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King’s Toy: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

He lifted his head so slowly that a river of fear slithered into my veins. My God, his eyes were piercing my very soul, dragging me straight to the very hell I’d mentioned I was prepared to enter. I suddenly didn’t want to die and would do almost anything to keep that from happening.

“Come. Here.”

When I was only a foot away, I took several deep breaths, trying to calm my nerves. My head ached from the entire night’s events, the stench of cigarette smoke and cheap men’s aftershave clinging to every cell. Even the rich scent of Vincenzo’s cologne did little to mask the nasty odor.

He rubbed his chin up and down over his thumbs, remaining unblinking. I couldn’t stop shivering as thoughts regarding what he was going to do to me remained in the forefront of my mind.

“I’ve been very patient with you. Haven’t I?”

How was I supposed to answer that? “Yes. I guess. How would I know?”

“Fair enough. You’re just going to have to trust me on this, Acadia, because I won’t tell you again. I’m not a man to be taken lightly. I don’t accept excuses or provide second chances. I’ve been very fair with you considering the circumstances.” When he lifted his head, his normally gorgeous eyes were the same pools of darkness I’d seen in his soul.

“Okay.” If only there was some kind of information I could tell him. While Angel was a drunken fool, he’d always been cautious, holding any business discussions away from me, just like Pedro had. I’d never asked questions. I’d never wanted to hear what kind of business they were in. I’d simply been made an offer to help me get on my feet, a promise that I could grow my musical career. The decision was one that I now regretted.

“You’re going to respect me. I won’t accept anything less.”

“Why, yes, sir.”

When he took a deep breath, I knew the man was going to give me another round of harsh punishment. What I’d endured before had been utterly humiliating, the pain secondary to the shame that I’d felt. However, the reminder of his harsh punishment remained, the way the terrycloth shifted back and forth across my bruised ass an ugly reminder of the fact he was very much in charge.

“Drop to your knees.”

I was somewhat surprised by his demand, although this time I did so without pushing back. Every part of me trembled, my mind as hazy as before. As I slid down, the robe rubbed against my hard nipples, the ache almost pushing a moan past my lips. Why did the man have this kind of effect on me?

He shifted backwards, finally gazing down at me with no emotion on his face, his expression entirely blank. As he patted the couch in between his legs, I did everything I could not to scream out of frustration.

But I did as I was told, inching closer. When he reached down, fisting my hair, I closed my eyes. I was shocked at the feel of his fingers brushing down the side of my neck. Another wave of shivers danced along every portion of my body. His touch was gentle, as if he cared about me. Then he eased them underneath my robe, very slowly sliding his fingers over my nipple.

“You’re aroused,” he half whispered.

I kept my mouth shut.

He pinched my hardened bud, twisting until I yelped in pain. “Let’s try that again. Are. You. Aroused?”

“Yes,” I hissed between clenched teeth.

He resumed caressing me tenderly, flicking his finger back and forth until I almost lost my breath. There was no doubt he was able to gather a scent of the very desire he was seeking. I was revolted by the feel of my pussy juice trickling down my inner thighs as well as the soft whimpers that continued to threaten to escape.

I didn’t want this.

I couldn’t want him.

But I did.

As he shifted his hand to my other breast, cupping and squeezing, I couldn’t hold back a single moan.

“Mmm… I love to hear the sound of your voice.”

Why was he complimenting me? It wasn’t going to do any good. I would never care for him, not on any level. “Thank you.”

His actions sudden, he ripped the robe from my shoulders, exposing my breasts. I yelped involuntarily, my entire body shaking. After cupping both breasts in his massive hands, he tugged me closer then lowered his head. The feel of his hot, wet mouth engulfing my nipple sent a wave of stars in front of my eyes.

My God, the sensations almost electrified me. I was like a live wire, no longer able to process what was happening, my skin burning from his touch. I bit my lower lip to keep from crying as he licked and sucked, finally nipping my tender tissue.

Every sound he made was guttural, his actions growing more savage as he bit down even harder.

“Oh. Oh…” There was no way to hold back, several sounds rushing past my lips. I kept my eyes closed as he rubbed his lips across to my other breast, repeating the action. There wasn’t a portion of my body that wasn’t aching. My body swaying, I was forced to grip his thighs for fear of toppling over.

Through hazy eyes, I could tell how turned on he was, the thick bulge in his pants throbbing. My mouth watered from the thought of sucking on his cock, swishing my tongue around his cockhead. I craved tasting his cum, experiencing the feel as it slid down the back of my throat. I almost laughed at the sinful images floating in my mind. It was crazy, ridiculous.

What the hell was wrong with me?

