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Mastered by the Wolf by Jinx Neale – Extended Preview

“Rise and shine, little girl.”

“Go away.” She buried her face in the pillow.

“Now that’s just disrespectful,” Ryder’s voice rumbled above her. “Only one remedy for that.”

Eve opened one eye. She watched him rummage in the drawer of the nightstand. Time to book. Dangling her foot over the edge of the mattress, she prepared to leap off the bed.

Ryder gripped her ankle. “Not so fast. We’re just getting started.” His fingers traveled up her leg, stretching her wide. “Stay put. There’s nothing like a butt plug first thing in the morning to promote compliance.” He opened the tube of lubricant and spread it over the tip of the silicone plug. When Eve whined and tried to wiggle away, he spanked her hard. “Don’t move.” Ryder opened her cheeks and spread more lube on her asshole. He pressed the tip inside, easing it past the tight ring of muscle. The silicone was hard and cold. She didn’t like it, not one bit.

“This is going in, one way or another. Settle down, and it will hurt less.”

Eve subsided, wincing as the plug continued its inexorable progress. The sting faded once it was in place.

“Better. Don’t you feel like a bad, dirty girl right now?” His voice caressed her in brutal contrast to the hard plug lodged in her ass. And, of course, he was right. Her nerve endings skittered with animal lust. Surrendering, she relaxed against the mattress. Ryder chuckled and pulled the plug halfway out and then shoved it in again. He was so big. What would it be like to take him here?

Ryder stood and shoved a pile of clothes her way. “Get dressed. We’re going for breakfast.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Like this?”

“No, with clothes on. You can greet ol’ Clint with a smile on your face and a plug in your ass.” Ryder only laughed when she spluttered with outrage. “Hurry up, spitfire. I’m hungry.”

They ate pancakes with maple syrup and candied bacon at Clint’s Diner. Eve licked her lips, her face alive with pleasure. So, his little wolf had a sweet tooth. She also liked meat, would eat vegetables only under protest, and thought coffee tasted vile.

Finally, Ryder’s knife and fork clattered on his empty plate. “What do you want to do now?”

“We don’t have to go home?”

“Not quite yet.”

She bit her lip. “Well…”

He waited patiently for her to continue, the press of teeth in her plump flesh arousing.

“I don’t have very many clothes.”

Frustrated, he banged a fist on the table, and everyone looked around. Ryder ignored them. “I’m sorry, babe, I should have thought of that. Where do you want to go?”

“Faith and Clara like Saranac Lake. They gave me the names of a few stores.”

“Very helpful.”

Eve peered up at him. “Are you upset with me?”

“Hell, no, though I can’t help feeling a little managed.”

Her beautiful eyes sparkled with mischief. “I wouldn’t dare.”

“Hmm.” He stood and dropped a few bills on the table. “Pitter-patter, little girl.”

Eve loved the short drive, hanging her head out the window to take in the scenery.

“Anything look familiar?”

She sat back. “Nothing. I was just enjoying the view.” She was quiet after that.

Ryder put a hand on her thigh. “I didn’t mean to spoil the moment.”

“No, it’s okay.” Her high spirits had wilted despite his reassurance.

“Let’s forget about all that for today and have some fun.”

She threw him a dubious look. “You think you’ll have fun shopping?”

He grinned. “Stranger things have happened.”

It did turn out to be fun. He loved providing for Eve, buying her jeans and shirts and low-cut boots for every day, and a couple of dresses that she’d eyed covertly. They passed a lingerie store, and Eve tugged on his sleeve.

“I need some bras and panties.”

“Now, I’m really interested,” he said, waggling his eyebrows.

Eve wandered off to make a few selections while he looked around a store that he found more puzzling than exciting. Rows of skimpy garments that he couldn’t see the point of, compared to sleek, bare flesh. He picked up a corset and was examining it when Eve appeared at his elbow, clutching a pile of underwear. “This looks like a torture device.”

Eve giggled. “Lingerie is intended to entice, not be comfortable.”

Ryder dangled a black lace thong from one finger and cocked a dubious brow. “This is supposed to be enticing?” He held her against the counter, enjoying the feel of her curves pressed against him. He ran his nose along her jaw, inhaling her scent. “This is what entices me. The smell of woman and wolf.” He nipped her throat. Eve moaned softly. “Naked skin and the aroma of arousal,” he continued, his voice dropping. “On a scale of one to ten, how wet are you?”

Eve swallowed. “Six?”

Ryder drew back, his smile just this side of smug. “Guess I’ll just have to try a little harder.” He pushed her toward the changing room. “Go try them on. I want to see if you’re right.”

She opened her mouth to protest, and he shook his head. Sighing, she went inside and closed the door.

“Ryder,” she hissed a few moments later, peeking out through a crack.


“How can I try on panties with this thing inside me?”

