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King’s Possession: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


Both from the look of horror on my father’s face as well as the one of surprise on Lucian’s.

I’d said what were to be my parting words, but as I attempted to skirt around him, heading for the set of French doors, Lucian snapped his hand around my wrist.

The entire room had gotten completely quiet, except for a single hiss coming from my father’s throat, his face red as a beet.

“Not so fast, little girl,” Lucian whispered as he dug his nails into my skin.

“Let go of me, you asshole.”

“Those aren’t very nice words from a beautiful woman. You need an adjustment to your manners.” He kept his firm hold as he turned his attention to the guests. “If you’ll excuse me. I think my future bride and I need to have a discussion.” He lowered his head, allowing only me to see the rage that had formed in his eyes. Without hesitation, he pulled me behind him, taking long strides through the kitchen and to the opposite wing of the house.

While I struggled, he was far too strong, dragging me like I was a ragdoll.

“What are you doing?” I demanded, doing everything I could to keep my voice from quavering. “Get off me. You don’t own me.”

He didn’t bother with a response, merely yanked me into my father’s office, closing the door behind him.

I managed to jerk out of his hold and backed away, darting glances from side to side. This was nothing but a nightmare. Crawling out one of the windows seemed impossible, but it was worth trying. As soon as I took a step back, he issued a deep chuckle followed by a tsking sound.

“I don’t think you want to do that, Genevieve.” His voice was rich and husky, the kind of deep baritone that sent flutters into my tummy. “You have nowhere to go. Even if you did escape, several of my soldiers are right outside.”


Lucian raked his hands through his crop of dark hair, the waves accentuating his chiseled cheeks and full mouth.

And why the hell was I thinking this way? He was my captor, a man I hated with all my being.

I’d had no intention of allowing myself to become attracted to the man, but he was so handsome and debonair that my mouth was suddenly dry from some crazy level of magnetism. I fought the feelings with every shred of humility I had left. “I don’t belong to you. You can’t tell me what to do.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. Your father was very helpful in allowing your hand in marriage.” He took a deep breath, his hard look piercing right through me.

“Allowing? You threatened my father. That’s the kind of man you are.”

When he stepped closer, I bit my lower lip to keep from moaning. He trapped me against the wall, his size alone a significant threat. I couldn’t help but tremble. I’d never felt so helpless or small in my life, like a tiny creature who’d been captured and would now be forced to live inside a gilded cage made of steel.

“You have no idea what kind of man I am.”

“One I refuse to marry.”

He laughed, shaking his head slightly. The man was making fun of me. “You have no choice in the matter.”

That’s when I decided to continue fighting him, shoving my hands with enough force he reared back. “Yes, I do. No one can force me to do anything I don’t want to do.”

His upper lip curled, and he shifted the same heated gaze from before all the way down to my black patent stilettos. “I gave your father a gift, Genevieve. His family’s life in exchange for his daughter. I thought that was a reasonable offer.”

“You’re a horrible beast. My father owes you nothing. He is an honorable man while you’re nothing but a vicious killer.”

“You’re absolutely right that I am considered abominable, but that doesn’t change the fact your father entered into a contract. If I seem to remember, your signature was on the last page as well. Your rights were forfeited.”

“Do you hear yourself? You can’t buy a person.”

He said nothing but he didn’t have to. I knew instinctively that I’d never be able to escape from the madman.

“I won’t go through with the ceremony.” My insistence sounded ridiculous.

“Yes, you will. Would you prefer being hand delivered to your previously intended groom?”

I glared at him, shocked at his audacity.

“I’m sorry?” What the hell was he getting at?

“I guess your honorable father forgot to mention that he’d already signed a deal in blood. Fortunately, I intervened. If you consider me a horrible man, I’m certain you’d have much stronger feelings about Lazaro Vitali. Unless, that is, you prefer psychopathic men in your bed. I understand he has a penchant for cages and shackles. Maybe that’s what is necessary in order to tame you.”

Tame me.

I could feel the rise of heat erupting from the base of my neck and there was no way to keep my body from shivering visibly. I knew all about the Vitali mob family. Their reputed crimes were all over the news on a regular basis. They were truly evil creatures, enjoying spilling blood in the streets, but I’d never known my father was involved with them in any way. Lucian was just playing games with me. That had to be the truth. “That’s bullshit. My father would never offer me to a pig like him.”

Why were there suddenly so many doubts rushing into my mind?

