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King’s Mate: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“No one uses me, Luca, or whatever your name is. Here’s something for you to keep in mind. You don’t own me,” she retorted. “I don’t care what you think. I’m not your freaking mate. I’m human, which means our DNA is not compatible. Besides, for all I know, you’re working with the DSIC, trying to keep me in line. Jesus. What the hell am I saying? Just let me go, Luca. I have work to do. If you don’t, I will hurt you.”

“You don’t understand. You’re in danger and you are not going anywhere.”

She laughed, although I could easily sense her increasing fear. “Because of the existence of the lions.”

“Yes. I am taking you to safety,” I stated as I pressed down on the accelerator. I’d found and repaired the old truck, one that the electro pulses hadn’t been able to destroy all those years ago. While the liquid gasoline was hard to find, the camp the lions had sequestered had found and maintained a decent supply, enough to power the few vehicles we’d managed to secure.

They were also off the grid, undetectable except for the cameras. Fortunately, there were thousands of the old-style vehicles, allowing my usage to go unnoticed.

I was surprised as she lunged toward me with disregard for what could happen. As she pummeled one fist against my face, she managed to grab the steering wheel with the other, yanking until we were thrown off course, the tires screeching.

As I issued an intense roar, doing everything to gain control, I was forced to slow down. Clarise used that to her advantage, tossing her body against the door until she was able to grab the handle, tumbling out and rolling.

“Fuck!” I slammed on the brakes, skidding to a stop. The woman had a death wish. I could see that she’d already gotten to her feet, racing into the forest.

As if she could get away from me.

I had to hurry. While I’d never experienced any alarms when hunting the forests for food, that didn’t mean they didn’t exist. What I did know is that she was racing into a potential catastrophe.

As I sprinted through the trees, the energy drawn from her electricity fortified the hunger furrowing deep inside. The damn woman was smart, heading into the densest part of the forest. Did she have any idea she was making her way into the forbidden zone? The area was ripe with dangerous and unforeseen caverns created by massive explosions years before. Buildings had been left to rot, other structures consumed by moss and vines. There were also manmade cliffs with horrific ravines, the drop-offs often fifty or more feet.

I sensed the danger increasing as she ran blindly, tumbling over rocks and fallen limbs in an effort to get away from me. There was no time to waste. She’d bolted toward one of the highest drop-offs. Unleashing a portion of my beast, my lion ran freely, weaving through the jungle-like environment, leaping over mounds of debris. There were twisted ruins everywhere, predatory animals and snakes easily hidden by the mass of dense foliage.

“No. No!” Her cries were muffled by the density of the trees, her heart beating wildly. “Go away. I can take care of myself!”

She would need to learn the hard way, taken under control.

As she twisted around to face me, gaging the distance, she lost her footing again, the force propelling her backwards.

I sprang into the air, able to catch her mere seconds before she tumbled to her death. As I leapt over the ravine, landing easily on the other side, she clung to me, pressing her head against my chest. Her single wail was muffled, her entire body quaking.

“You’re safe now,” I said as I held her, scanning the perimeter to make certain we hadn’t been followed. Fortunately, we seemed to be alone, the majority of humans never daring to enter the area.

One of the reasons the Pride hadn’t been detected was because of our location, adjacent to another city in ruins. Our houses had been mostly left untouched, the homestead of those who’d once worked in the quaint village.

Before they’d all disappeared.

“Safe. We’re never going to be safe.” She pressed her palms against my chest as she peered into my eyes. “Why are you so special to them?”

“I wish I knew.”

“I don’t believe you.”

I snorted as I walked us away from the edge, growling the second I heard the snap of a twig. When a small fox scampered out of a bank of trees, I curled my lip in a warning to leave us the fuck alone. The last thing I needed was another shifter announcing our presence.

She watched my every move, her face pensive.

Crouching onto my haunches, I eased her down, gathering her scent once again. Other than scrapes and cuts, she wasn’t damaged. I yanked the beast back into his lair before looking her in the eyes. “Are you hurt?” While I knew the answer, she needed to be able to trust to some degree.

Taking gulping breaths, she darted her gaze toward the ravine, her lower lip quivering. “Na… No. How could I be? I don’t have any understanding of what’s going on or why I’m important to you.”

“Yes, you do. You feel the attraction, the pull that cannot be denied between us.”

Clarise laughed nervously. “That’s bullshit.”

I leaned over her until our lips were centimeters apart. “Are you so certain of that, Clarise? Your scent burns within my muscles as mine does in yours. Your hunger has increased to the point you can’t sleep, can’t eat. You want nothing more than for me to take you right here, fucking that pretty pink pussy of yours.”

Her hand was quick, but not as fast as mine. When she attempted to slap my face, I twisted her arm and captured her mouth, thrusting my tongue immediately inside. All I could think about was ravaging her, driving my cock so deep inside she screamed out my name. The taste of her was even more magnetic, drawing me into the dangerous web that had been placed around us. Whatever the reason, we could now never be apart.

