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Mastered: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

The fucking bastards had tied me to the bed. No matter what I did, the rope they bound me with was too tight and every time I struggled it got tighter until I relaxed, like a Chinese finger trap. Naked, with my legs spread and my ass up, I was infinitely vulnerable.

“Slide some pillows under her hips. I want her ass up in the air,” Ryder declared, and I couldn’t help but tremble. I was growing more and more nervous by the second.

Were they going to beat me? Spank me? Fuck me? All of the above?

I trembled. My blood boiled. The anticipation was driving me wild.

Already, three of them had admired the wetness of my pussy. I was humiliated that my body had reacted in such a fashion. I should hate every last second of this shameful treatment, but the war between my mind and body confused me.

“You’re to call us Master from now on,” Ryder demanded as the others slipped one pillow and then another underneath me. My ass felt high in the air, like a vulnerable target begging for punishment. Aarom patted my ass cheek, and I scowled toward him.

“Fuck you,” I answered. I couldn’t be weak, not even now.

I could take a god damn spanking if it was necessary. I had to be strong, fight back. These men were never going to be my masters, not if I had anything to do with it.

“You know, if you scream, no one is going to hear. No one is going to come save you,” Ryder replied softly. His calm tone terrified me. I bit my lip. “There’s no one here in the city.”

The others moved away and sat on various chairs scattered around the room. They did nothing. Said nothing. They were apparently my audience. Bastards.

Ryder touched me then, and it startled me. I tried to pull away, but the ropes tightened once again. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, but then he moved out of sight.


“Arch your back,” he commanded.

“No,” I answered.

I heard a swishing sound of leather cutting through the air and a line of fiery pain bloomed across my ass. I screamed in surprise and struggled only for the leather to strike me once more. He was whipping me with his belt. I could scarcely believe it.

“Ryder, you fucking bastard,” I yelled.

The belt whipped across my ass fast, five times in quick succession. I struggled to escape, trying to tense my muscles so that it didn’t hurt as much, but spread as widely as I was across the bed, it was very difficult. I struggled for nothing. I wasn’t going anywhere. If he wanted to spank me, I had no choice in the matter.

The sting from the belt’s lash radiated across my ass, like a blaze igniting a bale of hay. It hurt, and it hurt a lot. Thankfully, it stopped for a long moment and I felt Ryder touch me and his gentleness undid me.

“Alaina, it would be much easier if you just submitted to us. If you don’t, you’ll put yourself in unnecessary danger,” he explained, and I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from responding. He squeezed one side of my ass in his hand, further bringing home the message that I was no longer in charge.

He was.


He palmed the other cheek, his fingers drifting inside the cleft of my ass, just barely rimming my bottom hole, before sliding across the wetness dripping from my pussy. I whined with mortification.

“Punishment seems to excite you, doesn’t it, Alaina,” he observed out loud.

“No, it doesn’t,” I protested, unable to keep quiet.

“Liar,” he whispered.

His thumb circled my clit and I moaned softly under my breath.

Desire and shame washed over me. I shouldn’t be enjoying this. I shouldn’t want this.

“No, please,” I whispered.

“I know you want it,” he whispered, his breath caressing the tiny little hairs on my earlobe. I sighed, feeling my blood begin to simmer even hotter beneath my skin.

Pleasure seemed to radiate directly from his touch, shooting straight to my core. His fingers drifted up my pussy and then my ass, heading directly up the arch of my spine to settle at the base of my scalp. Then he took my hair into his fist, lifting my head up in the process. I whimpered softly at the sudden pain.

The nerves at the back of my head burned, but somehow, it made me even more aroused. His control over my body was terrifying and I felt humiliated because of it.

The swish of the belt sounded again, and it slapped against my ass, but this time, I was expecting it. I almost welcomed it, but I would never admit it. I felt my pussy clench with desire. He tapped the belt over and over down my thighs, before striking them hard one time.

