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Made to Beg: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

She exploded, pummeling my chest, her face reddened from fury. While I allowed her to vent, the moment she reared back, her fist clenched, I grabbed both wrists. “You’re exactly what my father said you were, evil and disgusting.”

I realized I’d gone too far over the edge, saying things that she certainly didn’t deserve hearing, even though they could be true. Maybe I was simply far too excited at the various possibilities that had been dropped in my lap. I was a true monster.

I growled the second she attempted to knee me in the groin, my need for total control all consuming. Even as she continued to struggle, I managed to drag her arms behind her back, shoving her over the edge of my desk. “I told you that you’re required to obey and respect me.”

“Fuck you.”

“That’s no way to treat the man you considered your only possibility of saving you.”

Sierra kicked out, twisting her body until she actually managed to free herself. I was momentarily shocked when she issued a hard punch to my gut. Immediately she turned in a full circle, gaining momentum as she kicked out in a martial art move.

But I was too quick for her, snagging her ankle and tossing her for the second time over the edge of my desk. And this time, she wasn’t going to be able to get away. I thrust my pelvis against her tight little ass, rubbing my groin back and forth. “You may think you still have some level of control, Sierra, but you’re wrong. With bad behavior comes the need for harsh punishment.”

“Fuck you.”

“Oh, trust me, doll. That will come.” I yanked first one of her arms over her head then the other, easily holding both in one hand as I ripped the sweatpants down to her knees, exposing her rounded bottom.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, her voice dripping with the kind of sensual and alluring sound that drove me to a barbaric state of mind.

“Giving you exactly what you deserve. And what you crave.” I inhaled, drinking in her scent, immediately intoxicated from the indulgent fragrance of her wet pussy. My cock throbbed to the point of anguishing pain, pushing hard against my zipper. I became a wild man, my needs and desires overwhelming my sense of conscience.

Then again, I was a man who had no conscience.

“Don’t you dare!” She continued wiggling, her efforts only reinforcing my decision. She was going to learn the hard way. “I’m not some little girl.”

I unfastened my belt as she ground her ass against me, sucking in my breath in an effort to calm my raging libido. Flashes of light flew across my field of vision, the vibrant colors almost instantly giving me a headache. I’d never wanted her as badly as I did at this moment. “If you’d behave then I wouldn’t have to treat you like a little girl. However, I will issue a solid and hard spanking every time you don’t until you learn.”

“No. No! That’s not fair.”

“What’s not fair is you coming into my home and begging for my help then treating me with a lack of respect.” After finally freeing the buckle, I yanked at the thick leather strap, taking deep breaths in order to calm down. I was a merciless man in business and in pleasure, but I refused to hurt her given my penchant for total domination.

“You can do what you want, but I will never surrender to you.”

“Never say never, doll.” When I managed to free my belt, I leaned over, making certain she felt the thickness of my cock, a reminder of the past. “I suggest you begin obeying right now. If you don’t, this round of discipline is going to be much worse. Do. You. Understand?”

She attempted to jerk up from the desk.


The solid hard strike against her bottom was enough to make her gasp. “I’m not playing around here, Sierra. You need to be taught a lesson. Let’s try that again. Do you understand?”


The second smack caught her at the tops of her thighs, her strangled moan floating into the air. “Yes, what?”

“What do you want from me?” she yelped.

“I already told you. Respect.” I let go of her arms, anticipating she would lash out. Instead, she eased her face onto the cool wood of my desk, taking several deep breaths. “That’s better. One last time. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

After a few seconds of hesitation, I heard in her tone her resolve crumbling, although it remained acrid. “Yes. Sir.”

“Much better. Now, slide your arms over your head and stay in position.”

Her body was shaking, but she did as she was told, her chest rising and falling and her breathing ragged.

I tugged on the tee shirt until it was positioned in the middle of her back then jerked off the sweatpants.

“Oh,” she whimpered, clenching her fists.

“From now on, you’re going to be spanked completely naked. You need to learn humility as well as respect.” I could tell she was forming nasty words, ready to spew them off. I was no fool; she certainly wouldn’t learn to obey me with a single round of discipline. I took a step back, able to see her swollen pussy glistening in the light, the scent of her almost overpowering.

All the nights I’d thought about her after leaving Cancun, the dark and filthy things I’d wanted to do to her. I’d been controlled before, refusing to fall into my full sadistic nature, but nothing was going to keep me from ravaging her my way.

