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Master of Her World by Lily Harlem – Extended Preview

“Open up, slave.”

Briella took a second to remember where she was, then her master’s hand at her jaw and the scent of his flesh brought her right back to the present.

He squeezed her cheeks slightly, forcing her mouth wide as she blinked to the daylight.

He was right in front of her, his erect cock a few inches from her mouth. He was working it in his fist, the flared, rouged head bobbing in time with his movements.

A giddy sense of excitement went through her.

What a way to start the day.

“Take me,” he said, his voice low and gritty with sleep. “Take me the way you did yesterday, into your mouth. Suck me, take my semen down your throat.”

He didn’t wait for her to respond, simply slid his cock over her tongue as he wrapped his other hand around the nape of her neck, pulling her to meet him. He kept on going, so far, so deep, until he touched the back of her throat.

Hugging him with her tongue, she exerted a gentle suction.

She stared up at him, enjoying the blissful expression that washed over his face.

“Oh, slave, that’s so good.”

Her clitoris was tingling, as were her nipples.

The sheet was gone and she lay naked on the bed with him kneeling at her side. The air was cool but her skin hot and goose-bumped. She tugged her nipples, wanting the erotic feelings to grow, then slid to her clitoris and rubbed the hard little bundle of nerves, the way the pad did when it was in place.

Would he tell her off? For touching herself? He had done before. But she considered it worth the risk. Something inside of her, vibrant and demanding, searing through her blood, made the act worth the gamble.

Withdrawing, he sighed, then slid back in with a moan.

She kept on sucking him, not so much to tug his delicate cockhead, but enough so he’d feel her mouth wrapped around his shaft.

The feelings in her clitoris were multiplying. Her heart was thundering in her chest. Still she looked up at him, marveling at his beauty. The way his tight abdominal muscles looked from this angle. How his body hair was a little damp with sweat. The acute angles of his face as he concentrated on the task at hand.

He opened his eyes and stared down at her, his lids heavy and his lashes creating shadows on his cheeks. His attention was caught by her shifting shoulder and his gaze went to between her legs.

Still she held him in her mouth, massaging him with her tongue, reveling in the first salty drip of semen she could taste.

“Yes, yes…” he said. “Like that, give yourself over to the erotic pleasure as I spill my semen into you.”

Relief washed through her. He didn’t mind her touching her clitoris while he was medicating her. She hadn’t broken any of his rules; rules she was still learning.

His shaft thickened. The pressure grew in her pelvis.

A slick of dampness leaked from her pussy.

She sped up, rubbing her clitoris over and over. Her toes curled. Her cheeks bulged with the size of his cock in her mouth.

The pressure—the wonderful, boiling, satisfying pressure—was about to overspill.

“Now, swallow, slave, swallow.”

Gast’s cock pulsed in her mouth. She guzzled hungrily and allowed the burst of ecstasy to shoot from her clitoris and around her body. Groaning around his cock, she closed her eyes, lost to sensation, lost to everything except the wonder of having her master making her feel so alive.

“Yes, yes, yes…” he hissed, pumping in and out of her mouth. “Yes, that’s it!”

His jets of semen seemed never ending and she took it all, the thick fluid slipping down her throat in luxurious waves of medication. Tightening his fingers on the back of her neck, he eventually pulled out. He dropped down so he was face level with her.

“Master,” she gasped, lifting her fingers from her clit. Her pussy was thudding the way her pulse was in her ears.

“Slave.” His eyes were a little glazed, his mouth slack.

She smiled, joy washing through her.

Suddenly he was kissing her. His tongue was stroking hers and his breaths were hard on her cheek. His chin was sharp with bristles and felt so beautifully masculine scraping against hers.

Feeling bold, she reached for him, clung to his wide, hard shoulders, and enjoyed both the kiss and waking with air rushing into her lungs.

On and on he kissed her. Until she was giddy with it. Until she wondered if they’d actually do anything else all day.

Finally he broke away. Smoothing his hand over her hair, he studied her eyes. “Today,” he said. “I’d like you to plant your seeds.”

Had she heard him right? After the trouble she’d been in the day before, was he really going to allow her to go along with her illegal plan?

