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Lord of Punishment: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Preview


“You will never be allowed to tie me up, you bastard,” Georgia said, but her tone had shifted into the one from the night before, seductive and ripped with passion. I tossed her onto the bed, fighting to remove her shoes before I could release her legs from the tight confines of the faded denim.

Just the sight of her rounded bottom was enough to force my balls to tighten even more. I rubbed my jaw, the ache from where she’d kicked me a reminder of why I was spanking her in the first place. The second I took my eyes off her, she scrambled to the other side, her actions making me grin. Leaning over, I managed to grab her by the ankle, yanking her back.

She repeated the move because I allowed her to and I did the same with mine, swatting her bottom twice as a reminder that I was in charge.

Georgia fisted her hands, which I instinctively knew was prefacing her attempt to pound my face or worse.


Max’s single huffing bark drew her attention.

“Attack, Max. Get the bad man.”

Max did nothing but swish his tail back and forth.

“While you were gone, Max and I had a chance to bond,” I told her as I stuffed a pillow under her pelvis, patting her bottom before grabbing the belt and folding it in half.

“Treacherous beast,” she told him. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because you almost had a nervous breakdown and you attacked me not once but twice. You need to learn that I’m not your enemy. But my little peach, I’m well aware you have one. And how do I know?”

She tipped her head to the side. “How?”

“Because it came to me that I have dozens. I know the signs. I understand the aggravation. Perhaps you’ll realize that I might be the only man who can rid you of your nightmare.”

“Maybe you’re my nightmare.”

“Somehow, I think even you know better. Thirty strikes. If you’re a good girl, that’s all you’ll need. But if you fight me or attempt to get away, I will tie you to this bed and triple the amount. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, but you’re still a bastard.”

She was already calmer while I was becoming overly agitated, but my agitation was from intense need. Not only had she been the catalyst for helping my memory start to return, even if in an unintentional way by smashing my head against a wall, she’d also awakened serious desires.

Ones I had a feeling had been shoved aside a long time ago.

I didn’t hesitate any longer, bringing the belt down two times, the snapping sound of my wrist tossing gasoline onto the flames. It felt strangely right to have the thick strap of leather in my hand, using it not out of anger but continued domination. It was apparent Sabatino was also a sadist. She shuddered both physically and audibly, keeping her hands tightly fisted.

After taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes, catching a vision of myself in a different suit. Wherever the memory had originated, I was obviously at a party of some kind. I issued four more brutal cracks of my belt across her sit spot. Her skin was already a beautiful shade of the softest rose from the hard strikes. I brushed my fingertips from one side to the other, realizing my breathing was almost as labored as hers had been.

“Such a bad little peach. Aren’t you?” I no longer recognized my deep voice, the raspy sound very likely adding to what she considered my dark and dangerous persona. I’d laughed at her perception before. Now I knew she was right.

Georgia didn’t bother answering, keeping her cheek pressed into the comforter while she kicked out her legs.

I brought the belt down several additional times; hearing her whimpers breaking free tugged at something deep inside of me. She shoved her legs together, twisting her hips. “None of that.” Breathing normally was becoming more difficult as I pulled her legs apart, exposing her glistening pussy lips.

Fuck me. My throat was suddenly parched, the desire to drive my tongue deep into her tight channel as formidable as the sassy woman had been before.

I closed my eyes again, fighting another round of urges. I was losing the battle, my determination to curtail her bad behavior slowly fading.

Before I had a chance to rethink my decision, I brought the belt down multiple times, one coming right after the other like a metronome.

She slammed her hands onto the bed, lifting her torso and arching her back. “Oh, God. I won’t fight you. I… promise.”

“No, princess. You won’t.” I pressed my hand against the small of her back, gently guiding her back to the bed. I’d lost cost of how many strikes I’d issued, making up a number as I prepared to finish the round of discipline. I could barely see straight, another distinct, well-defined haze forming over my eyes. If this was what it would be like regaining every cognitive recollection, then I knew I’d go mad before that happened.

I popped four more across her backside, the ache in my cock and balls too much to bear. After tossing the belt wildly to the floor, my instinctive reactions took over. I fisted a handful of her hair, jerking her onto all fours then ripping the pillow from under her with my other hand. When I rolled her onto her knees only, she slapped her hands on my thighs.