The pain became biting as he pinched one nipple while he sucked on the other. I was pushed into a glorious moment of bliss before realizing I’d rubbed my hand across his bulge, the single touch alone a reminder of just how large he was.

Unable to stop my actions, I stroked him through the thin fabric of his trousers, enjoying his husky growls.

He refused to stop, pushing me even further into a state of euphoria. I fumbled with his belt buckle, trying to tug it free. As he laughed, the sound dangerously dark, a series of tingles rushed all the way to my toes. I knew the man was going to devour me.

“As I told you, Acadia. You will never be in control.” He ripped at the sash holding the robe together, pushing both sides apart, the weight of the material allowing it to fall down my arms.

The second he dragged me onto the couch, planting my feet on either side of his thighs, I gasped for air. What the hell was he going to do? I was forced to grip his shoulders, digging my fingers in as he blew across my stomach. The heat was significant, keeping the electricity flowing.

My mind was turned inside out, my heart racing as he dragged his tongue around my belly button. I was shocked at his actions, as if there was some kind of passion behind his savage demeanor. As I peered down, watching everything he did, I couldn’t resist realizing how incredibly gorgeous he was. What did that matter? Even some serial killers had been extremely good looking.

That didn’t take away from his coldhearted nature or the fact he was a killer.

As he continued darting his tongue across my stomach, taking his time as if savoring his favorite flavor of ice cream, I was pulled into a lull. There was no fear, no trepidation of what was going to happen to me. The only thing on my mind was raw, filthy lust, my needs bursting at the seams.

He seemed to sense my growing need, his grip on my hips firmer. He jerked me closer, pulling me onto my toes then sliding his tongue between my legs.

“Oh, God. Oh…” Stars in vibrant colors danced in front of my eyes. I found it difficult to catch my breath as he swirled his tongue around my clit. I laughed then moaned, the rush of excitement almost too much to bear. I couldn’t believe the way my body responded, my pussy already clenching and releasing.

He was sweet and tender with his actions, taking his time as my clit began to swell. When he pulled the tender tissue between his lips, even the sucking sounds he made became some crazy aphrodisiac. There wasn’t a part of my body that wasn’t ready to erupt in flames, goosebumps skimming my arms and legs.

I was unsteady as hell, likely falling had his grip not been so firm. My hold was even harder, my fingers white knuckled as I held onto his shoulders. As the scent of his cologne mixed together with the insanely intense aroma of my desire, I was unable to fight off the enjoyment any longer.

With another series of low-slung growls, he licked up and down the length of my pussy, every sound he made barbaric. He was a true animal, one with desperate hunger and there was no doubt he could feast on me for days.

When he thrust his tongue past my swollen folds, I almost lost it, tossing my head back. “Uh. Uh. Uh.”

“Come for me,” he whispered. “I want to taste your sweet cream.”

It was as if my body couldn’t refuse his commands. A climax rose from the depths of my being, slamming into me with such ferocity that I wasn’t able to scream. My entire world seemed to be shoved into silence, the beautiful moment taking me straight into ecstasy.

He refused to stop, rolling his fingers over my legs and pressing me wide open. As he buried his face, lapping my cream, a second orgasm erupted. Now my legs were shaking violently, the pleasure unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I adored the sounds of satisfaction he made, the scattered pants and growls scintillating.

Panting, I dropped my head, blinking in a crazy effort to focus. Only when I’d stopped shaking did he shift his head to the side, brushing his lips against my thigh. Then he peered up at me, a smirk on his face. This time, his pupils were dilated, once again pulling me into the darkness of his soul. What terrified me even more than I had been before was I could swear there was a spark, a tiny light drawing me in.

As I continued to sway, he shifted his hands, cupping my bottom. “When you’re good, you’ll be allowed to enjoy.”

“But I was bad.” The words seemed to tumble from my mouth before I could stop them.

“Yes, you were. No more second chances.” His words were visceral, but I could tell his hunger had outweighed everything else.

Then he pushed me to the floor, taking several deep breaths before reaching for his drink then easing back against the couch.

“Suck me.” The command was the same as before, his deep-throated tone creating another wave of warmth enveloping my body.

My hands continuing to shake, I finished what I’d started earlier, finally tugging his belt out of the way. For some crazy reason, I fingered the thick leather, shuddering from the act alone. The entire time he watched me, sipping on his drink as if sitting on a throne, his disobedient subject ready to service him.

The thought alone was stimulating. As I unfastened his trousers, I heard his deep and very ragged sigh. He was a man who was desperate for relief.

