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Manhandled: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

I knelt with his cum dripping down my face and my pussy throbbing between my legs. He leaned down and gripped the hair at the base of my scalp, forcing me to my feet once more. Quickly, he turned me so that I faced the center of the market and that’s when I saw the audience that had gathered.

A crowd of people circled around us, close but far enough away so that they wouldn’t interfere or interrupt what was happening. Several other people walked by and an even larger quantity of people didn’t even bat an eye at what was being done to me.

I stood there, bare below the waist with my pants and panties tangled around my ankles and cum dripping down my face, and not a single one of them reached out to rescue me. I choked back a cry and tried to remain strong, but it was hard. I should have known it would be like this though. I’m sure these people had seen much worse than a girl getting spanked and then fucked in the ass in the middle of the market.

This man was big. He was an alien and likely no one wanted to mess with a guy as tough and as strong as he was.

His hand still tight in my hair, he bent me back over, forcing my head up so that I had to stare out at the ground. I whimpered, feeling the heated head of his cock press against my bottom hole once more. Just then, the tip of his cock began to rotate, slowly circling my tight rim. Crying out with shame, I stared out into the crowd while his cock pushed inside me, filling me so shamefully and so much more publicly than before.

I had felt like I was punished before, but all that paled to this.

Eyes stared into mine as the man’s cock took my ass, inch by inch. His fist tightened, pulling my head up and forcing me to arch into him and take all of him. He pushed into me more easily this time, but it still hurt, and I cried out because of it. The burning sensation rushed at me hot and heavy and I shuddered, trying to relax so the worst of it would fade.

The crowd surrounding us murmured things about the expression on my face, about how my thighs were coated with my own wetness, about the seed dripping down my face and onto my lips. It was so shameful, so punishing, and so incredibly arousing at the same time.

I moaned, the sound low in my throat.

“Naughty little girl, getting her ass fucked in front of all these people,” he murmured just loud enough for me to hear, and I blushed. He chose that moment to slam his hips into mine, jostling me hard enough to make my breasts bounce and a gasp of shock escape my lips.

“Please,” I begged. I didn’t quite know what I was asking for though. I wanted this to stop and then I didn’t.

I hated to admit it, but I was more turned on than ever. Fuck. How was this happening to me? Just an hour ago, I had landed on Dryac, just searching for work. How the hell had I ended up half-naked with my naked ass strapped and fucked?

My clit throbbed greedily between my legs. I wanted to come. Again.

My scalp burned, delicious agony arcing down to my core. My ass felt sore and used, but still, I couldn’t get enough. He fucked me hard, far harder than before, and I could feel the achy sting of his use coursing through my body.

I was his to fuck, wherever and whenever he wished, even if it meant in the middle of a busy market square. Every thrust made me cry out. With pain or pleasure I didn’t know, but it didn’t really matter.

I felt ashamed and I felt naughty, but most of all, I felt needy.

I wanted to come. No. I needed to come.

“Please. Let me come for you,” I begged, surprised at myself even as the words escaped my lips. My words were quiet, just loud enough so that he could hear me and no one else could. I was no longer thinking. I was just living, and it felt glorious. This was something I hadn’t known I would have ever wanted, let alone needed.

Was it wrong to enjoy myself along the way?

My pussy spasmed hard and I decided it wasn’t.

“You want to come, little human?” he asked, his words loud enough this time for the crowd to hear. I whimpered pitifully, quickly realizing that the public shaming was an integral part of my punishment and that I wouldn’t be allowed to come until I let everyone watching know that I wanted to come, even as this stranger fucked my ass for the second time.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Yes, what,” he demanded, his tone expectant and firm.

“Yes, sir,” I ventured, feeling rather unsure.

“Reach down between your legs and touch that greedy cunt. You’ll come when I say you can,” he replied. I shivered with desire, feeling a hot rush of heady passion at his words. It felt dirty and wrong, but I no longer cared.

I just wanted to come.

This time, I didn’t hesitate to obey. My hand reached between my legs and my fingers slid along my wetness to center over top of my clit and I shuddered with pleasure. Fuck, that felt good.

