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King of Savagery: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


I’d interrogated enough people to gauge reactions quickly. If Savannah was here to collect information, she’d take the opportunity to glean what she could in my absence. That would require her to lift the makeshift mask. If she was a hired professional of a different nature, she’d wait for another opportunity, which meant she’d remain where she was without any sign of reservation.

But if Savannah was nothing more than a beautiful woman who’d decided to enjoy a night with a beast, then she’d second guess herself.

I shoved one hand into my pocket, doing my best to find a small amount of patience. Fortunately, within seconds it paid off. She started to tremble, constantly floating her hand to the blindfold. Her nervousness gave me a sense of comfort, at least enough to leave the room, heading for my private bedroom, my balls so tight it was painful.

After flicking on the light, I moved straight for the cabinet I’d had brought in, the specific piece custom built. As soon as I opened the double doors, I yanked out my phone.

“Yes, boss?” Ricardo asked, answering on the second ring.

“When you’re finished with our illustrious chef, I need you check the employment records. Find Savannah’s application and have her checked.”

“Do you know her last name?”

“I have no clue. Find it. And I want an in-depth report.”

“Do you need support?” he asked.

“Not necessary. Just get me what you can as soon as possible.” After ending the call, I dumped my phone on the dresser. Then I cracked my knuckles before returning to the cabinet. I’d amassed several collections of implements and bondage equipment over the years, my savage tastes requiring sessions of kink every so often. Although I realized it had been a while, business keeping my attention.

If we were in my house in Boca, I’d keep her locked away in my playpen for an extended period of time. What I stored in my suite left much to be desired but was adequate for tonight’s purposes. A smile crossed my face as I opted for cuffs, squeezing the leather between my fingers. A gag could prove useful, but I longed to hear her call out my name. That would happen soon enough.

I selected a flogger, one I’d use on a new submissive, rubbing my fingers down the thin straps of leather. Although my cravings were much more intense, I’d bide my time. If she was simply a girl in need of a job, let alone a new life, she might be provided with the opportunity to become something much more in my world.

Before I left, I ripped off my shirt, tossing it in the laundry. Then I took my time returning to the living room. By now, her anxiety level should be high. As I walked closer, Savannah tensed, her heated breath already creating a ring of fog on the window.

“Put your arms behind you,” I commanded.

She was more tentative than before, the blindfold giving me the advantage. I was prepared for sass, but by the way she was twisting her lips, it was obvious she was having difficulty fighting her personality. She deserved an explanation.

“I’m going to bind your wrists. As I said before, you’ll need to trust me. I will remind you that I’m not in the business of harming beautiful woman, only traitors. The leather cuffs will help heighten the experience.”

Her arms were shaking but she did as I asked.

I almost dragged her down to her knees to suck my cock, my hunger roaring off the charts. Pain before pleasure. That’s what I’d been taught early on in life and had adhered to the sentiment every day.

She’d fisted her hands, her shoulders rising and falling as I snapped the binding into place. As I mover her long hair away from her shoulder, she shuddered audibly. I raked my finger down the back of her neck, moving from one side to the other. “Perhaps one day you’ll wear my collar.”

Savannah was quiet, her jaw tightly clenched. “I won’t be attached to anyone. Ever.”

“We shall see, my little pet.” I moved closer, enough so the heat of our bodies resonated back and forth. I placed the flogger on the end table, rolling my hand over her shoulder, cupping her breast savagely. “It would seem you’ve been lying to me. Haven’t you?”

Even the best undercover agents would always stiffen just enough. She didn’t. Instead, she flinched from the pain, a single moan slipping past her lips. I crossed out that particular box. However, if she had nothing to lose, everything to gain, then she’d do everything it took to maintain her studied persona.

I tangled my fingers in her hair with my other hand, lowering my head and nipping her earlobe. “Have you lied to me, malen’kiy krapivnik? Do you have something to confess to your master?”

“Why would I?”

“Come now. Please don’t insult me. You were in my room going through my things. You see, I’m a very organized man and you were less than tidy.”

She had the good graces to swallow then drag her tongue across her lips. “I’m sorry.”

“Does that mean you were?”

“Yes. I was curious how a man of your… stature lives. Nothing more.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Why else? What are you insinuating? That I’d want to steal from you? I might be desperate, Mr. Nikitin, but I’m no thief.”

I wrapped her hair around my hand, tugging with enough force she gasped. Then I pressed my lips against hers, opening her mouth with mine. As I slipped my tongue inside, she didn’t fight me, although her tremors had returned. She was still playful, sweeping her tongue against mine, the creaking leather an indication she was already fighting her bindings.

