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Lessons from the Millionaire by Jinx Neale – Extended Preview

Lessons from the MillionaireThe text from Adrian showed up on Lila’s phone the next morning:

London bound. Call u when I get back.

Lila felt a stir of excitement. Their first date had been… was mind-blowing too much of a cliché? Lila texted Adrian back, wishing him a good trip. They hadn’t slept together yet, but it was only a matter of time. Adrian was quite definite about that. There was something about him that made Lila feel all soft and pliable inside.

She’d worked hard all through high school to win the scholarship she needed to attend college. Part-time jobs, sometimes more than one, had made dating difficult. And when she had met someone, well, she might as well be honest with herself. It had never been that satisfying. She was always looking for something more. She just never knew what that something was, until she met Adrian and he put her over his knee that first night. She was wet just remembering how it felt to have his hands on her, firm and possessive. She wanted that again.

The rest of the week slid by. Lila interviewed several of the other girls who worked at the club. She observed a play session with Darius, which produced a cocktail of mixed emotions. The firsthand knowledge she now possessed would give her article a depth and richness, but it was rather unsettling, to say the least.

Darius had smiled at her when she signed in, his gray eyes warm. “You made it. I’m glad you came, Lila.”

Lila smiled back nervously. “Thank you for making time for me. Where do we start?”

“OTK. Over the knee. Back to basics for you, young lady.”

Heat rose in her cheeks—and elsewhere. “I’m just observing, right?”

Darius grinned. “Sure.” He motioned toward a beautiful girl with dark satin skin.

“Felicia is one of our clients. She’s volunteered to provide you with a demonstration.”

Felicia, scantily clad in an ivory silk corset over a short skirt, sauntered toward them.

“You ready, Darius?”

She smiled at Lila. Darius sat down in a deep, armless chair and patted his lap.

“Over you go, sweetheart.”

Felicia gracefully folded herself over Darius’ knees. Lila gasped. She wore a spanking skirt, the back portion cut out to reveal a truly spectacular ass, rounded and smooth.



Darius smoothed his hand over her bottom, rubbing gently. Felicia sighed, relaxing against him. Lila watched, mesmerized. She looked so petite compared to the trainer’s huge frame. He raised his hand and smacked Felicia right across both cheeks. Felicia gasped and Darius smacked her again. He set up a driving rhythm, first one cheek and then the next, and then both together. Her dusky skin began to glow as Darius scoured her bottom. After a few minutes, Felicia started to kick out, mewls of protest escaping from her lips.

“Shhh, little girl. You know you want this.”

Darius spanked the crease below Felicia’s buttocks and she cried out. Lila’s breathing quickened. Damn, her panties were soaked. Darius bent over Felicia, all his concentration centered on the girl on his knee. What would it feel like to be her, bent over Darius’ knee, while his hand rose and fell and she moaned beneath it? Felicia’s legs fell open.

“Naughty girl, what are you asking for?”

Darius skimmed a finger along the crease between her buttocks and Felicia moaned louder. “You want my hand on you.”

Felicia’s voice was low and slurred with passion. “I want you inside me.”

“Do bad girls get fucked?”

“N-no, sir.”

“No, they do not. They get their asses spanked and put in the corner for all to see. Don’t they?”

“Yes, sir.”

Darius gave her another flurry of hard smacks and then rubbed her bottom in a soothing, circular motion.

“There we go. Now, when I let you up, you will go to the discipline corner and place your hands on the wall. Then you will lean your forehead against your hands and stick out your bottom.”

“Yes, sir.”

Darius helped Felicia to stand. The girl looked heated and disoriented, her eyes bleary with pain and lust. She walked over to the corner and followed Darius’ instructions, her round, punished ass sticking out for all to see.

“So, what did you think? Lila?”

Lila blinked and looked over at Darius. “That was interesting.”

Darius raised a brow. “And?”

Lila drew in a breath. “And completely hot. I knew it hurt, but Felicia got off on it, in spite of the pain.”

“Because of the pain,” Darius corrected her. “Because she gave up her power to me and, in turn, I gave her what she needed.”

“That’s actually starting to make sense.”

“Good. Let’s get a drink.”

Darius called over one of the male staff, who nodded and went over to check on Felicia.

“How long will she have to stay there?”

“Not long. Maybe ten minutes. It’s the idea that she has to stand there, punished and on display. The humiliation adds another layer to the whole experience.”

Wow. Could she be any more turned on? Darius led her into the bar. It was still early and only a few people milled around. The music was muted, so conversation was actually possible.

She ordered a B-52 and tossed it right back. It burned and soothed all the way down.


Lila met his concerned gaze. “I’m okay, just a little overwhelmed. I’m going to head home. Thanks again.”

Darius took her arm in a firm but gentle grip. “Let me drive you.” And when Lila shook her head, he insisted. “You seem a little out of it. Please, Lila.”