Sierra continued to quiver as I placed my hand on the small of her back, hissing when I spoke again.

“This is for your own good, Sierra.”

“One day you’re going to have to explain why. Sir.”

I had to admit, her defiance was challenging as well as alluring. Damn, the woman was already getting to me and that simply couldn’t happen. The deal had nothing to do with romance and certainly not love. I wasn’t capable of that kind of emotion. Besides, loving her could mean a weakness I couldn’t afford.

I folded the belt, taking several deep breaths until I was as calm as I could be. When I snapped my wrist, delivering two in succession, she didn’t react, other than flexing her fingers then clenching once again.

There were no whimpers.

There were no attempts to beg me to stop.

She was still attempting to maintain control.

And I wanted nothing more than to break her will, force her full surrender.

I smacked her again and again, hitting her exactly on her sit spot. This time, she kicked out her leg, sucking in her breath. The light pink flush already building on her ass cheeks was far too desirable, every cell in my body on fire.

Exhaling, I rubbed my hand across her bottom, enjoying the buildup of heat. I must be nothing more than a monster. “I will teach you about pain and pleasure. It will be your choice which is doled out and when.”

She moved her head and from where I stood, I could see a hint of trepidation in her eyes. I’d awakened the darkness within her four years before, but it was easy to see that she’d shut down that part of her. As if what we’d shared had been against everything she believed in.

I cracked the strap several more times, keeping a perfect rhythm, her bottom now a bright crimson in color. I knew she needed more. To understand.

To accept.

To face the woman inside.

The lesson was vital, as necessary as keeping her safe.

I rubbed my finger down the crack of her ass, my heart racing from the sight of her glistening pussy. I couldn’t wait to bury my face in her wetness, drinking every last drop of her sweet cream.

But I continued the spanking, one strike coming after the other.

Sierra finally moaned, bending her legs and tossing back her hand. “Fine. Just stop, please. I’ll be good.”

“Yes, I know you will, but we’re not finished yet. Maintain your position or I have no issue starting again.”

She crawled her hand back over her head, now gripping the edge of my desk. When she spread her legs wider, my mouth watered again, the fire ignited now a firestorm of utter need.

I issued several more until I had difficulty breathing from the intense desire roaring through my body. There was no goodness left inside of me, perhaps not a single shred of decency. That much I’d accepted about myself long ago and today wasn’t any different. I tossed the belt and inched closer, running the tip of my index finger between her heated ass cheeks then swirling it around her swollen lips. “You’re wet for me, Sierra.”

“No. I don’t want you.”

I used my hand this time, smacking both ass cheeks. “What did I tell you? You will not lie to me. I will always know. You’re wet and hot.”


I could see her eyes clenching as goosebumps popped up along every inch of her naked skin. Even her ragged breathing gave her away.

“Do you hunger to have my tongue licking your pussy, my mouth sucking on your tender clit?”

“No…” I didn’t need to smack her again. She pummeled her fists against the desk, moaning provocatively. “Yes.”

“What was that?” I swirled my finger again before sliding it past her glistening folds, holding my breath as her wetness slickened my finger.

“Yes,” she said much louder.

“Do you crave having my cock inside your tight little pussy?”

“Um… Yes…” Her words trailed off as if she was embarrassed, even humiliated from her own desires. The connection between us was as strong as it had been before, the electricity soaring. There was no denying our attraction, no matter the circumstances, the monster she believed me to be. She was meant to be mine.

My possession.

My obsession.

My… heart.


I couldn’t believe I’d wanted anything more than to break her down, using her in the vilest ways. Perhaps I was losing my shit.

Perhaps I was changing, longing to maintain something good inside.

“Do you crave the ecstasy I can give you?” My voice was dark and demanding, a harsh whisper and nothing more.

“Oh, yes.” She shifted, grinding against my desk as I placed a second finger inside. When she arched her back, the move forcing my finger deeper inside, I was forced to take several deep breaths.

I added a third finger, sliding all the way inside. The heat was explosive, sending a shower of current jetting through every cell and muscle. I closed my eyes, flexing my fingers open as I thrust into her pussy in brutal actions. When I added a fourth finger, fucking her wildly, she attempted to meet every savage thrust with one of her own.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” Her moans increased in volume, her body writhing back and forth, her breath skipping.