When I was finished tasting her, I kept my hold on her hair, sliding my arm around her waist. As I opened my fingers, crawling them down to her smooth pussy, she sucked in her breath. “Then exactly who are you, Savannah?”

“I already told you. I’m sorry I invaded your privacy. It was wrong. That’s not my normal behavior.”

“It would seem you’re having a few of those experiences tonight. As with all bad behavior, there are consequences. That will need to be handled.”


I yanked her head again. “Respect is the first thing you need to learn.”

“Yes. Sir.” The fact she issued the two words I was looking for through clenched teeth was a good indication she wasn’t used to surrendering to anyone. Training her would be delicious.

“Good girl.” I couldn’t help myself, sliding the tip of my index finger around her clit. She immediately whimpered, the electricity already shooting between us increasing. As soon as her breathing became ragged, I pulled my hand away. “Before there can be pleasure, there will be punishment.” I grabbed the flogger, sliding the six tails between her breasts all the way to her legs. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Mmm…” I repeated the action, taking a few seconds to swish the tawse back and forth across one nipple then the other. When I cracked the leather strips against her breasts, she gritted out a slight yelp, stifling it immediately. She was a fierce little bird, determined not to let me in. That would soon change.

I repeated the action, enjoying the moment. She was moving her fingers, involuntarily rubbing them back and forth across my cock. The girl was going to drive me crazy.

After two more strikes across her breasts, I pulled her away from the window, using her long hair as a leash as I guided her toward the back of the couch. I was somewhat surprised that Savannah said nothing, struggling to a point but not enough to indicate she was terrified. Perhaps the sadistic side of me wanted her to be afraid, which would make her even more vulnerable, but then again, my arousal only increased because she wasn’t pleading for her release.

When I tossed her over the couch, she threw her head over her shoulder, taking several gasping breaths. I kicked her legs apart then adjusted her bound hands against the small of her back. “I’m going to spank you, my little wren. You will not move or try to run. If you do, I assure you that you won’t like where this punishment will go from here.”

She bit her lower lip but nodded.

“I need to hear you say you understand.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Excellent.” It had been a very long time since I’d used a tawse on anyone. Tonight I would enjoy every moment, especially exposing her to my world. She’d wanted to learn more. This was the best way. I dragged my finger down her spine, shifting over her bound hands to the crack of her ass. When I rolled the tip between her buttocks, she jumped. She was a virgin to the joys of anal sex. That only enticed the monster inside of me even more.

I took a step back, allowing the anticipation to increase for another few seconds. “Keep something in mind, my beautiful creature. No one fucks with me. Not even someone who seems innocent and beautiful. Consequences will always be necessary. The sooner you learn that I’m a man who refuses to tolerate betrayal, the better.”

“Is that a threat, Maxim? I’ve done nothing to you. You invited me here, remember? Maybe I should leave.”

As I’d done so many times, I savored a few seconds of observation, studying every nuance and slight tic, every heartbeat to see if she was lying to me. When she shifted away from the window, attempting to remove the blindfold, I snapped my hand around her wrist. “I would never threaten you, Savannah. I don’t need to. You’re an honorable woman. But I do make promises. And you’re not leaving.”


His last few words were stated with emphasis.

And yes, they were a warning.


It swept around me like a wildfire, ready to sear my skin, but as crazy as it seemed, I knew Maxim wasn’t going to hurt me, at least not in the ways he did with those who defied him.

Or so I hoped.

Maxim wasn’t exactly threatening me, but I’d been careless going into his room, searching through his things. Now I was paying the price of irresponsibility. The fact I was excited, my pussy aching appalled me.

Even the intimate touch had been breathtaking, awakening all my senses. I was still shaking from being commanded to remove my clothes, but I’d had no other choice.

A man so powerful wouldn’t take no for an answer.

As he brought the flogger down, striking it across my buttocks four times, I sucked in my breath. Seconds later, I felt a series of stinging sensations, none of which were as bad as I thought they’d be. But as he continued, bringing the implement down time and time again, the pain began to build.

The blindfold was just as alarming, my lack of vision amplifying the experience. I could swear every smack against my skin was more sensualized, every sound of his wrist as he snapped it, bringing the tawse down was increased in volume. But being bound, unable to move or flee if necessary was absolutely terrifying. If I’d said no, would he have listened?

He issued a low, husky growl as he caressed my bottom, the heat already building on my skin. I wiggled, shifting back and forth but did my best to maintain my position. When he dared to roll his hand between my legs, I was thrown by the intensity of the pleasure. It was entirely different, every synapse in my body on fire.

