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King’s Demands: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

He lowered his head until our lips were centimeters apart. “You just don’t learn, Julieta. Do you? I can tell you need another hard lesson in who you now belong to.”

I expected him to crush my windpipe, strangling me until my life started to ebb away. What I couldn’t have imagined in my worst nightmare was the way he brushed his lips across mine. The vibrations jetting between us were off the charts, my pussy clenching then releasing several times. I was almost intoxicated by his rich fragrance although my throat was closing. The sound of my scattered breathing was more intense, my heart hammering to the point it echoed in my ears.

“You are going to learn to obey me one way or the other. I won’t take any less. Until you do, you’re going to be punished on a regular basis. You are mine, Julieta. There is no other choice. Do. You. Understand?”

His words drilled into my mind and I managed to drag my tongue across my lips. “Yes.”

“Good.” Everything about the man was surprising, but when he lessened his strangling hold, crushing his mouth over mine, I was pitched into a combination of elevated terror as well as another round of hunger that shoved me into a moment of actual bliss.

How in God’s name could I enjoy even a second of his brutality? How could my legs tremble only because I wanted him to touch me all over?

Dante slid his other hand down the length of my back, slipping his fingers under the shirt and cupping my bottom. Then he pulled me into an arch as he thrust his tongue into my mouth, exploring the dark recesses.

I realized I was rubbing his chest, relishing the feel of his rippled muscles beneath my fingers. The kiss was insanely delicious, the taste of him incredible, scotch and something sweet. But the moment was a reminder of just how dangerous he was.

As he jerked me fully against his heated body, grinding his hips back and forth, I realized just how aroused he was. His cock throbbed, pushing hard against my tummy. A wave of stars and flashes danced across my periphery of vision until I could no longer focus.

He dominated my tongue, swishing his back and forth savagely. The sounds pushing up from deep inside the man were utterly primal, a man so hungry that he couldn’t stand to wait another second to take what he wanted.

What he believed already belonged to him.


How could I tolerate being married to a murderous thug? How could I stand wearing his ring and being called Mrs. King? Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew there were no other choices.

At least if I wanted to live.

I clung to him as if he was my lifeline, trying to shove my mind into a black box for protection. Sadly, the feel of him was far too consuming, taking me to another plane of existence altogether. I’d never been kissed with this much passion in my life. There’d been no other man who’d ignited the embers that had longed to be set into flames.

This man had.

This monster.

This savage.

And soon I would be forced to surrender to him in mind and in body for the rest of my life.

Or until death do us part.

He broke the heated moment, his chest heaving as he switched his hold around my neck. When he rubbed my lips with his thumb, brushing back and forth roughly, his eyes flashed, his pupils dilated. I tried to look into the gorgeous pools, searching for a glimpse at his soul. Then I realized he didn’t have one. He was a killer without conscience or any concept of guilt.

“Now, I’m going to punish you. Then I’m going to fuck you. After that, you’re going to behave like a lady, or I’ll start all over again. Is that clear, Julieta?”

“You’re such a bastard.”

A smile crossed his face before he jammed his thumb into my mouth. “Suck it, my fiancée. You’re going to learn to suck me every day.”

I could barely tolerate his brutal words, but as I closed my eyes, I obeyed him. Within seconds, the embers exploded into the kind of fire that I knew would destroy me. I knew my life had changed forever, and God help me, a part of me was excited.

There was something so erotic about sucking on his thumb and I refused to allow my gaze to leave his. He kept his head tilted, the man searching for some indication of my intentions. When he pulled away, removing his finger, a sly smile crossed his face.

Then he jerked the tee shirt over my head, tossing it aside and leaving me completely devoid of clothes. I’d never felt so naked in my life but as his nostrils flared, his eyes slowly dropping all the way down to my toes, I could easily tell what he hungered to do.

Ravage every inch of my body.

However, there was no romantic bone in his body. This wasn’t about passion or romance. This was all about control. He tossed me over the edge of his dresser, thrusting his body against mine and wrapping his hand around my hair.

“Tell me what you see, Julieta.”

I shuddered to my core from the way he was looking at me. There was such desire on his face, a brusque need that seemed to overwhelm him. I could never imagine anyone like Dante needing something so intensely. He’d seemed almost aloof at first, as if he could do without having anyone in his life.

“A monster. A blasphemy waiting to happen.”

His laugh seemed genuine, the sound spilling all around us. Why did I think his reaction was more of a defense mechanism?

“What you see is a man refusing to accept anything less than perfection as well as obedience,” he half whispered as he yanked open one of his drawers.

Given his tight hold, I was unable to see what the hell he was searching for until he pulled it into the light. A thick wooden brush. Oh, dear Jesus. He’d found a new implement to punish me with. That’s when I struggled in his arms, trying to maneuver out of his hold, pushing my body against his. That only proved as another reminder of his burning desire, his hard cock shoving against me until the tingling vibrations threatened to take my breath away.

