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Lord of Ruin: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


The fact that Jenna had managed to escape out a third-floor window was amusing to a part of me, which is why I was being unusually flippant while dealing with her. However, it was only a matter of time before my unknown enemy discovered I had a guest. I’d heard of estates bombed from low flying planes and helicopters when a weakness was found. I’d need to find a better method of getting through that lovely head of hers.

Before it was too late for both of us.

As I moved toward a couple of trees that might be excellent candidates to find the right switch to use, I continued grousing under my breath. She’d caught me off guard, something almost no one ever did. Even the cleverest of men always gave their plans away whether by bragging or showing off.

She’d gotten me. And I was certain that fact had already shot through the ranks of my soldiers like wildfire since two of them had tried to chase her down. It didn’t matter I’d caught her in the end. The fact she’d been able to escape my secure home was ammunition for gossip and fodder.

Which could cause serious issues with my men. While some saw me as good natured, a result of the closeness of our huge family, I also had a reputation of ruling with an iron fist. I planned on keeping that in the forefront of everyone’s minds. If I didn’t, there could be someone on my staff that considered going to the dark side of betrayal. Poaching members of another crime syndicate was old school, something my grandfathers would have done countless times, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t used by other organizations today.

I found exactly what I was looking for, one of few birch trees on my property having shed a few limbs. As I selected the perfect one, not too thin and not too thick, pulling out my pocketknife to scrape away some of the bark, I had a feeling disciplining her consistently wasn’t going to have the effect I hoped. She’d need to see for herself the level of danger surrounding us.

However, this would need to do for now.

Plus, I was overtly turned on, my cock pressing against the zipper of my trousers until the skin was almost pinched. It continued to floor me how much I craved the woman. Was it wrong of me to take her this way? Perhaps, but my ancestry had proven that arranged marriages and required submission had been extremely effective in creating strong, healthy, and very large families.

My mother remained hardheaded as they came, ruling the household her entire life when I was growing up. Not that my father would admit it. However, they were perfect together. I shouldn’t care. This wasn’t a forever moment, just a blip in time. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy myself immensely.

After whooshing the switch through the air and nodding with satisfaction, I returned the knife to my pocket and headed back to the tree. Where I noticed immediately that in the short time I’d been gone, she’d managed to chafe her wrists in an attempt to free herself. Why did I have a feeling she’d walk over hot coals if that meant securing her escape?

“You’ve hurt yourself,” I told her and raked the slender reed down her naked back. I’d never been so attracted to a woman. The fact she’d blushed after undressing had been endearing, completely different than what I’d experienced in the past. While there was nothing wrong with a woman bettering herself through diet and exercise, maybe a little breast augmentation if so desired, I preferred an au naturel woman and one that wasn’t skin and bones either.

Jenna was perfect in every way, her curves calling to a man, her breasts the perfect size to fit into my hands. And I couldn’t wait to explore every inch of her lush body when I could take the time doing so.

“Not nearly as much as what you’re going to do to me,” she said as she twisted her head over her shoulder as much as humanly possible, glaring down at what I had in my hand.

I planted my palm against the tree, lowering my head. She continued to struggle in her bindings even though she stretched her neck awkwardly to try to yank away from me. “I assure you that if I wanted to hurt you, it wouldn’t be with a twig I carved from a tree. I am a dangerous man, Jenna. It’s what I do. It’s what I’m required to do because of the life I was born into.”

“It’s what you choose to do.”

Her nasty comments were more about fear than anything else. I tried to remember that even if my patience was waning quickly. “Everything you see in front of you isn’t always what it is. While you can try and convince yourself I’m nothing but a horrible man, and that is certainly understandable given the circumstances, I will remind you one more time that I saved your life twice. Why would I have bothered if I wanted you hurt or worse?”

Finally, she had no quirky comeback for a truthful statement.

“Good girl. Twenty before pleasure. One day you’ll learn to trust me.”

She opened her mouth for undoubtedly another nasty retort but obviously thought better of it.

I twirled the switch a few times to increase her already heightened level of anticipation. I’d learned how to discipline women a long time ago. I’d been a part of BDSM early in my adulthood when I was foolish and carefree, but the time spent had put me on notice that I had to be careful with command. That was the single moment of my life that continued to haunt me, keeping me from entering another club, and I was a member of a couple.

It was a family perk, or so I’d been told.