After freeing his cock, I blew hot air on the tip before sliding my tongue back and forth across his sensitive slit. He didn’t react at first. But as I repeated the move, his legs stiffened. I rubbed my hands along the inside of his thighs before wrapping one around the base of his cock. I darted a glance into his eyes, noticing his eyelids were half closed.

However, he remained in full control, indulging in another sip of his drink. I took his cockhead into my mouth, pumping the base of his shaft as I sucked on the tip. I was almost instantly rewarded with a string of precum, the taste tangy and sweet at the same time. When I twisted my hand around his shaft, his huff was raspy.

I could tell he was growing antsy, his breathing gravelly. I licked down the underside then back, sucking on the tip. When I repeated the move, he growled, shaking his head only once. He was far too much in need for me to tempt him any further.

As I took him down two inches, swirling my tongue back and forth, I felt the shift in the couch. He leaned forward, running his fingers through my curls. The touch was far too intimate, the shivers coursing down my spine creating more anxiety than desire. I knew I couldn’t trust the man, but everything he’d said before was true.

No matter that I’d been treated like a little sister by the Los Pirados, there was no way they would ever allow me to live.

There was nothing I could do. I was trapped, no longer able to make any decisions on my own.

I closed my eyes, concentrating on my task, trying to relax my throat as I took his cock deeper into my mouth. Within seconds, he tangled his fingers in my hair, holding my head in place as I struggled to accept the thickness of his shaft. I slipped my hand under his cock, running a single finger around his testicles. They were tight and as I rolled them between my fingers, he issued a guttural moan.

“That’s it. Be a good girl and suck me. Maybe your punishment will be less.”

His tone wasn’t harsh, but I knew he meant every word. As I sucked on him, my strong jaw muscles clamping down, he pushed my head, forcing me to take even more. I almost gagged, my throat tightening as I struggled to breathe.

“Relax, little rebel. You’re going to take every inch.”

There was something so primal about his command, needs that threatened to consume him. Another round of electricity shot through me, skittering down my legs. I wanted to hate this, to loathe the man, but the taste of his cum as well as the sinful act continued to arouse me. I allowed myself to fall into the place of bliss from before, pretending as if this was the only man for me.

The perfect lover.

My mate.

My hero.

He was none of the above, but I couldn’t fight the attraction, at least not tonight.

When I’d taken every inch, the tip hitting the back of my throat, only then did he let go of his tight hold. I continued to stroke the base with one hand as I squeezed his balls with the other, my moving my mouth up and down on his shaft until I’d found the perfect rhythm.

“Yes…” he hissed. “That’s it.”

His husky tone only fueled the fire that continued to burn within. I increased my speed, sucking to the point I could tell he was close to coming. His pants were ragged and when his hold became firmer again, he jutted his hips off the couch, impaling my mouth with the entire length of his cock.

I lost my control, forced to allow him to face fuck me like the brutal man he was. But with every hard drive into my mouth, I realized how much I was enjoying the savagery.

“Fuck. Your mouth feels so damn good,” he huffed, taking several deep breaths. “I could do this for days. You will take every drop, licking me clean.”

His voice was barely audible, the words tickling my ears. I suspected he’d require me to suck his cock on a regular basis.

I gripped his thighs, enjoying the feel of his muscles against my fingers. There wasn’t an inch on his body that wasn’t carved to perfection. A part of me was almost desperate to see him without his crisp and expensive attire, but all I had to do was remind myself this wasn’t some magical love affair.

I was his prisoner, a toy. Not his romantic interest.

The thought brought a wave of sadness before revulsion took over. I would never be attracted to a man like Vincenzo.

Or would I?

I clamped my mouth around his shaft, praying I could take every drop of cream as he demanded. What if I couldn’t?

When he pushed me away, I was shocked, almost instantly asking if I’d done something wrong. He put his drink on the table then rose to a standing position. There was something about the way he was looking at me that burned into my heart. It was almost as if his desperate needs were entirely different than what I’d suspect. His desire to take me wasn’t just about sex.

It was all about control.

He wanted something he didn’t believe he could have. How interesting. Maybe I’d found a weakness in the brutal man I could use in order to secure my escape. Maybe if I was a good girl, obeying all his rules, he would make a mistake.

I gave him a lurid look, narrowing my eyes and purposely dragging my tongue across my lips.

When he yanked the shirt over his head, tossing it aside, I was forced to take a deep breath. He was even more muscular than I’d imagined, his abs chiseled into the finest six-pack, his broad shoulders giving way to a thin waist. I bit back a cry of desire, fighting the reality of hungering for him while hating him. The dichotomy was treacherous.