He snorted before answering. “I suggest you ask your father whether I’m telling the truth, which is something I always do. But that’s for another time. The simple fact is that you now belong to me and because you do, I refuse to take any level of disobedience whatsoever. The display you caused will never happen again.”

“I’ll do what I want.” Now I was sounding like an impetuous child.

He glanced around the office, his lips pinched.

“What do you think you’re going to do? My father won’t allow it. This is his house.”

“I assure you that your father wouldn’t dare attempt to stop me. A deal is a deal.”

The fear cascading through me was almost blinding, but I refused to give in. Somehow, I had to get away from him. When I managed to dart to the side, I made the mistake of glancing toward one of the windows.

He snagged my arm, jerking me against his heated body. I pummeled my fists against his chest, taking scattered breaths as fear mixed with raw adrenaline. A smirk crossing his face, he brushed his fingers across my cheek.

I jerked my head away, hissing as I continued to struggle.

He fisted my hair, forcing me not only to remain in place but also to look into his eyes. Now they were nothing but pools of blackness, a man who had no soul of any kind.

“As I said, I require obedience at all times. You violated that law without provocation.”

“Let me go, you bastard.”

“That’s not going to happen. You need to be punished. If you continue to misbehave, I assure you that your discipline will become that much harsher.”

Punished? I blinked several times to fight the tears threatening to strip away my resolve. “You can’t do that.”

Laughing, he lowered his head until he was able to whisper in my ear, “I can do anything I want because you belong to me, Genevieve.” When he brushed his lips across my heated skin, a disgusting feeling of arousal pooled in every cell. My hardened nipples pressed against the soft material of my dress, my panties instantly damp from filthy visions of what he was going to do to me. How could I be aroused by this beast of a man, an atrocious criminal who’d likely murdered hundreds if not thousands of people?

A single whimper escaped my lips, the realization almost as horrific as the moment of being forced to spend my life with an absolute monster.

He nipped my earlobe then darted the tip of his tongue into the shell of my ear, his hold remaining firm.

I dug my fingers into his chest, struggling in his arms. “Please.”

“Please what? Please fuck you? I assure you that on our wedding night you will be fucked hard in every tight little hole. But fucking is only allowed for good little girls who obey the rules. That’s not the case. I’m going to spank you.”

Spank me? I’d never been spanked in my entire life. My stomach was in knots, my heart skipping beats.

“Your first lesson is acceptance that you belong to me. The second is all about respect. And I assure you that if you don’t learn to obey my every command, I won’t hesitate to rescind my kind offer. Then I’ll surrender your entire family to the Vitalis.”

“How could you be so cruel?”

He rubbed his lips back and forth across my neck before leaning back, inhaling and holding his breath for several seconds. “Because that’s what keeps me alive.”

As I was momentarily stunned, he was able to easily toss me over the heavy desk, immediately yanking my dress up to my waist. I was humiliated not only by the action but by the fact I’d worn pink cotton panties, not the beautiful lace ones that had been delivered along with the dress that had been selected for me. It had been my attempt at keeping a small portion of the girl I’d been protected from the horrors facing her.

I’d failed.

When he brought his hand down several times, I was jolted back to reality. The man was spanking me like I was nothing but a bad girl, not a woman preparing for marriage. A lump formed in my throat as he peppered my bottom with several additional strikes, each one harder than the one before.

I wiggled, kicking out several times, heat blooming on my skin.

Lucian pressed down on my back. “Remain in position or your punishment will be much worse.”

Gasping, I clawed my father’s expensive veneer with my freshly polished nails, hoping that I left deep scars. I wanted him to be reminded every day of what he’d subjected me to. Anger swept through me, the kind of hatred that jetted spots in front of my eyes. When I pushed up, able to kick his leg with enough force he grunted, a laugh bubbled to the surface of my mouth.

It was short-lived as he wrapped his hand around the back of my neck, pinning me against the cold, hard surface.

“I can tell you’re going to be difficult.” When he rolled his fingers across the waistband of my panties, I sucked in my breath, frozen the second I heard the snap of his wrist then a ripping sound.

Cool air wafted across my bare skin. I was sick inside, fighting the overwhelming nausea pooling in my stomach, the flutters in my heart.

“We start again.” He brought his hand crashing down against my naked bottom. An explosion of pain swept through my entire system, my muscles cramping. Over the next few seconds, he delivered several more in rapid succession, moving from one side to the other.

