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Mastering Their Human by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

Folding one of the furs into a soft square, Sean propped himself against the wall next to Kellan. Brianna had curled up with her head in the overlord’s lap and fallen asleep. She looked content and peaceful, and unbearably beautiful. Happy just to stroke her hair and have her near, Kellan stared into the distance, quiet and calm.

Sean was physically sated, but he was anything but content. For years he’d obediently fought for the mutant cause, using his skills in whatever way Fane requested. They had saved his life and trained him, so he owed them his loyalty. But his life had never felt complete. Some part of him always longed for the people he’d left behind. Or actually the person.

Watching Kellan master Brianna had filled him with such longing. He understood her need for both of them because he lusted after Kellan. Brianna’s silky mouth felt amazing as he slid against her tongue, but it hadn’t kept him from picturing him in her place, trying to imagine the incredible fullness and the overwhelming intensity.

The unexpected desire in no way diminished what he felt for Brianna. If anything it enriched the situation. He had… Mist swirled across his mind, muting his emotions and scattering his thoughts.

He had a mission. He must protect the princess and slay the dragon. The princess was safe, but the dragon was still out there, still threatening everything he held dear.

With a frustrated sigh, he glanced at Kellan’s profile. Weren’t they supposed to be doing something other than lounging around in this tower room? They needed to find the dragon, but it was more than that. Something teased his mind, hovering just out of reach.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Kellan’s expression didn’t change, nor did his gaze shift from whatever he found so fascinating in the corner of the room.

“Really? Why don’t you enlighten me?”

“You’re wondering what we should do next? What will please her most and satisfy her best.” He turned his head as he waited for Sean’s reaction.

“Do you have something specific in mind?” Their gazes locked without competition or challenge for a change, searching, assessing; neither willing to reveal too much.

Kellan spoke carefully, his tone quiet and thoughtful. “If she had been content with your kiss, I would have insisted you leave. I step aside for no one. But she wanted both of us, not one or the other, both of us together.”

Sean shook his head. “That was the condition you put on her. ‘If you want one you get the other.’ That’s what you said.”

“I meant me. She was begging for your touch at the time.”

That much was true, but how should they proceed?

Sean looked at her, so peaceful and trusting—in Kellan’s lap. The overlord might have won the first round, but she’d reached for him first. She’d trusted him before she surrendered to Kellan. An unexpected pulse of determination burst through his system. “I’m not sure I can share my mate, and that’s where this is heading. I already have strong feelings for her. If we continue down this path, it could destroy us all.”

“Or it could be the best thing that ever happened to any of us.” Kellan shrugged, his hand gently cupping her bare shoulder. “She’s perfect. If you can’t see that you’re blind.”

Sean shook his head. This felt wrong. Desire heated his blood and hardened his cock, but something about this was wrong. “Why are we here?”

“To pleasure the princess,” Kellan answered without pause. “She needs to know that she is loved and protected and we must worship her with our bodies.” Lifting her against him, he settled her bottom between his legs.

She murmured sleepily then opened her eyes. “What’s wrong? Has the dragon awakened?”

The fear in her expression tugged at Sean’s heart. He didn’t want her to be afraid. She should feel only pleasure. “Nothing’s wrong, sweetheart. The dragon is sound asleep.”

Kellan brushed her hair back from her face then pressed a kiss against her temple. “You’re going to suck my cock while Sean fucks your tight little ass.”

A violent shiver shook her shoulders and her gaze collided with Sean’s. “I am?”

He didn’t contradict Kellan’s bold statement, but he was as surprised as she had been. They had both been completely focused on Brianna’s pleasure the first time around. What had caused Kellan’s change of strategy?

“Oh, yes.” Kellan wrapped his arm around her waist, his face half buried in her hair. “We sat here, hard and aching, while you slept. Now it’s time for you to satisfy us.”

She fidgeted, her eyes averted. “What if I don’t want to do those things?”

“Do you want to please us?”

“Yes, but—” He placed his fingertips against her lips, halting her objection.

