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King’s Hostage: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I pulled her closer, dragging my thumb across her mouth. She parted her lips, a single moan escaping. I could also hear the crackling sound of the current electrifying the entire room. Fucking her before had been nothing more than usurping my dominance over her. Now, I would take my time savoring her sweet flesh, devouring her pretty pink pussy.

Her lower lip quivering, she planted her palms against my chest, her eyes searching mine as they’d done so many times before. Every inch of her was trembling, her breath skipping. She had no understanding of what I could or would do to her.

I slid one hand around the back of her neck, keeping my grip firm as I lowered my head. When she dug her fingers into my chest, I issued a single growl before brushing my lips across hers. The hint of wine mixing with the cognac was even more enticing.

“Are you afraid of me, Daniella?”


“Good. You should be.” I devoured her mouth, immediately pressing her lips open, yet I held back from taking everything I wanted. The feel of her was spectacular, the driving sensations coursing through my veins like rocket fuel.

Mewing, she crumpled my shirt with one of her hands, tugging absently. The connection we shared was obvious. So strong. So exciting. And so very wrong. Too bad I’d never been the kind of man to follow anyone’s rules. I didn’t want her to get too comfortable, pretending as if this was anything other than what it was.

I squeezed her neck, dragging her even closer, the gasp coming from my mouth further provoking the sadist inside. No longer able to hold back, I thrust my tongue inside, exploring every inch of her sweet mouth.

She struggled in my hold as my fingers dug in, slamming her fists against me. There was no getting out of my hold, no chance that she could escape. Within seconds, the roar of passion became combustible, leaving us both breathless. Animalistic growls erupted from my darkness, the scent of her excitement turning me into a relentless savage who knew no bounds.

Our tongues entwining, every cell on fire, I raked my hand around her neck, yanking at the edge of her robe until I managed to expose her breast. How dare she enter my space while only wearing a robe. How foolish of her to think there was any decency inside of me.

She would soon learn otherwise.

Daniella twisted her hands, her actions able to rip my shirt from the tight confines of my jeans. Her moans became more intense, the muted sound sweeter than the violin concerto from before. There was no denying what I craved, no ability to break free from my brutal needs. I was a man without a conscience.

As I sucked on her tongue, she pushed against me once again, but this time she arched her back, her body no longer tense. When I broke the kiss, I fisted her hair, yanking her head several inches, exposing her long neck. I rubbed my lips across her jaw ever so slowly before rolling them down the side of her neck, swirling my tongue around her pulse of life. Her eyes were closed, the soft purring sounds deliciously ragged.

“Imagine when I lick your wet pussy,” I whispered, raking my teeth back and forth across her skin.

She panted, still fighting me, forever defiant.

“The second I shove my cock into your tight channel, will you scream?” My fingers flexed open, I rubbed my hand down her check, cupping and squeezing her breast.

“Na… No.”

I was tingling inside, the anticipation of claiming every inch of her almost too much to ignore. “Mmm… I think you’re lying to me and I think you know better than to lie to a man like me. Imagine what I could do to you?” The second I pinched her nipple between my fingers, she released a series of whimpers, yanking at my shirt until at least one of the buttons popped.

While every touch we’d shared had been incredible, when she slid her hand underneath the material, her fingers dancing over my skin delicately, I almost lost it. Stars floated in front of my eyes, the adrenaline rush double what it had been before. I was on fire, one so hot it threatened to consume me.

I ripped at her sash, easily able to tug the hindrance away.

She responded by raking her nails down my chest, fighting to push away from me. While she almost succeeded, I snagged her ankle, dragging her back and forcing her to lie on the couch. I leaned over, shaking my head. “That was a very bad thing to do, Daniella. Fighting me isn’t in your best interest.”

I ripped apart her robe, forced to take a deep breath as I peered down at her long legs, rounded hips, and thin waist. Every inch of her was perfect, unblemished. I could envision her with tattoos of ownership, her bottom constantly a warm blush. The thought made my mouth cock swell from need. She gasped when I bent her knees, forcing her legs wide open.

