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King of Malice: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


The words lingered in the back of my mind as he pulled me from one train car to another. He’d acted like it was his God-given right, as if he already owned me.

My heart raced the moment he stopped in front of a cabin door, wasting no time unlocking it. As soon as his shoulder hit the hard piece of steel, he issued a husky growl that sent a wave of shivers down my legs. Then without hesitation, he tossed me against the wall. I reached for his shirt, fighting to yank it from the tight confines of his trousers.

Phoenix cupped my face, the force of his fingers threatening to bruise my skin. The desperate need we both felt was electric and alive, the man crushing his mouth over mine. I was taken aback by his roughness, but the woman inside wanted to experience everything he offered.

No matter the consequences.

As he swept his tongue inside, I was pulled into a dark abyss, allowing him to take control. I struggled to slide my hand between us, finally able to stroke the thick bulge between his legs. He was rock hard, throbbing against my palm. The kiss was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, just as powerful, filled with the kind of lust that could easily consume every cell in my body.

Delirium tore through me, the warmth as unexpected as the man. There was no backing out, no way of stopping what could be considered madness. I’d never done anything this impulsive or irrational, but I couldn’t resist his animal magnetism. It became hard to think as he dominated my tongue, the taste of him rich with hints of his after-dinner scotch and the peppermint he’d consumed.

I realized my small hand had difficulty wrapping around his huge girth and my mouth watered from the thought. He growled into the kiss, dragging first one arm then the other over my head. When he wrapped one massive hand around my wrists, I struggled in his hold once again. He was having none of it, slamming my hands against the wall. As he continued to drink from me, fighting to quench his thirst, I refused to stop wiggling.

He finally pulled away seconds later, wrapping his hand around my throat. My pussy burned in anticipation of what he had planned. The pressure he used should terrify me. Instead, it enflamed the raging fire more than before. I took gasping breaths, darting my eyes back and forth across his. There was no doubt he would ravage me, owning every inch if only for a night.

Swallowing, the hard knot in my throat added to the pulse and heat between my legs. He lowered his gaze, the shimmer in his eyes like a warm beacon in the night. He lowered his head, gliding the tip of his nose down my cheek, his heated breath tingling every inch of me. His lips trailed a line down my neck and he used his teeth to yank the edge of my dress to the side. He rolled his lips across my collarbone to my shoulder, his breathing as ragged as mine.

The moment left me breathless, so much so a whimper pushed past my lips. This was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced, and I never wanted it to end.

“Are you afraid of me?” he asked, as if my answer would change anything.

“Should I be?”

“Yes, without a doubt.”

He pressed his body against mine and I felt all of him, the hard throb of his cock against my stomach matching the thrumming pulse in my throat. I was breathless, unable to move yet longing to touch every inch of him.

For a few seconds, I felt as if I was teetering on the edge of danger, as if he’d consume all of me.

I gasped for air and the second he backed away, in one swift motion removing then tossing his shirt, I was thrown into an incredible haze.

My God, the man was built like a powerhouse, all carved muscle. He was covered in ink, various shades of black and red adorning his arms and chest. I was thrown by the beauty of his art, mesmerized by the selection. Each one alluded to danger, the very savagery he’d mentioned.

He advanced once again, yanking my dress up and over my head. I planted my hands on his chest, shuddering from the feel of tremendous heat. Then he tossed me onto the small bed, yanking off my heels. Between the vibrations of the train and the crackling electricity, I was breathless, incapable of putting two coherent words together.

I watched in fascination as he ripped the belt from his trousers, running the thick leather through his fingers. The moment he cracked the tip onto the floor, my legs trembled. I dragged my tongue across my lips, the anticipation intense. The way he stared at me was intensely unnerving and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I should fear the man. Yet I also knew he wouldn’t hurt me, never harming something he considered his possession.

The thought was both riveting and twisted but it was an aphrodisiac that threatened to consume what was left of my rationality. He wasn’t into romantic interludes or hiding behind the façade of foreplay. Our encounter would be rough and passionate. I slid my hand down the side of my neck as I moved onto my knees, basking in the definition of every toned muscle on his body.