His cock slid in and out of my ass, filling me over and over again until I was quivering with need beneath him. His hips slapped into mine again and again, forcing his thick length deeper into my bottom hole with every sharp, brutal thrust. I moaned, pressing down on my clit, sliding over and around my needy bud as he did so.

Then something changed. The tip of his cock began to rotate inside me once more, petting my inner walls with his heat, and I shuddered with arousal. His shaft expanded even further, and it stretched me wider. I cried out from the sudden flash of burning pain, but then the shaft of his cock began to vibrate, igniting my sore bottom hole with a deep-seated, powerful sense of pleasure.

I hurtled closer and closer to orgasm much faster this time. My body was overwhelmed with desire, every inch of me awash with intense sensations far greater than I had ever known. I didn’t know how long I could hold back my release, but there was an intense need within me to obey his command.

It gave me pleasure to do so.

My fingers danced over my clit, teasing and taunting me close to orgasm, and then edging back when it became too much. Again and again, I teased my needy bud, making myself even more desperate for orgasm than I thought humanly possible.

I begged for him to let me come, but he didn’t respond. Instead, he just used my bottom hole even harder than before, fucking me hard enough to jostle my breasts free from the cups of my bra. Every thrust forced the air out of my lungs and I moaned, the sound pathetic and sorrowful.

The shaft of his cock vibrated against my tight hole. The head of it rotated inside me, driving me perilously close to orgasm. I just needed to hear the words come out of his mouth.

I pleaded for mercy. I told him that I was sorry. I promised obedience and still he didn’t grant me release. Instead, he pulled my hair tighter, forcing me to meet the eyes of those watching.

“You will come so that they can see your shame. They will witness every moment of your orgasm as I use your tight little hole for my pleasure. You’ll scream loud enough so that they can hear and when I come in your tight little hole, you’ll come for a second time, all while they are watching. Every. Last. Moment,” he demanded, and I cried out with desire.

I wanted to hate him for what he was doing. Instead, I just wanted him to fuck me harder.

“Understand?” he asked roughly, jerking my head just a little in warning.

“Yes, sir, I understand.”

I gazed out upon the crowd and my inner walls fluttered with excitement. Slowly, my fingers explored my pussy, circling, pinching and caressing my clit. The more I touched myself, the faster my arousal rose to the surface, quickly building and careening toward orgasm. His cock filled my ass, the feeling so filthy and wrong, but I didn’t care. I wanted it and I wanted more. I needed to come being used like this.

I couldn’t control my arousal anymore.

He did.

“Come,” he demanded. And I did.

I obeyed. Every nerve in my body rushed to do as he asked. My heart quickened and my breath drew in and out of my lungs in desperate little pants. My thighs shook. My inner walls fluttered, and my nipples tightened with pleasure.

I shattered into a million pieces. Like a piece of glass thrown against the wall, I broke into pieces. My pleasure was uncontrollable, exquisite, and intoxicating all at the same time, and I screamed with it. I moaned. I sighed and I pleaded for more while I came, feeling his fingers tighten harshly in my hair.

He used me even harder then, harder than I ever thought possible. Every inch of my body felt sore and achy and bursting with pleasure. His hips slammed into mine, over and over as they slapped against the stinging welts from his belt. My bottom hole stung from how hard he took me, and I knew I’d feel such a rough lesson for days to come.

I met the eyes of several people in the crowd, moaning with my shame as I orgasmed before them. I was so embarrassed, but my pussy reacted in kind, clenching and tightening as I came. I felt punished, used, and incredibly sorry for myself but at the same time I also felt satisfied.

“Don’t you dare take those fingers off that little clit of yours. You’ll keep coming until I tell you to stop, no matter how sore that little pussy gets,” he said firmly, and my thighs quivered.

I didn’t dare disobey him. I didn’t want to.

I orgasmed again then, my body heating with desire and never letting go. I struggled to stand, but he held me up, taking me and giving me everything in that single moment.

And I didn’t even know his name. He didn’t know mine.

But it didn’t matter.

He knew how to play my body, knew it better than I knew myself. He’d taken me and forced me to yield before him and I wanted more. Needed every last inch. I opened for him then, pushing back into his thrusts, taking him deeper into my ass than ever before.