“Oh, I…” Daniella pushed up from the cushions, her eyes glowing in the light, a combination of fear and excitement in them as much a turn-on as anything else.

I blew across her tummy before settling between her legs, enjoying the fact she was already wet, pussy juice trickling along the insides of both thighs. I adored the way she kept her polished toes pointed, the light pink exactly the hue she would select. So prim. So damn proper. Soon, I would break her of that as well.

As I swirled the tip of my tongue around her clit, she bucked up, smashing her fists against the couch. With every ounce of her being, she longed to fight, to shove aside her own burning desire. Somewhere deep inside, she knew it was no use.

I’d already captured the woman inside, chaining her for myself, dragging her from the pits of self-denial.

I closed my eyes, savoring the moment, repeating the move several times until her moans lingered. She was so hot and so damn wet, my fingers slickened the moment I brushed them up and down the length of her pussy. There was nothing like the feel when I thrust a single finger inside, her muscles immediately clamping around the sudden invasion.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.” Daniella slapped her hands over her face, tossing her head back and forth, her entire body shaking uncontrollably.

The more I teased her, the less control I had. I was now thirsting to drink every drop of her sweet cream. I licked up and down fervently, pushing my tongue in beside my finger. When I shoved two additional fingers inside, flexing them open, she bit back a scream.

I chuckled, blowing another swath of hot air across her glistening mound before burying my head into her wet heat. A low-slung growl surfaced, pulsing from my throat as I ravaged her, pumping hard and fast. Her muscles grabbed at my fingers, pulling them in deeper.

As her chest rose and fell, one hand shifted to her breast, her finger absently rolling back and forth across her nipple. I kept my eyes on her as I feasted, dragging her closer to an orgasm. I wanted nothing more than for her to explode into my mouth, filling my throat with her sweetness. I couldn’t seem to get enough of her, licking like an animal in heat, sucking on her clit then thrusting my tongue into her tight channel.

“Mmm… Yes. Yes…” While her words were whispered, the tone almost angry, I knew there was no way she could hold back.

“Come for me, Daniella. I need to taste every inch of you.”

As if my command was too much to take, she jerked up from the couch, her eyes opening wide, her mouth twisted. The rush of her juice was incredible. I continued to plunge brutally, shoving my thumb into the crack of her ass, finding her puckered asshole. When I breached the dark hole, she lost it again, her body convulsing.

“Oh. I… God!”

I pushed her legs down, keeping them wide open, refusing to let her go. For a few precious minutes, all time stood still, the only sounds I could concentrate on the slamming of my heart against my chest and her intense cries as a tidal wave crashed over her.

Although she stopped shaking several seconds later, I refused to let her go, languishing in the afterglow of savoring my prize. Now extra sensitive, goosebumps appeared along her legs, the prickles beneath my fingers creating another fireball of heat furrowing deep in my chest. I had to take her, the need too intense.

I gathered her into my arms, forcing her to straddle me as I eased back onto the couch. Her face was flushed, her eyes still shimmering. Yet there was a combination of venom and uncertainty in her eyes.

Inhaling, I tangled my fingers in her hair, enjoying the luxurious feel of her long strands. She seemed even more embarrassed than before, the blush creeping up from her neck staining her lovely cheeks. When she attempted to tug the robe over her breasts, I shook my head in admonishment.

“You belong to me, Daniella. Every inch. When I come for you, resisting a single desire will prove fruitless. And painful.”

She dropped her hands, pursing her lips, her eyes now shooting a cold, hard glare. “Yes, sir.”

Every act of defiance was appealing but would soon need to be broken. However, allowing her to play was entirely too charming.

“That’s much better,” I half whispered before rolling the material off her shoulders, brushing my fingers down her arms as the robe began to fall.

Her shudder was audible, her breath skipping. With the stark white terry cloth pooling around her hips, her long hair a tangled mass, she was entirely too edible. I cocked my head, allowing my gaze to fall to her waist. “You are stupendous.”

“No, I’m not. I’m merely your catch of the week.”