“Master?” she said, searching for signs that he was tricking her with his words, setting up a trap for her to fall into where more punishment would be needed.

“You heard me,” he said, the right side of his mouth twitching into a half smile. “Plant your seeds. What’s the point of having them here if they never come to life?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” She couldn’t keep the excitement from her voice. To see those seeds grow, bloom, would be a dream come true and the first time she’d ever bear witness to a real flower and not one from a book or old-fashioned photograph.

Suddenly he stood and turned.

Briella drew her legs up, creasing the sheet, and admired his naked behind. Her master truly was incredible from all angles, and not just that, he was kind and generous, too.

After she’d ensured Gast had been fed, and then eaten his leftovers, Briella retrieved the seeds from the bedside table.

Wearing just her short skirt, she wandered into the heat of the suns. For a moment she paused at the edge of the outcrop of land her master had built his home on. The view was spectacular and she was sure she’d never tire of it. The sky today was a mixture of lilacs and pinks with a few streaks of dark citrus orange hovering over the mountain tips.

An unusual caw caw sound came from her left. Turning, she saw it was the bird she’d spotted the day before.

“Hello,” she said, stepping toward it.

In an instant it took to the air, its glossy feathers catching in the sunlight the way a slick of oil would. A shard of disappointment tugged at her. Briella would have loved to get closer, to maybe pet the creature. But it seemed birds were untrusting of women from Zoid and she’d have to make do with admiring it from afar.

Gast was in his work area at the front of the dome. With his hand well and truly repaired—as he’d proven the night before—he was sanding a long piece of wood.

He alone was a particularly pleasant view. His muscles danced beneath the surface of his tan skin as he crafted the timber smooth. He was hot too, the long strands of hair on his back stuck in tiny curves against his flesh.

Briella felt her heart speed up just from looking at him. A strange swelling sensation in her chest made her breathe deeply. She wasn’t sure what it was but it felt more than physical. It was a tug, a longing, a need for him to be close.

Turning away, seeds clasped in her hand, she was aware of a smile stretching her lips. She didn’t recall it arriving. It simply was.

The small soil patch she’d spied from the dome’s roof the day before was soft and a fraction damp. Using her hands, she scooped out a long shallow trench, then scattered the seeds evenly into it.

The bird cawed several times as she worked. Gast took to his hammer, the bang, bang, bang echoing off the side of the cliff.

Soon the seeds were covered with soil. All that was needed now was a sprinkle of water and hopefully the magic of germination would take place.

After filling the jug from the eating area, Briella carefully soaked the freshly turned soil. As she did so she imagined the seeds with little open mouths, waiting for their first drink. Much the way she had opened her mouth that morning for Gast’s cock to medicate her.

Feeling content, Briella set to work removing the clumps of pale yellow, coarse grass from her seedling area. She cleared away stones too. She wanted her new little garden to look neat so she could admire the flowers as they grew. It was hot work but she enjoyed spending time outdoors with the air in her lungs and the sun on her skin.

Eventually Gast stopped his banging.

“Slave,” Gast called. “I’m hungry.”

“Yes, Sir.” She rubbed her palms together to rid them of the crumbs of soil, then rushed to the dome. Quickly she washed her hands, dried them, then scooted into the eating area, holding the jug.

She stopped in the doorway.

Gast was standing by the table and chair. No, not chair, chairs.

He had his right hand resting on the back of the second chair.

She looked between it and him. Confusion fuddled her mind. Was he expecting a guest? Should she prepare extra food? Maybe an enforcer was joining them. She hoped not.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“I… er… the chair, Sir?”

“Yes, the chair. Do you like it?”

“It’s very beautiful. You are a skilled carpenter.”

“That’s kind of you to say.” He pulled it out, the legs dragging slightly on the hard floor. “Would you like to try it?”

“Test it? Before your visitor?”

“What visitor?” He frowned. “No, it’s for you.”

“But… Sir?”

“Come. Sit.” He pointed at the flat seat. “Now.”

“Yes, Sir.” She hurried to do as bid. The wood was cool on her thighs and the back hard on her spine.

“There,” he said, standing at her side and brushing her hair over her shoulders. “That’s much better.”

“But… I don’t understand.”