He shifted the brush closer, twirling it around in his fingers. “What you see is the beginning of our new life together.”

Even with his raging libido, I had the distinct feeling that he wanted nothing to do with marriage. Perhaps his family had coerced him into performing such a heinous act.

“What I also see is a sin against God,” I hissed.

“Maybe so, at least in your world. In mine, there isn’t such a thing. There is only the strong versus the weak.”

Every word he stated remained in my mind, a hard jab of reality. Perhaps that’s exactly what I needed. When he wrapped his fingers around my long strands, easing away, his gaze fixed on my breasts, I bit back a whimper. I dug my fingers into the expensive wood of his dresser, hoping I’d mar the beautiful surface. I couldn’t care less about anything he owned.

Then I was forced to accept that I was nothing more than one of his possessions.

For now.

He didn’t waste any time, bringing the wooden portion of the brush down with a hard smack. The force was jarring, making me jump. I took several deep breaths, refusing to take my eyes off him. He would never see me falter. He could never break my strong resolve. At least that was something that my father had taught me that could prove to be useful.

Dante had no idea what a caged animal was capable of.

As he brought the implement down again, moving from one side to the other, I did everything I could to keep from making a single noise.

When he issued the seventh and eighth crack, hitting me exactly in the sit spot, I was unable to hold back a whimper. It hurt like hell, the pain bringing tears to my eyes. I couldn’t stand watching the horrible moment any longer, closing my eyes and trying to keep my body rigid.

“Look at me, Julieta. When I punish you in this method, which I have no doubt will occur again, you will watch.” His command was not to be denied.

I snapped open my eyes, the snarl erupting from my throat loud enough he smiled. The bastard actually smiled. He was enjoying this, a true sadist. I hated him and knew that some part of me always would.

He continued the spanking, shifting into a perfect rhythm, one coming after the other until I lost count. I was shaken, the pain rushing into anguish, the heat on my bottom increasing by the second. Beads of perspiration appeared across my brow and upper lip, electricity erupting in every cell and muscle.

This was so damn humiliating, especially given I was wet, my pussy juice slickening my inner thighs. I couldn’t stand myself, the realization even more mortifying than the act itself. All I wanted to do was get through this. There would be a chance to secure a weapon. Then I wouldn’t miss the second time. I’d cut him into little ribbons. The thought actually gave me a smile as he slapped the brush against my upper thighs.

“Oh, God. Oh…” The words let my mouth involuntarily, pissing me off even more.

Dante hesitated, once again grinding his jeans across my aching and bruised bottom. “You’re doing very well. I’m proud of you.”

“Proud?” I spat, instantly regretting my outburst. “You’re such a horrible man. I will hate you until the end of time.”

“I’m sure you will. That’s just fine with me, Julieta. This isn’t a marriage made in heaven after all.”

How could a man spout off those words? How could he be so cold and indifferent? There wasn’t an easy way to answer the questions. Besides, why should I care?

I glared at him with all the venom I could muster, especially when he stopped the round of punishment, caressing my ass cheeks in a loving manner. The sensations of the rough pads of his fingers brushing across my heated skin were almost too much to bear.

When he slipped the tip of a single finger down the crack of my ass, kicking my legs apart, I allowed him to hear a full hissing sound. “You will pay for this one day.”

“I’m certain you will try. It would seem you’re very wet, Julieta. Are you hungry for the feel of my cock buried deep inside of you?”

His filthy words were enticing but I refused to react.

Chuckling again, he shoved his hand between my legs, tickling my clit with several fingers.

I did my best to keep from moaning, but the sensations were instantly incredible, pushing me to a point of utter bliss. No amount of fighting could keep my body from reacting.

From betraying me, the stupid savage bitch.

I tried to allow my anger to interfere in order to keep my arousal to a minimum, but I had no control over my aching and hardened nipples or another trickle of juice sliding down my legs. I was pathetic for allowing him to get to me.

But he was right. I wanted his cock shoved inside of me, filling me completely.

Dante tossed the brush, releasing his hold on my hair. “Do not move. If you do, we will start all over again.”

I didn’t bother responding, but I also didn’t shift my gaze away. When he unfastened his jeans, the sound of his zipper being pulled seemed louder than it should be. Perhaps every sound he made echoed in my ears. When he rolled the tough material over his hips, my mouth watered. The moment he pulled them all the way down, exposing his glorious cock and swollen balls, a round of butterflies kicked into my system. He was huge, his cockhead purple, veins on the sides of his shaft throbbing.

I bit my lower lip, struggling to comprehend what he was going to do to me.

As well as panting from anticipation.

A sick woman. That was the only way I could think about myself.

He gripped my hips, yanking me away from the edge of the dresser, then slid the tip of his cock up and down the length of my pussy. I couldn’t hide the fact I was turned on, goosebumps continuing to form. There were so many names I wanted to call him.





