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Leashed by the Dragons by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

Over the following days, Brianna’s life became intense but also very small. There was nothing but the room in which they had taken her after capturing her. They refused to let her leave, but to relieve herself in the bathing chamber next door. She was naked the entire time, clothed only when covered by sheets. Both Valkimer and Chak spent extended periods of time with her, sleeping next to her in the bed at night, leaving only occasionally for one reason or another, and always together.

“Are you guys joined at the hip or something? Can’t be alone ever?”

She teased them one afternoon, nibbling on a beautifully roasted leg of some animal or other. The food was amazing, all of it fresh, all of it simple. Meat and vegetables, the occasional fruit. There was nothing else. For a young woman used to scrounging up MSG-soaked, reconstituted, ‘vitamin’-enriched garbage that came in plastic packets, it was quite a pleasant change. With every day, she felt stronger, fuller. Her skin cleared and even her eyes looked brighter when she examined herself in the mirror, which the dragons charmingly referred to as a looking glass.

“We deal with you together, pet,” Chak growled handsomely.


“Because you are too much trouble for any one man,” he winked.

Her heart skipped a beat. He was so devastatingly handsome. They both were, in very different ways. Chak felt like earth, warm and settled, Valkimer like air, strong and often cold. And of course, being dragons they both had the element of fire firmly in their control.

Was she the water that trickled between them? Surged with them? Flowed across their bodies…

She silently lectured herself not to think so very romantically. She was a prisoner and a captive and she was sure they had some kind of plan for her. The way they spoke indicated it strongly.

When they next left her alone, Brianna found the courage that had abandoned her so far. There was a window, shuttered at times but opened at others without any glass. It was very high up, so high that when she looked out of it she felt the tingle of danger, but she was becoming desperate from confinement. What risk was there really in slipping out? She felt far stronger than she ever had in her life, and when she slipped up onto the window sill, turned around and took hold of the jutting stone above it, she found that she could hold her own weight easily. There was enough of a finger-hold between the stones that made up the exterior that she could not only hold her weight, but wedge her toes in as well, making it a practically perfect rock climbing surface for a girl with mutant DNA.

All her life she had been good at running, hiding, climbing. Skills honed by the need to escape bullies who had been hunting her for as long as she could remember. Her biggest talent had been speed. She’d been an incredibly fast runner—fast enough to beat every girl on the track team, if she hadn’t been thrown off it for repeated tardiness and making the parents angry that some foster brat was making their little angels look slow.

Nothing in Brianna’s life had ever been fair. She’d tried her best, but her best hadn’t ever quite been good enough. She was smart enough, but that hadn’t resulted in the college scholarship her guidance counselor had always insisted she could get if she just worked on her attendance problem. Of course, back then, her attendance problem hadn’t been hers. She had been frequently late or missing from school not because she didn’t care, but because she was playing maid and caretaker in her final foster home. She’d had seven in her life, none lasting longer than two years before moving her on for… well… reasons.

She was weird. That was the main one. The one that had always gone unspoken. She was unsettling to adults and foster brothers and sisters alike. She’d had dozens of foster siblings over the years, other souls bounced from place to place and even they didn’t like being around her.

Maybe that was the real reason she was heading up the tower instead of down it, heading for the roof rather than shimmying downward to escape. Chak and Valkimer were the first people, let alone handsome men, who had ever been around her for extended periods of time without pointing out how strange and weird she was.

Wind whistled around her, making her nipples harden and her hair fly in the breeze as she ascended inch after inch.

They did think she was strange, she mused to herself, distracting her mind from what was a drop of certain death. They just didn’t think it was a bad thing. They were intrigued by her. They even seemed to like her. Chak especially often engaged her in conversation about what her life had been like back in the human world, and though Valkimer pretended not to listen and not to care, she saw the way his ears pricked and eyes darted toward her, flashing with anger at times as she recounted some of the less pleasant events in her life.

Their training was intense, and the sex was incredible, but even the most ardent lovers could not make love twenty-four hours a day, and in the time between their sessions there was the opportunity to learn about one another. Valkimer’s interests tended more toward the technical. He was forever asking her how her phone worked—he had even taken it apart, much to her dismay. It was fun watching him marvel over the intricate technology though, even when he snorted and made comments about how primitive it all was really when one considered this and that.

They were her captors. Kidnappers. And yet, she was starting to like them. Stockholm syndrome? Maybe. Her teeth chattered a little as she ascended the final few feet to the roof. She should have wrapped a sheet around herself. The day was warm, but cool winds were whistling around the top of the estate.

Reaching up, she found the stone edge of the roof and with no small effort, pulled herself up. Beaming with pride at her efforts, she walked around the perimeter of the building, easily as large as a football field.

