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Mastered for Their Use by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

She took a deep breath, then lifted her gaze to Azra as she said, “Yes, Master. I will willingly submit to whatever you need from me.”

Azra’s eyes widened and his lips parted, but no sound came out. Had she actually shocked Azra into silence?

“Good,” Urrya said cheerfully. “Because as soon as Oseth and I finish spanking you, Azra is going to fuck your virgin ass.”

Oseth had to look away from Erin to keep from coming. Just the thought of Azra pushing his long, thick cock into her tight little hole nearly emptied his balls. He heard her mutter a protest as Urrya dragged her back across his lap. Oseth took a moment to regain control before he approached the chair where Urrya sat.

“Don’t spank her too hard,” Azra told them. “I have another element I’d like to add to her punishment.”

“Does it have something to do with the stimulator rings?”

Oseth could hear the anticipation in Urrya’s deep voice. They’d both been careful with Erin last night, but Urrya could be every bit as ruthless as Azra.

“I’ll spank her,” Oseth suggested, “then you two can play with her.”

“Agreed,” the other two chorused.

Oseth moved closer and firmly swatted her ass. The cheek jiggled and a faint pink handprint immediately appeared on her smooth white skin. Gods, that was hot! He slapped the other side and she squirmed helplessly. “Tell me what you’re feeling.”

“The sting is surprising.” She sounded hoarse and breathless. “But it’s the heat that drives me crazy.”

He smacked her soundly again and again, loving her gasps and yelps, and the growing scent of her arousal. “Fuck her with your fingers. She’s enjoying this too much.”

Grinning, Urrya slipped his hand between her thighs and fucked into her with two of his long fingers. “No coming,” he reminded. “You can squeeze as hard as you like, but I’ll feel the pleasure if you come.”

Oseth continued the spanking, alternating sides. Her cheeks were soon nice and red, and seriously hot beneath his palm. He wanted to keep going, but he was also curious to see what tantalizing evil Azra had in mind. “You’re getting off easy, because this is only half of your punishment.” He looked at Azra and asked, “Where do you want her?”

“Bound to my bed.”

Apparently Urrya had no objection. He stood, flipping Erin over and into his arms as he went. They’d had dinner in the mansion, so it took a few minutes to reach Azra’s rooms in the castle. They all worked together to secure her spread-eagled on the bed.

“Why do I have to be bound?” She tugged against the restraints, but her nipples were hard and her face was flushed. “I don’t like being this helpless.”

“Liar,” Azra said in a soft, silky tone. “It unnerves you, but you love it.”

She stared straight ahead, rebelliously avoiding his gaze.

They each stood on the floor, Azra on her left, Urrya and Oseth on her right. Azra moved closer to her head as he said, “This game is simple, and can be quite fun, but it requires concentration.”

Apparently intrigued, she slowly shifted her gaze back to his face. “Game? Are you done punishing me?”

“You sound disappointed,” Azra said, his gaze moving boldly over her vulnerable body. She was spread before them, helpless, open, ready to surrender to their darkest needs. “The rings can deliver a variety of sensations. Are you still craving pain?”

Before she could reply, Azra activated the stimulators and she cried out, twisting and bucking as the rings sent pulses of pain ricocheting through her body. Oseth cringed, crossing his arms over his chest. He knew exactly how that felt. When Oseth’s podmates invited him to join their encounters, his sexual horizons were broadened considerably. He was fascinated by the restraint systems and myriad pleasure aids used by the other males. But Azra and Urrya had insisted that he experience the effects of each device before he used them on a female.

“Please, Master,” she yelled. “I need pleasure, not pain.” Immediately the pulses stopped and she collapsed against the bed. Tears trickled from the corners of her eyes and disappeared into her hair. “May I come? Please let me come.”

“Not yet, sweet slave. Your other mates have spoiled you. You need to learn not to be so greedy.”

She whimpered and her breasts swayed, drawing Oseth’s attention. He wanted to squeeze them, and suck on those pink nipples until she cried out his name.

“Now, the rules are simple. We will take turns asking you questions and the stimulators will activate until you answer honestly.”

“That’s not a game,” she objected. “It’s an inquisition.”

“All right.” He clasped his hands behind his back as he stared down at her. “For each answer you provide, you may ask one question or request one action from the questioner.”