“I wish you to eat with me. Sit and eat with me.”

“But the rules? The enforcers…?” She shook her head. She couldn’t be hearing him right.

“I don’t care about the enforcers.” He frowned and slapped his hand onto the surface of the table. It shook under the force of his thwack. “This is my dome, not theirs. You are my slave, not theirs. I will do what I wish when I wish.”

“Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir.” His vehement tone startled her. Her master was indeed nobody’s servant. He was his own man, his own Roun man. She was proud of him. Thankful for him.

She also hoped he’d never be punished for creating his own rules for them to live as master and slave.

“I’m very grateful, and humbled,” she said, keeping her voice as steady as she could. “That you wish to eat with me at your table.”

“We will sit together, eat together, work and sleep together. It’s the way the stars have mapped out our destiny. Why fight it? And why in the sun’s name would I allow enforcers, or the king, dictate how I live my life?” He banged his chest with his fist. “I am Gastion Ribald Newton of Reme and I rule my dome and the land around it.”

“Yes, Sir.” She reached up and touched his forearm. The tendons were straining beneath the skin. “That’s how it should be and I’m honored to be here, in your dome, with you.”

His expression softened.

Briella stood and looked up at him. “And now I’ll make your meal, master.”

“You’ll split it, seventy-thirty, on two plates.” He gestured down her body. “You’re small; you don’t need as much as me.”

“Sir, I need only your leftovers, please. I don’t need some of your meal on a plate.”

“No.” He shook his head. “That’s not how I wish you to eat. I wish you to know how much sustenance you will receive each day. Both from my body and from my eating area.”

“But, Sir… why?” The words of her tutors at the training camp rushed through her head. It had been drummed into them that they were to eat scraps only. That was all they needed and all they deserved. They should be eternally grateful for any of Roun’s unpolluted food that was passed their way.

“Why?” He frowned.

She swallowed and nodded. “Yes, Sir. Why?”

“Because you’re my responsibility. And I wish you to be in a good routine in all aspects of your life here. Being medicated three times daily, sleeping, eating, and carrying out your duties.”

“I understand, Sir.” She nodded. “And thank you. But if at any time the arrangement isn’t suiting you, please don’t think you have to consider my feelings to go back to the enforcer’s rules. I will accept your judgement without question.”

“I know.” His gaze dipped to her nipples.

She realized they were hard; standing so close to him and feeling his body heat made her body react.

“Now go and get my food.”

They ate facing each other. No words, just the act of refueling. Briella adored every moment of being so near to her master. And savoring the meal, though bland and a slightly grainy texture, was better than rushing it, spreading crumbs, anxious only to fill a hole in her belly.

She took longer to eat than Gast but he appeared content to watch her nibble the last mouthfuls as he sipped his sweet water.

“Do you like Roun food?” he asked as she brushed a crumb from her breast.

“Yes, thank you, Sir. It doesn’t taste smoky the way food on Zoid did. The atmosphere seemed to hold every flavor hostage.”

“I’m glad I don’t have to tolerate such pollution.”

“It’s a sorry state for a planet to have found itself in.”

“But a lesson to all others in this galaxy.”

“Yes, Sir. I believe you’re right.”

He smiled and stood. “Leave these plates for now. I wish you to show me where you planted the seeds.”

“Yes.” She jumped up. “I’m so excited and so grateful for your kindness in letting me plant them.”

“It’s my pleasure.” He stroked the back of his knuckles over first her right and then her left nipple.

A tremble went through her. It wasn’t medication time, not yet, but if her master wanted to put his cock inside her, give her erotic pleasure, she would not complain.

“Lead the way,” he said, gesturing to the door.

Briella set off at a skip. How wonderful her life had become. She was happy in her body, in her dome, and in her heart. Gast was the wonderful gift she’d been waiting for. How had she lived without him for all of these years? The truth was she hadn’t lived. She’d merely existed in a cloud of noxious fumes awaiting this glorious day.

With her belly full, clean air in her lungs, and a tug of longing between her legs, she stepped into the sunshine.

But suddenly she halted, and her throat tightened.

The big black bird was digging in her patch of soil.

“Shoo, shoo.” She rushed up to it, flapping her arms the way the creature flapped its wings.

