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King’s Captive: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I moved to the stairs, still hating the way the old wooden treads creaked under the heaviness of my shoes. While a significant portion of the house had been renovated before I’d moved in six years before, the refurbishment of the ornate stairway and handrail had been minimal. For some reason, that’s all I could think about as I took them two at a time.

She kicked out, struggling to reach for the railing. The sound of her nails scratching the well-oiled surface forced an immediate reaction. I brought my palm against her backside with brutal smacks, one after the other, chuckling as she moaned several times.

“Ouch! Let me down,” Emily insisted, pummeling her hands against my back.

“Fight me all you want, little pet. That just turns me on.”

“You’re a bastard.”

Her actions created a primal surge from deep within, the kind of aching need that swept through me like a tidal wave. It was difficult to comprehend why this woman, the very one who’d been able to break the Kings’ veil of power, ignited the dark passion within me, but there was no denying my intense yearning.

She was mine.

I stormed into my bedroom, only bothering to flip on the single light on the dresser. As a warm glow filled the room, she did everything she could do to get out of my hold. When she managed to kick me in the stomach with her bare foot, I slid my hand under her dress, wrapping my fingers around her leg.

“I suggest you stop fighting me,” I growled.

Whether or not Dimitri had anticipated my actions remained unknown, I’d been pleasantly surprised after entering the house to find the cleaning staff had provided a new set of sheets and a comforter. I’d expected to find Emily in one of the other rooms, secured to the bed and awaiting my return. When that hadn’t been the case, I’d almost erupted in rage, uncertain she’d even been brought to the house.

Another thought regarding the cage entered my mind, fueling the anger even more.

I had to get the ugliness out of my mind, at least for tonight. I needed a clear head in order to proceed with certain plans. Rest was in order.

While this wasn’t about a romantic moment, I was exhausted, the ebb of adrenaline coming to an end.

That wouldn’t stop me from taking what was mine.

I dumped her onto the bed and within seconds, she managed to scramble off the side, grabbing the bedside lamp and swinging it in my direction. I couldn’t help but be amused, her jabbing and slashing motions coming dangerously close to connecting.

However, the time for playing games was over.

Ducking, I wrapped my arm around her waist, driving us both into the middle of the bed, the lamp crashing to the floor with a hard thud. I could tell I’d knocked the wind out of her, her mouth twisting, the girl trying desperately to claw as far away from me as possible. Then her lovely doe eyes opened wide, venom still prickling the beautiful flecks of gold surrounding her irises.

Without hesitation, I straddled her hips, jerking first one of her arms then the other over her head, wrapping a single hand around both wrists.

She was going nowhere.

Her chest rose and fell as she glared at me. Still so damn beautiful, so fraught with rebellion.

I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame, although I knew in my gut that my actions could create the kind of combustible fire that could turn into acid, scarring both of us. I was taking a significant chance. Her disappearance would be questioned at some point, although perhaps only by her employer.

I continued to try to figure out why she’d had the nerve to testify against me. The woman was obviously highly intelligent, no doubt well versed in the underground dealings within the city. Our family’s name rarely made it a week without being featured by one reporter or another. My instinct told me she was hiding something from me, perhaps the real reason she’d agreed to testify. I would find out soon enough.

No matter how I was forced to obtain the information.

“You’re a very naughty girl,” I breathed before lowering my head, nipping her earlobe.

She shuddered, her breathing ragged. “Get away from me.”

“You know that’s not going to happen.”

I brushed my lips along her jaw then down and against the column of her neck, allowing my hot breath to cascade across her skin. Very slowly I lowered my hand, swirling my fingers back and forth.

Across her arm.

Across her breast.

Crawling my fingers down to the hem of her dress.

She stiffened, sucking in her breath when I eased the slip of material up to her thigh. I rubbed my knuckles back and forth across her leg, my entire arm tingling from the softness of her skin.

“Oh…” she moaned, turning her head to one side and avoiding eye contact.

I drank in her scent as I swirled my knuckles in lazy circles, moving closer and closer to her heated wetness. The second I pressed my hand between her legs, rubbing my palm up and down her lacy panties, she kicked out, bucking hard on the bed in an effort to free her arms.

“Asshole,” she spouted off, her reaction forcing her body to grind against mine.

I was even more aroused than before, my cock fully engorged.

