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King’s Temptation: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

You’re angry with me,” she said quietly. Dax nuzzled against her leg, obviously realizing there was no further danger at the moment by the fact his tail was swishing back and forth.

“You’re right. I am.” I grabbed two beers from the refrigerator, popping the tops then tossing them into the garbage before handing her one of the bottles. “Drink this.”

“I’m not thirsty.”

I cocked my head, giving her a stern look. “You will do as I say.” I placed my weapon as well as both beers on the counter then grabbed a bowl from one of my cabinets, filling it with water. After placing it on the floor, I shifted my attention in her direction once again.

Angelique had always sparred with me, but the look in her eyes was entirely different than normal. She seemed reserved, perhaps broken to a degree. Maybe she had learned a lesson. Once again, I offered her one of the bottles, cocking my head when she hesitated. When she wrapped her hand around the bottle, our fingers touched. As always happened, the electricity shooting between us was palpable, making my mouth water and putting my nerves on edge.

She didn’t jerk away, but the way she looked at me was entirely different than I’d seen her do before. Maybe she was finally seeing the real man standing in front of her. When she pulled back a few steps, her lower lip quivered.

Dax was obviously thirsty, his sounds of gulping water shifting between us. The moment was surreal, something I’d actually thought about on several occasions.

Having her inside my home.

Taking her to my bed.

Fucking her for hours.

All I could think about was crushing her mouth against mine, thrusting my tongue inside and tasting her sweet honey. Then I’d devour every inch of her, lapping the delicious cream from her pretty pink pussy. Jesus. I was forced to turn away, leaning against the counter.

“What’s going to happen now?” she asked after a few seconds.

“We remain here for the night until Cristiano determines the next steps.”

“I won’t go back.”

“You’ll do what’s necessary.”

She remained as defiant as always, yet she backed away even further, folding one arm as she brought the bottle to her lips. She continued to shake, although I could tell she was doing everything in her power to fight her reactions. “Fuck you.”

“Is that what you really want to say to me, Angelique?” I took a long pull on the beer, darting a look down the hallway. I remained apprehensive being here. It was going to be a long night.

“What else would you like me to say, Dimitri? There’s nothing you can do. Not one thing. You’re just the soldier, a man who doesn’t make his own decisions.”

Her taunting words had never bothered me before. Then again, she’d never thrown her position as the angel of the family in my face before the attack on her gallery. Not once. Why she’d chosen to do so now was something I couldn’t answer. I’d been through far too much bullshit in my life to have a little princess attack my position, one I was proud of. I took long strides in her direction, slamming my beer on the counter then grabbing hers and doing the same.

She whimpered once as I backed her against the wall, crowding her space. The heat of her body filtered into mine, pushing me to a heightened level of darkness.

“Do you know anything about my life, Angelique? Or should I call you princess? While you were being coddled in an expensive cradle, I was handling the murder of my brothers. Barely seven years old and I knew exactly what torture felt like. While you were entering high school, I was being processed as a criminal, tossed into the most heinous prison in Russia, beaten on a daily basis.” I took several deep breaths, planting my hands on either side of her.

Angelique darted her eyes back and forth, her breath skipping.

“While you entered college, I managed to find a way out of my country, forsaking it for the rest of my life in order to find a better one. I found that with your family. First, your father who took me in, providing me with the kind of life I’d never known. He welcomed me as if I was one of his own, teaching me about freedom. Then with your brother, who’s been like family to me. Yes, I would die for him as I would any member of your family. Yes, I take his directions, but I’d not just a soldier in his army. I’m the man who will keep him alive.”

“You have no right to judge me,” she stated defiantly, her entire body trembling. That only drew me in even more, every cell in my body exploding from the electricity between us. She was breathless, daring to allow her gaze to fall to the bulge in my jeans.

My breathing was more labored than hers, the desire roaring through me like an out of control freight train. I couldn’t resist her any longer, the hunger I’d felt for years swelling to the point of eruption.

There was no holding back.

There was no possibility of control.

“Goddamn it, I am going to fuck you.” All the years of wanting, the ability to resist her was tossed to the wayside. I was nothing more than a savage, ready to claim what I believed rightfully belonged to me.

And I wouldn’t take no for an answer. To hell with the consequences.

