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Mastered by the Alpha: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Penelope Woods – Extended Preview

Sitting near the shore of Darakana, the night begins to darken, and I’ve done nothing but stare at the helpless tiny omega as I wrap her in the soft warmth of my embrace. A dull ache thrums inside my cock, and my heart has slowed to a slightly faster rhythm. In the moonlight, tears sparkle upon her cheeks, and I start to see just how beautiful she really is.

It’s been a long and ruthless night. We’re lucky to be alive.

I hold her body close to mine, keeping her warm near a campfire I made upon arrival. A group of trees left standing by Tyn’s warlords loom above our position, but knowing I failed my commander, the very person hiring me to hunt her brother, I don’t feel too safe.

With my heart rocking against my sternum, I check my portable dispatcher for any communication from HQ. With the exception of a few wavy lines, the screen is blank. There’s no internal memo from Commander McNeil either. Knowing he’s connected to the Wolves doesn’t make this any easier for me to understand.

They were with Tyn… so what the fuck do they actually want?

There’s more to this than meets the eye. Time is ticking. I feel it, and with her at my side, everything has changed in an instant. Knowing this, we’ll have to leave by sunrise.

I’ve been betrayed by everyone. And without precise intel from Earth, I can’t be expected to do the job correctly. In this moment, I only have her, a breedable omega with a tormented and broken heart. I’ve taken it upon myself to mend her, though I fear that will be to my detriment.

Our clothes rest on sticks near the flames to dry. My armor is ruined, but my worries are overshadowed by her naked body. Her rounded cheeks are gorgeous.

I’m not thinking about the job anymore. My only thought is opening her up and spanking her silly.

“Are you okay?” she asks in a hushed tone.

I caress my hands down the small of her back, drawing the curve of her soft ass to me. She sighs quietly, snuggling near my thighs, careful not to get too close too fast. “Never felt better.”

She turns. Her arms slip around my neck, her knees on either side of me as I roll atop her soft virgin body. “You saved my life back there. I’m grateful.”

I smile as her breasts push into my chest. “I did what I had to do.”

Her soft lips part. “What else do you want to do?”

I gaze at her breasts as the shadow of the flames illuminates her taut nipples, the cold creating goosebumps on her creamy human skin. She’s perfect in every way. A virgin spectacle I must have and hold forever. My cock rises as I grind myself against her soft bottom, seeking the warmth of her pussy.

My adrenaline quickens, sending shockwaves of desire shooting through my cock. I’m not sure if I want to ravage her or take her slowly.

I feel her ass with my greedy palm, desire coursing through my veins. My entire body heats with a fever, pulsing with need as I wrap my hand around her waist. I want to rut her. But first, I need to spank her.

A low growl emanates from my throat. “Show me your bottom, angel.”

Her soft body trembles, and her heels dig into me, fighting against my grip. I glide my hand underneath her thigh, hooking her leg over my shoulder. I stroke her soft, cool skin, and she gasps. I slowly tease my fingertip across her ass. Her body is as smooth and delicate as porcelain, and I wonder if the thrust of my cock might make her shatter.

Her heat is strong, catching me with a deep floral aroma that takes control. It pulls me in, and I’m just not strong enough to say no to my inner alpha drive. I flip her onto her knees, easing her thighs apart, noticing how easy she is to handle.

She looks back at me with the sweetest eyes and whispers, “Spank me again…”

No longer willing to hold back, I bring my palm down upon her flesh with swift force, swatting her ass hard and fast. Her fingers root into the dry earth, the lips of her sex swelling, exposing her wetness. Heat demands more discipline. As if her trembling body isn’t enough of a sight, she lets out the softest moan.

If this is her way of getting into my head, it’s working.

I rub the red handprints upon her soft cheeks, gently smacking the backs of her thighs for good measure. I slide my fingers along the opening of her pussy, watching her body react. Each light bounce of her hips is a reward for my restraint. The smooth seam of her sex parts with ease, warm slick coating my fingertips as I ease them inside her. The faint scent of vanilla and lavender floats to my nostrils. I thrust within her slowly. She fits so tight around my knuckles I can’t resist adding a third finger.

I tease her open further, kissing the side of her neck, until she’s clutching my hand desperately. “Give me more,” she coos.

She demands pleasure, and I can’t deny her needs. Especially when I have so many of my own.

Her toes curl, chest trembling with each breath. My cock is as hard as the earth beneath my feet, and I must have her. I hear her moan, and the sound is more erotic than any words could ever be. Sweat beading my forehead, I bring my hand back and spank her again.

I punish her ass as I toy with her pussy with my other hand. I friction her clit with my thumb, the tiny, swollen bud simmering with heat.

I’m too far gone, a savage maniac with a love for virgin pussy. She feels so good. So soft. She’s impossibly vulnerable against my hand. I let go, bringing my wet fingers to her mouth. She tastes her sweetness for me, lips rolling down to the knuckle. I come forward, her kiss feeding it back to me. She tastes so sweet and knowing she’s all mine makes this even sweeter. My cock is a firm idol between my legs for her to worship. I’m going to teach her how to stay faithful.

Her eyes light up. “Oh, my…”

As I bring my palm down upon her ass for one last spanking, she lets out a deep groan that sends my cock into overdrive. “Beg for it,” I command.

“Show me what it’s like,” she says.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Show me what it’s like… to be fucked by an alpha.”

“Oh, angel,” I rumble.

I sink over her, hands clutching her hips as I ease my cock into the gentle wet warmth between her legs as she wavers her knees apart and cries out in abandon. She’s never been fucked, never been touched, never been kissed. I inch my hips forward, until her body is writhing against mine and her pussy engulfs my cock’s girth.

