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Ladder 54: Five Firefighter Romances by Maren Smith, Raisa Greywood, Adaline Raine, Isabella Laase, and Felicity Brandon – Extended Preview

It felt strange to Lauren, being with Blake, and yet at the same time it felt like the most natural thing in the world. So far, things had gone amazingly well, especially considering her own immature performance. She’d always had a tendency to pull away when things got tough. It was like her innate fight instinct was missing, and all she could do was run when the going got too demanding.

Blake’s voice cut through her thoughts. “Ready to go on with the rules now, sweetheart?” he asked, as he swallowed down his pasta.

Rules? Her mind reeled, did he just call her sweetheart again? Her heart raced at the mere idea of it. Lauren glanced up to see Blake’s dish now virtually empty. The guy must have a huge appetite, as hers was basically still full. She pushed a piece of rigatoni around in her sauce and swallowed hard. Was she ready?

“I think so, S-Sir,” she replied, stuttering over the final word.

Blake smiled, but said nothing on the matter. Instead he placed his bowl onto a nearby table and shifted to address her. “Rule two is real easy,” he assured her.

She blinked up at him, barely able to take another breath. “Okay…” she murmured, eyeing her pasta. Just something about him laying down the law this way made her half panicked and half horny. Her head was full of the contradiction, and the very real possibility that if she messed up, she might find herself over his lap. Reflexively, her gaze wandered there, surveying the size of his thighs and his groin.

Evidently ignoring her lustful stare, Blake continued. “I’d like us both to be honest with each other.”

Their eyes met momentarily, and his gaze narrowed as though there was something in Lauren’s expression that troubled him.

“Sure,” she mumbled, forking the same piece of pasta he’d already watched her attack three times.

“I mean it,” he said, adding emphasis to his tone this time. Her body tensed in response, and once again her eyes flitted north to find his. “Honesty is really important to me, Lauren. I’ve been burned by relationships based on deceit before, and I don’t want to go back to that place again.”

She swallowed hard at his words, anxiety knotting in her stomach. “What do you want me to be honest about, Sir?” she asked eventually.

He smiled at her, tilting his head to the side as he scrutinized her face. “Well, everything, sweetheart,” he laughed. “When you’re ready, and if that’s where we both want this to go.”

She nodded at that, but not before her teeth caught her lower lip between them. It was something she did whenever she was nervous.

“I just don’t want there to be any secrets, that’s all,” he concluded gently. “If you’re worried about something, then tell me.”

“I understand,” she replied meekly.

“I’ll always be here if you want to talk, and remember, you can tell me anything without judgement, okay?” One of those large palms made its way to her left knee and patted it as he spoke. Something about the gesture was absurdly calming, but as her gaze rose to meet his again, the whole situation suddenly felt overwhelming. She’d known Blake properly for what—three hours?—and he was already setting her rules and demanding her complete honesty. In so many ways it was what she’d always wanted, but the dose of reality was disconcerting.

“What is it, Lauren?” he asked, watching her responses carefully.

She sighed, feeling overwrought by it all. This is what she’d wanted, so why couldn’t she just go with it? “It’s nothing,” she answered him, her eyes returning to her dish of cooling pasta.

In a second, he shifted his entire body weight, and was now pressed right up against her left leg. “Don’t give me that,” he snapped.

The unexpected movement and the brusqueness of his tone made Lauren jump, capturing her attention immediately.

“This is where it begins, Lauren,” he said, his voice calmer this time. “These rules, and the honesty between us. If something is wrong, then you need to tell me. I’m not in your head, and I don’t know you well enough yet to try to read your mind.” His words faded away, the exasperation in his tone more than evident.

She stared up at him again with large eyes, and the look of her seemed to make him soften.

“Come on,” he told her, snaking his right arm around her small waist. “You want to tell me, don’t you?”

She nodded. “Yes, Sir, I do, it’s just…” She paused, that lower lip disappearing back between her teeth again. “I’m not used to this.”

Blake watched her closely. It was obvious he knew something was making her uncomfortable, and evidently, he wanted to find out what. “What aren’t you used to?” he probed, kissing the top of her hair gently as he urged her on.

She steeled herself, and she was certain that he physically felt it. “I’m not used to there being anyone else with me,” she admitted softly, her gaze lowering to her lap. “I’ve never really done this before.”