“You’d better let me see.” He pushed into the tiny room. “Pull on a pair. Without your own underwear.”

“I can’t do that. It’s against the rules.” She pointed to a list of restrictions stapled to the wall.

“Why do women have so many rules?”

“The same thing applies to bikini bottoms. Otherwise, you might stain the fabric or get it wet.”

“You make me want to buy every fucking panty in the place just to see that.” Ryder snapped the elastic at her thigh. “Take these off, bend over, and pull another pair on.”

“I tried to tell you, it’s uncomfortable.”

“Yeah, and I want to see it.”

She swallowed. “You…”

He settled back against one wall; his arms folded over his chest. “The whole show.”

Eve wriggled out of her panties and placed them on her jeans folded over the bench. She picked up a new pair, pink cotton with black lace inserts, and bent over, revealing the plug snugly stuffed in her asshole. Moisture glistened between her thighs.

“You feel full?”

“Yes,” she whispered.



“Perfect.” He traced the edge of the plug and sniffed his fingers, smelling the light floral scent of the lubricant and the darker, saltier odor of Eve. He inserted the tip of his finger between skin and silicone and pulled out the plug. Liquid gushed down her legs.

“Six, huh? Looks more like a nine to me.”

Gently, Ryder thrust two fingers into her asshole. “I wish I could take you here right now.” He pulled them out. “But I can wait.” He picked up the pile of lingerie Eve had selected to try on. “We’ll buy everything you want. If it doesn’t fit, you can donate it to the thrift shop in Tilney Mills.” He plucked her discarded panties and put them in his pocket. “Now, let’s get out of here.”

Ryder flicked the tip of her nose with a finger and strode off to pay for her purchases. Eve slumped against the mirror. Try harder? If he tried any harder, she’d be reduced to a puddle of lust on the floor. At the cash register, Ryder hefted the bag and started for the exit. “Comin’, sweetheart?” he said over his shoulder. Eve hurried after him. She would follow him anywhere, especially when he touched her like that, all sweet, hot promise. Damn it.

“Ohh.” Eve halted in front of the furniture store window displaying the bedroom of her dreams. A sleigh bed of whitewashed pine was piled high with pillows and covered with a red and white comforter in a Nordic pattern. Nightstands with hand-painted ceramic lamps sat on either side, linen curtains were draped over wooden blinds, and a hand-knitted afghan was folded over a wing chair by the fireplace. It was charming, not too feminine, but dreamy and cozy.

“What’s taking so long?” Ryder appeared in the window behind her. “You like the bed?”

“I love everything. It’s beautiful.”

“It’s a furniture display.” He took her hand and pulled her down the street. “I think we have plans.”

Eve loved the feel of her hand in his, the comforting warmth of his fingers enclosing her in a little cocoon of security. Abruptly, Ryder halted, his attention straying to something down the street. She followed his stare. Who the hell was that blonde bitch and why was she slavering at Ryder like a wolf in heat? Oh, no, that wasn’t happening.

Eve skipped happily beside as they walked along the sidewalk, heading for his truck. A familiar face appeared just ahead.

A smiling woman stopped in her tracks. “Ryder Forrest, is that you?”


“How are you? It’s been a dog’s age since I’ve seen you.”

“Heard you went out to California?”

“I did and I loved it. But my marriage fell apart,” she gestured widely, “and I decided to come home for a while.”

Laura kept talking, but he barely heard a word, too worried about what Eve might do. Eve growled very low, giving the other woman the side-eye. Laura flipped her hair back, ignoring the angry woman. Eve stepped in front of him, hands clenched. Laura tried to bypass Eve to approach Ryder. Eve’s scent. Fuck, she was going to shift right here.

He grabbed her arm to hustle her down the street. Laura protested, “But I want to hear all your news.”

“Can’t talk right now. I’ll see you later.”

This caused Eve’s growling to increase in volume. “Settle down,” he told her. Eve wrenched her arm away, stalking back toward Laura, who backed off, clearly alarmed.

“Eve,” Ryder barked. “Get in the car.”

Eve gave him a long look over her shoulder.

“Right fucking now, Eve.”

Her shoulders dropped in submission. She turned and headed to the truck, stopping beside the passenger door. His fingers closed around the back of her neck. “We’ll talk about this when we get home,” he muttered in her ear.

Eve snorted. “That’ll be a first.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You spank me instead of talking to me.”

“I…” Was she right? “Get in the truck.”

Ryder threw the bags in the back and got in, banging his door shut.

Eve glared at him. “Who was that woman?”

He stared out the window, not wanting to fight with her. “An old friend.”

“Did you fuck her?”

Ryder started the engine. “Yeah, twenty years ago. Not that it’s any of your business.”

Eve crossed her arms, her lower lip thrust out. “Of course not. You’re in charge of everything, oh, fearless leader.”