“Obedience brings pleasure like you’ve never experienced before. Disobedience brings punishment. The choice is, and will always be, yours.”

She swallowed hard, looking from Kellan to him and back. “What sort of punishment?”

“You know what sort. Tell Sean what happens when you displease or disobey your overlord.”

Her wide, innocent gaze shifted to him and she said, “He spanks my naked bottom.”

Sean chuckled. “Sounds like Kellan. He must always be in control.”

“Not this time.” Kellan’s night-black gaze bore into his. “You’re the one she’s denying. You will spank her if she refuses to give you pleasure.”

The thought was anything but upsetting, but he wasn’t sure this was productive. She needed to feel safe and loved, not bullied and… but she came alive as soon as Kellan took control. Her insecurity melted away and she reveled in their attention.

“I’ll give him pleasure,” she stressed. “I just don’t want to—”

Kellan whipped her around and pressed her face down over his legs. He slapped her bottom four times, surprising Sean with the force of each spank. “You do not argue with your overlord.” He paused, his hand lightly stroking her rapidly pinkening curves. “I explained your choices. Obey or disobey.”

“It’s not a choice.” She sounded angry, yet breathless. “There’s no good outcome for me.”

“Really?” He spanked her some more, first one side and then the other.

Sean watched in helpless fascination. She squirmed and cried out, her hands clawing at the fur. But gradually she stilled, as if to savor the pain, and then the strangest thing began to happen. She lifted her hips and the timbre of her cries changed.

“You do not have permission to come.” Kellan paused before the next spank and looked at him. “Put your hand between her thighs and feel what discipline does to her.”

Fascinated and aroused by her obvious surrender, he crawled forward and eased his hand between her pale thighs. She was sopping wet, not just damp, but dripping down her inner thighs. Helpless against the temptation, he pushed two of his fingers into her silky core. So hot and snug, he never wanted to move his hand.

“I changed my mind, princess. You can come around Sean’s fingers.” And he brought his hand down again, and again, pausing for a second in between firm strokes.

Her thighs tightened around Sean’s hand. Was she trying to force him out or keep him in? She cried out loudly with Kellan’s sixth spank and her inner muscles clenched and then rippled around Sean’s fingers. There was no denying Kellan’s claim. Their princess loved to be disciplined.

Slowly he drew his fingers out of her pussy and Kellan caught his wrist, bringing his hand to Kellan’s mouth. Kellan looked into Sean’s eyes as he slowly, thoroughly licked her wetness from his skin.

Brianna rolled to her side, then sat up on Kellan’s lap in time to watch what they were doing. She didn’t say a word, but a knowing smile curved her lovely lips.

When Kellan finally finished with his treat, he looked at Brianna. “Your spanking was for arguing with me. Our dilemma remains. I want your mouth and Sean wants your ass. Will you submit to our desires or does Sean punish you?”

Her gaze shot to Sean, wide and uncertain. He started to reach for her, but Kellan warned him back with a glare. Then he tapped his temple and Sean lightly scanned his mind.

Think about how wild she became when you fucked her mouth. She needs to obey. It’s her nature to submit. But obedience only feels real when it pushes boundaries. Trust me on this.

The thought of breaching her tight rear passage was undeniably exciting. He’d been fantasizing about it while she slept. No, he’d been fantasizing about being breached… He must not entertain such notions. Valiant knights did not lust after overlords! Still, he couldn’t get the image out of his mind.

Brianna. This was about the princess and what she needed to be happy. “I won’t hurt you. I promise. You’ll feel only pleasure.”

“Can you keep that promise?” Kellan challenged. “I don’t think she’s done this before.”

His command of shadow energy would allow him to create extremely effective lubricants and momentarily block sensation if she wasn’t able to relax sufficiently. “She’ll feel only pleasure.”

Kellan pushed her away from his chest. “If this is what you want, princess, you must show us. We’ll never force anything on you. You must offer yourself to us willingly.”

She hesitated for a moment on her knees then turned and took Kellan’s face between her hands. “I want to kiss you first. Is that okay?”

“Always. I adore your kisses.”