As I dominated her tongue, she clung to me, her body responding even while her mind refused to accept. The scent of her sweet pussy was bearing down, filling every cell until I was nearly drunk from the dark desire, my cock aching to the point of madness. I could sense her nipples swelling, her buds becoming hard little pebbles, waiting for me to pluck and twist until she called out in pain.

I would take her right here, re-marking my territory, continuing the mating process until she could no longer resist me.

Her moans were melodic, lightly echoing in my eardrums, filling my very soul. When I finally broke the kiss, I nipped her bottom lip until one of my canines bit into her tender tissue.

Yelping, she shoved me with enough force I was pushed backward, immediately dragging her tongue across the drop of blood. Horror filled her eyes as she stared at me, a single bead of perspiration trickling down the side of her face.

As I gathered the sweet coppery scent in my nostrils, my longing only increased.

“No. No!” she whimpered. “I can’t want you. I don’t. I…”

When she tried once again to scuttle away from me, I wrapped my hand around her ankle, dragging her backwards.

“You will not do that again. Do you hear me? If you do, I will have to punish you.”

“Punish. Why?”

“So you can learn.” I yanked her another two inches then hovered over her. “You need to tell me everything about the science ward.”

“Okay. Fine.” She nodded and as raked her hands through her disheveled hair. “The place is stark but from what I was shown, the Breeds are being kept in decent quarters.”

I knew she was lying, at least about believing the bullshit she was spouting off. She was angry with what she’d seen, furious that they were being kept. The sad truth was that I needed her to return to the facility to glean more information. My inability to have any communication with the members of the Pride who’d been abducted meant they’d been drugged, dulling their senses.

And their abilities to shift.

“What experiments are being performed?” I demanded, giving her some additional space.

“We didn’t quite get to that yet. When they mentioned you, suddenly they were ripped away from the visitor’s section,” she retorted.

“What did they tell you?”

“Just that I am some savior. I don’t get it.”

“Savior. Interesting word.”

I took a glance toward the sky, squinting from the bright sun. I used to love basking in the warm glow, sharing an open field with others from my kind. But that had been when we were free. Free to roam. Free to hunt. Free to mate.

“I think they need you,” she added.

“Why?” I was beginning to see the picture, one that I didn’t like.

“I don’t know. I need to get to Dr. Porter’s notes, and they’re hidden somewhere in that damn lab. He always took handwritten notes, detailing everything about his experiments. Maybe I can find out what’s really going on behind those cinderblock walls. About this crazy myth. If humans are dying. Nothing makes any sense.”

“Handwritten?” I snarled, loathing the fact there was much about the human race that our kind hadn’t been privy to learn.

Frowning, she placed her thumb and index finger together, moving both across the palm of her other hand. “An implement allowing you to make words on paper or some other form of media.”

I thought about her request. Now that she was being watched, I couldn’t risk having her taken from me. “It’s too dangerous. You will be safe with the Pride.”

“Like hell I will. I am going to work tonight, and I am determined to find out what the fuck is going on.”

“No, you are not. You will listen and obey me at all times.”

When she kicked me in the chest, managing to scramble to her feet, I yanked her down once again. This time, I refused to give her another opportunity to fight me. Jerking her over my lap, I wrapped my leg around hers, holding her in place.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she moaned.

“Giving you exactly what you deserve. One hard spanking.”

“You’re crazy. No. No!”

“Oh, hell, yes. You don’t want to learn and that could get you killed,” I snarled and brought my hand down, enjoying the way it connected with her buttocks.

“You’re hurting me!”

“I’m just getting started. Trust me, little girl, you’re going to have one blistered bottom when I’ve finished.”

As I continued the harsh spanking, moving from one side of her rounded buttocks to the other, I realized that she wasn’t going to succumb. While there was nothing more that I enjoyed than her feisty spirit, she would need to be broken.

There was far too much danger lurking in the bowels of the city.

She pitched and rolled, managing to crawl off my lap, punching me twice in the face. “You will let me go, you beast.”

Growling, I rose to my feet, yanking her into my arms and tossing her over my shoulder.

“I’m going to kill you!” she huffed.

“You might try, but only once.”

“You can’t treat me this way.”

I took long strides until I found what I was looking for. When I planted her onto her feet, I grabbed her wrists with one hand as I fought to unfasten her pants, finally managing to drag them down her hips. I heard the sound of the material ripping, the noise and her actions pushing me to the edge.

Everything about her was far too arousing, my balls ready to explode. “You will learn to obey me, my little mate. There is no other choice.”

“Over my dead body,” she huffed, refusing to give up. When I pitched her over the fallen log, she yelped, the wind knocked out of her.

“Now your punishment is going to be much worse. I’m going to use my belt.” I wasted no time unfastening the thick leather strap, yanking it from my belt loops.

“No! Not your belt. Please.”

“Your begging isn’t going to help you now. You crossed more than one line with me.”

“Oh! Just wait, Luca. I’ll be good.”

“Promises. Promises.”