My longing to have her naked body fully exposed to me was sinful but a requirement in my mind. I yanked off her sweater, marveling in the fact she hadn’t worn a bra. As I cupped her breasts, she lolled her head against my shoulder.

“We can’t do this,” she muttered, her words barely audible.

“We can and we are. Period.”

Every time she issued shuddering moans, my cock twitched all over again. I pinched both nipples, twisting them until she cried out. I wanted them as sensitive as her bottom was and her pussy would be in a few minutes. I eased her down, taking a few seconds to brush my fingers down her spine. She tensed when I did, another indication someone had been cruel to her.

I resisted another wave of anger, but it would return in full force.

She panted and moaned, able to crawl forward by a few inches until she was positioned in the middle of the bed. Perfect. There was no fear in the sounds she uttered, only the same kind of raging desire that had consumed me.

“Do not move or I’ll spank you again,” I told her as I pressed my hand against her back before easing back. I never took my eyes off her as I removed my shoes and jeans, tossing them aside. My thirst for her had only increased, so much so I couldn’t wait any longer.

Using my knee, I kicked her legs even further apart before pressing one against the comforter, balancing as I gripped her hips with both hands, lifting her off the bed. Very slowly I leaned down, drinking in the full essence of her desire, the sight of her swollen pussy lips a perfect aphrodisiac.

I’d come to accept I was a violent man, yet with her, the only thing I could think about was providing her with the ultimate rounds of pleasure. Just like I longed to cover her body in silk and the finest lace money could buy, I also craved awakening her darkest desires. This was just the beginning.

The moment I drove my tongue into her tight channel, she whimpered, clawing the bedding. Every sound she made pushed me into wanting more. I spread her ass cheeks as wide open as possible, darting my tongue around her clit. The taste of her reminded me of the nickname I’d decided to bestow her with. She tasted like the sweetest peaches on earth, ripe and delicious.

Every sound I uttered was one of sheer satisfaction. I sucked on her clit, growling past the filthy action as she writhed in my hold.

“Oh. Oh. Oh… That feels so good,” she managed, pushing up from the bed, every muscle tensing.

I couldn’t seem to get enough of her, still sucking until I could tell her tender bud was over-sensitized. Once again, I plunged my tongue into her wetness, marveling at the way her pussy muscles constricted around the slight invasion.

“Fuck,” she purred, still wiggling but no longer attempting to get away.

As soon as I started to lick her furiously, she became my stunning little kitten, clawing the bedding as her entire body bucked.

I dug my fingers into her hips, jerking her back by a few inches. There was something so incredible about impaling her with my tongue. When I shifted to her clit again, allowing my actions to become gentler, her shoulders slumped and she dropped her head. I adored her sounds, the way she whispered and moaned at the same time, continuing to fuel the wild man inside of me.

While it was my full intent to take my time, to allow her to embrace the control I was taking, demanding her full surrender, it was becoming increasingly difficult. She had a way of dragging out an insane need for something I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed. Maybe I was fooling myself into thinking so, but my gut told me otherwise. Her touch had awakened a dead man.

Once again, I licked her furiously, burying my face into her wetness. Within a few breathtaking seconds, I brought her to an orgasm. She threw her head back, her entire body shaking violently.

After taking a deep breath, she let out an adorable screech, bucking wildly against me, forcing my tongue as deep inside her tight channel as possible. She erupted into my mouth and I quenched my thirst, licking up every drop of her sweet cream.

“Oh, God. Yes. Yes…”

It was over a minute before she started to relax, slowly dropping her head. Yet her ragged pants continued to be sweet, filtered music. And I refused to stop, her body tensing again.

Only then did I bite one ass cheek, uttering another intense growl. “Come for me again, little peach.”

“I don’t… I mean…” She laughed, tossing her head from side to side but within seconds, she obeyed my command. The second climax was more powerful than the first, her fingers ripping at the comforter. Her cream covered my throat, her juice staining my lips and face. I wanted to bathe in her scent, to keep her fragrance covering my skin for hours.

