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Lawman’s Rules by Mary Wehr – Extended Preview

Lou awoke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. She got dressed and made her way to the kitchen. She sniffed appreciatively. “Mm, that coffee smells so good.” Sitting down, she reached for the coffee pot. When Eleanor refused the offer of a refill, Lou frowned. “Are you feeling all right, Auntie? You look tired.”

“I couldn’t fall asleep no matter how hard I tried. I warmed up some milk and that didn’t even help. I hope I didn’t keep you awake.”

“I couldn’t sleep either. I think it’s the heat.”

Lou knew her sleepless nights had absolutely nothing to do with the weather. Her thoughts were filled with a certain arrogant male. Other than catching a glimpse of Sam in the morning during her visits with BJ, she managed to avoid him by keeping herself busy.

Way too often she’d catch herself wondering what he was doing and would immediately chastise herself, but when night fell and she lay in her bed wide awake, certain parts of her body would grow warm. Whenever she thought about how he had spanked her, she’d get hot from her head to her toes. He was so tall and muscular and handsome to boot. If he didn’t leave soon, she’d end up trading in her pants and shirt for a simple cotton dress and baking him biscuits.

She could spend most of her time annoying the bejesus out of him. Maybe he’d lose his patience and quit. On the other hand, she’d hate to see him go.

All of a sudden Lou didn’t know up from down. She’d been so sure about the way her life had been so far, but now a stranger had just blown everything to hell. Well, today was the day. She’d either see the back of him as he meandered down the road or feel the sting of his palm on her bottom.

Once the kitchen was clean and the dishes dried and put away, Eleanor went into the living room to finish up her mending while Lou made her way to the barn. The barn door was partially opened just enough for her to slip inside. It took several seconds for her eyes to adjust to the dimness inside. The only sounds she heard came from the animals. Good, she was alone. Lou blew out a sigh of relief and went straight to BJ’s stall.

“Hello, sweet girl. I have a treat for you.”

While BJ munched happily she looked around. Sam had cleaned up the place well. There weren’t any tools lying around and several saddles were hanging over a wooden horse in dire need of repair.

“G’ mornin’, Lou.”

Startled, Lou jumped. She placed a hand over her rapidly beating heart. “Oh, you scared me. I thought you were out somewhere. Shouldn’t you be out with the others?”

“Are you trying to avoid me?” He didn’t wait for her to reply. Instead, he moved closer. Lou swore she could feel the heat of his body blend into hers. He clicked his tongue and held out his hand. To her dismay, BJ went right over to him and nuzzled his palm.

He winked. “Sometimes a filly prefers a man’s hand.”

Just a wink would send her pulse racing. Watching those big hands stroking BJ’s muzzle made her long for him to stroke her.

“Lou, do you have a sweetheart?”

Caught off guard, she blinked once, then twice. “I, um, there’s no one special.”

Her answer seemed to surprise him. “Honest to God, I find that hard to believe.”

“I don’t see why it should. You already said I don’t act or dress as a proper female should.” Lou smirked. “Talk is I intimidate men by wearing pants and being a good shot. Sad, isn’t it? I doubt there’s a man alive brave enough to take on little ole me.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” His tone deepened. “I’m sure there’s a man out there strong-minded enough to convince you to take off those pants.”

A delightful tingling settled between her legs. She turned to look him in the eyes but he was busy patting BJ’s hindquarters. “Be a good girl and eat the fresh straw I put in your stall.” The horse gave a soft whinny before going over to the straw.

Lou watched in awe. “Tell me, do all females blindly follow your commands?”

Sam cocked his head to the side. “Most do. Once in a while, I have to tan a bare bottom or two, but the making up is worth it.”

The sudden streak of jealousy that zipped through Lou hit her like a ton of bricks. “I have to go.” She walked around him but didn’t get far. He grabbed her by the elbow.

“Hold up a minute. Don’t you want to know my take on things?”

“If I said no you’d tell me anyway, so go for it.”

He chuckled. “That tongue of yours could be put to better use than sassing all the time. One of these days you’ll meet a man with a firm hand who won’t hesitate to give you a bare bottom spanking when you give him a bunch of backtalk.”

The very thought of lying over his knee again with her bottom bared for him to see all her feminine secrets made that womanly part of her moisten with anticipation. The urge to push him to the limit gnawed at her, but when she glanced at him and saw the wide grin of male satisfaction on his face, she reacted as usual.

“So, I need a man with a firm hand, huh? Gee, too bad there’s isn’t one around for miles who could handle me.”

Out of nowhere, Sam rammed his shoulder in her mid-section. He flung her over his other shoulder like a rag doll.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She pounded his back and kicked out her feet. “Put me down at once, you big buffoon.”

He marched over to a bale of hay and sat down. Without a word, he grabbed a handful of her shirt and plopped her in his lap. He leaned close. Their breaths mingled. “If you were my woman you’d get spanked daily, whether you needed it or not.”

