache from the night before was already forming, my stomach coiling from desire and need.

As well as anxiety.

I couldn’t hide out here for much longer. The consequences would be too significant. I’d pushed aside any real plans, just enjoying the moment. That would need to end and I hated it.

I loathed my life, the responsibilities that couldn’t be ignored. I wasn’t certain how or if I could tell my father no. Could I endure a marriage to a man I didn’t love, even in the short term? Ugh. I’d shove it aside for another day. That was all the time I could afford.

This time, Blazer remained on the bed, watching me intently as I headed into the bathroom. I left the door cracked in case he wanted to snuggle up on the bathroom rug then turned on the water. I wanted it nice and scalding. As I stood staring into the mirror while I waited for the water to heat up, the girl looking back at me had wide eyes, but it was easy to tell she was confused and angry.

I made faces to try to make myself smile, but a few seconds later, I realized that was impossible. My life was no longer my own. Maybe the Mafioso my father intended me to marry had redeeming qualities and would treat me like a princess.

Somehow, I knew otherwise. I was just a pawn in a dangerous game of power, nothing but piece of property to be used and tossed aside. Maybe that’s all I’d ever been to my father, a possession to be used as leverage. I should hate him for it, but he was my father after all, a man who’d raised me, loved me, and taught me everything I knew.

Including how to play a game.

Hmmm… Maybe that’s the way I should look at it, gaining power of my own. At least that gave me something to think about.

I gave my reflection a sly look before moving into the shower. The hot water felt especially delicious, although nothing would soothe my aching muscles, all because of Brogan’s rough and wonderful passion. After ducking my head under the water, I closed my eyes, planting my hands on the tile wall. Being away from all the stresses of my life had been exactly what I’d needed.

Even if I wasn’t close to finding an easy to swallow solution.

As I raked my hands through my wet hair, I sensed Blazer had found his way into the bathroom.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Brogan slid in behind me, closing the shower door without saying a single word. I tipped my head over my shoulder, biting my lower lip. I couldn’t get enough of enjoying his masculine body, my gaze always floating from his marvelous carved abs to his thick, hard cock. Shuddering, I grabbed the shower gel, but he took it out of my hands before I had a chance to open the container.

Still silent, his presence became overbearing as he poured some into his hand, immediately rubbing the liquid across my shoulders, kneading my skin.

I remained exactly where I was, the scintillating vibrations dancing all the way down to my toes keeping my nipples hard and the kinky desires remaining in the forefront of my mind.

There was something so powerful about his presence, every action he took so dominating I didn’t need him to speak or tell me what he expected. The fact he took exactly what he wanted without hesitation was another reason I was so attracted to him.

If only I could give myself totally and completely to him.

What was I thinking? That was insane.

He rolled his hands down the length of my back, inching close enough I could hear his rapid breathing. As he cupped my bottom, I leaned forward, almost to the point of pressing my face against the cool tile. I involuntarily parted my legs, licking my lips, knowing instinctively what he was planning on doing.

Ravaging me once more.

When he shifted his hand between my legs, I held my breath, the sensations keeping my heart racing. I could allow him to do this for hours, but he wouldn’t have the patience. He was primal in all things, his hunger knowing no bounds.

As he pressed his fingertips against my heated pussy, there was no way to stop a moan from rushing past my pursed lips. He knew exactly what I craved, his fingers able to bring me to pure ecstasy without ever being forced inside my tight channel. He toyed with me, pressing the tips of his fingers just inside then pulling back, swirling one finger around my clit. When he pinched my tender tissue, I threw my head back, gasping for air.

His harsh breathing echoed in my ears, his masculine scent filling my system, sizzling every synapse. He didn’t need to tell me how to stand or what to do. I knew it instinctively, keeping my legs wide open for him as he rubbed my pussy. He had an innate, natural way of knowing every aspect of what my body needed. I’d never coached him with regard to my pleasure or any raging desire burning inside.

