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Marigold and the Sheriff by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

“Marigold, you open this door right now.”

She shook her head vigorously in answer, her wide eyes fixed on the door. She frowned when she heard Lucas apologize to Rose and then she heard a loud cracking sound as his big booted foot landed against the door, easily busting the lock open.

Mari jumped when the door bounced off the wall and Lucas walked in with fire in his eyes. “You are about to get the spanking of your life, young lady.”

“I am not!” Mari declared bravely. “You have no say over me, Lucas Watkins!”

He laughed in response to her statement. “Little girl, I am the only say that matters regarding you. Something I intend you to understand before the day is through.”

She raised the book when he began to stalk toward her, pressing her back to the wall. “Don’t you come near me, you… you!”

Lucas merely quirked a brow and advanced, neatly ducking when the first book flew at him. “Something else we will be discussing is your propensity for throwing things.”

She managed to throw three books before he wrenched the fourth from her hand and frog-marched her to the bed where he sat down and pulled her over his lap. Mari kicked and wriggled for all she was worth. “You can’t do this, Lucas!”

Despite her best efforts he quickly had her skirts and petticoats tossed over her head and his hand was clapping off her bottom with vigor. “Oooohoo owwww!”

She kicked her feet and tried to fling herself off his lap; in response to her efforts Lucas lifted one big leg and clamped it down over the back of her thighs, effectively pinning her in place over his lap for as long as he wanted to keep her there.

“You’ve no right!” Mari wailed as the spanking continued.

“I have every right. Did you or did you not storm into my office and throw a giant temper tantrum that ended with me and Walt getting doused with old coffee?” he asked as his hand began to fall harder and faster.

“Owww… I did… but… I had every right to be angry! You trifled with my affections!” she declared then burst into tears as his hand fell even harder. “This isn’t fair!”

“Trifled with your affections! Trifled with your affections!” Lucas asked incredulously as his hand landed again and again in the exact same spot on the under curve of her backside. “I’m about to give you a trifling you’ll never forget!”

He quickly gave the other side of her poor bottom the same treatment before he lifted her from his lap as he stood and bent her over the side of the bed, holding her in place with a firm hand against the small of her back.

“No, Lucas!”

She heard his belt clear his pants and tried to swim away but that firm hand didn’t allow her one iota of wiggle room.

“Yes, Marigold!” he responded. “I am going to thoroughly leather your backside and then you will politely beg my forgiveness for your behavior.”

“I won’t!” she yelled through her tears and then howled when the belt landed on her already sore bottom, leaving a line of fire behind that would not soon be extinguished. By the time the third stripe landed she was howling, “Please, Lucas! I’m sorry! I promise I won’t do it again!”

“Not till you get the full measure of what you’ve earned, young lady,” Lucas told her as he methodically worked the belt up and down her bottom until he’d covered the area at least four times while Mari sobbed her apologies into the quilt.

She didn’t even realize the spanking was over until he stood her up and turned her to face him. “I better not ever see you behave that way again, Marigold. Do you understand me?”

Mari looked tearfully up into his stern features and promptly burst into tears again. “Yes, sir… I’m sor-r-reee,” she wailed.

Lucas’ face softened and he pulled her tightly against him, rocking back and forth as she sobbed against his chest. “Shhhh… you’re forgiven, baby.”

“You hate me now!” Mari wailed, sure he’d never speak to her again.

“I could never hate you, baby. I love you and I aim to marry you as soon as possible. I have a feeling I’m going to need full access to that beautiful ass in order to keep you in line,” he told her ruefully as he tilted her face up and pressed a light kiss to her trembling lips.

“You… love me?” she whispered softly as she stared up at him.

“More than words can say,” Lucas told her, kissing the tip of her bright red nose.

“My bottom hurts,” Mari complained.

“Good,” he said succinctly.

When she shot him a disgruntled expression, Lucas only laughed and kissed her again before stepping away and pulling his belt back through his pant loops. “I need to get back to work. You, young lady, will stay in this room for the rest of the day and think about how you will behave better in the future.”

“But Lucas…” She started to explain she needed to prepare dinner but he stopped her by holding up his hand.

“No buts unless you want another spanking.” When her hands immediately went back to cover her backside, he nodded. “That’s what I thought. You stay right here, Rose can handle dinner tonight.”

Mari quivered her chin forlornly at him but it did nothing to sway the implacability in his features. With a sigh she gave in. “Yes, sir.”

“Good girl,” he told her before leaving the room.

Mari sat down on the side of the bed only to spring up with a gasp when her very well spanked bottom touched the soft surface.

Rose came into the room and gave Mari a knowing look.

“Sore?” Rose asked with a smirk.

“Yes!” she cried, feeling very put upon at the moment. Rose rummaged through her things then handed Mari a big jar of some type of cream.

“Take off your drawers and rub that into your backside, it’ll take away the ache. Might as well put on your gown and have a lie down since you’re not allowed to leave the room,” the woman said wisely.

