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Lord of Punishment: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I sensed he was watching me as I headed up the flight of stairs. My skin tingled from the electricity that never went away, a stark reminder of what I’d felt when lying underneath him. When I was on the landing, I shifted slowly to face him, the distance unable to hide the expression on his face, one of lust and need. And sadness. He didn’t move but his eyes burned into mine.

As I turned away, I found my body trembling more than it had been before. My heart remained heavy as I headed into the bedroom, turning on the light on the dresser. I removed my heels, placing then carefully side by side in the closet before walking toward the bed where I remained staring out the window, the beautiful view of the bright moon somehow keeping me shivering. I’d once believed the moon and stars would always guide me. Now I wasn’t so certain I could find my way back to who I was any longer.

But God help me, I cared about the man. I did. With every ounce of my being, I should try to escape the mental tether keeping me attracted but it was just another impossibility in my life and mind. And in my heart. What had he done to me?

It wasn’t long before I felt his presence behind me. Perhaps I’d known all along he would come, his need as significant as mine. There was no denying the attraction we shared or the desire that had never left. He’d been the only person to make me feel alive in so long. I could try to hate myself for experiencing the longing or to deny what I was feeling but that wasn’t any easier.

He moved closer, his silence almost out of reverence. When he was directly behind me, I did what I could to keep from moving. As he brushed my long strands of hair away from my neck, it was impossible to keep from emitting an audible shudder. The moment he pressed his lips to the soft spot behind my ear, the sound drifted into a strangled moan. The feel of his heated breath was more intense than ever, keeping me shivering.

Where there had been such an urgency before, he took his time dancing his fingers over my shoulder, brushing the tips ever so slowly down the length of my arms. There was such power to the man yet such tenderness, another dichotomy that left me more confused than before. As he slipped his tongue into the shell of my ear, I fisted my hands at my sides. I couldn’t want this, but I did with everything I had inside of me.

“Yes.” The word came easily.

“Tell me you like when I kiss you.”


“Good, because I intend on kissing every inch of you tonight.”

He’d been so controlling before, his dominating side taking over. But this was entirely different, as if he was intent on pleasing me. He trailed kisses behind the light touch of his fingers, moving his hands ever so slowly to my waist, ending at the hem of my dress. After he curled his fingers around the edge, inch by inch he guided the material up my legs, taking his time. I could tell he was allowing me the chance to push him away, but it was the furthest thing from my mind.

A light fog had developed over my eyes as he pulled the dress up over my head, allowing it to fall to the floor. The feeling of freedom escalated. At least it no longer surprised me. Standing now in only a thong matching my dress and nothing else would have made me completely embarrassed even two weeks before, but with him, I felt empowered.

“Turn around.” His command was dark, the deep rich tone of his voice creating a wave of goosebumps.

I was breathless as I obeyed, barely able to lift my gaze from his chest to his face. He’d removed his jacket, his shirt sleeves rolled up past his elbows. In my mind, he was sexier than ever, which added to the electric sensations. There was nothing like having a man stare at you longingly, every aspect of his expression ripe with desire and appreciation.

He shook his head, his nostrils flaring as he cupped both sides of my face. I wasn’t prepared for the explosion of heat coursing through me as he blew across my jaw or the way my nipples hardened from his appreciative stare. But I was more aroused than I’d been the first time, the heightened level of sensations unraveling and exposing the woman inside. There was an entirely different level of intimacy, the want we both shared moving to another, higher plateau.

As he lowered his head, the intensity of his gaze only increased. “Tienes la habilidad de romperme, pequeño melocotón.”

Just before his lips touched mine, I gripped his forearms, trying to hold myself steady. There was nothing like the way he captured my mouth, holding our lips together for a few blissful seconds. I arched my back, allowing him to taste all of me. There was no urgency as he swept his tongue back and forth, yet I was giving him full control and I had no problem in doing so.

Wine and whiskey were an intoxicating mix, the rush of vibrations coursing down my spine one of the most powerful feelings I’d had in so long. He took his time exploring my mouth and all the while he kept his tight hold, maybe fearful I’d somehow manage to get away. When he finally pulled away, I laughed softly from the breathlessness.

“What did you say?”

He exhaled, the rush of air keeping me tingling all over. “That you have the ability to break me, little peach. And you do.”

