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Little Sandra and Her Soldier Daddy by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

Little Sandra and Her Soldier Daddy by Rose St. AndrewsLater, lying atop him, his great long and strong arms wrapped about her to keep her from rolling off, Sandra sighed with contentment. That had been love and passion.

“Brad, I’m hungry. Can we get up and eat something?”

He rose, smiling, and nodded. “Sure, if my little lady is hungry, I’ll fix her something.”

She smiled back; they dressed, and headed into the kitchen. Together they made sandwiches and sat down to eat. Well, he sat; she was still unable to sit. It was both humiliating and exciting. While they ate, they discussed the other punishments she had coming. It seemed while she was writing her lines, so had Brad. He held the list out to her.

“Huh, you sure covered everything. Wow, even my handprints on the glass.”

“Yes, I had to clean those off, missy,” he scolded. “The windows around the light have to stay perfectly clear. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir, and I’ll accept whatever you decide. Just one thing, would you add something?”


She explained about her feeling bad for ever offering him sex as a bribe. He agreed, and the list was amended. It was decided she would not receive the next punishment until she was mostly healed from this one, which she appreciated, but also dreaded. There was both the wait—hanging over her like the Sword of Damocles—and that word: ‘mostly.’ She decided to change the subject.

“Brad, when you came in and wanted to talk, you seemed to have something else on your mind. Did you?”

“Um, well, yes. I had grown concerned about your behavior of late, and not the behavior we just dealt with. It was… something else, and I got some help on the matter.”

He proceeded to tell her everything, and Sandra was thrown for a loop. It wasn’t just the realization about herself, but finally understanding Hayden and Vlad’s relationship. Now it was clear to her why Hayden often sat on a pillow. Her first instinct was to reject such a life outright; it seemed demeaning to women. Then, as Brad spoke more, and she thought about how Hayden and Vlad were with each other, she thought about how liberating it could be.

“Brad, I realize that we are definitely not a couple. I mean, come on, we’ve only known each other two weeks, and the supply ship will be here soon, but…”


“I… need to know who I really am. Could we, could we try this? I know I’m asking a lot, after all, I could be gone in a few weeks and we’ll never see each other again.”

Brad smiled, rising to his feet. “Oh, Sandra, you have no idea how wonderful an idea I think it is.”

“You do?”

He moved to the window and gazed out at the wintry scene before them, then turned to face her. “I’m damaged goods, Sandra, which is why I took this job. Yeah, it was partially to be near the old village, but even that was part of my… escape. When Rebecca died, my heart was torn apart worse than any of my wounds. The scars you don’t see are always the worst, and mine run deep. I couldn’t bear to even think of giving my heart to another, so I practically begged to take this job. I thought by coming here I’d be forever safe: alone, isolated, living in the past and ignoring the future, and would never be tempted by love again.”

“I don’t get it. How is my idea a good one? I’ve just said I’m not willing to commit to you, it’s only temporary, and I’ll probably leave with the supply ship.”

“And that’s okay. I’m willing to take that chance. I’m willing to try to love again. If it doesn’t work between us, I’m ready to let you go, and move on. I will quit, go ashore, and try again to find a soul mate.”

She moved to him, her eyes once more filling with tears, and kissed his cheek (standing almost on tiptoes to reach). “Thank you, Brad, I can accept that. So long as we’re honest with each other, I’m willing to try this and see where it takes us. So, how do we begin?”

They started by moving her out of his room and into one of the nice little private rooms close to the large main bathroom. The bedroom had been the commander’s back when the Coast Guard ran the place, so it was snug and cozy with a large brass bed. The bathroom was quite large and the only one with a tub—one built for a big man. Just looking at the two rooms made Sandra feel small and childlike.

Next was a visit from Hayden. Brad opened a window and signaled to her with a series of whistles. She came bringing a bundle of gifts: clothes. Sandra was amazed at how juvenile they all were. Dresses that came down to barely mid-thigh, play shorts and t-shirts, lots of tights/yoga pants, and frilly little panties, but no bras.

“Little girls don’t wear them,” Hayden explained. “Now, the yoga pants will be your best bet for a nice fit. The others are all the biggest things I have, but some might be snug on you. If you want, have Brad let them out a bit. It’s okay, I don’t need them back.”

“Oh, okay, thanks. Wait, Brad, you sew?

“Sandra, look around. If I damage something, where am I going to get it mended?”

“Ahhh, good point.”

Hayden nodded. “Yes, very good. But, Sandra, you need to be calling Brad ‘daddy,’ it’s appropriate in age play.”

“Oh? Oh, yes, of course, another good point. Sorry, daddy, I’ll try to remember.”

