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Married to Her Master by Aurie Jameson – Extended Preview

When he was in front of her, Tarik held the garment by the top and let it unfold, revealing what looked like a nightgown, made of thin cotton.

“Arms up,” he ordered, opening the garment from the bottom and holding it above Celeste’s head.

“Shouldn’t I wear something more suitable for training?” she asked, unmoving, turning her chin up to the piece of clothing.

“I told you that we will be training indoors today,” he said.

“But that dress doesn’t look like it will even reach my ankles,” she said in dismay, crossing her arms to shield some of her nakedness. “It would be inappropriate to be seen in front of the help.”

“That’s enough, Celeste,” he said, slipping the gown on her in one swift movement. He pulled her hair free from the garment, allowing it to flow down her back. He then grabbed her wrists, pulling her to her feet.

She stared down at herself, thankful to be clothed once again. However, when she took a moment to take in her appearance, she felt more naked than when she had been completely bare. The thin white material was so light that it felt as if it wasn’t even there. The hem of the dress barely reached her knees, leaving the rest of her slim legs completely on display. Her sleeves went all the way to her wrists at least, but the collar left her neck bare and covered just a portion of her collarbones.

She looked up at Tarik and saw that his stern expression had melted at the sight of her. He pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. “You look beautiful,” he murmured. He straightened and smiled at her. “Now, would you make the bed, please?”

Celeste’s jaw dropped and she turned to stare at the bed; its pale sheets and covers were strewn across haphazardly. She blinked in confusion. She had never made a bed in her entire life. She was seconds away from voicing this concern but bit her lip, remembering that this was supposedly part of her training. So without a word, she reached out and grabbed the sheets and covers and began laying them neatly on top of the mattress.

Tarik watched her carefully, enjoying the way the shape of Celeste’s pert bottom was visible from underneath the thin dress. The way she bent over the bed made the swell of her cheeks even more prominent. He couldn’t help but land a couple of swats to each cheek that was presented so nicely to him.

Celeste stiffened at the spanks, blushing profusely. She didn’t turn, however, and continued making the bed while her husband lightly swatted her stinging behind. She was getting more and more humiliated with each swat as she did the trivial chore that she had only ever witnessed maids completing. When she was done, she straightened swiftly and turned to Tarik, effectively shielding her bottom from his hard hand.

“I’m done, sir!” she said a little too loudly as she rushed to get the words out.

Tarik stepped around her and scrutinized her work. He walked over to one side and wandered over to the headboard. He stopped there and leaned forward slightly before crooking a finger at her in a ‘come here’ gesture. She obeyed, slowly making her way over to him, stopping at his side. He leaned toward her, making her stiffen even further.

“Bend over,” he ordered quietly.

Celeste barely suppressed a groan before doing so, putting her hands on the mattress, making her bottom poke out. She wasn’t at all surprised when she felt the back of her short dress rise up and onto her back, baring her pink tush.

“The covers are wrinkled,” he told her, smacking the plump cheeks. He did so slowly, but mildly, more to embarrass rather than punish her. He grabbed each cheek after each smack so that she could feel how large his hands were.

After about a dozen moderate spanks, he allowed her to stand before ordering her to adjust the bedding so that no creases were visible. After he was satisfied, he gave her a few gentle pats to her rear as a reward.

He picked up the ties that hung from her wrists and led her out of the room and down the stairs. He held both ties in one hand, the other on the back of her neck, gently guiding her as they went down the steps.

Celeste kept her eyes downcast as they descended, painfully aware of how much of her bare legs were visible. The thin garment she wore barely covered her knees, leaving her calves, thin ankles, and tiny bare feet out in the open.

She lifted her chin when they reached the bottom of the steps and gasped when she saw the two maids, Betsey and Addie, standing side by side, waiting for them. They smiled politely when the couple reached the bottom of the steps.

“Good morning, Lord and Lady Woodword,” they chimed together, bowing their heads respectfully.

“Good morning,” Tarik greeted and after a warning pat to her bum, Celeste repeated him quietly.

“Has everything been prepared for our session today?” he asked the two women.

“Yes, sir,” Betsey answered, stepping aside and gesturing to a metal cart that had been hidden behind her. “All the materials are here. Edgar is fetching the bench as we speak.”

Celeste stared at the items that had been placed precariously on the cart. She swallowed hard, her eyes studying the bowl of lightly steaming water. Wide satin ties made of black fabric lay beside the bowl, along with a wooden board, leather belt, and a wooden spoon. Neatly folded face towels were stacked in a neat pile.

“Very good,” Tarik praised them, making the two beam in response.