Panting, even though I was blindfolded, stars managed to permeate my mind in vivid colors, dancing in spiraling formations as he drove his fingers past my swollen folds. He was rough in his actions, living up to his reputation as being a brutal man in every aspect of his life. But even as he murmured in Russian, the words floating up to my ears, I sensed something entirely different about him than I expected.

Just searching his eyes, I sensed a man with no home or family he could call his own. That shouldn’t sadden me, but it did. He broke me from my pathetic trance, jerking his hand free, brushing his slickened fingers across my bottom. Then he delivered six more, one coming right after the other, shifting down to the tops of my thighs.

A blistering amount of anguish tore through me, but even though I bit back a scream from the pain, I was so aroused it was insane. I hung my head, fighting the bindings even if I’d likely receive more. I’d never been tied up before, a feeling of claustrophobia rushing in, a fear I didn’t even know I had. And no one had ever tried to spank me before.

He was unforgiving of my misdeed, cracking the flogger down harder. Faster. But something told me he wasn’t just marking my body because of my behavior. He was doing so as a statement that I belonged to him.

I was petrified and thrilled, the combination just as repulsive. But there was no turning back the clock, no ability to alter the future. I was his for the taking and he knew it.

Two turned into six, my body shaking.

Another four and a single bead of perspiration trickled between my breasts. I was lightheaded, filthy thoughts drifting through my mind, every cell in my body on fire.

When he stopped a second time, I heard how labored his breathing had become and when he touched me, I sensed his arm was shaking from adrenaline. I shifted back and forth, my legs wobbly.

“You defied me.” His statement was cool, the hiss afterward making me more anxious.

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

After Maxim gave me four more, I heard him dropping the flogger. Then he pulled me away from the couch, wrapping his hand around my throat. “I know you are, little wren.” He wrapped his arms around me, cupping my breasts. “You did very well. I’m proud of you.”

Was I supposed to say thank you? I had no idea.

I wasn’t certain what to expect, but when he pushed me to the floor, a surge of electricity shot through me.

Teper ty sosesh moy chlen,” he growled.

“What does that mean?” I heard rustling sounds and knew he was removing his trousers.

“That means you’re now going to suck my cock.” When he gripped both sides of my head, I shuddered to my core, but the same rush of excitement and desire roared through me. “Open your mouth.”

I did what he asked, my breathing shallow, struggling all over again with my bindings. I wanted to touch him, to wrap my hands around his cock, sliding my other hand between his legs so I could cup his balls. As he tapped my cheek, I darted out my tongue.

“Wider, little wren.”

The moment I stretched my mouth as wide open as possible, he shoved the tip of his cock inside. I didn’t need to be told to suck him, immediately clamping my lips around his thickness, swirling my tongue back and forth.

“You’re one hot woman, Savannah. Eager. I like that.” His voice was soft velveteen, sliding down my naked skin in the most comforting way.

As he shoved a couple more inches inside, I was shocked how large he was, my jaw muscles aching almost instantly. His fingers dug into the side of my face as he held me, keeping me from going anywhere. Every sound he made was exaggerated, his scent rushing into my system, enticing my senses. I was shocked how much I enjoyed the fact he had full control.

“Your mouth is so hot, so fucking hot. Take it all, my little pet. Every single inch.”

I shuddered as he thrust the remainder inside, the tip hitting the back of my throat. When I gagged, he only pushed harder, taking full control. I took shallow breaths, trying to control my gag reflex, fearful I couldn’t do this. But seconds later, he developed a rhythm, and I was able to relax my throat muscles.

But he remained brutal, driving into me relentlessly, as if he was furious with his life and not just with me.

“Fuck. That’s good. So damn good.”

I had no way of knowing how long he fucked my mouth, shocked when he pulled out. I kept my mouth open, prepared for more.

“I could erupt in your throat easily, but I’m not finished with you yet, my sweet little bird. No, I need to taste you before I fuck you, indulging in the experience this time. And I assure you that I’m going to fuck that tight pussy of yours all over again.”

His gravelly voice and promise of defiling me sent a wave of heat into my core. I’d never hungered for a man in this way, the darkness he exuded a part of his power and the excitement. He pulled me to my feet, turning me around. I was surprised when I sensed he was unfastening the bindings, releasing my wrists.

But he wasn’t letting me go, using my long hair as he’d done before, walking me to another location. When he eased me down onto all fours on something soft, I looked over my shoulder, wishing I could see what he was doing. He widened my legs, leaving me totally exposed.

To him, a man who I knew to be a brutal killer.

How had I gotten here in the first place?