He removed the rest of his clothes, and I was close to being delirious from the sight of him. Standing at least six foot five, his broad chest quickly fell into a sharp, carved V leading to powerful thighs. He was a creation from the gods, perfect in every way. His cock was magnificent, long and thick, the tip purple from his shaft throbbing with need. I needed to wrap my mouth around it, sucking until I was rewarded with his sweet cream.

When he advanced, I suddenly had to urge to tease him, jerking to the right, managing to leap off the bed.

His growl was subtle yet prickled my skin. “You’re not going anywhere.” Why did the sound of his deep voice have such an effect on me? He easily tossed me onto the bed again, grabbing my ankle and yanking me to the edge. When he cupped my lace-covered mound, pushing me down onto my back, I sucked in my breath as stars floated in front of my eyes. His actions brutal, he rubbed his thick fingers up and down my pussy, the friction releasing a deep moan from my throat.

I rose onto my elbows, watching as he pushed a single finger through the thin material, flicking the tip back and forth around my clit. I couldn’t stop quivering, my mind a foggy mess. This was sinful and filthy, something I might regret in the morning, but there was no turning back. His grin was dark, his eyes twinkling in the dim lighting and when he dropped to his knees, burying his face in my wetness, I threw my head back.

“Oh…” The sound echoed, bouncing off the steel walls, the wave of vibrations from the train keeping me on edge. As we neared a city, the various lights streaming in through the windows captured my attention. A slight wash of embarrassment cascaded all the way down to my curled toes, the thought of anyone possibly seeing us shameful.

And delicious.

This was pure decadence.

I gasped the moment he drove his tongue into my tight channel, but the sound quickly melted from the pressure he used. Every sound he made was animalistic, pushing me deeper into a moment of euphoria. When he sucked the lace into his mouth, I let out another strangled moan. No man had touched me this way, pushing me toward ecstasy so soon. He ripped a larger hole, the noise making me laugh nervously.

A part of me wanted to fight him off, maintaining some level of decency, but within seconds I floated away. I squeezed my eyes shut as he sucked on my pussy lips, driving me to the point of madness. He was almost frantic in his actions, his needs becoming overwhelming. When he pulled back, I shuddered deep inside. With a snap of his wrist, he removed the unwanted thong, tossing it aside as the trash it had become.

“A souvenir,” he muttered casually, as if the thought wasn’t crude. The visions of him sucking on the lace, jacking off with the material wrapped around his massive cock was enough to force my pussy to clamp and release several times.

Then he lifted my legs, pressing them wide open, chuckling darkly as he blew across my slickened folds. Phoenix kept his palms pressed against my inner thighs, using his thumbs to open my swollen folds, exposing every inch of me. I’d never felt so vulnerable in my life, no longer capable of focusing on anything but the dirty moment.

His eyes never left me as he began his feast, taking his time to lick up and down, exploring as if he had all the time in the world. The hot, wet strokes of his thumbs pushed me into a state of bliss, my mind foggy. He was masterful in pulling me to the very edge then yanking back. He wanted me to beg him for it, to plead to be able to come.

I wasn’t the kind of girl who succumbed to anyone, but with every roll of his finger, every soft lick of his rough tongue, I lost control of the girl I’d always been. He was breaking down my walls, his savagery all I could think about. As the scent of our desire and his testosterone floated into my system, I lolled my head to the side. Catching my breath was impossible. Every nerve in my body was on fire, standing on end as he licked me in a brutal frenzy. The moment he thrust two fingers inside, pumping hard and fast, I let out another scream.

“Yes. Yes… Oh, God, I need to come.”

“Not yet. If you disobey me, you’ll be punished.”

Punished. The single word should horrify me, but I was elated, a small part of me wanting nothing more than becoming a very bad girl.

“Oh, please. Please…” Hearing the words would normally sicken me, but they felt right. I laughed, a single bead of perspiration trickling down my cheek, falling ever so slowly to the bed. The train hit a rough patch, the gyrations forcing his fingers and tongue in deeper. This was pure madness. I tensed, trying to hold back, the control he had over my body indescribable.