It was a very large building for two men and one woman to inhabit. She had assumed that there must be servants, but there had never been a sign of any, and she couldn’t see any from up here either. She saw the wall that ran around the exterior of the grounds, extensive gardens managed by unseen hands, she supposed, kept from the wilder spaces with their green and gold grasses and shrubs and beyond that a forest.

Now that she could sort of see her prison from the outside, she realized that it was quite like a little castle, or perhaps a very old English mansion. There were parapets that she could lean against and look out at the beautiful countryside. The stone was warm from the sun and it kept her comfortable as she pressed her naked body against it.

If people could see this, they would be stunned. There weren’t many views left like this on Earth. Everything was built up now. Even wild spaces usually had tours of gormless people gazing through viewfinders at the world passing through them with a diesel rumble.

Silence. That was the resource the dragon realm had in abundance. It was peaceful here. The sort of peace that could only be obtained when there was nobody else around. Some would have found it horrifying, but Brianna liked it. She felt curiously free with the earth and the sky stretching out around her for what felt like all eternity.

Chak and Valkimer returned from their strategy meeting a full hour after they had left Brianna to rest.

They had a potentially serious problem developing, one neither of them could entirely put out of his mind. Patch was still gone. He should have been back days earlier and they were deciding whether or not to follow him into the portal and try to retrieve him, or if they should wait longer.

Leaving would mean either leaving Brianna alone, which they did not want to do as if they were detained on the Earth side, she would starve on her own, and sending one of them meant that they would have to break their word to always tend to her together. Taking her with them was an option they had discussed and dismissed. There was the risk she could be hurt, or escape, or even both.

Thus far they had decided to wait. Paix was a trained warrior; even without a flight form he should be able to hold his own against humans. He had undertaken the mission understanding the stakes. Chak was not sure that Valkimer would wait much longer though. His impatience and concern was greater than he was letting on.

They strode into the room, bringing food and water for their pet. Usually she would be napping on the bed, or perhaps staring out the window. On this occasion, she was not doing either of those things.

“Pet? Are you washing yourself?”

There was no reply from the bathroom.

Chak pushed open the door and found it utterly empty.

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, she’s not here, is she?”

“Clearly not.”

Their voices became tenser and more annoyed with every exchange. The room they had decided to keep their pet in was secure, so…

“The window is open.”

“Well, she didn’t grow wings and fly out it,” Valkimer said sarcastically.

“You sure about that?”

“Pretty sure…”

“She may not have flown, but if she is not in the room and the door is still barred, there is only one way she could have gone. She can’t fly, but she can climb.”

Chak leaned out the window, his stomach churning at the fear of what he might see below. To his immense relief, there was no young woman lying in the garden beneath the window.

“If she climbed, she made it.”

They sped from the room, down the halls and stairs and immediately took flight outdoors, scouring the grounds and the fields beyond the estate. There was no sign of her. At all. They soared around the estate several times, passing one another with roars as their wings beat the air. If she had run into the bushes or the forest, she would be harder to spot, but not impossible. Valkimer folded his wings and dived through the trees, his impressive bulk cutting a trail through leaves and twigs. He intended to flush her out if she were there, but no supple female fled the angry dragon.

They took their walking forms on the grassy field between the forest and their estate, confused and angry.

“Where could she have gone?” Chak looked around, frowning.

“We need a hunting hound for this one,” Valkimer snarled. “One trained to follow her scent.”

Chak sighed, gazing into the sky with frustration. “Wait!” he cried. “There she is.”

Valkimer followed Chak’s raised finger with his gaze… all the way to the very top of their stately home, where their pet sat next to a spire, waving at the pair of them.

“What in blazes is she doing on the roof!”

“I think she thinks it’s amusing to climb up there,” Chak said, a slight smirk on his features. “She enjoys taunting us, Valkimer.”

“Because she likes being punished by us afterward,” Valkimer growled. “We need to make our punishments more forceful and less forgettable. Fly up there and get her before she hurts herself.”

Brianna giggled as the two men became dragons. They hardly ever took their flight forms, which she didn’t understand. If she could have become a winged monster ruling the skies, breathing fire and all the rest of it, she would have constantly been in that form. For men who scorned so much of humanity, they spent a lot of time looking close to human. Of course, they probably didn’t see it that way.

There was nothing hotter than seeing them strip down then flow from one thing into another, becoming so large in mere seconds that their own home could not hope to contain them.

Once they were both in dragon form, and in the sky, she slid over the parapet, shimmied down the rocky face of the building as quickly as possible and found a new window to slide into. She found herself in a large, empty chamber and dashed for the door, which led to a hall. Giggling to herself, she realized she was now involved in a large game of hide and seek. She did not know how many rooms the house held, but she knew it was such a number that she could hide almost endlessly.