“What is all this for?” she asked tentatively. She could guess pretty easily what the belt, spoon, and board were for but what about the bowl of warm water? Were they planning on bathing her? In the living room?

Tarik didn’t miss a beat and swatted her twice, once on each cheek. She yelped and hopped forward. “That is the last time I’m going to warn you that you are not to speak unless you are spoken to. If that happens again, it will be a full punishment administered to your bottom. Understood?”

Celeste’s eyes filled with tears as she was so embarrassingly berated in front of the maids. She kept her eyes downcast, refusing to meet either woman’s gaze. “Yes, sir,” she finally murmured.

Tarik nodded. “Then let us begin,” he said ominously. “I want you to stand in the middle of the room. Stand up straight while focusing your energy as far out as it can go. You may use Edgar as someone to focus on.”

Celeste hadn’t even noticed that their old butler had entered the room. She did as she was told, moving gingerly past Betsey and Addie in order to stand where Tarik had indicated. She tilted her chin up, straightening and bringing her shoulders back the way he had taught her.

She closed her eyes for a moment, searching deep within her to call upon the usual pull of energy. When she detected the tiny force at her core, she concentrated on it and pushed it outward. She opened her eyes to focus more on Edgar, who had a passive expression on his face. She allowed herself to fully feel the energy coursing through her body and then out, relishing the warmth that filled her.

As she focused, she couldn’t help but notice that there was so much more energy flowing through her than usual. She couldn’t explain it, she would have thought that it would have been the opposite, considering she had just been scolded in front of the help like a naughty child and yet the shame filled her with a warmth that seemed to fuel her energy. What was it?

She glanced to the side at the maids, who were still standing by the cart but had shifted themselves so that they were facing her. Someone else was missing, she realized, looking around wildly. Where had Tarik gone?

“Ow!” she shrieked. She whirled around to face her husband, who had silently moved behind her. She reached behind her to cradle her stinging right bottom cheek, her eyes widening as she looked at him with a look of utter betrayal.

“Focus,” he said, swatting her again, her left cheek this time. “You were doing very well, do not get distracted.” He pursed his lips then in contemplation before reaching around her and lifting the back of the small garment, exposing her tush.

“Tarik!” Celeste was mortified as she felt the cool air kiss each exposed cheek. She wriggled in his arms, earning herself a few more well-placed smacks.

“Focus, Celeste,” he repeated, adding several more swats to her thighs, making her shriek.

Celeste danced in place but was somehow able to focus in front of her, pushing her energy forward, shifting from foot to foot as Tarik continued adding a swat here and there. She couldn’t help but think the entire process was counterproductive. Here he was acting as if he were helping her focus when he was just making it more difficult for her to call upon her ability.

Eventually, she was able to push her energy forward enough to placate him. This was an assumption since he did pause in his onslaught.

“Very good,” Tarik said finally.

Celeste sighed with relief when her skirt fell back over her stinging cheeks.

“Okay, Edgar, we are ready for the bench now.”

“Very good, sir,” the older man said.

Edgar bent down to pick up a bench in the corner of the room that appeared to be a common footstool. It was nicely upholstered with dark, smooth velvet.

As Edgar brought the bench to where Tarik and Celeste stood, it became clear that the bench was anything but ordinary. It appeared to be customized. One end tapered off so that the total shape of the bench resembled that of a carrot. Most astounding to Celeste were the pair of leather cuffs attached to each golden leg of the stool.

“You may go now, Edgar,” Tarik said when Edgar had the bench positioned in the center of the room. The butler nodded before taking his leave, disappearing into the kitchen.

“Betsey, Addie, will you kindly help Celeste into position?”

“Yes, sir,” the two women said in unison.

Celeste made a move to resist when the two women began to lead her toward the bench but wisely followed their lead as they gently pushed her forward so she bent over the stool, head toward the wider end. She squeaked when Betsey grasped one of her legs and lifted it over so Celeste straddled the bench.

“What are we going to do now?” Celeste asked nervously.

Silence passed over the room for just a second. Then Tarik said, “That’s one, Betsey.”

Before Celeste could ask what he meant, she felt a firm slap land on her rear. She turned in astonishment to look at the older maid, who looked at her apologetically.

“How dare you!” she shrieked at her, before turning on Tarik, who had placed himself in front of Celeste. “Tarik! Don’t allow her to do that!”

Tarik raised an eyebrow. “I told you that you are not to speak unless spoken to,” he said simply. He smirked a little. “Besides, you have the ability to stop them yourself, but you must use nothing but human possession.”

