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Marked and Mated: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

The closer they got to his guest suite, the more Darby tried to hang back. Jean-Michel did not seem to notice. He went to open the door to his—now their—suite and Darby tried to break away. Before she could even turn away from him, he once again had hold of her hair at the base of her neck.

“Naughty mate,” he said, chuckling as she struggled against him. “We are going to need to break you of the habit of running when confronted with something not to your liking. Although I must say that while I can understand you wanting to distance yourself from my discipline, I think you will find the pleasure you will receive from me will be something you want to embrace.”

“You arrogant jerk.”

“Your loving mate,” he corrected her. “As much as I’d like nothing better than to get you naked and on your back in our bed, there is the matter of your punishment for today’s misbehavior to be seen to.”

“You are not going to spank me. And you’re sure as hell not going to fuck me.”

Jean-Michel chuckled. “That is where you are wrong, ma choue. I am your mate…”

“I haven’t yet taken any vow… and I won’t.”

He still held her fast. “Ah, but you will… either voluntarily or in front of witnesses when I force the same from you. But you are my fated mate and you know it. You heard my call and naughty girl that you are, chose to resist me. But in the end, you couldn’t… could you?” He ran his hand down on her flank and cupped her bottom. “You are wearing entirely too many clothes.”

“All I have on is your shirt.”

“As I said, too many clothes.” He bent his head and kissed her.

She struggled against him. He held her close, wrapping one arm around her waist and allowing his hand to take up residence on her derriere. He brought his other hand up between them and again cupped her breast before rolling one of her hardened nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

Darby kicked at his shin as she pushed against his chest. His response was to pinch her nipple and swat her backside. She yelped in response.

“That had better be the last time you try to injure me, mate. I will allow that you’ve had a difficult few days and have never had a mate to hold you accountable.”

Before she could protest, he continued, “The bastard who marked you as his abused you—that is not holding one’s mate accountable. You will never be abused again. I will now hold you accountable. When I ran you to ground, you became mate to the alpha of New Orleans. You will learn to behave yourself in a manner that fits your position. When you do not, I will punish you.”

“As I said, you’re an arrogant prick and I despise you.”

“Calling me less than loving names, being disrespectful, and lying to me will all result in having your mouth washed out with soap in addition to the spanking you’ll be given. I’m going to turn you loose. I expect you to remove my shirt and let me gaze upon your loveliness. If you need some time to compose yourself before I discipline you, you may go stand in the corner. But then, mate, I will see to holding you accountable for your naughty behavior. That will be decidedly unpleasant for you but most likely highly arousing for me… as well as you.”

“I won’t allow you to beat me. And I would never be aroused by pain or violence.”

Jean-Michel chuckled. “Not beat, beloved, spanked. I can tell you are strong-willed and spirited. But my will is stronger and you will learn to yield to it. And the arousal, my sweet, comes not from the pain, but from knowing your mate cares enough to spank you when you misbehave so you can be the best version of yourself. Running away from an alpha who has sworn to protect you, not answering the call of your mate, and not surrendering when you have been caught are all things for which you need to answer. But do not fear, ma choue, I have just the cure for the problem of your arousal.”

“You bastard.”

Before she could even guess his intent, he once again grabbed her hair by the nape of her neck. With the other hand, he stripped her of his shirt and led her into the en suite. He turned on the water and laughed when he saw the soap.

“Having to wash out the mouth of misbehaving females must be a common occurrence. They have goat’s milk soap.”

Jean-Michel turned on the warm water and soaped his hand. Darby struggled against him, but he held her fast by her hair.

He brought the hand up to her mouth and said, “Open.”

She shook her head.

“Naughty mate. When I give you a command, I expect you to obey it. When you don’t you’ll be disciplined accordingly. Now open.”

Darby shook her head again. Jean-Michel rinsed the soap from his hand and moved that hand up to grasp her by the hair. He pulled her forward, bending her over the vanity and giving her ten hard, swift swats on her bottom. She yowled. Nick’s hand had been bad enough, Jean-Michel’s was far worse. And despite her words to the contrary, she could feel the stirrings of her arousal begin to form deep within her in sharp contrast to feeling nothing akin to that when face down over Nick’s knee.

Jean-Michel switched hands and re-soaped his hand. “Open.”

Darby was fighting back the tears. The man had a wicked hand.

“Darby, do you want another ten before I force your mouth open and get the job done? Keep in mind, beloved, I am still going to put you over my knee for a proper spanking for your misbehavior today.”