“There’s nowhere you can run, no way to get away from me. Now, I suggest you relax, Emily. I can provide extreme pleasure, or I can provide excruciating anguish. As I told you before,” I whispered, “the decision is entirely your own. Your destiny. Your life.”

“My life,” she sputtered. “It’s already over.”

She squeezed her eyes shut as if she could block me out. I continued rubbing, using enough force I pressed the material between her swollen folds, growling from the slickness covering my fingers, my cock pressing hard against my trousers. There would be no holding back the beast for long, the hunger swelling, my carnal needs refusing to be denied.

“That will depend on just how obedient you become.” The harder I rubbed, the more she had difficulty holding back a single sound. She fisted then flexed her hands, shifting her head from one side to the other.

My heart racing, I slipped two fingers underneath the thin elastic of her panties, swirling the tips around her clit.

She did everything she could to buck against me, her head tossing back and forth, her hips rocking.

“So wet. So hot.” I adored the feel of her, the extreme heat as well as the surging electricity sparking a wave of energy. “You hunger, the dark and filthy needs you’ve desired rushing to the surface. Isn’t that true?”

“No,” she moaned, twisting her lovely mouth, fighting with everything she had to ignore her body’s reaction.

“And your body betrays you once again. Tell me.”

“No. I just…” Unable to finish her sentence, she darted a glance in my direction, her eyes glassy.

I allowed her to enjoy the pleasure for a full minute, unable to take my eyes off her reaction. Then I released her hands, using both of mine to rip the edges of her dress down her arms, exposing her breasts. The ripping sound gave me a gleeful feeling, the sight of her breasts tightening my balls. She was truly beautiful all over, her porcelain skin glistening in the dim lighting.

Her high-pitched wail continued to ignite the remaining embers, the fire in my belly that of a barbarian.

“Keep your arms over your head, Emily,” I directed.

“Bastard.” The word was the same, but the tone was new. She was purring, her chest continuing to heave but for an entirely different reason. The fact her blushing rose nipples were fully aroused, hard like perfect diamonds, was just another sign of her growing desire.

Electricity surged through me as I lowered my head, darting my tongue around her hardened bud, growling from the pinched expression crossing her face. I nipped the tender flesh, sucking until I was rewarded with a slight whimper, the sound like sweet music.

Cupping her other breast, I pinched the tip between my thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling. Her legs flailed, but to her credit, she remained obedient, struggling to keep her arms over her head.

I shifted my attention to her other nipple, sucking and biting down. Her mouth opened into a perfect ‘O,’ her eyes once against closed tightly.

The very sight of her in the throes of pleasure evoked the sadistic side of me. I’d never been considered a gentleman, my brutal needs something few women could tolerate. There was usually nothing gentle about my touch, no subtle caresses. I took what I wanted.

But this girl, this beautiful and fragile flower required something different. Too bad she’d crossed me. Perhaps in another life, we could have shared exactly what she needed, indulging in days and nights of passion. That wasn’t going to be the case. Not now.

Not ever.

Although I planned on thoroughly exploring every inch of her body. I couldn’t wait to sink my cock deep inside her wetness, her tight muscles clamping around my shaft like a vise.

When she started to have trouble keeping her arms over her head, I pulled back, moving off the bed, taking the knife from my pocket.

She searched for me almost immediately, her eyes still glazed over, her mouth pursed.

“Undress,” I commanded, flicking the switchblade open once, twisting and turning the sharp steel back and forth. Chuckling darkly, I slapped it closed, placing it on the dresser. At some point, there was no doubt in my mind that she’d make an attempt for one or more of my weapons. Perhaps I was baiting her, longing to find out just how strong her resolve was.

That would make breaking her that much sweeter.

Now she stared at me, the hatred from before returning.

I lifted a single eyebrow as I began to unfasten my shirt, taking my time with every button.

Her actions stiff, she climbed off the comforter, lowering her head and allowing her long hair to tumble over her shoulders. “Why are you doing this?”

She actually had the nerve to ask me why for a second time? Why not just kill her instead? That’s exactly what she was asking, although she was terrified of my answer. I snorted, tugging on my shirt until I’d managed to release it from my trousers. When I didn’t answer her immediately, she tipped her head in my direction, studying me intently.