It stared at her, its beak stuffed full of her precious seeds, then took to the air.

“Oh, no!” she wailed, looking at the destroyed trench of mud. “They’re all gone! He’s eaten them all.” She dropped to her knees and sifted through the grains of dirt. “He hasn’t left me any.”

Tears were welling, her vision blurring. “How could he, doesn’t he know how precious they are?”

“Precious to him, too. Likely the nicest thing he’s ever tasted.” Gast rested his hand on her back.

She continued to scrape at the ground.

“Slave, please, stop.”

“There must be one left.” Frantically, she sifted the dirt through her fingers, praying she’d find a seed. Tears were streaming down her face. Her nose was blocking and her breaths coming hard and fast.

“Hey, stop.”

Suddenly she was on her feet again, Gast gripping her shoulders.

“Slave, please control yourself.”

“I… can’t… help it.” She looked at the ground. “I was so… excited to grow my flowers.”

“But your crying is affecting your breathing and I will not tolerate that.” His hold on her tightened. “Forget the seeds. It wasn’t meant to be.”

She pressed her lips together and tried to bottle up the sobs. It had been meant to be, she was sure of it. Why else would they have just been there, in the museum for the taking? She hadn’t planned it. It had been an opportunistic crime, but one she felt justified in.

“That’s it, well done,” he said, drawing his face close to hers. “In and out, breathe normally. You shouldn’t be disrupting your lungs like this.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.” As she’d spoken a flash of memory went through her mind. The other heel. She’d filled both with seeds. Yet she’d only planted one. She had that many seeds all over again, secreted in her other boot.

“Sir,” she said, a smile spreading on her face.

“What, slave?” He was looking at her with a concerned crease on his brow.

“I forgot. I have more. In the other heel.”

“You stole twice that amount?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, I did and I’m sorry.” She shook her head and grinned. She couldn’t help it. It was a great big smile that balled her cheeks. “No, I’m not sorry. I can plant them again.”

“You’re a bad girl.” He released her right shoulder and planted a hard, swift slap on her butt.

Even through the material of her skirt, the hit stung.

She yelped and stepped away.

He grinned at her. “And what are you going to do when the bird is hungry again?”

“I will stand here.” She pointed at the ground. “Right here and guard my seeds. If he comes back—”

When he comes back.”

“I will chase him away. He’s scared of me, even though I’m a small Zoid woman, that bird is scared that I’ll hurt him.”

“Go,” he said. “Go and get them.”

She nodded, determination sweeping through her to protect her next and final batch of seeds. Quickly, she shook them from the heel of her boot and rushed back outside.

Gast wasn’t there. He’d returned to his workplace and was once again hammering.

After carefully checking for the bird—she wouldn’t make the mistake of letting him watch her plant the seeds this time—she set to her task. As she methodically set out the seeds she tried to imagine them big and strong and in full bloom, their petals the color of the stars and fluttering in the clear breeze. Maybe if she willed it to be, then it would happen.

When she’d finished, she stood and admired the neat line of soil.

Caw, caw.

“Oh, no!” She spun around. The bird was sitting on a branch that stuck from the side of the cliff. He was staring straight at her.

Briella jammed her hands on her hips and frowned. How would she ever complete her tasks for Gast if she had to stand here all day protecting the precious Zoid seeds?

“I told you he’d be back,” Gast said, approaching with a bunch of sticks wrapped in netting.

“You were right, Sir.” She sighed. “And I don’t know what to do.”

“I have a solution.” He stooped by the seeds and began pressing thick wooden pegs into the soft ground.

“What’s that?” She was puzzled.

He paused and looked up at her.

“Sorry, I mean what’s that, Sir?”

“It is netting, to protect your seeds.”

“Netting.” As she’d spoken he’d begun to spread the thick green mesh over the earth.

“Yes, the birds are not strong enough to tear this, or able to pull the pegs from the ground. The seeds will be quite safe.”

“You think so?”

“Yes. Birds are clever creatures, they can fly and learn our ways, but they have only beaks and claws. We can outwit them.”

“I hope you’re right.”

He finished securing the net over the seeds and stood. His shadow engulfed her. “Of course I’m right.”