What good would it do other than ensuring another harsh round of punishment?

After he slipped the tip past my swollen folds, he peered down at me. The two-day stubble and gorgeous strong jaw pulled me further into his darkness. He was far too irresistible, pushing me to my limits of sanity.

“This is what happens to bad little girls who don’t obey their masters.”

Master. The asshole really thought I’d think of him with that term. He was sorely mistaken, but he’d soon learn.

When he plunged the entire length of his cock inside, there was no freaking way I could hold back a husky whimper. “Oh! Oh…” While the time he’d fucked me before seemed like years ago and a distant memory, this was so exciting, making me feel more alive than I ever had in my life.

“So wet. You’re so damn tight. I think you like it a little rough. Don’t you, princesa?”

“You’re a madman, not a prince. And I’m not your princess, nor will I ever be.”

“Yes, I am. The sooner you realize and accept that the better. You will also surrender to my every need no matter what I ask.” He pulled almost all the way out, slamming into me again. His cock continued to swell, forcing my muscles to strain as they tried to accept something so hard and powerful and…

The evil thoughts racing through my mind were going to help me get through this ordeal. I wanted to fight him, but when he thrust deep inside again, I was almost pitched into a massive orgasm.

Dante dug his fingers into my hips as he moved into a rhythm, driving into me so hard that I was shoved against the dresser. He didn’t seem to care. His eyelids were half closed, his entire body shaking from the force he was using. A true savage. A beast. A monster. A…

I gasped for air as my pussy muscles clamped around his shaft, pulling him in even deeper. This was carnal and filthy, an absolute sin, but there was no denying our attraction. The rhythm continued until I could no longer hold back the building climax. My breath catching, I blinked several times in an effort to focus.

“Good girl. Come for me.”

I wanted to snarl, to stop what was happening but even he knew it was impossible. As the orgasm swept through me like a tidal wave, a scream erupted from my mouth. He’d released my hair and when I threw my head back, he crowded closer, placing his hand on my forehead. For a few seconds, he slowed down, still keeping his cock buried deep inside.

“So beautiful, Julieta. I can see you in your white dress now.”

I inhaled in anger, yet I couldn’t stop another climax from rushing into my system. My muscles tightened, my heart thudding as never before, and I could no longer feel my legs. When the orgasm finally passed, I was almost instantly exhausted, trying to catch my breath. He eased my head against his shoulder, exposing my neck. When I managed to open my eyes, I could look directly into his.

Lowering his head, he rubbed his lips across my forehead, giving me tingles. I couldn’t understand him or his actions. What was he trying to do, excite me even further, make me feel as if everything would be okay?

Exhaling, his hot breath cascaded across my face, giving me another round of shivers.

“Now, I fuck you in the ass.”

“Umm…” It took me several seconds to comprehend what he’d just said. “No. No! I…”

“You can’t deny me, princesa.”

“But I’ve never. I mean…” Oh. My. God. I’d been ready to admit that no other man had fucked me in the ass? What the hell was wrong with me? No way was I going to allow him to witness my vulnerability. “Fine. Bring it on. Shove your thick cock into my asshole. I couldn’t care less.”

He tilted his head, studying me intently before removing his cock then sliding it between my ass cheeks. “Accepted.”

There was no preparation, no additional discussion. He simply pushed his cock into my darkened hole, sliding past the tight ring of muscle as if his shaft was meant to be inside.

I was blinded from his action, stunned that he would take me so brutally. Within seconds, the shock wore off, a rush of pain jetting down my legs. “Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh!” I slapped my hands on the glass, trying to accept what he’d done. I couldn’t believe the mixture of sensations dancing down the length of my body.




A rush of adrenaline kicked in, pushing my heartbeat into my throat. Colorful stars floated in front of my eyes as my muscles slowly started to accept his rough actions.

“Yes. That’s perfect. God, yes,” he muttered then pulled all the way out, plunging into me again.

I remained in shock as he fucked me long and hard, the electricity sending me into utter ecstasy. No longer could I think rationally on any level. This just felt too damn good.

Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Repeating the word in my mind did little, the beautiful sensations far too intense. He could tell I was enjoying his brutal actions, the smile remaining on his face making a firm statement. That he’d won this round. That he would demand my full surrender.

That I already belonged to him.

I sucked in my breath, my body meeting every thrust with one of my own. I had no way of knowing how long he fucked me, but I could tell when he was close to coming. Now I wanted it over with. I couldn’t wait to get the hell away from him. It would be a cold day in hell before I’d give him anything he could use against my family.

My… family.

His breathing more ragged than before and his voluptuous lips twisting from the building pressure, every action he took became more intensified, pushing harder and faster. I was breathless, my mind spinning.

And I squeezed my muscles.

There was a freeing moment that had been building and when he finally erupted deep inside, filling me with his seed, a sickening image floated into my mind.

Of me in a long white dress…

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