Hie grip becomes tighter as he pushed me to my limits, every sound fueling the fire burning so brightly between us.

“I need…” Panting, I couldn’t utter the words, the pleasure that intense. “Please. Please…”

The hard crack of his fingers against my pussy was jarring, the slight punishment sending a crackle of electricity into every muscle and tendon. When he soothed the ache, sucking as he shifted his head back and forth, there was no chance at holding back.

A climax roared into me, my breath stolen as I jerked up. Lights of various colors skipped along my periphery of vision, every beat matching the lights from outside. This time, my scream was silent, my body shaking violently. I’d never experienced anything so intense before, no man ever bringing me to raw ecstasy.

Phoenix refused to stop, using his tongue and fingers in a perfect orchestration. As soon as the first beautiful wave began to crash, another took its place. I was crazed from the euphoria, bucking like a wild animal.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

He growled in answer, pinching my clit between two fingers. The combination of pain and pleasure elongated the climax. I was wet and hot, exhausted from the rapture. When the orgasm finally swirled, slowing until it left a minor thump in the deepest part of my core, he pressed his lips against one thigh then the other.

“You’re a very bad girl.”

The words left me tingling all over. “Uh-huh.”

“Bad girls are punished.”

All I could do was drag my tongue across my parched lips, my vision still hazy as I watched him rise to his full height.

Moving wasn’t an option, my entire body far too relaxed, but I sensed the beast inside of him was crowding closer to the surface. The way he looked at me was possessive, the primal heat between us exploding. Every action he took was deliberate, calculating, as if curious as to what I could handle.

“On your knees,” he commanded, the devilish grin I’d seen in the dining car lighting up his face.

I did as he ordered, my body swaying, butterflies taking over my stomach.

When he casually grabbed his belt from the floor, snagging my worthless panties at the same time, I bit my lower lip to keep from crying out.

“Open your mouth, my omorfiá.” His words came from a dark place within him, his tone deep and foreboding. If he wanted me terrified of him, he had no understanding of the kind of woman I’d become.



As demanding as he was.

But I obeyed him for some crazy reason, going against all I believed in. He took a single long stride closer, towering over me like the god he was. Chuckling, he rubbed the rough pad of his index finger from one side of my jaw to the other. “With every action taken, no matter if they’re good or bad, there are consequences. Your disobedience will not be tolerated.”

Why did his words and his looming presence excite me so much? Why was I trembling from the thought of what he’d do?

His eyes became hooded, his chest rising and falling as he balled up the thin lace, shoving the wad into my mouth. “We don’t want to disturb the other guests. Do we?”

I sensed he couldn’t care less about the other passengers, the expression he wore one of power and dominance. The scent of my desire wafted into my nose, the fragrance instantly intoxicating. I could do nothing but watch as he wrapped his hand around the thick leather, winding it several times before sliding the tip across my shoulder and down my arm. He was toying with me, creating a lengthy moment of anxiety, but I wasn’t thrown that easily.

As he cupped my breast with his other hand, swirling the tip of his finger around my taut nipple, I did what I could not to react. My body had already betrayed me, doing so again as it swayed back and forth. He seemed pleased, his grin widening. Then he pinched my nipple, twisting it until a wash of pain coursed through me.

I had a feeling this was just the beginning.

“I’m going to spank you.” His statement was frank, said without any inflection, as if this was just a matter of course in our wicked tryst. I wanted to say no, to shove him aside and leave the room, but I was exhilarated at the thought. No one had ever spanked me before. My pussy remained wet, my juice staining the insides of my thighs.

He shifted his hand to my other breast, kneading the fullness before clamping his fingers around my hardened bud. The blast of anguish forced me to close my eyes.

“I have no doubt you can be a very good girl and will be in time.”

Was he planning on this continuing? The excursion was four days. Then we’d go our separate ways if he wasn’t departing during one of the two stops. The realization added another layer of tension.

I didn’t want him to leave too soon. This wasn’t real life, merely a dark fantasy, but I wanted it to last as long as possible.