Once Rose was gone, Mari propped the door closed with one of the books lying on the floor, quickly stripped out of her clothes, and pulled her long nightgown over her head. With a furrowed brow she lifted the gown in back to get a look at her bottom. It was bright angry red with a few darker lines going across the lower part of each cheek.

She opened the cream and liberally smoothed it into the tight tender skin of her backside, groaning in a combination of discomfort and pleasure at the cool feeling. The feeling magnified the dull throb that had risen between her thighs, with a furtive look toward the door, Mari pulled the covers down and then lay face down on the bed. Lifting her gown to her waist, she brought her knees up and spread her legs wide.

Her fingers, still slick from the cream, felt so good sliding over the swollen bud at the top of her wet slit. Mari bit her lip to keep from moaning out loud as she began to buck her hips against her furiously working fingers.

“Mari, I know I was hard on you but…” Lucas walked back into the room, obviously not even noticing the book in front of the door. His words halted and he stared. Her face flamed as she rose to her knees letting her gown fall back over her hips, knowing it would be obvious to him what she’d been doing.

“I…” She couldn’t get anything else past her throat, which had closed in the horror of him catching her touching herself in such a way. She imagined how she had looked with her red bottom thrust high in the air as she stroked herself.

“I know when I told you to stay in this room, I did not intend for you to spend the time pleasuring yourself, young lady.”

Lucas had been shocked to silence at the sight of his lady love’s bright red bottom humping up and down over her hand as she worked herself toward release.

A mix of outrage and arousal filled him as he walked into the room. He grabbed a chair and used it to block the door closed.

Mari was still sitting on her knees staring at him wide-eyed as he stalked to the bed and caught her up against him. Her little feet kicked in the air as he carried her to the wall and pressed her back to it. “Lift your gown back to your waist,” he commanded in a rough voice.

“I… ummm… it wouldn’t be seemly,” she said in a whisper.

Lucas leaned in, growling against her ear, “We lost seemly behavior the minute I walked in and caught you touching what belongs to me, little girl.”

Her big purple eyes stared into his and a shudder ran through her body; with a soft sigh of surrender, she lifted her gown while he kept firm hands on her waist.

“Good girl,” Lucas told her as he caught her under her left thigh then her right and lifted her legs until her knees were against her chest and spread her wide. “It was very naughty for you to play with yourself, darlin’, and I’m going to have to punish you.”

Mari’s mouth opened in an ‘O’ of surprise when he fitted himself between her spread thighs as she instinctively wrapped her legs around his hips; the hardness in his jeans pressed against the little nub she’d been rubbing and the pleasure was intense and immediate. “This sweet little puss of yours belongs to me, baby, and only I get to touch it and make it purr,” he told her as he began to move his hips in a slow rotation against her wet core.

The friction of the rough denim against her already sensitive mound made her climax almost immediately. “Lucas!” she cried out as his mouth covered her in a devouring kiss.

He continued to move his hips against her, driving her toward another peak, loving the way her purple eyes darkened in surprised pleasure. “If I ever catch you stealing another orgasm from me again, I’ll spank your pretty little puss till you howl. Am I understood?”

“Ooohooo… I… oooohhooo,” Mari panted as she neared another orgasm.

Lucas slammed his hips against her hard and was gratified to feel her spasm against him as she came. “Am I understood?”

“Yes, sir,” she said breathlessly then her eyes widened again as he moved back to slip a thigh between her legs. “What?”

“You’re going to ride my thigh until you come again,” Lucas said firmly.

Mari blushed in obvious embarrassment and squirmed on his thigh then gave a soft groan of pleasure. “I can’t… I…”

“You can and you will, young lady,” he told her as he spread her legs wider so her lips parted and his leg was directly against her clit. With a ruthless smile he began to slide her up and down his leg, watching her face as the pressure against her greedy little clit drove her need higher again.

While he forced her to ride his thigh he whispered all the dirty things he planned to do to her body until with another little scream she shuddered in pleasure. He carried her back to the bed and laid her down, spreading her thighs once more to look down at her swollen little slit. She was puffy and red from his attentions and with a sigh of regret he lowered her gown.

Lucas was delighted by Mari’s response. She was passionate and would learn to love everything they did together in the privacy of their room. Leaning down, he kissed her deeply, releasing her lips with regret. “Are you going to be my good girl and stay in this room and think about why you were spanked?”

Mari blinked at him with big sleepy eyes. “Yes, sir.”

“No more touching that sweet little puss, young lady,” he admonished as he straightened to leave the room again.

“No, sir,” she said emphatically as a fresh stain of red filled her features.

Lucas left his girl staring after him with wide eyes. Miss Hattie and Rose both stood in the hallway outside of the room, arms crossed over their chests and glaring at him.

“I’ll be marrying her tomorrow,” he said firmly. “I didn’t take her but I couldn’t let what she was doing pass.”

Rose and Hattie looked at each other, back at Lucas, then at each other, then both women blushed. Lucas had never seen a madam blush. It was an interesting experience.

“As it should be then,” Hattie said with a nod before hurrying away.

“Well, I guess I need to make a cake,” Rose said as she walked away with a brisk nod in his direction. It wasn’t the most gracious start to a marriage but they would make it work.

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