“So basically Truth or Dare, with a side order of stimulation?”

Oseth chuckled, but Azra and Urrya looked confused.

“What happens if you don’t answer or comply with my request?” Little by little the tension melted from her body and heat began to smolder in her gaze. She became less resistant to demands whenever they offered something in return. He’d have to remember that and maybe point it out to the others.

“We’re required to do one or the other,” Oseth proposed, sticking with rules she understood. “But we get to decide which, just like Truth or Dare.”

“That works for me,” she said with a soft smile.

Azra looked at him and said, “I thought you wanted Urrya and me to mete out this punishment.”

“I did until you turned it into a game. I love games.”

He looked a little annoyed, but said, “Fine, but I go first.”

“It’s your night to be her first.” Oseth swept his arm toward the bed.

The stimulator rings vibrated around Erin’s nipples and clit. The sensation was just strong enough to make her squirm, but the spanking and Urrya’s casual touches already had her pussy aching to be filled.

“Are you aroused or frightened by the idea of being fucked by all three of us at the same time?”

She pressed her lips together and fought back a frustrated scream. The faster she answered, the faster this sensation would stop. “A little of both.”

The vibration stopped for a moment, then started up again. “Elaborate.”

Fuck! She shouted the word in her mind, not wanting to risk punishment.

“We can hear your thoughts when you’re agitated,” Urrya told her. “Consider this a warning. You will not receive another.”

“All three of you are really big,” she said. “I’m not sure my body can take all three of you at the same time.”

“The human body is wonderfully adaptable. Are you willing to try?” Azra asked.

She whipped her head from side to side. “That’s another question.”

“Answer anyway.”

Anything to stop the buzzing! “Part of me can’t wait and doesn’t even care if it hurts.”

Azra chuckled. “I think part of you is hoping it hurts.”

The infernal buzzing faded away and she sucked in a deep breath. She desperately wanted to rub her breasts and bring her thighs together. Not being allowed to come really sucked. “Can I please choose another form of punishment? This is worse than the spanking.”

“Not until each of us has asked at least one question,” Azra told her. “It’s Urrya’s turn.”

“Not true, Master,” she dared to say. “It’s mine. Would you like a question or an action?”

His gaze narrowed as he considered his options. “Action.”

Predictable. There wasn’t much she could ask him to do that he would find objectionable. His thoughts and emotions, and especially his past, on the other hand, he guarded like treasure. “I’ve seen my other two mates naked.” Were they still potential mates, or had her heart already made its choice? Damn. She hoped they hadn’t heard that thought. No one reacted, so she forced her wandering mind back to the present. “Please undress. I’d very much like to see all of you.”

With mechanical nonchalance, Azra stripped off his clothes and stood before her naked. “Shall I turn around?”

Heat crept over her cheeks, but her gaze traveled over Azra’s lean body with greedy thoroughness. She’d seen his upper body before and his pants were snug enough that she knew what to expect. Still, seeing his entire body bared for her enjoyment stirred a savage hunger deep inside her. Well-defined muscles shaped his entire body, but his chest and abs were exceptional. A shadowy pattern, like a watermark on stationery, appeared on his chest and shoulders. It took her a moment to realize it was a faint orvatta.

“Why couldn’t I see your orvatta earlier?”

“It only appears when I’m aroused or really angry,” Azra explained.

“If it appears while you’re arguing, walk away!” Oseth advised.

She smiled at Oseth, but wasn’t quite satisfied with the answer. “It certainly seemed like you were aroused this afternoon, yet I don’t remember seeing it.”

“You spent a good deal of the time on your hands and knees,” Azra reminded. “The rest of the time you were concerned with other things. I assure you, neralla, it’s been visible most of the day.”

There was that word again. Why wouldn’t he tell her what it meant?

Refusing to be distracted by the tangent, she refocused her mind on the present. Azra was right. When she wasn’t facing the other direction, he’d insisted she look into his eyes. It was likely she’d missed the subtle markings. She had been extremely distracted. Rather than argue about something that didn’t matter, she continued her visual exploration of Azra. His lean hips and long legs only drew her attention to what hung between. His cock wasn’t even fully erect and he looked obscenely large, almost threatening. Or maybe it just looked that way because she knew where he intended to put it.

She dragged her curious gaze back to his face. “I want to touch you so badly. Will you ever allow it?”