I screamed, struggling against the rope, until the peak of pain passed and settled deep in my core. I could feel my arousal trickling down my inner thighs.

His grip tightened in my hair and the belt kissed my ass once, twice, and then a third time. He released his hold on me and let his fingers trace back down my back.

“I like it when your ass bears my mark,” Ryder said as he stroked my pussy once more, teasing me, edging me. It felt so good and so wrong at the same time.

I wanted more.

“What will you call me?” he asked, as he lazily pinched my clit.

I moaned quietly, trying to hide my face in the quilt beneath me. I knew what was coming then when I didn’t answer. He’d use the belt again. I knew it.

But he didn’t. He slapped my pussy instead. The burn was enough to make me gasp out loud, even as my clit throbbed with want.

Holy shit.

He slid his fingers up and down the burning flesh, his simple touch a warning that not a single inch of my body was safe. He’d spank my pussy again, I was sure of it.

He repeated his question.

I was silent. The entire room was. It was deafening.

The wet slapping sound of his palm meeting my moist folds echoed off the metal walls and I cried out with shock, even though I had known it was coming.

He toyed with my clit once again.

“Ryder, please don’t,” I whispered, knowing the words were a lie even as I said them. I did want him to touch me. I wanted him to take me and I wanted him to make me come.

I shouldn’t. He was the enemy. A Vakarran and I was just a human. We were sworn adversaries, not lovers, or even friends.

But it felt so good.

But it was so wrong.


His fingers circled my entrance, dipping in shallowly, just enough to tease and make me beg for more. And oh, how I wanted to beg.

But I couldn’t. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t.

Would I though?

His touch left me then, and the belt struck down again. The sting was like a caress, burning and all-consuming. He whipped me soundly, leaving no section of my ass unpunished. I had no doubt I’d be wearing the stripes from it for several hours.

Tears prickled at the corners of my eyes as I began to lose control to him. I tried to stifle back a sob, but when I failed to do so, I heard him throw the belt to the floor.

He gripped my hair again and harshly whipped my face toward him. His lips descended to capture mine, devouring me completely in that single instance. There was nothing outside our kiss then, just me and him. And it was glorious.

My nipples peaked against the quilt beneath me and my clit pulsed, begging for more, needing more. My body pleaded for it.

His kiss demanded more of me and I reluctantly gave it, his commanding nature intoxicating. I couldn’t help it. I kissed him back and his tongue twirled with mine. My hips rocked back and forth, and I moaned with pleasure.

He let go of my hair and ended the kiss. I whined from the sudden absence of him.

My skin felt electrified, the chemistry between us palpable and I wanted more. He palmed my ass, then spanked it hard. One side, then the other, and the sting mixed into a confusing wave of pleasure and pain. I lifted my ass and he rewarded me with another.

Was that what it was? A reward? A punishment?

I no longer knew. I didn’t really care either.

He climbed on the bed between my legs and I could no longer see him. But I could feel him. He leaned over me and kissed my shoulder, palming my pussy in his hand at the same time. Stroking my clit, circling it, driving me wild with need to the edge and back.

I was so close. I just needed another second, a little bit more pressure and I would come. He had to let me, right?

My skin buzzed with my need, my desire for more. It consumed me.

Only he kept teasing me. Just when I thought I’d come, he’d pull back and I whimper in desperation. I couldn’t take much more without combusting into a million little pieces.

He did it again.

I heard his pants unzip and the heat of his cock rubbed against my wetness. My pussy practically convulsed with want.

He pressed the head against my entrance and then he stopped. He slapped his hands down on my ass and I yelped.

“What do you call me, Alaina?” he questioned.

I knew what he wanted. Would it be so bad? To admit it just this once so I got what I wanted? No one was here outside my captors. They wouldn’t ever need to find out. No one else needed to know. I could plead insanity, Stockholm syndrome or something. No need to suffer when I could make it right with just a simple word. Right?

His cock pushed a little harder. Promising me the world if I would just obey.