Heavy footsteps coming from the stairway made her dart into the next room. This one was also empty. Had they bothered to furnish any of it? She smirked to herself, thinking how very like typical bachelors they were. These rooms, they should have been full of furniture and family. Instead they stood empty, the dust rising as she ran across them in bare feet—unfortunately leaving a trail that Valkimer apparently had no trouble following.

“Pet! Come here, now!”

Valkimer’s roar made her stomach burst into butterflies as he slammed through the door behind her. She ran, but only a few more steps. His large hand caught her by the back of the neck and she stopped instantly, his other hand on her arm, releasing her neck as he turned her and picked her up, under her armpits as he drew her close and held her dangling before him, their noses pressed together as his gaze bored into hers.

“That was a mistake, pet,” he snarled. “A very big mistake.”

“Lighten up,” she said, wriggling in his grasp. “That was fun.”

“It was not fun, you hellion,” Valkimer snarled. “You could have killed yourself falling off the roof.”

“You would have caught me.”

“I did catch you. And now I am going to make it very clear to you why you will never, ever do anything as stupid as that again.”

She looked between them and a heavy hollow feeling established itself in her belly. They didn’t seem to find this even a little bit funny or fun. Chak had come to them by now and even he wasn’t smiling. It was strange to see him be stern. His eyes were usually always laughing, even if his mouth wasn’t. He had a warmth to him that always made her feel safe and cozy, but right now all that had faded. He looked angry, just like Valkimer. An angry Chak was about the scariest thing she had ever seen. He hadn’t even said a word when she started stammering her apologies.

They took her back to the bedroom where she had been imprisoned and tossed her face down on the bed.

“Okay, okay, I am sorry, seriously,” she whimpered. “I thought it would be—ow!”

Their palms both landed on separate cheeks hard enough to make her squeal and jump in place.

“I don’t care what you thought,” Valkimer snarled. “You obey us, pet. You do not think up dangerous ways to get our attention.”

“It’s boring in here, you keep me in one room, I had to break out or I would literally go crazy!”

“You need to go out, you talk to us. You don’t climb out a window a hundred feet up and start clambering around on the roof,” Chak lectured, swatting her firmly over and over.

“Stop that,” Valkimer said suddenly. “This silly swatting is doing nothing. We must teach her a proper lesson.”

He left the room and Brianna attempted to beg Chak for mercy. “I was only kidding,” she said. “It was just a bit of fun.”

“You almost killing yourself is not a joke. Not to either of us,” he said firmly.

In a minute, Valkimer was back. He was pushing the strangest piece of furniture Brianna had ever seen, and holding a bag that seemed weighted with heavy objects. She had no idea what was happening until she was pulled up and then pushed over what was effectively a pommel horse, a short padded bench that she bent over, her head down, her bottom high in the air. There were shackles at both hands and feet and in very short order her ankles and wrists were attached to the piece of equipment. She was trapped very effectively, her bottom and pussy on vulnerable display.

“Not going anywhere now, are you, pet?” Valkimer snapped a leather strap, pulled from the heavy bag, across her bottom, leaving a blazing sensation in its wake.


“It’s time for the tail,” Chak said. “I thought it was too much, but obviously there isn’t too much when it comes to this disobedient pet.”

“Chak! I’m sorry, I was just teasing, really…” she gasped and whimpered. “Wait… what do you mean… tail?”

“This is a special piece of equipment we crafted just for you,” Valkimer said, showing her their newest instrument of control. It looked literally like a ponytail, a short but thick fall of dark hair that matched her own quite closely. It was gathered together at one end by a thick plug-type apparatus, which was clearly designed to go where nothing should ever go, and yet where men of all species seemed to have an intense interest in being.

She couldn’t tell what material the plug was made of, but it didn’t look like rubber and it didn’t look soft and it wasn’t exactly small.

“You’re not going to make me wear a tail?”

“Oh, we absolutely are,” Chak replied. He stood in front of her, looking down at her with those stern dark eyes as Valkimer walked around behind her, where her bottom was raised high and where she could not see him.

She felt him though, his large hands spreading her cheeks to examine her tight little hole. She could feel her anus squeezing and squirming in front of him for long moments where it felt like all he was doing was looking at that tender, vulnerable little place that used to remain unexamined by all eyes.

A second later, his fingers pressed against that same little bud with a dollop of the dragon lubricant, which was much thicker and more viscous than her own natural juices ever could have been. He was preparing her for the tail, a fact that made her face blush furiously.

“At least it’s not a root,” she moaned, more to herself than anyone else.