He simply took control, bringing me to the kind of high that was surreal, pushing my boundaries with his forcefulness. This morning was no exception. I was hungry and wet, tingling all over and close to orgasming just by the way he was tantalizing my clit. Within seconds, beads of perspiration were already trickling down both sides of my face and it only had somewhat to do with the hot water.

His touch was magnificent. Panting, I hung my head low, no longer shocked at the way my body responded, yielding to him without reservation. He’d become my kryptonite, a drug that I feared I wouldn’t be able to be without. I wanted him to possess me.

Taste me.

Take me.

No matter the circumstance or consequences.

“My wet baby,” he finally said, his deep, dark voice sending another shower of thrills through me. His fingers worked their usual magic and the second he slipped them inside, my pussy muscles clamped around the thick invasion.

I pressed my hands against the tile, pushing back against him, rocking his hand as he thrust hard and fast. Breathless, I didn’t bother trying to focus. There was no way of escaping the rapture for even a few seconds.

“Uh-huh,” I managed, although I wasn’t certain my voice was audible.

“I’m going to make you feel so good.” Brogan breathed across my shoulder before nipping my earlobe. Then he nuzzled his face against my neck and within seconds, he bit down on the tenderest part.

The warmth, his thick fingers, and the slice of pain were too much. I exploded in an orgasm, my legs almost buckling as it raced through my system, providing the kind of pleasure and joy I only thought possible in fantasies.

Or romance books.

He had such a power over me that I would do anything he asked, taking any risks, submitting to his every need. That both confused and surprised me, but the joy of what he was doing was something I’d craved my entire adult life.

As the ebb and flow of the climax tangled my nerves and muscles together in a tight weave of rapture, I would have fallen to the shower floor if he hadn’t wrapped his arm around my waist, keeping me aloft.

“My insatiable girl.”

“Yes. Yes, sir.” The word was as shocking as the way my body reacted to him, but it also felt natural, as if I’d always been meant to belong to him. My breathing ragged, when he pulled me away from the wall and against his hard body, I lifted my arms, draping them over his shoulders.

“Good girl. Tonight, I’m going to tie you to the bed and you will learn what it’s like to be in the arms of a true sadist.”

If he wanted to frighten me sexually, he wasn’t. My mouth watered at the thought, the filthy, taboo ideas racing through my mind even darker than before. As soon as I started to come down from the glorious high, he turned me around to face him, cupping both sides of my face. His hold was firmer than ever before, his eyes like dark, obsidian pools in the dim lighting. I sensed an explosive hunger that was only partially due to the incredible moment we were sharing.

There was something else that was much darker, as if his needs had changed. It was as if he didn’t just consider me his possession but his obsession, willing to do anything to keep me.

A slight chill coursed down my spine. There was no reason for it to bother me, yet it did. I could swear karma was playing an evil hand, forcing the two of us together and that left me with a strange, almost sick feeling pooling in my stomach.

“Mine.” The single word was proof that his desires had changed, shifting to a different level. But as he pushed me down to my knees, tangling his fingers in my hair, I didn’t care what he thought or what he wanted.

I was going to indulge in what I needed.

His thick cock inside my mouth.

As I wrapped my fingers around the base, he pressed one of his hands on the shower wall, keeping his other firmly positioned in my long locks. As he slowly lowered his head, the look of carnal need reminded me of a lion pacing his cage. His chest rose and fell as I pumped the base only twice, his harsh laugh sending a shower of trickles all the way to my toes.

I would only be allowed to play for so long.

The moment I slipped my hand between his legs, cupping his swollen testicles, he narrowed his eyes, issuing several guttural sounds.

“Teasing me?” he asked, although he knew the answer.

“Mmm… Hmmm…” I dragged my tongue across his slit before darting the tip around his cockhead. As I rolled his balls between my fingers, I glanced into his eyes before applying pressure, his strangled sounds my sweet reward.

His chest continued to rise and fall as I lifted his cock, licking down the underside then taking one testicle into my mouth. He threw his head back, slamming his palm on the wall, gasping for air.

