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Marked: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“We’re not done, little girl,” Silas murmured. I stilled. He couldn’t be serious, right?

“You’ve come twice already, man. Don’t get greedy,” I countered, my voice revealing the hoarseness in my throat.

“There’s one of your holes left for me to fuck, little girl, and you’re going to beg me for it,” he growled boldly, and I stilled.

“You’re goddamn insane,” I replied furiously. There was no way he was going to fuck my ass. No man ever had, and he was most certainly not going to tonight. There was also zero chance I was going to beg him for it.

“Ask me to fuck that tight little hole,” he snarled, and I started to get angry.

“No,” I refused, shaking my head. “Take this off,” I added, shoving my tied wrists in his direction. I wanted to go to bed and I’d never be able to get comfortable if I was still bound.

His gaze darkened considerably and for a moment, a quiet sense of fear bubbled to life deep in the pit of my belly. The more he stared me down, the more afraid I became. There was a sudden part of me that regretted my bold words.

He knelt down to the floor and grabbed the clasp of his belt. Then he slowly stood up and folded the leather in two. I squirmed backwards on the bed, but it was too late. I wasn’t fast enough. He grabbed my ankle and deftly flipped me over onto my belly, before bringing the soft leather down hard on my ass.

It felt like a fire brand. His palm now seemed like child’s play compared to this. He lashed my naked bottom with the belt again and as I tried to pull my leg from his grasp, my thighs spread open the slightest bit. He whipped me again and the folded tip of the belt just grazed my inner folds. I screamed and squirmed, but it soon became clear that I wasn’t going to get away.

“Please stop!” I cried out.

My ass burned.

“Bad little girls who don’t do as they’re told are punished until they are wet and sobbing,” he scolded and my pussy clenched hard with need. My thighs were already sticky with my cum and his, but it didn’t matter. I just wanted more.

Swiftly, he grabbed me about the waist and lifted me up in order to slide a thick pillow underneath my hips.

“I’m going to whip this disobedient little bottom until it’s marked enough to really teach you a lesson. Then I’m going to spank that naughty little pussy bright red. You’re going to cry for me. You’re going to sob. You’re going to beg me to stop, but it’s not going to matter. Your punishment will only end when I decide it will end, and not a moment before. After all that, I’m going to give you another chance to do as you’re told and if you’re very good, I might just let you come,” he growled and my core shuddered hard.

My hips felt extraordinarily high up in the air and my naked ass already burned from being spanked multiple times in the same night. He’d only whipped me a few times with the belt so far, but I could already feel the fiery welts rising on my skin.

I whimpered, pulling my bound hands into my chest.

“Now, ask me to begin your punishment, little girl,” he demanded, his voice firm.

“Please punish me, sir,” I whispered. I don’t know why I called him sir, but in that moment it felt right. He was strong and fierce. Clearly formidable enough to tackle a woman like me.

“Are you ready to be reminded of your place?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” I said softly.

He wanted my surrender. He wanted my pain. My tears. My pleasure. He demanded everything and he was making me give it all.

Which… if I was truly honest with myself… made me curious.

He’d hurt me. Had forced me over his knees and spanked me over my jeans and then had torn my clothes from my body, leaving me completely and utterly bare. He’d made me come more times than I could count. Had fucked me harder than any man had ever before, and I hadn’t been able to get enough of it. His brand of dominance was intoxicating because no one had ever made me submit to something like it before.

Pain. Pleasure.

It felt like he was giving me the world.

Would it be so bad if I gave in?

No one would ever know I’d been stripped naked and fucked hard. No one would ever know this stranger had spanked me like a naughty little girl and that I’d sucked his cock with my bottom still burning.

And now I was about to get my naked backside whipped with a belt. Then he was going to force me to open my legs so that he could spank my pussy too.

I knew what would come after that because I already wanted to beg him for it even before my punishment began.

He was going to fuck my ass. Hard. And I was going to take it because I was a very bad little girl with very filthy and dirty thoughts that deserved every last second of it. My pussy clenched hard and I arched my back just a little as I presented myself to him. Something snapped inside me and I felt my surrender wash over me.

This was going to hurt, but I was going to take it. Because he was the only man that I’d ever met who had the balls to master a woman like me.

His fingers grazed across my bottom, caressing the already sore flesh before they dipped in between my thighs. My thighs were soaked, and he took a long time to explore that fact. I whined softly with shame, knowing that he knew that I was this sopping wet at the prospect of being whipped with his belt. My clit throbbed hotly, knowing that it too was going to get spanked after that.

