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Lord of Vengeance: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“What the fuck are you doing in here?” she demanded.

I wagged my finger at her as I moved closer. “Tsk. Tsk. A woman of your intelligence and beauty doesn’t need to resort to crude language.”

She laughed as she turned toward me, her look remaining caustic. “Fortunately, you don’t get to tell me what to do. No one does.”

“Hmmm… That’s where you’re wrong.” I rubbed my jaw, still keeping a slight distance as I determined what I wanted to do. Taking her back to my room had its share of concerns, especially since I’d brought enough firepower with me to start a war. However, I wasn’t going to fuck her inside a seedy bathroom.

And there was no doubt in my mind that by the end of the hour, the woman would surrender to me.

Body and soul.

Her heart I couldn’t care less about. I was only in the state for a couple of days, determined to track down the person or organization responsible for the riddle. Another game. Why was it everyone seemed to be using those methods of handling business, including ones of passion? What happened to being straightforward in actions and words? Well, I’d give her a pass on her words. She hadn’t minced them in the least.

“I’m never wrong,” she countered, her breathing uneven as I dared inch a little closer. Now her back was against the tile wall.

“Here’s how we’re going to play this.” I crowded her space. Before she had a chance to assault me again, I grabbed both her arms, sweeping them over her head with ease.

Her eyes opened wide, but she dared attempt to knee my crotch. I shifted my body just in time, shaking my head in response.

“Listen to me, buddy. I suggest you walk out of here or you won’t like what I’m forced to do.”

I took a deep breath of her heavenly perfume, luxuriating in the rich scent, the touch of vanilla along with night-blooming jasmine my favorite by far. “No, you will listen to me. No one in my world gets away with assaulting me without there being consequences. No one.”

“To hell with you.” She did her best to struggle, fighting valiantly to get out of my hold, but within seconds I could tell she’d realized it was no use.

She wasn’t getting away from me until I allowed her to.

What she didn’t know was that I planned on taking the entire night to rock her world.

“Such a little fighter. I assure you that you’ll have plenty of time for that. As for now, I’m going to handle providing you with the punishment you obviously need.” I had both her wrists in one hand within seconds, easily maneuvering the button and zipper on her jeans.

The look of horror on her face was quickly followed by a nasty hiss. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“You treated me with disrespect. Now, you’re going to face the consequences.” Even though she continued to wiggle, almost able to get out of my powerful hold, somehow, I managed to yank one side of her jeans past her hips then the other. It was impossible not to be slightly breathless the moment her crimson lace panties came into view. I quickly realized she was wearing a thong and the sadistic side of me decided to take over.

“If you touch me, I’ll have you arrested.”

“You can try, little ray of sunshine, but I assure you that I own everyone in this town.”

The wry look she gave me was a challenge in itself. “I guess we’ll see. Won’t we, tough guy?”

She had no idea who she was facing and while I didn’t intend on announcing my presence while in town, she was pushing every button. Enough so if she wasn’t careful, she’d learn exactly who she was dealing with.

A monstrous man with a black heart and a hand-crafted army to go along with my penchant for violence and control. She’d attracted the wrong kind of man.

I spun her around to face the counter and the mirror, amused at her reflection. I could easily tell no man had dominated her, something up to this point she would never have allowed.

“I’m going to ask you one more time what you think you’re doing before I scream for help. And I assure you that one of my friends at the table will call the sheriff’s office.”

“Trust me, sunshine. That’s not going to happen. I made certain of it. They won’t be bothering us for the rest of the night, and I assure you that you and I are going to spend tonight together. You’re going to get exactly what you need, starting right now.” I cracked my palm against her rounded bottom, delighting in her slight yelp. Every sound she made added to the filthy moment, so much so I sensed I wouldn’t be able to continue this charade for very long.

Even if she did deserve one painful spanking.

I ripped down the thin lace, taking another deep whiff of her full arousal. I’d shocked her enough with my bold statements that her delay in responding allowed me the time to unfasten my belt, tugging hard on the thick leather strap. Once it was free, I smacked it against the floor.

That seemed to awaken her once again. “Oh, no, you don’t.”