“Fuck. Such a naughty vixen.”

I shifted to his other swollen sac, savoring the taste. So masculine. So musky. I could do this for hours, tormenting him by bringing him close to the edge then pulling back just as he’d done to me several times.

His leg muscles were tense, his thighs bulging as he planted his other hand on my head, growling like the beast I knew him to be. I continued to take my time, sliding my tongue along the underside of his shaft before taking his cockhead all the way into my mouth. As I used my strong jaw muscles to suck, his body started shaking.

The moment I took more of his cock into my mouth, he laughed savagely then pushed my head with enough force the tip hit the back of my throat. I had to fight to keep breathing as well as not to gag but he was so large that he filled my mouth completely. I closed my eyes, even as both of them watered, taking several shallow breaths until my throat relaxed.

Then nothing could hold me back from savoring his sweet flavor. Within seconds, I was rewarded with several drops of the sweetest pre-cum, which only fueled the fire raging deep within.

There was nothing to keep the man from taking full control. He powered into me, the sucking sound I made as he rolled onto the balls of his feet keeping a shower of electricity pouring through us. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, struggling to breathe yet mesmerized by the way he was looking at me.

Staring at me.

Devouring me with his eyes.

There was something so incredible about being lost in the moment, unworried about time and other constraints. As he continued pumping in my mouth, I fell into a sweet lull, swirling my tongue back and forth as I continued rolling my hand around the base. There was no doubt the friction I’d created was driving him wild, his constant pants and animalistic growls increasing with every passing few seconds.

Brogan dug his fingers into my scalp, tugging on my hair as he face fucked me. I was powerless around the man, incapable of regaining any control. There was a sly smile still on his face, his eyes glassing over from the sheer pleasure.

And I couldn’t wait for him to fill my mouth with his cream.

“Fuck. Hot. Wet. Just the way I like it.” His actions became more aggressive, so rough that I was driven to an entirely different level of pleasure. “Pinch your nipple for me.”

His command was not to be denied. I did so without hesitation, gazing up at him with hazy eyes.

“Good girl. Twist it for me. Hard. I want you to feel the burn.”

There was no stopping the man, no way of breaking the intensity of our connection. The crackling sounds of our combined hammering hearts mixed with the pulsing of the water. And as I twisted and pulled on my tender bud, I sensed he was ready to explode into my mouth.

He threw his head back, gasping for air before growling for several seconds. Then his entire body tensed just before erupting inside my mouth, his seed filling my throat.

I rolled my tongue across my lips, giving him a heated look as he gazed down, a sly look on his face. As he slipped his arms under me, pulling me to a standing position, he shook his head. “You’re amazing, baby. Just amazing.” He backed me against the shower wall, allowing the steamy water to flow over both of us, placing his hands on either side of me.

“Just doing my job.”

“Mmm… I think I should put you to work every day.”

We remained where we were, both of us catching our breath.

The look in his unfocused eyes changed. “The roads should be clear by in the morning. I need to get back to my life, as much as I hate to say it.”

“Treating patients must be an exhausting job.” I traced one of his tattoos, already dreading the next day.

“You have no idea. You’re headed back to New York?”

“For now.” As expected, there was no talk about trying to keep this going. I had a sense there was no such thing as a long-distance relationship in his world.

Whatever that really was.

“Well, whatever you decide to do about Mr. Chevell I’m certain will be well thought out.”

“If only I could slice and dice him. That would make me happy.” I laughed, surprised he’d remembered the man’s name. “He means nothing to me.

“Understood.” He dropped his head even lower, pressing his lips against mine. After the rather chaste kiss, he pulled away. “The internet appears to be up. I need to make a couple phone calls. Then we make breakfast. But you’ll be dessert.”

I shrank back as he left the shower, suddenly shivering, the same nagging continuing.

I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be the last I saw of Brogan, my mysterious man.

And I also had a sense that it should frighten me.

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