“You can’t have me. That’s not allowed,” she stated, although her words were dripping with her own increasing need, the sound a husky whisper. She pressed her hand against my chest, tilting her head and twisting her lovely mouth.

“Maybe so, but I’m not the kind of man to be denied. I will take what I want for now.” Fisting her hair, I forced her neck to the side before lowering my head, nipping her earlobe. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. When I’m finished, I’ll leave you panting, begging me for more. Tell me you don’t me to drive my cock deep inside. Tell me you haven’t longed to have my tongue sample your sweet nirvana, holding your legs wide open as I drive you into a moment of pure ecstasy. And I’ll enjoy watching you tremble in my hold, the light sheen that will shimmer across your heated body. I’ll study every nuance, taking you to utter rapture time after time. When I finished feasting, then I’ll take what rightfully belongs to me. Tell me you don’t hunger for that.”

Breathless, her eyes remained half closed, her long lashes skimming across her cheeks. A light flush had stained her beautiful skin the perfect color of rose, accentuating her full lips.

“No. No! I don’t want you. I can’t. I…” As her words trailed off, she meekly pushed me again.

“Yes. You. Do.”

I lowered my head, keeping my lips centimeters apart until I lost the fight. As I captured her mouth, pushing the weight of my body against hers, the scent of her perfume wafted into my nostrils, creating a haze of fire and heat all around me. I thrust my tongue inside, shifting my hand and cupping her chin.

She continued to push against me, struggling to get out of my hold.

There was no way she was getting away from me. The kiss more forceful, I drowned in her essence as I fingered her beautiful skin. The feel of her seared the tips of my rough fingers, the explosion of electricity shared between us creating a series of vibrations.

When she pummeled her fists against my chest, I was finished with the woman playing games with me. I yanked first one arm then the other over her head, easily capturing both wrists in one hand. She moaned into the moment of intimacy, jerking her body from side to side. Soon she would learn there was nothing she could do but succumb.

To my needs and to my authority.

I became lightheaded as I continued the kiss, dominating her tongue even though she did everything in her power to stop me. Wiggling, she jutted her hips against mine, but I responded by grinding against her. I wanted her to feel the hardness of my cock, to know that I would drive my shaft deep inside of her.

When I finally broke the kiss, I nipped her bottom lip, pulling the soft tissue into my mouth and sucking.

“Oh…” The single word only added fuel to the fire.

I slipped my hand under her shirt, cupping and squeezing her breast. I’d never allowed myself to get this close, but there was no stopping me. As I pinched her already hardened nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I brushed my lips across her jaw to her ear. Her pulse was racing, her body continuing to shiver in my hold. That only excited me more.

“You can’t… I’m not…” Unable to finish her words, she slumped against the wall, still trying to free her arms but closing her eyes. “What are you going to do?”

Her breathless words forced a growl from deep within my system. “I’m going to fuck you. Your mouth. Your tight pussy. Your asshole.”

She gasped, swiveling her hips. “You can’t.”

“But I will.”

I jerked her away from the wall, ripping the shirt up and over her shoulders then tossing her against the wall again. Her eyes were dilated, her pupils like beautiful saucers. She wasn’t wearing a bra and the sight of her voluptuous breasts continued to make my mouth water. I yanked my tee shirt over my back and head, dropping it on the floor then fisting her hair, forcing her onto her toes.

“You’re a horrible man,” she whispered.

“Yes, I am.” Laughing softly, I yanked her head, forcing her into a deep arc. As I took one nipple into my mouth, my cock twitched, pushing hard against my zipper. The pain coursing through me was intense, my balls tightening until they ached. I swirled my tongue around her swollen bud, taking my time to savor the moment. When I pulled it back into my mouth, using my strong jaw muscles to suck, she clawed my arms. I’d enjoy wearing the scars of our passion.

Angelique shifted her leg against mine, rubbing up and down as I brushed my lips to her other breast, sucking hard enough on her nipple that she whimpered.

“I don’t want you,” she managed, her moans like sweet music.

I crawled my hand down her stomach, enjoying the way she reacted, her body jerking in my hold. When I unfastened her shorts, she did everything she could to fight me in earnest, shifting her hips back and forth then managing to shove one knee against me.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” I mused, pressing my lips against her stomach, drawing a circle around her bellybutton.