The confession made his brow arch, and he leaned his face around to catch her eye. “No hiding from me,” he commanded with a smile, and she glanced up guiltily. “What haven’t you done before, Lauren? Discussed a list of rules, established the type of dynamic you’ve always longed for?”

Her gaze flitted to Blake’s, holding his stare for a long moment. It was a bold move, considering her very obvious embarrassment. “Yes, that,” she agreed. “But more than that. I’ve never really had a partner before, Sir, and this level of honesty frightens me.”

That made him still, those dazzling blue eyes widening. “You’ve had boyfriends though, right?” he asked, assessing her face again. “What are you, twenty years old, at least?”

She laughed, her gaze darting from his face to the bowl of pasta still wedged in her hands. “I’m nearly twenty-five,” she replied, “and sure, I’ve had boyfriends, but nothing serious. They were just all stupid little boys, and I’ve always wanted someone older, someone more experienced…”

Someone like you, she thought, although she kept that last line to herself.

The smile he offered her made her want to kiss him again. Hard.

“Well, now you’ve found him, sweetheart,” he said with a smile, and he threw her a wink as he completed the sentence. “And I know it can be scary opening up, but please, it’s really important to me that you try.”

Lauren nodded. Anything that was important to him was worth trying. She would be honest about everything from now on. She assumed his rule didn’t extend to revealing things about her life prior to this moment though. A woman still needed some privacy.

Looking up at his penetrating eyes, she realized that he was still waiting on her answer. “Yes, Sir,” she responded finally. “I will try.”

Satisfied for the time being, his gaze fell south to the bowl still between her small palms. “You’re not intending to leave the rest of that pasta, are you?” The question seemed innocuous enough, but his intonation made it clear where Blake stood on the matter.

She gulped again, her eyes flying between the food and his relentless gaze. “Erm, maybe?” she offered, trying to keep her tone upbeat, but failing.

Blake shook his head beside her. “No way,” he declared at once. “You’ve eaten virtually nothing, Lauren.”

She sighed. The urge to resist on this issue was strong. She’d always gained weight really easily, and had to control her food intake to stay the shape she wanted to be. This was especially true for carbohydrates, which filled her up fast and made her feel bloated if she overdid it. “I’m genuinely full,” she told him, appealing to the man with the large puppy eyes she’d developed over the years.

“Full?” he repeated, his tone sardonic. “What have you had? Five pieces of pasta, maybe six?”

She glanced down at the dish, realizing he was probably right. “I… I just…” She hesitated, sensing his growing irritation.

“We will have to agree to disagree on that point, Lauren,” he said, his stern tone making her catch her breath. “But whatever you have eaten, it’s insufficient. I would like you to eat some more, please.”

“But it’s cold?” she countered, pouting at him in response. “I don’t want to eat cold pasta.” Her tone had become churlish, as though she’d slipped back into being a small girl again.

He arched his brow at her, as though his body was responding to her impetuous display. “What’s the issue, sweetheart?” he asked her, genuinely keen to know where Lauren’s resistance originated. “Why don’t you want to eat?”

She sighed. “I don’t generally do lunch, Sir,” she explained. “I find it easier to manage my weight if I just skip a meal.”

Blake shook his head at her. “Manage your weight?” he repeated. “But Lauren, you have an amazing body. You’re perfect the way you are. I don’t think skipping meals altogether is a good idea.”

Lauren knew she was scowling as she answered him, but he’d struck a nerve, and somehow, she couldn’t seem to stop herself. “I appreciate your concern,” she muttered, “but it’s really not up to you. I’ll eat what I like, Sir.”

Blake’s blue eyes appraised her severely, and as she looked into them, she saw the strength of his iron will. That look made her heart race, and her panties wet.

So, this was the side of Lauren Roberts that needed his guidance and his correction? Blake’s cock twitched at the challenge. He couldn’t wait…

“I’m going to give you one more chance, Lauren,” he replied calmly. “I’d like you to look after yourself, but you’re right, that is your call. More important right now, you need to be respectful, and I didn’t care much for your tone just then.”

“I’m… sorry, Sir,” gasped Lauren, shaking her head. “I didn’t mean to be disrespectful.”

Blake smiled. “I know,” he answered her, “but please be careful how you speak to me.”

Lauren nodded, her expression contrite.

“Now please,” he began again. “Can I persuade you to eat just a little more of your lunch?”