“You’ll have to earn that privilege in another round. It’s Urrya’s turn to play.”

The rings reactivated the pulses much stronger this time. She yelped and shuddered, instantly on the verge of orgasm. “Oh, God,” she cried. “What happens if I come? I’m not sure I can stop it.”

“You will stop it if you want a cock anywhere but up your ass.” Urrya’s voice snapped with cold authority. The patient instructor who’d helped her adjust her perspective about sexual slavery was gone, and a ruthless master stood in his place.

Erin shook, clenching her core muscles and ass cheeks as hard as she could. She squeezed her eyes shut and tightened her fists, driving her nails into the palms of her hands. “Hurry. Please, Sir, hurry.”

“Breathe through the urgency,” Urrya directed, trailing one of his fingertips from the base of her throat to her navel. “You can control it.”

But she didn’t want to. She wanted to come over and over until she was too weak to move. She needed their cocks slamming into her, stretching her holes until the pleasure made her scream. She wanted it fast, and hard, and savage, all three of them at once. They would take turns and explore combinations until she was so full of their cum that it scented her breath and ran out of her pussy and ass. When they’d finally finished using her, she’d curl up surrounded by their warm bodies and sleep peacefully in their arms. She wanted to belong to them and know that they belonged to her. She gritted her teeth and moaned out her misery. Why wouldn’t they let her come?

“Are you close to accepting our claim, or do you just enjoy being fucked by us?”

The accusation in Urrya’s tone shocked her. Forcing her eyes open, she whispered, “I’m very close, Sir, which scares me way more than anything Azra might do to me.”

The stimulation stopped and her breath shuddered out. She wasn’t crying, but she was damn close. “This isn’t fun,” she sobbed, and a stray tear leaked out. “You said this would be fun.”

“It is fun, for a punishment,” Azra pointed out. “It’s Oseth’s turn.”

“Not yet,” Urrya said. “It’s her turn to request something of me and I also choose action.”

“Please kiss me, Sir. I want—” She didn’t need to finish. Urrya was there, one knee on the bed as he bent over her. He took her face between his hands and kissed her deeply, tenderly. She welcomed the shift in his attitude, desperately needing reassurance.

Long moments later, he pulled away and gazed into her eyes. He didn’t smile, but his gaze was warm, the iridescent streaks of light almost continuous. “It’s Oseth’s turn,” he said softly as he stood and stepped back from the bed.

She looked at Oseth and felt the faint ripple of telepathic communication. She could only hear their thoughts when they wanted her to, but she could sense when they spoke with each other. The rings began to vibrate, but the faint buzzing was barely discernable after the intensity Urrya had used. Still the ache between her legs increased, making her moan.

Oseth looked into her eyes and smiled. “Would you like to come?”

That was his question? “Yes. Please, Sir, yes!” The buzz became a rhythmic pulsing and her senses lit up like never before. She arched clear off the bed, tender butt cheeks clenched as pleasure blasted through her body. She cried out, shaking with the force of her climax, then moaning as the pressure released. Reality blurred and she floated for several seconds before strength melted out of her limbs and she collapsed against the mattress, dazed and breathless.

“Better?” The voice was so passion thickened she had to open her eyes to see who spoke. Azra sat beside her on the bed, softly brushing the hair back from her face. Gentleness from Azra? A twisting combination of emotions surged in response to his unexpected tenderness. “We will always reward your honesty.” Then shocking her further, he leaned down and kissed her. His warm lips pressed firmly and his tongue immediately pushed into her mouth. Still, the intimacy was so welcome, she curled her tongue around his and shifted her head to a better angle. “Do you have something to request of Oseth, or shall I begin?”

She looked at her youngest mate, making sure he didn’t feel robbed. He had basically given her his turn already. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” he assured her. “I’m as anxious for this as he is. Well, almost.”

Not only was Azra going to fuck her ass, the other two were going to watch. A fresh wave of heat accompanied the thought.

Apparently hearing her thought, Azra chuckled. “Oh, I fully intend to fuck your ass, my sweet virgin slave, but first you must be prepared for the taking.”

“Will you please release me, so I can touch you?”

He shook his head, then kissed her again. “It’s better if you just relax and let this happen.”

She didn’t bother with pointless arguments. All the whining in the world wouldn’t change his mind.