Even more than that, I wanted to fuck her. Every hole. Hours on end. Taking my fill then starting all over again.

When she was struggling to breathe almost as much as she’d done before, I crawled all the way onto the bed. I wrapped my fist around her hair, this time gently lifting her heavy head. As I leaned over, she dragged her tongue across her bottom lip as seductively as she’d done before. The moment I crushed my mouth over hers, she moaned into the intimate moment, and another jolt of electricity tore through me. I’d never felt so connected to anyone.

Or so I believed.

I’d also never felt so possessive of anyone. That was easy to sense by the way my body reacted to hers, the need that continued to furrow as if a beast dwelled within the darkest part of me. Filthy thoughts lingered as I swept my tongue back and forth. I would require her full surrender. Today was ours. To taste. To explore.

To fuck.

Tomorrow would likely be a different story.

When I finally had enough, my needs too intense, I pulled away, nipping her earlobe. “I can’t wait to be inside of you. This is just the beginning.” As I thrust the entire length of my cock deep into her soaked pussy, I felt as if she was home.

Wasn’t that a strange thought for a man in my condition?

And for a man who was quite possibly nothing but a monster.


Was it considered a mortal sin to want someone with every ounce of my being even if I didn’t know him? Would I burn in the fires of hell for feeling this way?

Telling myself that I didn’t want this man was nothing more than an ugly, blatant lie. When he plunged his cock inside, I couldn’t breathe, nor did I care to bother trying. The way he’d licked me had left me breathless, the ache inside from fear and worry dissipating. I had no idea how he’d managed to do that since he’d just spanked me for trying to protect myself.

Even if I was a little out of control, he had no right to snoop in my things. I closed my eyes, wishing that I wasn’t in utter bliss from the way it felt having him inside of me, but that was another fat lie. I’d been telling so many of them as of late, I wasn’t certain I even knew the truth any longer. I was crazy with lust, the need unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

“Oh,” I moaned for the umpteenth time, shuddering from his possessive hold, the way his fingers were digging into my scalp. Very little made sense any longer, including the way he’d reacted to seeing the picture and the ring.

But I sensed he knew I’d been hiding, living a lie. My erratic behavior hadn’t helped at all. I closed my eyes, indulging in the spectacular sensations as I’d done the night before, basking in his possessiveness. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, although I was certainly no good judge of character or anything else at this point. Still, the way he was pounding into me was as if he couldn’t get enough.

Or maybe as if he knew this would soon come to an end. I rocked against him, pushing up from the bed as Sabatino’s actions became even more possessive. I’d also sensed that by tossing him against the wall, the ugly hit his head had made had jarred something. I’d seen it in his eyes, had heard it in his demanding words, and could feel it in his hold.

He was starting to remember even though I wished he wouldn’t. If he’d been on the boat in question, then he was exactly as I’d believed. A dangerous man. What was I supposed to do now? I certainly couldn’t allow him to stay here. And I definitely couldn’t fall underneath whatever spell he’d placed on me.

Yet at this moment, I couldn’t ignore my desires, the need for him as powerful as breathing. The strangled sounds we both made seemed in perfect unison, an orchestration of dark and sinful needs, ones that most people would consider taboo. What did I care about what anyone thought?

I almost laughed, doing everything I could to try to shove the ridiculousness of my thoughts away as he pounded into me.

The sound only created additional jolts of live current, allowing me to issue several scattered moans without fear of being reprimanded. He said nothing else, uttering no filthy words, but the way his fingers were gripping my hip was an indication of how dominating he was. The fact I could ever tolerate this, let alone crave more was a strange but powerful testament to the man and his effect on me.

My bottom was still on fire, but during the spanking, I’d been fully aroused. I’d almost immediately become wet, my pussy aching to have his cock thrust inside. What did that make me? I had no honest answer or maybe I didn’t want to face the truth of what I’d become. I struggled to maintain some level of sanity as he refused to let go, trying to remember if anyone had ever spanked me my entire life. The answer was no.

Not my father.

Not a teacher.

Certainly not a boyfriend. Asshole’s method of punishment has been his fist or worse. I bit back a cry from the ugliness of the memory, managing to shove it aside.