Fuck. I was so turned on.

I shouldn’t be this way. I was sick. Deranged. I didn’t care.

He laid the belt across my naked cheeks. I tensed, anxious about what was to come. One of his big hands settled on my lower back, pinning me down over top of the pillow. His touch was comforting, and I focused on that instead of worrying about just how terrible this was going to be.

“You will learn to obey me, little human,” he growled.

I heard the belt cut through the air before it whipped against my naked cheeks, so much harder than before. The previous strokes paled in comparison to this one. I tried to breathe through it. I tried to remain strong, but the strikes with the belt came hard and fast and I quickly felt myself losing all control. I squirmed. I fought, but his palm on my lower back held me prisoner and forced me to take every last lash.

I whimpered and moaned from the fiery pain, my entire bottom feeling as though it was on fire. Welt after welt painted my backside, leaving behind terrible lasting reminders of my refusal to be obedient. A certain sense of panic came over me as the pain grew to overwhelming proportions, but then something broke inside me.

I surrendered.

I begged for him to stop. I told him I was sorry for being disobedient. I told him I’d be very, very good for him and do what he wanted, but it didn’t matter. The belt continued to punish my naked cheeks again and again despite my apologies.

I began to feel helpless. The feeling of being held down and whipped with his belt made me feel more like a naughty little girl than ever and even though it hurt so very much, I knew that my little pussy was wetter than before.

And after this was all over, he was going to find that out for himself. Right before he forced me to take a spanking on my very bare and sensitive little pussy.

My core clenched hard.

“Please. I’m so very sorry,” I pleaded.

The belt was ruthless, brutal, and cruel. It didn’t stop, not even for a second. With vicious efficiency, he focused the belt on my upper thighs. It was terrible. The sting consumed me, and I tried to hold back my tears as they threatened to fall.

It was a futile effort though. Before long, one tear after another escaped from the corners of my eyes, dripped down my cheeks and onto the blankets beneath me. As the belt continued to whip me, I began to sob.

“That’s it, naughty girl. Cry for me,” he purred, and my pussy slickened with liquid heat.

And I did. I cried hard for him.

It took me several long moments to realize that the belt had stopped whipping my bare bottom, only to be replaced with the roughened caress of his palm. He allowed my tears to dry before lifting me up off the pillow and pulling me into his embrace, my back to his chest. I cried out as my marked backside pressed down onto the bed, but I wasn’t given a choice about it. He sat down and leaned backwards, before hooking his legs around my ankle and forcing my thighs open wide. He wound an arm around my waist and held me tight. His other hand settled on top of my pussy and a sudden intense jolt of fear shot down to my core.

Shit. My punishment wasn’t over. My little pussy was about to get punished next.

“Please, I’ve learned my lesson,” I begged. “Please don’t spank my pussy.”

“Are you afraid?” he asked, ignoring my pleas.

“Yes, sir,” I answered, desperate for him to grant me mercy.

“Good. You should be. Naughty little girls who disobey their masters deserve to be punished. Really bad little girls get their little pussies spanked bright red when they need to be reminded of their place,” he answered.

I shuddered against him. My thighs tensed as I tried to close them, but he was far stronger than me. I couldn’t even move them an inch. There would be no avoiding this. I was about to get my pussy spanked for the very first time and I didn’t have the slightest bit of choice about it.

His palm patted my wet folds gently. Once and then twice.

“You were a bad little girl, weren’t you?” he murmured, his voice low next to my ear. His thumb lightly caressed my clit.

“Yes, sir,” I finally answered, knowing it was what he expected of me.

“Bad little girls deny their masters access to their bodies and when they do, they deserve to be punished. Isn’t that right, my little human?” he asked, and I shivered in his embrace.

“Yes, sir,” I whispered, feeling my pussy tighten with need.

“Do you deserve to be punished then, little girl?” he continued, his voice firm and I could feel myself giving into him.

“Yes, sir,” I answered timidly.

His palm smacked my pussy hard, much harder than I had anticipated. He forced my thighs to remain open with his, making me take every last smack on my very tender and overly sensitive folds. Each time his hand met my flesh, the wet sound echoed shamefully loud. I squirmed. I cried. Having my pussy spanked like this made me feel more like a naughty little girl than ever and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

With the belt, he’d chased away my anger. Now with his palm, he was bringing the lesson home.

It hurt. Oh, god, it hurt.