Lauren eyed the pasta sullenly. They both knew she could probably fit a few more pieces in—hell, she’d only had one mouthful—but Blake could see rebellion rising in her eyes. It was like she wanted to challenge this new man in her life—this dominant. Perhaps, she needed to test his mettle, to see whether he’d really carry through with the things he’d threatened? He suppressed the pleasure the thought inspired, knowing he’d definitely deliver for her.

“I don’t want any more,” she moped, lifting the bowl from her lap and placing it down on the plush rug by her feet. “I’m sorry, but you can’t make me eat!”

The insolence in her tone surprised him, and she blushed as she realized what she’d just done. She had openly defied him, and now all she could do was wait to see how he would respond.

“Well, that’s just where you’re wrong, young lady,” asserted Blake, rising from his seat and towering over her. “Because I can make you eat. I just set out the rules for this liaison, and you just agreed to follow them. That means submitting to my authority, or facing the consequences.”

She swallowed at the menace in his words, her gaze revealing the truth. Lauren was half thrilled and half terrified.

“Are you going to force feed me?” she asked, her eyes wide as the adrenaline no doubt pumped around her senses.

His scowl softened, and he laughed gently. “Of course not,” he chuckled. “I’m not a monster. I am going to punish you for your defiance, and the way you spoke to me, and then, when you’re suitably contrite, you are going to eat some of the pasta yourself. We can always reheat it, sweetheart,” he added. “The cabin is well-equipped.”

Blake closed the remaining distance between them with one small step. Now he was right next to her, his intention to punish her already pronounced.

“Are you going to be a good girl and take your spanking, Lauren?” His tone was mildly condescending, but it seemed lost as she absorbed his words.

“I… I’ll be good,” she stammered, her voice raising inexplicably as the emotion within her burgeoned.

He eyed her for a moment, before taking her left wrist and yanking her away from the seat. She ran after him, trying to keep up as best she could with his large, powerful strides.

Blake glanced back, watching the hot, torrid yearning building in her eyes. Oh, yes, there was no denying what Lauren wanted—and what she needed. He’d never much understood the origins of the desire they seemed to share, but Blake believed it was somehow laced into their genetic coding. Lauren needed a strong, dominant man like Blake to take her and control her, and he needed someone to guide and protect. He caught her eye, sensing her trepidation. Inevitably, his dominance produced a flicker of fear in her. He was so much bigger, so much taller than she was. He really could do anything he wanted with her, and frankly there was very little she could do to stop him. This was all about trust. Blake hoped she knew that, and understood it, because this was crunch time—the acid test. The trust began now.

They started for the large stairwell, but Lauren’s small strides couldn’t match Blake’s massive ones. At the bottom of the steps, he paused, waiting for her to catch up. Once she was alongside him he swooped, seizing Lauren in his strong arms before carrying her up the staircase. On the top landing, he crashed into the closest bedroom, Blake’s left arm slamming the door open as Lauren gripped onto his muscular neck. Her eyes blinked around the room, its luxurious décor apparently lost on her at this moment.

He sat down on the bed, releasing her onto his lap. “Stand in front of me,” he instructed, his voice calm despite the abrupt show of his authority.

She obeyed, her heart threatening to rise into her throat as she raised her eyes to look upon him. His earlier words swirled around and around her head.

Are you going to take your spanking? Your spanking

It was like every deed, every moment, every illicit fantasy had all been leading her to this moment. This moment with Blake Anderson.

He nodded. “Thank you,” he replied, “although your display of obedience at this juncture isn’t going to save you from this spanking.”

“I know,” she croaked. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

Blake lifted his palm to halt her words. “Enough,” he said sharply. “There’s little point, sweetheart. We both know that you did mean to. In fact, I wonder if this wasn’t your plan all along?”

She blanched, shifting her weight awkwardly between her legs. Perhaps he was right? She had been dreaming of this spanking for so long, it was possible that she’d pushed him on purpose, refusing to eat more just to enact the consequences.

“Well, you wanted a date filled with spanking, Lauren, and it begins now.” He stared at her, his expression gleeful. “Over my lap.”

Lauren gulped at the order, although her feet were already moving, doing Blake’s bidding. She stumbled to his right side, positioning herself at his knees before turning and bending over his thighs. There was silence as she yielded, the only sound her ragged breathing as she finally got into position. Lying upturned over a man’s lap this way was a lot more uncomfortable than she’d ever imagined. His thighs pressed into her lower ribs and belly, and her behind felt absurdly vulnerable.

