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Marked by the Wolf by Sassa Daniels – Extended Preview

Lisa’s heart pounded furiously as Ross shut the bedroom door behind them and turned the key in the lock. It had been an eventful night but fortunately once everyone got over the news Ross had claimed her, things had settled down. His telling his family she was his mate caused a shift in attitude and his cousins showed much more interest in her after his announcement. She still wasn’t sure what she felt about the situation, but it had certainly made spending time with his family less painful.

When he declared it was time for them to retire for the night, talking had been the last thing on his mind. She’d glimpsed the intense hunger in his eyes. She knew she had a punishment coming but the look he’d given her hinted at the rewards that would follow.

Standing in the center of the room, she waited for instruction. Already it felt right to let Ross take the lead, in the bedroom, at least. The hairs at the back of her neck rose as Ross came up behind her and put his strong hands on her shoulders. She felt so small, vulnerable next to him, but somehow she knew she was safe. His breath whispered over her skin as he spoke.

“Take off your dress and go stand in the corner. I want your legs spread wide and your hands behind your back.”

Disobeying didn’t even cross her mind. Lisa turned to face Ross as she reached around to lower her zipper, just enough so she could slip the dress off. Cool air wafted over her skin as she stood, naked, before him. Blatant appreciation shone in his eyes as they roamed over her body. Lisa trembled under the weight of his stare. No man had ever looked at her the way Ross did, as though he wanted to devour her.

She turned on her heel and walked to the corner of the room. Adopting a wide stance as instructed, she put her hands behind her back, linking her fingers to help keep them there. She listened as Ross moved around the room, no doubt removing his jacket. Waiting to learn what punishment she faced was nerve-racking, but she’d behaved well at dinner tonight, better than Ross had at any rate.

Her mind ran through the possibilities—hairbrush, paddle, birch rod, cane. There were so many implements he could use to enforce his discipline. She closed her eyes and cleared her mind. Whatever punishment Ross chose, she would accept it. Releasing herself from responsibility for what happened in the bedroom, she freed her mind from the anxieties that had plagued her.

A slight smile played across her lips as Ross came up behind her, a strong, reassuring presence. He took her wrists and wrapped a long, thin piece of silky fabric—his tie, she assumed—around them. He knotted it tightly and held onto her arm as he led her to the bed. Ross took a seat on the edge of the bed and reached up to brush a stray strand of hair back from her face.

“I want you over my lap for this.” He must have seen the hesitation on Lisa’s face as he took hold of her arm. “I’ll help you get into position.”

Pulling her down onto his lap, he arranged her as he wanted her, with her head hanging down toward the floor. Raised up on her tiptoes, she felt off balance. With her wrists bound behind her back, she wouldn’t be able to save herself, but Ross’s hand steadied her. She trusted him not to let her fall.

“This looks so pretty.” Ross tapped the base of her butt plug, sending a tantalizing vibration through the metal object. “I think we’ll leave it in for your spanking.”

“Yes, sir.”

It was the only acceptable response under the circumstances. Ross was telling her how things would be, not asking for her opinion. His murmur of approval at her deference brought a smile to her lips.

“As you were such a good girl tonight, I’m just going to use my hand.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Lisa was still marveling at his generosity in letting her off so lightly when his hand struck her bottom for the first time. A rush of breath escaped her as she registered the shocking impact. Perhaps he wasn’t going so easy on her after all. His palm was made of steel.

As he struck her again, first on one cheek and then the other, she wished her hands were free so she could grasp his leg. She needed some way to anchor herself. Ross seemed to sense her anxiety as he tightened his grip on her bound wrists. He continued to spank her in a steady pattern, going from left to right and back again. Each time his palm fell, her bottom throbbed a little more painfully. Her flesh burned more fiercely with each blow and, worse than that, her arousal grew.

Ross delivered increasingly hard strokes and she reacted with moans that spoke of anguish and joy. Her delicate nipples were grazed by the fine wool fabric of his pants, sending a tingle straight to her core. The stainless-steel plug moved inside her and every nerve came to life as her pussy rubbed against Ross’s muscular thigh.

“I think someone’s enjoying their spanking,” Ross remarked, a light, teasing tone in his voice.