“Perhaps so.” That her words pained me was troubling. There’d been no dates, no one-night stands even if my brothers had continued to insist it would be good for me. I’d even gone to several black-tie events stag, refusing to fall into the political bullshit of having a piece of prized candy on my arm. I couldn’t care less. “But your beauty is without question.”

She studied me for what seemed like an eternity before unbuttoning my shirt, taking her time then dragging the edges away. Whether or not she was seeing me as a man or nothing more than her captor I wasn’t certain, but there was no denying what we shared. The woman seemed so tentative as she reached out, barely touching the side of my neck, running her finger over the fading scar. “How can you stand such a dangerous world? Always hiding? Always fighting?”

“It’s a way of life, not a choice. And to answer your question, you get used to the requirements of safety, protocols that have kept my family alive for generations.”

“So sad and lonely.” She continued her exploration, her delicate fingers rolling down my chest.

“Tell me, Daniella. Are you happy? Have you found your one true love, able to live your life in a perfect whitewashed house?”

“There is no such thing as perfect, Michael. Real love is messy and unbridled, difficult and painful, but also joyful and provocative.” She shifted back and forth across my lap, grinding to the point I had difficulty breathing. My balls were tight as drums, my cock pinched against the zipper of my jeans.

“Does that mean you’ve found it?” I slid a finger down the side of her face, pushing aside several strands of hair in order to see every inch.

She blushed all over again, lowering her gaze as if utterly embarrassed. “I’m not easy to please.” Her tempting laughter was surprising and within seconds I found myself chuckling.

“You’re going to ride me, Daniella. Hard.”

Her gaze shifted down to my belt. When she dragged her tongue across her sumptuous lips, it was all I could do not to roll her over and fuck her like an animal.

Shifting back to my knees, she fingered my buckle, brushing her index finger across it as if in reverence. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she finally decided to obey me, tugging on the leather strap until she freed it from the metal. She gave me a single shameful look then continued following my orders, unfastening and unzipping my jeans. Easing onto her feet, she crouched over and tugged before giving me a sour expression, patting my thigh.

Giving me direction.

I jutted my hips forward until she was able to accomplish her feat, releasing my aching cock. Sighing, I closed my eyes, no longer worried she would continue struggling. She knew what would happen, the punishment I would bestow. I shuddered as she wrapped her hand around my shaft, squeezing before sliding her fingers up and down several times.

Fuck. The feel was incredible, every nerve standing on end. I was pitched into my own sense of ecstasy, my cock throbbing.

She said nothing, made no sounds whatsoever as she swirled her finger around my cockhead ever so slowly. Within seconds, pre-cum trickled from the slit. Hearing her slight murmur forced me to open my eyes, my chest heaving as she ran her finger through the beads, bringing her hand to her face. The fact she teased me was unexpected, her expression one of command as well as delight.

She believed she could find a way to control the situation, as if she could conquer the beast. While she had another think coming, her touch was far too exhilarating to resist. I held my breath as she brought her finger to her mouth, first sliding it across her lips before opening her mouth.

She’d never looked so beguiling or vulnerable as when she slipped her finger inside, sucking, her jaw clamping down. I was mesmerized as I watched her, the act reminding me of a naughty little brat sucking on a cherry lollypop. Damn, if I wasn’t ready to explode.

After taking her time, drilling her finger in and out, she lowered her hand once again, stroking from the base to the tip, twisting her hand until she created wave after wave of friction. My God, what the woman was doing to me.




But after a few seconds, I’d lost what was left of my patience. Gripping her arms, I yanked her back into position, holding her aloft. “It’s not nice to tease your master.”

She gripped my shoulders, quivering in anticipation. When I pulled her down, pushing the tip past her swollen folds, her fingers dug into me. I yanked her all the way down, exhaling as her muscles struggled to accept every inch of my cock.

“Fuck. So tight.”

While a moan escaped her mouth, she chewed on her lower lip, as if trying to keep from releasing her true feelings. The power of our connection only intensified, our heated bodies scalding. I was in a fog as I lifted her again, repeating the move.

Then again.

And again.