Celeste stared at him in disbelief. She stood up, shoving the two maids away when they made a move to grab her.

“I will do no such thing!” she screamed at her husband, who just watched her calmly. “You can’t do this to me. You will not treat me this way in front of the help! It is nothing short of disrespectful and humiliating! I refuse to do this—”

She froze as an icy feeling swept over her and she glared at her husband hotly as she tried in vain to move her now immobile limbs.

“If you refuse to cooperate, I think I can help you in that regard,” he offered.

Celeste screamed as Tarik seized control of her body with his ability and forced her back over the bench. When she was upended over it once more, she tried to wriggle but it was as if her limbs were not her own.

There was always this overwhelming sense of helplessness when human possession was being used on her, but she trusted Tarik. She wasn’t afraid because she had so much confidence in the fact that he would not harm her. However, that didn’t mean she had to be okay with her current predicament. Her distaste grew when she realized that she was actually comfortable as if the contraption was crafted just for her.

“This will go a lot more smoothly if you don’t fight, Celeste,” Tarik said. He then nodded to Betsey and Addie, who stepped forward and began to adjust the cuffs around their lady’s wrists and ankles.

Celeste took a breath, trying to focus on Addie’s right hand as it tightened the cuff on her wrist.

Only when his wife was completely restrained by the cuffs did Tarik release his hold over her body. He walked around her, taking his time to inspect Celeste. It was truly a tempting sight, the young woman sprawled out across the bench, her bottom poking out, her limbs tied down. Her slim legs were spread apart, fully exposing her pussy and anus.

Tarik walked around the bench to stand in front of Celeste again. He bent down so he could look into her eyes.

“Don’t look so glum now,” he chided gently, tilting her chin up with his finger. “This is not meant to be a punishment but a lesson. Cooperate and do your best and you will be rewarded.” He kissed her gently on the forehead before turning to stand behind his wife.

Addie and Betsey looked on, trying to look uninterested but their wide eyes betrayed them as they watched curiously.

“Now I want you to close your eyes and try to feel for my energy,” he told Celeste. With that, he raised his hand and brought it down on the pert globes in front of him.

Celeste gasped at the first smack and began to wriggle but stopped when she realized that Tarik wasn’t spanking her very hard. They were light, crisp strikes that had her bum jostling but did not sting or burn terribly. What he was asking her to do wasn’t difficult since she knew where to focus.

“Done, sir,” she said when she felt his presence.

“Good,” he said simply, pausing in between the light smacks to gently rub the soft mounds. He grinned when Celeste purred slightly. She would have drummed her feet against the floor but her toes were a couple of inches off it. She couldn’t help but suspect that had been intentional as well since it forced her to keep her bottom soft.

Tarik kept rubbing her cheeks roughly, flattening them with the flat of his hand. He kneaded her bottom then, digging his fingers into the warm, slightly pink flesh, causing delightful squeaks to come from Celeste’s lips.

Celeste pulled on the restraints as the familiar warmth between her thighs began to grow. She whimpered, completely humiliated at being spanked and teased in front of others. She looked up and was surprised, however, to not see any sign of Addie, Betsey, or Edgar. She turned her head and Tarik swatted her hard.

“Eyes forward, young lady,” he ordered, swatting her again.

“Where’d they go?” she couldn’t help but ask.

Tarik didn’t answer but walked over to the cart. Celeste watched him in confusion but immediately began to struggle when he picked up the wooden spoon.

“No, Tarik!” she cried.

Purposefully, her husband returned to his position behind Celeste and tapped the spoon on her quivering right bottom cheek. “What did I say would happen if you spoke out of turn again?” He asked this expectantly, giving the cheek a tap when she did not answer promptly.

“You said that I would get a full punishment,” she recited reluctantly.

“And I am a man of my promises,” Tarik said, bringing the spoon down with a snap, right where bottom met thigh.

It was a quick but harsh spanking. Tarik had a lot planned and so did not wish for her to be completely spent so early in the day. Even so, this was a punishment so he made sure to make the swats hurt. He didn’t strike hard, but did so with a fast pace, adding the bulk of the swats to the fullest part of her cheeks.

Celeste was surprised when her bottom only mildly stung while Tarik punished her but the heat in her tush was building quickly, becoming uncomfortable before too long, causing her to curl her toes and whimper.

When Celeste’s bottom was a uniform pink, Tarik set the spoon back down on the cart before digging his fingers into the freshly punished flesh.

Celeste hissed as Tarik kneaded her red tush but then cooed in delight when something wet and cool was applied to it. She looked over her shoulder at her husband who had drenched one of the towels in the bowl of cool water before placing it on her behind. She opened her mouth to thank him but wisely shut it and just smiled at him.