“Thank you for doing what I’ve asked, sweetheart,” murmured Blake from over her. As he spoke, his hands yanked at the back of her dress, pushing the linen up toward her shoulders. “I know this is your first spanking, so I’ll try to go easy on you, but I want this to hurt. I want you to remember the sting of my palm, and what happens to you when you defy me. You got it?”

She pulled in a shaky breath, her eyes searching his legs from her upside-down view of the room. “Yes, Sir,” Lauren whispered. She was aware of every inch of her body, and of the adrenaline racing around it. “I understand.”

“If things really get too much for you, and you feel like you can’t continue, then I want you to tell me,” he continued from above her. She felt him run a hand over her pert cheeks; the thought of him seeing her this way was absolutely mortifying. Lauren knew he was going to enjoy tanning her backside, and despite her nerves, the thought was strangely reassuring.

“If that’s the case, then you will call the word ‘red,’” he went on from above her, “and I promise to stop whatever I’m doing. Okay?”

She shuddered over him, her chest heaving at the obvious anticipation. Somehow, she knew he was making her wait for the punishment, the idea making moisture pool at the apex of her thighs. “Yes, Sir,” she answered again. Even she could hear the lust in her voice, and how badly she needed this.

“Let me be clear though,” he continued. “You will only use the word when you have absolutely reached your limit. This is going to hurt, Lauren. It’s supposed to, remember that…” He tugged at the waistband of her panties. “These are going to have to come off now,” he told her.

She squirmed over him, her hands balling into fists. “My panties?” she gasped. Why did he have to remove her panties right now? If he did that she’d be completely exposed to him. The thought was degrading, and yet disturbingly erotic.

“Yes, your panties,” he replied in that same stern tone. “You have broken my first rule within minutes of me setting it. Denying yourself food is not good, but being bratty and petulant about it is worse. You will be thoroughly punished. Naughty young ladies like you do not deserve the privilege of panties, Lauren.”

She panted, upturned over him as he abruptly yanked the material away from her behind and down her thighs. She wriggled her hips, hoping to facilitate the fabric’s descent, but frustratingly, he paused the movement just above her knees. Oh, no! Her head spun at the absolute humiliation. Having her panties cast half down her legs was even worse than not having any at all!

“My, my,” laughed Blake from over the top of her. “Just look at the state of those panties, young lady. They are completely drenched! You have been looking forward to this spanking, haven’t you?”

Lauren’s body stopped writhing at once, her face flaming red at the sound of his words. Surely, this was too much? This must be the limit of her endurance. He was torturing her, and he hadn’t even spanked her once yet.

“I asked you a question, Lauren.” Blake’s voice was unforgiving. “I expect an answer, please.”

She swallowed down the ignominy she felt, knowing that surrendering meant just this. Giving up control to Blake… “Yes, Sir,” she replied in a rushed voice. “I have been looking forward to it.”

A soft chortle floated over her head, and she clenched her pussy between her thighs. The power Blake had over her at this moment was as excruciating as it was scintillating.

“I’m pleased to hear it, Lauren,” he purred. As he spoke, his hands began to explore once more. He caressed her lower back, trailing a slow line south, over the mounds of her ass and stopping just short of her sex. Lauren groaned in evident frustration, and the sound made him laugh again. “And now we begin, young lady…”

His words were barely spoken when one of his large palms disappeared from her behind. She just had time to register the loss before it came crashing back against her vulnerable skin. The echo of the strike resonated around her head, the reality dawning upon her. It is finally happening—she was really across Blake Anderson’s knee, and he was actually spanking her! His palm felt huge, catching the whole of her right cheek, and most of her left in the process. Lauren drew in a breath at the impact. It had hurt, but the pain was superficial. It was going to be okay, she thought, she could get through this.

The second strike was harder, but still bearable. Four further swats followed in quick succession. This time Blake clipped the middle of her bottom, just catching the edge of her wet slit. She gasped from over his thighs, her brain unable to decipher if the sensation she’d registered had been painful or pleasurable. There was a fraction of a second when she really couldn’t tell.

As he landed the seventh strike, she heard his voice from over the sound of her racing heart. “Why are you being spanked, young lady?” He sounded so severe, the authority in his tone making her pussy clench again.

She considered his question as the next swat fell over her. She winced at the intensity of it—this spanking was not getting any easier.