I couldn’t stop quivering as he removed his shoes, then slowly lowered his trousers, kicking them away as if they were nothing but a hindrance. When he stood in front of me entirely naked, I shook to my core, my nipples aching to the point of actual pain.

He inched closer, pulling me to my feet and sliding the robe down the length of my arms until it fell to the floor. His nostrils flaring, he cupped both sides of my face, rubbing his thumbs across my skin. “You are much more beautiful as yourself.”

“It’s a shame no one ever gave a shit about the real girl.”

“Hmmm… Well, then they’re missing out. Now, you’re mine.”

He’d repeated the words as if I needed to hear them. While I wanted to pepper him with questions, I knew better. It was about building his trust. That was the only way to gaining my freedom.

As if I even knew the meaning of the word.

He tilted my head as he lowered his, brushing his lips across mine. I pressed my hands against his chest, shocked as my fingertips were seared from the touch of his heated skin. I couldn’t stop shivering as he pulled me closer, darting his tongue just inside. His actions were a far cry from his earlier brutal methods.

The feel of his cock pressing against me caused a series of moans. I suddenly found myself clinging to him, digging my fingers into his muscles, my mind reeling from the incredible desire pulsing through my veins.

When he wrapped his hand around the back of my neck, holding me in place, it was the first time I truly felt his ownership. While I had no understanding of what that would mean, at this moment I didn’t care.

The kiss remained gentle, his tongue darting back and forth across mine. Then his hunger built once again, his grip on my neck firmer as the intimate moment became more passionate. His tongue dominated mine, exploring my mouth as if finding it impossible to quench his thirst.

He slid his hand down my back, allowing his fingers to tickle my spine. I couldn’t stop shuddering, my body taking on a life of its own. I ground my hips back and forth, enjoying the explosion of sensations, another burst of powerful electricity. While our union had been forged in blood, there was no denying our connection.

He growled into the kiss, becoming even more savage, his fingers digging into my neck. After cupping my bottom, he forced me to arch my back, the kiss becoming manic, his guttural sounds floating into the air around us. Within seconds, he walked us around the table, taking his time to lower us to the carpet in front of the television.

I found it odd that he’d want to fuck me while a romantic movie was playing in the background. As he eased me onto my back, he continued to hover over me, tilting his head and dragging his gaze all the way down. There was no denying his hunger, no possibility of breaking free. When he lifted one of my legs, bending at the knee, I folded my arms over my breasts, another wave of embarrassment kicking in.

He shook his head with a series of growls. “Arms over your head.”

I did as I was told, although my actions were hesitant. There was no way I would take my eyes off him, still riddled with trepidations. When he lowered his head, pressing kisses across my knee and the inside of my leg, I shuddered audibly. His dark chuckle did nothing but spur the anxiety even as the excitement continued to build.

“You’re scared of me,” he said oh-so quietly.

“Yes.” There was no sense in denying it.

“Good. You should be.” He bit down on my leg before lifting the other, easing both open then lowering down.

I’d never felt so exposed in my life. As the last few moments of the movie filtered in my mind, I closed my eyes. I’d never been into fairytales. There were no princes in shining armor, riding massive horses over rugged terrain until they rescued me from the horrific witch. There were no magical lands for girls like me, the ones who’d been abandoned by almost everyone, nearly destroyed by a few others. But I was a survivor. At least that made me proud.

Vincenzo slipped the tip of his cock inside, holding his stance as he leaned over. “I enjoy fucking you.” With no hesitation, he thrust the entire length inside, the force pushing air from my lungs.

I tried to obey him, keeping my arms over my head, struggling to control my breathing. “Oh…” The single moan was weak, the sound almost inaudible. When he pulled out, teasing me as he shifted his heated gaze down the length of me, I couldn’t take it any longer and closed my eyes.

“Look at me, little rebel. Watch how I fuck you.”

Every word he said dripped of raw brutality, yet they were also sensual, continuing to engage my longing. I was fearful I’d fall into the man’s lair, forgetting who and what I was. He was so enigmatic, powerful in every way. The draw to him was incredible, dancing sensations fluttering over every inch of my body. My muscles stretched, clamping around the thick invasion. He was so big, pushing into me with such wild abandon.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.”

“So tight. So wet.”

As he repeated his actions several times, whimpers flowed freely from my throat. I wanted to touch him, to keep that feel his sizzle against my fingers. I tossed my head back and forth, gasping for air as his actions became brutal. The sound of his skin slapping against mine was in a perfect rhythm.

His muscles were already tensing, his mouth twisting as he pounded me hard and fast. I was almost instantly shoved into another round of euphoria, pushed to my limits. He refused to stop, thrusting savagely. I couldn’t take it any longer, a climax smashing against me like a giant tidal wave.