A birch cane or even a natural switch could do damage to such beautiful skin, so I’d need to be careful. Especially since I had latent tendencies of craving the darkness of violence.

I tapped it against her sit spot before taking a deep breath and delivering the first stroke. The whooshing sound alone was enough to make her jump, her pussy glistening, her entire body quivering.

“While there are no fences surrounding the rear of my property, there are sensors in various locations. You need to know that. They will send a signal inside the house to my massive communications and security system, which is monitored at all times.” I issued three more and her slight whimper was bitten back. She didn’t want to indicate I’d caused her any discomfort.

She was a very strong-willed woman, rivaling my mother if I had to admit the truth.

“Fine. I get it. I was surprised your soldiers didn’t hunt me like a dog.” She was already rattled, her voice quavering.

I cracked one lash across the tops of her thighs and her entire body stiffened as she bent one leg at the knee, stomping her foot against the ground several times. The action made me grin, the moment picturesque.

I wasn’t just a sick man; maybe I was as repulsive as she’d tossed at me time and time again.

“Hunts are my territory. I do love them so.” I wasn’t a hunter, even if I’d chased a few enemies over the years, their wayward attempts at getting away from me nothing more than a useless game. I brought the switch down a couple more times, allowing her to get used to the stinging sensations.

“You are nothing but a Neanderthal criminal,” Jenna gasped, shifting her hips from side to side. Her skin was already blossoming into a lovely shade of pink. Come to think of it, the color matched her lacy lingerie and scrubs. I would need to provide her with extra clothes. I hungered to see her in dresses and heels, jeans and cutesy little sweaters.

Jesus. I had two enemies wishing me dead and I was thinking about women’s fashion? Maybe I’d been working too hard.

“Actually, that’s not entirely true. My family does pride ourselves in being cultured as well as continuing to go more and more legitimate with our businesses.”

“You are joking, aren’t you?”

I raked the switch down one leg then up the other, using my knee to move her legs as far apart as possible. She threw a look over her shoulder that could have burned me into the ground. That only tightened my testicles to the point of sheer agony. I would need to fuck her soon or I’d face blue balls for hours. That wasn’t going to happen.

When I tapped the reed against her pussy, lo and behold, I seemed to find a pleasure point. She arched her back, jutting out her hips. I was pleasantly shocked, my mouth and throat going dry. When I repeated the move, she moaned in response. Shit. Whether she cared to admit it or not, she craved a dominating man and pain to increase pleasure.

My muscles were tense, so much so I almost tossed the switch, the need to taste her becoming too strong to resist. However, a lesson was needed. I cracked her pussy twice more with the reed before returning to the regular spanking, issuing one right after another.

The scent of her desire was stronger than ever, adding to my intoxication. She already had a fragrance of strawberries and cream, likely from the shampoo she’d used just that morning.

Before her life had fallen apart, she would tell me.

She bucked against the tree, flexing and fisting her hands, still twisting them to the point I had a feeling her wrists would be bruised in the morning. I’d lost count of how many strikes I’d given her, which wasn’t like me. I finally regrouped, making a guess.

“Five more,” I told her, no longer recognizing my voice, it was so low. I was far too eager to take what I wanted. Maybe I was turning into some kind of primal man. And after all the education my parents had insisted I have, wouldn’t they be proud?


I delivered one, making it slightly harder than those I’d issued before.

“Four,” I said, wondering why I was doing the counting. “You finish with the last but add thank you for the discipline each time.”

“Are you really that fucking out of your mind?”

“It just increased to five more because of your insolence. Would you like to go for ten, double or nothing?”

Goddamn it. The way she dragged just the tip of her tongue across her bottom lip could drive me to committing all kinds of depraved sins.

“No. No!” I was surprised at her vehemence, thankful for her acceptance. I’d grown weary from fighting with her.

“Good girl.” Not that the words meant anything to her. But they made my cock twitch even more.

I cracked one down, keeping the switch in the air after doing so. She wiggled and moaned, finally croaking out her requirement.

“One and thank you oh-so much for hurting me.”

“A little more respect, please.” I made certain she felt the next one.

Her hiss forced me to bite back another smile. “Two and thank you for punishing me. Sir.”

“Much better.” I issued three and four, barely allowing her time to get the words out. She was now bucking so hard against the tree I could hear the rope straining.

“God. That. Fucking. Hurts.”

“I’m glad it does as that’s what punishments are meant to do, Jenna. There are reasons rules exist in this world, consequences for everyone who doesn’t follow them.”