Briella smiled. She had hope once more for her flowers. Thank goodness for Gast. On top of everything else her master was clever and skilled with his hands.

He stepped up to her and cupped her cheeks, then lowered his face.

She stared into his eyes. The irises burned dark with adoration. He made her feel like she was the only woman on Roun, and that she was all that mattered to him. It wasn’t true of course, but that was how she felt when he looked at her like that.

“You’re pleased?” he asked softly.

“Yes, Sir.”

He swiped his tongue over his bottom lip.

She stared at the sheen he’d left there. His lips had such a sensual curve to them, they were so soft and when he kissed her…

His mouth caught hers as he held her face tipped to his.

She opened up for him, allowed his tongue to prod the tip of hers. His flavor, his heat, it made her so happy. She adored this kissing thing that he seemed so fond of doing.

He pulled away, still staring at her intently.

She smiled but her breath caught on a cough. Her chest was a little tight.

“It’s just as well this job is complete. It seems it’s your medication time.” He tugged at the bow securing her skirt. It fell to the ground sending a small dusty cloud puffing upward.

“Yes, Sir.” She nodded and tried to pull air to the base of her lungs. It didn’t quite reach. It was as though a band was wrapped around the lower half of her chest.

“Inside.” He gestured to the dome. “Now.”

She was happy to obey. Apart from the fact she knew she needed semen, she also wanted to be close to Gast. His kisses made her clitoris tingle and her breasts heavy. A buildup to erotic pleasure, with his cock inside her, was very appealing.

She went into the sleeping area and he didn’t tell her otherwise as he stepped up to the bedside drawers.

He retrieved the pad. “Put this on,” he said, handing it to her.

“Yes, Sir.” It was already buzzing, and she spread her pussy lips and allowed it to clamp on, magnet-like.

She clenched her jaw and curled her toes. The vibrations were instantly intense.

Gast was removing his trousers, tugging them off his feet and allowing his erection to bob high and free. He could have been a god from one of the books she’d seen in the library, or the sculpture of the perfect Roun male that had been in a Zoid museum. His hair was lustrous and long, his body taut and wide, and his cock was more beautiful than she could have ever imagined on all of those long nights wondering what a Roun cock would be like.

“Turn around,” he said, stepping up to her.

She faced the bed and as she did so, he pressed her shoulders, tipping her forward so her ass was bared to him.

“Your breaths will soon be easy,” he said, slipping his fingers down the groove of her butt cheeks.

Once again he hovered over her anus, pressing very gently at the center.

Instinctively she tensed. Yes, she knew it would happen, that it would be soon. But was it to be now?

“Mmm, so sweet and inviting,” he murmured in the softest voice she’d ever heard him use. “So good for my cock.”

“Yes, Sir.” She screwed her eyes shut. At least if she had the vibrating pad on as he entered her there, in her most delicate place, she’d have something else to concentrate on.

But he didn’t enter her there. Instead he swept lower, through her once again damp pussy lips and prodded her entrance.

She was a little tender but that didn’t stop her enjoying the filling sensation he gave her.

“So wonderful and wet,” he said, his voice still low.

“I’m thankful that pleases you, Sir,” she said, the pressure in her clit building.

“Very much, it makes it so much easier to do this.”

His fingers left her and in their place, the head of his cock nudged her pussy.

She clenched around him, almost as if trying to suck him into her body.

“You have to relax.” He gripped her hips. “My cock is big and you are small.”

“Yes… Sir.” She did her best to relax, but wasn’t sure how well she managed.

Gast pushed in regardless, shunting through her inner muscles until he reached full depth.

The buzzing on her clit seemed to intensify with the denseness in her pussy.

She held her breath, enjoying the narrow line between pain and pleasure.

His fingers clutched her and he gave another thrust, as if not satisfied with the depth he’d reached. “Let the erotic pleasure take you,” he said, his breaths hot on her back as he bent over her and spoke into her ear. “Let it sweep you away, slave. I have hold of you.”

“Yes, Sir.” She didn’t think it would be long. The pad was merciless and insistent. Her clitoris was being subjected to nonstop massaging.

She let her forehead touch the bed.