“Because I enjoy beautiful things.” The answer was the most truthful I could provide. Any other reason and I would be lying.

Especially since I wasn’t entirely certain myself.

Nodding, she seemed to accept the answer. I was surprised there was no pushback. She simply stood, tugging on the bottom of her dress, shimmying her rounded hips back and forth until the material fell to the floor. Her shoulders heaved, but her hesitation was only minimal before she slipped her fingers into her thong, shoving the lace down her long legs, kicking out of them with vigor.

I was surprised when she covered her breasts with one arm, her other placed in front of her smooth mound. She certainly wasn’t the kind of woman I’d played with from time to time. Her humility and shyness, the warm blush creeping up from her neck was beguiling.

It was too bad I was such a monster, incapable of caring about anything or anyone so precious.

I turned toward the dresser, removing my watch, the one my father had given me the last Christmas I’d been a free man. He wasn’t into holidays, at least not usually, our mother arranging for whatever presents seemed appropriate. My father had been responsible for giving me the gift, the stunning piece holding more value because of what it represented.

The watch had been in the family for decades, my father having received the gift from his father, a grandfather I couldn’t remember. That Christmas, my father had turned over the reins in their entirety, the watch the clear indication.

To the entire family.

Perhaps that’s why Lucian hated me so much. He’d been the one to stroke our father’s ego, doing everything he could to follow in the man’s footsteps. Lucian believed his academic background as well as his reputation amongst our business associates was the right fit for taking over as Don.

I’d seen the crushed look on my brother’s face, finally storming out of the room only minutes later. There had been bad blood between us ever since. Today had been no exception. I placed the piece of jewelry on the dresser before unfastening my belt. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, able to tell she was watching me intently, trying to figure out who or what the hell I was.

I slowly slipped the leather strap through my belt loops, able to hear her subtle yet strangled sighs behind me. I coiled the belt, placing it on the dresser next to my weapon.

Every action I made terrified her. Good. She needed to be afraid of me.

As I unfastened my pants, I shifted my eyes away from her briefly. That was all the time she needed in order to race toward the door, able to make it into the hallway before I reacted.

Damn, the feisty woman was a handful, a brat who needed to be tamed.

Unfortunately, she wouldn’t like my methods.

Hissing, my patience had just been tossed, my frustration with her reaching a place of no return. She needed to learn her lesson one way or another. I took long strides, catching her just as she’d made it to the top of the stairway, my fingers digging into her arm and giving a solid yank.

She shrieked, the sound high pitched, jerking around to face me and throwing a hard right hook. The shock of her actions stunned me momentarily, enough so she yanked out of my hold, almost tumbling down the stairs.

“Get back here!” I snapped, shaking my head as I lumbered down the stairs, catching her again within seconds. I dragged her against me, taking her forearms when she attempted to punch me a second time.

“Let me go. I hate you. I hate you! Murderer.”

If she expected the words to sting, she truly had no idea what kind of man she was up against. “As usual, sweet Emily, you are correct in your assumptions, something you’re keen to continue forgetting. You’re going to be punished severely.”

“Of course. Why not? That’s all you understand. Violence.”

Growling, I pulled her with me and into the room, once again dumping her onto the bed. “Get the fuck on your hands and knees.”

“Why bother?”

“Because I instructed you to do so. Do it or I assure you that your punishment will be worse.” No one had challenged me like the woman glaring at me with such a hateful expression. No one. No matter the enemy, or the harsh decisions I’d made, no one had attempted to thwart me more than once.

And lived.

While I was riled, my desire took precedence over the anger that threatened to turn me into the hard, cold bastard I’d enjoyed portraying the majority of my life. The fact she’d managed to get under my skin was something that I found difficult to deny.

Or refuse to continue enjoying.

Emily dropped her head, her breaths scattered before moving into the position I’d demanded. However, I heard the exclamations said under her breath, her wishes for my demise. My death was a distinct possibility.

I yanked the belt from the dresser, trying to control my breathing, curtailing the last of my rage. While she required discipline for her abrupt and wretched actions, she didn’t deserve the wrath that encompassed the majority of my being.

She shifted back and forth, undulating her hips in the usual provocative manner. Even though my cock ached to be inside of her, the fact she’d attempted to get away from me couldn’t be ignored. I inched closer, closing my eyes briefly as I rolled the tips of my fingers across the expensive leather.