He smiled. “That’s my girl.”

“Okay, sounds like you two are off to a good start. Tell you what, why don’t you get changed, and come over for a play date? Vlad and I can show you some of the finer points of age play.”

Sandra cringed. The thought of others seeing her in one of the outfits before her made her tingle with embarrassment and arousal. Brad accepted without batting an eye, and Hayden smiled and scampered off for the shop. Sandra was then left to ponder what to wear. She went with some pretty pastel-colored shorts (a bit snug) and a Powerpuff Girls t-shirt, which was equally snug on her. They then got their coats on and headed out. Sandra positively shook from head to toe and it wasn’t from the cold. In fact, it was a clear crisp day and not at all frigid. No, it was excitement and anticipation that consumed her.

Brad led her around to the back door of the store, which gave direct access to the home, and knocked. Hayden greeted them, decked out in full girlie-girl ensemble: short puffy pink skirt, frilly top, and a giant pink bow in her hair.

“Daddy, Uncle Brad and Cousin Sandra are here,” she squeaked.

She practically dragged them inside. Vlad waved hello from the kitchen (a low counter/bar separated the two rooms), and then Hayden took Sandra to her playroom. And what a room it was! She could see where some of their money had gone, as the room was a true little girl’s room with Barbie dolls, a dollhouse, toys, and so on. For a few minutes, Sandra was sort of dumbstruck. She just stood in the center of the room and slowly turned in a circle.

“Wow,” she finally said.

Hayden giggled. “Sorry, I guess it is a lot to take in all at once. I’m just so happy to finally have someone to share this with—someone to play with! You want to try? You’d be amazed how relaxing it is to just… let your mind embrace it.”

“Um… yeah, you know what? Yes, I want to do this. Come on, I never had a Barbie, so now I’m going to play with them.”

“You never had one?”

Getting down on her knees in the center of the plush multicolored circular carpet (it practically looked like a giant bull’s-eye), Sandra explained about her upbringing and her father. Hayden then took it upon herself to show her just how much fun simple play could be. Sandra hadn’t known such joy since her days with her grandparents, and her stresses, all the troubles of her working life disappeared like the snow outside being melted by a hot summer’s sun.

There was one issue: her shorts. Being snug, they tended to irritate her poor butt, so she often squirmed in discomfort.

“Clothes bothering you?” Hayden said, yawning.

“What? Um, well, sort of.”

She explained about her first discipline session from Brad.

Hayden listened and slowly nodded. “Ah, yeah, you definitely don’t want shorts like you’re wearing after something like that. One of the great things about age play is the clothes. You get to wear loose-fitting outfits, sometimes even the occasional onesie, which means no belt, no tightness about the chest or lower body. I always find it very liberating.”

The floor out in the hallway creaked, and a moment later Brad and Vlad stepped into the doorway.

“Hey, honey, how you doing?” Brad said.

“Shorts are a little… tight.”

“Uncle Brad, why don’t you go ahead and fix them right now?” Hayden said brightly.

“Um… should I?” he said, unsure.

Sandra let out a little squeak, as that would entail her taking them off! Vlad whispered something to him, which got her sweating. It could only be bad news for her. Brad grinned and nodded, and promptly ordered her to take them off. She groaned, but did as she was told. He took her shorts, pulled out a couple of seams, and sat down in the one big chair in the room. Hayden got him her sewing kit, and Sandra stood with her back to the wall, desperately trying to pull her short and very tight shirt down to cover herself. He sure seemed to take his dear sweet time with the sewing, and finally declared them ready.

“B-b-but, daddy, they’re not done. The seams are wide open.”

He held them up to her. “I know, but they’re together enough for you to slip them on, and then I’ll finish.”

“Finish? Um… okay.”

Stepping into the shorts very carefully, she slid them up, and smiled at the better fit. She then let out a squeak of surprise when he pulled her over his lap. As he held her there, her head whipped around as she tried to figure out what he was planning. She found out when a needle pricked her bottom.

“Oops, sorry, baby,” he said.

“Ouch! Bra—daddy, that hurts, especially on my poor behind. What are you doing?”

“Just hold still and let me work, and I’ll be done in no time.”

Sandra groaned and whimpered, certain her face was bright red. Her brain was awash in mixed feelings. Brad was taking care of her, the touch of his hands on her ass was magical, and yet there was the humiliation at being in this position in front of others. Hayden and Vlad just stood there, watching and smiling, and Hayden occasionally yawned.