“As I said, with pain comes pleasure.” He kept his hand on my bottom and in the next few seconds, vibrations danced down every inch of my body as he blew across my throbbing pussy. I was so wet my juice had already slickened my thighs, the wafting scent floating between us. I was lost in a sea of pleasure almost instantly when he darted his tongue around my clit. My God, he was going to lick me from behind. I dug my palms into the soft material, arching my back.

I was rewarded with a subtle growl, his heavy breathing spilling across my wetness.

“Oh, God.”

“There’s no God here, my little wren, just your master, a man who will give you everything you need. If you’re a good little girl.”

His words continued to thrill me, my mind a raging blur as he thrust his tongue past my swollen folds. No other pleasure had felt this amazing or intense. I bit back a cry as my muscles clamped and released almost immediately. What he’d done to me in the course of thirty minutes was unexpected, pushing me to the height of bliss. It was crazy I didn’t want him to stop.

And I sensed he had no intention of it.

As he added a single finger, driving as deep inside as possible, I started panting. I clawed the upholstery, crazed from the jolts of current. He made good on his promise, taking his time, licking up and down, sucking on my clit several times. When I started tossing my head back and forth, I could tell I almost slipped off whatever he’d placed me on.

He wrapped one arm around my leg, opening me even wider, burying his face into my pussy. When he plunged two more fingers inside, flexing them open, I couldn’t keep a strangled yelp from escaping. I could sense I was close to coming. He brought me to the brink several times, Pulling back, barely licking me.

“This is… so…” I couldn’t find the words or express how good it felt, my mind a complete blur. I wiggled my hips and he smacked his hand against my aching backside, sending me soaring into a moment of utter rapture.

When he started licking me in earnest again, I couldn’t stop shaking. As he pumped his fingers, driving into me as deeply as was possible, I nearly lost my mind.

“My perfect little wren. That’s it, little pet. Come for me.”

Whether or not doing so was about obeying him or not, I wasn’t certain, but I couldn’t stop the explosive climax. As it rushed into me, I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. But my body wouldn’t stop shaking, pitching from side to side as a single orgasm jetted into a beautiful wave.

He continued to lick like a wild man, his guttural sounds like a primal beast. He was right in that every one of my other senses was intensified from losing one. I couldn’t stop panting, my body shaking, colorful visions sweeping through my mind. I’d never experienced anything like this before.

Then I experienced another shock as he smacked his fingers against my pussy.

“What? Oh, God.”

He chuckled darkly and I struggled to breathe. He repeated the action, the hard cracks pushing me into another climax. I couldn’t believe it, my mind a complete blur.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh… Yes…” I was exhausted but alive, stars spinning out of control in my periphery of vision.

“That’s it. Good girl. My perfect pet.” He cracked his fingers a few more times then resumed licking me.

I was too sensitive, trying to scramble away but he was having none of it, yanking me back so he could finish the evil deed. I laughed even though tears were in my eyes, and I was shaking all over. There was no way to describe the combination, but when he finally slowed, I hung my head, gasping for air.

He backed away and I slumped down, tingling sensations remaining.

There was no rest for the weary. He fisted my hair, yanking me back onto all fours. “Now I’m taking what already belongs to me.”

The words were suddenly chilling because I knew he meant them. He was determined to make me his prized pet, a woman who’d surrender at his command. I wasn’t certain I could do that, not for any man.

Then he thrust his cock inside and I was floating, no longer capable of thinking clearly. His hold was firm, yanking my back into a deep arc. As he powered inside, slamming into me with so much force it knocked my breath away, I bucked hard against him.

“My little pet likes it rough,” he growled, digging the fingers of his other hand into my hip. He was so dominating, predatory in every way.

And I loved it.

Panting, I did what I could to meet every brutal thrust, clawing the material underneath my fingers, every sound I made ragged. My sight deprivation only added to the sensations tearing through me, leaving me hot and wet, my pussy aching and my breasts swollen.

He smacked my bottom several times and it threw me into a raging orgasm, vibrations jetting through every cell and muscle.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!”

“Such a bad girl, coming without asking.”

I couldn’t answer, my mind spiraling out of control, the pleasure so extreme I could no longer breathe.

And he refused to stop, driving savagely, taking exactly what he wanted.

Wiggling and pitching, exhaustion was settling in but my body continued betraying me, allowing another climax to sweep in unexpectedly.

“My perfect little wren.”

When he whispered something in Russian that I couldn’t understand, another edge started to build, the pleasure flipping to severe anxiety. I stiffened, holding my breath. Then I realized by his jerking motions that he was close to coming. I closed my eyes, praying that this wasn’t the end of the game by his choice.

And as he erupted deep inside, filling me with his seed, a single tear rolled down my face.

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