I couldn’t think clearly or breathe, the anguish building to a point I couldn’t stop whimpers from sliding up from my throat. “Stop. Just stop!” My God, I was wailing like a little girl.

“Then learn that I’m your master. The sooner you accept your place, the better everything will be for you.”

My place? What the hell place was that? By his side as some kind of arm candy or was he speaking about being in his bed?

Another round of shame skittered into my system from the thought alone. I’d been with one man my entire life, someone I thought I could care for. Someone who’d lied to me. I had no understanding of what a man like Lucian would demand, but I certainly realized that he would take me roughly, using every hole to fulfill his needs. I was both sickened and electrified by the thought of being ravaged by a brutal man.

I was able to gather a scent of my feminine wiles as a wave of white-hot heat seared my skin. I gasped for air, still clawing the desk as he brought his massive palm down again and again. Everything about the man was powerful. He was ruthless and dangerous, yet I couldn’t stop quivering as images of him floated in my mind.

When he stopped the brutal action, now caressing my bruised and aching bottom, I bit back a whimper. I could hear the sound of his ragged breathing, could sense he was just as turned on as I was. His scent was intoxicating, leaving me breathless and lightheaded.

I hate you. I hate you. I…

The words almost tumbled out of my mouth, but I knew they wouldn’t matter.

Not to a man like Lucian.

“Are you wet for me? Are you hungering to have my cock fill you?”

He brushed his fingers along the inside of my thigh, darting the tips around my clit several times.


His deep and ominous chuckle was a reminder of just how dangerous he was. He was seductive yet cold, hungry yet biding his time.

“Soon, naughty girl, there won’t be an inch of you that doesn’t belong to me.”

When he pressed his fingers into my tight channel, I couldn’t stop a series of whimpers from shooting up from the depths of my being.

“You are very wet. Tight. God, you’re tight.”

I bit back another series of cries as vibrant flashes of color pulsed in front of my eyes. Every inch of me was awakened, jolted after the misery of never having felt passion. My mouth was dry, the horror of realizing that I craved his touch just as revolting as his brutal actions.

Lucian continued teasing me, sliding his fingers up and down the length of my pussy, swirling the tips around my clit. I was aching inside, my pussy clenching. There was no amount of self-pleasure that had ever felt so good. Why? Why?

I had to be a bad little girl to enjoy something like this.

“I’m going to fuck your sweet mouth, then your tight pussy. After that, I’ll take you in the ass.” He shifted his hand to my bottom, dragging the tip of a finger down the crack of my ass then pushing it between my cheeks, finding my dark hole.

“Oh. No. No! I’ve never done that. I’m not… I mean, I’ve only had one…”

I jerked up from the desk, shaking violently. Why the hell was I telling him anything? He didn’t care how he violated me. I was a thing, an object.

“Breathe, Genevieve. I will not take you until our wedding night, but you will surrender in every way I demand.”

Was that supposed to give me comfort?

He began the spanking again in earnest, smacking me at least ten additional times. I no longer had any fight left in me. I simply pressed my cheek against the desk, fighting the unnatural urges of desire that weren’t those of a good girl.

Maybe I wasn’t that girl after all.

Huffing, he yanked my dress into position, dragging me upright and pulling me into his arms. “You’re going to be my wife, Genevieve. There is no other choice. None. Now, you’re going to behave and return to our guests where you’ll keep a smile on your face. Do you understand me?”

Every nasty word I’d learned in my years floated into my mind. I knew what I should do but I couldn’t stand for this kind of treatment. I would find a way to get far away from here, no matter what I had to do.

When I slapped him across the face, I could tell I’d caught him completely by surprise. The rip in his armor slipped just enough I dashed toward the door, able to throw it open before he simply pressed his hand against the wood, slowly closing it.

I jerked away from him, holding my arms.

He stood facing the door, lowering his head and taking several exaggerated breaths. “Do you have any idea what happens to people who disobey me?”

“I’m certain you kill them.”

His chuckle sent a ripple of terror straight down the back of my neck, sliding down my spine like a venomous snake. “That’s too good for them.” When he turned around to face me, everything about his demeanor had changed, his jaw clenching, his eyes narrowing. “While I never said I was a man of virtue, I intended on allowing you the opportunity of sharing the gift of your body with me.”

What was he saying? The almost flowery words didn’t make any sense.

When he took two long strides in my direction, yanking my dress over my hips as he pushed me against the desk, I opened my mouth to scream.