Lisa bit her lip. It wasn’t the spanking she was enjoying. She didn’t like being struck on the bottom like this, not really. What was turning her on was lying across his knee, writhing helplessly against his legs.

Another whoosh of cold air warned Lisa a blow was coming. As Ross’s hand struck across the width of her bottom, she cried out, unable to contain her shock at the sharpness of the sting. She wriggled her hips, trying to alleviate the pain.

“Settle down, sweetheart. You’re doing well.”

“Uh-huh.” Lisa couldn’t manage any other response.

Ross walloped her ass four more times and she cried out with each strike. Her eyes watered and she clenched her teeth. Surely her backside must be black and blue by now? It certainly felt like one giant bruise.

“Do you need me to stop?” Ross asked.

Lisa shook her head. Whether it was a genuine offer or a test of some kind, she wanted this over with as soon as possible. Drawing out the discomfort seemed silly. Three more harsh slaps sent flames licking out across her flesh. Lisa whimpered and moaned. Ross’s hand crashed down on her tender derriere once more and Lisa yelped.

“I think you’re ready to atone for this morning’s behavior now,” Ross announced.

Lisa’s eyes widened. If lying obediently over his lap and having her bottom thrashed wasn’t atonement, she hated to think what was. Before she could comment, Ross lifted her off his lap and deposited her on her knees on the floor. She blinked in surprise, wondering what had just happened. Ross got up off the bed and moved around in front of her. His eye held her gaze as he slowly removed his shirt and pants. His cock strained against his underwear and Lisa eyed him warily. As he slid off his boxer briefs, revealing an angry-looking erection, she understood what he wanted from her. She raised herself up on her knees. Parting her lips, she readied herself for him to use her mouth as he saw fit.

She might be on her knees before him, but his mate looked like a queen. The way she presented herself was magnificent. Her back was straight, her neck long, and she held her head high. With her hands bound behind her back, her gorgeous breasts were pushed out in front of her. The serenity on her face as she waited for him was admirable. He’d spanked her ass raw, but she showed no signs of distress, comporting herself with grace and dignity.

Kicking his clothing out of the way, Ross stepped closer to Lisa. He stroked her cheek tenderly as he wrapped a hand around his cock. He ran his hand slowly up and down the shaft a few times.

“You want this?” he asked, and Lisa nodded in response. “Ask me for it, then.”

“Please, sir, give me your cock. Fuck my mouth. Come all over my tits.”

Ross blew out a breath. Only a few days ago, she’d balked at talking dirty, but it seemed she was a fast learner. He guided his rigid length into her mouth. Her soft, smooth lips tightened around him and she sucked gently. He groaned as her tongue swirled around the head of his cock and lapped up droplets of pre-cum.

Pushing another couple of inches into her mouth, he watched her carefully to gauge her reaction before going deeper still. A brief flicker of panic showed on her face as her cheeks puffed out. Her wide eyes teared up, but she soon regained her composure, breathing slowly and steadily.

“You like having your mouth stuffed full of my cock, don’t you, sweetheart?”

Her answering grin told him all he needed to know. Whatever else happened between them, their bodies would always crave each other. He pumped his hips experimentally. Lisa’s hum of pleasure vibrated along his turgid shaft. She pulled back and then drew him into her mouth again. Her actions were more assured than the first time she’d sucked him. While Ross loved the thought of her worshiping his body, right now, he needed to take things at his own pace. Tangling a fist in her long, raven-black hair, he tilted her head slightly and began to fuck her gloriously hot mouth.

As his cock slid toward her throat, Lisa shifted on her knees. He could smell her arousal. Each time he pulled back over her tongue and drove his steely length forward again, she grew wetter. She rocked her hips, desperate to find some way to capture the fluttering of desire she undoubtedly felt. Whatever it was she needed, she wasn’t able to get.

Spurred on by Lisa’s frantic squeals and moans of frustration, he increased his pace, sliding back and forth past her lips much faster now. He held her head tight as Lisa sucked his cock as though her life depended on it. His movements became erratic as his climax approached. His balls throbbed and tightened. His hips jerked and he pulled out of her mouth. Pushing Lisa so she fell back against the bed, he coated her beautiful breasts in his cum, just like she’d asked him to. He wiped a hand across her chest, spreading his seed across her pale skin, and stepped back to admire his handiwork.