“Oh. Oh… Yes, I…” I couldn’t speak, had difficulty thinking clearly as my body spasmed. His actions only became more barbaric, powering into me with wild abandon.

“That’s it. Come again. Do it. Do it now!”

My body reacted instantly, obeying. The explosion of current sparked another wave of flames licking at every cell and nerve, the firestorm all consuming. I had no idea how much time had passed, nor did I give a shit. I was exhausted, my entire body drained.

Oh, God.

He slowed his actions, leaning down and whispering in my ear, “Now, I fuck you in the ass. Then every hole will belong to me.”


He didn’t hesitate, pulling away then flipping me over and onto my knees. I was forced to stare at the television, almost laughing nervously as the last great scene played out. So romantic. So tragic. I was embarrassed at what he was about to do. No one had ever taken me in the most sinful place of all.

When he smacked my bottom several times, there was no stopping the whimpers. I no longer felt like myself. I wasn’t the girl I’d been just a day before. In truth, I wasn’t certain who I was. Not Rebel. Not Acadia. Just a lost little girl in search of someone to care about her.

“You need to relax,” he instructed, as if I had any idea what he was talking about.

“I’ve never done this.” I sounded so meek, which wasn’t like me in the least.

“Don’t worry. This time, I’ll take it nice and slow. Next time will be entirely different.”

Next time. His words were always about another moment when he’d have his way with me. How long was he planning on keeping me?

Exhaling, he slipped the tip of his cock just inside my puckered hole, smacking my bottom several more times, then pushing in another inch. “Breathe for me, little rebel.”

You breathe, you horrible person! Thank God I didn’t scream the words. I had no doubt what he would do if I did. I took several deep breaths in some crazy attempt to prepare myself. As I closed my eyes, imagining a gorgeous beach on a sunny day; the aquamarine water lapping at the pearlescent white sand, a waiter bringing the most gorgeous cocktail, and an amazing lover waiting for my return from a dip in the water, I actually realized I was smiling.

As if that would ever happen.

I wasn’t a romantic girl. I’d never experienced the soft vibes of passion. This certainly wasn’t any different.

Vincenzo issued several growls as he pushed in another inch. When he grabbed my hips, I sucked in my breath. The hard thrust pushing past the tight ring of muscle made my entire body ache. A stinging anguish shifted down my legs as my muscles expanded. Stars floated in front of my eyes as every synapse realized what was happening, tingling then burning.

“Oh. Oh. That is… You’re so big.” My God, I sounded ridiculous. The pain was biting, swelling deep within. No. No!

“So tight. Damn,” he muttered as he ground his hips back and forth.

I clawed at the rug, struggling to move forward in some crazy effort to get away. His hold was far too strong, keeping me in place. I wasn’t going anywhere until he was finished. I could feel him pulling out and when he slammed into me again, the force pushed me down until my face almost rested on the floor.

Every sound he made was akin to a beast mating in the wild. I was drawn by his raspy breathing, able to tell his body was shaking. When he began a rhythm of fucking me, plunging in and out slowly, the pain finally subsided. I was shocked that my muscles remained tingling, but the sensations were entirely different.




The combination was mind bending, my heart racing to the point echoes were pounding in my ears. I could barely hear the moans slipping from my throat but when I realized I was meeting every hard thrust, arching my back and shifting against him, I bit back a cry of anguish.

Not from the pain.

Not from the action itself.

From the realization I was actually enjoying this.

“That’s it. Take all of me,” he stated, his tone ripe with authority. He moved over me, planting his hands on either side, lifting and bending one leg. The angle was entirely different, the sensations electrifying.

We were nothing but animals, our combined hunger exploding. I couldn’t stop quivering as my muscles tensed. I was so alive, on fire as my desire shifted into something unimaginable. This was crazy.

This was horrible.

This was delicious.

As his body began to shake more violently, beads of his sweat trickling across my back, I knew he was close to coming.

“Yes. Yes…” His barbaric roar flashed into the room, the kind of primal bellow that you only heard in the wild.

Then he filled me with his seed.

He hung his head for a few minutes, blowing hot breath across my back. There were no words of passion or comfort, no promises of spending time together. After what seemed like only a few seconds, he disengaged, moving away from me.

I sensed he’d risen to his feet, but I couldn’t move. Every muscle ached and I remained tense and uncertain. When I felt the softness of the robe placed over my back, only then did I lower down to the carpet, watching as the credits scrolled by. The moment was surreal.

“Go to bed, Acadia. Tomorrow we leave for New Orleans.”

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