When he nuzzled into my neck as he’d done before, it was so easy to smile, to feel as if the man wanted me without reservation. Maybe my extreme attraction to him was all about the way he’d reacted to my ugly scar. All I knew was that he felt like home. Wasn’t that crazy?

“Mine. I adore the fact you’re all mine.” He slowed his actions, grinding his hips into me, driving his cock even deeper. I was shocked how insanely amazing it felt, my muscles still stretching.

His words were whispered, his hot breath tickling my ear. “I can’t belong to anyone.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, my little peach. From here on out, you belong to me. Your mouth. Your breasts. Your sweet pussy. All mine. And if anyone ever tries to take you away or lay a single finger on you again, they will face the kind of wrath no man can survive.”

Oh, my God. The man had read a portion of one of my books. While I certainly didn’t have every page or salacious passage memorized, that one I knew by heart. I was thrown by how excited that made me when I should be angry. Even stranger still, it threw me into an immediate orgasm, the rush from my toes straight to my pussy unlike anything I’d ever felt before. “Oh. My. God.”

I was grateful none of my neighbors were close enough to hear my throes of passion. As the climax erupted, the sensations of electricity deepening, I savored every moment of the man taking control. Maybe, just maybe I could finally start to heal.

As I started to come down from the incredible round of ecstasy, I was certain he’d fill me with his seed, but when he pulled out, I released a startled moan.

“Relax, my peach. Now, I fuck your ass.”

There was no question as to whether or not I would allow him to claim my dark hole or whether I wanted him to do so. He was taking what he wanted. When he pressed the tip against my asshole, I stiffened. Only once had I been taken this way and I’d told myself I’d die before I’d allow it to happen again.

Yet here I was, basking in the afterglow and warmth of one of the most powerful orgasms I’d had in my life, not resisting him in the least.

“My sweet nectar of the gods,” he mused, laughing darkly as he pushed the tip further inside. “Just breathe for me and I’ll make you feel like you’ve never felt before.”

Another oddity. I knew he wasn’t lying even as the discomfort drifted into a wash of pain. I bit back another cry, doing everything I could to try to relax, shocked that the slight agony quickly faded, leaving an entirely different kind of ache.

Still, I couldn’t stop shaking.

When he was fully seated inside, he wrapped his arms and his entire body around me, pressing the full weight of his chest against my back. It was one of the most comforting feelings I’d had in as long as I could remember. I felt safe and protected, a luxury that hadn’t been in my grasp for so very long.

Neither one of us said anything, but the feel of his throbbing cock created an entirely different wave of dancing vibrations. I never wanted the moment to end, even if a slight moment of rationality had already begun to settle in.

This wasn’t romance nor was it anything normal. And having him here definitely wasn’t something I needed, no matter how amazing he made me feel. I wiggled under him, questioning my sanity all over again. The deep sigh I let out seemed to awaken the sleeping beast. He nipped my earlobe, darting the tip of his tongue into the shell of my ear before pulling almost all the way out, instantly driving his cock inside all over again.

He repeated his brutal actions several times, each hard thrust pushing air from my lungs and a growl from the depths of his being. This had to be what they called primal mating. The thought almost made me smile since I’d recently used the term in one of my books.

But that’s all this was, a beautiful fantasy that would fade away as it should.

He drove into me again, picking up speed until his plunges became relentless, the force almost driving me into the bed. Several moans escaped my lips, the tingling sensations only continuing to build.

And in the next several seconds, he suddenly stiffened, biting down on my shoulder. As he released, I closed my eyes, basking in the warmth and trying to find the courage to shut him down. His entire body spasmed and I licked my lips, fighting a new wave of nerves. He licked where he’d bitten and I was thrown into another feeling of bliss, never wanting the sweet moment to end.

“Perfect,” he whispered.

He held me fast, both of us trying to control our breathing. As he laid me down, wrapping one leg over both of mine, I took comfort in the closeness.

For at least five minutes, neither one of us said anything. The way he was brushing his fingers aimlessly up and down my arm was almost as powerful as the intense round of passion. However, I sensed the man was drifting into something else, every muscle tense and his skin hotter than it had been before.

“Who are you, Sabatino? Who are you really?”

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