She was very happy when he released her, and yet, there it was again: mixed feelings. She had felt a strange pleasure at being across his lap, but she’d also felt embarrassment. Moving to the full-length mirror on the wall, she turned and looked over her shoulder. The shorts looked great and felt a lot better.

“You do great work, Brad,” Vlad said. “But now, I think it’s time for someone to turn in. Sandman’s calling.”

“No! I wanna stay up and play with Sandra!” Hayden whined, stomping her foot.

It took a moment, but Sandra figured it out: Hayden had to take an afternoon nap. Wow, talk about age play.

“Little girl, do not throw a hissy fit,” he scolded. “The presence of others will not prevent me from spanking you.”

“No, no, no, I won’t take a nap!”

Vlad then proceeded to do it. He sat, pulled her across his lap, flipping up her tiny skirt, and spanked her—hard—all the while scolding her like a real child.

“Little girl, you will behave yourself and do as daddy says. Is that clear?”

“Ouch, ow, dadddyyyy, please, not in front of people!”

Sandra stood there, her eyes growing wider by the moment, her toes curling, and her clit quivering. Then Vlad paused and reached for Hayden’s panties. Both she and Sandra gasped.

“No, not bare, please, daddy, please,” she begged, her hand flying back to stop him.

He easily pinned her hand, pulled her panties down to rest at her knees, and continued. Sandra’s breathing sped up, her pulse exploded in her ears, and her knees went weak. Hayden had such a cute little bottom; firm, curvy, and it bounced and wiggled in perfect sync with Vlad’s smacks. His hand was large, rough, and the muscles of his arm seemed quite toned and taut. Each swat created a large red handprint that seemed to glow and shimmer for a moment, and then it blended with the established coloration to deepen the overall hue.

“Are you going to do as you’re told?” he said.

“Yes, yes, I take my nap, I take my naaaaap,” she wailed.

Finally done, he led her to a corner to stand there, skirt up, panties down, and then he turned to them. Sandra shook with anticipation. Was she next? She had no idea, but just the thought of it made her wet.

Vlad smiled at them. “I’m sorry you had to see that. This happens every once in a while, especially when we go ashore to a party. Hayden loves to test me.”

“It’s okay,” Brad said. “Ah, I guess I should say that it was a good lesson for me on how to treat Sandra.”

“Yes, quite so,” Vlad replied. “In fact, now that you’re experimenting with age play, I give you permission to punish Hayden if she’s ever naughty at your house.”

Hayden let out a squeak, but didn’t elaborate. Brad was rendered silent for a moment, and then nodded.

“Ah, okay, I will definitely do that. Oh, and in that case, the same goes for Sandra if she gives you any trouble anytime she’s here.”

Now it was her turn to squeak. She quickly painted a smile on her face and looked up at Vlad. He smiled back.

“Oh, I’m sure she’ll be good as gold,” he said simply, and then leaned in to whisper, “Don’t worry, Sandra, I won’t do anything until you feel ready. I know this is all new to you.”

She heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you. Just having you say that makes me okay with it. Um, clothes on though, okay? I mean, at least panties.”

“Agreed,” he said, then cleared his voice and spoke up. “Now, if you two will excuse me? I’ve got a little girl to get down for her nap. Hey, how about we come over for dinner and cards tonight?”

They readily agreed, and then departed. Once home, Sandra felt herself growing a bit fatigued.

“Br—Daddy, I’m kind of tired too. I’m going to lie down for a while, okay?”

“Sure, baby. You okay, I mean, mentally as well as physically?”

“Yeah. It’s incredible, but, I really, really am. Usually, right about now, I fight sleep and grumble about not having my espresso. Now, today, I feel good about this and want to rest.”

He smiled. “I’m glad. I’m going to go service the light. If you wake up and need me, I’ll be in the gear room.”

Sandra stretched out on her new bed, wrapped her arms around the pillow, and was fast asleep in about two minutes. Never did she sleep better. She, of course, dreamed. She saw herself across Brad’s lap, naked, and he spanked her while Hayden and Vlad watched. Hayden laughed the whole time. Yet, it was different from her first spanking and the strapping. For some reason, she welcomed his touch; it produced pain—naturally—but there were other sensations rippling through her body.

She awoke with a start and found that she was quite damp. Blushing, she got changed into fresh panties and a cute little skirt. While her ass felt better, it was still sore as hell!

Her nose told her that Brad was hard at work on dinner. Checking the window, it was clear that several hours had passed, and nightfall was fast approaching.

By the time she descended the stairs, Hayden and Vlad were arriving, all smiles. Hayden had changed. She was still in a girlie-girl outfit, but it wasn’t quite so over the top as before: a simple, old-fashioned little-girl dress that came to just above her knees and dress shoes. No bow.

