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Made to Pay: A Dark Mafia Romance by Tessa Morgan – Extended Preview

Smith’s hand tightens over mine, dragging me over the picnic blanket, and my heart is suddenly thundering away in my chest. It’s the look in his eyes. Blatant, savage hunger. Not for food, but for me.

I barely notice as he takes the cup out of my hand. My eyes are locked on his, and there’s a molten heat firing up inside my core as our bodies drift closer together.

Just business, huh? The moment I said those words, it felt like something died inside me because I knew what I have with Smith would be over. Whatever the hell this is. Lust? Love?

The thought dissolves as he drags me against him, and then leans into me with his full, delicious weight, forcing me onto my back.

“You still belong to me,” he murmurs, propping himself onto his elbows, the rest of his body covering mine. Slowly, his lips pull into a mischievous smile. “For a little while, anyway.”

My breath whooshes out of me in a rough sigh, and I lift my legs, letting Smith’s waist sink down between my thighs. I feel the hard ridge of his cock pressing against me, and my pussy clenches with a sudden, desperate need to be stretched by him.

Stretched and filled with his seed.

I grab his shoulders, my fingers digging into his shirt, and he hesitates for a second before ducking his head and brushing his lips over mine. Electric tingles burst over my skin. I arch, crushing my pelvis against his cock, and he groans as he lets his lips glide over mine.

“Kiss me,” I beg in a whisper.

He inhales, sending cool air sliding over my lips. Then a burst of warm air before his mouth grinds against mine. Sensation bursts through me, and in my tangled mind, I have no idea if it’s pleasure or pain.

With him, the two are nearly interchangeable.

I moan into his savage kiss, my lower body rocking against his cock. I tug at his shirt, trying to get it over his head, but his kiss is wrecking me, making my fingers stupid and my arms weak.

Cool air rushes over my body as he sits up, but only for a moment. Staring down at me like a starving man who’s just been served a pizza smothered in gooey, melted cheese, he rips his shirt over his head and then grabs the two halves of my button-up dress and yanks them apart, too.

“Smith!” I grab at the fabric. “You’ve ruined it!”

His dark chuckle sends a spike of panic through me. “That’s not the only thing I’m about to ruin.”

I gasp when he grabs me and flips me over onto my tummy. My hands instinctively grab the blanket, and I blurt out a terrified, “Hey!” as I try to claw my way out from under him.

He grabs what’s left of my dress and tears it off me, tossing it aside like a piece of trash. With a rough yank, he positions me so I’m on my knees, my backside in the air. His growl is deep and primal as he grabs my ass and squeezes so hard I see stars.

“Smith!” I barely have time for that one protest before his tongue laves over my pussy, all the way from my clit to my asshole. Every muscle in my body locks up, my hands turning white where I’m twisting them in the blanket.


He licks me again and then forces a finger deep inside my aching pussy. I groan, rocking back and spreading my legs, that intense wave of pleasure shredding any shame at being so exposed.

Naked, on all fours as Smith roughly fingers my already soaked pussy.

Anyone could walk past. Anyone could see.

But, somehow, I don’t care.

I moan and arch my back, putting myself on full display. And Smith’s answering growl sends tremors of electric desire racing through my body.

“Yes,” I moan, pushing my thighs wider apart. “Oh, God, that feels good.”

One finger becomes two. “One look at this sweet, wet pussy of yours and I can’t control myself.” Smith rams them knuckle-deep into my pussy, sending a jolt of aching pleasure through me every time he connects with my pelvic bone. I’m a shuddering, moaning wreck… and that’s before he swipes his tongue over my asshole.

What. The. Fuck?

His thumb is there a second later, and before I can summon a word of protest, it slips inside. He barely gets two pumps into that tight hole before I scream out his name and come.

My pussy clenches violently around his fingers, and I’m dimly aware of his tongue replacing them as he laps up every drop of arousal that gushes out of me. I topple forward, my muscles turned to water by my violent climax, but he slides an arm around my waist and draws me back, refusing to let me succumb.

“You always come so beautifully for me, sweet girl,” Smith murmurs into my ear as he pulls me against his lap.