“Your pussy feels so good,” I grunt. “So soft. So tight.”

“Yes!” she moans, voice shaking. “Take it. Take me…”

Holding her shoulders steady, I thrust in deeper. She looks back at me with feverish eyes, and I see in their depths the lust that’s built between us. There is no going back. I’ll throw everything away to take care of her ass forever.

Running my fingertips along the tender flesh between her thighs, I grasp her hips and thrust harder. But I don’t know how much more of this I can take. From the start of my journey, I promised myself I would stay strong against her heat. I wouldn’t listen to my cock. But some heats are too powerful for an alpha to resist.

She feels like the one.

Holding her shoulders, I pull her close to me. Passion drives my cock deeper. Alita opens her mouth, moaning, and I can’t help but kiss her as we thrust in sync. Every nerve in my body is alive and humming.

I’ll never let the humans find us. For as long as I live, I will protect this sweet one.

“My angel,” I whisper.

I roll her gently onto her back, laying her down upon the soil, the flames from the campfire heating our bodies. With one hand, I stroke her breasts, playing with each nipple, taking my time with them. Alita reaches up to grasp the back of my head. Her hips circle me as she moans out, her voice hoarse. “Breed me…”

I run my fingers through her long, silky hair as I suck deeply upon one of her nipples. She responds like a starved creature as I kiss her again, her tongue working against my mouth while crying out with aching need. She takes my cock, every single inch, and when she lifts her hips up, surrendering her pussy up to me, I am overjoyed.

I lose control.

I lift her up until she straddles my lap, and I rest my head against her chest. I listen to her gentle heartbeat. Her breasts bounce, as I take hold of her waist and thrust hard. She gasps and surrenders completely as I bury my cock deep, the campfire rising higher behind us.

“Don’t stop!” she cries. “Please, do not stop!”

Virgins are insatiable. They get one taste of cock, and then they beg for it endlessly. But this one demands so much more. She was kept in darkness all her life, and now the only person she can depend on is me.

If I don’t slow down, I’ll knot and spill my seed. My drive to procreate is too strong. I never thought I’d end up breeding one of my assignments, but my primal urges have reached their limit.

Her teeth sink into my shoulder. A small drop of warm blood trickles down my chest. The pain is sweet, and it builds into something far greater than a simple orgasm.

I look into her eyes, and I bite her shoulder in return. Her skin, her blood, her virginity. It is all sacred.

We are connected, the alpha and the omega. Throughout pain. Throughout pleasure. Throughout time.

And as we hold one another, the urge to come grows ever stronger. Her burning body against mine, our hearts pumping blood like a pair of pistons, and the energy of her breath hot in my ear. All of it is too much to resist, and all I can do is give her what she demands.

“Seed me.”

Lost in a state of ecstasy, my thighs latch onto her hips. Our bodies pulse together, something primal and earthly. Eyes closed, she tilts her head back, breathing deep. My cock surges. I grit my teeth, clenching my jaw, pushing as deep as I can.

Her eyes flutter open. They’re wet and glittering with the fever of desire. She gasps as my cock forms a tight knot inside her. Strong and inescapable, it takes even me by surprise.

She cannot speak. “Unghh…”

Pleasure burns through me, from the root of my bones to the tips of my fingers. The pressure amplifies to a consuming hunger.

“Look at me,” I tell her.

She lifts her eyes to mine, and the sight of that heated amber gaze anchors me. I hold on, my mind buzzing with relief, anticipation, and maybe even a little fear. I’ve never done anything like this before during a job, never had anyone accept me for the alpha I’ve been.

No, it’s not fear I’m feeling. It’s hope.

Wrapping my fingers around the back of her neck, I pull her closer. As our lips brush, a spark shoots through me, igniting a wave of heat across my skin. Her nails claw into my arms, and I witness her orgasm in slow motion—the arch of her back, the tiny spasms in her shoulders, the way she trembles around me, the grip of her pussy tightening. I swallow hard, breathing deep to steady myself and hold her close as we both fall apart.

Pleasure consumes me. Wave upon wave of hot seed shoots deep inside her. Creamy warmth soaks into her womb. I give her another deep, hard kiss as I feel my essence overflow, slickening her thighs. I force myself in deeper, needing more.

My pulse surges inside her warmth, blood thrumming in my ears as our bodies entwine in blissful release. I lose myself to the feel of her in my arms, to the sounds of her moans, to the throbbing sensation in my heart that threatens to end me. My body hums, drenched in a combination of light and dark, hot and cold, every emotion and feeling crashing together in one endless wave of energy. I feel whole. I feel my destiny in the seed feeding into her womb.

She lets out a shuddering breath. We kiss again, slow, lingering, our bodies rocking together and apart, as if we’ve barely moved at all.

Our eyes are locked, and so is our path forward. We gave up everything to let go of an aching hunger within, to feel this one powerful moment together. It’s long overdue, but I never want it to end. All of the pain, all of the chaos inside of me has been washed away by her soft touch. Now we’re one body, one soul, one life, burning as the sun.

The world around me is silent. There is only us. And as the stars shine above our heads, we lower back to the earth, heated by each other and the comforting campfire.

I stroke her ass, her skin sticky with slick and cum, and I let out a relaxed sigh. She has sacrificed so much. Now it is my time to give her something back. “A new life, together. It’s possible.”

She stares up at me. “Really?”

I can see hurt and pain in her gaze, but I will not let her down. “Now that you have given yourself to me, I’ll never let you go.”

“I wouldn’t run even if I could.”

Her eyes shimmer, a reflection of the stars above. I find myself lost in a dream, where time and space disappear, and all that matters is this moment.

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