Sandra got drinks for everyone: soda for the girls and beer for the daddies, and then they moved to the table. She was surprised when Hayden happily plopped herself down in a hard chair. Sandra still had to stand, and she was mortified from the top of her blushing face to her curling toes. Hayden snickered, but was quickly silenced by Vlad.

“Young lady, unless you want to stand for dinner too, stop it!”

She cringed. “Yes, daddy.”

“Hayden, how are you able to sit without so much as a hint of discomfort?” Sandra said.

She giggled. “What, from just a hand spanking a couple of hours old? Please, Vl—daddy has to break out the strap or paddle to do that, and put some muscle into his swings.”

Sandra’s jaw dropped and her head snapped around to gaze at Vlad, who slowly nodded.

“It’s true; my little girl has an iron butt. Of course, given how many punishments she’s earned over the years, I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised.”

Now it was Sandra’s turn to smirk. Hayden turned beet red. It seemed she and Brad had a lot to learn. Oh, well, all in due time.

They enjoyed their meal, chatted, and both she and Brad asked questions about the scene. Sandra was both terrified and excited. She prayed she wouldn’t need to change her panties again! The chief thing she took away from all their talking was that she shouldn’t be ashamed of who she was and how she felt. So long as she and Brad respected each other and didn’t force the other into something they couldn’t handle, they were free to enjoy whatever pleased them. It made her feel a lot better.

Later as she reclined in the tub, Brad’s gentle caresses as he bathed her helped to take her mind off of her still-stinging seat. The tub was quite large, and it made her feel all the more a little girl to splash about in it. Brad scolded her about not getting too rambunctious—or else! Had it not been for how bad her poor butt felt, she would have pressed him. Again she was mystified by her body’s reactions to the threat of a spanking. It hurt, so, how could it elicit such positive feelings inside her? Her first thought was to ask Hayden, but she dismissed that. All of this was so very new to her, and she was not ready to talk with anyone about getting wet from a spanking.

Once clean, she dried her hair while Brad dried her body. Then it was off to his bedroom. Given her soreness, he got on the bottom, and she rode and rode him. His hands caressed and slid across her supple frame. Yet, while it was incredible—she came twice before he did—there seemed to be something missing. When his hands moved to grab her about the waist, helping her to bounce on his hard cock, her glutes tightened in anticipation. She seized his hands, intent on moving them to cup and squeeze her stinging ass, but couldn’t do it.

No, it isn’t right! I should not want to feel pain with the pleasure of sex. It… it just doesn’t make sense.

Afterwards, spooned naked against his large and muscular frame, she felt calm, protected, and at peace.

“Daddy, I want a story before bed,” she whined.

Lifting his head from nuzzling her neck, he smiled. “Oh, another one, eh? Okay, let me think…”

He sat up in bed, thought for a moment, and started talking. It was yet another story from his childhood on the island, and she interrupted.

“Oh, no, I know the story I want to hear. What’s this about a ghost of the keeper?”

“Who told…? Ah, Hayden, I bet. Well, it’s not really a ghost, more a… sea spirit, a selkie,” he explained.

“A what?”

“It’s from Irish folklore; one of the fairy people of the sea.”

“Fairy? You mean like a… leprechaun or something?”

“Exactly. To mere mortals they look like a seal, but when they come ashore and shed their skins, they are truly lovely women—and men. Anyway, long ago, the lighthouse keeper came across a wounded selkie who’d been tossed ashore by a terrible storm. He nursed her back to health, cared for her, and eventually fell in love with her.”

“And what, she died?” Sandra wondered.

“No, you see, selkies are creatures of the sea, and neither chains of iron nor chains of love can ever hold them.”

She smiled. “Ohhh, that’s a nice touch, I like that.”

He chuckled. “Thank you. So, despite the love… um… Fiona felt for Sean… those were their names… she couldn’t stay. Now, Sean could have held onto her pelt and forced her to stay, as it is said that anyone who holds a selkie’s pelt has power over them, but he loved her too much to do that to her.”

“He let her go?”

“Yes. She put her skin back on, swam out to sea, looking back only once, and was never seen again. Since that day, two things are said of the island. One, that it suffers the worst storms of anyplace in New England, as Fiona’s heart is still broken, and at the height of any gale you can hear her call to her beloved. And two, that she does watch over and protect the innocent souls who come here.”

“Awww, that’s so sweet, and so sad. Thank you, daddy, I liked that.”

“You’re welcome. Now, settle your head down and go to sleep.”

Smiled and nodding, she did so, and slept better than she ever had in her life.

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