Darby tried to respond but the minute her mouth opened to do so, Jean-Michel used his non-soaped hand to immobilize her jaw. His hand entered her mouth and she could taste and feel the soap being transferred. He rubbed the insides of both of her cheeks and the front and back of her teeth. Darby shook her head and brought her hands up to try to pry away the hand that held her jaw open. Jean-Michel continued until the soap that had been on his hand was now in Darby’s mouth. When he was done, he took hold of her hair again, rinsed his hand, and gave her a final swat. He took note that her bottom was already showing a bit of color from his discipline.

He led her back into the bedroom and marched her into the corner. “You stay in the corner until I’m ready to give you your spanking.” He put her where he wanted her and then gave her a hard swat to her already smarting behind. “If you come out of the corner before I tell you, you will get a spanking just for that. Do you understand?” When she failed to answer, he landed three more sharp blows to her bottom. “Answer me.”

“Yes,” she whispered as a tear slid down her cheek.

Jean-Michel stroked down her sides and nuzzled her neck. “It will be all right, Darby. You have nothing to fear.”

“You’re going to beat me. I swore no man would ever beat me again.”

Jean-Michel took her by the hand. “Come here, sweetheart.” He led her out of the corner and over to their bed where he sat down.

She’d been willing to follow him but once he was sitting on their bed she began to struggle.

“Darby, enough. First, fighting against a spanking you have earned yourself will only get you spanked worse. Second, I just want to talk to you for a minute and want you to come sit on my lap.”

He held her hand but did not tug her in his direction. Reluctantly, she complied.

“I am not going to beat you,” he said calmly. “I will spank your pretty bottom when you deserve it. But you will always know why you are being punished.”

He rubbed her back with one hand and placed the other on her leg with his fingers resting on her inner thigh. Not wanting to look at him, her eyes were riveted to the placement of his hand.

“After I’m convinced you’re sorry for whatever behavior got you put over my knee, we will make up. You will enjoy that,” he said, smiling. He nuzzled her neck again and kissed her shoulder. “You have no need to fear me.”

“I don’t want to be your mate. Choose another.”

He chuckled. “That’s not how it works with fated mates and you know it. We are fated to be together. I will not allow your fear to keep you from being mine.” He moved his hand up her thigh and deeper between them. She tried to push it away. “Naughty mate. You do not push my hands away… especially when they are trying to comfort or arouse. Do not do it again. Do you understand?”

She sat still for a moment and then nodded.

“There’s my good mate. Are you still afraid?”

“No, but I don’t want to be spanked. You already spanked me and it still hurts.”

Jean-Michel chuckled again. “Good girl for answering me truthfully. Unless I’m spanking you for erotic reasons, when I do so I will leave some sting behind to remind you for a day or two that you displeased me to the point I felt I had to punish you. And if you don’t want to be spanked, I suggest you learn to do as you’re told and behave yourself.”

He could feel her body stiffen as she started to rankle against what he’d said. His new mate was definitely a spitfire. He looked forward to bringing her to heel both in and out of their bed. “And who’s the arbitrator of whether or not I’m behaving?”

“That would be your mate and alpha… me. Has it been that long a time since you were held accountable?”

“You mean since the bastard beat me? Not long enough.”

Darby could feel the anger roll off of him, but oddly enough not at her. “He was no alpha, nor was the bastard that sent you to him in settlement of his gambling debts. I suppose given your past, your fear is understandable. It does not excuse your behavior, but it does make me think that perhaps just the use of my hand instead of warming you up with my hand and then taking my belt to you is in order.”

“You’d use a belt on me?” She began to struggle and squirm to get up off him.

He smiled and held her fast. “Yes, beloved, when it is warranted I will take my belt to your bottom and will leave evidence of my displeasure behind in the form of welts. Your behavior in running away from Dylan, inciting two others to go with you, and then failing to heed my call are all things for which a naughty girl should receive a welting.”


“Yes. Have I mentioned to you how truly beautiful you are?” he asked in almost a purr. “You have the most amazing nipples. They’re so large and become so erect and responsive. Is your pussy just as responsive?” he asked, dipping his hand back between her legs.

“You’ll never know. I swear if you rape me, I’ll find a way to kill you.”

“I would never rape a woman, any woman, and especially not my mate.”

“If you hit me again, I will never agree to be fucked by you, much less have that knot thing jammed up in me so you can pump your cum into me.”