I toyed with myself, edging myself closer and closer to orgasm. Soft tremors of pleasure quaked through my body and then I felt his grip on my body tighten. He’d snaked his arm around my waist, using it to force me to take him harder. His fingers caressed my hip and then gripped me tightly.

He groaned, the sound low and seductive, and I couldn’t help myself as I came once more. His hot seed spurted deep inside my ass, coating my insides with its searing heat, and I shuddered around him. Every muscle in my body tightened. My body spasmed with desire, every nerve electrified.

White-hot pleasure sliced through me, taking me captive and holding me tight as one orgasm bled into the next. My clit exploded with sensation, every second longer than the last. Even when I wanted to stop, I didn’t, and my orgasms continued, one after the other taking hold of me and breaking me in pieces.

He came hard, his seed marking me as his. It tingled inside me, forcing me into one final orgasm that ravaged me completely.

I screamed until my voice was hoarse. All I could think about was pleasure. All I could do was feel and take what he gave me until I could take no more, and still, he made me take more. I shattered. I broke and I fell apart into a million jagged edges, but even as he did so, he held my body against his, a small comfort amongst so much intensity.

It was so powerful that I started to cry. Tears raced down my cheeks, mixing with his still dripping seed. He held me closer, releasing my hair and wrapping his arms around me instead.

“Good girl. You took your punishment well,” he whispered, and my heart faltered for a moment before jarring to life once again.

I didn’t say a word, but he didn’t ask me to.

He held me for a while longer, letting my tears dry and my breathing return to normal. My heartbeat was erratic and took much longer to get back to its usual pace. My body remained hot for some time. Slowly, my strength came back, and I was able to focus on standing on my own two feet.

The alien stranger took a step back then, but never let me go. Instead, he kept a hand around my upper arm just in case my legs gave out beneath me, but they didn’t.

I lifted my head, feeling my drying tears and his seed still dripping down my cheeks.

He met my eyes, his own sparkling with intensity. For a long moment, he studied me, gauging my expression and my mood, but I didn’t have it in me to fight him then. He’d won this round, but I’d find another way to fight back. It just wasn’t the right time. Not now.

He removed a knife from a holster on his waist and knelt before me. He took it and sliced through my panties, tearing them into pieces before me. Next, he carved through my pants with wild abandon, ensuring that he destroyed them completely. Now I was completely naked from the waist down except for my boots.

I could feel his cum dripping from my bottom, onto my pussy, and then down my thighs. I swallowed my shame but couldn’t hide the blush from my face.

He pocketed the knife then and gripped the V-neck collar of my shirt. He tore it with sheer strength. Lastly, he grasped my bra and shredded the soft cotton and lace to pieces in a matter of seconds. He threw the fabric to the ground and I watched with sadness as the only clothes I had were quickly trodden underfoot of everyone walking through the market.

I didn’t have anything else to wear. Everything I owned had been on my old ship, long gone once the Intergalactic Coalition impounded it based on some shoddy rumors and hearsay.

He’d taken care to destroy every piece of clothing on my body beyond repair. I couldn’t even hope to cover myself with the shredded remains. I cried out, trying to hide my nakedness, but he slapped my hands away.

“You will wear nothing but what I give you, little human,” he declared, and I bit my lip. I should be furious, but something about his threat was arousing too.

He reached into his pocket and took out what looked to be small clips. He held out his hand and I realized each of them was attached to a light but sturdy-looking chain. In the center was a large O ring. I studied the object, seeing that there were three clips and three chains.

“Hands by your sides,” he commanded.

Hesitantly, I did as he asked, unsure of what he was going to do and not wanting to earn his ire. I was too sore to take any more of his brand of punishment. I shifted from one foot to the other, breathing in a heated breath as my body tensed, reminding me of how sore my bottom was. Both inside and out.

He reached for me and his fingers drifted over my nipples, teasing and pinching them, and soon each one was hard for him. I breathlessly watched, enjoying the feel of his rugged touch on my skin. I closed my eyes, lulled into a relaxed state until I felt something clamp hard over my right nipple.

I squealed and opened my eyes, my hands rising to bat away whatever had caused me pain, but then I realized that it had been him. He’d put the clip right over the top of my nipple, and I watched almost in disbelief as he did the same to my left.