Sean didn’t have time to feel jealous. Kellan motioned him forward as she leaned down and began kissing the overlord. Kneeling behind her, Sean cupped her breasts and gently rolled her nipples. Her skin was soft and warm, her nipples instantly responsive. She gasped into Kellan’s mouth as Sean’s patient touches became careful pinches.

“Your knight would like to kiss you too,” Kellan reminded.

She turned her head and offered Sean her mouth. He sucked her bottom lip between his teeth, feeling unusually aggressive. Her breathy gasp drove him on. He caught her chin with one hand and held her head against his shoulder, pushing his tongue between her teeth as he released her lip. She submitted sweetly, greeting his thrusting tongue with the warm stroke of her own.

“Your cunt is wet from your spanking.” Kellan pumped his hand slowly between her thighs. “So soft and welcoming. It would be a shame for all this wetness to go to waste. Maybe you should use your fingers in her ass and fuck her pussy.”

Sean grinned against her mouth. “Make up your mind. Do I want to fuck her ass or not?”

Brianna chucked and reached up to stroke his face. “Don’t let him bully you. What do you want to do?”

Everything. He wanted to try every conceivable position and combination of positions. He wanted to know her smell and taste, her texture and the rhythm of her breathing. And he wanted all those things with Kellan. He wanted to suck and fuck and blend until no one could tell one from the other.

He stilled, staring into her shimmering eyes. He must focus on her and only her until she was satisfied. Once the princess was content, he could think of the overlord. “I want to make you happy. I want you to sleep without fear and live happily ever after.”

Happily ever after. Like a fairytale! The room around them undulated, rolling in and out of focus before solidifying again. She was warm and soft and willing. Why couldn’t this be real?

What an odd thought. Wasn’t this real?

She knelt before him and spread her legs, displaying her rosy ass and deeply flushed pussy. “Take me however you want, sir knight. I trust you to make it good.”

Lust slammed into his body and obliterated what remained of his rationale. His cock jerked and his balls tightened. He could push into her slick cunt and ride her hard, or tease her slowly, preparing her gradually for a more exotic joining. She was willing and waiting, and she was his.

He palmed her spank-reddened ass cheeks, groaning at the heat of her skin. Carefully parting her for his ravenous gaze, he admired the puckered opening awaiting his attention. Holding her open with one hand, he freed the other to explore. Sean pushed his fingers into her slippery cunt and her inner muscles pulsed around him. So hot, so snug, the temptation was nearly more than he could resist. His cock twitched and pre-cum beaded on the tip. He was so ready to be inside her.

“Suck me, princess.” Kellan’s voice was dark and passion-roughened. “Take me deep in that warm, wet mouth.”

Sean gathered moisture from her pussy and used it to lubricate his fingers. He circled her anus, thrilled by the way her body tensed and quivered. She was soft and giving, endlessly responsive. The need to be inside her pounded through him like the beat of a massive drum. Unable to resist a moment longer, he pushed the head of his cock into her pussy as his fingers eased past her sphincter.

Her narrow channel squeezed him firmly, sucking him inward with persistent contractions. He gritted his teeth against the pleasure and drove deeper, watching her delicate tissue stretch around his cock and his fingers. She trembled beneath him and rippled around him as he moved with careful persistency.

Hot, wet heaven gripped his aching shaft. He slid smoothly in and out of her core, but his fingers soon created more friction than he knew would be pleasurable. Pausing with his cock buried deep inside her, he conjured lubricant and slowly drew his fingers all the way out.

She murmured around Kellan’s cock. Whether from protest or relief, Sean couldn’t tell. After liberally coating her opening with the conjured lube, he inserted his middle finger in one long drive. A low moan escaped her throat and her back passage fluttered against his finger.

There was no mistaking that sound or the reaction of her body. She was enjoying this as much as he was. Thank the gods!

He started slowly, allowing her to accept the dual penetration. His cock slid inward as he pulled his finger out then he reversed direction. Her body swallowed him hungrily, her hips rising to meet his downward stroke. Using his other hand, he brushed his fingertips across her clit and she yelped, tightening around him so hard he groaned.