“You’ll be begging for the Cadentis root,” Valkimer promised her as he thrust his finger into her bottom and swirled thick, greasy lubricant around her tight little hole.

“Oh, god!” The sudden intrusion didn’t hurt. They had played with her bottom too much for her to still make the mistake of tensing and resisting when the dragon’s fingers came close, but it was still a shock to be handled with so little reluctance. From the beginning, Valkimer’s total control of her body had been incredible.

And now Chak was pulling the fly of his pants open where the bulge of his dragon cock was starting to make itself obvious. She could smell him, the thick musk of the male that made her blood run hot. It was his semen, little beads of it gathering on the head of his cock as his arousal stoked hers chemically.

Valkimer kept fingering her bottom as she feasted her eyes on the thick head of Chak’s cock as it came into view, springing from his clothing and making its rampant entrance. She licked her lips and looked up at him hopefully. God, oh god, why did she want to suck him so badly? It was an erotic comfort reaction, something that would fill her mouth and soothe her nerves and maybe make it easier to take what was going to spread her bottom any moment now.

She was so helpless between them, always had been and yet that moment brought it to her more clearly than ever. He hadn’t taken her yet, but she knew he would. She hoped he would. She craved him so much her moans grew even louder, propelled both by the now vigorous fingering of her tight anus and the withholding of Chak’s cock.

It was almost a relief when Valkimer’s fingers slid from her ass and she felt the tip of the plug being pressed to her hole, smooth and cool and very, very hard. There was a slight flexibility to it, but her bottom had to give way to the plug as the tip of it slipped past the ring of muscle protecting her rear and sank in deeper, growing wider and wider until her fingers curled against the wood of the legs of the horse over which she was bent.

The sound that emitted from her lips was more like a groan than a moan. It was an effort to take this punishment. The plug was large and unyielding, just like the man who wielded it, and though he had prepared her for it first, there was still discomfort, both physical and emotional in actually being stretched around it.

“No! Okay! I promise I won’t be… oooooo, god…” Her gasped promise to be good fled. Valkimer reached underneath her body and pinched her clit at the same time as Chak cut off the rest of her complaints by taking her head and sliding his thick, hard cock right between her lips and into her mouth after the fashion of a gag.

She mumbled and moaned around his flesh as the plug sank inside her, propelled by Valkimer’s fingers deep into her bottom, inch after inch. Finally it found its stopping point at the flared base.

Brianna gasped and panted, unable to believe how full her bottom was. It felt so very strange to be filled so much, and then even stranger to feel the tail brushing against her upper thighs. She hadn’t realized how embarrassing it would be to have those soft strands hanging there, making her more like an animal.

Chak’s cock slid deep into her mouth and she was filled at both ends, her mouth stretched just like her bottom. She could feel the heat flushing over her face as he looked down at her, his eyes starting to warm again. She knew she was pleasing him now, she could feel it rushing through her blood. No words were necessary, and for her, they were not even possible.

Her pussy was watering, her lower lips swollen with sheer embarrassment as Valkimer turned the tail in her bottom and made the length of it swish against her thighs. She moaned around Chak’s cock, tasting traces of his seed as her eager lips worked along his shaft.

And then she felt Valkimer’s cock slide along the length of her pussy, the head of his member scooping up her juices as he teased her. So far her pussy had been ignored and it was a relief to finally be touched there, even though she knew that once he pushed his thick cock inside her, all her holes would be stretched.

Valkimer fed his cock slowly into her yearning pussy, the head of his thick member stretching the entrance and then plunging inside her channel. She moaned around Chak’s cock as Valkimer took her just as she’d known he would, making her cunt spread so wide she could feel the thick plug moving inside her bottom with every slow thrust. The membrane between her ass and pussy was being played with now too, the rear wall of her pussy stimulated on both sides.

Brianna began to pant and moan more as she struggled to take their erotic punishment. She could feel Valkimer picking up the length of the tail and lifting it out of the way, which caused the plug to shift, which made her pussy clench, which made her toes curl and her lips quiver.

All three of them were linked as one writhing creature, the dragons taking their pleasure from her punishment.

Valkimer started to fuck her harder as Chak’s cum splashed down her throat. He pulled out to allow her to breathe and her squealing moans quickly filled the room as she was fucked against the padded bench, her ass and pussy now well stretched enough to give Valkimer free rough rein.

He took her mercilessly, pounding into her raised pussy, fucking her for all she was worth until she wailed with orgasm. Valkimer did not stop for her first climax, or her second. He fucked her through a whole series of desperate, wailing orgasms until he came with a roar, his cum flooding her swollen pussy and spilling out with every thrust, running down her thighs.

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