There was only silence.

I was momentarily paralyzed, gasping for air as he stared down at me while unfastening his belt and trousers. He was… He was going to fuck me. I blinked several times, fighting to find my voice as well as the strength to push him away. It was impossible. He was larger than life and wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

When he’d freed his cock, I bit back a cry, so confused as to why I remained excited. I was wet and hot all over, my blood boiling. As he leaned over me, cocking his head, I could tell what he was thinking.

He was claiming what belonged to him once and for all.

“Now, I fuck you.” Lucian’s voice boomed in my ears as he kicked my legs apart, sliding the tip of his cock up and down my pussy.

My moan gave away my hunger. Embarrassment shot through me, the shame of being taken this way atrocious.

“I… Please…”

“You fucked up, little girl. Now, you will begin to learn that there is no getting away from me. None.” The pressure as he pushed his cockhead inside was incredible, my muscles struggling to accept his girth.

I closed my eyes, willing the horrible moment to end even before it had begun. When he thrust the rest of his cock inside, all I could do was whimper. Even worse, my nipples immediately hardened, my body betraying me. He forced one leg then the other around his hips, then planted his hands on opposite sides of me. I could feel the vibrations of his heated body and the guttural sounds he made were nothing more than from an animal.

He pulled out, keeping just the tip inside then slammed into me again, the force managing to move the massive desk. As he fucked me, I finally stared into his eyes, making certain he knew just how much I hated him. I would find a way to retaliate.

But as he continued driving his shaft in deep, brutal strokes, every bit of my resolve began to crumble. I was thrown into a surreal moment of time and space, my moans escalating. I was on fire, every muscle strained and my heart hammering to the point of echoing. I was completely and utterly aroused.

Seconds later, he rolled onto the balls of his feet, slowing his rhythm but pumping just as savagely. I couldn’t believe my pussy muscles clamped and released over and over again, dragging me closer to a climax. I tingled all over, goosebumps popping along my arms. Unable to focus, I realized I’d arched my back, pushing up on the desk in some crazy effort to have more of him inside.

His guttural sounds continued, his hot breath cascading across my face and neck. I could hear the sounds of my panting increasing as the orgasm inched closer. Finally, I couldn’t hold back the moment of raw bliss, the climax rushing up from my toes.

“Oh. Oh. Oh…”

Even through the haze in my eyes, I could see the smile he wore, the way his eyes had reached into my very soul, unlocking the desire buried deep inside. I was no longer the same woman from before, the shy and uncertain girl who had never experienced passion.

I was now a woman who craved a monster, the only man who might be able to fulfill my greatest fantasies and I was sickened by the thought.

“Yes, come for me,” he commanded and within seconds, another incredible wave crashed down on me.

I was weak, the electricity still soaring between us. As his sounds changed, becoming more ragged, I knew he was close to coming. Every part of me trembling, he thrust harder and faster, his body tensing. My muscles responded, clamping down and pulling his cock in even deeper.

That’s the moment he exploded deep inside, making good on another promise to fill me with his seed.

When he threw his head back with a husky roar, I knew this wasn’t just the beginning of a nightmare. This was the end to everything I’d held precious, everything that I’d wanted to do.

Now he would never let me go.

After a minute had passed, he took a deep breath, pulling out completely, but his eyes never left mine. When he pulled me to my feet, he peered down, his expression one of utter authority.

“I suggest you clean yourself up before we return to the party.” He eased away, sliding his cock back into his trousers.

My legs shaky, I smoothed down my dress, disgusted from actually believing I could enjoy something so horrific. “Fine, but I’ll make you a promise, Lucian. I will find a way to get away from you. I don’t care how long it takes or what horrible deed I need to do, I will never belong to you.”

He wrapped his hand around my throat, tilting my head and rubbing his thumb across my lips. “Respect, Genevieve, and you seem to forget who I am and what I’m capable of. If you attempt to run, there isn’t a location on this earth where I won’t find you. And if that occurs, you won’t like the consequences.”

I managed to smile even as I continued to glare at him. “Yes. Sir.”

His eyes narrowed, his nostrils flaring, and he tightened his grip around my neck, holding for a few seconds. When he was finally seemed satisfied that I’d learned my lesson, he pulled away, reaching down and yanking my shredded panties into the air. “You won’t be needing these for the rest of the night.”

He’d won this round; the beast in expensive attire had managed to require my submission.

But I made myself a promise.

It was never going to happen again.

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