Phoenix rolled his knuckle across my cheek then pushed me onto my stomach on the bed. I wanted to kneel by his side, the action of a true submissive. The strange moment of accepting his full control was somehow profound, sparking a longing I’d never known I’d wanted.

He grabbed a pillow, fisting my hair and lifting my body so he could slide the softness under my stomach. I glanced at my reflection in the window, my bottom accentuated by the additional height, and my core throbbed all over again.

As he trailed his fingers down my spine, gently caressing one side of my buttocks then the other, I eased my arms over my head. The anticipation was killing me. The moment he pulled my legs apart, sliding his hand against my wetness, I moaned through the gag.

“I will love seeing your body marked, a display of my adoration for your beauty. Imagine if you wore my crest, an acknowledgment that you were mine.” Every word dripped of sexual innuendos but there was more to his statement, as if he’d been hunting me for a long time. That wasn’t possible. I didn’t know him. And he was the kind of man who could easily be remembered.

When he slid the belt down my back, crisscrossing my ass, I sucked in my breath.

The hard cracking sound as he snapped his wrist permeated my eardrums, lingering in the small space. Then as the thick leather was slapped across my bottom, a rush of adrenaline stalled the brutal level of pain. But when it coursed through me, I jerked up, fighting to breathe. Nothing could have prepared me for the blast of anguish, the breath-stealing moment forming tears in my eyes.

He pressed his hand against the small of my back, holding me in place until I calmed. Then he repeated his action, bringing the strap down four times, each one harder than the one before. I couldn’t stop moaning, my mind spinning from the strange combination of agony and bliss. When he took a few seconds, caressing my heated skin, I lifted my head, studying him intently. He was enjoying every moment of controlling me.

As he lifted his gaze, his eyes managed to pierce mine even through the glass. I tried to concentrate on the rumbling of the train, the vibrations skimming through every muscle. Every inch of my skin was extra sensitive and when he raked his nails down my back, I shivered violently.

He resumed the spanking, bringing the belt down in rapid succession. My mind had difficulty processing the moment, flying free into a warm wash of peace. That made no sense to me, but neither did the way I’d reacted to a total stranger, our banter having shifted into powerful conversations about music, books, travel, and our desires for our respective futures.

I had no idea who he was or why he was on the train. He’d said nothing about his business endeavors or family, and neither had I. And at this point, he didn’t even know my first name.

The sense of mystery had made our entanglement illicit, more scintillating than had I grilled him, learning every detail of his life. This was my one chance at fulfilling a fantasy and I was enjoying every moment.

The sound of the strap slicing across my skin floated all around me, the dampness between my legs increasing. It was crazy, an experience others would call toxic. I didn’t care. This was what passion was meant to be.

When he popped four against my upper thighs, I was brought back to reality, the force he used pitching me forward. Gasping, I chewed on the material, the gag barely able to keep my muffled screams from disrupting others. I was certain the cabins on either could hear my cries. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, he tossed the belt, cupping my pussy, immediately thrusting his fingers inside. He took his time, allowing the pain to dissipate, replacing his harsh actions with another form of pleasure.

Then he yanked me onto all fours, jerking the pillow away. He took his time crawling onto the bed, positioning himself behind me. As he wrapped his hand around my long curls, he seemed pleased with himself, or maybe the reflection in the window skewed his cruel smile. That was the moment a hint of fear crawled into my system. I had no reason to be afraid of him. He hadn’t done or said a single thing to lead me to believe our encounter was anything other than a random meeting.

I had no time to mull over the possibilities, the feel of his thick cock pressed against my aching backside shifting apprehension into another wave of excitement. There was no pretense this was meant to be a romance, which allowed him to thrust the entire length of his cock deep inside.

My muscles strained to accept his thick girth, my chest rising and falling as I attempted to control my breathing. Almost immediately pressure started to build, my mind whirring with thoughts and possibilities. We were two adults, sharing the company of each other and nothing more. When I closed my eyes, he yanked on my back, pulling me into a deeper arc.