Lou swallowed hard. How she longed to rub her cheek against his square jaw covered by a scant layer of scruff. How her fingers itched to trace his full bottom lip. Stop it, Lou. Stick to your guns. No man will ever tame you.

Lou drew back her hand and hit him square in the jaw. “I’m not your sweetheart, you sorry son-of-a-bitch.”

Before she knew what happened, he had flipped her upside down over his lap. He yanked her pants down to the backs of her knees. Goosebumps skittered across her naked bottom. He’d bared her right here inside the barn where anyone could just walk in.

Horrified, she reached back to cover her nakedness with her hands, but he pinned both wrists to her lower back.

Outraged, Lou shrieked, “How dare you? What if someone comes in and sees me half naked?”

His palm fell none-too-gently on one buttock. “Stop wailing at the top of your lungs and there’s a good chance no one will see you.”

The next slap landed on the other round globe. Lou sucked in her breath and then exhaled. “Are you finished?”

“Nope,” he replied and continued to swat each cheek.

Lou wiggled this way and that to avoid the burn of his hand. When she tried to push herself off his lap, he swung one leg over both of hers, keeping her in place.

Finally, he stopped. “I must say your bottom is a pretty shade of pink.”

“You big weasel,” Lou raged. “It feels like my skin is on fire and you have the gall to make such an asinine remark?”

Sam emitted a low growl. “Will you be quiet for once?” He scooped her up and set her on her feet. He bent over to pull up her pants. “Maybe this time you learned your lesson about cussing. If not, then we’ll have a repeat performance, only this time I’ll use my belt.” Each word uttered awoke the most delicious tingles of delight inside her belly,

Angry with herself, Lou slapped his hat off his head. “For heaven’s sakes, I can dress.”

In her haste to put some space between them, she backed up a step and lost her balance.

Sam reacted without even thinking. He caught her by the waist and yanked her roughly against him, but the momentum knocked them both back onto the straw-covered floor.

Sam whacked the back of his head so hard he swore he saw stars.

“Sam, are you alright? Say something.”

“Lou?” One eyelid fluttered open, then the other. Everything looked blurred and it took him nearly a minute to focus. Now he saw her. She was sitting on top of him with her hands flat on his chest and leaning forward. Her eyes were filled with concern as she frantically searched his face.

“You banged the back of your head on the floor. Can you see? Do you know who you are? Please tell me you’re okay.”

Oh, he was okay. The feminine curves of her body aligned with his male form for a perfect fit. She felt so good that he just wanted to lie there for a while and enjoy it. He moaned but evidently, that wasn’t sufficient enough for Lou because she shifted her weight downward.

Sam sucked in his breath when the soft crease separating her succulent ass cheeks nudged his semi-hard cock. She’d get a big surprise if she moved any further. He slowly moved his head back and forth. “Don’t move.” His voice sounded as if he’d swallowed a handful of stones. Little sassy pants may dress like a boy but she was soft in all the right places. “Are you okay?”

“I think so, Sam. You took the brunt of the fall or at least your head did. Heavens to Betsy, we better get up before someone comes in here.”

“Holy shit, woman, don’t move.” He raked a hand through his hair.

A slight breeze skittled over her backside. “But I’m bare from the waist down.”

Sam swore. “I can see that.” For emphasis, he looked pointedly toward his groin area and emitted a tortured groan. Lou did the same and gasped.

“What if someone comes in?” Her voice lowered. “What if Auntie comes in? She’d shoot you for sure and…”

“You’re not wearing any underwear,” he finished angrily. Her hot, damp pussy pressed into his lower belly. He took a deep breath. Her woman’s scent made his nostrils flare. He zeroed in on those wide blue eyes. “You mind telling me why you aren’t wearing any female undergarments?” His gaze dropped to her nipples pushing against her shirt.

Her face turned bright red. “I, I, for heaven’s sake, this isn’t the time to be asking me such personal questions. We got to get up.” She scooted further down and froze. Her eyes narrowed. “Can’t you control that thing?”

His shoulders shook with silent laughter. “And how am I supposed to do that?”

“It’s not funny. Isn’t there some way you can make it go down so I can move?”

This time he laughed out loud. “Go down?”

Lou smacked him lightly on the chest. “You mind telling me what’s so blasted funny?”

“Lou, there’s no knob anywhere that I can turn off.” Sam swiped the tears from the corners of his eyes.

“You know what I mean. This is highly inappropriate, Sam Callahan. This is immoral. This is downright…”

“Fuckin’ hell, that’s what it is!” He felt the back of his head for a lump and didn’t find any. “Ah, give me a minute here, okay?”

“W-what are you g-going to do?”

He shot her a warning glance and Lou clamped her mouth shut.

When his fingers dug into her hips, she looked at him anxiously.

“Stay exactly the way you are.” With ease, he flipped their positions, keeping his weight on his forearms so she could slip from beneath him.

Lou quickly yanked up her pants but not before he caught a glimpse of her little pussy covered with short, dark, curly hair. He longed to probe the hidden treasure beneath with his tongue.

Dammit. “Get back to the house,” he growled.

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