She arched and twisted, mindless with carnal intensity. Each of her muffled cries sent his pleasure rocketing higher. Raw. Savage. He’d never felt anything like it, never had a lover so completely lose control.

Kellan held her face, shuttling steadily in and out of her mouth. Her body was pliant and surrendered, lost in the rising storm.

Sean thrust faster, pulling his finger out as he drove his cock in. He circled her clit, rubbing the pad of his finger across the sensitive nub. She came in sudden bursts, her cunt milking him like a fist. Over and over, she came, or were the ongoing spasms one long orgasm?

He held still, savoring each firm squeeze yet fixated on the slow slide of his finger. Kellan had planted the seed, made him yearn for the forbidden grasp of her ass around his cock.

One of Kellan’s hands moved to her hair, tilting her head farther back, giving him a better angle. Their gazes locked and feral lust glowed within the overlord’s dark eyes. He knew the conflict raging through Sean and he knew he had caused it.

Do it. The thought was clear in Kellan’s mind. We can’t fuck her together until one of us breaches her ass. You said you can do it without pain. So prove it.

Together. One in her pussy and one in her ass. The image almost pushed Sean over the edge. He shuddered, absorbing the wave of pleasure without letting it rob him of control. Slowly pulling out of her pussy, he positioned himself against her other opening.

With his fingers gently rubbing her clit, he pushed into her ass. She started to tense, but he sent a wave of pleasure and languid relaxation into her mind. The tension eased and her body opened. His cock head disappeared into her ass and euphoria burst within his mind.

Using the momentary dizziness, he relaxed her even further and worked himself in halfway. The tight clasp of her muscles and the heat of her passage surpassed his wildest imaginings. He could barely breathe through the bursts of sensation jarring his body, and he had barely begun. How would they survive the ending?

“That’s right.” He caressed her cheeks and her hips, rewarding her with tenderness. He needed the break as much as she did, perhaps more. “Now stay still. Let me move for a while before you try to move with me.”

Her head gave a little nod as Kellan continued to fuck her mouth.

Sean grasped her hip with one hand and lightly strummed her clit with the other, determined to keep his promise. Drawing back slowly, he watched his shaft emerge. Gleaming with lube and deeply flushed, he had never been harder. He paused with just the head of his cock inside her then filled her again with steady pressure. She accepted him, embraced him, surrounded him. The scalding heat drove the breath from his lungs and made his legs tremble.

“So good,” he whispered. “So fucking good.”

Kellan watched every move he made, his face flushed, chest heaving. “Suck hard, princess. I’m almost there.” He threw back his head and canted his hips, driving his cock deep into her mouth. He shuddered and groaned as release finally claimed him.

Focusing entirely on the pleasure inundating his senses, Sean allowed his movements to speed up. He drew nearly out before thrusting back into her smoldering depths. She began to move with him, arching into each downward lunge. Her head tossed, hair whipping around her face as Kellan pulled out of her mouth. She arched and moaned, giving herself over completely to the savage pleasure.

“Now!” He rolled her clit as he drove in hard. “Come for me now.” Her passage gripped him with distinct spasms, her orgasm shoving him over the top. He wrapped his arms around her hips, his cock bucking as his seed released in rhythmic spurts.

They trembled together, their ragged breathing the only sound. Then she sprawled on her belly, separating their bodies in the process. Sean raked his hair with both hands, breathless and lightheaded. His vision blurred around the edges, adding to the surreal atmosphere.

This had been perfect, almost like a dream.

Too much like a dream.

Shaking away the odd distortion, he struggled to his feet. He needed air. Needed to think clearly, to remember… What did he need to remember?

He stumbled across the room and rested his hands on the window ledge, leaning into the cool night wind. For just a moment the stars faded, leaving a bank of solid black. He glanced over his shoulder. “Is she all right?”

“She’s asleep again.” Kellan tucked her hair behind her ear then raised his gaze to Sean. “Why?”

“The visualization is collapsing.” He leaned out to assess how far the scope had constricted, but the stars had returned to the sky.