Fuck it. My body was making the demands right now. I’d think about the consequences later. I groaned, enjoying the feel of his iron shaft against me. He pulled away, rubbing it up and down my wetness, pressing down hard against my clit.

God. Almost there.

“Say it, human,” he demanded.

“Just fuck me already, Master,” I countered.

He chuckled.

“Close enough,” he murmured.

In a single surge, his cock speared my pussy in two. He didn’t wait for me to adjust to his size and I didn’t want him to. He took me in one hard stroke, before he pulled out and slammed right back into me. I shuddered with pleasure.

His cock seemed to grow even bigger inside me. Even as my body tried to get used to his size, his girth widened. It was rough. It hurt. But I fucking loved it.

Bound with my wrists and ankles immobile, my body spread wide to take, he claimed me, hard, fast, and dominating.

Passion raced through my veins and I felt my entire body clench and then he spanked me again. His palm cracked across my ass as I lifted my hips to give him better access to my body and everything shattered. My entire world blossomed into blazing hot pleasure, my orgasm ripping through me like a tsunami smashing against a rocky outcrop.

My fingers gripped the comforter beneath me and my body trembled. My throat felt raw from my screams of ecstasy, but I didn’t care.

It was fucking incredible. My pussy clenched around his massive cock, forever stretching me and caressing my deep inside, rubbing against a spot that was driving me wild for more. He gripped the sides of my hips, spearing into me deeper than ever.

Jesus. I was going to come again.

I could feel it building. I hoped he wouldn’t stop. It would make me go mad with desire.

The passionate need grew tenfold and my back arched, my hips rolled up and down against him, his weight pressing against my recently punished ass and igniting the belt marks once again. Dear God.


One of his hands left the side of my hip and ventured between my ass cheeks, just touching my bottom hole.

“No, please don’t,” I begged. Even I knew the words weren’t true the moment they left my lips.

I was such a liar. I wanted him to touch me there and he knew it. My pussy tightened around his cock in excitement. I knew he could feel it.

His thumb ventured lower, swirling in the wetness from my cunt and bringing it up to my asshole. He pushed against it and I keened.

The moment his thumb breached my channel, a second, more powerful orgasm raced through me and I shook with it. Every muscle in my body tensed and still, he continued to fuck me just as hard as before.

I heard him groan behind me and his dick pulsed hard inside me.

His hot seed pelted my insides, painting me as his in that very moment. I came for a third and final time with him, before he pulled out slowly from my pussy.

He left his thumb pressed into my asshole though.

Reminding me that he was still in charge. I stilled. My body throbbed with the residual effects of my orgasm and I noticed that my back was still arched. Almost like I was asking for him to claim my ass as his.

I was so ashamed.

I heard Morgn moving beside him, but I couldn’t turn and look. A thick, cool glass-like object pressed against my pussy, sliding and twirling along my wetness, coating it.

Ryder finally removed his thumb from my asshole and quickly replaced it with the glass object and I began to grow nervous. What was that?

I struggled against my bonds even though I knew it was useless.

He couldn’t mean to punish me there, could he? It was too shameful, too humiliating, except my body seemed to have different ideas. It wanted it.

The offending object pressed harder against my tight rim, opening me in the most embarrassing manner. It hurt. It burned, but my body burned hotter.

I could feel Ryder’s cum dripping from my pussy as I clenched for him.

“One thing to remember, Alaina, is that the four of us own you now. We can do with you what we wish, whether that means fucking that sweet little cunt, punishing you how we want, whether that means whipping you with a belt or taking your virgin asshole for the very first time. Remember that, human,” he said boldly, pushing the object deeper into my bottom hole.

I took it, even though I didn’t want to. My body fought it with a wild panic, but the pleasure pain pulsed through me, and I knew I had no choice but to take it.

My rim stretched, wider and wider, until the heavy weighted plug was seated deep within me. It settled with a quiet pop and I blushed into the quilt beneath me.

I was so ashamed.