Each slap against my pussy felt like a burn. Over and over again as I struggled to take it. The complete lack of control hit me and I submitted. I accepted that I’d been a bad girl and I needed to be punished. That I deserved every single spank on my naughty little pussy.

Tears poured down my face and I sobbed openly. I apologized over and over, my words soft and almost unintelligible murmurs of my surrender. His palm settled over top of my very wet and sore folds.

“Is there something you’d like to ask me for now?” he said gently, his voice coaxing.

“I’m so very sorry. Please fuck my ass, sir,” I whispered, my voice shaky as I tried to swallow back my tears.

“Very good. I’m proud of you, little girl,” he answered. Instead of rushing to take my virgin bottom hole though, he simply held me. He took the hand not holding my pussy and used his thumb to wipe away my tears. His kindness surprised me. I’d expected him to simply take my ass now that he’d finished my punishment, but he didn’t.

Instead, he lifted me in his arms and turned my body to face his, allowing me to press my face against his chest. I heard the beat of his heart and realized that it was beating remarkably fast. That his skin was warmer than usual.

More things about him that weren’t exactly human.

His arms wound around my shoulders and he pressed his lips to the top of my head. My pussy was so sore that I couldn’t close my thighs and I tried very hard to avoid pressing it against the surface of the bed. My tears slowly dried and the longer he held me, the calmer I became. I also couldn’t deny the fact that I was very aroused too.

My punishment, both the belt whipping and pussy spanking, had turned me on.

“You took your punishment very well, sweet girl,” he murmured, and I lifted my eyes to look into his. I hummed with pleasure at his words before he started to slide his finger up and down my clit. My hips rocked to meet his touch and I whimpered as the pressure of his palm reminded me just how scalded my pussy was from when he’d spanked it.

“And after all that, you’re very, very wet for me,” he purred, and I moaned as he continued to caress me.

“Please,” I begged. Everything hurt. Everything buzzed with bliss that demanded to be set free. I wanted to come.

“Come, on your hands and knees for me. Show me that bright red little pussy and then, I want you to spread your pretty marked bottom and show me that tight little virgin hole. Show me so that I can fuck it,” he said firmly, and a soft cry of shock emerged from my lips. His arms loosened and he released me, before he stood and waited for me to obey his wishes.

And I did. Without a moment’s hesitation this time.

Turning around, I crawled on the bed until my bottom was facing him. With a soft whimper, I arched my back and presented my very bare pussy to him.

“Such a very well spanked little pussy,” he murmured, and I felt myself flush hotly with shame. Even then, my inner walls fluttered expectantly, almost as if my body was begging to be fucked once again.

I shivered and leaned forward, turning my head and balancing my upper weight on my right shoulder. I was thankful that he couldn’t see my face because I was quite certain that I was blushing bright red from what I was going to do for him next.

With trepidation, I reached backwards and took my bottom cheeks in my fingers. Slowly, I spread myself open for him and I could feel myself shaking. I waited, knowing he was staring at my wet little pussy and my naughtiest hole. Knowing that he could see that I was growing even wetter. That he could see every time my little pussy clenched with desire as I thought about how his massive cock was about to take my reluctant bottom hole for the very first time.

So I waited. Trembling as he inspected me.

I was so ashamed. So aroused.

I wanted to come. I wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked in the place where good little girls never got fucked.

I felt naughty for thinking such things, but those very same thoughts were making my needy little clit throb with desire to be taken in such a shameful way.

His fingers grazed the backs of my thighs, skimming along the painful welts that his belt had left behind.

“There’s just one last place for me to mark and that’s this tight little hole,” he murmured softly, and I bit my lip. “You’ve never felt a cock here, have you, little girl?” he added gently, and a shiver raced down my spine.

“No, sir,” I answered. My voice shook with anxiousness.

“It’s going to hurt then, little girl, but I think you’re going to like it. You’re going to like it so much that you scream for me as you come hard with my cock in your tight little ass,” he purred, and I felt a trickle of arousal drip down my folds onto my thighs. His thumb moved to catch that drop of liquid and I moaned with shame into the blankets.

I didn’t want him to. I told myself that single sentence over and over, but I knew it was a lie. A pretty fucking big one because I did want him to. I was so curious that it was consuming my every waking thought.

For the first time ever in my life, I wanted a man to fuck my ass. Even worse, I wanted it to hurt when he did it and I wanted Silas to be the one to do it.