Azra reached down and removed one of the nipple rings, then soothed the sensitized peak with his mouth. She sighed, relieved to finally be free of the torturous device. Urrya removed the other nipple ring, mirroring Azra’s technique. It felt so good she arched into the warmth and prayed that he’d never stop. He was still fully dressed, she noticed. She would have to do something about that very soon.

The mattress shifted, drawing her attention toward the foot of the bed. Oseth knelt between her legs, naked and grinning. His gaze locked with hers as he slipped the clit ring off and lowered his mouth to her abused pussy. He stretched out on his belly and slipped his arms under her legs, anchoring her in position with his hands on her hips.

“This is new, and we want you to remember the pleasure, so you have permission to come until I tell you otherwise,” Azra told her.

“Thank you, Master.” She didn’t even flinch when she used the title he preferred. Urrya had helped her see beyond human mores to what pleased her and her mates. Again, her mind left off the word potential. Was it time to stop fooling herself? Time to stop pretending there was any other choice worth considering? She wanted these three males more than she’d ever wanted anything or anyone. They were unique and exciting, each appealing to a different aspect of her personality. Together they were—perfect.

“I’m going to increase the size of the trainer,” Azra warned, drawing her attention back to the present. “If you relax and let it work, there should be little or no pain.”

She nodded, already lost in the pleasure of having Oseth’s mouth on her neglected pussy. Then the anal trainer shifted inside her and the pressure increased. Her gaze widened and she instinctively held her breath.

“Breathe, kitten,” Urrya directed as he reached up and covered her hand with his, intertwining their fingers. “Relax and accept the fullness. It only stings if you tense up.” His compassion was welcome, but surprising. When Azra wasn’t around, Urrya became nearly as aggressive as the Tavorian.

She tried to keep the muscles lax, to breathe nice and slow, but it felt so strange, so intrusive. This was necessary if she wanted Azra to fuck her ass. Good God, did she really want that?

An image formed in her mind, providing the answer with vivid clarity. She straddled Urrya’s lean hips as he lay face up on the bed. His cock surged deep inside her pussy as she rocked her hips up and down. Azra pressed in close behind her, his shaft stretching her tight back passage. His movements were a counterpoint to Urrya’s, pushing in as Urrya pulled out. And Oseth stood beside the bed, fingers buried in her unbound hair. She looked up at him adoringly as he vigorously fucked her mouth. If she wanted all that, and she did, she had to submit to this.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on Oseth’s mouth, sliding against her pussy. The trainer expanded again and her inner muscles stretched, stinging for just a moment. Then her body softened, adjusted to the girth, and the sting faded to a strangely pleasant ache. Oseth licked her folds and carefully sucked on her clit, rapidly building her arousal toward its long denied end.

The trainer slowly rotated and her eyes flew open. Azra now stood near the foot of the bed and he’d slipped his arm beneath her knee. He watched her face as he maneuvered the slick pleasure aid. “Stay soft and open. This will soon be me.” He pulled on the trainer, drawing it nearly out. “You’re doing very well.” He pushed the device back in and tingling heat spread through her abdomen. That felt almost good.

Again and again, he fucked her with the trainer. She relaxed, allowing the new sensations to sweep her along. Oseth’s lips latched on to her clit as Azra’s hand moved faster. Urrya stroked her breasts, his other hand still holding hers. The trainer slid in and out, in and out, building her arousal in a way she’d never experienced before.

“Don’t fight it,” Urrya urged. “Surrender and you’ll come.”

She stared deep into his eyes, watching the strange streaks of iridescent light. He was her mate, she could sense a connection drawing them together, linking her life with his. Not ready for that realization, she shifted her gaze to Azra, but the sensation was even stronger when she looked at him. Then Oseth pushed his tongue into her pussy and skillfully thumbed her clit. All she could see was the top of his head, yet she sensed fibers of his energy threading through her and reaching for the other males. She wasn’t sure if they were doing it intentionally or if she was sensing something spiritual. She only knew it made her feel safe, protected, and adored.

Her orgasm hit suddenly, shocking her out of reality as a startled cry tore from her throat. Her core contracted, tightening her other passage around the trainer. Her toes curled and her chest heaved as wave after wave of sensory input crashed down upon her. Oseth used his mouth to prolong the spasms, playing her body like a virtuoso.