Darius drove a luxury SUV, as large and controlled as he was. He walked her up to the apartment building and held out his hand for her key. Lila sighed and passed it over.

“I’ll be fine from here.”

“All right. Text me when you are inside and have locked the door.”

“I don’t have your number.”

“Give me your phone.” Darius opened her contacts and added his number. “Good night, Lila. Sweet dreams.”

“Good night.”

She wanted to resent Darius for his air of command, but it did make her feel safe. So once she was in her apartment, with the door locked and bolted, she texted him to say she was fine, and watched him drive off. She sighed and got ready for bed. Every time she visited the club, Lila went home awash in a sea of unquenched desire. She longed to get herself off, but Adrian had forbidden it. He texted her every night and always ended with the same message.

No touching what’s mine.

Those typed words drenched her pussy every time. Not that he really owned her. That would be ridiculous. Wouldn’t it?

Lila worked in the office all the next day, though she kept spacing out and remembering the scene at the club the night before. Adrian was coming home tomorrow and was taking her to dinner. Finally, they could be together and she wouldn’t have to ache for him every minute.

Lila arrived home after work, tired and a little stressed. She took a long bubble bath to unwind. She dressed in her oldest hoodie and stretch pants and turned on the TV. Should she order out?

A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. She hadn’t heard a buzzer. It must be one of the neighbors. She opened the door. Adrian, his hair still damp from a shower, leaned on the threshold, one hand holding the lintel.

“Hey, baby. Going to let me in?”

The double entendre in that sentence pulsed right through her. Lila smiled and held the door open.

“I thought you weren’t getting back until tomorrow.”

Adrian prowled through the door, all animal grace and temptation.

“We finished up early and I wanted to get home.” He picked up a length of her hair and rubbed it through his fingers. “Did you wash your hair?”

“I had a bubble bath.”

Adrian’s eyes darkened, moving down her body. “I’d like to see that one day.” He pulled the zipper of her hoodie down slowly. The heat of his gaze seared her skin. She was naked underneath. He pushed the hoodie aside and it dropped off her shoulders. Adrian inhaled sharply and cupped her breasts in his large warm hands.

“Beautiful,” he whispered and bent to lick her nipple, drawing it into his mouth. He sucked hard. Lila gasped as the sensation shot straight to her womb. Then he suckled on her other breast. She felt a hint of teeth. God. It felt like something between a contraction and a climax. She was suddenly soaking wet.

“I’ve waited too long to have you,” Adrian growled. “I kept thinking about this all week. What I would do when I had you in my arms. You feel even better than I imagined.”

Lila moaned and his hold tightened before his hands dropped to her pants. He pulled them down to her knees.

“I should keep you like this so you can’t move. But I need those lovely legs wide open.”

Adrian grabbed her hand and helped her step out of the pants. His hand molded to her pussy as he pressed a hot kiss on her lips, licking along the seam until she opened to his tongue. His hand slipped inside her panties, teasing the sensitive skin while he plundered her mouth. She wanted… everything.

Adrian released her mouth to pull down her white lace panties, slowly, until they hung around her ankles. He pressed her thighs open. Lila felt vulnerable with her panties hanging around her ankles, and also very naughty. Her pussy clenched. He chuckled. “So eager, my little kitten. I love that about you.”

Adrian picked her up and laid her down on the sofa. He placed her foot on the floor and lifted the other leg over his shoulder. He ran his finger through the curling hair that hid her treasures from his sight and pressed her open with his thumbs.

“So pretty. Did you ever think about shaving down here?”

What? “Not really. A lot of my friends wax, but I always thought it sounded too painful.”

His finger rubbed against her clit in a circular motion that made her moan. Adrian slipped it inside her, just the tip, and stopped.

“Do you want me to?” Lila asked.

He pushed his finger in deeper. “I like you any way I can get you, but the change in sensation would be interesting. I want to shave you.” Adrian added a second finger. God, it felt so good.

He wasn’t going to start moving until she gave her permission, she realized. “Okay,” she whispered and he thrust deep inside her, scissoring his fingers until she writhed with desire.

“Oh, God…”

“Tell me how it feels.” He crooked a finger deep inside, rubbing in circles against her G-spot.

“It feels… oh, I’m going to come…”

“Not yet. Tell me how it feels.”

“As if you are the one, the only one, who can give me a climax.” He thrust deeply, and she gasped. “Oh, please, I need to come.”

Adrian didn’t answer, only continued to fuck her with his strong fingers. She felt the climax rising up in her, like a wave, as she teetered on the brink.

“Come for me, Lila,” he told her and the wave crashed over her.

Lila woke up slowly and stretched. She was a little bit sore after last night, and it felt wonderful. After making her climax on the couch, Adrian had picked her up and tossed her on the bed, holding her gaze with that wicked smile.

“Beautiful. Now, up on your knees, angel.”