His fingers dipped into my pussy and began to vibrate. He pushed them in and out, teasing my inner walls with slow taunting movements before he pulled them out and pressed them against my dark puckered hole.

I expected him to start with a single finger, but he didn’t. He began with two.

My virgin hole fought against him, tightening around the tips of his fingers. That didn’t stop him. In fact, it seemed to make him push harder. Faster.

It hurt. As much as I tried to fend him off, I was no match for his strength or his persistence. The moment his fingertips breached past my reluctant rim of muscle, I cried out with pain. The burning, stretching sensation felt foreign and far more intense than I had been prepared for, but I took it because I didn’t have a choice.

I took it because somewhere deep inside me was a bizarre and twisted need to be used like this.

I moaned as pleasure and pain battled within my body. The more I fought his advance, the more it hurt and the more the burning sting of being claimed in such a shameful way tore me apart from deep within. I tried to relax, and I tried to open myself for him, but it was so hard. My body continually revolted against him, causing waves of pain to come and go as he finger fucked my ass for the very first time.

My thighs trembled desperately. I found myself rocking back and forth, no longer in control of the movements of my body. For several long moments, he slowly fucked my ass with his thick digits, stretching me painfully with each and every knuckle.

When he removed his fingers, I tensed.

I knew what was about to happen, but it really hit me then that I was going to get my ass fucked for the first time. That it was going to hurt and that I was going to take it because Silas had demanded it. Had wanted to fuck every last one of my holes.

The head of his cock pressed against my pussy. Slowly, he pushed inside me, and I gasped as he reignited the soreness between my thighs from his very thorough fucking not long ago. It also reminded me just how big his cock was. How much bigger it was than the two fingers he’d just used to prepare my nervous little asshole.

I was so wet. Unnaturally wet and he used it to coat his cock. Over and over again as he slowly pushed in and out of my pussy. Even though I knew it was coming, I still tensed when he pulled free from my pussy and pressed the tip against my bottom hole.

I whimpered when he rocked forward, the sheer girth of his cock feeling like it was tearing me in two. Although I was grateful that he’d started with his fingers, it in no way prepared me for the magnitude of his hard shaft. I cried, moaning as I struggled to take him. The burning pain washed over me, wave after brutal wave as he pressed inside me. When the thickest part of his cock popped inside me, I almost sighed with relief, but it still ached. My tight little hole remained stretched far more than it ever had.

I had no doubt that my bottom hole was going to be sore for quite some time after this. I whimpered as the pain ravaged my well-used little body but when I felt him seat himself fully in my ass, I tried to remind myself to breathe through it.

He reached around my waist and settled his fingers over top of my clit.

“Would you like to come with my cock in your tight little ass?” he purred, and I felt my pussy clench hard around empty air. At the same time, my bottom hole tightened around his cock and he rocked his hips back and forth, a firm reminder that he was in charge.

“Yes, sir,” I answered timidly.

“If you want to come, little girl, I want to hear you beg for it. Tell me exactly what you want, and I might just allow it,” he murmured, slowly pumping his cock in and out of my ass as he spoke.

Even though he couldn’t see my face, I was blushing. At that moment, I was thankful that he couldn’t because I didn’t know if I could bear him knowing.

I opened and closed my lips, time and time again, but nothing came out.

“Beg me for permission to come or I’ll make sure this tight little hole is very well punished before I’m through with you,” he said firmly, and I whimpered even as my core tightened painfully with arousal.

“Please let me come with your cock deep in my tight little hole. Please fuck my ass. Please make it hurt, sir,” I managed to say, all while my face heated even further.

He growled with pleasure and then his hips slammed into mine. At the same time, his fingers vibrated intensely against my clit and I cried out with frenzied desire. It was too much all at once and I found myself edging toward orgasm faster and harder than before.

I screamed as I came harder than I had ever had before. My body exploded with my passion and I could have sworn I saw stars. My eyes rolled back in my head and I squeezed them shut, the furious vibrations between my legs driving me higher and higher into the brilliant onslaught of ecstasy. I was helpless against the intensity of the pleasure rocking through me and I drowned in it.

I moaned. I writhed. I screamed until my throat was raw.

I came so hard that I wondered if I would remain shattered forever.

His hips pistoned in and out of my asshole, using me for his pleasure despite how sore my virgin hole was. He had said it would hurt and it did, only something unexpected was happening.

The more I thought about it, the more aroused I became and when those addictive vibrating fingers caressed my clit, I couldn’t help myself as I came again. And again.