His cock is out in the open, and he nestles it between my ass cheeks as he melds our bodies together, my back to his chest, his thighs supporting mine as he rocks back onto his heels.


“But—” I cut off when he slaps my pussy. “Fuck!” I’m so wet that the impact stings. “Smith, please—”

Another slap. Harder this time. My muscles flex as I try to draw into a ball. My thighs slam closed. But Smith doesn’t like that. Oh, no, not one bit.

“You’re still mine, girl. Until that sun is well and truly set, you belong to me.”

He grabs my thighs, shoving them roughly open and hooking his legs over mine, keeping my pussy shamefully exposed. The way we’re angled, I can feel the last of the sun’s rays warming my skin.

Smith ducks his hips, and his cock slaps against my pussy as he releases it. I stare down in astonishment at the massive dick laid flush over my slit. His crown is more than an inch past my clit, already beading.

“Touch me,” he growls in my ear.

I fold my fingers over his cock and give him a slow, hard pump. His groan sends a shiver of delight through my body, and my back arches, dragging my pussy against his smooth, hard shaft.

“That’s it,” he murmurs. “Make me wet, sweet girl. Cover every inch of me with your juices.”

I buck forward, shifting left and right, moaning at the friction as I drag my pussy over his cock, slowly coating him.

He seems happy to lean back against the tree, legs spread wide so I can’t close my thighs. When he’s soaked with my juices, I sit forward, offering my glistening pussy to him.

Smith lets out a deep rumble as he drags his knuckles over my pussy. He wraps his fingers around his cock, stroking it. “You’re still mine, Zoey,” he murmurs softly, as if to himself.

I glance at the setting sun. It’s sinking rapidly, barely half still visible behind the tree line.

“I don’t want it to set,” I say. “We can stay here, we can—”

He pushes the crown of his cock against my entrance, making me cut off with a gasp. “This is the way it should be, Zoey. This is what makes it special.” His voice goes tight before he adds, “This was always the deal.”

I pull away, turning to look at him over my shoulder. I don’t know what he sees, but the sudden ravenous gleam in his eyes sends a shiver of unease through me.

He grabs my hips and turns me around. My thighs shake as he keeps me an inch from the tip of his cock, standing proud from his lap and coated in my juices.

“I… I think I love you,” he murmurs.

My heart sinks so fast, a dizzy spell swims through my head. “What?”

His throat moves as he swallows. “I love you, Zoey.”

He lowers me onto his cock, his jaw bunching as a groan rattles out of his throat.

“You wha…?” A sigh swallows up my words as I sink deeper over his cock. That delicious stretch wipes all thought from my mind. My eyes flutter closed as he presses against my cervix, and I shudder at the fullness, the pleasure, the pain.

“Look at me.”

My eyelids are heavy with lust, but I force them open. Smith slides his fingers around the back of my neck and draws me in, his lips taking up mine in a gentle kiss.

Then he grabs my ass, lifting me as if I weigh nothing before dragging me down over his cock again. He makes soft growling sounds as our bodies pick up speed, and hot slick pours out of me to coat his cock every time he lifts me off it.

“Fuck, Zoey, you’re holding me so goddamn tight,” he murmurs through our kiss.

We’re still moving slowly, our bodies crushed together as he forces me to ride his cock one teasingly languid inch at a time. The buildup of pleasure is so bright and hot that it threatens to overwhelm me.

I’m aware of a cool breeze picking up, but I couldn’t care less. If someone is out here, at least they’re getting a good show.

“More,” I murmur against his mouth. “I want more.”

With a growl that’s more animal than human, Smith forces me onto my back. He grabs my thighs, pushing them up against my stomach before plunging his cock into me so hard that his balls slap against my asshole. “What my girl wants, my girl gets.”

My hands claw into his shoulders as he rams into me again so hard, I’m sure I’m getting fabric burn on my lower back. “Fuck, yes!”

Teeth clenched, I can barely keep my eyes open as each thrust of his hard, thick cock sends a new wave of aching pleasure deep into my core. Heat builds inside, a tightness begging to explode. Smith leans down to kiss me again, his hands skimming down the back of my thighs until he’s grabbing an ass cheek in each hand. He wrenches me apart, and when he thrusts into me again, his balls slap against my asshole.