“You can’t… tell me… what to do.”

All I could do was chuckle as I ripped the zipper in her shorts, forcing my hand between the two edges.

“Oh, God. Oh…” She tossed her head from side to side, bucking her hips.

The material was too tight, the provocative look she’d chosen no doubt on purpose. However, I was finished toying with her. I hungered far too much, my cock throbbing as my heart pounded in my chest.

When I released my hold, she punched me in the gut. I wrapped my hand around her throat, shaking my head as I studied her eyes. “Stop fighting me.”


“Then I’m going to need to teach you a lesson all over again.”

“Try it and die.”

Her challenge was a part of our foreplay, a way to ignore the yearning. Yet tonight her expression continued a blistering moment of rebellion. I didn’t waste any time, tossing her over my shoulder easily. As I stormed toward the kitchen door, I grabbed my weapon, whistling for Dax to follow.

“Let me go. Get off me, you brute.” She continued to pummel her hands against my back, her efforts only making me smile. As she fought, she lost first one shoe then the other, the thought of the trail of clothing making me smile.

I whistled as I took the stairs two at a time, ignoring her pleas. When I reached my bedroom, I placed my weapon on the dresser then turned on one of the small lamps. There was nothing but a slight glow in the room, just enough to enjoy studying every inch of her.

Dax had trailed behind us and I was pleased to see he took a place just inside the door, immediately lying down as if this was nothing more than an ordinary night. I couldn’t suppress a smile.

I tossed her on the bed and within seconds, she lunged at me, doing her best to claw my chest. I shoved her down, pushing her hands against the bed and peering down at her. “You’re acting like a child.”

“I’m no child, in case you haven’t noticed, but this isn’t going to happen.”

Everything about her was seductive, pushing me to my limits. The lust in her eyes remained, fire burning deep within them as she tried to follow the rules imposed by her family. I was untouchable, almost like damaged goods. Soon she would learn that a broken, savage man was exactly what she needed.

When I ripped her shorts over her hips, she slapped her hands over her face, twisting and turning her body. I pitched the khaki material to the side, barely able to catch my breath as I gazed down at her perfectly white lace panties. Through the thin material, I was able to catch a single glimpse of her pretty pink pussy lips. She kept her hands over her face as I peeled them away, revealing the prize I’d hungered to taste for so long.

There wasn’t a muscle in my body that hadn’t tensed, adrenaline coursing through me like a tidal wave. She was the most beautiful creature I’d ever laid eyes on, the kind of woman to be treasured, yet fucked every single day. As I brushed the backs of my hands along the insides of her legs, she shuddered visibly. Just drinking in her scent once again was enough to make me lightheaded.

I hadn’t been prepared for the hard kick to my gut, the vigor just enough it forced me to tumble backwards. She managed to scramble almost all the way off the bed, cursing under her breath.

When I fisted her hair, dragging her back, she threw a punch. Every action she took escalated the longing. I tossed her onto all fours, maintaining my hold on her hair.

“You need to learn who’s boss,” I said as I fumbled to unbuckle my belt.

“Not you,” she insisted, gasping for air as she clawed the bedding.

“I will always be in charge of you, Angelique. You and I are connected. There is no turning back.” As I yanked the thick leather from my belt loops, she struggled to look over her shoulder. Even in the dim lighting, I could see the surprise in her eyes, but there was so much more in her darkened pools of lust.




She pushed up from the bed the second I released my belt, her whimpers became more like provocative purrs. I raked my eyes up and down her luscious body as I folded the strap.

“Don’t spank me,” she whined, shifting her hips back and forth as if that would alter my decision. “I’ll be good. I promise.”

“You and I both know your promises are difficult to keep. You deserve this and you know it.” When I smacked the belt against her bottom twice, she opened her mouth, a strangled scream erupting. When I cracked it four more times in rapid succession, her body began to shake.

“That hurts.”

“Yeah, something for you to think about. You’re required to obey me and that’s exactly what you’re going to do.”

“I hate you.”

“So you’ve said. That doesn’t matter.” I smacked her several more times, making certain I hit her sit spot. She needed to feel the burn for at least a full day. The warm blush creeping along her naked skin was far too enticing. I could barely control my desires even though I knew she deserved the round of punishment.