I came so many times that nothing else mattered. I came so much that my thighs were drenched with it. I came so hard that I began to cry again.

Tears poured down my face as one orgasm after another was torn from my ravaged body. His vibrating fingertips pinched my clit and held it painfully tight, wringing every ounce of pleasure that he possibly could even though I doubted that I had anything left to give. He took it all and claimed it for himself.

I broke and I broke hard. For him. All for him.

He continued to use my bottom hole roughly and the longer he fucked it, the more I began to feel like this was the final part of my punishment for denying him in the first place. There was nothing gentle or kind about a fucking like this. No.

This was meant to be painful. In order to remind me that he could take any of my holes whenever he wished it and that I didn’t have any say in the matter. The vibrations grew stronger, my feelings of helplessness along with it.

Another orgasm tore me apart. More tears dripped down my face.

He fucked my ass harder.

I no longer knew up from down. If I was experiencing pleasure. Or pain. I didn’t know if it hurt or it felt good. I didn’t know if I wanted it to stop or keep going.

I came again, my release tearing my core into pieces with enough savageness to leave me panting and sobbing. His other hand snaked around my throat and he lifted me up off the bed, still fucking me with his rigid punishing cock.

His palm tightened and his lips grazed against my ear.

“You’re going to come for me. One more time as you cry for me and then I’m going to mark your very last hole with my seed. I going to come inside your tight little hole and you’re going to take every last drop of it, aren’t you, little girl?” he said roughly, and I shivered in his grasp.

His words rocked me to the core and another brutal orgasm tore through me. The vibrations against my tender clit hurt and he pinched it harder, forcing a second intense orgasm that rattled me senseless.

He grunted hard, slamming his hips against my ass and I cried out, feeling each and every welt that his unforgiving belt had left on my naked backside. Images of the depraved and filthy things he’d put me through tonight flashed in my mind. Him throwing me over his shoulder. Him tearing my clothes from my body. Him spanking me over my jeans, then when I was completely naked and then with his belt. Of him forcing my legs open and spanking my very wet little pussy.

And now, of him fucking my tight little asshole.

I shattered as I came for a final time at the same time as his seed spurted deep inside my dark channel. My body went rigid as my orgasm ravaged me completely, as every nerve synapse jolted with pleasure at the exact same moment. Again and again I screamed as pleasure destroyed every last bit of what was left of my sanity. His seed was hot, and it blazed as it caressed my insides in the most shameful way imaginable. With every fiery spurt, my orgasm flared to the surface, a never-ending bliss that held me captive and consumed me.

I don’t know how long my release tore through my body. It could have been minutes, or it could have been hours, but when it finally began to fade, a very deep calm settled over me. He carefully pulled free from my ass, but he didn’t let go of me. His arms wound around my waist and he gently laid me down onto the bed. Quickly, he untied my wrists before he pulled me into his embrace and held me tight.

I was incapable of words for a long time. The only thing I could manage was drawing in one breath after another.

“You will spend all night wearing my seed, little girl. I want you to feel my mark as it drips down your skin, as it seeps from your sore, well-used little holes and as it dries on your pretty face,” he murmured.

His words made me blush furiously and I was glad that I could hide my face against his chest. It felt so shameful to be made to wear his seed like this, that he wouldn’t allow me to cleanse myself of the filthy embarrassing things I’d done with him that night.

But I was so tired and so very exhausted. My throat was sore. My pussy was sore, and my bottom was sore, inside and out.

Tonight, I’d learned something about myself. Tonight, I’d learned that there was a man out there who could handle me. That man was Silas and he’d done more than handle me, he’d mastered me more thoroughly than I’d thought was possible. Maybe he wasn’t fully human.

He’d broken me and I’d liked it.

After tonight, I was never going to be the same.

“Close your eyes, sweet girl. It’s time for you to rest,” Silas murmured, his tone soft and comforting. Obediently, I did as he asked and curled up against him as my body temperature began to plummet. I shivered, feeling a chill cross over my skin and he huddled even closer to me, offering his body heat to keep me warm.

His heartbeat against my ear was soothing and when his fingers started trailing up and down my back, I could feel myself beginning to give into my exhaustion.

“Such a very good girl,” he whispered. He said something about his mark and something about him hoping I was his mate, but I wasn’t quite sure if it was real or a dream. After that, I felt myself falling into a restful deep sleep. I didn’t toss or turn even once for the rest of the night.

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