“Even you?”

“Yes, even me. You might be surprised.” Who hadn’t been disciplined in some egregious way for a deed committed? I wasn’t some lucky man who’d avoided being branded by the devil. But I was cautious in provoking too many demons. A smart man only had to learn once. “One more.” This time the whooshing sound brought a series of vibrations jetting down the length of my arm from the continued tension.

“Five and… And. Thank you for… punishing me. Sir.”

I lowered my head, beads of sweat dripping from my forehead to the ground. Life was supposed to be easier than this. My entire family had enjoyed peaceful interactions with our community, our employees, and even other business owners for the past few years. Phoenix had believed it was because of his alliance with the Brotherhood. Maybe the savage beast consisting of our enemies had been lying in wait until we’d gotten far too comfortable in our own skin.

Whatever the case, I had a gut feeling things were about to get heated and dicey.

And dangerous.

I tossed the switch, almost hating myself for what I’d done. When I dropped to my knees behind her, she seemed more shocked than when I’d tied her to the tree. I gently pulled her legs apart for a second time, basking in the glisten of her sweet pussy. She was as aroused as I was if not more so.

Her breathing remained ragged, her entire body shaking. I was aware she was peering down at me, trying to figure out what I was doing. When I used both hands to pull her pussy lips apart, my mouth watering, she issued another strangled moan.

God help me, I wasn’t going to be able to keep my hands off her. Not now and I doubted any time after this. I blew across her slickened folds, her scent rushing into my nostrils. Her moans became husky whimpers as I darted my tongue around her clit, taking my time to fully enjoy the moment.

She jerked, straining against the rope once again, even rising to her toes all by herself. There was something spectacular about the way her inner thighs were coated with her juice, another draw that I couldn’t ignore or avoid. I swirled my tongue around her clit several times, taking a couple of deep breaths before pulling the tender tissue completely into my mouth.

I was certain I’d died and gone to heaven, the taste was that sweet. There was no doubt I could feast for hours, savoring every drop as she climaxed hard and often. But we were in the middle of the woods. Whether my property or not, I wasn’t a fan of being out in the open.

It wasn’t about making the first time quick and easy, but I’d settle for hard and fast. I chuckled, my breath blowing against her slickened skin. I continued my feast, sucking on her nub until I was certain it was tender and sensitive.

As I dragged my tongue all the way down the length of her pussy, I sensed she would have collapsed had the rope not been holding her against the tree. I was like a thirsty man who’d barely survived time in the desert, licking and thrusting my tongue deep into her tight channel as if I couldn’t get enough to quench my thirst.

Jenna writhed in my hold, still rocking back and forth as her moans escalated. We were disturbing nature but who cared? I added several fingers to the mix, plunging them inside, flexing them open after doing so. The way her muscles clamped and released only enticed me that much more. I had no trouble complying with her body’s needs, giving her exactly what she craved. Worshipping her pussy.

“Oh, yes. Yes. Yes.”

I adored the sounds she made, the little snorts of happiness that increased with every passing minute. And I could tell she was close to an orgasm. I backed off on purpose, doing nothing more than pumping a single finger inside. I could tell she wanted more by the way she pushed her hips back as far as possible, using her actions to beg me to continue.

After teasing her for a full minute, I resumed my delicious task, burying both my head and my fingers into her. My face would be covered with her sweet juice, and I couldn’t care less who knew that once we returned to the house.

Maybe this was my way of laying claim to her. How truly Neanderthal. When her body started to shake more violently than before, I pressed her ass cheeks apart, driving my thumb into her dark hole.

She was shocked and nerve racked, laughing and moaning at the same time. But almost immediately, my filthy actions drove her into an intense climax. Her body was shaking, her moans breaking up and the flood of her juice on my tongue incredible. Within two seconds, my throat was filled, the wild animal in me wanting more. More. More.

I licked ferociously, using all four fingers to push her into another orgasm. This one was more powerful than the first, her scream filtering into the late afternoon light. I was thrilled with the way she was letting go, allowing herself to enjoy, even if I had a feeling it would be short lived. Soon, she’d return to her same rebellious self, which would prompt my brain to figure out that different way of getting through to her.

But for now, I’d elongated the sinful moment as long as possible until she was gasping for air, her body twitching involuntarily.