“Well, then I assume I’ll have to do much worse than spanking you. You have no choice. As I said, I’m in charge. Plus, you’ve hungered for a man to take control of your entire life. You’ve longed to have a man fulfill your needs, every dark fantasy that has kept you awake at night and incapable of enjoying even a first date. No man has lived up to your standards. Tell me I’m wrong. If you can look me in the eye and truthfully tell me I don’t know what you need, then I’ll back away and you’ll never see me again.”

I folded the belt in two, never taking my eyes off her as I rolled the strap down her spine, lightly tapping it against her bottom. Her look of hatred didn’t last for long, her features softening as she searched for something through my hard gaze. I wanted to warn her what she’d find were the things nightmares were made of but I didn’t need to.

“You don’t know me,” she whispered, the sound huskier than before.

“I think I do. In fact, I’m certain of it. And after tonight, I’ll know every inch of your luscious body intimately.” I didn’t want to take but so much time. While I enjoyed nothing more than providing discipline to naughty women when necessary, my balls continued to ache, already painful. The relief I needed had nothing to do with using a belt, even if her rounded backside was perfect for a hard spanking.

As soon as I cracked the belt against her bottom, she slammed her hands against the mirror with enough force it rattled. I had a feeling the plastic clips would give way before we were finished. I brought the strap down four more times, the throbbing in my cock continuing.

“You have no idea who you’re messing with,” she said under her breath, the venom in her eyes only fueling the hunger that much more.

I leaned in, crushing my weight against her once again. “I’ll be eager to find out, sunshine. Tell me. Are you wetter than before? Are you eager for me to thrust my cock deep inside that tight little pussy of yours?”

“You’re full of yourself.”

The fact she wasn’t fighting me but so hard told me I’d been right in every assumption I’d made. I couldn’t wait to drive my tongue past her swollen folds, tasting her sweet nectar. I was crazed with desire, snapping my wrist four more times. There was something so powerful about her intense cries, the way her body writhed in my firm hold a stunning aphrodisiac. I certainly hadn’t expected to find a luscious creature on my business trip to a rural town. Her beauty rivaled any movie or music star I’d been forced to deal with over the years.

I continued the spanking, issuing one brutal strike after another, my chest heaving from every ragged cry she made, every sinful moan pushing past her luscious lips. She had no idea she’d awakened something dark and dangerous inside of me.

She would soon learn.

My desire only continued to increase, and I couldn’t help myself, allowing a few seconds to caress her heated skin, taking another deep breath at the same time. As I slipped my fingers between her legs, she stiffened but her breathing was as scattered as it had been before. Even her lovely eyes were glassy from the raging hunger I could tell was building as much as mine. For all the women I’d used, taken without care, the fact I wanted to provide her with the kind of pleasure she’d never had before in her life was a testament to her strange hold over me.

While I wouldn’t allow it to last, that didn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy every second of teaching and taming her.

“I was right. You’re wet and hot, eager for more.”

“In your dreams,” she mused, narrowing her eyes as her chest rose and fell.

“I can’t wait to feast on you.” I needed an advance taste, driving my fingers into her tight channel.

“Oh… You bastard.”

Her muscles clenched and released, and I was pushed to the point of almost losing control, taking her right here. No. I fucking refused. My desire reaching an intolerable point, I pumped my fingers inside a half dozen times, adding a third finger and flexing them wide open.

She gasped for air, fighting the strong urge to let go. Her contorted face alone pushed me even further, thrusting to the point where she was driven hard into the edge of the counter every time I drove my fingers inside.

A smile crossed my face as she met every plunge, bucking against me, her long eyelashes skimming across her shimmering cheeks. It was impossible to take my eyes off her, the bastard inside of me determined to make her come on my fingers. After a few additional savage plunges, I curled my fingers, the angle forcing her onto her toes.

She slapped her hand on the mirror again and I realized I’d taken her under my full control. The next few seconds, I was rewarded with her heavy breathing, her body going rigid as an orgasm swept through her, one so invigorating she was shaking from the effects.

“Oh, God. Oh…” Every sound she made was driving me further into the kind of darkness that could easily consume me.