I folded the strap, bringing it down over and over again, enjoying the way her skin had already become the perfect shade of blush. Her bottom jiggled from the force, her cries penetrating the forest, the sound of birds and other wildlife scattering into the wind.

“You can’t do this. You can’t…” she growled, the sound sexy as hell.

“I can and I will. You belong to me.” I continued the spanking, issuing one brutal smack after another until she finally slumped over the log, her back heaving as she took heavy breaths. I rolled my hand across her bottom, savoring the way her skin heated my palm. My sense of smell was intensified, allowing me to catch every dazzling scent that erupted from her luscious body.

“Please. I won’t run.”

“No, you won’t. Not now. Not ever.”

I refused to let up, one coming after another, my growls permeating the forest. The heat from her skin shot into every cell and muscle, my cock aching to the point I knew I wasn’t going to stop. I could no longer focus, had no way of stopping the beast inside.

All I could think about was fucking her, taking her in every hole, feasting on her sweet pussy.




Everything became a massive blur within my mind, my thoughts shifting from man to monster, no longer able to control my needs. I ripped at her clothes, yanking them away with ease, exposing her glorious naked skin.

She moaned, the sound floating into the air, fueling the raging fire.

I tugged at my clothes, my entire body shaking as the lion reared its head, longing to be set free. Freeing my cock, I kicked her legs apart and rolled my hand over my balls, squeezing until the slice of pain reminded me that at this moment in time, I was very human.

“Now, I fuck you,” I stated, the husky tone in my voice more beast than man.

“You’re a monster.”

“So you’ve said and you’re right, Clar… ise. You belong to me. You’re going to be disciplined as necessary, including being fucked when and how I desire.” I allowed the sound of her name to linger as I dropped to my knees, sliding the tip of my cock up and down the crack of her ass.

While she pushed against me, she undulated her hips.

I fisted her hair, yanking her head as I drove my cock past her swollen folds, entering her hot and tight channel. Immediately, I began to shudder, the beast clawing at my skin, my mind reeling from the way my shaft felt inside of her. I tossed my head back and forth, issuing several roars as I pumped my cock deep inside.

“Oh. Oh!” she exclaimed, arching her back and meeting every brutal thrust with one of her own. As if she hungered just as much.

As if there was no stopping her raging desire.

The way her pussy muscles clamped down over the thick invasion sent a rush of stars shooting across my field of vision. She was so hot, so wet, and all I could think about was continuing to ravage her, taking her over and over again.

Clarise clawed the bark on the fallen tree, her moans floating toward the heavens, her eyes closed as I took her. The shimmer on her cheeks was breathtaking, pulling me into a moment of sheer rapture. I wanted her to come on my cock, to feel the explosion as I filled her. I thrust harder and faster, the sound of skin slapping against skin only adding gasoline to the fire.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.”

I felt her body tensing, could tell she was close to coming. As I powered into her, the force slamming her against the log, I smacked her bottom several times, one coming after the other. The mixture of agony and ecstasy crossing her face was a powerful aphrodisiac, pulling me further into the turbulent world of darkness.

Where my beast roamed.

Where the lion hunted.

Where the man claimed his mate.

“Oh, God. I’m going to… Come. I can’t. No, I can’t,” she whimpered.

“Come for me, my mate. Come when I say.”

She whimpered, her entire body shaking as she smacked her hand on the tree, her mouth twisting as she fought my command.

But there was no stopping the shooting electricity, the roaring need we both shared. “Oh, God. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

“Come. Come!” I roared.

When her body convulsed, I rode her like a crazed beast, driving savagely. I could no longer see clearly, merely going by feel as I continued pummeling into her. But as she erupted, her muscles clamping and releasing over and over again, I had to fight to keep from coming deep within her.

“Oh…” Laughing nervously, one orgasm shifted into a second. She dragged her tongue across her lips, still shaking, meeting every hard thrust.

“Now, I punish your ass.” I slipped my slickened cock to her dark hole, taking my time to slide it just inside.

Tensing, she issued a series of ragged moans, once again struggling as if I would ever let her get away. When I released her hair, she dropped her head, taking gulping breaths, every sound strangled.

After gripping her hips, I took a deep breath then drove the entire length inside, pushing past the tight ring of muscle. The heat was even more explosive, every cell and nerve in my body pulsing as the electricity roared through me. Every time I pulled out, drilling into her again, my heart hammered against my chest, releasing a little more of my beast. I was almost crippled by the strong desire to shift, trying desperately to hold on as I took her.

“So big,” she mewed, her voice skipping along my eardrums.

“And you’re so tight.” Unable to stop, I smacked her several times as I thrust brutally until I could no longer feel my legs. There was no holding back, no chance that I could savor this any longer.

I needed release.

As my balls swelled, filling with seed, the feisty woman did everything she could to take back control, squeezing her muscles.

The earth beneath us rumbled as I exploded deep within her tight channel, filling her with my seed.

Soon I would finish mating with her.

Soon I would claim what was rightfully mine.

Soon she would become my bride.

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