“Look at me, omorfiá,” he huffed. “Never take your eyes off me.” As he whispered other words in his native tongue, I finally realized he was Greek through and through. The thought was riveting, making the moment that much hotter.

He pulled almost all the way out, plunging into me again. I clawed the bedding, doing my best to obey him. His reflection appeared much larger in the clear glass, looming over me as if he’d become my master. I had no reason to think that way, no desire to surrender to anyone on a permanent basis.

“You’re so tight,” he muttered, the sound sending another thrill through me. As he rocked my body, developing an incredible rhythm, I pushed back against him. His expression hardened and even through the glass, I could tell the color of his eyes had changed, becoming darker.

More possessive.

My pussy muscles clamped and released, pulling him in even deeper. His thrusts became more brutal, the coil of his tense stomach pushing against my heated bottom. He dug the fingers of his other hand into my hip, the sound of his heavy breathing floating between us. I was driven into another moment of rapture, breathless wonderment keeping me close to the beautiful edge.

I was surprised when he wrapped his body over mine, the weight of his massive frame instantly shadowing mine. He slipped his hand from my hair to the back of my neck, squeezing with enough pressure my eyes opened wide. It was another moment of realizing how vulnerable I was with him, his strong hands capable of crushing my windpipe.

“Does that feel good, my sweet baby? Do you like the way I fill your sweet pussy completely?”

I nodded, holding back a moan, sensing frustration building within him. He jerked out the gag then nuzzled against my ear, nipping my earlobe. “Answer me.”

“Yes.” My voice was barely a whisper.

“Tell me what you want. I need to hear it.” He pulsed in and out, his actions far too tender for the man I already knew him to be.

“Fuck me.”

“Like this?”

“No,” I hissed. “Hard. Rough. Fuck me raw.”

He breathed into my ear, raking his teeth down the side of my neck before pulling back to the same position as before. With both hands on my hips, he resumed fucking me like I wanted, driving into me with such ferocity my body shook.

The fire roaring between us was close to exploding, the level of heat steaming the window. I longed to reach out, wiping away the fog. I didn’t want to miss a single minute, basking in the revelation of our passion. Nothing about his actions remained tender, the hard fucking exhausting. He refused to stop, his chest heaving as his cock swelled.

My nipples tightened, the ache in both allowing me to feel more alive than I’d been in years. How could one man awaken the desire burning deep within, easily unraveling my needs as if he’d known them all along? Panting, I sensed another orgasm deliberately trying to derail the beautiful moment. I took shallow breaths, but my pussy refused to obey me like I’d denied following his orders.

The climax came hard and fast, crashing into me with all the fury of years spent hungering for something this passionate.

“Oh, God. Oh…” The haze in front of my eyes deepened, my heart racing.

His hands now gripped my hips with so much pressure, I knew my skin would bruise, but I didn’t care. I pushed up from the bed, arching my back. The sounds slipping past my lips weren’t human, so animalistic I didn’t recognize my own voice.

Phoenix seemed delighted, growling with every savage thrust, our combined sounds fueling the fire even more.

The pure rawness of what we were doing tingled every muscle, the orgasm keeping me in the incredible fog. He continued fucking me with no mercy, beads of sweat dripping from his face onto my back. Then he wrapped an inked forearm around my waist, the colorful markings somehow grabbing my attention. With my eyes getting heavy, I finally sensed he was close to coming and I squeezed my pussy muscles.

A smile crossed my face when he erupted deep inside, filling me with his seed.

Dear God, this was dirty and delicious and…

I had no idea how long we remained locked together, the glory of sweet bliss wrapped around us like a warm blanket. When he finally eased me to the bed, curling his limbs around me, exhaustion replaced the moment of pure ecstasy. While I tried to keep my eyes open, the lull of the train’s engine and the warmth of his body as he held me became far more powerful.

As I slowly drifted off, more peaceful than I’d been in as long as I could remember, his voice and the words he whispered in my ear I knew would linger long into the night.

“You’ll learn very soon, my sweet beauty, that there is nowhere you can run or hide where I won’t find you. You now belong to me, a price paid for betrayal.”

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