Only then did I rise to my feet, shifting to the side and pinching her chin. When I pressed my mouth over hers, longing for her to experience her intense sweetness, I didn’t need to push my tongue past her lips. She opened them voluntarily, allowing me access, even swishing her tongue back and forth across mine.

This kiss was even more intimate than the one before. I took my time but my cock was aching to the point I couldn’t stand it any longer. When I broke the moment of intimacy, I noticed her eyes were slightly dilated.

“Perfect. Now, I’m going to finish what I started.”

“What? Meaning what?” she dared to ask.

“Now, I claim your sweet pussy with my cock. Next, I’ll own your dark hole as well. And imagine, my beautiful enchantress, after that you’ll belong to a very bad man. Isn’t that what you’ve fantasized about your entire life?”


Was he kidding me?

Girls often dreamt about their wedding day or maybe their wedding night depending on their personal fantasy, but I could guarantee the dreams didn’t include a man like Stavros Diamondis. No matter how sexy he was.

Sure, the old adage of craving a bad boy was out there. And it was true, but for most women, that could be accomplished through reading sultry romance novels, not hunting one down. Or in my case, being captured by one.

Nope. He really had a big head if he believed I wanted him to possess me, to own my body.

But I couldn’t laugh at or deny the fact I’d just had the most powerful orgasm of my life. It might have come after a horribly painful spanking, but the pleasure was worth the pain.

Had I really thought that?

Yes, yes, I had.

There was no additional foreplay and he had no intention of untying me until he was finished with his dirty deed. I wasn’t the most experienced woman in the world. In fact, the rather not so tasty moments involving sex had been few and fleeting. Mostly because I’d been concentrating on school.

But I found myself excited, so much so I was disgusted with myself more than I had been. As he unfastened his trousers, I didn’t need to be looking directly at Stavros to know he was staring at me with lust in his mind, darkness in whatever soul he had.

I finally closed my eyes when he pressed the full weight of his body against mine. The lingering taste of my raging desire was relentless in reminding me how attracted I was to the man.

“I can’t wait to be inside of you.”

His cock was thick and hard, hanging low between my legs, which meant he was huge. I braced myself for pain since it had been over two years since any man had touched me and the handsome Greek was a brutal man.

Maybe that’s why his tenderness as he slipped the tip inside, holding his position for what seemed like forever was so shocking. When he didn’t push deeper inside, I finally did it for him by shoving my hips back from the tree.

I had to admit I adored his deep growls, the sound fluttering around me like a protective cocoon. The moment he was fully seated inside, my core tingled, my muscles stretching to accept the deliciousness of his thick, throbbing cock. I closed my eyes, taking shallow breaths. The sensations were completely electric, the vibrations dancing up and down my body like a wildfire of heat.

How could anything this bad for me feel so incredibly good? How could I offer up my body to this man on a silver platter? I was crazed from the thought even as I continued enjoying the moment. He pulled almost all the way out, thrusting harder and deeper, pinning me against the tree.

I found myself gasping and writhing more than I’d done before. The rush of shame was constant, but it didn’t matter any longer. He’d made good on his sinful promise or maybe it had been a subtle threat. I only wished could touch him. Oh, God, I was a sick woman. Sick.

Stavros appeared to be finished with his few gentle moments, now fucking me like a crazed animal. There was a wash of white-hot heat coursing through us, so much so I was almost giddy inside even as every nerve ending seemed seared. My bottom ached but the pain in my heart was worse.

I missed my life already and it had been less than a day. But the worst thing about this was that I knew what he’d told me was right. If I went back, I’d be a dead woman. What did that mean for the future? I was terrified at the mixture of thoughts.

The sound of the animalistic noises he was making dragged me back to some sense of reality. He’d been right in that I’d chafed my wrists, but as I raked my nails down the tree, I realized how silly it was of me to worry about anything at this point, since I had no control.

Including of my body.

The swiftness in which another climax rushed into my system wasn’t as shocking as I would have thought. I was swept into a moment of rapture, which was the most awesome place to me. As his actions became more aggressive, I was pushed and pulled into new realms of ecstasy. The moment the orgasm swept through me, I sensed he was close to erupting.

There was a freeing feeling that seemed to flow from one back to the other just as the electricity had done. I was letting go more than I’d wanted but as he erupted deep inside, his body convulsing, I realized I couldn’t wait for the next round of intimacy.

Or his determined domination.

And I couldn’t help but think there was something terribly wrong with me.

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