She struggled out of her post-orgasmic bliss to obey him. Adrian positioned her on all four and left her there while he rummaged through her lingerie drawer. “I think you might find a little bondage stimulating.” He found a pair of stockings and used them to tie her hands behind her back. “Do you like this, Lila? Do you like how it makes you feel?”

His deep, soft voice made her insides feel all shivery. “Yes,” she said hoarsely. “Yes, I like it.”

Adrian smoothed his hand over her bottom and back between her legs, his fingers dabbling in her wetness. “I believe you.” He trailed one long finger along her crease and circled the rim of her bottom hole. He pressed inside a scant inch and she whimpered at the sting. He bent over and kissed the small of her back. “Hush. Relax and let me in.” He pushed in a little more as Lila breathed deeply, willing herself to let him enter. He thrust in and out as she softened, accepting his finger inside her. He pulled out and Lila felt the hot slide of his tongue along her spine.

“You taste good,” he whispered. He licked down her back and along the tops of her buttocks. He captured each cheek in his hands and pulled them apart. God, what was he going to do to her now? And then, incredibly, his tongue flicked her bottom hole and slipped inside.

Lila surged off the bed in shock, but Adrian held her down, licking and sucking while his fingers found her again and she climaxed with a scream.

“I need to spank you, angel. I need to feel that wonderful ass jiggle and heat up. Do you want that?”

Lila nodded, dazed. She wanted anything he chose to give her at this point. He smacked her bottom with a hard slap across both cheeks and she whimpered. It really hurt. He spanked her again and again, in a driving rhythm that made her ass throb and her insides clench. Her head dropped to the mattress, pushing her bottom up higher.

“Oh, you like it, my sweet. You need it.” He paused in mid-stroke. “Don’t you?”

He was going to stop unless she said something. Lila licked her lips. “Yes, I need it. I need you.”

Adrian growled and finished her spanking with five more stunning blows. She heard cellophane tearing and an empty condom packet fell on the bed beside her. He leaned over her, so close that Lila could feel the heat of his body, the hair of his thighs brushing against her skin. Her bottom cheeks felt scorched when his hard length finally slid into her. His cock was long and thick, bumping against her cervix until she cried out and he shifted his angle. He went even deeper and her discomfort faded, as he drew her to completion with long, leisured strokes.

She smiled at the memory.

“Did you have sweet dreams, kitten?” Adrian spoke from the doorway.

“I did.”

He was already dressed, his usual polish a little tarnished and casual. How could he look even better like that?

“I’m starving. You want to grab breakfast?”

Her stomach growled.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Lila had moved into her trendy neighborhood last year, lucky to find a sublet that was actually affordable. She took Adrian to her favorite breakfast place, a funky little café near Graffiti Alley. Afterward, they window-shopped along Queen Street. Adrian stopped in front of a music store where a display of vintage guitars caught her eye.

“That’s a 1937 Martin D-28.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“The top is Adirondack spruce and the back and sides are Brazilian rosewood. I collect guitars.”

Lila pointed at the window display. “What about this one?”

Adrian seemed to stop breathing. “That’s a 1962 Banner Gibson J-45. I used to have one just like it.” He took her arm. “Let’s go.”

“Don’t you want to go in and look at the guitars?”


They wandered down to Trinity-Bellwoods Park. The lush grounds were dotted with families enjoying the warm summer morning. They sank down on a patch of grass and Adrian raised his face to the sun.

“I’m sorry if I was a little short with you.” He pulled up a handful of grass. “That guitar… it brought back some bad memories.”

“Tell me.”

Adrian shrugged. “My father hated that I wanted to be a musician, rather than go into the family business. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t understand it. One night when I was a teenager, he came home late after a company dinner and found me playing guitar. He must have been drinking, because he flipped out—angrier than I’ve ever seen him before. He picked up my guitar and smashed it against the fireplace. I remember screaming. I rushed at him. To this day I still don’t know what I intended to do. He backhanded me across the face, and I fell on my knees. He pulled my hand across the hearth and picked up the poker.”


“And then he crushed two of my fingers with the poker. Oh, they healed, after a while, but they were never the same again. I can still play, but never to a professional standard. So, my father got what he wanted. I finished high school, went to college, and after I graduated I went to work for the family firm.”

Wordless, Lila slipped her arms around his waist and hugged him hard.

“You should have sent the bastard to jail.”

Adrian’s smile was wry. “You don’t know my father. With his high-powered lawyers and connections, the case would never have gone to court, and it would just have made him angrier. My mother was still alive back then, and I had to protect her.”

Lila was silent. He must have known, as she did, that his mother was the one who should have been protecting him.

“Lila, I’m fine. It was a long time ago, and the scars have all healed.”

But Lila knew that the scars which were unseen were the ones that did not heal. Adrian brushed over any further attempts to comfort him and Lila gave him the space he seemed to need. But she couldn’t entirely dismiss the idea that getting Adrian to acknowledge his own feelings was very hard work. And she wondered whether that would ever change.

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