“Such crude language from such a pretty mouth. Another area we’ll have to work on. But I will tell you this, after I spank you for your naughtiness today, before I mount and claim you, you will beg me to do so.”

“I won’t,” she said, hoping that he could not tell she was becoming more aroused as she was forced to be such close proximity to him.

The steely gaze he gave her was in direct contrast to the grin on his face. “You will, ma choue. And come the morrow, your pussy will rival your bottom for discomfort from my use.” The steel softened and was once again replaced by humorous glint. “As you seem to have resolved your fear, I think it’s time we get your spanking seen to so that I may enjoy the rest of the afternoon between your legs learning how you best like to be loved and mated.”

She started to struggle again, but his strength was far superior to her own. He allowed her to gain her feet, but quickly spun her around and pulled her down over his knee. He braced her upper body on the bed itself and used his other leg to trap hers. She tried to flail her arms behind her, but he caught them neatly in his one hand and pinned her. He let her feel that he was in control. She stopped struggling.

“Good girl,” he said soothingly as he brought his hand crashing down onto her buttocks.

“You bastard!” she screeched.

“Not true. My parents were happily mated for many, many years. They did not outlive each other by even six months. I don’t believe my father wanted to live without her. I never understood that until I sensed you were here.”

Jean-Michel began to spank her. If she’d thought the swats he’d given her thus far were painful, the spanking he was inflicting demonstrated a new level of pain. Darby kicked and screamed and tried everything she could think of to get away from him. She even tried going into that dark place she had with her previous mate where nothing he did could touch her. But hard as she tried, she could not escape Jean-Michel’s presence or his hand that continued to punish her backside. He focused mainly on the fleshiest part of her cheeks and only placed a few swats to her delicate sit spots.

She endured blow after blow. She screamed, she cursed, and still the spanking continued. All the while he spoke soothingly to her. He reminded her that she was being spanked because she’d been naughty but that when it was over, all would be forgiven and he would bring her great pleasure. Finally, she quit fighting him and went limp over his knee. It still hurt and she could feel every swat.

Darby started to quietly cry. “Stop. Jean-Michel, please stop. I’m sorry.”

The minute the words left her mouth, the spanking ceased. “There’s my good girl. An apology will always get your spanking mitigated if not stopped. And what are you sorry for?”

“You know.”

“I do, but I want to ensure that you know what you should be sorry for. If you refuse to answer, I’ll go back to spanking and it’ll be at least another ten swats until I think about stopping. Do you want me to resume your spanking?”

“No. I’m sorry for running away from Dylan and for getting Summer and Gina to go with me.”

“And?” Nothing but silence answered his question. “Naughty mate.” He began once more to spank her.

“God, no! Jean-Michel, please, I’ll say it!”

“One—Two—Three—Four—Five—Six—Seven,” he counted out the swats. “Eight—Nine—Ten. Now what was it you were sorry for besides disobeying Dylan and causing trouble?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t answer your call.”

He began to rub her heated and painful backside in a loving manner. “That’s right. You heard my call and resisted coming to me. That was very naughty, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” she cried.

Jean-Michel released her and helped her off his knee. He stood with her and cradled her in his arms while she quietly cried.

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t,” he said, chuckling. “But you’d like to at least right now. I will start to work on remedying that and having you accept your true feelings. Come now, let’s get you into bed. The scent of your arousal calls to me.”

He could feel her stiffen. “You don’t really expect me to just get on my back and spread my legs for you, do you?”

He laughed again. “Yes, my naughty mate, that’s exactly what I expect. You can either willingly get in our bed, lie on your back, and let me have my way with you. Or I will put you back in the corner and then fuck you there as the end to your punishment. Perhaps once I’ve made you come for me three or four times, you will be more agreeable to getting in our bed, spreading your legs for me, and letting me pleasure us both.”

He was a most curious man, this new mate of hers. While his face and eyes were shining, there was a core of strength and steel that she could feel herself being drawn to. She knew he would prefer that she acquiesce but would have no problem enforcing his will if she chose to be obstinate.

“What’s it to be, mate? Corner or bed?”

“I suppose bed.”

He kissed her deeply for the first time, his tongue moving into her mouth to taste her and coax her tongue to do the same. He pulled her close and kept her where he wanted her by placing his hands lightly on her buttocks, causing her to wince and moan.

He had expected her to offer resistance but when all he felt was supple compliance, he whispered, “If you’re going to be a good girl, I will let you have a pillow for your backside.”