He banged his hand on the steering wheel. “Enough.”

She jumped, huddling into the corner of the seat.

“Respect. Obedience. Trust. This is what I expect from you.”

Her answering growl was almost inaudible. “I might have more respect if you hadn’t come home the other night smelling like that fucking skank.”

Ryder’s eyes narrowed. “First, I don’t owe you sexual fidelity, and, second, I don’t want to hear that kind of language out of your mouth.”

“Fine. I’ll go fuck, oh, excuse me, make love with someone else, and you see how you like it.”

A flood of fury invaded his bloodstream. “No, you won’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I would have to kill him, and then I’d have to explain killing him to the alpha.”

“Overreact much?”

Ryder signaled and pulled off the road onto the shoulder. He reached across the cab and gripped her throat, hard enough to hold her in place, not hard enough to impede her breathing. “You belong to me, little wolf. You won’t go with anyone else.”

“Or what?” she spat at him.

The time for words was over. Eve was pushing him, demanding a show of mastery, and she was going to receive exactly what she asked for. They remained silent during the drive home. He was angry, and Eve fumed, her emotions disturbing and arousing him. Once inside the house, he slung her over his shoulder and carried her down the hall to his bedroom, dropping her on the mattress. Ryder released her, only to grasp the front of her shirt, ripping it down the middle and flinging it away. He made short work of her bra, tearing it in two and dropping the shreds of fabric on the floor, revealing her breasts, high and taut, the nipples tightly budded. She was beautiful in her anger and defiance. He cupped her breasts, bending his head to suckle her, licking and biting her nipples until Eve moaned, sinking against him. He grunted his approval, leaning back a little to twist her nipples between his fingers, pulling on them as she panted and squirmed. Yeah, she was hot for it.

Ryder yanked down her jeans, leaving them around her ankles. He tore off her panties and spread her thighs as wide as the fabric allowed. He licked the seam between her legs. Good, she was wet. Pressing two fingers into her passage, he nuzzled and teased her clit with his tongue.

“Don’t come until I tell you,” he warned.

She nodded, beyond speech, making inarticulate noises of need and want. He needed to be inside her, right now, but that could wait. There was the little matter of showing her who was in charge first. He wiped his mouth and flipped her over. “Up,” he ordered, smacking her ass.

Eve scrambled to her knees, her round little bottom in the air begging for his hand. He obliged her, spanking her hard across both cheeks. She moaned, tossing back her hair, reddening globes quivering.

“You want this,” he told her, “you need this.”

He pushed her down, until her weight rested on her arms. Panting, Eve spread her thighs wider, revealing the plump folds of her pussy, glistening with arousal.

“Bad little wolf. This isn’t about your satisfaction.”

Incredibly, Eve’s hand crept between her legs, rubbing her swollen clit.

Ryder grabbed her wrist, twisting it behind her back. “You don’t touch yourself without my permission—now or ever.”

Eve whimpered, dropping her head to the mattress. This brought her ass up even higher. Ryder could smell the spicy honey of her arousal. His cock jerked in response. He had to get himself under control, or he’d be foregoing her punishment in favor of plunging into that sweet, tight little pussy.

“Settle down, Eve,” he rebuked her. “You’re not in charge. I am.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, her voice breathy, the sound driving his own arousal even higher. Settling a hand on the small of her back to hold her in position, he spanked her, delivering a flurry of staccato blows without stopping. He stopped at twenty, running a hand over her swollen, blushing cheeks. Her skin was hot to the touch. Eve swayed, her back dewy with perspiration. The scent of her flesh was an aphrodisiac. He couldn’t wait any longer.

Ryder pulled off his tee shirt, unzipping and kicking off his jeans. He climbed onto the bed behind her, kneeling between her open thighs. The tip of his cock gleamed wetly. He lined it up with her pussy, easing the head through her slippery folds. Fuck, she was wet and hot. He didn’t have to work to gain entry this time as he slid inside, bottoming out in her snug embrace, so deep that his pubic hair rubbed against the hot, sensitive skin on her ass, making Eve groan.

“Hold on, babe.” He grasped her hips firmly as he began to thrust, hard, liquid strokes filling every inch of her pussy. Her shoulders hit the mattress, changing the angle of his penetration. Her cry was answered with a growl, as he plunged in, over and over, hitting her sweet spot. Her nails dug into the blanket, her breath coming in pants and gasps.

“I w-want…”

“I know what you want, babe. Come for me.”

“Ahh,” she breathed, tipping over the edge, her pussy clenching around his rigid shaft. He had never felt anything so good or so fucking profound. She was a goddess, and he could have fucked her forever, but his balls were tightening, a ripple of sensation riding his spine, and then, he came, emptying himself into her, filling her with everything he had.

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