Gast set up a rapid-paced in-out motion, his cock spearing her, retreating almost out, then ramming home once more.

Bright lights flashed over her eyelids. Her belly tightened. Her pussy contracted around her master.

He groaned, then gave her a swift hard slap on her right buttock.

She jerked but then basked in the heated glow that spread over her.

He hit her again, this time on her left buttock. She wondered if she should be ashamed that she enjoyed his slaps, but didn’t have time to think about it. Because as he rained three more hard spanks onto her, the erotic pleasure took over. She freefell through bliss. Her clitoris and pussy spasmed and every nerve in her body burst into flames. She adored it, yet it was so much, a whirlwind of sensations that controlled her body for a few sweeter than sweet seconds.

Behind her, Gast roared. The sound was primitive and raw as it echoed around the dome.

His semen jetted into her. He was so deep, deeper than ever before. Or so it seemed.

She dragged in a breath and it shot to the base of her lungs, filling her with what she needed.

“Ah, yes, slave, yes…” he moaned, once again pulling out then barging back in, more of his life-giving fluid flooding her.

Briella gripped the bedding and allowed her master to hold her up as he continued to empty into her.

He was so strong, so virile, his semen so potent and powerful. She’d never dreamed it would be this way, so incredible and fulfilling.

He stilled as a final pulse of fluid left his cock. He’d dragged her onto him, his fingers pincers on her hips.

She breathed fast and deep, enjoying the moment and the way the air from his lungs cooled the sweat-damp skin on her back.

“You take me very well,” Gast said breathlessly. “I’m very pleased with your progress so far.”

“Thank you, Master. I only want to please you.”

“You have, but you know there’s still more.” He withdrew but kept a hold of her. “Keep still. Just like that.”

“Yes, Sir.”

As he released Briella, her heart rate began to slow. He reached beneath her and peeled away the vibrating pad.

She sighed; it was a relief to have it removed after the erotic pleasure had taken her. The stimulus was too much.

He stepped away.

She was aware of the room darkening for a moment. A cloud over one of the suns.

Then he was back behind her, stroking her smarting buttocks and the room lightened again. “You’ve gone as red as the third sun,” he said. “It’s very pretty.”

“Yes, Sir.” His touch was hypnotic to her, stroking her flesh, spreading the heat from his slaps. Her pussy trembled.

“And you will look even prettier with this inside you.”

He tugged at her left buttock and cool air washed over her anus.

“What… Sir… is it?” she asked, once again gripping the sheets.

“It’s a device for stretching you, preparing you for my cock.” Something cool and slippery touched the very center of her hole.

She bit on her bottom lip and tried not to shift away from it. Crying out or wriggling would displease her master and that was the last thing she wanted to do.

“Good girl, keep still and take it. It’s not impossible for you to do this.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He began to ease the cold hard device into her. Her hole stretched, as if the diameter was increasing the deeper it got.

The sensation wasn’t painful as she’d feared, only different. New nerve endings were being stimulated, a virginal set of muscles stretched by an alien object.

On and on he pushed, slowly and determinedly.

“Oh, please, Sir,” she moaned as it reached the point she wasn’t sure she could accommodate any more. The nip of pain was making her toes curl. She shut her eyes and tensed her belly.

“It’s nearly there. You are doing so well. So pretty…”

Pretty? She wondered how she looked with her asshole being filled and her buttocks flame red. They hadn’t told her about this at the training camp. Many details had been missed. But then perhaps they were unique to her master. He was rather special, and he also didn’t play by anyone’s rules but his own.

“That’s it,” he said, rubbing the taut skin around her hole. “Last… tiny… bit.”

It didn’t feel tiny, it felt huge. A cry was beginning in her throat. It was too much.

Suddenly there was a popping sensation, as though whatever it was had gone into her entirely. The stretch in her anus disappeared and the tight ring of muscle clamped shut.

“That’s it.” He tipped forward and spoke at her ear. “It’s in. You managed wonderfully.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“And now you will keep it inside you for the afternoon, while you complete your tasks.”

“As you wish, Sir.” Really? Just keep it up there?

“And later, when it’s time for your final medication of the day, I will deliver it here.” He rubbed her hole.

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