“Is there a problem?”

“I’m not sure.” He turned around and grabbed his pants off the floor. It felt odd to be naked, wrong somehow. He scanned Brianna as he put on the pants. Her mind was as peaceful as her expression. It must have been a momentary glitch. “She seems fine now. I think we just wore her out.”

Kellan chuckled. “Do you think this is what your healer had in mind?”

“My healer? What healer?” Sean asked.

Kellan started to respond then his gaze clouded and he shook his head.

Sean rushed toward him. “No! Don’t lose the thought. Who is the healer? Something is not right here. I keep seeing images of people I should know, but I can’t remember who they are or why I’m so convinced I know them. Who is the healer?”

“You brought a healer to my compound to help treat Brianna.” Kellan stood and moved away from the furs, his expression conflicted and confused. “Where are we?”

“This isn’t real.” As Sean said the words out loud, cracks appeared in the walls all around them. “We’re on the metaphysical plane. This is Brianna’s illusion.” An odd shimmer snapped Sean’s attention to the door. The surface undulated as if something moved beneath the wood. Acting on instinct, he rushed to the door and thrust his hand into the thick panel. “Reveal yourself!”

Energy shot up his arm and drove him backward. With a staggered step he regained his footing and charged the door again.

Kellan was beside him in an instant, sword poised for attack. “What is it? Who’s there?”

Rather than reply, Sean concentrated all his attention on forcing the entity into the open. He gathered energy, allowing it to build before he shot it through his fingers and into the door. “Out!”

The intruder suddenly gave in, separating from the wood with a frustrated cry. “Stop! If you harm me, you’ll kill Brianna.” The woman was dressed in a cleric’s robe, the simple garment too large for her thin body. Her hair was snow-white, hanging to her shoulders in a sleek fall. Despite the color of her hair, her face was unlined and ageless.

“Who are you?” Sean asked. “What do you want with us?”

“My name would mean nothing to you and I created this world. I thought it only prudent to keep an eye on how things were progressing.”

“You created the castle?” Kellan moved to a less-threatening distance but kept his sword firmly in hand.

She smiled, pale blue eyes gleaming. “Surely you didn’t think the lady capable of creating this for herself.”

Sean scanned the woman, immediately intrigued by the unique rhythm of her energy. “Why did you trap her here?”

“Trap? She’s not my prisoner. She’s my guest. I was protecting her from Ceddrik.”

“Ceddrik wasn’t hurting her,” Kellan objected. “The scan is painless and—”

“Has he ever used his powers on you?”

She did nothing to block Sean’s scan or shield herself from his probing. He pushed deeper, determined to establish her basic nature if nothing else. “If Brianna isn’t your prisoner, then release the visualization and let her wake up.”

“She’s not ready yet. Besides, no one has slain the dragon.”

“Why do you want Ceddrik dead?” Kellan challenged, raising the sword again.

“Because he deserves to die.” She moved toward him, unimpressed by his sword or his nudity. “You share a mind link with that creature. Can’t you sense the corruption inside him?”

“I know Ceddrik. I do not know you.”

She sent her hair flying over her shoulders with a rebellious toss of her head. “You know nothing.”

“Is this your natural state?” Sean finally asked, unable to draw any other conclusion from what his scans revealed. “I sense no corporeal tether, no point of origin.”

“Very good, specter. Fane taught you well.”

Did she know Fane or had she simply pulled the name out of his mind? “Are you Protarian? Or were you while you were still alive?”

“I am still very much alive. Make no mistake about that. I might be called spirit now, but I am no ghost.”

“You are not a ghost and you are not a physical being. What are you?” Kellan asked.

“I am many things and I am nothing. You must focus on your mission. Slay the dragon.” Her crystal blue gaze shifted to Brianna. “I’m not sure how much longer I can let her play in this fantasy land. Maintaining the illusion is far more exhausting than I anticipated.”

“Then let her go,” Sean tried again.

The spirit simply smiled. “Your lady stirs. I will come to you after you’ve seen to her needs again. You do that very well, by the way.”

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