The words touched me more than I wanted to admit. I realized I was now visibly shaking, uncertain how I was going to survive the man or the experience.

“Bend over the bed for me.”

He didn’t wait for me to comply, easing me around to face the edge then pushing me down until my face was pressed against the soft comforter. He remained behind me, tickling my skin as he rolled a single finger down my spine.

“Are you wet for me?”

The answer was easier than the one before. “Yes.”

Chuckling as darkly as I’d ever heard, he slipped his hand between my legs, rubbing my pussy through the thin lace of my panties.

“Yes, you are. But I’m going to make you even wetter.”

That I also believed.

I could tell he was removing his clothes yet taking his time to do so, which only increased the excitement surging through me.

When he returned, I longed to see him, to have his naked body pressed against mine. There was no surprise when he slipped a finger under the lace, fingering my slickness. I closed my eyes, undulating my hips in appreciation. The new wave of sensations was short lived as he removed his finger. I was certain he was leaving me in this state of agony, moaning in appreciation as he slid the material over my hips, lifting one foot then the other so he could remove my panties altogether.

The way he gripped my hips was possessive, his hold awakening the last of the woman imprisoned inside. When I was with him, it seemed as if anything was possible. Every sound he made was more like a deep growl, the flutter of my heart a direct response to his utter appreciation of what I was offering.

When he dropped to the floor behind me, I clamped my fingers around the thick comforter, reeling from the fact he had full control over me. And in my mind, that was perfectly acceptable. My core was overheated at this point, the scent of my desire more intense than before.

He opened my legs, caressing my heated bottom before cracking his hand across it. I knew the action was nothing more than a reminder that he was in charge, but instead of dread and pain, I felt the eroticism of it, which heightened the level of pleasure that much more.

A slight gasp escaped my mouth the moment his warm, wet tongue sliced through my swollen folds into my tight channel. The surprise was amazing and I pushed up from the bed, only to have him press his hand against my back once again. When he shifted his tongue to my clit, stroking it across before sucking the tender tissue, I was tossed toward a raging climax.

There was nothing so filthy and sinful as having his face buried in my pussy. Everything about the man was controlling, but this was something else entirely. He was expert in making me blush, in creating the kind of heat that could turn explosive in an instant. As he began to lick me fervently, I was pushed further into a breathless wonder of pure ecstasy.

I was thrown by how scintillating it felt, more so than I’d experienced with him before. The pleasure rolling through me was so intense that within a few seconds, I was blown away by the powerful orgasm. I could no longer feel my legs, but he held me tightly, rolling his tongue up and down. As he pressed his thumbs into my dark hole, I issued another involuntary moan, my entire body shaking violently.

How could anything so dirty feel so incredible?

I could tell he was enjoying the moment, now licking me furiously as I writhed in his hold. There was something so enlightening about his dark growls, as if this was his great escape once again. As another orgasm powered into me, vivid colors danced behind my eyes. I found myself ripping at the comforter, every sound I made unintelligible.

The euphoria was unlike anything I’d felt before, my mind spinning at what this could mean. I wasn’t a fool to think the brutal man could fall in love and I certainly didn’t want to find myself entrenched in his savage world, but the connection we shared was once in a lifetime. That I knew instinctively.

Feeling alive was exactly what I needed, yet everything that could destroy me.

Only as I started to come down from the intense euphoria did I sense him rising to his feet, brushing his long fingers from one hipbone to the other as he did so. “Lie on the bed, my little peach. I need to bask in your beauty.”

There was no question that I would do as he said. I crawled onto my hands and knees first, taking my time to enjoy the moment before easing down on my back. The man had the ability of taking my breath away, his insanely gorgeous body everything a woman could desire. His fully erect cock was an indication of his level of hunger and I dragged my tongue across my bottom lip in appreciation.

The spike in my heartrate as he sauntered toward the bed brought another wave of longing between my legs. My thighs remained sticky, the hard thudding of my heart keeping me licking my parched lips. As he finally crawled onto the bed, I was struck once again by how handsome he was. His features were no longer hardened as they’d been before, his eyes no longer piercing mine while searching my soul.

But I continued to search his even as our connection continued to grow. He planted one hand beside me then the other while placing his legs between mine. There was something casual about the way he used his knee to widen them, making it perfectly clear I belonged to him at this moment.

And obviously for longer.