To think I hadn’t been able to wear a belt in prison, fear that I’d commit suicide or worse the reason. I almost laughed at the thought. Inhaling, the same scent of our combined desire almost pushed me into a drunken state. I’d craved the taste of a beautiful woman behind bars more than once.

When I pressed my fingers against the small of her back, she shivered, clenching the comforter. “You’re going to finally learn what it means to fight against me, Emily.”

“You will never break me.”

I laughed softly, more to myself as I ran the tip of my finger down the crack of her ass. “We will see.”

As I folded the belt, she shuddered once again, the sound of her breath doing little more than fueling the brutal man inside. I pushed her legs apart, running my fingers along the slick wetness of her pussy before issuing a single crack, the thick leather slicing against her bottom with ease.

Emily’s body jerked, her reaction meshed with a single moan.

I smacked her backside two more times, languishing in the slight but beautiful blush erupting like a bloom of fresh flowers across her skin.

She bucked a few times, tossing her head back and forth.

Every move she made further ignited the darkness within me.

After taking multiple deep breaths, I brought the leather strap down several times, my aim utter perfection.

Her cry of fury, indignation, and pain couldn’t stop the cravings I had.

To subdue her.

To make her submit.

To drive her to acceptance.

I heard her continued words of hatred as I pressed on with the round of discipline, bringing the belt down several additional times. The beast inside of me was mesmerized by the crimson color spreading across her buttocks. I sucked in my breath and caressed her bruised bottom, enjoying the heat radiating through my fingers. She had no idea what she was doing to me, the yearning that remained at the surface.

“You’re doing very well,” I said almost too casually.

Every sound she made was one of anxiety as well as her own level of anger. I knew she hated me, her body refusing to accept my domination. It would take time and diligence.

That would be utter joy that I was prepared to feed on with my needs.

“I want nothing more than to feel the heat on your bottom against my body as I fuck you.”

My words brought another litany of anguished sounds, creating a smile on my face.

I brought the strap down four additional times, the adrenaline rushing through my body and consuming every cell and muscle. My needs would require fulfillment soon. I’d almost lost count of the number I’d given, every tendon constricting as my cravings increased.

“Oh,” she moaned as she struggled, taking several shallow breaths. “I hate you.”

Let her hate me.

“If you try and escape again, your punishment will be much worse.” The warning was one I knew she’d attempt to defy. That was her nature.

After issuing the final few strikes, I tossed the belt across the room, almost gasping for air, the hunger furrowing in my system unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

But I had to admit, the thought of tasting her before fucking her was just as overwhelming.

As she collapsed on the bed, I stepped back, finally relieving myself of the tight confines of my pants. My cock was at full attention, my balls aching like a son of a bitch. I put my hand between my legs, stroking my shaft, running my fingers up and down the length, my actions rough enough a strangled sigh pulsed from my lips.

I couldn’t wait to fill her with my seed for a second time.

A low-slung growl erupted from deep within as I approached, flipping her over on the bed. Her look of surprise, both in her eyes as well as her pursed lips was exactly what I would have expected.

When I crowded between her legs, only then did she let off an intense moan, her entire body quivering. I shoved her thighs wide open, pushing her knees against her chest as I lowered my head, continuing to make savage and very guttural sounds.

Emily pounded her fists against the comforter, tossing her head back and forth.

“What… what are you… doing?” she managed to ask.

“Feasting, my sweet Emily. Feasting.”

I rubbed my lips and face against her inner thigh, studying the stunned look crossing her face as I dug my fingers into her skin. Every muscle in her body was tense, her legs stiff to my touch. When I darted my tongue across her clit a single time, she jerked up from the bedding, acting as if she was still prepared to fight my actions once again.

A hard smack against her pussy lips was enough to force her to settle down, her body thumping against the bed. She covered her face with her hands, releasing ragged moans.

And I could hear every word she muttered, the statement of hatred doing little more than giving me a smile. I swirled my tongue around her tiny nub again, enjoying the sweet taste as I concentrated on my efforts. She was so wet, her pussy juice trickling against her inner thighs. All I wanted to do was to drag my tongue through the tasty droplets, savoring the flavor. But my hunger was too great.

I buried my head into her delicious folds, taking my time to lap up her cream.