I pumped several more times, almost bringing her to a climax. When I removed my fingers, smacking her swollen pussy lips, she whimpered, tossing her head in my direction.

“You only receive pleasure when I allow. When I discipline you, you’re going to say thank you. When I fuck you, you’re going to beg me for more.” My words were gruff, my intentions even worse. “However, only good little girls get fucked in the pussy.” I shifted my fingers from her wet heat to her puckered hole, pushing two inside.

“Oh! Oh, God!” She jerked up from the desk, tossing her head from side to side.

“And bad girls get fucked in the ass.” I thrust both fingers all the way inside, twisting and turning them as I tugged at my button and zipper, finally managing to yank my trousers past my hips. I pumped several times as I rubbed my shaft with the other hand, stroking the base. My balls ached, ready to explode.

She panted, squirming as she pressed her palms against the desk, arching her back once again. Tempting me.

Begging me in silence.

To fuck her.

To use her.

To take her.

To make her mine.

My vision was clouded as I positioned the tip of my cock at her asshole. “That’s something you need to remember.”

“Yes… sir.”

This time, her words held no animosity, merely the same kind of ravaging hunger that I had furrowing inside. I issued a series of deep growls before pushing the tip inside. When I gripped her hips, she sucked in her breath, holding it and lowering her head.

And all I could think about was defiling her.

The moment I slid the entire length inside, I threw my head back and roared. The feel of her tightness, the intense heat left me shaking. “Fuck! So tight. So good.”

An exaggerated whimper left her mouth and she twisted her head once again, only this time, a slight smile crossed her face.

As I began to pump in and out, I was forced to face a difficult realization.

I would do anything to protect her.

I would rip apart anyone who attempted to hurt her.

And I would die for her if necessary.

However, she would need to learn obedience in a stern manner, her inability to succumb evident.

She whimpered, pushing up hard from the desk, gritting her teeth when I fisted her hair, whispering in her ear.

“Training. You will find something in your room later and you will wear it for me at all times. And trust me, I will check.”

Her eyes opened wide, her mouth going slack. She had no idea that she’d walked into the den of the devil himself and in order to protect her, I’d be required to break her in every sense.

Something I would enjoy tremendously.

There was nothing subtle about my hard fucking, my brutal actions shoving her hard against the edge of the desk. With every savage plunge, she pushed back, accepting this phase of her punishment. Everything about this was incredible, far too perfect. I was lost in the moment, not realizing that we had an audience.


I refused to stop my actions as I turned my head, eyeing the family consigliere. While Armando Graziano’s face held a flat expression, I already knew of his contempt for the way I handled business. This was no different. For him to come to my home meant my father had important business on the horizon and I would venture a guess I knew why.

“Is there something you need, Armando?” I asked, breathless from the delicious exertion.

“You weren’t answering your calls. Now I can see why,” Armando said between clenched teeth, obvious disgust on his face. He’d always complained about my playboy attitude, concerned I’d fuck up my father’s level of control.

“I’ve had business to attend to,” I retorted as I rubbed my hand on the small of Sierra’s back. I heard her frustrated whimpers and kept from lashing out at the man. He was my father’s best friend after all, had been with the family since the inception, a man my father trusted without question, although I’d often wondered about his loyalty. “What do you want? Get to the point.”

“Your father has called a meeting and you need to be in attendance.”


“Tonight. Dinner. You’re very well aware of the location. Seven o’clock.”

Yeah, my father’s favorite Italian restaurant, a greasy spoon where he’d conducted business since the early seventies.

“Fine. I’ll be there and Armando, make certain the door is locked on the way out.” I turned back toward Sierra, my anger brimming the surface once again. One of the soldiers sent by Dante had allowed him into the house. I could see I’d have to tighten the reins in another area. Not even my father dared enter my house without an invitation. Armando was sniffing.

“Very well, but don’t disappoint him, Lorenzo. There are important details to cover.”

I’d been summoned.

When he was gone, I thrust harder and faster, my breathing strangled from the unsettled feeling furrowing inside. Her pleasured screams only fueled the already raging fire. Soon, my beast would claw to the surface. Soon, I would usurp my control.

Soon, I would have everything I desired.

And nothing was going to stop me.

The moment I exploded inside, filling the lovely woman with my seed, I realized that she just might be my salvation.

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