As he slowly lowered down, taking his time in doing so, I palmed his chest. He lifted a single eyebrow, his look of amusement bringing a nervous laugh up from my throat.

“You will not deny me, my peach. I think you know what will happen if you do. Now, hands over your head. Be a good girl for me.”

Good girl.

I had no intentions of being good, yet I found myself obeying him as I’d done before. As he pulled my leg into the air, bending it at the knee, I started to swoon. His eyes never left mine, the man never blinking as he slowly lowered his head, pressing kisses along my knee and the inside of my leg. He whispered additional words in Spanish, every syllable as mesmerizing as the man.

Every caress kept me tingling, every heated lick making me ready to beg the man to bury his cock inside. I knew he was tormenting me on purpose but there was also so much more to what he was doing. His actions tonight were about teaching me that I could trust him, that there was no reason to fear him in any way. Whether or not I could give him what he wanted remained to be seen.

After pressing my knee against his side, brushing fingers down to my hip, he positioned the tip of his cock at my slickened folds. I wanted so much to touch him but didn’t dare trying. This was his night, his moment of seducing me his way. And I sensed he wasn’t like this with other women. The time we’d spent together away from his environment had somehow changed him.

Just like he’d changed me.

As he slowly pushed the tip inside, I bit back a series of moans, but I knew that would be short lived. His passion was far too electrifying, his touches searing my skin.

“I could fuck you for hours, my beautiful peach. All night long.”

I wanted him to. I needed to feel him inside of me, grounding me. As he slowly thrust the remainder inside, I wrapped my other leg around his hips, my toes curling automatically. As an explosion of electricity swept through me, he captured my mouth as he’d done before, instantly plunging his tongue inside. I could easily be happy with doing nothing more than kissing him, enjoying the romance of being together.

But that wasn’t Sabatino. He’d never settle for kisses alone, needing the fix of our naked bodies together as one. The strange thoughts rushing through my mind seemed almost abnormal, yet they added to the comfort and the permission I’d given myself to want him as much as I did.

He pulled almost all the way out and I arched my back, my way of begging him to drive his cock as deep inside as possible. As he thrust inside again, I moaned into the kiss, the man capturing the sound, using the vibrations for breaking the kiss and growling. I adored his animalistic noises, and as he slid his hand up to mine, entwining our fingers together, his possessive nature kept the rush of excitement surging through me.

He pulled his head away, rolling his lips to my ear. I strained against him as he nipped my earlobe, the air pushing out of my lungs strangled. Perhaps it was true what I’d heard that hate was a powerful aphrodisiac. It certainly had been for me, the exhilaration of what was happening between us as captivating as it was terrifying.

The look on his face offered more danger than it had before and the way he was digging his fingers into my palms suggested ownership. The sudden pain in his eyes glittered in a wave of anger and the need for revenge. I could feel his rage in my bones even as he made love to me.

“No one will ever hurt you again. Those who have will face my wrath.”

It might seem strange to anyone else who heard his proclamation as the passion exploded between us, but it was just his way of allowing me to know I was special to him. Yet the words were a cold, harsh reality, the knowing that he would make good on his statement something that would haunt me.

His rhythm changed, moving from the deliberate strokes to something needier, the anger obviously fueling his need.

Together we moved as one as I wrapped both legs around him, locking my feet together. Neither one of us dared to blink as he rocked his body against mine, every stroke becoming more forceful. His jaw clenched as his actions became even more brutal. My pussy was even wetter than before, clenching and releasing around the thick invasion. He continued to stretch my muscles, adding to the heated throbbing that had never gone away. I was so wet, my breath stolen from the rush of passion.

Another tickling series of humming vibrations shot through me as another even more powerful climax assaulted my senses. The heated rush of electricity was incredible. Several moans escaped my mouth, the scattered sounds matching his husky growls. With every stroke of his cock, every brush of his fingertips, I was driven further into pure nirvana.

And for a few seconds, his words from before reverberated in the back of my mind.

Would he protect my little family with his life or use then toss me away? The question left a horrible ache in my heart even as the powerful moment of ecstasy lingered in my system.

As his body tensed, his face becoming distorted from the agony of passion, I made myself another promise and this one I would keep no matter the consequences or the outcome of my ordeal.

I would never fall in love with the brutal savage.

He erupted deep inside, filling me with his seed, and all I felt was the terrible ache in my heart.

I was falling in love with him.

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