All the men circled around me, spreading my cheeks, pinching the welts left from the belt, touching the wetness leaking from my pussy and I moaned with humiliation and arousal.

What this fuck was wrong with me? Why was I enjoying this?

I felt the weight from the plug in my asshole, a constant reminder that I was their possession to do what they wanted with. I bit my lip.

I looked back and stared at Ryder. He turned toward Morgn and that’s when something weird happened.

That should teach her a good lesson in obedience,” Ryder’s voice sounded loudly in my head. I hadn’t even seen his mouth open.

I jerked.

“What did you say?” I whispered out loud. He stilled but then moved out of my line of vision.

No one responded. I tried to twist to see his face, but I couldn’t turn far enough to see him now.

“Isn’t her asshole beautiful when she’s plugged like that?” Morgn wondered aloud.

Bastard. Trying to change the subject on me. Why had I just heard Ryder’s voice echoing inside my head? I definitely hadn’t heard it out loud. His lips hadn’t even moved.


I wondered if I was already losing my mind. Probably. Maybe some sort of mental breakdown that was making me hear voices in my head. I wished I could see them. Instead, they had a delightful view of my aching cunt and my plugged asshole.

Lovely. Just the thought made me shiver.

Davon and Aarom moved into my line of sight to either side of me and reached for my wrists. Just their simple touch caused the rope to give. Ryder and Morgn must have done the same to my legs because all at once, I was free.

I scrambled up on my knees to an upright position.

I reached behind me, touching the hard glass seated deep in my bottom.

“If you dare remove that without my explicit permission, you’ll get a second session with my belt. And I promise you, after that, I won’t fuck your pretty little cunt. I’ll fuck your ass, good and hard. And I’ll make it hurt,” Ryder warned, and I shivered.

I dropped my hand. I’d had enough of the belt for one day. I traced my fingers over the skin of my bare cheeks, feeling the welts left behind.

“None will scar. They’ll probably fade by this evening,” Aarom said softly.

I nodded. It was almost like he could tell what I was thinking. I turned and sat down, hissing when my punished backside pressed against the bed, igniting the marks from the belt once again. It also seemed to push the plug deeper inside me and I bit my lip, feeling my face flush hotly.

Davon looked at me with a gentle smile. It was kind of endearing. He was confident, but carefully so. The other three clearly had more experience than he did, but he was just as strong although slightly less self-assured. I smiled back at him, just a little.

Aarom sat beside me on the bed as I sat down.

“You did well,” he said out loud.

“With repetition, she’ll be a well-trained human in no time,” Morgn observed. I glared at him. I wanted to spit at him, but he dropped his hands to his belt.

Promising me more if I disobeyed.


I lifted my head in defiance. They wouldn’t break me. No, not ever.

Let her rest now. We should check on the status of our ship in the meantime,” Ryder said in my head, only this time, he kept his eyes on mine, studying my reaction. I heard him just fine, but I schooled my reaction and kept calm.

It was a weird development, but maybe I could figure out a way to use it to my advantage. I let my gaze slip from one to the other and they all held steady.

None of us did anything.

I don’t think we should leave her alone though,” Davon protested.

I pulled my knees into my chest, feeling Ryder’s cum drip down my thighs. I tried to look innocent. If they were smart, they wouldn’t leave me alone. It would definitely be a mistake on their part. I’d find some way to escape and disappear back into the woods.

I knew how to survive. I’d done it for years. It was strange how the human mind could acclimate, could learn the skills needed to survive even when I’d grown up with all the technology in the world. Even if the Vakarrans were stronger than us, humans were at least adaptable. I was confident that one day, we’d get our freedom back.

My jawline tensed under their scrutiny.

Morgn nodded in Davon’s direction.

“Agreed,” he replied, this time talking out loud.

“Agreed to what?” I protested, pretending like I didn’t know anything. Ryder smirked, and I faltered slightly. He knew. Fuck.

“She can rest this evening. We’ll take her with us and handcuff her to the bed tonight. We’ll continue her training then.”

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