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Marked Brides: Six Alpha Shifter Romances by Maren Smith, Morganna Williams, Delta James, Pepper North, Allysa Hart, and Lesley Clark – Extended Preview

She was surprised when the attendants came to get her for her first meeting with the scientists of Terra Arcus. She’d planned to at least change into something other than her sweatshirt and jeans complete with the well-worn wellingtons. She didn’t have much to choose from but perhaps at least a nicer shirt would have been better.

Apparently there wasn’t time to change; they simply rushed her toward the door. Shiloh did manage to grab her medical bag on the way out but nothing else. She clutched her medical satchel close; she’d been afraid to leave it in her rooms in case they didn’t return her there.

Her attendants were leading her down a long hallway and into a bright area that appeared to be a stage. The lights pointing in her direction were so bright that she couldn’t see beyond them. As they crossed over to the stage a blue fog seemed to enshroud her and then her clothing melted away, leaving her completely naked except for her wellingtons and the satchel in her hand.

She fought the attendants as they led her forward to the center of the stage and pulled her arms wide, her medical bag dropping to the floor at her feet. Shiloh gasped when she realized she was frozen in place, her arms and legs pulled wide so her nude form was completely on display. No wonder they hadn’t cared if she wore the pretty dress, she thought hysterically.

Suddenly there were roars of approval from what sounded like an entirely male audience. This was no scientific summit.

She turned her head and watched a large man walk up to a podium. “Shall we start the bidding process?”

Her gut clenched as she realized she was in the process of being sold.

A beast of a man covered in dark hair sprang onto the middle of the stage. A strong odor accompanied him and she could only assume he wasn’t a regular bather. He leered at her and grabbed his crotch suggestively, making everything in her recoil in revulsion.

Shiloh closed her eyes, briefly praying this wasn’t the man about to buy her. “Please, no,” she whispered.

A red-haired giant with a short red beard jumped onto the stage with a growl as he faced the dark feral male. “This human is the property of Mamuut! I, Drakier of the Mamuut, claim her as one of my clan and my chosen mate. She will be the keeper of my home and the mother of my young. The funds have already been transferred.”

“The woman will be mine!” the dark hairy Arcanian snarled.

“You have no place here… no clan,” the auctioneer stammered nervously as he eyed the dark man who was alternately snarling at the red giant and leering at her.

She watched the proceeding nervously, hoping with everything in her that she ended up with the red-haired man. He was a stranger too but at least he didn’t repulse her.

“I have already claimed this one as Mamuut, to be my mate and I’ve paid for my prize,” the man with red hair told the other.

The auctioneer pounded his gavel down after checking the little device to his left. “This prize has been claimed by the Mamuut clan. I have verified the transfer of the handsome fee. Never fear, my fellow Arcanians, we have many more prizes for you to view.”

A deep menacing growl came from the red-haired man who called himself Drakier as he stepped between her and the dark hairy man. The other man gave another quick snarl and a flash of teeth before he turned and jumped down from the stage.

The red-haired giant turned to study her nude form with a satisfied smile.

Shiloh shivered as the man approached her, studying her naked body closely. Even with her height he towered over her, making him at least seven and a half feet tall. He wore tight leather-looking breeches and a matching vest that left a large portion of his chest bare, exposing the thick red pelt of hair that covered it.

Bright emerald green eyes stared into her own as one big hand came up to stroke a finger down her cheek. “I am well pleased with you, little one.”

Shiloh swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry as she glared up at him. “This is barbaric! I demand that you return me to Earth this instant!”

The giant man simply laughed. “My mate has spirit and will breed fine young!”

A loud cheer rang up from the audience along with cries of “Mamuut!”

“You can’t do this! We are human beings… we have rights!” she cried out as he palmed one of her large breasts. To her shame her nipple began to tighten in response to his rough handling.

He stroked his other hand down her back with a growling rumble that was almost soothing as the hand cupping her breast released it to run down her belly and hold her sex.

“No!” Shiloh cried out, pulling ineffectively against bonds she couldn’t see that seemed to have her body locked into this humiliatingly lurid pose. Her eyes closed in horror when she felt her body respond to the fingers probing her nether lips and his pleased growl.

“Look at me, little mate,” he said firmly.

She squeezed her eyes together more tightly, praying this moment would end.

“Look at me!” This time the command was accompanied by several sharp slaps to her naked ass.

Shiloh’s eyes sprang open as she released a squeal of protest. “Owww!”

“Look at me.” The words were spoken in a gentler tone but the command was just as implicit.

Helplessly she looked up into his bright emerald eyes. Just as her eyes made contact with his, one thick finger slid deep inside of her, making her breath catch in her throat.

“Oh, god!” she whimpered as his finger began to pump in and out of her tight channel.

When she would have closed her eyes again, overwhelmed by the intensity of what was happening, another sharp slap landed on her ass. Her eyes widened as she looked up at the sheer willpower in his eyes. “You will keep your eyes on me as we show the Mamuut and all the other clans watching that your body recognizes its master.”

“No, please… I… you can’t do this… please… owwww!” She ended on a wail as he began to spank her ass hard and fast, leaving no place on her full globes untouched. Even as the stinging fire in her bottom grew, the finger pumping in and out of her pussy never paused, driving her need higher and higher.

“You belong to me… Drakier! Tell me… tell them!” he commanded, pulling his finger out of her tight sheath only to return with two stretching her poor channel forcefully as he drove his fingers in and out of her while continuing to spank her.

Tears trickled down Shiloh’s cheeks even as she felt her body go softer and wetter for him as if she were begging for his possession. When his thumb began to make little circles over her swollen clitoris she couldn’t stop herself from moaning. “Please… you can’t make me do this… please!”

She wasn’t even sure anymore if she was begging him to stop or to make her come. Her belly was starting to tighten almost uncomfortably with the need to orgasm. “Tell me who you belong to.”

Drakier continued to hold her eyes as his fingers fucked harder and harder, taking her right to the edge. The pressure on her clit from his thumb was fleeting and light, keeping her riding the edge.

“Oh, god… please… please, Drakier…” Shiloh whimpered, need clawing at her belly.

“Who do you belong to?” Drakier asked her, the authority in his tone absolute.

“You! I belong to Drakier of the Mamuut!” she cried out as his thumb began to rub her clit in hard little circles while his fingers pounded in and out of her without mercy until she stiffened and then exploded with a scream of pleasure.

“I am well pleased,” he told the auctioneer as he pulled his fingers from her body and licked them clean, never taking his eyes from hers as he did it. It was so overtly sexual that Shiloh had no idea how to react. She was so confused by everything that was happening and her body’s response to it.

Did she secretly want to be treated like this?

“Good girl,” Drakier told her, drawing her attention back to him as he did something and the invisible hold on her arms and legs was released. Then he tossed her over one broad shoulder, holding her in place by sliding two of his fingers back inside her still spasming sheath.

It was mortifying to be carried out on display, his fingers sliding in and out of her with every step he took. She knew every man in the audience could see his fingers stroking in and out of her wet pussy, but with every step Drakier took she could feel herself getting wetter as her body tightened down in preparation for another orgasm.

She prayed they got away from their audience before he made her come again. It was humiliating and her response to this treatment was as confusing as it was overwhelming. No man had ever looked at her in a sexual way so she’d very seldom felt like a sexual being.

Of course she’d orgasmed before but it hadn’t been like what had just happened. That was like comparing a nice sneeze to a tsunami. The orgasms she’d experience in the past she could really take or leave… the one this man had just forced upon her she was ashamed to admit she wanted to experience again… and again.

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