“That’s not funny. My ass hurts.”

“Of course it does. You just got spanked for being a naughty mate. Just so you know, you’re going to feel my loving correction for a few days. Come get in bed, Darby. Let me show you the pleasurable part of being my mate.”

He helped her into their bed. He was quite solicitous and made sure she was as comfortable as she could be. He then removed his jeans and boots so he too was naked. He turned back toward her and she glanced down at his arousal.

Jean-Michel saw the panic in her eyes when she saw his fully erect cock. He knew she had been ill-used by her former mate… a fact Jean-Michel intended to make him answer for. He felt that perhaps Darby feared that she could not accommodate him and that he’d force her and that he too would hurt her.

He slid into bed with her and pulled her close. “Do not fear my knot, sweet. You are not ready for that level of pleasure at my hands. Before I knot you, I will have removed your former mate’s marking from your body and replaced it with mine.”

He eased her onto her back. She was uncomfortable and frightened… understandably so. He began to kiss and nuzzle her, speaking to her in a language similar to French. The hands that had earlier proved to be hard and unrelenting were now soft and sensual. Everywhere they touched her skin, she quivered.

His passion was restrained but palpable. Her body began to respond to his of its own accord. Her nipples had continued to harden until they were now sore and she was quite sure that he would find her dripping with need when he parted her legs.

Darby found he was an excellent kisser and soon was actively participating. His hands began to move down from her head and neck to stroke her back and then to fondle her breasts and nipples. She moaned as he played with her—alternating rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and tugging them with a bit more force.

Once he had his hands on her, the small well of desire his mastery over her during the spanking had created began to grow. He coaxed her body out of the frozen state in which it had existed for so long. Darby could feel the tickle between her legs begin to steadily increase.

He moved his body down hers so that he could suckle and tweak her nipples with his mouth on one breast and his hand on the other. Darby’s body came alight with response and she arched her back, pushing her breast more deeply into his mouth.

As he continued to play with her breasts, one hand stroked down her body until he parted her legs and with it her lower lips. In Darby’s experience, nothing good had ever come from anyone being around or playing with her most feminine spots. She began to become uncomfortable and tried to push him away.

Jean-Michel growled at her. “What did I tell you about pushing my hands away?” When she failed once again to answer him, he pinched the nipple with which he’d been playing.

“That hurts, Jean-Michel.”

“It was supposed to. Did you not hear my question, mate? Were you so lost in your own passion that you couldn’t formulate an answer?”


“Then answer me. What did I tell you about pushing my hands away?”

“Not to do it.”

“That’s correct. This is the last time I will give you a warning. Do it again and you’ll find yourself across my knee for some additional discipline. If you don’t like something I do to you then you may tell me after we’re done, but you don’t just tell me no. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” she said sullenly.

Jean-Michel laughed at her and went back to using one hand to fondle her breast while his mouth captured the other and increased her arousal level substantially. She wanted to resist him; wanted to deny that he was rekindling a part of her she had long thought dead. He moved his hand down her body, stopping to massage her pelvic area just above her mons. When he felt her relax, a single finger made its way through the blonde hair at the apex of her thighs and found her clitoris. He touched it and she moaned loudly. She put her hands on his as if to push him away again. This time when he growled, she moved one hand up to grasp his forearm and the other she left on top of his, putting pressure on his hand to rub her harder.

He continued to lay claim to her body as he watched anxiety give way to arousal and pleasure. When he moved his hand past her clit to her velvety opening, he could feel her thighs relax and allow him greater access to her core. He slid a finger up into her. As he did so, her hips arced up to take him more deeply. Jean-Michel began to stroke her first with one finger and then with two. She was incredibly wet.

Jean-Michel watched as Darby closed her eyes. He felt her hips begin to move in rhythm to his fingers stroking her inner walls. He smiled as he realized she was fast losing her grip on reality. Instead she was being consumed by the web of sensuality he was weaving. He wondered if she’d ever experienced the level of sensuality she was obviously capable of feeling. He could feel the electricity of her desire playing across her skin.

Jean-Michel ceased fondling her breasts and propped himself up on his elbow to be able to more fully enjoy watching her succumb to her passion. He nuzzled her neck and whispered in her ear telling her how beautiful she was, how he adored her, and how happy their life would be together. He doubted the words registered as she seemed intent only on the sensations he was creating by fingering her.