Tarik smiled back at her, before removing the cloth and placing a sweet kiss right on the summit of each buttock. “You’re doing really well, Celeste,” he praised her before bending to undo each cuff. “Uh uh,” he scolded when she made a move to stand. He landed two more mild swats. “Wait until I tell you that you can get up.”

Celeste laid down flat over the bench, bottom tingling, private parts warm and wanting. Tarik waited for several moments, squeezing her cheeks before allowing her to stand.

“The help is hiding throughout the house now,” he said when Celeste was upright before him. He gestured down the hall. “I want you to make your way to my study. Use human possession to find them and if you find them before they find you, you won’t be penalized.”

Celeste’s eyes widened as she listened. She didn’t have to ask what Tarik meant by ‘penalized.’

As she turned to head toward the hallway, she couldn’t help but feel as if she were a mouse being hunted by a gang of cats. She shifted her feet slightly as she walked.

The Woodword home was a large one, the bottom floor alone consisting of a dozen rooms. She thought about the path she would have to take to get to Tarik’s study, which was conveniently placed at the opposite end of the house. To get there, she would have to go through two hallways, the library, and the dining room.

Tarik followed her closely as she tentatively entered the first hallway. She tried not to pay him any mind as she shut her eyes, trying to feel for a presence. Unfortunately, she couldn’t push her energy out very far. She would have to focus the whole time, which, she realized, was probably the point.

There were several doors in the first hallway and Celeste was surprised when no one jumped out at her by the time she reached the end of the hallway that led into the dining room.

Growing weary from focusing for the entire length of the hallway, Celeste relaxed upon entering the dining room. She looked around the large room before darting across toward the large doors, leading into the second hallway.

As she passed the dining room table, she thought she caught movement out of the corner of her eye but realized just a second too late, screaming when a hand shot out from under the table and grasped the hem of her skirt.

Celeste screamed and tried to yank her skirt out of Addie’s grasp, but the older woman was younger than Betsey by at least a decade and it showed in her strength and flexibility. The small maid simply stood straight and grasped Celeste’s wrists, pulling her quickly but gently so she had to bend at the waist.

“Don’t fight her, Celeste,” Tarik warned when Celeste began to struggle violently. “Unless you intend to use your powers, you are not to resist.”

Celeste’s head shot up when something tapped against her behind. She looked over her shoulder, not at all surprised that her husband had a wooden paddle lined up against her backside. Without a word, he lifted the back of her dress up onto her back to bare her pink cheeks.

Celeste sucked in a breath, trying with all her might to focus on Addie’s hands but all concentration broke when the first swat from the paddle struck her lower cheeks. She howled, stomping her feet as the heat spread. When the second and third stroke fell, she yanked hard against Addie’s hold, successfully freeing herself but falling backwards on her sore bum in the process.

“Stand up, Celeste,” Tarik ordered, waiting for her to obey.

Celeste just shook her head, tears springing to her eyes.

Tarik just raised an eyebrow before hardening his gaze.

This time, Celeste didn’t even try to resist when the familiar chill pulsed through her and she was forced to her feet.

Addie watched with wide eyes as Celeste’s feet left the floor and she drifted over to the dining room table and was placed across it, feet dangling just inches from the floor. The master’s eyes were dark as night as they followed the woman’s movements.

He strode forward purposefully, tapping the paddle against his thigh. Once again, he lifted the back of the little white dress up and over before laying the paddle over the pink flesh. He didn’t say anything this time, simply lifting his arm high before bringing the wooden tool down on the quivering bottom, causing it to bounce and Celeste to squeal.

Tarik furrowed his eyebrows in surprise when he felt a cold tingling in his right hand and he had to struggle to bring the paddle down. He smiled with pride, feeling the intensity of Celeste’s ability. He gazed down at her, reveling at the amount of energy that was radiating off of her small form.

The process was repeated about a dozen times before Tarik decided his weeping wife had had enough. He laid the paddle down beside the sobbing girl before taking a red cheek in each hand, squeezing them roughly.

Addie couldn’t help but feel sorry for her until Celeste cooed at her husband’s touch. She was no longer being controlled by him. This was evident when she began curling her toes and shifting back and forth over the table. The maid couldn’t hear the words, but Tarik was murmuring something sweetly to Celeste as he rubbed and kneaded her tush.

After another moment, Tarik helped Celeste off the table and onto her feet. He kissed her forehead affectionately before turning to Addie.

“Thank you for your help,” he said to the maid. “You are dismissed for today.”

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