I whimpered as the flash of pain washed across my chest. Despite the ache, I felt my pussy tighten, felt my own wetness return with a fervor that was frightening to realize.

But there was a third clamp.

“Please, don’t,” I begged.

“Spread your legs wider,” he demanded. When I didn’t immediately comply, he slapped the outside of my thigh and I squeaked with shock. A pink mark rose on my skin and then I rushed to obey him. Using his fingers, he spread my folds, exposing my clit.

I watched almost in horror as he took the clamp, opened it, and allowed it to close directly over top of my clit. I cried out as exquisite pain rushed over me. I couldn’t help myself as I hunched forward, trying to quell the sudden flash of sensations, but pain and pleasure rose to the surface once more, leaving me a quivering, sodden mess, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Gradually, the pain faded to a dull ache. As the burning agony began to fade, simmering desire sprang to life and I quivered as it raced straight to my core, making my legs tremble with its intensity. The clamps were tight on my nipples and my clit, forcing me to endure both pain and pleasure in a single breath and I couldn’t get enough of it. The chains were lax, the O ring hanging down and swinging in the gentle breeze, just bouncing against the skin of my belly, and I drew in a heated breath. I lifted my eyes and met his hard, dark ones and whimpered quietly at the power hidden in their depths.

He took the O ring then and clipped a long leather leash to it. He jerked it, just a little, and I cried out as it pulled me forward by both my nipples and my clit. It stung hotly for a long moment, but then I leaned forward and the pressure on my body relaxed.

It was a very clear message.

Follow along closely or feel his wrath.

I stood there, completely naked except for my boots. The clamps kept my nipples hard and tight and the one around my clit teased at my folds, keeping me constantly aroused. He took the leash and lifted it up, just tugging on the single chain attached between my legs. He did that once, then twice, making me moan and cry out with each one.

“Do you think you’re ready to come with me yet, little human?” he asked. His expression was seductive, one that promised more pain, but infinitely more pleasure. I wanted to follow him, but did I dare?

I paused before he gently tugged on the leash once more.

“Come now, it’s time to go,” he said softly, his tone expectant even in its gentleness as he stared back at me. He didn’t threaten me, nor did he cruelly tug me along; instead he waited for my obedience, waited for me to accept his power over me.

“You’re not planning to sell me off, are you?” I ventured carefully, and he shook his head.

“No. I don’t believe in forcing women into that kind of business,” he responded. I studied his features carefully. I only saw honesty there, and I took a hesitant step toward him. He didn’t rush me, allowing me to take another before I was standing beside him.

“Is it far?” I asked then, keenly aware of my nakedness and the sheer number of people looking at my bare body with each passing second. He grinned knowingly and shook his head.

“Maybe a twenty-minute walk. Enough to show everyone here your freshly spanked backside and the cum dripping down your ass, not to mention my seed drying on your face,” he countered, and I felt my cheeks redden in response.

“You’re mean,” I responded, pouting a little, and he chuckled, tugging the clit chain just a little harder.

“You complain, little girl, but I think you like it,” he replied, and I turned away with a huff.

“Goddamn alpha males,” I muttered, and he laughed even harder, then slowly began to walk, looking back to ensure that I was following him. The clamp on my clit was teasingly tight, pinching at my most sensitive place, and after a few steps I moaned softly, the sound low and almost inaudible. As we walked through the market and up the stairs to the upper level, I couldn’t help but notice the wetness between my thighs. With every step, I grew wetter, the constant pressure on my clit keeping my arousal always at the edge of a cliff and leaving me breathless.

I kept my eyes on my captor’s back, ensuring that I didn’t catch any wayward glances from anyone that we walked by. I knew there were many. I could feel both men and women staring at my nakedness, judging every inch of my body and wondering what it would feel like to run their fingers along my human skin. It made me feel incredibly small and humble, but also powerful at the same time.

My thighs rubbed against one another as I walked, slick with my wetness, and I lifted my head, holding it up high as I followed him.

“What’s your name?” I finally asked, and he paused, looking back at me.

“Bane,” he answered. “What’s yours, human?”

“Cara,” I responded.

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