Her breathing became more shallow and lost its depth and rhythm. Jean-Michel could feel as the well of her desire began to gather and center in her core and then to spread throughout her whole body. All she could do was feel his fingers deep within her stroking and coaxing long-held dormant sensations to life.

Jean-Michel pumped her harder and faster and then added his thumb playing with the nub between her legs. The touch there was her undoing. Her pussy spasmed around his fingers, her toes curled and she arched her body in response. She climaxed, grinding her groin against his hand. She opened her eyes and looked at him in wonder. He removed his fingers from her sheath but left his hand resting between her legs.

“Has no man ever pleasured you, my beloved?”

“Nothing like that,” she whispered. “Once in a while in the past year or two I’ve been with a human, but no, nothing like that. Will it always be like that?”

“No,” he said and then laughed at the look of disappointment on her face. He leaned down and kissed her. “It will get better.”

He rolled over on top of her, putting his knees between her thighs, and kissed her mouth. His tongue stroked the inside of her mouth the same way his fingers had stroked her sheath. He rose from her body and began to rain kisses down her torso. He stopped to suckle her nipples and then to suck the entire areola surrounding them. Without thought she bowed her body to push her breast deeper into his mouth. She grasped his forearms and writhed beneath him. He took the time to ensure both nipples were fully engorged and her arousal reawakened. This time when he reached between her legs, she offered no resistance. As he settled himself so that his mouth would now be able to pleasure her, she stiffened.

“Please, no. If you have to shove your cock in me, just do it.”

He chuckled, which caused her to try to squirm away from him. His muscular arms wrapped around her thighs and holding her lower lips parted for him prevented that. She struggled to get away, but he held her fast. Jean-Michel could feel her body at war with her emotions and memories. He could see and smell her arousal. He had felt its abundance come to life under the ministrations of his fingers. He vowed to help her body’s needs conquer her painful memories.

“Remind me to work with you on your pillow talk, beloved. It could use some work. Did you forget that I told you that before I mounted you that you would beg me to do so?”

“That won’t happen.”

He lowered his head. Right before sucking her clit into his mouth, he murmured, “Ye of little faith.” As he wrapped his tongue around her and sucked, her hips surged up. Darby felt her body’s desire for him spiral out of control. Her pussy ached with emptiness but began to pulse in need of him. As he sucked the nub between her legs, she felt another orgasm crashing down upon her and cried out. He allowed her to experience its full power. As she relaxed he began to suck and nibble on her again. Now when she squirmed it was not to get away from him.

Darby experienced her second climax in a haze of feeling centered solely on his mouth and what he was doing. She vaguely recognized that her hips were moving in rhythm to his ministrations. With his mouth full of her, Jean-Michel could only make encouraging noises, but that seemed to reassure his mate; she reveled in her pleasure.

Jean-Michel nuzzled her clit and kissed it lovingly. He turned his attention to her molten core, which was dripping with her desire. He plunged his tongue into her to taste her sweet honey and was rewarded when she again pushed herself against his face. Jean-Michel lapped up her honey as she continued to produce more. He thrust his tongue up into her and swirled it around. He could feel her inner walls clamping down and pulsating a deep and old rhythm. Jean-Michel ached for her and he repressed the knot that desperately wanted to form. He longed to replace his tongue with his cock and plunge in and out of her.

Darby clutched at his head. While earlier she wanted only to be away from him, now she wanted to pull him closer. She had never experienced such a pleasure in the arms of any man, much less an alpha male. His only intent and goal seemed to be to see how much pleasure he could elicit from her at his hands, tongue, and cock. Once again, her breathing became shallow and electricity flowed throughout her. She could feel her pussy spasm as she climaxed again, crying out his name.

When she’d come back to him, she looked down to see him still cradling her thighs between his arms and his chin resting on her mons as he grinned up at her. She couldn’t help but smile back at him. While she’d experienced some sexual pleasure, and even orgasmed by her own hand, never had a man brought her anywhere close to that level of sensuality or gratification.

Jean-Michel idly played with her nipples and clit. Slowly he traced circles around them with his fingertips. Her body once again began to respond to his fondling and teasing. Darby closed her eyes and enjoyed the carnal pleasure he was providing. She didn’t think about anything just indulged in the sensations he was causing. She could feel the beginning of another orgasm.

When he suddenly stopped, she opened her eyes to once again see him grinning at her. “Why did you stop? I liked that.”