“I’ll make sure and remember that.” Her words were said through clenched teeth, her entire body shaking, goosebumps popping along her long and beautiful arms.

I’d almost lost her. If I hadn’t known where the hell she might be headed, I would never have reached her in time. The moment Cristiano had made the call, a tremendous vacuum had rushed over me. For all the enemies we’d faced, the brutal battles that had taken far too many good soldiers, nothing had prepared me for the emotional level I’d felt in trying to find her. I’d been lucky more than anything, but the sight of her car hemmed in by the bastards had driven me to an entirely different state of mind.

I didn’t give a shit who they were or the ramifications of snuffing out their lives. It was a matter of necessity in order to make a statement.

She moaned, undulating her hips and kicking out her legs, but this time more out of protection. I caressed her skin, enjoying the heat building up in my fingers.

“Why are you doing this?” she whispered, her voice barely audible.

“Because you need to be taught a lesson and because maybe this will remind you that there are some very dangerous people out to take you away from your life. Permanently.” I rolled my fingers down the crack of her ass, finding it difficult to ignore her glistening pussy lips. The scent of her desire was prominent, wafting between us and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back for long. I released my hold on her hair, running the tips of my fingers down her spine.

“I don’t…” She dropped her head, panting then jutting her hips toward me.

“You’re wet.”

“No, I’m not. You’re terrible.”

“You’ve longed for a controlling man.”

She tried to chuckle, but the sound was muted. “No. Never.”

When I thrust my fingers into her tight channel, she threw her head back and screamed. I pumped several times, flexing my fingers open, crazed from the way her muscles clamped around the invasion, the force sucking me in deeper. For a few seconds I was thrown onto another plateau, barely able to concentrate on anything else but the way it felt to drive my fingers deep into her.

I was rattled by a series of emotions, the realization only fueling my needs.

Every sound I made guttural, I closed my eyes, resuming the spanking, yet I couldn’t resist sliding my fingers into my mouth, sucking every drop of her sweet cream.

Every sound she made was husky, her body continuing to gyrate as I whipped her long and hard. I adored the crimson glow on her bottom, the way her face was flushed, her skin shimmering.

Unable to take it any longer, I dropped the belt onto the floor, wasting no time in finishing undressing. But even in that time, she managed to crawl toward the opposite side of the bed. With one brutal yank, I dragged her all the way across the comforter until her knees were on the edge of the bed. I kicked her legs wide open then grabbed her hips.

All the years I’d wanted her, my dreams filled with sinful and decadent images of what I wanted to do to her had come down to this. All the control I’d maintained over the years pitched out the window. After tonight, she would be one hundred percent mine.

And there was nothing anyone could do to take her away.

I positioned the tip of my cock at her entrance, studying the way her back rose and fell from her labored breathing. She no longer fought me. In fact, she’d arched her back in anticipation of what I was going to do.

“You’re too large. I can’t take it.”

“I assure you, moya ideal’naya devuska, this will be worth the pain as well as the long wait.”

I didn’t keep her waiting, thrusting the entire length of my cock inside. A gasp pushed past my lips from the heat of her body, the explosion of electricity as her muscles strained to accept my wide girth.

“Oh. Oh. Oh…” She smacked her hands on the comforter, swishing her hips back and forth. The friction she caused only added another intense layer of pleasure.

Closing my eyes, I marveled in the sensations before pulling almost all the way out, plunging into her again. I was shocked at how amazing she felt, the heat continuing to build as my excitement skyrocketed. There was nothing better than being inside of her, taking every inch. I wanted to take hours exploring her body, to bask in her beauty before starting all over again.

And I wanted nothing more than for her to surrender to my every need.

As I started driving into her, she threw her head back, a series of purrs and moans sliding up from her throat. Her sounds were a sweet aphrodisiac, dragging the beast that I’d tried to keep chained to the surface.

I would tie her to my bed, marking her lovely skin so that every man knew she belonged to me. I would have her gorgeous nipples pierced, a chain linked between in order for me to tug her closer. And I would keep her in a cage so that no one would ever be able to hurt or touch her again.

The thoughts were heinous, enough so my entire head was spinning. I was one sadistic fuck, not nearly good enough for someone like Angelique.

But as she started meeting every savage thrust, jutting her hips backward, I realized I’d been right.

There was no turning back.

Not now.

Not ever.

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