I was fascinated watching her, fully aroused by every sound and move she made. When she finally came down from the extreme pleasure, opening her eyes and staring at me, I removed my fingers. After rubbing them across her lips, I brought them to my mouth. She watched my every move in the mirror, her upper lip curling when I shoved them into my mouth. I took my time, savoring the flavor as I allowed my gaze to fall from her eyes to her lush mouth once again.

The way she was biting her lower lip was as seductive as everything else, her tiny moan when I popped my fingers from my mouth exciting the sadistic man inside of me.

“That’s just the beginning, my sinful flower.”

“You’re insane. I’m not doing this.” She was still breathless, her eyes close to being fully dilated.

“Perhaps. However, you will do exactly what I tell you to do. If you don’t, the punishment you’re enduring will just be the beginning of what will happen later.”

She laughed, still taking deep and ragged breaths, tangling her fingers in her long strands of hair.

Yet she didn’t say no. The fact her nipples were as hard as perfect diamonds let me know she was pulled into the same round of passion that I was.

Something new and different for me.

Nothing about this represented my typical behavior but I didn’t care. There were no procedures to follow, no one to answer to. Besides, the taste of her ignited even more of a firestorm, the heat far too explosive for the small space. It was time to take her to the lighthouse to finish what she’d started.

With the delicious taste of her lingering, I resumed the spanking, cracking the belt down six times in rapid succession. That was all I could take.

Backing away, I half expected her to spin around, attempting to use her fist again. When she remained where she was, doing nothing more than studying me in the mirror, I was able to slide my belt back into position, even adjusting my cock.

Very slowly, she yanked her jeans and panties into place, finally giving me the ferocious look that had drawn me to her in the first place.

Tasting her was without a doubt a dangerous proposition but I didn’t care. She was the kind of woman worth risking certain aspects of my life for. “I’ll be outside when you’re finished dressing. And just so we’re clear, for tonight, you belong to me.” I drank in the slight blush still covering her face before walking out the door, immediately tugging my phone from my pocket and dialing Ivan’s number.

Da, nachal’nik?” His use of Russian continued to amuse me, always answering the phone with ‘yes, boss’ even though we were as close as brothers. That meant he wasn’t thrilled with being cooped up in the facility I’d rented for at least the beginning of our stay in the godforsaken area. We’d arrived just before dark by boat, forced to convince the owners of the Sitka Lighthouse I was perfectly capable of coming and going to the facility all by myself. That had taken greasing the man’s pocket with a hefty amount of cash. But it was worth it, the private island a perfect location to remain out of the public eye during our reconnaissance.

My soldier had selected our landing spot well.

“Time for you and Jacob to take a hike for the night,” I told him as I scanned the darkened hallway. There’d been a few customers that had paid far too much attention to the sensual woman’s display of purported supremacy.

“What did you say?” He was genuinely shocked.

“You and Jacob take the boat to shore, leave it at the dock. Then grab a room at one of the motels for the night.”

He laughed, cursing in Russian. “And what are you doing?”

“Entertaining for the evening.”

Plokhoy chelovek delayet plokhiye veshchi.”

A bad man doing bad things.

“Just a momentary respite, my friend. A much needed one. Tomorrow, we begin our search for the bastards in earnest. Get some rest.”

“Perhaps Jacob and I will enjoy the scenery.”

“Uh-huh. I’m contacting you early so get some rest.”

He laughed. “I doubt that. Have fun, boss. Call me if you need us. We’re only a boat ride away.”

“Lock down the weapons before you leave. I don’t want to terrify my beautiful guest.” We’d brought enough weapons with us to start a war, something I hoped didn’t happen. As much as I loathed small towns, the last thing I wanted to do was to dirty the streets with rivers of blood unless absolutely necessary. At this point, I considered our trip a fact-finding mission and nothing else. It would be interesting to see how long that would last.

“You got it, boss. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” His boisterous deep laugh was more gregarious than normal. Perhaps because he’d rarely seen me let my hair down.

I shoved the phone back into my jacket pocket seconds before the bathroom door opened. As soon as she stepped into the corridor, I grabbed her arm once again, sliding her hand into mine.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.

“As I told you before, this is just the beginning. You’re coming with me. And sunshine, I won’t take no for an answer.”

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