He smiled. “Yes, I could see that. You, my mate, are a very responsive woman. That those who came before me did not use you to your full potential is shameful for them. But you should know, my beautiful, sensual mate, that for me that was only the beginning—merely a way to get you completely aroused.”

“There’s more?” she asked.

Jean-Michel kissed his way back up her body. “So much more.”

“I never… I mean, not with a man…”

He kissed her as he chuckled. “I got that feeling as I was enjoying you being pleasured. What would you think if I told you there was even greater pleasure to be had with my cock stroking where my tongue and fingers just did?”

“The knot…”

“Should not concern you, beloved. I have been suppressing it and will disregard my need to allow it to swell again and bury it deep within you. You have been ill-used in that regard; that will not be the case with me. Other than spanking that pretty bottom of yours, have I done anything to hurt you?”

She shook her head. Once again, he put his hand between her legs and began to stroke her. With each successive climax, her body found its way back to that pinnacle more easily and quickly. He backed off his stroking, removing his hand from where her pleasure was centered. He enjoyed that instinctively she knew she wanted more. This time when she pushed at his hand it was to direct it back between her legs.

“Jean-Michel? Please?”

“Please what, beloved.”

She pushed at his hand. “Pleasure me.”



He seemed to suddenly change his mind and pressed his thumb against her clit as he began to pump his fingers inside her. She was almost ready to climax when he stopped. She screamed in frustration. “You bastard!”

He laughed. “Again, beloved, we must work on your pillow talk. Would you like me to give you another orgasm?”

“Very much.”

“Then ask me to mount you. Ask me to claim your pussy as mine.” He could see the fear creep back in her eyes. “I will not knot or mark you until you wish me to do so. You liked when my fingers were inside you stroking you, yes?”

She nodded.

“Then imagine if something that would fill you more completely was doing the same.”

“You won’t force the knot?”

He nuzzled her and smiled, vowing to kill the man who had so abused her that she feared what should bring her the greatest joy as his mate. “No, my sweet. And if you look you can see that it has gone down since I brought you to our bed.”

She looked down. The knot had gone down in size, but his cock was hard and looked uncomfortable for him. But, she believed him when he said it was capable of bringing her even more pleasure. “Jean-Michel?”

“Yes, ma choue.”

“Mount me,” she whispered, kissing him of her own accord for the first time.

“Do not fear, mate. My cock will only bring you pleasure… even when you don’t want it to.”

As she giggled, the fear left her eyes and he rolled over on top of her. Her thighs parted easily for him to settle between them. Slowly he breached her opening and sank into her. The knot, while still present, had lost most of its size and rigidity and she barely noticed when it too entered her body.

Darby realized he hadn’t lied. His tongue and fingers had provided her with great erotic pleasure. His cock took that pleasure and amplified it. She felt full of him and felt her entire pussy being stroked from its entrance to its end. His length was complemented by girth and her entire circumference was being stroked in the most exquisite way. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she almost orgasmed beneath him before he took his first stroke. He grasped her hips and began to thrust in and out of her slowly. As he thrust forward the third time, he was gratified as her body came undone beneath him and she climaxed for him again, grasping at his arms. He stilled within her and let her ride the crest of her orgasm without being distracted by anything. When her body stilled, he began his slow stroking again.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, “Faster. Harder.” She wrapped her body around him and flexed her fingers into his back. “More.”

He chuckled, delighting in her need. “You, wench, do not tell me how to fuck you. But trust that I will do so until you are exhausted and sore from my attentions.”

He continued to stroke her slowly but deeply. Jean-Michel enjoyed how she responded to him. He could feel that she no longer thought to withhold any part of her response.

“Jean-Michel, please?”

He stopped.

“No,” she wailed.

“Now that I have you where I want you, my naughty mate, let us come to an understanding. You are my mate. I will give you some time to declare it on your own. If you don’t, I’ll bring witnesses into our room and force you to declare either on your back or face down over my knee.”

He began to move hard against her. She lost track of time and space, all she could do was feel. He had captured her completely. She could do nothing but respond to him. She knew that he was deliberately taking his time in satisfying himself. His only thought seemed to be how long and hard he could pleasure her before succumbing to his need to drive deeply and release himself into her. As he continued to move within her, Darby’s pussy began to pulse in rhythm to his stroking. Her hips moved in rhythm to his as much as he would allow. She felt another orgasm begin to well up and envelop her as he stroked harder and faster and finally thrust home to empty himself deep within her.

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