Lisa looked up at him, her eyes gleaming with desire. He reached for her arms and hauled her to her feet. Quickly untying her wrists, he picked her up and tossed her onto the bed so hard she bounced. Grabbing a couple of pillows, he placed them at the center of the mattress.

“Drape yourself over the pillows. I want that ass nice and high.”

Lisa hurried to get herself into position. Her cheek rested on the bedspread and her bottom was raised. With her legs spread wide apart, she wiggled her hips, offering herself to him. Ross climbed onto the bed behind her. He gripped the base of the butt plug and pulled until the largest of the beads slipped out. Then he shoved it back inside her. Lisa yelped, more in surprise than pain. He slid the plug in and out of her a few more times, enjoying the low, deep moans she emitted.

He slipped his hand under her and tugged sharply on her right nipple. Lisa hissed loudly, but the juices seeping from her pussy confirmed her arousal. Ross watched her face closely as he played with her breast, caressing the soft, round globe then pinching her taut nipple. Giving her equal amounts of pleasure and pain, he worked her into a frenzy. She whimpered as he moved away and swiveled her hips in a silent plea for him to fuck her.

Ross ran his finger along her feminine slit. “You’re drenched,” he said, amazed by just how ready for him she was.

“Only for you.”

Her words ignited a fire in him. He shoved his cock into her pussy, burying himself to the hilt.

“Fuck!” he ground out as she pushed back against him.

He thrust into her welcoming pussy, fucking her hard and fast until she begged him for release. As she climbed toward her climax, he pulled out of her and yanked the beaded plug from her bottom. Lisa shrieked as an orgasm took hold of her. She bucked violently against the pillows.

Grabbing hold of her hips, Ross pushed his shaft into her rear channel. Already primed, her body accepted him easily, but she was still deliciously tight. His eyes rolled back in his head. He was in heaven.

Lisa sighed contentedly as the warmth of Ross’s cock replaced the cold, impersonal butt plug. She reveled in the incredible stretch as he held himself, unmoving, inside her. The man had amazing self-control. Lisa wiggled her hips impatiently. She was only just coming down from one bone-melting climax, but another was starting to build. She needed him to take this last part of her he hadn’t yet claimed.

Grunting in satisfaction, Ross pulled out an inch or two and slid back in slowly. He repeated the motion, establishing a steady but painfully unhurried rhythm. Lisa pushed back to meet each thrust. She whined with need and something inside of Ross seemed to snap. Their bodies slapped together as he fucked her mercilessly. Her fists grabbed a handful of the bedcovers as Ross gripped her hips, taking his pleasure from her highly sensitized body. Every nerve was brought to life as she clenched her muscles, squeezing Ross’s turgid flesh. He groaned, his movements becoming less controlled. His cock throbbed inside her and her forbidden channel was bathed in his semen as he came with a violent shudder.

As he pulled out of her, Lisa hoped he wasn’t going to leave her unfulfilled. Her body needed an orgasm as much as she needed her next breath. Ross rolled her onto her back and knelt between her legs. He pushed one long, thick finger, and then another, inside her.

“I didn’t see your face before.”

He was referring to what happened at the dinner table when he brought her to a climax with those skilled fingers. Watching her intently, he found her g-spot and stroked gently. Lisa lifted her hips, pressing hard against his hand as her face contorted in pleasure.

“So good,” she moaned as she rocked her hips back and forth.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Fuck my fingers.”

After all the things they’d done, getting herself off still felt naughty. Lisa raised and lowered her hips, letting his fingers slide almost all the way out of her before drawing them back into her body once more. Her pulse raced and she spread her legs wider. She rubbed her clit against Ross’s hand and the tiny bud throbbed. Her pussy clamped down on his fingers and her womb clenched.

“Come for me, sweetheart.”

At his command, something inside her broke free. Legs trembling and pussy throbbing, she surrendered to the onslaught of blissful sensation. Spots floated in front of her eyes as the blood thundered through her veins. She was vaguely aware of Ross moving on the bed beside her, pulling her close, but nothing really registered. Thoroughly sated, she sighed deeply as sleep dragged her into its embrace.

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