“Fuck, Smith, yes!”

My back arches, and he catches one of my nipples between his teeth, rolling the already tight bud to the point of pain. I gasp, struggling for breath as my body is overwhelmed with the rush of sensations he’s forcing on me.

“Jesus, you’re so fucking tight,” he says, spitting out the words like a curse.

His black eyes lock onto mine, the sudden fury in them making my muscles clench. He groans, his eyes rolling up as he grinds into me, our pelvises locked against each other.

“It hurts,” I whimper as his cock pushes against my cervix. “God, it hurts.”

“Don’t pretend you hate it.” His hips move again, and then he bites down on the same nipple, sucking hard as I cry out. My hands fly to his hair, clutching at him desperately. I whimper, fighting down the waves of pleasure that course through me. He fills me completely, stretching me further than I ever thought possible. “You love it when I hurt you.”

He grabs me by the hips, holding me still as he pounds against me even harder, until I’m rendered half unconscious with bliss. “I’m going to come inside you. Deep, deep inside you.”

My eyes flutter open. I doubt he was asking my permission, but I give it to him, anyway. “Yes.”

The way his eyes light up when I say that makes my heart want to explode in my chest. He pushes my thighs apart, lifting up until he’s sitting on his heels, and drags my hips up so he can thrust into me with a full view of his cock forcing its way into my dripping pussy.

My body shudders with ecstasy, but I want even more. I slide my hand down my belly and start massaging my clit, gazing at him with heavy-lidded eyes as he watches me masturbate. He slows down, dragging his cock in and out of me in a delicious tease of friction, heat, and pressure.

“Such a greedy little pussy,” he murmurs. “Tell me how good it feels when my cock stretches you open.”

“So fucking good.”

“Does it hurt?” The last inch he rams hard, slamming our bodies together. The jolt makes me whimper in pain, and he bites down on his bottom lip.

“That sound,” he murmurs. “God, I love that sound you make.”

My back arches as my clit starts throbbing, seconds away from sending me over the fucking moon.

“Come for me, sweet girl. Come hard.” Smith knocks away my hand and instead presses the pad of his thumb down on that sensitive bud, before pushing it hard to the left, then the right.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

I grab his wrist, my nails biting into his flesh as I come. My body arches so only my shoulders and feet are left touching the ground. I come undone with a throttled scream, my pussy fisting his cock so deep inside me, it’s like he’s trying to push into my womb.

“That’s it, sweet girl. Gush all over my cock.” He moves a little, grinding his cock deeper into my pussy to drag out every ounce of pleasure racking me.

I’m still rigid, my body locked in place with my thighs spread shamefully wide as he stays buried balls-deep inside me. When my eyes flutter open, he bites down so hard on his bottom lip it goes white.

“God, I love you,” he mutters, and then comes.

His seed gushes against my womb, hot and slick, soaking every inch of my pussy. I gasp, a last tremor tearing through me as I watch him torn apart by pleasure.

“Jesus, you’re so fucking perfect,” he says, staring down where our bodies are meshed together as he draws his cock out an inch before slamming back inside me. Hot cum leaks out of me, dripping down my ass, and as if he knows he’s making a royal mess of me, he drags his fingers over my skin to gather it.

“One more,” he says.

I’m so doped up by pleasure, I don’t even know what he’s talking about until his cum-soaked fingers slide over my asshole.

“Smith, I’m done. Please. I can’t come again. It hurts.”

“You will. And you’ll scream my name while you’re doing it,” he says, so matter of fact that I’m still staring at him in shock when he slides his thumb inside my asshole.

My body contracts violently, throttling his still-hard cock. More of his cum leaks out of me, but he doesn’t move, doesn’t budge a single inch. I shake, murmuring and whining as I try to move, as I try to either get him to take his finger out, or fuck me so I can come.

“Almost there, girl. Almost time to come for me.” Darkness edges my vision. I don’t know where the words come from, but they slip out of my mouth before I can think them through.

“Please! God, Smith, please let me come!”

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