She lowered her head, her long hair falling across my shoulders. “Oh. Oh. Oh…”

“That’s it. Accept all of me. Take very inch.” My voice was unrecognizable, the tone little more than a barbarian capturing his prey.

Still trembling, she took several gasping breaths, tossing her head then staring me directly in the eyes as she bucked against me. She pressed her knees against my thighs, holding us both in place and did exactly as I’d commanded, riding me like a wild bronco.

I cupped her breasts, holding her in place, squeezing until she was forced to cry out. I had difficulty concentrating, struggling to catch my breath as she swayed back and forth, her wildness creating a wave of energy rolling through me.

Within seconds, I could tell she was close to another orgasm. When she opened her eyes, her pupils were dilated, her mouth open in a perfect O.

As she threw her head back, gasping for air, I pressed my fingers into her hips, holding her in place, my cock growing inside her tight little channel. The rush of her juice covering my shaft boosted my desire. I needed to claim every inch of her, to take everything that I’d hungered for since meeting her.

Nothing was going to stop me.

She gasped, raking her fingers down my chest, her body shaking uncontrollably. I’d never seen another woman react with such passion, her skin shimmering. My thoughts became vile and sadistic, my need to consume her uncontrollable.

When she stopped shaking, she lowered her head, folding her body against mine. I closed my eyes, allowing the comforting moment even though my cock continued to ache like a son of a bitch. I rolled my hand through her hair, rubbing my fingers down her spine then twisting my hand around her silky strands, yanking with enough force she whimpered.

“You’re still a very bad girl.”

“Nope,” she breathed.

“Mmm… I know otherwise.” I rose from the couch, keeping her huddled against my body, moving to the thick leather arm then pushing her over onto her stomach.

“What are you doing?” She pushed up, twisting her head.

I pressed against the small of her back, smacking her bottom several times. “Fucking you in the ass.”

She didn’t move for several seconds then wiggled, trying her best to get out of my hold. “No. Hell, no.”

“Remember the deal we made.”

I wouldn’t soon forget the glare of hatred she gave me, as if she’d allowed her guard to fall and I’d stripped away what little trust she’d managed to acquire. Perhaps this was the best reminder that we weren’t a couple. There was no fairytale and she wouldn’t crack the steel coating around my heart. That was never going to happen.

“Why are you like this? Why?”

“Because it’s necessary.” I wrapped my hand around my cock, sliding the tip up and down the crack of her ass.

“I’ll never forgive you.”

“That’s entirely up to you.” I wasted no time pressing my cockhead to her dark hole, pushing inside.

“Oh. Wait. I’ve never, I mean…”

Sighing, I closed my eyes, running my fingers down her spine. The emotions she brought out of me were unreasonable. Dangerous. I already cared for her far too much.

However, I’d crossed a line already, one that would be difficult to change. She was mine.

Mine to do with as I pleased.

Mine to keep locked away.



She clung to the couch, her back heaving and when I kicked her legs further apart, she jutted backwards with a bedraggled moan.

As I slipped my shaft in an inch at a time, the heat and tightness yanked at my breath. When I hit the tight ring of muscle, I gripped both hips, holding her in place before pressing the remainder inside.

Her moans were almost inaudible, her body tense. I smelled her fear, her distrust and loathing. And the bastard inside of me refused to stop. Pulling out, I took a deep breath before thrusting into her again, the sensations so damn powerful I gasped. When I repeated the move, she undulated her hips. My God, the woman was driving me to the point of no return. I wanted to drag her into my bedroom, tossing one of the chains that remained locked in a special closet over the wooden timbers of the canopy bed. I wanted to clamp her nipples, tugging on the silver chain as I whipped her with a tawse.

My mind remained rattled as I fucked her, driving in long and even strokes, the sound of our coupling mixing with whatever second movie had started minutes before. Within seconds I could feel a shift in the stunning woman, her moans becoming feral, matching the savagery of what I was doing.

I pounded into her like a crazed lion, taking everything I wanted, refusing to release until I knew she’d surrendered.

Only then did I throw my head back, exploding deep inside.

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