“Oh… God…” she breathed, her murmurs filtering into the room.

Lifting my head, I breathed across her pussy before sliding my tongue past her slickened folds. When I added a single finger, rubbing it up and down before thrusting it as deep as I was able, her legs began to shake involuntarily. I added a second and third finger, flexing them open as I plunged inside, curling the tips in an effort to rake them across her G-spot. I refused to take my eyes off her as I satisfied my thirst, driving my tongue beside my fingers.

“Uh. Uh. Uh…” She half laughed, her hand still covering her face, goosebumps erupting across every inch of her naked skin. She was sexy as fuck, including the glisten blooming on her cheeks. She was unable to mask her beauty, even with her hand covering her face.

I consumed every inch of her, dragging my tongue up and down slowly. There was nothing like the taste of a woman incapable of acknowledging her beauty.

With every swipe of my tongue, I brought her closer to climaxing.

Sadly, the ruthless bastard in me wanted to ensure she knew exactly who was in charge of every aspect of her pleasure. Easing away, I licked my lips then brought three fingers down in rapid succession, smacking her pussy lips hard and fast.

Whimpering, she jerked up, her doe eyes opening wide. This time, her mouth was twisted in confusion as well as horror.

I pressed my lips against one inner thigh then the other as I snaked my hand over her stomach. “Never forget that every inch of you belongs to me.”

While she didn’t utter a word, the contempt in her eyes was the same as before.

She clenched her eyes shut, trying not to react as I resumed licking, driving four fingers inside her wet heat while I used my thumb to tease her clit, the tender tissue now swollen.

With every swipe of my tongue, Emily did her best to ignore the raging sensations dancing through her. Every part of her was shaking, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Almost a minute later, she had no ability to hold back, her body bucking as an orgasm began to sweep through her.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.”

I drilled my fingers inside brutally as I sucked on her clit, growling, savoring every drop of her sweet cream. As a single climax turned into a second, I buried my head against her wetness, licking fervently. Her cream filled my mouth, sliding down the back of my throat. I couldn’t seem to get enough, sucking on her tender tissue as I plunged my open fingers in even more savagely than before.

Emily’s moans were scattered, her entire body heaving, her fingers white-knuckled as she fisted the comforter. Very slowly, I eased my legs between hers, the heat of our combined bodies combustible. There wasn’t a cell in my body that hadn’t erupted into a raging fire, the beast within me roaring his pleasure.

As well as his impatience.

Even before her body stopped shaking, I crowded over her, pressing the tip of my cock against her wetness. If she sensed what I was about to do, she didn’t react, although her whimpers continued.

After positioning my cockhead at her entrance, I planted both hands on either side of her, leaning over until our lips were only a few inches apart. “Now, I fuck you.”

My words finally caused a reaction, the voluptuous woman losing her ability to open, pressing both her palms against my chest in a frail attempt to push me away. She stared into my eyes, her fingers caressing my aching muscles.

The dark hunger that had lured me to her in the first place took over. I thrust the entire length of my cock into her pussy, my breath rattled as her muscles immediately clamped over my aching shaft. The heat was explosive, the warmth attempting to chisel away at the brutal man inside.

She gasped from the force used, the shimmer in her eyes a mixture of excitement as well as uncertainty. The woman was fighting our attraction, the natural instinct that I’d felt the first time I’d taken her. But when she arched her back, her fingernails scratching down the length of my chest, there was no doubt she was sliding into the throes of ecstasy.

“Agony or ecstasy. Something for you to remember, Emily,” I whispered.

I pulled almost all the way out, leaning further over until our lips were finally touching. As I held the stance, I gathered additional confusion playing out in her mind. She had no understanding of what I was doing or why I’d kept her alive for this long. Obviously, she had no comprehension of the fact she’d become my possession, my private little pet to play with.

As I rubbed my lips back and forth over hers, she mewed, her mouth opening up like a rose petal, waiting for me to explore the soft velvet. Unable to resist, I swirled my tongue around her mouth before easing it inside. Once again, I drove my cock deep inside, the harshness of my actions slamming the headboard against the wall.

I crushed her mouth, enjoying her constant hesitation yet her willingness to surrender, at least for moments at a time.

Soon she would be begging for more, her hunger becoming insatiable.

Soon she would surrender in every way, body and soul.

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