“Enough.” Azra drove the trainer deep, and left it there.

Oseth finally lifted his head, grinning as he wiped her juices off his face.

She panted, barely able to believe her body had just produced those feelings. Her head was still spinning and her skin tingling when the restraints released and her mates turned her over. Urrya positioned her on her hands and knees. Azra shoved a couple of pillows beneath her hips, then urged her upper body down, which tilted her ass even higher in the air. Oseth and Urrya traded places. The younger man sat on the edge of the bed and brushed her hair back from her face.

“You still afraid?” Oseth asked, affection warming his gaze.

The question surprised her. Urrya said their link made them empathic, so he should know exactly how she was feeling. Maybe he just wanted her to admit it. “A little.”

“There’s nothing to worry about. You’ll see.” He leaned down and kissed her temple, then nipped her earlobe.

“The trainer left you nice and slick.” Azra knelt on the bed behind her and pushed her knees a bit farther apart. “I put lubricant on my cock as well. Relax and accept this. Submit. It doesn’t need to hurt.”

“What if I want it to hurt,” she whispered, giving in to her naughtiest smile.

Fisting the back of her hair, he pulled her head up then back. “If you want pain, sweet slave, I’m happy to oblige.”

Oseth warned her with a worried look and a subtle shake of his head.

“No, Master. Not this time.”

Azra’s fingers relaxed and he caressed his way down to her waist. “Here we go.”

She felt her butt cheeks being pulled apart, but Azra’s hands were still on her waist. Urrya must be helping, standing there watching as she surrendered to this new experience. The trainer was slowly pulled out and something even bigger pressed against her asshole. Azra’s hands tightened on her waist and he pushed. The tight ring of muscle spread, opening with some reluctance. Unlike the toy, Azra’s cock was warm and resilient, but holy fuck, he felt big. She stayed still, relaxed and accepting as he carefully worked himself into her tight passage.

“I want you to see this.”

It was the only warning she got before Azra’s energy swirled into her mind. She gasped and tensed, then the image formed, eclipsing all other thoughts. Her back entrance stretched wide around his pale gray shaft. She whimpered, seeing what she was feeling made it seem even more graphic. He was huge, massively thick as well as long.

“You can do this,” Urrya assured her, his hand gently rubbing her back.

“I’ll take it nice and slow,” Azra added.

The pressure increased as another inch squeezed through her tiny hole. She moaned, her stubborn muscles starting to burn. Azra slipped his hand beneath her and lightly circled her clit as he drove inward again. The burn flared into sting and she cried out. He stopped moving and concentrated on her clit.

“Come for me,” Azra ordered. “It will help you relax.”

His fingers were slick from the juices trickling out of her pussy. She needed to be filled there too, needed each of her holes stuffed full of cock. That’s what she wanted. It was where she belonged. The thought made her restless and she tossed back her hair, inadvertently pushing herself farther onto Azra’s shaft.

He groaned and gripped her hip with his free hand. “Stop wiggling.”

“I can’t,” she cried. “It hurts, but it feels amazing. I think I need you to move.”

Unable to resist her needful plea, he pushed the rest of his length into her upraised ass. “That’s all of me, neralla. You took it all.” He pulled back slowly, his fingers gently plucking at her clit. “I told you to come.”

“I can’t,” she cried, earning a hard swat on the ass. She gasped then shivered. “Again. Please.”

He spanked her again and again, timing each slap to the apex of his strokes.

The slight pain, combining with the inescapable fullness, soon had her panting and moaning. She lifted into each thrust, and one well-timed pinch on her clit finally detonated her stubborn orgasm.

She cried out sharply, her inner muscles contracting so hard it hurt. He moved both hands to her hips and let loose on her ass. He fucked her hard and deep, giving her his entire length with each forceful thrust. She sprawled beneath him, reveling in his aggression. This was the Azra she knew, the demanding master who took what he needed without hesitation or regret.

Much to her surprise, another orgasm began to build. Her pussy was empty and nothing was touching her clit, so how the hell was this happening? His cock slammed into her ass over and over, each impact riding the bittersweet border between pleasure and pain. She cried out, clawing at the bedding. He was ruthless, fucking her without mercy.

When he reached beneath her this time, he caught her nipples rather than her clit. He squeezed both with punishing force, and she came with a scream.

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