“Lauren?” His voice sounded even harsher. “I am a patient man, but you will do well not to make me wait when you’re being punished.”

“I’m sorry, Sir,” she panted, flinching internally as his hand made contact with her exposed bottom once more. “I am being spanked because I didn’t eat properly…” It sounded pathetic when she said it out loud, and at that moment she realized exactly what she had gotten herself into.

Lauren had been controlling her food intake for a long time. Somehow, being able to restrict her diet helped to make her feel more in control of her life. If she had a future with this man, and Blake was going to quibble about her every meal, then it was going to be a real problem, and she was going to have a very sore bottom.

“And I was petulant and disrespectful,” she added, bracing herself for the next strike.

“That’s right,” he told her, landing yet another swat to her backside. “I’m not a fascist, sweetheart. I don’t need to be in charge of everything that goes into your mouth, but if you’re to be mine today, then I do expect you to eat sensible meals.”

His palm smacked against both cheeks again.

“Eating properly is part of taking care of yourself,” he said, his voice calmer now. “And I would like you to do that whether we’re together for only a few hours, or for a much longer time.” He paused, giving her time to think on his words, and then he landed a further three strikes all to the same part of her now probably rosy behind. “Have you got it?”

“Yes, Blake… S-Sir,” she stuttered.

“Good,” he replied, and with that he seemed to focus entirely on punishing the sweet little ass that she presented to him.

The spanking went on far longer than Lauren had imagined. In her fantasies he’d really only had to land a few strikes before she’d unravel. She’d never anticipated a scenario like this, one where he really intended to punish her—to teach her a lesson.

She squirmed over his lap, wanting desperately to gain some composure, to show Blake that she wasn’t just a silly little girl, that she could handle this. Every swat hurt now, his palm adding yet another sting to the layers of heat he’d already planted there. As the next strike landed, she twisted, trying to roll away from his hand.

“Oh, no, you don’t, young lady,” Blake called from over her. His left hand shifted at once, and Lauren felt it press into the small of her back. It held her with enough force to keep her still, but didn’t cause her any pain. “There’ll be no getting away from your spanking. You will lie here and take what’s coming your way, do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir,” she puffed, but somehow, she just couldn’t comply. Her body could not keep still. It wasn’t that the strikes were too harsh, but they were so insistent. Her ass yearned for relief. “Sir, please,” she begged, raising her head as best she could from its place over his left leg. “I’m sorry, I’ll eat more from now on, I promise.”

“I know you will,” he said, his tone soothing. “I know that you’ll eat properly the whole time we’re together, or else you know what will happen, don’t you, Lauren?”

“Yes,” she squeaked, the emotion evident in her voice.

Blake landed one hard swat over both of her cheeks. “Yes, what?” he asked curtly.

She jumped at that, flushing at her mistake. “Yes, Sir,” she squealed.

“That’s better,” he replied, his large palm rubbing her smarting cheeks tenderly. “But I’m afraid your spanking is not through yet. You have ten more swats to come, Lauren, and I am going to make them count.”

She gasped as the realization sank in. Ten more swats? How would she ever get through this?

“Are you ready?”

His inquiry startled her. She’d been braced already, expecting the first of the ten.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Lauren blinked away the tears collecting in her eyes. This was all rather more emotionally exhausting than she’d expected. She’d assumed he’d just land a few light swats over her bottom, and then fuck her hard bent over the bed. She hadn’t anticipated the weight of his expectation, or how much she’d desire to please him.

“Lauren, do you want me to stop?” Blake pressed the weight of his hand down against her cheeks, waiting for her answer.

The directness of his question was sudden, but she found she was absurdly grateful for the offer. Despite that though, she knew she couldn’t take him up on it. This was her first spanking, and she had to finish it. She had to know if she could handle it.

“No, thank you, Sir,” she mumbled as she exhaled. “Please, spank me.” She couldn’t believe she’d said it, but she had, and the words were out there.

“Good girl,” he soothed, the sound of his voice warming as his fingers trailed over her punished skin. “Let’s finish this.”

His hand moved away and came crashing back. Lauren gulped at the intensity of the impact. It hurt so damn much. Yet as the second strike landed, something incredible happened. The impact seemed to resonate through her body, traveling from her backside to her soaking sex. Her clitoris pulsated as the energy connected with it, the throbbing goading her into moving her hips. The need made her resolute about two things. She could get through this, and she wanted Blake more badly now than she ever had.

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